The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, March 04, 1909, Image 8

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Some Campbell Hints
What Scientific Farming foocfc
Not Coat Lmd
HOME3Ti3ADi Notloe For Publica
tloti. Department of the Interior
United States Land Office, Tito Dalles,
Oregon, January 22, 100U.
Notlco Is hereby given that
of Young?, Oregon, who, ou Setiteln
tier 3. 100t, made Hathestead Entry
Serial No 02210 No. 15710, for
sec 25, tp 0 Pj r 13 o; w ui,
Has tiled notice of Intention to iilako
II mil coiunuitatlou proof, to cstabllsb
..I.. i... .... ... iun,i i. ...... .i... n...,i
U'ntlll ... to .mil. nuuvo UCOUIIUCU,
before Frank Of born, II. R, Commls
sinner, at ills oillco ut Madras, Ure
gotij on the 8th day of March, 1000.
Claimant names as witnesses!
CP Klantii George Manner. Wll
liam Rrnwnhlll, Anthony Mouuer, a
of Madras, Oregon.
0. W. Mooitte,
f4 mi Register
kenieinber, Hint the basic
principle or scientific soil cult
lire loks directly to tllU prepar
ation of the soil for the highest
and grenti'Mt eflloiency, and that
it means not. only hmkitig biu
of (!oi3 of verv year in the
flryest as well ns in the wettest
but mill mora itnporlatit is it
that it menus a greatly in
creased yield of crops in ordin
ary nnd most favorable years.
In other words it is not tnyrelj
drouth insurance, it is not
merely to guard against dead
failure it is to make sure of
crops in any season aid bigger
and better crops all the time in
liny climate.
Ou the other hnnd what w
understand tb be the diy farm
ing sj'stem is bnsed upon the
experience of the Mormons in
tJtah of 40 3ears ago where
they went up into the valleys
and farmed under the Common
ineihod and got good result?
because of the peculiar soil
formation. They foUnd that the
volcanic ash soil of the West
ern slopes of the Rockies re
sponded to ordinary culture and
brought about with ii little rain
a condition of the seed bed
which elsewhere must be pro
duced by cultivation. This sys
tem was brought over the moun
tains, to the iSustern slopes
where the soil formation is en
tirely different. It aims almost
solely at conservation of the
moisture and takes little ac
fcoimt of soil conditions.
Let us not be misunderstood
in this matter so vital to the
piosperlty of a large section of
our country. Some of these
ideas, ma3r seem extieme 10 per
.sons living in places where
there have been good crops foi
a number of years. It is difli
cult for the individual who
sticks close to hh farm to ap
predate the situation elsewhere;
but we have traveled all ovei
this region, on both sides of the pONTEST NOTICE. Departments
fnrmnfjunR nr.1 frnm fvi f, ue interior, u. ft; bairn uuiee,
T " : , The Dalles, Oregon, February J6,
up imv iruuaua ana nave seen
much that does not come to the
ordinary observer. We know
that here and there all over this I
NotConl Land
UOMEHTEAD. Notice for f ubltca
A lion. Department of the Interior
IT. S. Laud Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, February 10, 1009.
Notice is hereby given that
if Madras, Oregonj who, on June ill,
1002, made Homestead Entry Serial
No 02008 No. 11130, for ue sdo29, tp
10 8, r 14 e, w m,
Has filed notice of Intention to make
dual five-year proof) to establish
claim to the laud above described,' be'
fore Frauk tiborn, 0. S. Coinmis
-doner, at bin office at Madras, Oregon,
u the 22ud day of March, 1909.
Clalmaut names as witnesses:
W H 8tonehocker, S P Loving, W S
Criswell, nf Madras, Oregon; L A
Young, of Young's, Oregon.
C. W. Moore,
fl8-ml8 Register.
