The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, May 21, 1908, Image 7

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Tie oil l-lant of tlio Omaha Packing
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AJaiiril Kvan hns reached Washing-
Vtw republican delegates hnvo
li initrocted Tor inn.
....I.. nmv fit-nres In Hen-
.UOIUCI " .. .----,,' jlntnMt in nfliiirs.
Tie gorern-jm' conference plans to
n Oklahoma house has passed n lilll
jmvlug tbat the stato shall fix wngus.
Minnesota democrats havo declared
ftrMmoa, and refused Hryan nn sec-
.1 A.:..
lf(iM.fIIni? In thi) Piiilcavor to ro-
!wTbw from tho Now York nsylmn
fir tk criminal Insuno nro in progress.
It cue Hryan receives the demo-
ism ' - f
Frrcch ami Hinnlnh nolilinrH nmkinR
cp the illlrJ nt my in Morocco hnil nn
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lit national oonvontion of Hocialistw.
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U lor tjresiilential caiidulnte on tho
iht mint. Hmitnmtft imnrtirii. nr
X York, wa clioscn for vico prnsl-
A street car strike is impending In
Toaspah, Ker.. is raitidlr rccovorlnir
from tho at n rfirnnt (Ira.
Riros4 eomrmnr officials admit they
re hrrinif wheat farmers all tho Unf
it will Lear.
Tie IkomaniU of visitors who path-
m at Ban Francisco to see the fleet
Tin fffand dneliv nf 'fi'Vloiiliiir(.
.xsnmn rmi pkhii.. in i.n n.t nni.. .tnin
Ofrmanjr without a constitutional
Awardl have iust heen mndn fnr mm.
M'g the Imttleshi n ilnnL wllli nrn-
riioai for its journey across tho Iu-
After 11
Ilntain, nusiin, Krnncc and Italy
e decided to withdraw nnd turn the
Iernment over to (ireoce.
Doited witli ihn f.,iifr:,
gJM to the Rovernor's conference,
ia nppointod cx-Oovernor
uraee to represent tlm ytnt
Oenemi int.. .. . .
r.. . hb governor or. tne
,1, ' Vmht, Philippine! islnndH, dc-
i i 1 . ,.ffort t0 etWUh n judicial
lplH to that nrnviiwii n fnll
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The fniiiA -w. I. n . .
Sin ICf,ry """mons, has loft his
Vonezuolans 8how No Courtesy to
Mlnlstor Russoll.
WilloniHtmlt, Mny 12W. W. Itussoll.
tho Amoricnti Mlnlstor to Vonozuoln
sailed from horo today on tho stoamshlp
Onrncns for tho Unltod Htntes, whoro ho
will spond bis vacation of two months.
Tho Atnoricnn Mlnlstor nrrived horo
from Puerto Cnbollo, sallitiK from thnt
port yestordny nftornoon nftor n visit
to tho Unltod Btates gunboat Pnduach.
Ills dopnrttiro from Puerto Cnbollo wns
signalized by n saluto of 15 guns. That
thoro is tension in tho diplomatic rela
tions bolwoon tho United Btatos nnd
Vonozuoln was shown in tho fact that
nono of tho local officials was on hand
to bid Mr. ltiinsoll good byo.
Thomns I. Moffntt, tho Atnorlcan Con
sul at Ln Qualm, is still in thnt city
without moons of communication be
cause of tho plaguo, and it is foarod
without necessities of life.
It Is thought thnt the Unltod States
may sond a gunboat thoro for tho pur
poso of transferring tho consul, because
nt prosont thoro nro no Arnorican in
terests roquiring his prcsonco.
l'rosidont Castro's docroo shutting off
La Ounlra may bo prolonged indefinitely
or until a full wook passes without now
cases of plaguo appearing. Thoro is
gront distress among tho unemployed, of
which tho number Is largo. Merchants
In In Ounlra nro doing llttlo business,
nnd are no longer nblo to support the
poor. An nppeal 1ms boon mado to tho
chhmber of commerce in Cnracas for
help. A second relief train wns sent to
tho islnntod city yestorday with pro
visions, Tho donth list in growing, and
tho whole town scorns to bo infected.
for Trips
Hiuv Francisco,
sands who wished
Sell Bogus Tickets
to Warships.
