The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, October 17, 1907, Image 8

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    Timber Lund, Act Juno , 1S78.
Notice for Publication
United States Land Ofllco
The Dalles, OrcKon. Sept. Mh, 1907.
Notice in hereby given that In compliance
with the provision of the net of Congress of
Juno .1,1X78. entitled "An act for the naie of
timber inmla In the Mate of California, Ore
Kon, Nevada, and Washington Territory," as
extended to nil tlio piibjiti laud states by act
of August 4, 1893,
Notice is hereby given that on August of Hend. eounlv of Crook, state of Oregon, has
The Madras Pioneer
Notice for Publication
United States Land OiTioo
The Dalles, Orepn, Sept. 4, 1007.
Notice is hereby mven that m A turn
2D. 1007. the State of Oretion. bv its dnlv
authorized agent, in due form, filed in
this ollleo an npnlicnfiou to select as
indemnity school land the wjswi mid
ojso.t hoc .iL, tp 14 s, r in o, w m.
Anv tiiul all persons claiininir adverse
ly the above uesorilieu lamin, ortles'iiiiig
to object to the allowance of the same.
Phoulll file their claims or objections UI sisters Oregon: John 1-Vy.t era A Jones, Trank
this Qfllco on or before tho 20th dav of O Minor, tleorgo A. Jones, all of llond, Oregon.
Any aim an persons claiming ntivoryoiy
the above-described lands arc requested to
tile their claim1 in this ollleo on or boforu the
aalu lBth day of aov timber, I'.Hu.
on April 19. l'.W. tiled in this oineu her sworn
statement No. S391, for tho purchase of the
fe'-eVi of see ft, n.'-ijtioJi and neluw4' tec 8, tp
ins, r u o. w in.
And will offer jiroof to show that tlie bind
sought Is more valuable, for its timber or stone
than for agricultural nurnoses. and to cstab'
lish her rlnim to said land betoro 11. 0. Kills.
I'. S. Commissioner at his oin-e In Hend, Ore
gon, on the llltii day of .November, 1W7.
Mic names as witnesses: joint inosi. oi
ucionor, iyur
pVlo'M C. W. MOORE, Register.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Inturlor
Land Ollleo at 7'ho Dull.. Or..
Sept. 19, W07
iVnti'e is hereby given that
. (oM-plilne Kolibtio-, formerly .Josephine
jieen. wiutiw oi rnu ureon. ueconseu,
of itmtrao, Oiupon.
has filed notice of her intenti on to make
wml live-year proof In support of hoi
.claim, viz.
Homestead Entrv No !!!S0 made Abv.
jwii, tor me m-h sec i, ip 12 s, r is e,
w in.
And thnt said proof will lie made before
the Register and lleeeiver at Tho Dalles,
iimi names the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, the laud, viz:
TJtilbert .Jenkins, .1 11 Homey, H X GU-
ani, iv y .ifUKins, i-liznuiiih Jiicnauls, all
ot Jlatlras, Oregon.
C. W. Mooun,
sl9-ol- Register,
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S78
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Ollleo.
The Dalles, Oregon, Sept. 5, 100'
Iotjce for Publication
Department of the Interior
Land Oftloo ntTho Dnlles, Oregon,
September 21, 1007,
Notice Is horeby uiven thnt
Miles D. Fox, of Madras, Oregon,
Iihh Hied notice of Ins Intention to
make llnnl five-year proof In support
of his claim, viz:
Ilom-sleail Entry No 1043'-' made
March 8, 11)02, for tho sine! and nlse.J
of sec 2 Ip 10 h, r 13 e, w in,
Ami thai H.-ilil proof will be niudo
before Frank Osboiu, V. 8. Commis
sioner, at bis ollleo In Mudras, Oregon,
on Nov 0, lt'07.
Ho names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon,
ami cultivation of, the land, viz:
110 Dove. Emost V Doty, .1 K
Campbell, C 0 Fox, all of Madras,
o3-Sl C. W. MooiiK, Kcghdor
Notice is herebv
thnt in
Tl mbor Land, Act of Juno 3, IS7.
Notice for Publication.
United Glutei Land Ollleo
I ho Dalle. Orepon, Sept. .1, UW.
Notice Is herubv uian that In comnllanro
pliance with the provisions of tho act. "'Kb the provisions of the aotot t'ongreiw of
f fVn, f T,,.,n -i icTQ ,...:n,..i J.utia , 1S7S, entitled "An net for the sale of
i. . ; ; .V U'"U"V"V' timber lands lii the slates of California. Ore-
.ah ior iiiosaie oi iimocr lands in gon, Novada and Washington Territory," a
the states of California, Oretion. Nevada extoudeil to all the public limd stotys by act of
and Washington Territorv." as extend- "....... ,
etl to all the Public Land States bv act of sister, oountr of rr.Mik. state of orr.mii
Department of the Intel ior
Land Ollice at The Dalles, Oregon.
September 21, 1007
Notice Kliereby given that
Jem C. Knas. of Madrns, Oregon,
-has hied notice of his intention to make
iinai comiiuiw.tion proof In suppoit of his
tpjiiiiu. viz:
Homestead Entry Xo, 1S475, made Mhv
U, 1904. for the sete of sec (J. ssivji
.urn iif;4wtt oi si c o, in n s, r He, W 111,
And Unit said proof will be made before
irank Osliom, I . b. Commissioner, at his
oince in jaoras, uregon, on ov. 7. 1'.iOi.
iie names tne lofiowmg witnesses to
prove liis continuous residence upon, and
ctiftivntlon or. the land, viz:
George S Mayes, X P Potilsen, O E Bye
X S Jennings, all of Madras, Oregon.
