The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, October 31, 1907, Image 4

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7he Madras Pioneer
I'libYlsYcd every Thursday by
One year $hG0
'Six months 83
Three nionths ' 'B0
Entered ns second class matter August
21), 1901. at the Postofllco at Madras, Ore-,
iinder the Act'df Congress of March 3, lSif.
Oct. 31, 1907
Harriman interests in .Oregon.
The purpose of the present trip
of Harriman olllcinls into Uen
trnl Orecron could not bo
J ' r
learned, although it may be
surmised that it has to do with
the threatened invasion of this
territory by other interests.
The unwonted activity of the
Harriman (fllictals and survey
ors in Central Oregon ungues
tionablv means one of two
thinsrs either Harriman is
s$oing to build his long prom
ised road at once, or he has a
bad case of fright over the
thieatened invasion, of his
sacred precincts and is making
Since the failure of the trac-
tinn frpirrliHnnr outfit to make
good, the farmers of this section ilt desperate eilbrt to drive
are feeling more keenlv than : ' e cork in tighter, to hold the
ever the lack of adequate trans- country he has so long bottled
portation facilities with which I "P- This is Mr. Cotton's second
to get their grain to market. fP ito O nt ml Oregon during
r, . . , . , . f the present Summer, and al-
The traction road train project lholgU he hM ml n conii.
was tho direct Outgrowth oi n auiitea in this section, it is gen
try ins; need for some cheaper orally known that neither trip
and quicker method ot market- was undertaken as a pleasure
ing this season's large crop than Jaul
was anoraect oy uie orainun
yim'ljcr Land, Act Juno. n, IMS
Notice for Publication
UxtTKD Status Land Ohmci:
The Dalles, Oregon, September 0, 1007
X'ntii.i. ia Itnridiv ulvOll tllllt 111 COUlpli
unco with the provisions qf tho act of
t. .....' ICTU iii.llllivl "All
(. iiiiKruas ui imhiv i iwm, ....
net for the pale of timber Jawls in the
Riiiten of California. Oregon, Nevada,
iiikI WiihIiiiil'Ioii Territory." uh extend
cd to all the public land states by act of
August 4, I89-,
William li. Cnntrol .
of Sisters, county of Crook, state of Or
egon, has on February 0, 19,07, filed in
this offlco his sworn statement, iSohjkjo,
for the purohnpo of the nji, swlsei of
sec 0 nod nwjne-j of sec 7, tpl2s, r 11
w 111 1
And will offer proof to show that tho
laitil sought is more, valuable for its
timber or stone than for uei ieultural
purposes, and to establish his elaim to
saul land tieioro ine uauniy vier m
Prineville, Oregon, on the u day ot De-
eember, 1SW7.
lie names as wilnepscs: waiter 5
Knllerton. lnes Fitllertoti. J.rtwhl
tirnhaui, Clara Al Graham, all of Sis
ters, Oregon.
Anv and all persons claiming adverse
ly the tibovo-deseribed lands are re
quested to file their claims in.this office
day 6
C. W.Moouu,
on or before said 11th da;
6f December,
freight team method, and had it
succeeded, it would have in a
manner alleviated the condi
tions that exist. Its complete
failure has thrown the farmers
of the district back upon their
pwn resources in getting their
grain to market, and this is a
.slow and tedious process for all
. of them, while many are not
prepared at all to freight their I . . . ... ,
i f A , . . m (fourteen months will be
jgrnin 10 uie inaiivei ut ouaumu.
