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Victims of Earthquake Estimated
at One Hundred Thousand,
Almost Entirt Population of Reggio
Exterminated Sicilian Hotels
Filled With Tourists.
Rome, Dec 30. One hundred thou
sand dead; Messina, on the Island of
Sicily, and Reggio and a score of
towns in southern Italy, overwhelmed;
the entire Calabrian region laid waste
that is the earthquake's record so far
as at present known. Reports are
comincr slowly into Rome on account
of the most complete destruction of tho disaster in Southern Italy and Si
Earthquake Victims of Italy May Nun
ber Over 150,000.
Results of Earthquake.
Killed, 100,000 to 200,00(h
Iniurcd. 800.000 to 500.000.
Homeless, estimated at 1,000.000.
Cities over 10,000 population de
stroyed, 15.
Smaller towns destroyed, estimat
ed, 50.
Warshipssunk, (torpedo boats) 12.
Ships sunk by tidal wave, GOO.
Many American tourists among
the dead.
Formation of Straits of Messina
Historic Scylla and Charybdis de
Etna and Stromboli, volcanoes, in
Second and third shocks felt in.
Pnltln frt Annlinn ialna nf rllane.
Xrf v l v fcv tuivu VUV) UIUUO
ter feared. I
i ii i .
40,000 Acroa In Eastern Oregon to
Bo Placed on Markot.
Valo -Settlement of tho Willow
Creek valley, lying north of this city
is to commence, tho Willow River
Land & Irrigation company having an
nounccd that a block of 4,000 acres,
divided into tracts of 20 and 40 acres
will bo placed on the markot beforo
March 1. The company's double reser
voir system at tho head of Willow
creek is practically completed ; that is.
the lower dam is finished and full of
water and the upper dam will bo com
pleted in 60 days.
Tho company announces that it has
tho land
secured options on all of
which it proposes to irrigato and will
Rome, Jam 2. Tho immensity of PC" t to settlers as fast as ditches
can we consirucicu unu put in upuriv
The land will bo sold to pract
nlaccs. that It 5a now osh'mnil thnk i in nnn cal horticulturalista at a reasonable
lhe death total in Messina ranges persons perished in Messina and Reg- rate
from 12.000 to 50,000: that of Reggio, ; i a i.- . I tincr
wiiicn, w.w, us iw - have been devastated and thousands of
the entire non ilatW at Pall. 1000 are victims m these places must bo added
rnrtpH it n.i.-inn inno' to the roll. In the face of thesa awful
Coscnza. 500. and half the population total3 all Italy stands appalled. . Nor
nas me iuu aeain use yet oeen report
of Bagnara, about 4000. The Monte-
leouc region has been devastated and
RipOsa, Seminara, San Giovanni, Scilla,
out fruit trees is commenced next
D. M. Brogan, president of tho com
pany, has left for tho coast, well satis
fled with tho progress made by his
men on tho reservoirs. Before leaving
Mr. Brogan announced tho practical
Shiploads of fugetives have arrvived completion of the company's plans.
Lazzaro and Cannitello and all other at Naples and other porta and tho vast I "Tho company aims to settlo tho
majority of these are sorely injured. vuuey wim practical norncuHuriBia,
Other thousands remain near the ruins he said "and the lnnd WM not bo sold
of their homes or wander half starved, in larger tracts than 40 acres to any
half naked over the land. The forces ono purchaser. The purchaser must
that on Mondav overwhelmed the eitina sign an agreement to commence work
also destroyed the meannhf anqtnnnnpp. on his land immediately. We do not
- 1
Telegraphic communication has been wanc tne iana w De noja UP DV five cu
communes and villages on the straits
are in rums,
The king and queen of Italy arc now
on their way to Messina, having sailed
last night from Naples aboard the bat
tleship Vittono limmanuele. I he pope
has shown the greatest distress at the
calamity, and he himself was the first
to enntrihute n sum amnnntini' tn I established With Messina. thf finnnm- I latere.