S-o31 C. W. JfooitE, Kegister
Notice for Publication.
De artment of the Interior
Laiu OSiee at Tho Dalles, Oregon,
3 . September 21, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that
' .Laura Pearl Peek, formerly Laura Pearl i
i ucKcr, or auras. uregon,
of August 4, 1SD2,
Charles L. Gist.
of Sisters, county of Crook, state of
Oregon, has, on March 2, 11K)7, filed
in this ollice his sworn statement. No
!1S40, for the purchase of tboeswia and
i,ot o of sec l, and neiinvi of sec . ti
12 s, r 11 e. w in.
And will offer nroof to show that tho
land sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural pur-
noses, and to establish us c aim to said
land boforo II. C. Ellis, U. S. Commis
sioner, at bis otliee in llend. Orecon. on
the 15th day of November, 1007.
He names as witnesses: Edwin Gra
ham, lloy Foster, Charles Carson,
Frank Arnold, nil of Sisters, Oregon.
Anv and nil niTSnna I'luimine nil.
versely the above-described lands are
requested to file their claims in this
ofliee on or before said loth duv of
November, 1007
has, on September tl. 1MW, tiled in this office
his sworn statement No :Uti, for the purchase
of tho sw 'iliw!, ' : of mo 17 and lie1 ,iieV,
sec IS, tp his, r 11 c, w ui,
Ami will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for It timber or
Mono than for aKriculturiil purpose.
oiiii i csiaiinsn ins viaun to sam mini ueiore
the County Clerk at rrineUIlo, Oregon, on
iue inn nay oi necemoer, 1W7.
lie niiirnm as witiiea-es. tluv C'avixvol. V S
litlerion, both of Sisters, oreaon, and I. I!
AiuiiKtiam and Harry A brains, both of frine
ville. Orciioii.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
nuuvu-octcrioeu minis are rmiuesieii 10 rue
their claims In thli etllce on or before said
11th day ol Hecember. Iixr7.
o3 18 C. . MOOltK, Iteglster.
Timber Land, Act at June 3 l!7tj.
Notice for Publication.
rutted States Land Offlce
Oreron, Sent. 10, 1907.
The Dalles
Notice Is herein- ijlveii
C. W. MOORE. Register.
Timber Land. Act June :i, 1S7S
Notice for Publication
United States Land Ofllce
The Dulles. nrnroTi Sont f. 11V1T
Notice is hurtdiv frlvcn thnt Iti ..nm,.llu,i..a
with the nrovisfnns nf thn mt nf Cnticm., nt
June a. 1S7S, entitled "An act or tho sale nf
timber lands in the states of California. Ore-
iron, Nevada and Washtlif ton Tnrrllri
extended to all the public land states fiy act
Aucnst 4. iww '
August 4, It!)-.',
J. HuJton Ilean,
of Hend, county of Crook, state of Oregon, has
on February 2C, 1907, tiled In this otticc hi
sworn statement No. Ssso, for tho purchase of
me usjiie)j, ne.'4n4 ana ixi 1 01 sec 7 and
has filed notice of lier intention to make f!
final fire-year proof in support of her
ennui, iiz;
. Homestead Entry No 107S2 made Jav
S, 1MJ2, for the nei4' of sec IS, tp 12 s, r 12
e, w in,
And that said proof will be made before
Lrank Osborn, u. is. Coinniissioner, at his
omc.u in jiauras, uregon, on ov. e, iswt.
isfie names the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, the land, viz:
1 V Limbaugh, II L Evans, .1 C Tuck-
jer, D Ct Kogers, all of Jiadras, Oregon.
C. W. MooitE,
' Register.
And will offer nroof to shmr thnt fl. ft I ii ml
sought is more valuable ior its timber or stone
than or agricultural purposes, andtoestab
lish his claim to said land before H. C. E11N.
I . S. Commisioncr. at his ofllce In Hend. Ore-
gon, on the 11th day of December, 1907.
He names as witnesses: Kdwin C Coon,
hlmer Nibwonger, Charles D Urown, Charles
L llroek. Phlirlcs St Wovmnnfli all nf lln.wl
Oregon. ' ' .
Anv and all rnr.snns nlfttmlnc nrlvnrtfnli , I.
ftuuttlCTHUtU JHUU3
tfiHt in iviiiihlinn
with the provisions of the act of Congrens of
June , ls7s entltlwl "An act for the sale of
iimuer lanus in tlie Maten of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory." as
extended to all the Public Land States bv net
of August I, 1M2,
Sarah A. Kctchum,
of rrlnovflle. county of Crook, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this olllee her sunrn
statement No Wis, for the purehano of the
-4-u4 mm 5wi sec .o si, tp 11 s, r in e,
And will offer proof to show that tho land
sought Is more valuable or Its, timber or
stone than for agricultural purines, and to
establish her claim to said land before the
County Clerk at 1'rlnevllle, Oregon, on the
13th day of flecemlnT, 1507.
She names as witnesses: Llzrle Lnfollette,
1 red A Kice, Carrie D Klce, all of Prlneville,
Oregon, and lellsa Street, of Slstent, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverely the
aboe described lauds are requested to tile
muir cianns in mm ouice on or be I ore said lS(h
day of December, 11X17.
oa-ds C. W. jfOOr.E, Iloglster.
Timber Land, Act June 1878
t'nlted States Lund Ofllce
The Dalles, Oregon, Sept. II. 1907.
Notice is hereby glon that In coinp.'iame
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June , 1S7S entitled "An act for the sale of
timbei lauds in the states of California, Ore-
iiuii, .icmim nun ii MHu ingioii jerritorv
drlunilml ..a,. .1... - . . . .