Conditions during the present
year strongly emphasize the
jenornious handicap uudei
which the development of this
.section is proceeding. With
wheat selling around ninety
ent3 in the Portland market,
fhe wheatgrowers of this sec
lion are not able to net them
selyes more than fifty cents per
bushel for their grain, owing to
.the lack of rail transportation
facilities. With a bumper crop
jind prices high, ideal conditions
for the farmer ordinarily, this
.section loses all the benefits j
because JIarriman won't and j
nobody else siiAidi build a rail
road into this territory,
Officials of the local laud
office at The Dalles have been
notified by the General Land
Office of a new ruling by tha
department, affecting the com
mutation clause of the home
stead law. We have not a copy
of the circular at hand, but the
jgistfot the new ruling is that
hereafter an actual residence of
quired in all commutations upon
homestead entries, the ruling
i being eli'ective on aud after
Kovember 1. Heretofore home
stead en try men have been per
muted to make commutation
.upon their entries at the end of
ihe first fourteen months after
tiling, this fourteen months
including six months of con
structive residence allowed by
the department in which to es
tablish residence upon the land,
and art actual residence of only
eight months following that
period. But herea'ter, all en
trymen will be required to show
an actual residence of fourteen
months immediately rjrecedinir
ing the present year, with
wheat crop of more than a mil
lion bushels, the Madras
.country alone is paying a direct
.tribute of a quarter of a million
.dollars to this
manger policy by reason of the
.excessive cost of getting its
grain to market. Indirectly it
is paying more than that, for
With proper transportation
facilities the section would be
producing from three to five
Dur- prool,- Delore the casli eutiy
will be allowed. Ihe ruling is
a good one,' and will correct
abuses of the commutation
clause of the homestead law.
million bushels of grain, in
tead of the million bushels it
produced this year.
Years like this bring home to
us the tremendously adverse
conditions under which the
development of this section
proceeds, but the' have an
other effect, too, which bright
ens the prospect for the future.
Big crops demonstrate the
country's worth, and the im
mense amount of tonnage in
sight is waking up Capital to
the possibilities of Central Ore
gon as a iield for profitable
jailroad investment. The Har
riman blockade, so long effect
ive in keeping other interests
out, is threatened from two
fiides, the Oregon Trunk Line
from the north and the Mt.
.Hood road across the moun
tains having projected their
Jines into this territory, and the
immediate future holds bright
promise of a solution of the
troubl es ome transportation
There have been numerous
0O..jn.tjle. ! reports, regarding the traction
freighting project, one persistent
rumor bein
another attempt would be made
at an earl' date to operate the
road train successfully between
this place and Shaniko. So far
as can be learned from the pro
moters of the enterprise, how
ever, there is nothing to justify
the hope that another trial will
be made to operate it this sea
son. The successful operation
of the engine over the roads,
without a great deal of work
being done on jhem, was dem
onstrated to be impracticable
by the trial trip made out from
Shaniko, and the traction com
pany has abandoned the pro
ject for this season. Whether
or not the manufacturers of the
traction outfit will take the
matter up and attempt 10 dem
ontUrate the feasibility of the
project Has not 'et been
Timber Laud, Act .lune 8, 1S7S.
Notice for Publication.
Vnited State hand Offlre,
The Dalles, Oregon, Sept 0, MW7. '
Notice is hereby given that, in 00m
pHanee with the provisions of tin- act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, untitle! "-u
act for the pale of timber limdh in the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada.
ami rt oanmaton Territory, as externa!
to all the Public Land States By wet ot
August 4,
Edwin C. Coon,
of Bnd. sountv of Crook, state of Ore
gon, has on February U0, lf)07, tiled in
thin oflire his sworn statement K 3840:
tor the -ynrcluve of tho trSuw)
yeinrind nwjswj sec 27, tp 12 t, r 11
e, w hi,
And will offer proof to show .that the
land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establich bin claim to
said land before 11. V. WHS, V. is. l m
missioner, at hi office in Bund, Orcguo
on the nth day ot December. IHOi.
lie names as witnesses; J 1 lust on
Bean, IClmer ICiswonuer.- Charles'
l'.rown.'Cliarlee L Brock and Charles M
Weymouth, all of Bend, Oregon.
Anv and all persons claiming art-
verteiy the atmve-uescrlbeu lands are
reooeHtod to file their claims in this
office on or lefore said 14th' day of
December. 1W7.
o3-do C. W. MOOJJK, Het.ter,
v m 1 v 'f w kj i.h a
A Good PlaceJoJade
Antelope, Oregon
Now offers you a splendid as
sortment of General Merchan
dise at prices that will make you
happy, cause you to call again,
and induce your neighbors to
come with you to
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior
i,and OlJIce at The Dalles, Oregon,
September rl, ls07.