$200,000 to the relief of the afflicted, tus having been set up in a railway A corP3 of engineers from tho coast
British, French and Russian warships station. Messages that hnve eomi nvpr under b. Ashford is now in tho hold
are steaming toward the south, and the line, though they have been meagre platting out tho land and laying out
already several of the ships of Great jn detail, show that hone is eone the townsite of. Brogan at the head of
Britain and Kussia nave periormed lie- xi,; :,-. u..i. tho vallev. In tho near future a rn 1
roic service in the work ot rescue. " w . , . ... - road will ho eonntrnctpd from Vale
It is feared that many foreigners T '
t .- i c t. i mere nanaiui oi survivors is oeinp m ' oohik1d huiv ""i"""
3 Tr" ' cared for by the rescuing forces, but tion facilities at their doors. A power
other places were crowded with tour- their distress is great and it has been plant will be erected at tho upper dam
ists. inline is Known oi tne late oi mvicuacu uji ui iccviu icy wina mail--"
the diplomatic representatives of the followed the deluge of rain. Destitu- Tne people of Valo aro deeply inter
powers stationed at these posts, al- tiori is nppalling. There is little food ested in the development . of the com
though the Italian government is and less water. pany'a plans, which mean a largo in
Of Messina's 90,000 population, it is crease in the productiveness of the
. - . - - I A. - - X - 1 - 4 A 1
believed that fully 70,000 perished, country triDutary to mis city. Accora
Forty thousand neoDle died in Repirio. ng to government estimates the" com
- . . . i , . , . ,
Catania, the largest city nearest the pany s reservoir system can De aeveiop-
scene of the disaster, is crowded with ea to water yu.uuu acres, wnicn m-
biiried for day's and weeks. Those refugees, and the continuous Btream of eludes practically all of the available
who escaped death, many of whom are fugitives coming in, the sight of the agricultural and horticultural land in
badly injured, are making their way wounded and the repetition of real or ine vaney.
bv the thousands to the nearest nlace I imntnnnrv enrthntinlron hava an alarm. I
of refutre. Their sufferines even now oH tho nonnlnfinn fViof fkoir o tin.. DUNBAR WINS SUIT.
LJ " U " I W..V U1II11UH W 1 T C WW.l."'
must be intense, as they are without fag uncontrollable. There is no lonzer
using every effort to relieve the anx
lety felt on this account.
There is the gravest danger that a
pestilence will follow the destruction
of the towns. On account of the vast
havoc wrought, bodies will He un-
food or clothing.
Stunned at the magnitude of the ca
lamity which has overtaken fellow-
countrymen, all Italy mourns tonight
for the stricken province of Calabria
and the Island of Sicily. Accus
any place where the refugees may find Case Against Former Secretary Re
shelter. versed and Dismissed
fPL a. ? - -1 ? 1 rr 1 1 . I
.me Kuvenunent is niminir aimcuiiv ci r i t. i .1-
in ascertaining tne late ot many lor- f,.,ia tr. tlm
eigners who were in the earthquake for fees collected unlawfully, but to
. 1 A. A.t A.! x ii. 1 I . .
tomed lor centuries to earthquakes, ieiM. me wme oi tne catastropne, in- the persons alone trom whom unau
Italy stands ever in dread, but nonelquiries concerning whom are cominclthorizcd collections were made, the
was prepared for the disaster which in from all parts of the crlobe. The com- supreme court has reversed the case
the fraction of a minute yesterday de- mander of the Russian hattlpshin. Art. being prosecuted against R I. Dun-
vastated cities and towns and caused miral MnkhnrWtr whirh imivi with bar. former secretary of state by At
.1.. j--.!. r i j , ........ ...... , r '..
ine ucain oi inousanus
San Francisco Remembers 1006.
fugitives at Naples today, qonfirms the tor"cy y H .Mac.Mahon of this city
t nf ua jaot, nr iTn. a on behalf of the state for the recovery
a Mthe. death of the American f $,00fooo alleged to have been
consul at Messina. Arthur S. Chenev. i ' .r..n.. a......... i.:. s
tiivj.wi Arw. w. j aim 111a wim. wiiu were uuripfi in I n ( I rj .
