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People Are Flecking to Washington by
Thousands for Event.
Washington, March 2. Washington
la filling with Inaugural visitors and
already tho'stredts show the faces of
many Btrangors. Tho fine weather to-
Be day brought great throngs out upon tho rncular sittlntr of tho session, the sen
avonuo alone which the InBUKUral na- ate todav recoivea ana connrmea ine
Friday, March 5.
Waahineton. March 0. In its first
. .j Laws woru f-KBoou mm mo oi oibio ocnooi Will
Sf'1 . i .i.i.tiuA Saialon. I Taken Awnv hv Dunnt.
.....nt LBKI'"""' I ' wqwii.o.
.. I - ..nnnnlfl I 0MtA. Ai - . . . I . . I . ... . ...... . I -1.1 . . 1)..aMAlit Tat tn ihn
, Tho following in " DiiwiiniD uo ciii-iu meeting oi tno normal raao win pass ana Which is Doing given ,nominauun riuu -..
CJm made In tho school laws board of rogcntB It wan voted to closo tho finishing touches In decorations various cabinet positions and also that
icbn?e 5 . . nopmBl ..Wlg nf " "nisning touencs in uocorations. Hnfinton Wi son as ass stant sc5-
. I.. I PfflB Uiu . ..ww... ... "iivo U1IIUBB I'rnnn..,. tlr, U.. U ...... TTI. I . "" . - .....
i'"'. Jn tho state must ma nta nod bv nrivntn anV.n u hiu i um retarv . tetai in addition, senators
!f7 u. .ir months of Bchool and then onlv until tho
' station for handling tho crowds today chamberlain, of Oregon, and Smith,
6. A county court of each cnt half year. Horoaf ter tho schools received tho first real teat, and so far of Maryland, wcro sworn Irt.
has proved satisfactory.
In charge have made
'flnst levy o tax for school pur- will bo permitted to run as local public
v.?" ni nroduco an amount schools or as private normals, but will
fnRLH.t'l . Baa) J . I J a . . a . r
m aireregato nt least ior not d0 permitted to pobo as Btato nor-
Win "60 " , $ - ,llall.If'u I mnln Th n m.. il.. .1 I . .
. iJ nf ICtlOOl UKV I ' iiiuaun mu uiUBing OI ASH-
.i.. nnh nmminc to I innii. wrierin nnri Unim,nii. .. . t.
this Bum uiw ... I . v wvuiuuuui iiurinuiu
v rn nni mnnthl. At (Hn AM nf th o unnn ll I.
. I " - w..v. hud o an IJUVU fje-
Mmenthmt $50 per mo
V.rmt court must lovy
rapidly filling. Some are already full.
r upon cured funds to carry them to tho latter , BJgn,8 1S?,caU ,tnat wasMngton
pedal part of Juno, v,,, durInB tho wck entertain tho
iJ,. not exceed a o-nuii ux. i lejjiBiHiuro proniDtted tho board Yi. 7u
fflSharoofthocountyBchool from Incurring any debt and tho 1009 TntT wIU
S fl amount raised by a S-mlll lcgls laturo failed to make an appro- UnK"i,0UrA:
Lei not amount to ?uu, mon uio prmwon, mo uoara nas no right to con
iVTourt must transfer from, tho tlnuo tho normals, thereby laying tho
ril county fund to mo bpocibi lounua.ion lor n ciaim lor roimburBo
;r'i aid, district, nn amount that mcnt. Tho board will oven rofuso to
-.1 the difTorcnco. permit tho schools to run as stato nor-
P??r V'TT Z 7m u, 7i ZTf ' u -7ir:"-u"1 mltteo on the public comfort, has been
" " i. marfn. iht Ik '7' commissioned a policeman Jor special
P IT ' ;;;i,ia ih t;ri:; " V. TJ" :;T1., " duty on Marth 4. Badges of authority
. i nnniMi ill u 1 iui.u va-u w i u w wa biviu iuk iuinLiii vi n iiiiiw 1 riimin ip
W" At nwtlon mav. all thn nnrmala tm ,in i iu eucn " bluecoats wear have been
1 ftl olijr kuiv w. ------ i n in ivavu (,I1U
omd tho question of croatlng a Held clear for tho legislature of 1911
iihfoh school fund. Whon Buch to sottle the normal problem.