May 12. Tho thou
to visit tho wnrshlph
tod ii y furnished ii rich harvest Hold for
a numbor of potty swindlers. Dogus
tickets wore sold without interference
from thh pollen by vendors who repre
sented no launch company whatovor.
Nono but invited guests were taken on
tho flngship. nlthnugh thousands bought
tickets which they thought would en
able them to honrd tho Connecticut, and
nmny of tho excursion steamers did not
land passengers on liny warship, but
merely cruised among them.
Ncmiuso his Indignant jmssengcrs de
manded tho return of thoir money when
lio failed to land them on the bnttbv
shin Vermont today, Captain Hcnr
Frisch, of tho excursion steamer 8t
Holen, drew a revolver and threatens!
to shoot John Habcock, the spokesman
of tho prot-stlnir excursionists. Police
Officer Chnrles Wedeking was on the
dock when tho troublo began, and hi.
lost no time in disarming the steamboat
Friday, May IG.
Washington, May in Tlio Aldrlch
currency bill wax substituted for tho
Vrueland bill In tlio somite today, nnd
the transfer took but little lodger than
wns required in tho calling of tho roll.
The cITeet is to throw both tho sonato
and house bills into conference. Tho
maiiagerH on tho part of tho sonato nro
Aldrlch, Allison, Halo, Daniel nnd Tol
ler. Tho dispatch with which this ngrco
moot was reached Is n striking exam
ple of what can bo dono in the closing
days of u session of congress. A meet
ing of tho sonato committco on finance
was held In tho forenoon, and a de
cision to nmond tho houso bill by sub
stituting the measure passed by tho
Kcnato several weeks ago was reached
without difllculty. Chairman Aldrlch
was authorized to make tho rctinrt.
,hich he did as soon, ns tho bill passed
ny ine House yestenlny lnul been "mes
sni'ed over."
Homo changes were mado In tho sen
ate hill by the committee, however, nnd
it was necessary to havo a new print
of it prepared before it could bo called
up for consideration.
WnsliiiiL'ton. Mnv lH Tho Vrenltmil
currency bill, ns amended by the sen '''ill authorizing the appropriation for
nto, wont to the houso nt .1:15 o'clock 'lrl addition to the regular military os
titis afternoon, and Immediately was tablishment of 50 captains to command
called up bv Hurton of Ohio, who moved j tho Philippine scouts also was passed,
to Hiispeiiil the rules, disiiLTco to tho I Tho bill amending the homestead laws
. ' . ' . i . L It . I f Ml-.
upon tho naval appropriation bill. Tho
insertion of a now provision relating
to IncronBO in pay for offlcors and men
of tho marlno corps and navy drow
forth a good don! of criticism of tho
conferees, who woro charged with hav
ing taken liberties nnd with having vio
lated tho trust repostcd In them by tho
houso, Tho conferees reached a com
plete agreement, and tho bill now goes
to tho prosidont.
Considernblo interest wns manifested
on tho floor in tho announcement that
tho currency bill would bo considered
and disposed of Thursday next.
Monday, May II.
Washington, Mny 11. The sonato to
day passod tho agricultural bill, carry
ing an appropriation aggregating $12,
142,140., For building ronds and mak
ing other pormanent improvements in
tho national forest, $1,000,000, instead
of $500,000, as provided by tho houso
of representatives, was appropriated,
giving one-half tho amount asked by tho
chief forester.
Washington, Mny 11. Tho house to
day took tho final congressional step by
which betting on horso races at Ben
niniis will hereafter bo prohibited. A
amendments and nnk a conference. In
the opinion of Williams, the minority
leader, the bill as amended by the sen
ate was inliiiitely worse than the Vreo
laud bill. Me urged his colleagues to
vote against the motion to disagree to
the senate amendments, saying that, if
the motion was lost, the bill would have
to go to the bunking committee. Tho
mot inn was carried by a vote of 150 to
Thursday, May 14.
Washington, May 14 The great
sundry civil appropriation bill, dirty
ing a total of about $120,000,000, was
passed by the senate today. An amend
ment bv (Inllinger, appropriating $6000
to enable the government of Alaska to
suppress the liquor traftic among tho na
tives wns adopted. This is the last of
the large supply bills, and its passage
places the senate squarely alongside
the hou"!' in the consideration of the
appropriation bills, nnd of tho entire 14
leaves only the general deficiency and
the military academy bills to be consid
ered by either house. A portion of the
sexsiun was devoted to consideration of
the bill suspending the penalty feature
of the commodity clause of the railroad
rate bill, but a vote wim not taken.
to as to permit tho entry of 1120 ncres
instead of 100 acres of non-irrigablo
public land in Western ntates was
Tho bill allowing the States of Idaho
and Wyoming 2,000,000 additional ncrcs
of land for reclamation was defeated.