Taylor issued a proclamation yester- ruins of the consulate. Tlw. vt ,,, W..V!. it -iIhW-,i
day afternoon stating that the re-1 Late disDatches state that the eitv n,,.,ir 'im.i rolWtP.i i.. f,.,.c witi,,,,,.
iiiai iiii CU11111UU11U11& uc aeni 10 rvncn :
Knicht. treasurer of the California adjacent are destroyed.
branch of the American National Red The king has telegraphed Premier
Cross, 502 California street, San Fran- Giolitti informing him that Reggio is
cisco. contributions will also be re- in the same awful condition as Messina
ceived by B enjamin Idc Wheeler, and announcing that n Ttnnsinn qtmmnr
These collec
the secretary dur
as secretary of
state, between the years of 1890 and
1007. Ihcy were received for (he hi
ing ol various papers, issuing com
missions and licenses, recording docu
ments and copvmg public records:
and it was further alleged that he had
"I .r .u r ft "1 i f . . ilml u w.l IllllllCt illlLKUU 1 1 I.I I III: 11.111
president of the California,, branch of with 500 injured will arrive at Naples appropriated these sums to his own
the Ked Cross, at Berkeley. tomorrow. His Majesty asks that all use when they had been collected for
preparations be made for their recen- the use and benefit of the state.
tion at the hospitals. The foundation for the plaintiffs
Dispatches from Catania describe right to recover was pascn on tne pro-
Messina aa nmwnrJnn. liWo k.. !n. visions ol the constitution in article
nanf , rru r. A wllicll IS .aS folloWS
tn the hniMiiur. tt,nf nf f foii "T1,e secretary of state shall receive
"'fl" va.uw ..wm . v-v Awi.b j, I Pnlv.. rI 91 rflfi m .. .1 -I. -II
. . .. - . - I 1.: x. ,. j" . .. li ..HUM..! Miiiil i .iuu Jim Ml.lll
m urst ine sea receded tor a great "'"'"s -' wor. ox uc-atrucuun. reccivc np fecs and pCnilI,s,,cs w,,lt.
oisiance irom ine snore and men it i j.hb niraii. vi mcsainu. ib now cnoitea I ,.,.,.r fr tlm nnrfnrnnn-. of .)
. r . ... .1 ... m ... I I'-- w ..... m.i
owcjji. luinaiu wiiii ii cincnuuus vio- wiui curptteu ui men unu tn Rial,
lence. The water, advancing in a huge General Marazi, commandant at Ca-
wave, swept before it every house and tanzaro, has telegraphed to the gov-
bmlding for a thousand feet from the ernment that he has tried vainly for
Tidal Wave Destructive.
Rome, Dec. 30. Many hundreds of
living persons are still beneath the
ruins in Calabrian towns, but it is
ouite impossible to relieve them. At
Riposto the tidal wave was terrific.
1 i; TM . , , . """""I" mitt lias U1CU vailllV 1U1
rSsTZ TeVoaJ: arMmEa h'
from 10 to 20 feet. roads are impassable and the shore
Opera Company to Give Benefit.
Los Angeles, Dec 30. Arrange
ments are being made by the manage
ment of the Lambardi grand opera
has been so torn and twisted, as far as
he traveled in Calabria, that it was im
possible to approach by water.
Oregon Midland to Cross State.
Portland. Articles of incorporation
for the Oregon Midland railway have
been filed by Miller Murdoch, as at
torney for the road, flic stated can
italizafion is $100,000. and the line is
proposed to be built from Wciscr,
Idaho, across Oregon to Tillamook.
The incorporators arc C. M. Conry, a
timber cruiser; Miller Murdoch, R. A.
Laples and John r. McUrsdcl. The
railroad is planned to cut cast and
west across Oregon, beginning at
Weidler. the southern terminus of the
P. & I. N., and its promoters are said
Consul's Family All Dead.
WAHhinfrtrn .Tnn 1 Thn TtrltuV.
... . -.. I ' ' " ' ft " ' J w .. ... W1IW0II
company, wnicn is lining an engage- consul at Messina is reported injured
iiiuiii. ucrc. iu kivc a series oi neriorm- and nia wife nnrt rhi riren rionri Tho
ances for the benefit of the Italian ambassador says it is reported that
ZVrnnL 7.S";h .V. "f nine A-meana w-ere-n Trinacria to have an understanding with one of
merlv lived in the rtrvastntrrt HistriVts afc 1CBB,nB wnicn is saiu to do tne KOCKy mountain roads, once said
lSnityii totally destroyed It is known, how- to he the Denver. Northwestern &
relief fund for the aid of their suffer- ever' that some of the guests escaped. Pacific, although m no official informa-
ing countrymen. The foreign office reported that several t,on l,as heen B'vcn out concerning
ioreign nations are nurrying warships f"v" r """ !'