BBBtriiv. i , , I T- I li i ....
llrol 01 B COUnvy llK" i whiiib in uinaiilio.
wnnlstlmr of members of tho Pondleton Ten local ortranizatlona
wtoart. tho county treaBuror at of the Farmers' Educational & Co-
atral election may vote upon operative union of America have been
UOO oi crcumiK "igu i viini m who kvuui.jr nu 1110 numucr
v,u.iiiihUB ThiiMrfrv. March 4.
i . I ' pi- n '
exceptionally wnaunrrtnr, vrnrrh d.Tha Sixtiet
. I Iff UUllllIb Will -
completo arrangements for rcccivinc at nnnn tfxlnv. The
and caring for visitors. Hotels are in!l nct. thoueh unofficial so far as the
i . . i i - " .... ...
houEo was concerned, tooK place in tne
senate chamber, where both bouses
witnessed tho incoming of the new ad
Tho senate will meet at noon to
morrow to consider resident xait's
nominations, but tho house will not
anniuinii orrntn until ttin Avtrn ttoaatm
. . . . , I LUIIIIfllU UV.C... . . . . . M v..n
Admiral hod iuvans is coini? to bo a- t u,,. nn rah 1 r
policeman. The president wanted con- The senate met at 9:40 o'clock, but
K".-bb w maKo mm a vico aamirai, anu the nrocecdintrs were confined to the
t may some day, but nendine that nt rAnnai ,nrr v.m Pr.pHonf.
7 . T ' . 11IVUV Vi UIWI V Vaa a.
oiovatioDi in rank he. aloncr with all I vt,un,a AUi,0mA on nrlrlrnnn tn m
otner members of tho inaugural com- annnaa n rnnttt inna thanUlnv Mm far
When such fund has been
lltlaolaced under tho control
Uimtv hleh school board, consist-
r '. " . ... i
tmtmben snu mo county ecnooi
EUDerintendcnts aro given
Lritr to make a partial apportion
Itcf the money to any district upon
Irequestof tho board of directors of
et societies, including fraterni-
land wroritics, which may now or
iter exist In any of tho public
lof the state, including high
Kjk are declared unlawful.
fee eovernor shall appoint by tho
tMonday in July, 1909, a board of
numbers, called tho iioard of
ttr Curricula, 'lho mcmuero shall
i without psy, oxcopting traveling
The duty of tho board Bhnli
o determine what courses of studies
trtnsenta shall not be duplicated
i higher educational institutions
Oregon, it snail be the duty of
'.institution to conform thereto.
rciwigcs that aro mado shall be-
: effective at tho beginning of tho
wi year following such determina
soutiide doors and other exits of
ol buildings shall bo so swung
I that tncy shall open out-
will probably be increased to 16 within
the next few days. The two latest ad.
ditions are at Pilot Rock and Holdman.
Some of the sheepmen went In with
tho farmers at Pilot Rock and thero is
talk of orocting a joint warehouse.
which shall bo used for tho storing of
both wheat and wool. No definite ac
tion was taken on tho proposition, how-
will bo wise for the
his conduct of the office.
Immediately after adjournment of
the Sixtieth congress tho proclamation
of the president calling the senate in
nvfronrAlnarv aosainn to consider nrefli-
yrouauio mat n ignmig dent Iai appointments was read.
Utterly lacking in all the stirring
incidents usually marking the closing
of a congress, the house at 11:593
o'clock was declared by Speaker Can
non to be adjourned without day. Hav
ing reconvened at 10 o'clock in the
morning, it spent the two hours in
cleaning up conference reports and
passing a few bills of no great public
It is not
won" would get out upon the avenue
swinging a club to restrain the crowd
and preserve order during the parade,
but he and his committee associates
will wear their badecs and should the
admiral decide to make an arrest it
spotted one to go
Wednesday, March 3.