Notice i hereby civen that
Harry O Duchlen, of TIacrei k. Orearnn.
tins fded notice of his. intention to make
final five-vear moot hi suuuort of his
Cfaiut. viz:
Homestead Entry o IOto madfl Anrll
iwi, roriue n;s-, neiw anil tw
ne4 01 se; 33, ip 1 1 , r 10 e, W ill,
vlnd that Mii proof will b: iiiitde before
the County Clerk at l'rhie ie, Oreaou.
OH iOV. Jl. iwi.
7e names the following witnesses, to
prove his continuous rasldence uiwii, and
iiitivatioii or, the land, viz:
Kati.h MiMjie. Seth Moore. Wil.'iaui II
inevard. all of Ita creek. On-uon: Alri,
Alien, or rrinuvuie, uregon.
0IO-117 C. V. ilfooiiK, IteKihter
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S78.
United Stntee Land Office
The Dalles, Oregon, Sept. 10. 190".
Notice is hereby iven that in com
pliance, with the proviidong of the act of
Conxress of June 3. 1878. entitled "An
to the effect that'a.t:tortllfi?,alof .timr Iuil4,Vn l,he
enur ot iMiwoniiii, wrv:jn, evatia,
and Washington Territory," asextenilM
to all the I'ublic Laud States bv act of
August 4, 182,
.Gottfried Kainpfer,
of Shaniko, county of a wo, wtata of
Oregon, has on May 18, 1U07, filed in
this office his sworn statement, No.
4101, for the purchase of the nefnwi
sec tp 12 s, r 10 0, w in.
And will offer proof to show that the
land Hought is more valuable for its
timier or stone than for agricultural
lejri lied.
W. W. Cotton, chief counsel
for, and representative of, the
JIarritnan interests on, tho Pa
cific Coast, was iu Prinevillo
last week, on his way into Cen
tral Oregon. With Mr, Cotton
Prineville, after being without a rail
road for 35 years, and alter losing nil
confidence in the promises of Jian iman
to build into the interior, has started a
movement to raise $150,000 bonus or n
electric line from the Willamette Vallev
Self help which should always be the
first and foremost' dependence of cities
and coin munisies has been adopted as
the last forlorn hojie of the interior.
j'j ineville can build an electric road
from Kugene across the Cascades, if she
will try, millions of idle capital are
waiting for just such opiort unities,
where the people how a willingness to
help aud whore the tralllc promises such
rich returns.
The only aggravating feature of the
construction of the electric line from
Prineville to JJugene by the jopjB
would be the fact that Uatriman's
purposes, and to establish Iuh claim to
said land before Frank Gsborn, IJ. S.
Commissioner, at his office in Madras,
Oregon, on the 0th day of December,
lie names as witnesses: J'erry Mon
roe, of Shaniko, Oregon, "Conrad
Strasseraud Chris Harry, both of Mad
ras, Oregon, and Sam Compton, of
lirizsdy, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly uie aoove-ueBcnueu iamin are
requested to file their claims in thin
office on or before said ( 0th d.iy of
December, 1907.
o3-d5 c-r- MOOItH, UegiHter.
Timber Land, Act of June a, 178
Notice is hereby given thut in com.
pliance wit!i the provisions of the act of
Oongrens ot Junetf, J7H, entitled "An
act for the Hale of timber 1 mds in tho
ntate4 or Lalitorma, (Jregon, Nevitija,
and Washington Territory," asexfuinletl
U) all the Public Lund States by net of
.august 4, imz, tno loiiowmg-immed
peraons have filed tlieir swum tHato
ments in this olllce, towit:
Minnie Tillery.
of itend, county of Crook, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. JMMil, fijod
December 1900, for the purchase of
the Heine and Lots 1 and 2 of nee ' nod
Lot 1 of sec 4, tp 1 , r 1 J 0, w m.
lonuul G. Tlllerv.
of Bend, county of Crook, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 3070, filed
Decemlier 1, HlOO, for tho nuruli.i of
thesisel, sejswl see 17 and nwliiei mn:
20, tjr 13 s. r 11 0, w in.