Timbor Land, Act Juno Jl, 1878
Notlco for Publlcntion
United Slates Lapd Ollleo,
The Dalles, Oregon, August 2J, lUOr.
rr. .,!.... I.. I I... ,,!,,, ,i III COIII
iMiuui ib mivi',1 pV . I .i ... ..f
pliance with tlie provision of he net J
Congress ol .nine ;i, mi", f"' v
aetfor the fide of timber IhihIk in tho
States of California, urotfon,
..,i w.,ai,t.i.,M 'I'l.ifliin v." iih e.leinletl
to all the Public Und State by act of
August -I, 1802, til.' lo lowi i g-i m m
persons have Med in thin ollice then
swoin stateinenls, towit :
A li.vniulor DilfDnllill.
of Suiulpoint.e.-untyof KiHitonat, tn to
of Idaho, sworn stateineut iNo. .KM",
tiled April (1, UH)7, for the purehaiw of
thuswisai see 1, nwlnei and nuwj
see oil, tp 11 h, r 17 e, w in.
Herbert A. Pertwhla,
of Sandpoint, county of KtMiUmal, ftflto
of Idaho, sworn nUttement No. Jfl'w,
flhtl A lu ll , M)7, for th puwlmiie of
tho winoi, senei ami nwjaer of nee 15J,
tji 11 s, rlue, w in.
Ilitnrv (!. lleitishlll.
of SandiHiint, county of Kooteiwl, Htntf
of Idaho, HW'im 8tteieiit .No, .wl7.
tiled April fl, 107, for tho purclmiw of
thes8et, Mvk ana etwt oi
tp 11 , r 10 e, w ui,
Harriet K. Moorehonso,
nf lV.rtlaud, county of Mnltiiomnh,
state of Oregon, worn dUtement No.
4188, tiled July 5, 1TO7, for the pttrclmiio
of the winw, seinwi and neiwl of $tv
28, tp 11 , r Ui e, w m.
And M ill offer proofn to show thnt the
lands sought are more valuable for the
timber or atom thereon titan for arri
cultural iniriMwea. and to eaUblish their
elalniK tosaul landu before the elUjr
ami Kei-eiver, at The Dallei, Oregon, on
ovellltt, 1W)i.
They name an witneMcn: Michael
O'Connor, and William U. Manon, of
Tlie Dalle. Oregon: John Uerwi.iitt.
Henry C. Derrmhia and HetlnTt A.
Deroshia, of SanlMiiit, Idaho; Anthony
J. -N'oskev, of Ciieboygan, Michiirnn;
Alexander IVrodiia, of Hudulnt,
ldalio; Daniel A. McDonnell, of The
Dalles, Oregon.
Any mid nil itemon claiming advi-w
ly anv of the aimveilewrilied lamln are
rcnuestod to tile their claiuiR in this
ollice on or before, the wild 8th day of
November, UW. C. V. .MOO UK,
m2U-1 Keinster.
nanu'd poton
III till OIlll'U
Npticc for Publication
Pnltedfllftto" biuidonipo
The Hallos, Oregon. Woit0lilbor lfH)7,
Vntlce Is hereby given that III roinplliiiico
.riih he PfiM -loiix of the act of CoiixreVno
i, i isViT entitled "Ail act fur (he sale of
; .mil li he Hlalf ,.f California, Uro
. ! ",H " ' i" ,d Wash.nglo.. Territory."
SV, J. .! n i all Iho Pit bile land Mates ny c
ifAugii-tl. l''' lmn L'f
have on AnguM'. . nifl
their sworn staieincnis. mn.
Nfllle II- !' ' . , ,
of Hlmnasho, county of Ww: ntoof "reK""
Lwori i"uminl &. Ml. for the purchase of
,v "' Luelea M. , . ,
at aimiiaOio, eomnr of a "f jwn.
,worn"talini-nt .o. fur the Hireha
stone than for Hrlrullutl WInwh. u W
establish lhrlr,olal ",''' Zl' '?
nee In Madras, oreton. on Ieeeiiilsr 7. Ilr7.
fhy name wltnw' m ine ' vey
ml Vane il wwu, of warnmpruiii. y ,
h. orvcnii: or vme.. i
"""('.y and all w-rn clalmlna adversely tha
thelreNms In lhi omr m or wmiv m
day of DtMtawr, ivw.
Timber Liuil aT?
...A'otlctih,!,,,,!,.. 2 "'VhSI
nice will! tin. ,, -.71 ttM,
OOMKrCeH Of.l,'.i N" 2"i
for iiutaiiiK i,f i ';i''H'nt,it?
Timbor Und, Act J .
Notice for PuDlloatlon
t'nltiNt Slates Land 0c,
The Dal le, Oregun,
Kollee l hereby gnen
Heptemtatr I'J, IMT.
that In fsjiiii.lianre
with the provision ol the ael of i .tigfc of
June t, Is.s. eiitllhMl "An ei lorine m
timber lands III llie siaies i t,m"riiin. rr.
mi. Nevada, aim nauinan iriMii, ,
intended to U the puWIc and Ulm b) . I yt
AUautl 4, IMri,
AlmarlneA AnderwOI.
of Ha louse, county oi human. ,"' w '
lUBt.Mi lias, "it mmr I, nau. hmhi omcv
i hi sHorn talc me nt M. tmi, tor tor puri nsr
of the w (4 ol mfc a. I 1 1 r l? e. w m.
xm mh t. offer iifoof to hw that the land
sought Is more tai.uablv fur lit H tuber r fit"
1 uv.v?m.
of Madras, c,:, T.VV
OII,.Ml,U ,1, ,''H!J
iworn Mtnioi '"'i h , rl
l liiini' ill 111 aw 1 , ' li
1 t' , vy 111. '""ioiI
Mono tiuui r. .V 2 rl'kl
........ niimiK l!,)1ir,, Ifi'.MJ
lit .Minlrnu n. ....... 1 .K.M
her, iw;. ' "-eu.a
, Mie unilll H ik tn
mil, Ml uioL iT' fii
Villi TitKNel. iii ,,r r . ,,'iu
..Any mill nil i.,,.
inn uliovo-dck. ,i ' "mi
mi liiiui' nfiitiik ...