The dry homestead bill was passed by
139 to 74. It applies to,
nonirrigablo, unreserved nnd nonappro
priated public lands in Colorado, Cali
fornia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Ore
gon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Ari
zona and New Mexico.
Wants to Outdo All the' Other I Cities
Whoro Fleet Has Stopped,
Tncomn, Wash., Mny 11. Tho local
fleet committco has mado arrangements
for tho roviow of the 15 battleships in
Tncoma harbor, May 27, and tho conse
quent festivities that will make their
stay of four days in this port tho most
momorablo in tho history of tho fleet's
cruiso thus far. Preparations nro being
mado for tho entertainment of thou
sands of pcoplo all over tho Northwest,
who havo mado known their intention
of attending tho Tacoma celebration.
This will conclude May 30 with a me
morial day parade, having in line thou
sands of marines and sailors from the
ships, membors of tho Grand Army of
tho Republic from every post in the
state, with tho uniform rank of tho fra
ternal bodies,
Thoro will bo no lack of entertain
ment for visitors, who will havo a fine
opportunity to view tho fleet from the
high bluffs on which tho city is built.
Mnsaod bands of the fleet, with numer
our musical organizations of Tacoma
and tho surrounding country, will play
military airs. Thcso, with tho Now
York Symphony Orchestra, lod by Dam
rosch, in a four-day engagement, will
givo Tncoma tho greatest assemblage
of musicians ever got together in any
city in Washington. In addition, there
will bo athletic contests, boat races
botweon tho crows of tho various battle
ships, a grand illumination parade of
tho harbor craft, nightly illumination
of tho warships and Japanese fireworks.
Whole Townjof VicI IsTorn to
Pieces and Scattered.
Basilar) Moros Lay Down 'Arms With
out Serious Trouble.
Mnnlln, May 12 The disarming of
tho Hnsllnn Moros is progressing with
out serious troublo. Tho Lanao dis
tricts are quiet. The troublo against
which the troops were recently operat
ing wns sporndic and neither general
nor serious.
Uninr-fii-nrrnl Woston. who has re
turned to Manila from an inspection of,.
the entire district, reports inni con
ditions are quieter than usual. He pro
nouncos the recent operations to havs
been police rather than military.
The government Is being urged to
secure a loan for tho purpose of Install-
l-.. ..l..,.l,l avntnm nt irrigation.
The M niw' 10,000.000 bills to conference
pisos of foreign rice tins year, mnninK
n total purchase, during the past ten
years, of 100,000.000 pesos worth. It
Is believed that Irrigation will restore
the crops,
Washington, Mny 14 The Vreeland
currency bill, ngree'd upon by the repub
lican caucus, was today put through the
house under n special rule by a vote of
1H4 to 145. Fifteen so-called insurgents
of the majority party voted with the
democrats, who went on record solidly
against the mensure.
Ah soon as the bill reaches the senate
Aldrirh will call a meeting of the com
mittee on finance to consider it.. It is
expected the committee will voto unani
mously to amend the house measure by
striking out all after the enacting
cltuifce and inserting the provisions of
the bill which was passed by the senate.
It is not doubted that the sennte will
the action of the committee.
The effect of this course would be t.i
send both the Vreeland and Aldrlch
re for him in his old ago.
"Wde trolley trial of Abo Ituef.
""term that bordered a cloudburst.
The ...
Wi, ,. no nr 1110 1'iiroau of
fllSon?1' ,,0(!" 11,1,1 nt
wWni!.pIVfla nro 1,c,!o'"iK moro nc
lent out T 0rc.C8 "f trool" "'o boing
out to check them,
Joaquin Mler Is Coming
Portland. May 12. One i of the plc
turosquo attractions of tho Portland
Hoho festival during the woek June
1-Ti, will be tho nppenranco here or
Joaquin Mlllor, tho "1'oot o tho
Sierras." Mlllor la a nntlvo of On
Kon, and when tho request nnd Inv -
.n mnj to him by the festi
val management to tnko part In tho
spectacular Htroot pageant Tlio
Spirit of tho Ooldcn WoBt," he rend
lly accepted, cgreclnK to appear In
Homo feature of the cava endo thnt
would be typlcnl of tho life, hal l s
and customs of the early dayo of tlio
Orogon plonoorH, In tho times in
which ho wan n conspicuous figure.