And will oner nroofn to show that Lha
lands sought are more valuable U,i the
timber 01 htone thereon than foi
cultural p'iri
ciauiiM i' -
U. H. l
ft 1
JSCIl'l, ' .:i-
'Jhi'V nann
Jlroi-k urn
h and all lu r-onH claiiiiiii ' udv eihi
The Store That Gives Satisfaction
Notice for Publication j
Department of the Interior
Liud OflLe at Tiie llhts, Or--ilo. ;
aepteinber iti, P.K)7. j
Notice Is hereby given Out j
Margaret I'ounel, widow of rllla I 'on-
net, decesxed, of MJrM, Oregon, j
has tiled nonce of her Intention 10
make Anal ft vt-year proof in support)
nf herciaiio, vis:
Homestead Kntry 'i llv.4 made
Oct. 16, 1902. for the uei f e a, tp y
, r 18 e, w no.
Aud that said proof will be uiad .
before J'raiik Inborn. V . H, Com tills- f
siojier, at bin olllee in Madrae, Oregon, '
on. Nov. , iyi. ;
till uue the folio riw iliM;sts
to prove his yontluuoun reld-ne ,
up)ii, aud culuvatiou of, th land, vU:
MileiiD Vox, CC Fox, W U Barn
ey . H J Braustetter. sit of Madras.
08 31 C. W. MooitB, Iteglater
1 9 in 19 1 r pn r r-v . .
1 I I Uli I t I t I B I V .- M I
We have plenty of lumber for sale at
MM III l-4KI tsA,t O r- Mm- L r S
Notice for Publication
Department of tho luteriur
fittnd Olllce at The Dallea, ()rgon.
September 30, 1907.
Notice Ia hereby given that
OeurL'u C. Hurt, of Mudra. Oftfcon.
has ft luil notice of his luieullon to
make final live-year proof In sup
port of hi.-, claim, viz:
Jlomebtcad ICutry No. 11667. made
October 26. 1902, for the wjnw, nel
11 w and swlm- sec "9, tp 10 s, r 13 e,
w III,
And that Haul proof will he m i'le
before Frank Obor 11, U 8. Com 111 U
slouet, at hlri oIHim In Madra, Ore
gon, on Nov, 8, 1907.
lie names uie follotviug wfliiessfsto
prove his continuoiiM residence utxtu.
iirnl ciiltl vntlou of. the laud, viz:
vt 11 Kfcuiktfy. v 7, 15rantetter. J
Cnuiptiell, John AVagenblast, all of
iklNras, UrcKon.
08 31 C. W. Moo kb, llegtster
a "
g McMeekin & Eastwc:
XVniter Add
lending vitiioiius of Win tor Apples lor ulj
prelum! nt $ .73 lu$1..9n biiuhul.
B8t apples deli vert'tl u 1 Mndrna, I'rint'villf, JUr
.... rn;.!.. t.i..n.. ... 1 . .
VI WJIUH J'Ullfi ai l.l)U U IJUV. H Vl'I'Mi At uli it
Hnd, $1.75 a box.
&?ml ill VUlll- Ultl.TH Pltllv Soli .li.,,, .min.l.l-
vi.i.u.i.viiuii .IlillllM'.
rr 1111a int srzr r i i 1 11
M - J Jl V JJ1 I
Notice for Publication
Deimtimeut of (he Interior
IjiikI Olllce at The JmIIc.h, Otegon,
ptemuer 21, 1807.
Notice is liBftby ivi,u thai
Frank JJ, rilanglaiid, of AUdrtis, Ore-
Notice for Publiccition
t1'..l.wl . U .... I I I
The Dalies, Oregon, October 9. 1907.