8nlitmiid.u ,,ni. "'
Tliiiber J,tui,r, Uj
olice for Public
I'hl)alk.a,(,r,vll '-"""I
(.'flllltriMNl or ,.!.
for tlio aaii.r i., ,
Ualtfornln.Ori u.,,
toil VVrriiiiM. '
ruhllo LhiuI m.i!
' II u,
W iJ
(I'lll i
"i riwoiiKe, c
n aaliltiKU it.
day of December, 1907,
sl2-dl2 C, W. MOORE. Kecister.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S78.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office,
The Dalles, Oreiron, June 12.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of tho act of Congresi of
June 3, 1S7S. entitled "An act for the sale of
umDcr mnos in me states oi Lalllonila, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory," as
extended to all tho public land states dj- act of
William U. Bishop,
of armsprinps, county of crook, state of
Orogon, has this day filed in this ollice his
worn statement No 1159, for the purchase of
nit iiu;i, sciiffji ai'ii ueiswj$ sec 7, tprjs,
r 11 e. w m.
And will offer proof to show that the land
fought is more valuable for its timbor or
stone tnan tor agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before Frank
Osborn, U.S. Commissioner, at his ollice in
ill auras, or., on tne etn day oi December, 1907.
He names ts witnesses: Claude C Covey,
Henry C Kinzie, Louis J. I'.ising, of Warm
springs, Oregon, and Ora Van Tassel, of Mad
ras Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
ivbove-deeribed lands are requested to file
meir oiaims in mis omce on or before said
ntn nay oi uecemiKir, mn.
JiuuiiL, j.egiiier.
dav of Decemher. lf7 aiusi i, jw.,
j on ii ua Vinson,
of Moscow, county of Latah, state of Idaho,
has on April 15, 1907, fljed In this ollice his
sworn statement No 39s2, for the purchase of
'". ""-'4 "i mic Bcuni'M ec aj, tp ll s,
r 1G e w rn,
And will offer prpof to how that the land
sought is piore valuable for Its timber or stone
inii ior agricuiiiirai purfioses, and to entab
llih his claim to said land before the I'.eirlsier
ami iieceiver at me Dalles, Oregon, on the
iini ub- ui ieccmoer, iwi.
He naineM as witnesses: John llottnn and
j una duiiuii, ouiu in irov. 1'IhIio; utith Nav
Notice for Publication
cimrtiiient nf ihe Interior.
Lniiil Ollice at The inlli. Ott(on,
:epicDiber 1, IW7.
Xoiico Is hereby jtlven that
I'icil II. Orcen, one of the-heirs and for
the hulrs tt Filti (Jrecn, il-asHl, of
Mndrft, UreKoii,
has filed notice of liU intention to make
niial five- ear jiroof In Mipport of hi
claim, viz:
Iloineatead Kntry A'o HUM made Nov. It,
iwi. ior inete or ec i, tp IX , r IS u,
w in.
And that said proof will lie made before
tlio Kcfiistcr and Keceivi-r ai I'hc Dalle,
LiejJon, on iictonvrxi, iikjt.
He names the following wltiiea to
prie hi colli liiuoiin residence iiimih. and
uluvatlnii of, the laml, l.:
li II llameit, .1 V C-rwin, .1 W CfMk,
.1 .1 llintoii, nil of Mniirn", Orcpm.
s!5-ol7 C. W. ,1OOltK, Kexl-tPr.
I'Ollllli . u
I. .. '!
thin oOini hi. ' vl
f..r n.V. ' ' Wil
man icw nue'ibinrw. ""J""."' """" KeUoU . I ,. . ."vll
ami KMalverai Th Dallv. orvgoa, o tbc ' lP ' r t. i w ,
Uta day of MMtuiuer, iw. aiiiI wllloifrr
He name aa wIuhmmm: lor W Hlel.aei. laud aoncht i
clarrue I) Hhlla, i f rank Ari, etloljoi utoiie than t..i
lou.c, WMhtnfWn, lohu Ueall, of Hlian WuIlu, ,,
Any and alt pertnn rialml ng ad ri y i he i
aiiove dinrrllwt land are rvijuettwf l air
UieireUim la lb) uflUw ua or liaiorv 'd i
12U) ua; oi itmuar, iwi
uHVk C, W MOOltK, flier
fimher lnd. Act June S, 17.
t. .
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S78
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office
The Dalles. O retro n. Jmn i" inrrr
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provUious of the aot of ConKreaa of
m. VrtS, eutitled "An act for the aaleof
uiuoer jhuiik in trie state oi LalllorulH, Ore-
UOU. Nevada and Washington Tnrlinrv
exteudad to all the public fiiiid sUlos by act of
Claude C. Covey.
oi vi armsprmg, county of Crook, state of
yruKuii, ji in (uw uay men in tills olhce his
awora Wteutent No im, for the purchase of
ia 54ue4 oi sec 7, nwiiww see K and
wfcswK sec 6, tp 12 h, r H e. w m.
And vrl.'i offer proof to show that the land
fouaht Is more valuable for iu ti ill Imp nf tr,n
tiaii for agricultural purposes, and to estab-'
lish his aMlnt to taid .'and before Frank Osborn. I
V J- WIHH11M1V1HJ1, HI Jl ID UIIIUU ill M Hi J f KB ,
Oregon, on tbeetu day of Deeember. 1907.