Washington, March 3. The entire
membership of the senate today pre
sented Vice President Fairbanks with
a silver service which cost $1,185.
Low Rate Inaugurated.
tund-ln view of tho fact that
I and Seattle, tho two nrlnclual
Jof the Northwest, aro to hold
) celebrations tho comlnc sum
ithewloua trans-continental nil
with terminals In tho Pacific
lrest have conceded extromulv
iwuraion rates :rom all points in
Ut and Middle Went. Pnrtlnnrt
bold its third grand annual roBo
Cows Make Good Returns.
Brownsville Harry Parks, a farmer
of this vicinity, has given a statement
of tho not retulrns from his nine cows
for tho past year. Tho total is $660
or an average of $73.38 each. Browns-
villo is becoming one of the Iartrest
dairy sections of tho state. A num
ber of tho farmers have large silos and
put up hundreds of tons of cut corn,
vetch and clover for ensilage. It Ib
claimed that ensilago prepared in this
way is the beBt milk producing food,
also tho cheapest.
Ditch Break Floods Echo.
Pendleton Echo was flooded with
water as a result of a break in the gov
ernment ditch at that point The break
occurred just abovo tho depot and tho
watt, r rushed down the hill at a tre
mendous speed. After tho water wis
shut off at the intake, one mile and a
half distant, water flowing at the rate
of 80 socond feet had yot to find its way
Into tho strcots. A largo portion of
tho town was protected by the railroad
grade, which turned tho flood.
Twelvs Senators and Seventv-Saven
From Lower House Do Not Return.
Washington, March 2. Twelvo sen
ators and 77 representatives, members
of tho present congress, will be absent The Democratic members gave him
wnen ino aixty-urst congress assem- loving cup.
Dies in special session on March lb.
Hopkins of IlllinoiB and Stephens of
Wisconsin have not been re-elected yet
and it is possible tho number of sena
torial absentees will be 14.
Of the 77 representatives who retire
on March 1, Hepburn of Iowa
served 22 years in congress, and Sher-
Frult Inspoctor Resigns.
Freowater T. L. Rogsdalo, fruit in
spector for Umatilla county, has resign
ed and a petition wob Bent to Pendloton
asking that Mr. Justin, n professor of
hortlcufturo in Ptillmnn cnllecra. ha an-
i ine weeK of Juno 7-12, whilo pointed. Tho request has been denied,
PlA vt.i III I i M . . I aa . - .a a
"in ue noaieas ior tho Alaska- presumably becnuso Mr. Justin la not a
rwiue exposition, continuing resident of Umatilla county.
earner Tho ratoa which thn roll.
t bare irivcn nrn murh mnm .-!
L. . " IMVtW V I
Five than anv thnt finvn I tit on nnf I
effect In any provious year, so far
r oi mo country is concerned,
; permu oi a much wider rango
oversandaldotrlna. nit nr u,
predated by tho touriBt Many
unities and ndivldnnln in hn
west have taken advantnern of
man of New York, who becomes vice I
president, has served 20 years. Dele
gate Smith, of Arizona, has served 16
years and Cooper of Texas baa served
14 years.
In years of service. Senator Teller.
of Colorado, is tho Nestor of the retir
ing statemen, having been elected sen
ator upon the admission of hiB state
Into the Union, taking his seat Decem
ber 4, 1876, since when he has been
continuously and prominently in the
public eye. He resigned from the sen
ate In 1882 to enter the cabinet of
President Arthur as secretary of the
interior, re-entering the senate March
4, 1886.
Unemployed Organize.
Chicago, March 2. Under the lead
ership of J. Endes Howe, of St Louis,
grandson of the builder of the Eades
bridge, the Chicago association of un
employed was formed thia afternoon.