Not Coal Land
-plMBEIt LAND. Notice for Publl
niitlnn Danartmonf. nf (ha Tnt
rfor, United Slates Laud Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, January 27, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that
of Sistors, Oregon, who, on Septem
ber 8, 1008, made Timber and Stone
sworn statement, Serial No. 0959, for
telsti, wj8e see 31, tp 11 8, r 11 e, w
Has (lied notice of intention to make
final proof, to establish claim to the
laud ubove described, before II. C.
Elite, U. S. Commissioner, at his office
it Bend, Oregon, on the 15th day of
April, 1009.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles L Brock, of Bend, Oregon
Frank H Marion, of Laidlaw, Oregon.
C. Wi Moore,
14 a8 Register.
A 8uflicient contest having been filed
in thin office by .
' fnntatnf . a mi In at ifnma&f uuil f 2ar.
region there aie Spots whefe a 1 ffo 01373j Entry No. 14035. made
j.iige per cent oi me new aei- j uecemoer o, iwh$ tor nise,-swjsea
tiers h ft vfe ihoved out in sheer n,9W 8e.oI, tpi8;rWe.
despair because of cip fail-
Not Coal Laud
fciOMESTEAD. Notlco for Pnhllca
1 lion, Department of the Itite
rlor U 8 Land Oillco n The Dalle?; O
I'gon, it uiuary 14, 1009.
Notice is hereby given that
TlIEOprJltK A. Walfi,
of Madray, Oregon, who, on OotidiorSO
11103, tnado Ile.meeteail Entry Serial
No 0210.1 No. 18018, for tiwjswi, wVjS
tnvj sec 85 and awj$ bw eo 20, tp 11 8
r 13 e, w m,
11ms (1 kd notice of Intention to make
Hnai live year proof, to itahlMi olalih
to the laud above descrltted, ttfore
Frauk Oribntn, U. 8. ComntlHHlntr, n
his olll-e at MadrnM, Oregon, oh the
1st day of March, 1900.
Claimant names an witnesses!
Henry II Cook, liana K Nisseni Jo
seph J Hjntou, Jesse A Eads, alt of
Mating, Oregon".
C, W. Mobltb,
J2l-f26 Register
Not Coal Land
LJOMESTEAfl. Notice for rubll
cation. Denarlment of the In
terlor. tj. S Land Qlllce at The Dalles,
Oregon, January 14, 1009".
Notice Is hereby given that
John H. Jackson.
of Made ih, Oregon, who, ou January
20, 10tl9. made Homestead Entry FSer
lal No 02172 No 10349, for nwt seo 10,
tp 10 s, r IS, e vv m,
Has filed uotlce of intention to make
filial five-year poof) to establish claim
to the land above described, before
Prauk Ofborn, U.S. Commissioner, at
lilsolUee at Madras, Oreizon, ou the
2nd day of March, 1900.
Claim nit names as witnesses:
Willim C Moore, William II Han-
neu, Halter a Williams. Henry J
Braustetter, all of Madras, Oregon.
O. W. Mookk,
21f2o Regtster
Not Coal iaiull
HOMKSTEAD. Notice for Publlr.a
lion. Department of the Interior.
U. S. L'ltid Office al The Dalles, Ore
gon, January 14, 1900.
Notice Is heteby given that
Hugh It. Davis,
of Madras, Oregon, who, on March 15,
1002, made Homestead Entry I Serial
' ill k
Not Cotti Lnud
IIOMESTEAD. Notice for Ptildlcn
tlon. Department of the Interior,
U.S. T. mil nillfHiitTIm f)iitlM ()r., rn
1 ' " I - o
February , 1909. Notice is hereby
given that
of Htycreek, 0 egon, who bit March
1004, made Homestead Entry frfer
No 02132 No. lbolO, for sw sec 22, tp I'll N. 02338 No. 13201, for ueli -'C 1.
Not Coat Land '
fJOMESTEAD. Notlco for Pabl
n oattou. Departmeiitof ti e Into
rlnr Ti. S. Lund OfthJo at Tho Dulios
Oregoti, January 14, 1009.