This pnrnde will symbolize tho ad
vancement of clvlllzntlon In tho
Northwest from tho earliest dna
down to the present time. Many
cities of Oregon will bo ropresented
i.v iw..ui!lfiil floats In the lino or
Children In Factorios.
Richmond, Va May 12.-D;aling
with the world-wide topic or cmi.iru...
n.nlr education, training nnd the evil
of driving them under tVT 1?
at the wheel when their frail limbs rtad
bodies aro too weak to stand tho terri
ble punishment nnd strain, mo '
of the Nntionnl Conference of Clmritios
nnd Corrections nt Rt. nu ' Cliu cli
tonight aroused tho public to tho Im
portance of ndequate laws to protect
hem from the evils of the factory
work. Professor W. H. Hnnd, of
University of Houtl., ,
out tho imporativo uomanu iu. v....,....
sory education, .
li.. ,7,rou.u m Mer
Cm .n,.,!,i:1 conslilorablo property
u ieu ono woman.
i!.t,L0!,I!, Indu'trlal Traffic League
1 me Interstate commorco
prevont nn Increase in.
urcor nnd llonry conn.
,t rates.
Tk i...,
i."" "nil
"Plan i1l,",01nf ,or,l" ,s "
W- I. 0 tttr Atnoricnn lions thnt
tlEwlU T.rlt'd t0 of
e0beCK.rom U, lttlosl,ip
! r!6us roVuita, BO,lluoa' w,t" 111
U1S i thi ! U8 onl,tlriK other
ft4 til r Z.Tn?.ral cn'ronco lias
1,1,1 Cln? 8lJontlul candidates bo
Long Walk for $2,000.
Vnnnas Cltv. May 12,-Across tho
.. .1 ! nt.rlil ttiniltllS fOr
nnni nnnt nn nncii in nu"- -
I'WIII" ...... ,
.. of $2,000 Is tho task chosen i Mover, an I in inn or inn nim.
tribe. Mover is in Kansas Cly M
return tr p to Hnn rrnnciscii.
there October 20, 1007, and arrived in
Now York on January S3, 1008. Ho has
until Juno 20 to comploto his trip bnck
to Ban Franolsco. Ifo expects to reach
Ban Frnnclsco two or throo wooks nhoaU
of tlmo.
nwinir iw tho Hundred, M
Kiev, Russia, May IBA
opldomlo of oxanthomntous typhoid is
rnglng In tho eity prison. More thnn
nnv: i" ii. n nr i,nvn oeenrrod, nnd
BUU nullum iu
practically all of !tha '
x Wednesday, May 13.
Washington, May 13 Further con
sideration of the Brownsville affair was
todav postponed by the senate until
December 10 next. This decision was
reached after an extended exchange of
views among senators. Forakcr, after
urging the appointment of an early
day for voting on his bill, moved that
it be taken up next Deccmper. Aurr
a motion bv Culberson of Texas, to vote
on the bill' next Saturday, was laid cn
the table, Foruker's motion was adopted
by a vote of 02 to 0,
Foraker gave out n statement saying
that, while he could not have passed
the bill now, he thinks he hns insured
its passage by the postponement.
it... i. !....!.. M.,. VI Oiin.luilf nf
linmuHiu", .",' -
the five hour session of the houso today
was spent in roll calls on the various
propositions presented. When the day's
work hud been concluded, the agricul
tural and poHtofhce appropriation puis
hud been sent to conference, and tho
following bills passed:
Permitting owners oi jiaieius in cases
where tho government lias appropriates
inventions to apply to tlio court oi
claims for relief; authorizing the entry
of tea sweepings when intended to be
used in the manufacture of calTolne, and
an omnibus bridgo bill.
Tuesday, May 12.
Washington, May 12. The senate to
ny passed the postoltico appropriation
bill, enrrving amount aggregiuuiK
$220,072,307. As passed tho lull al
lows $1 n day expenses ior u
postal clerks wlien nwny irom iuh.u
nals. which will incur a total oxpenso
of about $1,000,000.