A committee was named to protest to
tho mnyor and tho finance committee of
tho city council against the proposed
reduction of the appropriation for
street work. Tho organiztidn propos
es to manltain a local headquarters, an
employment agency and bureau of
Tho senate and house finally agreed
to givo tho president $75,000 a year
and allow no traveling expenses. The
proposed increase in salaries of other
officers was lost
The dencloncy appropriation bill as
finally passed tonight carries an appro
priation for salaries for the new Fed-
German Gets Grand Cross.
Berlin, March 2.-Jules Camnn.
r V t 1 . . n '
a rencn amuasaauor 10 uermany, con
ferred yesterday upon Herrvon Schoen.
tho German foreign minister, tho trrand
cross or the Legion of Honor, as an
indication of Franco's satisfaction
era! judges for Oregon and Washington
at tho rate of $6,000 per annum.
The house agreed to the conference
reports on the military academy, legis
lative and executive and judicial appro-
ppnation bills.
A new penal code was enacted into
law today through the adoption in both
bouses of congress of the .conference
report on the bill drafted by a joint
commission originally appointed in
1897 and. reappointed at the close of
the 59th congress. The bill Is a com
prehensive and coherent revision and
compilation of practically all the pure
ly penal laws. .
Tuesday, March 2.
Washington, Mafch 2. -The defi
clency bill, carrying appropriations for
more than $19,000,000, about $2,250,-
uuu ot which was added by the senate,
was passed by the senate today.
An amendment offered bv La Fol-
lette, appropriating $50,000 to buy a
suitable memorial upon the Lincoln
farm in Kentucky, was approved.
Un motion of Penrose, the appropri
ation for inland transportation by rail
road routes was increased from $800,
000 to $1,250,000.
An amendment appropriating $25.-
000 to enable the secretary of stato to
investigate matters in Liberia relating
to American citizens was adopted. -Lodge
offered an amendment snnro-
priating $66,000 to reimburse persons
who contributed toward a ransom for
the release qf Ellen M. Stone, who
was captured by brigands in Turkey,
and it wsa approved.
Barley Feed, $28.5029 por ton.
Wheat Bluestom, $1.1 61. 18 ; club,
$1.05; red Russian, $1.01; valley,
Oats No. 1 whito, $36.50 per ton.
Hay Timothy, Willametto valley,
iSlfltfMi; Dcr ton: Eastern Orecon. $16
-a w Mtu mj Va. I a ft T
I tiave tintlfli.rl j I 77i1 elnvnr S19ffn.l nlfnlfn SUrfT)
t.. , - . ..ivii. iuuiiud UI U .w,w., v- vy-, , T - - m iiiuiutiuil vi i'UI D
' mo cast to mnko thn trfn io: crrnin nay. iairai4 : cneai, aia.ou over tho Frnnpn-Rormnn nnnm,.nt
pnmerandtodoBO early in the 14.50; vetch, $13.0514.50. 0n Morocco. This event is inter-
I" 10 o nolo to visit the ox- Apples ydc.yo per box. preted a8 moaning that tho relations Washington, March 2. The ship
DnS at both Portlnnil nnl Qnttin I Po.tflt.nfln SI. 25 nor hundred: sweet I lint
" " ffectlvo May 20, plenty potatoeB, 2K3o per pound. on a hotter footing than for many senate, was defeated in tho house to-
L. " Vur siornors to avail vegoiaoios lurnips, j.zo pcrsac; yoars. aay oy the narrow margin of three, the
L no opportunity of cimtouj, jdi.o, pumniiw, ?.uu; uuum, voio ueing viz to 175. Tho opponents
s we wholo Northwest at its best ?I'B0; horsoradlsh, 10c por pound; ar- n6W Train Record Made, Pf seasure cheered wildly. The
aro good retnmlnn- tint ii tichokos. Slftfll.Zb ner dozen: aonara- dih.i... r i. n t . feelincr in tho hmmx ma a
wmheyOft ' , j i i ihduuiki iumcu 6, ivunninir oven;. , . w "'" uo
ulDer!J('. trus. 14(ffi20c nor pound: beans. 26c: Jin- A ' . , the hour of vottno- nnnm.. rru
cabbago. 23Kc per pound; cauli- train bcarinir a threatlcal Uttendanco was probably the larcest of
flowor, $2 por crate; colory, ?4.00 made tho distance of 7KK miioa the season. Evory one recoimlzed that
iniraiuy, oyu vv uwuii , from Boston to P ttaburo- in thn rnrnrH. ino voie would ho close. Go dfofflo.