Roosevelt Senda Masiir. to the scene to offer nuBian Th ,,ne? P,ans for a croSS-qrcgon
Washington. Dec. 30. President ambassador has dispatched consular
Roosevelt sent a cable message of officers in quest of information con
condolence Jo King Victor Emmanuel cerning subjects.
yesterday expressing the sympathy of
the American people m the misfor- Believes Americans Escaped.
tunc iii.u iius uciaiicn iiaiv. ine
road and havd'surcyors in the field at
present, but this line is entirely; out
side of anything that Ilarriman is do
ing in the east and west route.
Tied Ud Temporarily.
t 1 A l 1 n f ' i
president sai.l the Amerimn TJntln,,,! "'ur uriBcom Portland. On account of low water
Red Cross society would issue an ' turned mtc this, afternoon from the the locks in Yamhill river are closed
peal for contributions, and would com- Iore,B" oince, wnere no went to maKo temporarily and as a result the stcam
municate with the Italian Red Cross. lno."-ry about Americans who may hayci er J.cona plying between this city and
- ueen in uaiauria ano Sicily at tne time i iuooininviuc uu ucuh inrccn io nc
New Yorlt Plans Aid. oi ine disaster. it is not believed " '. ji".-ws pi uhuic nin
New York. Dec. 30. Benefit ner. there were any Americans at either
formances for the earthauake victims Messina or Reggio when these cities
and survivors were planned today for were demolished, with the exception,
early dates, by the Metropolitan opera' of course, of American Consul Cheney
cuiiilidiiy, many oi WHOSe members nnrt h n wife nt. 'rnnrmtnn luif tin naa
are from the devastated regions. Sig- ualtles have been renorted.
;ior Caruso reiterated his intention of
donating his week's salary of $2500 to
the fund. Other operatic stars sub
scribed gepcrously.
hill river route several months ago by
the Yamhill River Navigation com
pany and has been doing a good busi
ness right along. But with the locks
closed the larger portion of the busi
ness is cut oit and hence the craft
has been tied up for the time being.
Two Hundred Thousand Fruit Trooa
Will Bo Planted This Year
Roscburg. Upwards of 200,000
Irrcs will he nlantcfl ill Douglas COUII
ty this year. Among the heaviest
planters arc the Suthcrlin Land &
Water conmanv. 50.000: W. C. Hard
ing Land company,, 35,000: other loca
realty firms combined, about 50,000;
Individual fruitgrowers in all sections
of the county, from one to mo acres
U u. vvmte. ot fliynie urccK, wu
plant 100 acres to apples on a tract o
fine river bottom land near that place
The two lame companies above men
tioncd arc located on the main line
of the Southern Pacific. 12 miles north
of Roscburg. Most of the trees arc
Spitzcnbcrg and Newtown Pippin ap
ulcs. and Barlctt pears. I here' arc
also quite a 'number nf walnuts, as
well as prunes and peaches.
One of the largest prune orchard
tn southern Oregon is located
Looking Glass vallev. eight ' mile
southeast of Roscburg. It is one mile
square, and the rows arc all in perfect
alignment, making a pretty sight
the spring when the trees are
bloom. This orchard is owned by
George Marsh. There is also a tract
of fruit trees comprising over 100
acres in Chenowcth park orchard, near
Yoncalla. The Winston fruit section
comprises over 200 acres of apples
pears and prunes.
ft is from one of these orchards that
the record crop of the year was liar
vested, bringing the owner $2400 per
acre. This section afco produces some
of the finest pears in the world., uoug
las county is first in the market nl
most every year with strawberries,
While this section is known to he the
best protected from frost and drouths
there arc seasoifs when there are not
extremely full crops in all parts of the
county, but a total -failure "is not
Report Road to Extend.
aalctn. lhc sale Pf 510 acres oi
agricultural land south of this city
few days ago to a prominent Portlan.
business man has created the imprcs
sion that the extension of the Oregon
lilcctric southward is practically ccr
tain. The sale was made, to A. II. Bir-
rcll, and, though the consideration was
mentioned as only $10, it is under
stood that the real consideration was
in the neighborhood of $22,000. The
ranch sold was the Sarah K. Klcppin
place, on what is known as the blough
road. It is presumed by those who
have discussed the matter that Mr,
Birrcll had studied the situation and
became convinced that the Oregon
hlcctric will be extended.
Puter Case Dismissed.