Amendments adopted iy mo
prnvido for weighing the mails nnnu
ally instead of every four years, and
add the Oalllnger provision concerning
the Improvement or tne man servu-u .
tho Philippines, Chinn, .Tnpiin, Australia
and South Aniorlciui ports.
Washington, May 11. At a confer
ence today between tho leaders of the
houso and senate it was practically
agreed that congress shall adjourn Fri
day, May 22.
Saturday, May 9.
Washington, May 9 Tho debate on
tlio main features of tho agriculturaJ
appropriation bill was practically con
cluded by the senate today. Smoot of
Utah spoko at length in advocacy of the
forest reserve service. Lodge and
Ncwlands supported the poli of the
Clark of Wyoming reviewed at length
what he said ho regarded as the weak
ness of tho forestry service. He de
clared that its opponents woro not in
different to the preservation of the tim
ber lands, but objected to tho methods
practiced by the Uureau of Forestry
under its present administration.
In addition to tho attention given the
agricultural bill, the senate voted te
send to the committee on judiciary tho
resolution introduced by Burkott of
Nebraska declaring tomorrow to be
"Mothers' Day," and suggesting that
senators and employes of the senate
wear a white flower in honor cf that
Washington, May 9. Although on
several occasions it had difficulty in
maintaining a quorum, the house trans
acted considerable business today. A
number of measures were passed, in
cluding a child-labor law for tho Dis
trict of Columbia, intended ns a substi
tute for tho senate bill, permitting ap
peals in naturalization cases from the
District to the Circuit Court of Appeals,
and repealing tho act of the legislature
of New Mexico of 1903 regarding civil
procedure in personal injury cases.
The houso adjourned until 2 o'clock
tomorrow, when eulogies will be de
livered upon the lifo nnd character of
the late Representative Adolph Meyer",
of Louisiana. In view of tho circum
stances of tho adjournment, Williams
did not insist upon tho usual roll-call.
Under a statuto passed by the last
assembly, Louis Forris. who dynamited
the train at Rutte, will bo
death if convicted.
Practically every property owner af
fected by tho recent fire in Atlnnta,
(la., has announced that modern struc
tures will be built.
Congress Leaders Prepare to Rush
Through Business.
Washington, May 11. Strong efforts
will bo made to have congress adjourn
not later than two weeks from today.
Representative Tawncy announces that
tho committco on appropriations, of
which he is chairman, began work on
tho general deficiency bill today, and
ho will try to report it by next Tues
day. This is tho last of the big supply
bills, and it will probably go through
the house ritbout much discussion.
Tho public buildings bill will bo re
ported by tho committee on buildings
nnd grounds as soon as Chairman Bar
tholdt is sure of a right of way for it.
It is conceded that this measure will bo
rushed through tho house.
A leader in the senate, who is an im
portant member of tho finance commit
tee, is quoted as saying yesterday that I r
ij uuiiut mm tuui 1.(13 nuutu UJ
adjourn on May 23. The only legisla
Huge Hailstones Destroy Crops and
Injure Livestock Devastation
In Farming Districts.
"Woodward, Okla., May 12. At least
eight persons were killed and scores of
others injured in tho several tornadoes
in Northwestern Oklahoma yesterday
Thero was a succession of tornadoes
between 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock P. M.
They appeared first in -tho western part
of tho devastated district and moved
toward the east. The most serious re
sults were in the vicinity of Arnett,
where fully 30 persons aro fceliovod to
havo broken limbs. Nearly all of thcso
victims are residents of the farming dis
tricts. The only town known to have 1een
destroyed is Vici, a postoffice town in
tho southern part of Woodward crfunty,
where it is said there is not a house left
standing. Postmaster E. A. Speck has
asked that a postoffice inspector report
on his office, which was demolished and
the contents scattered in all directions.
Tho report of four deaths at Arnott
includes tho two at Little Robe, and is
confirmed by the news that four caskets
have been sent overland from Gage to
Arnett, Gage being the nearest railroad
Reports from the neighborhood of
Vici state that tho heavy hail that ac
companied the storm did ranch damago
to property, crops and cattle. Hail
stones measuring 15 inches in circum
ference aro said to have fallen.
Commission Favors Produce Business
of Express Companies.