. . .. ;". .--w.- m, -v i. . .--
smoBhing time of l7t hours. Fifty- V i i ' 8 Poratea on
fWo mirutos were clipped off tho best y8tdny ,in a hospital, was carried on
previous time between Buffalo and or ln a chalr to vote against tho
Publicity Wave at Mllton.t
tonThf. n....t. .... .
ii.. " unucruiKon nv
per crato;
peas, 15c per pound; radishes, 30c por
dozen; rhubarb, $3.60 por box; spin-
sea was lnn.,m..;"l i ..i m " cn, i.zo per oox; Bprouw, iuc per
""VKUIUWIU U V 1. 1 1 1 II I ' S. . V. fl 1 S M.a.I
ma Of Portlnnrl n.l i nnn pounu, WJUUBU, per ijouhu.
Inafow H.nn,i.,00) was Onions-Orogon. $1.602 hundred.
ili. n " unuoruiKen uy
SrMt Comrnhnss Trmin Lshw
on Hearing f Crniritim
Wwhlngtofl, March 1. Art mi.
New Mexico's hope for Hthoi
the present session of congress went
glimmer! today In sf)tfonl
manner when the members of the sea-
biil unoer
and left
the senate today. The bill provides
fhr thn oxnmiditure of $250,000 for the
the last of tho f,Bl.llf' future meeting, after the most sensa-
III 1: TV uvw.i
This action occurred at tho conclu
sion of the reading of reports prepared
Washington, March l.Transacting
i . I t fA a .An.
lia nusiness umiu bhvuko ui6...wm j"iTt i ;uCu it-
fusion, the house gave every evidence Dy isevenoge wiu Bii, i -that
the present congress closing, was stated that a gang had chwgo of,
In his endeavor to maintain order the New Mexico's interior affairs, and that
speaker was constantly pounding his corrupiion, jury b "
t l nrl inV.. mnmhnra tn I or oiienasa wcio uw iuio uuu .wv u
fc" ' " "
ceaso conversation.
Among tho statements made was a
telegram from J. J. Hagennan, former
governor of New Mexico, reflecting:
upon the character of the people who
are in control of politics In that terrf-
eenato today. An Increaso of BI1U uhiiib
$360,000 over the amount ai- pew conwnuw uit wiUu,.v
Saturday, February 27.
Washington, Feb. 27. Tho rivers
and harbors bill, carrying an appropri
ation of about $9,700,000, was passed
by the
lowed by tho house was made.
territory becomes a state. He refers
to them as "freebooters," and says
that 60 per cent of tho voters aro Mex
icans, and one-half of that number are
Washington, Feb. 27. The long
Afrht nf thn AtafiharcrtlA nierrn nnirilnrfl
of the Twenty-fifth infantry for an op- illiterate and ignorant, and easily could
portunity to prove their innocence in be governed by the "gang" to which
MnnonUnn with thn "nhootlncr un" of he referred. He suggested that it
Brownsville, Tex., on the night of would be well to wait until after the
Ainmr. is. mnfi. wan won todav when next census before admitting New
the. house, by a vote oi Ziu to Wl,
paesed the senate bill to that end.
Within three hours after it had been
reported, the house today, under a sus
pension of the rules, passed the gene
ral deficiency appropriation bill. The
bill carries appropriations approximat
ing $70,000,000.
Mexico to statehood.
Indians Forward Protect.
