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    The Madras Pioneer
NO. 12
Farmers' and Mechanics'
Tools and Implements
We carry the famous "ZENITH"
line of the MarshaIIWells Company
Two Veins of Water Struck in
Plnkerton Well on Big Plain
Drilling Continued to Incroaso Flow
For Plqntlful and Permanent
Supply of Good Water
N. 1L Pinkerton, who is haying.a woll
drilled at his ranch on Agency Plains,
Htruck water at tho surpriitily small
depth of 09 fect, last week. There arc
two small veins of the water, both
flowing a Htte less than 350 gallons in
21 hours. A teat of the strength of the
flow was iijale last Tuesday and it was
found that tho water came in at the
rate of about 14 gallons ior hour, which
Mr. Pinkeilon considers too small an
umotint of water to make a satisfactory
well, and- ho ho ordered tho drilling
resumed yesterday morn'mg. lie ex
peels to go deep enough to get a good
permanent How of water for all ranch
When drilling on this well was begun
all purp'WH. drilling will be continued
until aHiifllcient supply isstruck.
The well drilled by W. A. Magill dur
ing the past hummer demonstrated the
falsity of the old theory tliat it would he
neceHHary to sink tot the level of the
DewhuU. a thousand feet below tho
lovel of Agency Plains, to secure an
abundant supply of water, and the
experience hi tho Pinkertou well still
further disproves the theory. The
remdt will be that tho daye of water
hauling to Agency PlainB will soon bo a
thing of th) past, for a numbor of
ranchers in that district arc already
planning to drill wells in the near future.
Engineering Corps Recalled
From Work in Cascades
Much Grain Being Hauled to Shaniko
Bqt Nono Is Being Sold
Mon Wero Working Under Hurry-up
Orders But Are Suddenly Told
To Abandon Territory
mt i - f t i .
Aiiuusanua vi uusaciH oi gram are
being hauled to Shaniko, but very little
money is coming back at the present
time, fJio financial panic which has
paralyzed business throughout the
country is being felt even in remote
districts like this, and althouL'h the
panic promises to be short-lived, it
works many hardships while it lasts.
hvon with his wheat at the warehouse
in Shaniko, the farmer of tills section if
Harold J. Rokcrfj, who hail chargQ.
oftheeurvey for the extension of the.
Corvallis & Eastern east from Detroit
was In town last Monday evening
with Mrs. Robertq on his. way to Port
land. Mr. Roberts fjtatcd whllo hero
that work on the survey for the exten
sion of the C. & E. had been suspended,
the entire corns of Harnraan emrl-
ncers in Central Oregon having been
recalled, When tho order recall! tic
them was received Mr. Robert and
his party were running a second sur
vey from Detroit to Sisters and had
covered about half tho distance be-
unable to convert it into cash, the bct tween those points, down the cist elda
iie can gci oemg a warenouee receipt tor of the mountains. The first survey,
Ilia (rrain 'n ti'linaf ia lmirwr lmt.rrl.f i4 I f .11... . nrt ...
nnaniKo, uccause i-oruanu is not During maximum grade of about 2 per cent,
and there is no money with which to whita thniw.nnri nnrvv ?. i.t,. ......
t II,. . T ...I " J M
i..in4iu iMivi ujj, wiuu Loimiiiwi!' on a wimtiensfifiiifr nf nnf
)' It 0 ! It i 1: T O It
e n i unit etc i.iuow nriiL-K. .Meniciiifi, cnomicHU, iiouiiuiinKi koiikxiic.
r i mi't I'liotti Snpillt. Country .Mull Oriltirn I kIvo my )roiiiil
A ' r vliutK- in clmrk'O. Kttfe 6llrury ennrnnluml. Your raur1tlou
t! Mr i uiiliit' nmt Titat lltMtroyem. Htorlc I'omU nml Pip of nil kituu.