Notice Is hereby given that
DkbtUb P. Davis,
of MHdraN, Oregon, wlto, on March 15
1002, made homestead Entry Heria
No 02131 No. 10511, for sel seo 22, tp
0 h, r 13 e, w in.
Has filed notice of Intention to make
ilual five. year proof, to establish claim
to the land above described before
Fftthk Osborn, U. S. Comtnlsshnier, a
his ollloo at Madras, Oregom on tilt
1st day of March, itfllO
Cialmatit names as witnesses!
Charles Dillon. John A Coulter;
Samuel II Edmtiudson, Uoorge Dillon,
all of Madras, Oregon. . -
0. Wi MOORE,
J21-f2fl llcgister
Ndt hnnl hand
nrlMBBIt LAND, Notice for I'tibll
nHllon. Di'tmrtmont of ttto Into
rlor. U. 8. L-iud (Jlllcei I'lio Dalles!
Oregon January 11, 1009.
Notlco Ih heioby given that
f Prlnevllle; Oregon, who on Ooldber
20, 1008: made timber and stone appll
cation serial No. 01(16, for the sej
Bwi, slsej, aud nel-a f seoo, tp 12 8,
10 e. w m,
has filed notice of intention to make
final timber and stone proof, to estab
lis!) Claim to the laud above described,
efore Warren Browr., County Clerk,
at his oillco nt Prlnevllle, Oregon, on
Claimant names as witnesses:
AVade II Huston, Henry A Foster,
DividP Atlamson, Robert G Smith,
all of Priuevllle, Oregon.
0. W. MonitK,
21-11125 RegUter.
0 s, r 13 e, w in,
Has filed notice of intention to make
final five-year proof, to establish o'alm
to the laud above described, before
Frank Osborn. U.S. Commissioner at
his office at Madras. Oregon, on tho
1st day r.f March, 1009.
Claimant names as wltuesseM
Charles Dillon, John A Coulter,
tp 11 s, r 14 e, w ni,
Hub filed notice of Intention to make
Dual flvcyear pronf, to establish
claim to tho land above described be
fore Prank Osborn United States Com
missioner, at ids office at Madras, Or-
eKon, ou the 10th day of March, 1909.
Claimant names as wltneeso:
Ed Juitcher, A V Varren, John X
Samuel H Edmuiidfon, George Dillon, Foley, James Rice, all of llaycreek,
all of Madras, Oregon.
0. Vf. MOOREj
J21-f25 Iteglster.
0. W. Moonn, Register
ires. These failures Have come
m jswi see il, tp 13 e r i'l e, w mj by
Clyde B. Crerk, contestee, In which
it is alleged that said Clyde B. Creek
has wholly abandoned said tract of
every year sohifeivherei But we land for more than six mouths last
all know that in practically Pa8tnd that said abandonment still
every one of these places there e'f8l; tbf 1 "ld a,,ef d "b8?T T
J not due to hla pmnlnvmput In th
are just a lew wao have gone
light along doing successful
farming, find doing it-because
they have grasped the true
imncipies oi scieimnc son cui
lure. We could cite nianv in
Stances ill support of- this Slate- bisofneeat Madras, Oregou, and that
ment. The danger of failure is nual "eaK win oe nem at io o-ciock
bonstanti .be poaelblK of s Ure JSS ttoi
and safe farming dep'enddapon states Land Oface in 'ib'e ffalle; Ore
knowing how. H. W. Carhp- go'n,'
bell in "Scientific Farmer." Tho said contestant having, In a proper
atllUttvlt, tiled February 15, 1009, set
forth facts which show that after due
illlgence personal service of this no
tice cannot be made, it is hereby or
dered and directed that such notice be
given by due and proper publication.
f25-m25 Receiver.'
army, navy or marine corps of the
United States iu time of war.