Washington, March 2. On behalf of
the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians,
Senator Owen, of Oklahoma, has pre
sented to the senate a petition from
the general council of those tribes,
protesting against the reopening of
their citizenship rolls. The petition is
a roview of all the efforts that have
been made to establish correct citizen
ship rolls up to the time of the action
by the Choc tow and Chickisaw citizen
ship court by which only about 150 out
of more than 3,000 applicants, which
had been favorably passed upon by the
district courts, were largely fraudulent
and the petition declares that many of
them were admitted on testimony pre
sented before the masters of the
courts, who were attorneys for the
Keeps Old Chair.
Washington, March 6. Cherishing
a fondness for the chair which he occu
pied for the last seven years at the
head of the cabinet table. President
Roosevelt sent a duplicate chair to his
office and ordered the old one removed
to his home at Oyster bay. The pres
ident's desk, his chair, the cabinet ta
ble and the cabinet chairs are govern
ment property. The president, desir
ing to retain his office chair, purchased
a new one himself to replace the old
Good Humor Returns f Srewn Man
of (stand Empire.
Tokio, March 1. During tbe reeeat
disease ion in Japan of the attitude ef
certain persons in California is regard
to the Japanese residents it appear
that one of the difficsltiea faced by sba
Japanese newspapers waa that their
correspondents at the various points
lacked an appreciation of conditions im
America, aa well as capacity to analyse
the feelings of the people or the stead
ing of those who espoused parneslar
As a result only the moat sensational
publications appearing in the newspa
pers in America as a rule reached the
newspapers In Japan, the result being
that from the outset there was almost
an entire misunderstanding as to the
real situation.
Later, as the position of the leading
people of California developed through
the more reliable press dispatches, a
better feeling begin to prevail, and
now this controversy has almost en
tirely ceased. In fact noany of the
newspapers say that roach geed has
come out of the evil, inaafaeeh as the
discussion brought oat even a greater
degree of friendship on the part of
America toward Japan than was at
first believed to exist.
Late Venezuelan Ruler Says Ha Never
Planned Gomez' Death.
Dresden, March 1. Cipriaso Castro,
late nreaidorit nf Vsnsnula fati u '
Taft to Use Historic Bible. thorized the nnblieatfon of a .m.
Washington, March 2. W. H. Taft tion of his Innocence of thn Pkarcra fhof
will take the oath of office as president he had consnirrd tn hrino- nhnut-
of the United States on the century-old assassination of Juan Vicente Gomez,
Bible which belongs to the Supreme the present president of the republic'
court of the United States and which "It is incredible," says be, "that
il ?y kelePsJn custody. Mr. Taft after having shown my interest in him.
said today that had he been a member in so manv wavn T nhnniri .,.-
of the Supreme court his oath would him to be murdered. If Gomez had
have been taken on identically the given me occasion to suspect him I
same book. During: the last few davs would have
hw been many offera of Bbles before tny departure from Venezuela,
to Mr. Taft. . I and I would not have luan m annu ,
..... w o kuiu am
to send such an order hv cahlo
wennert to -oa Retained. "The shameless individual who
Washington, March 2.-Fred Den- stigated this conspiracy against
nett, of North Dakota, will in all nmh. will have to nroceed tn th ntnvat
ability be retained under the Taft ad- tremes in order to justify himself, far
ministration as commissioner general' he is aware that aa soon as the matter
of the land office. Ho is a warm per- ia understood the Venezuelan people.
annul 4mlnA 1 . -.. Ill . 4. 1 . i ...... -
.iitiiu vi wo new secretary or l W1" "" wieraie eucn periidity.
wo mivriur, naving neen his choice
r i . . "i, ...
ior anaiBtani wnen iJau merer was com
missioner of the land office! Wo .?
also strongly indorsed by Chairman
Wireless From Train to Train.