Sotke is hereby given that under the
proviMons of the act of Conri of ,
AngnstU, 1H48. ttd the acts supple
inentarv and amendaUiry thereto, the
Mate of Oregon hs this day filed in
this oittce its Bpidieation, JCo. 051, U
select the It 2 of see 2, tp 1.1 B, r 12 e.
w m. '
A ny and all persons claiming ad verse-
lias Hied notice of his Intention to I ' H? veHlierlled lands or during
make linal flve-jearprojf lu supp-rt of !.' "TM .J ' , "" of the same
ii(.,.il,n 1.1,. Sliouid file thtflr ll,... ,.l.i...i i
Homestead Kntry No 11187 made IJ"" wutw " tore the 30tli day of
Inly 1. 1 OIISI. for the ne of see VU. u. 9 r:!!"!
ne, wm, , jo-nsi w, uqdK, UogiaU?r.
And thai nioof will h muiu !
before J rank ( Inborn. L. H. Commit... -
sloner, at I.U offlce In Madras, Oreiton. i
on Nov. 7. 11)07. '
lie names the following wlinee to
prove his eontlouoiH residence upon,
and cultivation of, tl,e land, vl:
Iii Caiupbell, T fi Tucker, Uert
Loumla, George V Dillon, all of Md
ias, Oregon.
03 81 C. W. MuojtE, Uegister
OK ri'l VIl l,
I'nitni ' I f
'l'w Dull, dr.
Notice in in r
'TK l"IOtS I
Aiu-nct M, 1M -IIM-llt:il
Hlld a '.'
Kt itc 01 Onv-t. 1 1
lib-1 in tliU olM.
(I.V1, to - ift tl i
In i in.
Anv niwl all
erwlv flie ,d
di-nirinif obj
Minn'. -Iioiild 1 i'
tlnlix Hi t his lilll-
U'l II. I I . 1 Jl"
I' '
i .'
riinber .and, Ai l .tune 8, 178
Notice for Publication
l'MTIill Htatks Laxh Ovfu e
Timber .and, vteij nne 8, 187H
Notiee fort Publication
I nited .States Land Olllce
The Ualles, Oregon, Heptoinla.r 25. Hair
Notice in her.-by given lliat in compli- '
anee with the provisions of the act of 1
Congrissof June 3. 178. emliui ! pu" 1
'I iiu iei a 1 ''
Notice for Pub!
act for tlm nab' of tin.t.r ;.. ,'1. .
Slates of I'-jlii,....;.. n., v . or p oiie, i-iiin.ii
U?M it XX l! t"W' extend-' i,u oil ,h
Y,..ltH V IB. .'lu: ani1 ms by act of 1 r-r ih- purli.f-
I'mi m
Tin- Hi le-. ti
Ni llr.' I llfli
aitce Uli the "
itri "I .1 tiii- "
til Nil 1 1- Hi till 1 1
III, 1 'I I L
Uloh Ti-lllloi
piiii.ii anil ''
of Paloii-e, i-iiiii.t v
the followlng-nanieil
The Ual.eH, Oregon, August 5, HM7.
Notice ih hereby giyen that in coinp
ii.ii mo iioviHiollN 01 mo net
eM of June 3, 187H. entitlad u
r the sale of timber laiajs 1 1, ! ef ttsdmoa. HZti of TrMttt ot
of Callforniit, Oregon, Kevwla. , !"r si 1 T S12l .u... Tfi'?'
'ashingUin Ti-rrltory,'- jut extend-, K' ? purelia l th Tlof toll ., i
nil the public laud states bv .u,i ' m'
AlI'MiMt 4 lke
ance with tho mnrLm. f J. .'. V. ,.:.7:T. ' V."' l,,,,,.r "Woiu slate-
-, , , 1 .. . ' 1 01 I . 111 huh oiiice. tuWIL'
CojigrMof June 3, 1878. untitUl A! . , luwit,
act for the sale of tinihur Imul. 1.. .1.. J onMwfi
and Washiiiutoi
oil to all the public laud states bv
192. ' ' w l
I'mi (Ireonbslah.
vi Kuilmoiiil. inn 1, 1
JWI1MI I8U)llii.ll!
for Ho, i.iiv.a.M..
r , ' . , , - - 1 nW ,i , , r .. . . mm..