Salem. The three state land fraud
cases pending against S. A. D. Puter
have been dismissed on motion of Dis
trict Attorney McNary. i he statute
provides that applications for the pur
chase of state laud must be sworn to
before a notary public or a county
clerk. The applications which Puter
made and which were alleged to be
fraudulent were sworn to before the
clerk of the slate land board. Mr. Mc
Nary snid that after investigating the
question thoroughly he is convinced
that this affidavit docs not constitute
perjury, and therefore he would dis
miss the cases.
Formulate Watar Code.
Salem. The bill for a new water
code for Oregon will be completed on
aiiuary 0 at a meeting to be held iu
this city by the water committee of
the Oregon Conservation Commis
sion, J. N. Hart, of Baker county, and
R J. Miller, of Linn county, perform
ing the work. At the meeting here
on January it is expected that nor
ly all the members of the water com
mittee will be present and go over the
bill thoroughly.
Appointment Is Approved.
The Dalles. Asa G. Stogsdill, .the
retiring assessor of Wasco county.
France Goes to Rescue.
Red Cross Devotes 50,000.
Washington, Jan. 1. The executive
society ot a meeting today decided to ia bfc.!PR?i?, IJ813"1 ,p.os.
Pans. Uec. 30. France vesterdav c"u eu wonBocieiy ovr . m ,,. Tnn,l!irv i while the
. t - . - " . i wwi mi. i l. j iL. .. i MMijtv " - f , - -
oraereu tne oatuesiiips justice and y. ummmmn o nu nurj iuu on anppintinent of Ed Hostetlcr as post
Vente. together with three destroyers, hand from tho contributions to tho fund master has' not been confirmed, It is
to proceed to Messina under forced for tho relief of San Francisco follow- an assured 'facf that it will be, since
uraugnt 19 am m i;,P worK oi rescue. ing ine eartnquaico ol 1U00. j there is no opposition.
Barley Feed, $27 per ton: brewing.
Wheat Hhicstem, 07c; club, 00(g)
lc; fife, 01c; red Russian. '88c: 40-
fold, 03c; valley, Olc.
Oats No. I white. $32 00 per ton.
Hay Timothy. Willamette valley..
514.00 per ton; eastern Uregon, $10fl0
Gl7; clover. $12; alfalfa. $12GM3:
grain hay, $12(?iin.
hriuts Apples. 7acffl$2.7n ner box:
pears, $ltf?1.75 per box; ipiinces. $!()
per hox; cranberries. $14.!iO&Zil5
per barrel; persimmons, $1(1.23.
potatoes 80((i00c per cwt.; sweet
potatoes, 22c per pound.
Onions $lfrt!.25 per 100 pounds
Vegetables Turnips, $1.25 per sack:
carrots, $1; parsnips, $1.25; beets,
1.50: horseradish. 8ffC10c ner nound:
Artichokes, $l(fgl 25 per dozen; beans,
sue per pound; cauhage, lilJc per
pound; cauliflower. $1.25 ner dozen;
celery, $4.&o per crate; cucumbers. $2
z.ou per oox; egg piant, nc per pound;
lettuce, 75c?D$l per box parsley, HOc
per dozen; peas, 15c pound; peppers,
15(?j20c per pound; pumpkins, JtftUc
per poiiuu; radisnes, noc per dozen;
spinach, 2c per pound: sprouts, ine
per. pound; squash, lUc per pound;, .91,, iww,
IJuttcr City creamery, extras. 3fl
.ii ti i.iiity uiiisiiie creamery, uuifruise
per pound; store, 1820c.
Uggs Oregon ranch. 40c: enstpnis
nnS,... 1" ' '
.niti'.iac per dozen.
Poultry Hens, 12c per pound:
spring, large lliCC12c: small. MrfT)
!..-.. ... . ----.u
geese, lie; turkeys, 1820c; dressed
inrKoys, suiQivac.
Veal Kxtra, 00c per pound; or
dinary, 78c; heavy, 5c.
Pork Fancy, 7j8c per pound;
large, 07c
Mutton c7c per pound; lambs,
88lc . ,
Hops-1008. choice, 7tfD7k per
pound; good prime, 6(ffi0k; fair prime.
iooo Vcjjc lm' 6 ' 1007' 82ic
t Y?l??9tcrn 0reBn. average
best. 1014c ner pound, according to
shrinkage; villcy, 15(JDl0!c.
Mohair Choice, I8l0c per ppund.