Cleveland, Ohio, March l.Remark
able wireless telegraph experiments
were made today when a number of
messages were successfully sent from
a special train running between Buffa
lo and this city at the rate of 70 milea
an hour. A Lake Shore train espe
cially equipped for the purpose left
tfunalo this moraine and oUta u
' O v x4 U-SJtg
frtt f . i
Mke a blP diiinin.. .V 18 f ,,n Butter City croamery, extras, 3Cc j
P'Paeificexnr iiYK. r n",,'! fancy outside creamery,
Pittsburg, tho time
and ten minutes.
being five houra
and With
XlUlIdlng iS nnunrl. ntni-o Mlt7tCf. RllttAf fnt.
on argomont nricoa oVOraiyo cents ner pound
4 . - -
. L..i. ..
i nmi. ii
wil 3 ,?u!bta col,So Trocar buUer prices;) '
-i'.u progrca. Eggs-Orogon ranch, 22g24c
Snow Falls Over Paris.
Paris, March 2. Snow has been fall-
ing in Paris almost continuouslv for
aa nours and a niizzard of unnreee-
Monday, March I,
Washincton. March 1. Thn nnnilnt
civil bill, appropriating 'igfyOOO.OOO,
and the military academy billl, carry
ing un appropriation or 52.541. 000.
thewnni .:ruc.iea connection
Wt 0? P ant- .This
iwii.v . ---ooiiy 01 construct-
eh8lr.alret"rned from Portland.
Bm:::",wno mach norv for
.UCinrv nnA III- ..." .
it tn uinir mi s and
"vo it erostcd And
0 Oents,
.v.llirnctfor thQ .
'.nW Inrfn j Wl woorgo' Li.
ifcdon5- Tho hops
Lln 1 . . vaawMU Ull UUllBi
11 VS0 is known nn nnn n
and tho conditions at Cannos and An
tiboB are exceedingly wintry.
caref rri,BKnown " ono pf
dItrEX Brw-8 of hops In tHo
Foreign Labor May Clash.
Pueblo, Colo., March 2.-Tho local
situation between the Servians and the
Austrlans Ib rapidly approaching a
critical stage. Ran Porubovith. editor
of a local Servian paper, has been re
peatedly threatened with death if he
does not discontinue hia romurks on tho
Austrian government
fallon in ih inii oouuring 4U,uuu
Maritimes fe,!!! Y"
..v....K w Bivo uuuuionai room for
the president and providing $26,000
for his traveling expenses, fin mniinn
ofForakeran amendment annmnrtnf.
ing J120.000 to the Roman n.tknii.
church in Porto Rico in payment ior
Pfoporty in Porto Rico was adopted.
wiq xurbiucaiions PHI a m mio
, , t'wttvu
.. . . .. I W t I tl iiUHnnn T rhn fin n n . I
Rntu... . j"" ------ - aonteu proportions preva s throughout m,:.r '
-MtlU WlnaU. . . I UUZUi . n a " . . ' " 1 J. I1H HinnrU 1rf I Kill .1
1 "hi v uush nt ti 1 . . . 1 Hrnnnn rvi nmr i n n f u n , a. .1 1 vim uiu vyah niiNHRn
hL mi. M. ennui 1 nn,.iM,t TloH irt ltrAllna w JW.n -1 ucouio (tiu rcuuriQU. M. n. AK . - M
-wuirii itn nwwnMHMku. ui. in 1 - . - . .... . 1 Huiirii 1 lnnnnn nr nnnur imn aii
. H A nt T. """"KUHiBnt Wim frvni-a. 1R(7i2ne! roostorfl. old. llftfllO! . "" v """" o o"
"lUfl. inn Dn.ll.. 1 . I --rf -I - -- ' Ihn Inlnvlnv nf iV.n A l.
remn..-j . "fcwwi nouses aro vminw. Mf?11Ki! rfnnlfB. 20(0)220! ccGBe. .V""".. V v"u iwca mar
. "'"rainmnbi... m . . oi r.-w ' r , , ' inn ihn mtiiHii nn. n j- n
Dfllls i. 1 '"wuiiuutHIBreO inm tnrtnuo IMftfiVllft.
VealExtra, Uftjioc por pound; or
dinary, 78c; hoavy, Cc.