II nawea w, wUnesses: William II HUhop,
Henry C Kinzie, Louis J Itlning, all of Warm-
anu ura van Tael, of
Timber Land, Act Juno 3, 1S7S
Notice for Publication
Dnited States Land Offlce
The Dalles, Oregon, Sept. 6, 1907.
Notice Is herebv iriven that in rnninllunw
with the provisions of the act of Coneress of
Junes, 1876, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the states of California, rirn.
gon. Nevada, and Washington Territorv."
extended to all the public land states by act
of August 4, lbVi, the following persons havo meir sworn statements lu tins ollice,
Mary O. Cyrus,
otSisters, County of Crook, gtate of Oregon,
sworn statement No, 3978, tiled April 15. 1907,
for the purchase of tho swue! and se!4nw4
of sec 17, tp 12 s, r 11 o, w ra,
Rena K, Cyrus,
of Sisters, County of Cropk, statu of Oregon,
sworn statement No. J77, filed April 15, 1007.
for the purchase of the nw.ine54, eUnwU of
sec 13 and be'--4sw!4' sec 17, tp 12 s, r 11 e, w m.
And will offer proofs to show that the lands
sought are more valuable for the timber or
stone thereon than for agricultural piirpocea,
and to establish their claims to said lands
before H. C. hllis. L'. S. Comniitsiotuir. ut i.u
ollice in Hend, Oregon, on November 1C, 1907.
They name as witnesses: Kdwin lirahaid,
Clara Graham. Kov C Foster. Antnnlri i:
Trahan, George F, Cyrus, Kcna F. Cyrus and
jiary u uyrus, oi sisters, uregon.
Any and all persons 'iaimfng adversely any
of tho ubovodescribed lands are requeslel to
uie meir claims in mis oinee on or belore said
lOlbday of November. luu7.
nia-nll c. W, MOORE, Reglsler.
Department of the Interior
Lund Olllee ut The Dullof, Oregon,
SeplLmbur2l, 1007.
Notice is hereby tel vn that
Helieeca FraneeM l'eek, foriiiorly It.
becctt Frances Tucker, of Mailnt-, (Jro
baa IIIhiI nntleo of br inti'iitliui to
InregoT,. U0i TU'""HS C"a"' mke five-y,ar proof ului
spring, Oregon,
Sladras Oreirou.
Any and alt pcwoiis claiming adversely the
wyufimvmui.Mvu inuu nV reiiuesieu 10 nle
tfcelr cMmMln this oitico on or before said
uiu uuy ui uucumoer, ivu
0M15 C. W. M00UE, ItegUter.
Timbor Land, Act Juno S, 1878.
Notice for Publication
United State Land Offlco,
The Dalles, Oregon, September 11. 1607.
rtotluo Is horetir i'Ivhii thnt in i,,,ni(,
With the provisions of the net of Conifres of
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
Notice for Publication
U. S. Land Office. The Dalles, Oregon,
September 11. 1907.
Notice Is herebv irivan that In
With the urovisinns of the act nf Clinirrui nl
Ilina O .... 1 . f ...I ... . r- .. . I
v'u,c ''i triiiincu mi nut ior trie saie oi
iimuer lanus in tne amies oi California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory," as
vwni,cu ...I iuuiiu ihuu states oy uctoi
jonn li. iinttun
of Troy, county of Latah, state of Idaho, )m
on April 15, 1907, filed lu this offlce his orn
statement No 8M, for the purchaae of the
aim swneM c SJ, tp 11
r Ik u w in '
And win offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for lis tim
ber or stone than for agricultural nur
poes,and to establish his claim to said and
before the nmi iiu,.ui.,u ... -n..
v!me' 0eoou the "til day of Decombor,
Anv and all tiertonii cifmlnr. miru,ui, ,t...
abore-dexcrlbud ands are requested to file
inuir uitti Hii in uiis.iiuec on or oeioresald 11th
ua ui wvvinwr, i.Oi.
03-d5 c. W. MOORE, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior
-Land Ollice at The JValle", Oregon,
. , , .September 21, 1U07.
otice is hereby given that
fieorue V. itankin, of Madras, Oregon,
has bled notice of liis intention to mako
tinal eotuniutation prool in support of hi
i;i.iuu, l l.;
ibniiehieail flntry Xo. H2I0 innile .March
1, l!0.i, for the w'ik'X, sene4' and nek"
seM oi see 27, tp 1 s, r U o, w in.
And thnt hald jiroof will he mude lefore
v taiiK osborn, u. is. uonimlsaloiiur, at his
ollleo in Madras, Oregon, on Xov. 7, IU07.
He iiiiiniig tlie foiiowlng witiieaawi to
prove ins loniinuotid resilience upon, ami
cultivation of, the laml. viz:
Ji KJJaker, Knd Davin, M G Irwin,
llliain AlcIIlroy, ail of Andraa, Oregon, j
oSJ-oSl ' 0. W. Moouk, Iteglster
of her oIhIid, viz:
Homurttead Entrv No 107S8 inailo
Alay If, .!()" for the hU,. .ml L:
nwi ofheo J3, tp 12 h, r lJi, w in.
Aim unit fal (I nroof will I...
ueforo rrniik D-diorn, U. ri. (Jominla
Hiouer, hi him ollice ill .MadriiH, Oreitou.
on Xov. 0. 1IK)7.