Washington, May 12. An important
report was transmitted to the senate by
the Interstate Commerce commission on
tho results of inquiry made by the com
mission as to whether the express com
panies of the country were engaged in
tho business of buying, selling or hand-
1 . i V 1
he believed congress would be able to J,nK consignments oi xrn, veKaui
tion which ho thoueht nrobablo. outsido . commerce
r.t i.c;. i,:n o Trie commission
labor bill for the District and possibly
a campaign publicity bill, and an emer
gency currency bill.
Governors Confer With 'President on
Conservation of Resources.
Washington, May 11. History will
bo mado at this week's White Houso
iconfcrcnco on natural resources. For
I history-making conditions are remark
ably favorable. Never before has a
President of the United States con-
finds that for the
handling of perishable commodities tho
express companies have established or
der and commission departments. The
agents of the companies undertake to
find a market for producers and to han
dle the products offered. The products
are marketed and the proceeds, less the
express charges, are turned over to the
The commission reports thnt express
companies do not buy or sell commodi
ties transported by them to their own
account. Agents of the companies who
have done so have been prohibited from
continuing it by the companies.
Accordingly it recommends that all
express companies and their agents be
prohibited from buying or selling on
i thoir own account commodities trans-
! state business through order and com
mission departments, subject to the pro
hibitions of law against unjust discrimi
nation. O. R. &. N. TO FIGHT.
Amend Naturalization Act.
Washington, Mny 12, A bill amend
ing the naturalization act was ordered
favorably reported today by tho house
committee on immigration. The bill
increases tho fee which clerks of courts
may charge for the issuing of naturali
zation papers from $5 to $8, nnd allows
either the applicant for admission to
citizenship or tho United States to take
an appeal within 00 days from the date
of tho entry of tho final order, on ques
tions of law only, to tho United Stntos
Circuit Court of Appeals
ferred with all tho governors of the
states. Never before has tho White p0rtcd by express, but that express corn
House, with its long record of social panies be permitted to continue their
land stato functions sheltered a large present methods or conaticung mier
convention called for tho consideration
of a great public Issue. And never be
fore hns tho wholo broad question of
I tho conservation of this country's nat
ural resources been brought before a
great deliberate body as the solo sub
ject of its consideration.
The reception accorded to this project
indicates that the people of the country
expect definite results of a farreaching
character. After hearing from experts
tho conditions the country is facing, the
members of the conference will them
solves decido whether anything ought
to bo done, and what. Some have sug
gested tho advisability of forming a
great national organization to carry
forward tho plans originated in the
conference. Tho probability ns that, at
tho least, some basis will bo laid for
future co-operation between the fed
eral and stnte governments in a vigor
ous policy of conservation, for one of
tho things which will bo shown most
forcibly nt tho conference is that
neither the states nor the federal gov
ernment enn make satisfactory headway
Starts Suit Against Lowering of Rates
on Freight.
Portland. May 12 Suit was filed in
the United States court yesterday by
the O. R. & '. Co. to enjoin the Oregon
railroad commission from enforcing its
order of April 22, directing a reduction
by tho railroad company of 15 per cent
in its distributive rates in Oregon, be
tween Portland, nnd points east of Tho
Dalles. In support of its applpication
for a temporary injunction the railroad
company alleges that the proposed ac
tion of the commission is in violation
of federal and state constitutions, con
flicts with interstate commerce, and
necessarily would involve a complete
revision of nil interstate rates. By tho
order of the railroad commission the
reduced tariffs were to go into effeet
Anxious To See Admira .
Reno, Nov., Mny 12 Rather than
miss tho opportunity of giving his old
friend, "Fighting Bob" Evans, a
lienrtv handshake, and recallinc tho
Southern Pacific ferry depot just bo- (lavs wnPn tncv fou(:ht in bnttlo to
Crowd Bids Evans Farewell.
Oakland, Mny 11. Rear -Admiral
Evans was givon nn enthusiastic greet- j
ing bv a crowd which gathered nt the
it- l. I.. ..In.i
bate lasting practically the entire atj
in, the house today, by a of 130
in "4 nirrocu to mo oui'iuwv
Wants Roosevelt to Stop Knocks.