Maximum Term of 14 Yonrt Given
Deposed Boss,
San Francisco, Dec. ,11. Fourteen
years In the penitentiary, the max!
mum. is the sentence inctcd out to
Abraham Rucf, who for four years di
reeled the political destinies of Snn
Francisco as adviser of the ndminis
trntion of Eugene E. ScluniU, mayor
of the city,
Judgment was pronounced nt the
close of a day devoted to legal battle,
wherein the defense sought to Intro
dnce many reasons for a new tria
When Judge William P. Lawlor had
denied this nnd other motions involv
ing delay, the defendant arose at the
court's command and stood unmoved
through the recital of judgment
There was no demonstration on the
part of the spectators during the pro
ceedings in die court room, nor later
when Rucf, having entered the prison
van in the custody of a deputy sheriff,
started iu the dusk on his long ride to
the county iatl.
Hcforq the adjournment of court no
ticc of anneal had been filed on bchnl
of the defendant and the court had
signed a writ of probable cause. Which
will act as a stay of execution.
In a , trial that was prolonged
through a period of nearly four
months Rucf was convicted, Decent
ber 10, of bribing John J. Furey,- an
cx-supcrvisor, to favor the award o
an overhead trolley franchise to the
United Railroads, litis was one o
114 indictments returned against Rucf
by the Oliver grand jury, Which heard
10 Supervisors confess the acceptance
of bribes in several matters involving
public service corporations.
One of the many incidents that
tended to make the trial of Rucf re
markablc was the shooting of Assist
ant District Attorney F. J. Hcney by
Morris Haas, an cx-convict, whose
past record was exposed by the prose
cutor after the would-be Slayer had
been accepted as a member of the
jury. Hans subsequently committed
suicide in the county jail.
Banzai" and "Hooray" Can't Keep
Peaco In Far Ent.
Tokio. Dec. 31. Although the rc
ccption given tlc. United States bat
tleship fleet by the Japanese was pro
nounced one of the most pleasant and
interesting incidents nf the world
cruise and went far toward casing the
strained relations between the two
countries, and although much good
feeling hai followed the recent publi
cation of the agreement between Sec
retary of State Root and Ambassador
lakalura. the consensus of opinion
among Americans in the orient is that
unless the temporary good will is im
mediately strengthened little of politi
cal value will result.
II M . . .
vimc no u Diomaiic crisis ii e.
pected to develop between the two
countries in the near future, owing to
the condition of the finances of japan,
yci uic icar is ocing general v ex-
pressed among Americans here that
the apparent sincerity of the welcome
to the fleet and the svmnathetie tnn
pf the five articles recently exchanged
nciwccn t nc two powers may deceive
the people of the United ini,-.
believing that no danger to the na
tion's interests now exists in the far
cast, any failure at this time to build
up the position of Amcrici mi the Pi.
cific. the naval strategists declare. Will
ultimately result in national disaster
i nnt a compelled peace is the onlv
certain peace which will come to the
east, despite the protestations of
friendship bv lan.m. is the unk'rcnl
belief of those men who arc experi
enced in oriental notifies and who in
case of trouble, will be entrusted with
ine dcicnse ot the national interests.
Four Men Dead nnd 25 Entombed In
Prcahontas District,
niucfield. W. Va.. Dec. .11.-1 our
men are known to be dead and prob
acy a.i more were entombed as the
result of an explosion which occurred
ii me lick urancn colliery, owned by
he Pocahontas Coal company, the
argest coil mining concern in ntnh.
western Vircinia. It i not tnmvn v.
actiy now many men were in the mine
.ii uic nine.
The men leave the mine nftrr whnt
is known as the "running" and many
of the 52 at work were not in the mine
wncn the explosion occurred. High,
teen of the entombed men have been
taken out of the colliery alive.
The rescuing parties have been tin.
able to get into the shaft because of
uic lire and smoke.
Vtrk In EarilimnLn
nuuuuuu TO
mm Hiitvrr
Latest Estlmnlo of 0 c.
.. . sxceiit oa
UUU ailcrht BI...I.. -
. .,, contI
n Earthquako 20rtt,
Romo, Jon. 2 - am. .
BtorleB aro coming
horrors In Southed luiT, '
tiiiueuius niri-nrii. . . """trai
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Slight shockH Wt.rr ..It I. it
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Bhocka keep up tho alarm Jr.
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another at 9 o'clock. Fl " !
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I"----'! Sill Lliril IlliU IFM
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Will Not Need.
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iuj flcruttny or tho data show kt
stores aboard thn nnval mnni. .
cuigoa, now at Suez, discloses qralj.