lir hn-li..ftll Ki..ok. Il.itli ThmiM. WHOI.KSJAbB AND ItHTAlk
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Furnishing Goods
it was under a contract to get water or arc normal again, all of this grain which exceed 1.4 per cent, which gave them
no pay. It was expected that the well is being stored will be converted into an easy pass down the east slope of the
tw I'uv iwu jit i-nu UilSll. IJUL lillLJl LIIilL Lllllti IirriVf'H 1 1 1 1 H I m nnntnlno .a 1. I . r it.. i
iiviKiiiiuriifxioitwiuuL, nnu uie con- section is experiencing a genuine spell Hion of the Corvallis & Eastern Mr
wtub ii mud t- vs mwi, iiuuu-M u, 01 mini nines aions wun ine rest or me liohpr( ovnrpQacrl fiiflnnnntnmnMf
M . 1 . - r ... , . l I ' v ' uiuiwviukUir;uL
in iliitilli T t in Aluitill .I I f I 1 nf'it. 1 !
w.v ui eouiury. 1111 a wnc iony-uve mile over thi rnnn nf Mm irrKim
11". 1 . . I , . . " I IU1UH OUt "
wy ui iu uiuiuiuuiiu, uie ucHw iuu iar- veyofs iro in that territory. At the
wuwrr muh pwunii at uuujiiii ui -i.u icci, mors 01 III18 fiCCtlOIl WCre getUllg helore same time that hi nnrf v VflQ n,MnInW
t I Z J .HW . .11..,
tlif rmtiif triHL' in Mm I t.-
4 .. VIlt aurvey uowu iue east slope. aiH
noou 01 w cents net, hut that was in htliRr nartvwm. imrTOin tu
expected that it would bo necessary to cash, and they wore well off compared through on the other end, and an eav
Bu.iuuvtuuuq., pvun prcseni conditions, rmss nnrn Mi PJOon.iD
I 1 .1 .1 !, . I . . . ' '"""".g
ir, ruiKerion ami uie uruicrs who There seems to be no ueneral fear
and as the Pinkertou ranch j'h a little
lower than the Magill ranch, it was not
mapped out.
small vein was encountered at a depth
of only f9 feet, and three fect lower a
second vein was struck. On the morn
ing after tho water was struck it had
raieed in the well about thirtv fect, but
drilling was continued until a depth of
71 feet was reached, when the test of the
strength of tho How was made, showing
it to be about 14 gallons per hour. And
as this is not considered suflleient for
was beinjj
It was confidently ex-
ine not later
as the loca
tion work was being pushed as rapidly
as possible. Taken III rnnnpntlnn
with the renorted susnoimlnn nf vi-nrt-
tions again. With every industry m nii nr n, tt-,!. -4..t ...
w I " UltlllUiail t-All'IIIIMIM 'III
have the contract for sinking tho well throughout the country that the present pected by them that
were very, much surprised at striking stringency of finances will be of long would be started on the li
water at so small a depth. The first duration. The large financial interests than the conilnu Snriuir
of Portland predict that in a few days
the worst will be oyer and that business
will then begin to'assume normal condi-
the West in a prosperous condition,
there seems no occasion for a panic on
tho Pacific Coast.
ES town
B near
construes the recall of bin nartv tn
mean the abandoumeiit of the C. k E,
extension for the present and he at.
tributes It to the preseut state of tha
mouey market. Concerning the pos
sibility of the early resumption ot tho
work he knew nothing, his orders
being merely to suspend work on tho
survey and report to the head ofllce iq
ike a Whirlwind
Lena Lamb Adams Assigns
D. F. Stewart of Prlnevlllo
Closing Out Sale
THE PUBLIC: Wc take this occasion to thank 'ou for your generous patronage and support during the past two
k years of enjoyable, prosperous and ever-increasing trade. -JtSSrIt is therefore with many feelings of regret that we
, and now announce tnat owing to outer uusiness interests presenting opportunities or greater promise, we nave aecicica to
se of our business here at the earliest possible date. 1 hcrelore,
finning Monday, November II, we will Inaugurate a wonderfully stirring and collossal
sing out sale that will be felt in every part of this country, reducing as by magic our superb
?mbly of splendid merchandise
jiing will be spared to make this the greatest event of the kind ever known in Eastern Oregon. 3cNeither time nor
t n i . i . t .1 ill ? t li i ?. .1 . . .i i i i r . t i i
is allowed to maKc mention oi ine mnumcraoie uargams oi unexecuca mcni mat await ine nunareas or caretui ouyers in
department of our mammoth store.