Washington, May 13 Insisting that
tho president "lot up" on tho railroads
and that no opposition bo mado to tho
proposed Increase In rates, represent
tlvoB of the "Prosperity league ' called
Mnv 12 After a do-
Will Let Dry Farm Bills Pass.
Wiishiimton. May 12 Speaker Can
non lias givon reasonable nssdranco thnt
ho will grant time during tho coming
woek for consideration in tho houso of
ii- nOA .1 win liooi not an ii lit 11 I
rOnCll ll"Hl"K I1' "u film, . ...... v...
foro he entered his privnto car attached gether, Martin Gilbert walked 50 miles
i. n..nrin.i imin rn Hie, trin ' over Novnitu lulls to soo tne oiu sea
Gilbert stood in tho crowd of
m.n. tim turpi- nnnr. run nmmmi . niimm.
stood on tho deck watching the fleet so ! 2.000 people jvho gathered at the dopot
long ns it was' in sight. When naked
for a statement, ho said: "There is
il,. l, 111 In- Ttniirnsniitiitivo
(lllll IMU ..... ... . .......... - .
Tontine- Tdnho nn additional 2.000.000 there,
i.Vwi,., n,n Pnrnv not. Tf is be. I " lies my
ni l r? n n . -
Hoved both will pass if they come to n
nnd ho pointed
first nnd last
1 .. AI. 4l..rtl
IU lliu jii-ui.
flagship, tho
One Bid for Eugene Building.
Washington, May 12 Tho Trcnsury
Department rocoivod but ono bid for
the erection of a public building nt Eu
gene, thnt from George C. Mnnror, of
Shlom, for $45,000. No decision hns
yet been reachod.
. Afll.lnnt tit id Tiinrniiiu.
though tho commlttoo doeliirod that It
limns" . iflMnl iiinr.
represented tne muni. i; ,
5 of both F.nst nnd West, it is bo
Kd horo that tho railroads nfluoncod
practically ail or tno iniu." --. n ovomont to croato sentiment in
oil. The authorities are withholding de-1 tJJ'0 rut0B.
Affected by American Panic.
Washington, Mny 14 Roportlng to
tho stato dopnrtmont from Amstordnm,
Consul Honry H. Morgan says that pos
slblv no country of Europe had boon
rolntlvoly nffocted so dlsadvantagoously
by tho rocent finnnclal crisis in tho
United States ns The Nothorlnnds,
larcolv on account of tho total suspen
sion of tho diamond trndo. Whorons
tho exports of tho sparklers in 1000
nmnuntod to $11,033,352, in 1007 they
foil off to only $7,452,004.
Yorktowh and Connecticut."
Representative Men Gather.
Washington, May 11. Representative
business mon from vnrious sections of
tho country nro arriving to attend the
congress next week of tho Nntionnl
Draining Association. The object of
this congress is to improve and indorso
fedornl holp to drainago as a national
policy, but not to recommond nor at
tompt to dlctato vhnt legislation shall
bo passed by congross. William Jen
nings Brynn nnd Sonntor Nowlnnd (Ne
vada) will mnko nddrcsses.
JGrover Cleveland Improving.
Lakowood, N. J May 11 That for
mor Presldont Grovor Clovoland Is im
proving, nnd that his condition today
is "moro encouraging than It has besn
for tho last fow davs, is- tho gist of a
when tho train reached Reno Sundny
morning. Evans raised tho blind of his
ear nnd saw him. "Hollo, thoro, Gil
bert! " shouted the former commander
of tho Atlantic lleot. "Come in here.
nnd shnkol"
Thomas Not Seriously III.
Snn Francisco, May 12. Roar Ad
miral Thomns, tho now commander of
tho Atlantic fleet, who was reportod to
be so ill Sunday that ho had to take to
his bed in tho Fairmount hotel, was up
and around enrly today, nnd loft for
his flngship nt about 0 o'clock thin
morning. Tho admiral admitted that
ho felt a little worn out nnd weary Sun
dny, but declared thoro was no grounds
for tho report thnt ho was quite ill and
could not see visitors.
Memorial Day in South.
Ralolgh, N. 0 May 32 Yesterday
was gonernlly observed throughout
North nnd South Carolina as Confeder
ate Memorial day. Tho chief cere
monies wero at Raleigh, Wilmington,
statomont Issued by Mrs. Clovoland , Charleston, Cuarlotto, Ashoville and Lo
from tho hotel at Lakowood, lumbia.