Said parties are hereby notified to
appear, respond, and offer evidence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
m on April 1, 1009. before
Max Lueddemann, a notary public at
Not Coal Landf
UfOMESTEAD. Notice for Publica-1
1 tlon. Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office, at The Dalles, Ore
gon, February 27, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that
of Madras, Oregon, who, on October
Jl5, 1903, made Homestead Entry Ser
ial No 03005 No. 120S9, for swlei,
sejawj sec 28 and ejuwi sec 35, tp 11
s,rl3e, w m, Has
filed notice of Intention to make final
five-year proof) to establish claim
CNot Coal L'apdj
HOMESTEAD, Notlce.for Publica
tion. Denartment nf (ho TntorlnV'
U BLalid Office ntThe Dalies, Oreiiou'j
February i 1009.
Notice js liereby given that
rvd.Lki -il. i ......
to tho land ahove described, before uuiu-mu j, wpuuiw, ,
trankOspoHi; U: S. cbgimlssioner, at of Madras Onjgqn, wlio, nu Ootoliof ij
his offlee at Mudraa.' hriron. on tho 1007, made Homestead Entry Serial
thtiayof April, 1009. ' J No 02291 No. 16722, for w.seo 11, tp
ClaItnaut names as witnesses! " u r l w ' lias
Conrad Strasser, W H Snook; lilt fljed notlco of intention to make final
Wisloo, J A Eatiesj all of Madras, Ore commutation proof, to establish claim
a W, ooitjj, Frank Osboni, U. H. Ootntn'lssioner, at
DAnLilnii i.i.. .. MX r . .I.. -
-;', ; 'st -,v. . viff.l Vl i iiia ouice ai iuuuras, uregou, on tue
mmuinmi f tfftfii-'iiniiniiiii i m' iiimiii 15th tla'v of Maroh. 1000.
A complete supply oflegal blanks for luiihuut names as w Itnessosj.
Not Coal Laud
HOMESTEAD. Notice for Publica
tlon.' Department of the fnte-
rior, U. S. Lind Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, January 14, 1009, Notlco Is
ereby given that
Albert W. Woodward,
1905, made Homestead Entry Serial
No 0218SJ No. 14420, for Lot 4 and
sw uwj, wjnwi seel, tp 13 h, r 12 ej w
Has riled nntten of hit rntlrm tn timkn
final lve yfeiif proof to est ublish claim
to the land above ih-dc'rhed.' (lefori
Ffank Oibofn, U. B. CoMitrilssloner,' "cant B.'nd, Oregon, outheOnlday
at Ids office at Madras, Oregon, ou the j 01 """M
rv a mm . 1 J . . V. '..If f
zuu nay or aiarcu, limu. uiaimatit nart es as wlttiebeesl
rti-t.. - I T.-.....I. i ... j.i. . 4' . .. V.
viiiniiiwip mimes us wuuesses; i iiuuh n niuriiMii oi x,ai(iiaw. Ure
liril.f -1 rt . -I tn l.f sk w I .o m Ji . 1
iriiuniii u turner, niuiam u itat- ouuiuei j uaiuweii. or Ueild. Or
iNot Coal Land
"TIMBER LAND. Notice for Publl.
1 cation, Department of tho Inter
ior, U 8 Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, January 18, 1009.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Bend, Oregon, who, on Septem
ber 10, 1008, made Timber and Stone
suoru statement, seilal No. 01016, for
ntiwi fee 21, tp 111 x, r 11 e, w m,
lias filed notice of Intention to make
filial proof, to establish claim to the
land ab' Ve ilescrlbed. before It. n
Lille, U. 8. Commlsflioiier, ut .Ills of
ston, George II Osborn, James P Read,
ail of Culver, Oregon,
C. "Y Moore,
J21- f25 Register.
C. W. Mooitb,
Register .
tNot Coal Land
lyiOl'lUK For Publication. United
States Land Office, The Ddlles.
s . . ' I
uregon, jtfeorimry It, 1009.
nonce is Hereby given that the
State of Oregon ban filed in this office
Its application, Serial No 02457, lose
Not Coal Lund
OME3TEAD, Notice for Publica
ion. Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office ut Tho Dulles, Ore
gon,' February 1, 1909.