Pork Fancy, Oc per pound; largo,
Hops 1009 contracts, 1010Mc
por pound; 1908 crop, 78c; 1907
Qrop, 23c; 1900 crop, lc.
Wool Eastern Oregon, contracts,
lCc per pound; valley, 16"lC)fjc.
Mohair Choice, aogflaic por poutiu.
Cattlo Best steers, ?6,106.85;
medium, ?4.50(S)-1,8B; common, $3,25
08.85; cows, best, $3.754.20; me
dium, $3.253,. 00; calves, $6.50
Bheen Bost wotherfl, $6.50(3)6; me-
uiu. u, fviiFiw i ""vm t'w I. v. , o mo urab vime anti-trust law. Two nf fV,- . i .
5,25 ; ewes, 55.50 ; lamue, ?H(y;u,70. in tno nistory of uornell that a Ch nese committee howav otf .T a 4 f .y
iHogs Bes $707,25; medium, has bean elected, to tHe highest honor, MmwX&lA9! Z
$.256.75, 1 ry society. I minlralM tJl
Check Appropriation Bill.
Washington, March S. Because tho
senate insists upon its amondm
the legislative, executive and iudWnl
appropriation bill, increasing the sal-
Ht, vx mo uresiuonr. virn TtrpBirionf I tut fi ,
peaker and United S ZT. ".?n .wnen " access of tha
deadlock has resulted. The measure Znt 7n P !L ."t, ne
was returned to the houso SL vlTJ! fL.?8"" Roosevelt. The ex-
day and that hodv .mnu rt,u,,nui C03C b minute.
w F IUll.Ul J V taa
t-uruea iiaeii against all tho amend
ments. A. long wrangle ensued over
asking a furtner conference.
Berlin Not Enthusiastic.
Chicago, March 1. Marked indiffer
ence characterizes tho German recep
tion of President Rooaovelfs proposal
of an international conference for the
conservation of natural resources, ac
cording to a cablegram from Berlin
Lock Chains Prove Worthy,
Woahington, March 5, Two samples
?u V , n to be UBed on the on
iuchu oi me Jfanama canal are be- Tho disnatch dH tw l "vrun
The two sections were submitted I to a RooSStS Ya ,8Uggeflta
tensile teat of 147.000 trying indirectly to ftt
on a second
strength of 6,000 pounds greater.
Decides on Lumber Duty.
Two Cruisers Sail South.
Panama. March i fit..'
Seven Condemn Roosevelt.
Washington, March 4, Seven mem
s of the committ
signed the report that PtkhmJi. n
vu :.7.
CMnaae Get. High Honor. lZZiZl"
Ithlca, N. Y., March 2. Tonfu Hu. TennMaaa rTai it t J. i?? .of
lhiCBheraa(;hln8f United StotoTBtoaTSrSS Vis
and means committee of e .cic
.. 1. 1 A . a . . niwi ueiB, Will IfXVB TASham... a -
voiea to retain the duty on hleH nados nalti n IZ T'UUUK AM..:;
of lumber, as in the Dingley 5r mak! The eruZ Slu " CGst Gf Hwt..i:f
ing a reduction solely LTj" tfolIoW8 ructkTK
7" ku ueen received frem
Ingtoc i because of the trouWed S3
tion of affairs ja CentralTnerlea -
which, aa heretofore stated -. s
one. dollar.
Hides to Qoon Free Ut.
JS?&J&Ub 4,-It Is reported
dury la Unabl i
Pittsburg., March l.-The iu,v u
that tho wWanfl " "Ar .. 4 xlx
decided to place hides on TOff O ffiS,!? Wh'ch Coeijj:
ndlt is further rumored thai ls Kl JnTT "1 l'' . F.
t rumored that Senat- Klein . T 71, ' mt
or Lodge, after a canvass of the senate? tke UWnVM WitH
fsratified that body will an f i 1 1 ;r!.t8,In,K fibi, re w
: ; ;' S
. ucviMtltuo,
fuse action,
n. vwi, ,c mm iwm vmihU to
locked up. till UmJZZ!