She imnitfft the following witoeHi j
(Jnl(4 Kiate Ua4 Oftoa,
The tialle. tirafoa. Kvpicmlwr V7
Notlro l brreby givea thai In iwpllai..
with the trnll..ruof the art ol t'oocnw
June . IX eutiilod "An al ior Urn Mi i
Umber lands in Ue Huu nf California, r
gon, ,sva4la, and Wtuhinaiou tarrtiurr."
xtBdrd Ui all ibe fublle Und Huutm by mi
of August 4, n,
i. Prank Anilrnn.
oi I'alou. euunly of niimaa. llool w.l,. I
inniMii, Iim. on May I, nan, flitxi in ibi om. ,
hi sworn laiemani So. a. lor Ik puf
of the e'te!, of aa 'li and . i II
1. 1 17 a, m wi.
And will offer proof In show that Ibr land
ougiit i more valuable lor IU timber or
man lor agricultural pntvm, and l Hkk.
tub hl claim to td Utt before iko knal
terand Keralrer at The ttalln, Oron, h
in uf ui weevnioer, iwi.
Henaatmaa wltnatae; Clarrnee iwhlttr
Almartna A An4artn, Oeorg W Mi-hi. il
oi raiousr. nMnueioa; ohn uell. ui
enaniao, urogon.
Anyan4atl peraoos rllailng Mlrrly the
abtivaaaeriaiMi Ia0 an riueiI m nw
inoir eiaims in inu mini on of aalora lb id
Utb day of fMmbr, UW7,
l.v W unritait
oW kwauf
i.-.... ...
Ue, Orig ,ii,
"IT, IfcW.
Il iiniiiew nt v i
daiwm, Almatiii.
I) U hlfe, nf, .i
.lolin I.OK-alf, .,f .
Any Jiel aff
(be aiwu't' ii m r ,,. ,i
flletliolr eialiu .
aaiil Itth iU) of Ii,
otMlfi '
' '"tUbl
n- owl
;r '.fs.l
t tl
Timber Land. Act Jnno S, irfft.
notiou ron publication.
I'xmto rirt fuan ornot
The PaiiM, Oregon, arpimUr 4, WW
Nolle u hereby liven that m M.nMi.kU
Willi till' llfOVUIllIU Of llin a. I ..I . .......... ..i
June, lS. entllUNl -i. wi , J
lltttber laiids in the Main nl I IK,..I. r.
gon. .xva4a. ami Wuhnuui. T..m., 7.
to lirovo ior ciifiMiiiw.iiu Motgnu, mom
lllliile . of Butt.-, ronnty ol KlUerbow t.i. r. u.
tana, ha. on July, UM am ,u o8lP4, hu
?'!? V1. tor ,h l
the tu. and nw we . tp ja . r u r. w
Andwlll offar proof tothos mi u.. 1....1
upon, and ouliivathui of tlio laud, viz
I V Linibguirli. II L R
Tuoker, I) 0 Itogorr. nil (,f li,uiraa'
3 SI 0. W. MOOltK. ll.,l.far
, - - - p, "
fuabbj tut n UmUrr or
Notice for Publication
Jiepartwent of the Interior
Lund Oflioo at The Dalles, Oregon,
September 80, JU07.
Notice in herebv iiiven dial
Walters. William, of Hadraa. Ormn
haa filed notice of bin itit,,ti Aft it tnnlff.
fltigl flvo-year proof in aapriort of bin
claim, vk: '
HouieHtead ICntry No. 1023, miule
Ian. J6, HM, for the nw of aec 1 1, tp
10 , r 13 e, w in, ' 1
names as witnesses:
June -i, 178,
.Tnlln lMtl,n ..1
?ftV,,l,li,0 ,lutb Baylor and Johli Davidion,
both Of MosfOM'. Illalio- Tl.nmf. ,., I
Shanlko, Oregon.
Anv and all nersona Mnimi n ..,.. ..1..
the alK)e-decribal lanffn ,.r ?,...T..!r.,i
file their clairna in thl ,. rtn7. ... i' 4,1
said lltli day of fiecernber, vM. '
Timber Land, Act Juno 3, 1678
Notice for Publication
United States I. unit Ml
.., .. The Dalies, Oregon, Sept. 11, 1007.
.IJpUoo 1 hereby glyon tfiat lu compliance
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior
Land Ofllce at The Dulles, Oregon,
' heptember .10, 1UU7.
Xotiee ie herebv given that And that Haiti iirrmf Will lu m,l 1...
William Harper, of Mndraa. Orogon, foN b'rank Oalxirn, U. S. Ooinmiaaifinr
Haa nieu notice 01 IiIh intention to make i "a oineo In Mailraa, Oregon on v.v
flnal flve-yoar proof in ennnort of l.i 8, 107. ' w" ' uv'
s, claim, viz: He name the followim? in tip, 1.
I Irniinuluu.l 1.',.l,. ihmil I limnli,..,MU ! iUH
Jan. 10, 1902, for the nw of m: 12. to tloti of, the land, via 1 ' tul"va-
ilk 1. i 'i ... 1 11 w
1 ? "i, xiiiinui uar per, u v Foi. MibM li
A ...I o..:.i ......r 1.. t . 1 mm: if. ' . ,.; .T. "v" "
.1... vnni,r.iiui iiiuui i; iuhuc (! I niinuii Jtrowflllll). (til of iiadruM
fore I rank Oaborn, U. S ConiuiiBaioner, Oregon.
t. v. mqohh, Reglatur.
.... . mi. n 11, uiu lano fire.' :ui.