Notlft in liereby given that.
of Culver, cregon, who, on January 10, itiCl utidot the provisions of the Act of
1009, made Homestead Entry Serial "BreB8 01 August 14, 1M8, and the
nooimj for swine, jjeltwi, ttrUwl "ii"emeniury tnereto, the w.
aud nwie sec 1". tp 13 s, r 12 e, win, "fi ,,t, e5"wt of sec 23, tp 10 8, r 13 1,
lias fil d notice of inteutl
'ore Frank OsbHr.n. U. S. Commls
Inn to make
ilual flveyear proof, to establish
claim to t lie land above described be
w mi
. ohd nl persona dlalmltn' nd.
Vernely the lut;ds desorlbed or deslr
fug to ubfect b&i-utiHP tit fi.n ...I..
loner, at his oftfeo at Madras, Oregon, " ,
should file their affl.a'v of phi'tes in
in the 15th day of March, 1009.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Claude C Lamson,' Thomas Alder
dyce, Robert 0 Osborn,' Joseph R Meir
deuhall, all oi Culver, Oregon,
O. V. DIooiiE,
M-rall ReirlHler
for any other
this office, on or before tho lit dafc nf
A n.ll ini.n ' I
0. VV.' Mookk,
. Register
f SOLATED TRACT, Notice for I'uu
1 llmillnt. Ptilili. t i ii rr. . . I
. u.iiiu jjuiiii nnin iMariiti
No 01508 The Dalles, Oregon. TT.,l.i
States Land Office, Dec. 14, 1008. '
notice is hereby given that, as y.
ale Including wrruty and quit clulni Edtlitchpr, of Hay Creek,' Oregon;
ileeda, reulf clwttel and crop mortgages; foljyard J Baldner, Walter ,Darrr,
oto. Justice court blankB and justice William F Fields, of Madraa,, Oregou,
S Land Olllce. Tito Dalles. Ore.
goo, Dee, 2b 1908. Notice is hereby
mi m iwiou, io select under tiii, pro- ' v""l,T "1,u-t provisions
visions of the Acted Concres of An. of Act of Conuress unnrnvmi t.,m
gust 14, 1818, and tho Act's sunnlemen. ItlOft. l'ulill !.. ...Ill - j
tarv thereto. th nki.wt ..' off. ..Vo " . w,u "net ut
t tU f', W M r""C " m 10 1,10 MM1 bl'Mer.nt
41 . . . Ml It... A1 I
i ovvnsite
i k
Are Loll
PilSs will be Raised when!
railroad starts and present!
prices offer exceptional op
portunity for profitable IfiJ
j . i
vestment in gooa property!
Residence Lots
Prices R
Terms Easy
Buy at Once
qnd all persons claiming dd- Junuary
hp lunds desciibod, or defd.rlng lowing t
0:45 o'clock a. in., nh the 20th duy of
next, at this office, tho m.
tratit of laud, lowltj seisei seo
to obleut.bedauseof the mineral p'lnf- 83, tp 12 . and seine seo4. tn 10 s S
acterof tlife., land, or for any other rfca- 18 e, w m. '
Madras Townsite
son, to ,;tlio
should tflo
dlsposul to appllcrfht, Auy poroohs chiimlmr .ini..
thblr affidavits of nro ubovodesorl(ied lHi.,ia
testlnJin .ojjfyo, on or heforo tho file their olulms, or nbleUtlons nn !
toutx worn a specialty, notary ruuuc , ., u, W, AIqokb,
-F. J. Brooks. Jf4nill Reglfll
d81f4 Reulster. Idl7l21 ci. W. Mn,iuii . . .
a If a I DUIWI I
. T., t -. . Mwuuc, ivu,jiHier