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tho battleships. This cunnet h I.
a 7 i er it. .. .i
iiirini ri linn iiii mamvammm i
been mid beforo Secretary NeUnr,
who in keeping tho State dtartetat
i I. . i . j? .j...
iiuvmeu rvguruing ino iccauoa ci i
ships and avallablo fcod retoarcei
In tho caso of the battleship;, tost
time must elapse before the Culm a
reach the earthquako regfon.
Today tho Navy department mi a
communication with Admrtl Spenj,
who said that ho would want 25,C$
tons of coal for his shins at Pert lib
whero tho program of the Navy V
pnrtmcnt con tempi la ted their etal'cf.
Contributions for the csrtkcih
BufTorerfl continuo to arrive at ti
American lied Cross hcadquirUn.
Miss Mabel T, Boardman, a rrrfnte
of tho oxccutlvo committee, ra &
work there.
Anti-Somites Rago In Finland.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 31. Basing
their action on ancient and obsolete
anti-Semitic statutes, the Russian
authorities in Finland have inaugu
rated a wholesale nrrnrmtlnn n( 1 to.
brews and are driving them from their
i.unica mio uic ticids to starve and
freeze. Reports nf tcrrit.l. nrr,.r;...f
and appalling loss of life come from
all parts of the dependency. The
weather Is extremely severe and the
hunted Hebrews, stripped of their
household goods nnd iiunblc to secure
lood, herd toacthcr fill 1 ll flitmir "ntr-
crcd fields and die.
China Want Loan,
Pckin. Dec ai 1
developing the Canton-IIankow rail
roan, tllC C lillCSt! unvprmnniit linj ,1.'.
rncted its foreign agent to attempt to
place a lonn w th llr tUli !?r.m.i. r.?.
man and lapancsc banks. The action
ui.owB me laiiurc of the government
hi a domestic loa
io pay shareholders
le.cgrapii system. Fearing a second
niiurc to secure money for the road,
the government 1ms -,i i.
dent to raise money outside China,
a. i i tn c-.t.. n',A( FramM'1
Jiaiicaru wu utp" .v"i - -
sourl Rulings.
JefTorson City, Mo., Jn.
motion for a rehearing in the mm
ouBtcr suit against it, filed In JM
nremo court hero today, the SttpW
Oil company of Indiana asked tot-
.fiu.'mi in r.riiii... in iiiidov. .
it conforms to rules ana Ww
that moy bo loltl down by the cowl
court for a remittanco of tho cm
e nnn imiuMl nn tho ItepobW w
company, on tho ground that this ti
appeal nro signed by Alfred V. f h
i T.l. HtaKWl
UL V-IllCUgU, UI." -.. (0,
Kansas City, attorneys for W f?
pany. Mr. Ilagcrman will iw K
Now York tomorrow to consult wi
tho chief offlcerfl of the ml'
While tho company has filed i b
fnr n rlmnrlno-. It 19 m..m .
Standard Oil ottonrneya m
modification of tho recent AeW".
tho jupromo court,
Hndley will not consent to "
tion of tho decision unless the W
court orders it.
South Gets Prler,
No News Fpjm Ooraul
VeW Havn. Tl.. nn "
If-!... I , '"'7Y WW...... wet, ou.
Friends here have received no word
fro' Pr- .Arthur Chenev. of Ynl.
Class Of 1880. nn..s..l oi t.'
Nllla. It is feared tli-if I,,. i
heen killed. " ' f "uvc
prohibition laws went InW
tor-,n tn fliroo southern stv, .... -
Carolina, Mlflsissipp
Georgia in tho only other f teff f
aickftirnrv iirmiiwi . ,i . i a
iaw wnicn ocv-ivb - rnma ec'!
in i nn a nnu uvv i.
wie govcrnnicm- ,u "?" Zuunnh the
of the national i so flweoplng InltorZZtaA
measuro,. proniPiuvi
lt will drive ealoona out.
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ntiiiiiuuik. 0i irewiw,, tj-I nrofcSSOr W A .t,nm
nhvs cs nt JollllS "l'n"::..l,nrftiti
iiiiii f in r: ui Liav t.iij nw.
i, tlnlted States on "'VMiVt
.iiMiititrjiB i iaw i j.Ani)
crniriifrri limy im r- r--, , .i.t w"
n It
y i " .ri.7h,i
or sinking of the cartn