1 a. 1 ommlMloner. at . tH m,!,,! UfB,
gon, on II. i.tib day of Herein lr. WJ '
rimJTnl.f.W Ma.l,a,U Aubrey,
rrauk a nayion. Jaafcaoa I'luiiir, knrt
OreSoL 'H,- Cbmtl,m -4Mi:
!tn?l?l J?'Zi "iwaelr lb.
n ,IA
Notice for Pubb
Deimrltni'iit o'lhelt J
haiiti uillce nl ti,.. Ii4iiw,ft(j
Aotlce la hereby g mt'tj
Autlu W, ( ti p, if M,J
Iiiih niHl iiothe nf hMnl
tniiHeiiiiui prwifftl
III 1111 Ulllllll, viz .
llouieMeml l.u'ry n
wet w, juii-, i..r Hie iu- .i
nej of fct-e L'O, Ip 2a r!Sr,fcl
""""I inuy i, 011
ini-ii . . . . .. .. .. . I
so, ip n , r lit e, Wmi,
Ami llial aaul 1 r f vbi
befiir 11 l'fiiuk O'borfi. t
f louur, nt lila orlb 111 MUfi
Mv, 7, 11107.
Ho mime Hie follovrlerrd
provi fi!i coiilliui. 1 iri4l
xliil eiiltlviilliu. of, iheUsi t
H (i Hojrrn, hi IV fcil
Iniul, nil of .Mndfrtf, Offsl
W Hoilinaii, i.ft niver Ow
08 1 C. Mooiu I
An lit for luf.ilU n nV ia0 ' t of C. 1 of
ti. ,., riul,.'l?.ii, J.UP.u J. IWa, eiitltlad "An act for fhe .,! I f
at h'tB ollice in .MadriiH, Oretion, on Xov.
HenamoH tlio following witiieittseB to
1'i.jvu inn i:ujjuiiwuiiH lUeUietlCO UJIOII,
ujiu uuuivuiiuii 01, iiieianu, viz;
W H WilliamH. 0 C Fox, Milea D Vox,
m jiiuniiiiiu, mi oi iuauriiH, orouon,
o.'1-.'U C. W. aIoohk, lleKlHtor,
Notice for Publication
Department of tlio Jnterlor
Lit nil Ollleo at The DalleH, Oregon
Hoptemtier 21, 1007.
iwitice Ih hereby kIvoii that
'limber Und, Act June g, ww.
Notice for Publication.
United Htate Ur,rt )Wm)
Junea, , entitled "An ' ' f?f! ?
Mf laii.u In the Httc of ( a,u
extended wi all the public li .tXVbv L. !?
haie fllwi their .;., - Peraonii
ollice, towit: .n in tbl
. IWttilMtnln 1 v(uiw.i.
flf f.Illllluw fiminii I fj.'t. . .
of Miniiaw, coniiiy of t:rt,ok, Haut of fir.u...,
aworii aUtenwnt No. w.i, nliiU Anrli 1
extended to all the public land itale. bv'a'et iX', Territory" aa ' l" I Z1 " ,V r 1 "V.' " "ul ' ' '1! ?.r U w m.'
Augu.t 4, 1WW. m ae t of An iiiiit !i iiii9 ,uu" um ' "" ."":"".! ''".""".""'"" of Laidlaw. eouuiv'f. V-OTi.- .
iYlPT . . . ----. huh men notice of IiIh Intent on to nworn tut.Mi.eiit ... m ,.W :ri ",.."r,'"u.
SlfiH Sm ' vT,-L'"r I,roof ,n "mmL MffirMiWir lAu VK;
HonioHtoa.I Kntry No 10(182 made of uiniaw. eout?of 1 J'u, , ttr
Alir fi. 10(12. f,,r flw. f f.fu 1 1 o ....,1 Uworil utaleiiient hi,. . TKn
V" - for th t.,r,,,h.. v.".
onuvt 1,1 Ht'0 J, II 2 H. r I'J O. Will. 1... ..:.': .V'TT'."' 'I "
1 . , ....... . I ttUIlU li. UlllltlOil A tn- .l.w...... .i
viijiucr iniiu 111 mil hhi6m 01 CHIHoriilii rirA. I i...,.J ; . " mo aie oi i in .".ii'ijv kivuii mill,
gon, Nevada, and WaahiiBton Territory." ai In , 1. .10,t 5i V"".1. .P I'aiilino Deuner. widow of .liili.m Mr.,,
uxtenueu to an 01 tlj
net of Auuuiit -1. l02.
Jiilln Ilottc-ii
Timber Und. Act June 3, 7,
Notice for Publication
riTi raTn Lnii omn '
... " " "F mit tit
lana befor. ihrCoiintt
Notice for Publbbj
Wepartiiitti' 1 I
Land Ottiee nt 1 , in
"iillf U It b-rcbj r ' .
I.ewU A Ham- '!!
tma flfeil ihhIiv f ' ""
flniil fu--year ' 1
r taint, vl;
IIuiiiumUmiI bull liv
liAtt, lor the ,1 . .
nwj-i ip 1 r a
Ami mat mu t i i-1
I tii'di Oalfii, 1 '
'dtlee In Mailt a. i
(i. IW.
He nam' the ' ri
pntttfhlaeoiit.i. '
i-iiilfvalbiii nf, ti.. 1
William .1 l: ' I
ii ttji kllii! , 1 ri
nlf of .Mailr.vJi, o.
0R-11NI C ' 'I.
(banfor agii,.iiitiir
ball bin rial,,, , 1,!'
Mil at frfn. -villa. Orei 7.Z 77. .. .. .... """,
I'wewner, nwr. ' " "i 01
W HYlM)ard. ut)i
abt"i.1t?"Hl3.0'i0,,,''' '"r-t, th.