rgoods, Ladies' Furnishings, Footwear of all kinds, Men's Clothing and Furnish
ings, Hats, Groceries, Hardware, Machinery and Vehicles
never been sold at greater advantage to the public than will be during this sale. . Let every man, woman and child
fire at once to take advantage of this momentous event. JtTf Remember, this sale begins .Monday, November II
George Rodmmi and fmnily were in
last Monday from their home
Culver. Mr. Rodman raised
aboutCOOO bushels of grain on bisplace
this year and he bus already marketed
about half of it at Prlnevilla, his oats
bringing him 50 cents and the wheat
GO cents per bushel. lie ia lookiui;
forward to a good orop next year, also,
as tbih year he lias been mimiuer-fal
lowing u good portion of his laud,
wnicn tuose farmers wno are mantm: .Mrs. Jjena M. Adams of this place
a success of tho business In this couu- last week made an assignment of her
try arellntllng to he the most success- stock of merchandise and other pron-
mi way oi arming, un one nunureu erty connected with the mercantile
and fifty acres of summer-fallow Mr. business conducted at this place by her
ttotiman sowed White winter wheat as Lua M, Lamb, to D. F. Stowart of
on .September 15, and so near the sur- Priueville, who took charce of tha
face was the moiMure on his carefully business last Sunday. Mr. Stewart
tended summer-fallow that within and hisson have both been heredurinir
. i i i . . i ..... i .. . . .
eigm uaya mo grain nan sprouieu. 11 tlie .vreK, taking inveutory of tho
is now up about four liichen and otock of merchandise and nhciL-inn. mm
legluuing to stool out. Mr. Hodman matters in couneutiou with the a-ssiim-
iN one oi ine mosi successiui nirniers ment. Mr. Stewart, who u tii ir,r.
in this em) of tho county, and he has
ai'cumulAted about a thousand acres
of good farming laud through his own
est cretlitor of Mrs,
Monday that the
Fituuy, tho daughter of Mr. aud Mrs.
U. E. Bauta, died at the home of her
parents south of this place, on Satur
day November 2, at the age of seven
teen years. The cause of her death
was typhoid fever and complications,
from whloh she had been ill for six
weeks. Interment took place at the
Hale Cemetery on Sunday, November
3. Deceased was woll known in Mad
ras, where she had many friends who
will sincerely mourn her loss, ami
who deeply Hjmpathlzu with tho
bereaved family.
QfiAr'iil MpfHrm Our line of heating stoves Is complete
Mail orders carefully filled
Lund ofllce officials In The Dulles
are preparing for the transaction of n
urout volume of business Monday
morning when n portion of tho na
tional forest rcsorve- near Fremont In
tho Ik'iul country la thrown open for
settlement, It Is understood that thore
will bo soveral applications for each
quarter section, und to avoid compli
cations tho official have decided to
use the numbor system which they
tried so successfully in August when a
like opening was made, Chronicle.
Luub, staled on
assignment was a
general one, for the benefit of nil the
creditors, who would share with him
pro rata in the proueeds of the assignment.
The assignment made by Mrs.
Adams is due to an indebtedness in-
ourred by her last Fall, when she pur
chased a large amount of wheat in
this section for Mr. Stowart, who In
encaged In the (louring miU business
at Priueville, the indebtedness to Mr.
Stewart arising out of that transaction.
Mr. Stewart claims an indebtedness of
about $3000.
The Inventory lias not yet progressed
far euough to tell juat what shape the
creditors will be in, nor can it bo
ascertained with ar.y accuracy what
amount of Indebtedness there Ih
against, tho business, hut It Is gener
ally believed that tho creditor will
save a fair proportion of their olalniH.
Mrs. L imb lias been engaged In the
mercantile business in Madras for four
or llvo years, Her creditois are princi
pally among tno wholesale- inerehantfj
of Portland, although Mr. Stownrt Is
the largest Individual creditor.
Miles D. Foxj ono of the llrst settlors
on Ageuoy Plains, made proof before
Commissioner Odboru yesterday. Hd
and his father, O, Q, Fox, llletl ujioil
their homesteads at about the same
time, their application heluj dd
March 8, 11)02,