uregon, nas itus ua a led iu this olllei;
A Mtftiat J 1U
Marian ltlce. I Zl M,l"". t nok. it ,,1 1
of J'rineyille, county of Crork, state of TO
- - , . , p. ,
her sworn staitinent, No. -1288. for ilui m inuimoHH , ,TM,,l'ihi
purchase of thesimi'of sec t pi ' ' riTu
r 10 h. w in. ' for tlm imr.i.u.., ..1 .V.jT:.' v'k
AnJ wiil offer nroof to .... ,,., ..... ' f & mT,T,"' M""
!t!"l,!!!iil!.!":','(,fvul,,ab,le to' i'"-' i4i-J!".:.'ffor . ti..u the
v, u, B,Vu uimi 'or aurteniiural onr. :. ' ."" urn iiioih vii 11:1 , r... il...l
I 1.1. ' . . Illlllil' 11m ul 1 mi II
inn iirr uikiiii ti, ai.i.i .
1 ia
. ii
II H J , I' W III,
stiiil ld oil. 1
land "iiulit I , iii '
or nt"iie tli-ili for . 1
In e '.iliUli ln 1 -Hie
Id irlstei ni'l '
(Jii'g iii.oil Uie 1- 1
He iiaiues a
id. t... 11 (I111 I'l'I- U '
1.. 1 11 .,r I MM"
,KI--1III. II, ' ' 11"
lllllll f.OtlMIII. HI ' , J
,u in i all i' - " ' ,
the l ii.iM' dllM lH 'l
file their ifill" i' ,(l .""(.
mid I'Jili dl "t I'" ' " ' a 1
f tn
I . IS
,ff 'l
el 1'
fllll'l. I Uflll Ullll l.i u..l.l
1 1 rrmvt ,i,, ui cHuiiiiiii iitrr iiiiini ....i ,., riL,i,,M Mini I.... .. . . i i. .
V:. and to0tabl.rl, their ! faudl-efore the UOinAU. M
:n I l.tll'li Hi-lore II. I i; IH. 1 1 !( (lieuiio. 011 lli lHlli ,lu., ..r 1...... . M SUId iiiii I- i 1
...muH-i.ioi.r, at hi oiii,,. u, l i , 1MJ7 " W,M' iCWJasW atl
uo. on Uuciiiriber 17. .. . , Sli i.uiu uu u ti..,..u . - .. eirnii. mi ii... urn. .1. ... . .. ""'ui"i-
as witnesses: ('fiarh-s' I.. 11 1 v 1 1 i 1 . b j-c-il A li UriT I ti 1 ... f t . . . w I!" ' ..Tl'v ,Hr.T m'-
1 ind A, llunnell. of Kend, all of I'lineville, Oregm,; wliUU
IllMlll (ii I -I !'! I iMiifin
inuuregOll. Yllll Wf, motion "c T,""T".: . " V"- -lau.,I., ,..h.,M.- ,,v and all elaimlng ailverH,-
wareWB Aver C F Adams f , H - ,. . " "Hh,-.ii.... -h-i ribed i.m u ,r. h n,,. , e-decribel himU re ? I
iure au, j. 1. iuistnis, beueU-'iaryp tho iieoiile's Hue, as If 1 1 -d b. 11. tluim- ,., ii,,h ,., -1, ,n,, . their oWm-a ii 1 m
,itid, W-D. Skinuor, all in sonii' ply dM w..tiu oj-kn ., i,.,ti, . -on m i-. ,,i. i.,c.-..i.i i;ti. iiv of , or bm.,,--aWJUh . w.i i-,'.n, ?
of HUwni, 01. p..." ' A,""'MM i,i,Hig,,
Anv and nil 1 .ii..
iy nyof ,1,, r , . ' ,,Ti1,,,0,w'
requesU'.l 1,. hi.. 11 ., " w
flISz 'I.', ::!'' o'
Notice is herein
sluiiwl, the tidiiiU'1
01 Jolili A. lnham
sous InivliiK
ihiuimsud to pi''
iiropor voucher 1
Ills residence in M
six iimiiths from " '
this notice. J'.itt -i
1 it
1 1
1 1 ir
, , lift" '
iin- n'"
I. -
1 nit c
8. K1
er, IWJ7. n Vvii
Oftiilmr. 111)7.
Aliiiiiiilrntor of tnw
A. JmJuuii, di'tciHii'h