C W. MOOltK, Itoguur.
uj iuftOiiw, iMJumy m Jtltt i, $iho of Tdfilio nfTrm. am..i., i r .
lia on A prills, likr?, tiled iii this of ic her" SnAA ufflcS nirtti!L,,i 1,a;?r V'. "
KivornKUteuiBnt. No ami, for the puichane of itateLent v Mn,l H11""111 ,,Mr ."'
i,,,i ...iii . .., , . .. m,
Alio will oner nrunr tn alu.w kj, i.
land pouglit it more valuable for lu timber
y. s.uoc '""ii ior aLTioiilluriil tmr
Alld will offer
the land ,i ht ,f.i: .,nil ,"" T... !"."'
1 - " 7.7 lUl JL IJIJI-
e8W.tld to oitabliali her olalui to .aid faiid lurntiuii a,, 1 !. , i'f! 1 V,r MtbMiItiiral
fiafore tho Hok iter and it,.iv, i Vnl " '".l7?- a' u 'V. blUh her claim to aaid
JWI Oregon, on the lit., da7 of number: W'Knot WtfSW&Z??,
Mohcow, Jilflho, John it llotlen and j.'.ii ","7.! ".f ..'?.!!?' Jo.1' I'tt.n. of
Notice for Publication
iii.iimi.?J!i:.,.,.,,iv.,:.f'' ''
Luther K. klllBboli, of Or-
nag ll I oi J nolleo of i.iH M(..(I. .
itikw llnnl Uvi..y, r , or ,,l,,11,)"tl "' "
' .. ...1 7 . "1
, "! awi 'i aoj..j
1 w in.
fioneoiv, iiiauo, jonn ji not en and Julia T i iiini.TT. I....I. v ' j'-'iu-ji, o
any ana ail pereonf ojalm
Anv and all i.n ruins nlHlmlnr. n.ii.nrcoi.. n...
hbo e desorlbwl lands are xormaMtwl to file
tht-irclainis In tbit offlce 011 or before wild
llth day of Uecorabor, 1C07. ' "u
3-i0 C, V. MOOltE, Kofiiutcr.
t. ndeervlv tl.g
I It.
r. 1 iauu lire i. 1
iiiuir oiaiina in iniu aiums M r....
day pf Wccembor, lt07.
o-dS c. W. MnmiH k0i.,..
7 " ..wo. .1.1 ii, j . a. wIiiiiiiiih- thereon than for acrl.-t
Mioner, at bin ollleo in Mmlraa, Oregon, namhiuii thi ir i.;aT.,i 1
Oil Nov. 7, 1007. ' Kllla. V. H n.mmL
. . .... , ".'.I1. A
lAit I oWr.. T i5.. . ami ... ao su. H 1 ,. i- '
And that Hubl nroof will bo m.ii. Anil wbi offer i.roif 1., ,!,.,.. .1, ,,,... , i ..!, '
before Frank OHborn, U. H. (JommlH. Sm bo miulo
"Ri" oil iimi liliriililiu ..... ' "V I laiLllMtl IT Li r'.i,:7..;."m,.V' ..1 1.." tlUlllll.
IHl.lnl. '" II ' ..v ..IB lllllltl. i, ai1,.f-,.u
Jleii,),(iri.goi,,oi, Nov;,nVr j, 1,1 1"" 'v. 0. IU07. ' w,"Ki
nmi iff.v n u,.t, u.. . .
4 minimi, unri I, , f 1 fl 1 1 1 m 11 1 1 . 1 I., 1.. '.
Aiir nun 11 1 1 1 1 1 i .
Of tfi bf. (1. 1 , " "nT"1
loflla their Han,, . !ui , ,,u
biifore mild lftth ,f, iVo nr;.. .... fr
8I10 iiitmoH tho followlni' wl t uohhoh
to prove her lioiitlimoiiri reHhlonco
ujioii, ami cultivation of. tho laud, viz:
Fred Deiinke, J Dombrowo, 0 Wuw.
rJuofriky, W.aomer, all of Mudrau, Or-
j iK 'ii.
lo3-3l C. W. Moonu, Keglator
H '.rahaiii
... ..rri.11:""!' ii...
KOTIOfi ruiJ
Lulil Ollko at 1
Notice U ben '
Willlitni J. ('.ui '
baa filed in!"
iiinho lliial hvi
of bin olalui, vi
lIomeHifiiil 1 ""v
Out. 1(1, lOu'J. fi r 1.
H-u 8 nut) aw 4 ,, '
w III,
Ami that lotl l '
boiuro t'nuik f) '
liur, at lila ih
mi Nov. tl, 111117
Ho mime 'in f
pruvu Iih "'i ii"
and null) vii 1 nui 1
Umjky (J Ho'-'"
A Taylor, A s To
n!IH! V. V
f h 1 11
r proof Hi
si m
I - I
ivinf r.i
I pi,""!
Notice fd
Depiirfiiu i''
Laml Ollh't- at 1
f ilielntefl
Aotlcu li hi'r' b
Whfimir, widow o
Ueaaed, of -'leililt h
haa llled notli e 01
Hun' flvo-yein J'fot
eliiliii, viz:
ll'iinoiiiimil I' ot'
1,1(102, for (he 1
Hint 101,14 11 U'M of xi
.hut Unit Hubl pr
Iowa, towit: Oatli
poar buforu ('niiii
Hiiiiiof ASiullioil' i'
wiun'Mim win ai)
bui lii L ri. ('oiiilin
.Uadniri, Oivkoii. 00
Mho mniiet the 1
liiovn lib. emit no
eiiltlvutloii of, Ihe -
. ihJi
... in, rl
Kl''.nll ,f il. ... ' ,:r' ."'.
a.. 11.
MixiItK. itegi'mer
si turn l) toy,
Wllllnma, itliof.Vadr
I"8 31 W, Moouk, iuflt'or
o!l !ll 0. W- Ml