The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, September 19, 1907, Image 5

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    pilings at Madras.
rs. Alex Houk of Culver was In lown
tx Lonjj of Haycrcek was , In town
flllmm Dlftlr of Youngs was in town
Luincss Inst Friday.
L W. Adams nnd Mrs. I. M. Liinib
in I'rineville the first of the week.
tin, to the wife of Lars II . Lnrscn,
Voiiiiixilntf. Scntcinbcr It. I007. n
I ! .'- i r
V Ilnirjht, who resides nt the old
late in Cow Canyon, was In town
irn, to the wjfc of W. F. Fields,
rday, September 14, 1907, n
,W. VVoollcy, n flapd traveling
: was interviewing local merchants J
le - .. 1 .1 t 0
ks, J, v- i.ovcan ami cmuircn 01
iko are visiting at the home of A. C.
ml this week.
i;;h O'lCane, n Bend, hotel keeper,
it 1 iivn Turiday j'Vcnltig4, on Ills
tn the rallc'Wd.
cil W ild, who has liccn spending the
ncr on his homestead near thi place,
tcrday for Ruiledgc, in Sherman
V F Helms was in town yester
fom Ilnycreck, where he is Viijng
ih'ime of his daughter, Mrs. Rolando
I'osa A. Forney, who has been
Mrs Max I.ticddcmann lor-ten.
kit Saturday for her home at
3w, Idiiho
Simons has moved his rcnidence
iin.ko, and Mrs. Simons nod her
sitr I!rrni"c left Sunday afternoon
cir new home at that place.
I, K b, who lus been spending the
icr at StIUood, arrived here Toes-
lid wdl remain for sonic lime look
Icr his ranch west of this place.
II. Raymond, adjuster for the
lot it London & Globe Insurance
fevas in town on iticMiay.. Mr,
Lai makes annual tups through
II Orrgon, inspecting the local
Ics of his company.
1 Fisher, of Rccdcr & Fisher,
Sent sheepmen of the bhaniko
Ky, u at in town last Sunday, on his
the mountains, where he' is sum-
several bands of sheep. Mr
gowns a quarter section of land on
y nam
Mrown of Haystack was in town
ln Mr isrown says tat aunui
lot h s t'tnin has already been
id, in 1 that ho expects the Blanch
thresher at his ranch in the
ly or o, to complete the jot).
B1 ) e ILiystitck country ll turning
Bj, . it 1 tins year. :"
1 i pr, .1 prominent iheepmau
e wi inpr-country, wns in town
t m iy, on Ins way to the Cas
Iv I cre'his shcrp arc being pastured
tviiumcr. Mr. Hooper resides in
if, of wlii' h little city ho is mayor.
s h it the city is now considering
ri'i'in of lighting the streets by
K F, Hillington, of Albany,
cretary of the Christian Church,
lit in Madras next Saturday and
1 erviccs will be conducted by
lil'ir ,-ton in Snnford's Hall Sun
In n " and evening, and urobably
free Methodist church Saturday
1 1 1" public is cordially invited
I'.MUioi iiood River came in
. 1 ..-..! : 1 :..
c er.d days here looking alter
interests in this locality. lie
very iniici) piciscu witn ms new
f I Innil DitiM t.iliMrM It l.'.c
... . .
...if . . 1 m.. ... .... . r-t n.w. .n
C 1111 I., nir I mw n cut. II l.nnl .I lent
r Kiioucs owns a quarter sec-
in mi 1 nn 1 .ir i it I'l.iinc iv 11 if 11 is
Harvey Bros.
sre Kieccr. who has a fine ranch
south of town, has kept the
ket supplied with watermelons
loupes tins season, ami tor the
11. t r 1
is nlso engaged quite exten
ts chicken hnslneis. and while
uesuav Mri. Kirner tod ol a
w - . - o, - -
irM it., iiiiiinii .1...
ivw ujr nicy IlilVO UCCII
enemy lite chicken industry
is section. The covofes had
lite bold and lolled a number
in the yard in which they
sed, Mr, Rleger tlien stretclied
iiiu ailing 11IUUUU 111c yaru,
vill not cross it. 1
VV, W. Brown was In town last Satur
day from Heisler.
Try our Imperial washing machine, it
l the best. McTaggnrt & llyc,
Waller E, i'artish nnd Ralph Allen
were In town Monday from Itaycreck.
Louis Falkcnhugcn Is here from Cor
nelius, Oregon, visiting jils parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John ?.i!kcnhagcn, on Agency
A. S. IMillljps and wjfc left Tuesday
lor Palsicy, jyhcrc they will spend two
weeks visiting with relatives of Mrs.
C. C. Ashley, who has been in the
Willamette Valjey for several months
past, returned (0 Madras the latter part
of last Week,
Mr . Tiffany, school farrncr nt thu
Warmspring Agency, was in town last
Monday, buying grain for Fa! seeding on
the reservat)on.
Mrs. John McTnggart and children
returned Sunday altcrnoon from Hay-
creek, where they have been visiting at
tin home of Mrs, Rolando Parrish.
G ' VVcller has filed upon the quarter
section in 1 1-14, formerly known as the
Idlemiin place, and he mid his wile have
already taken up ihcir residence there.
M. W, Hennclt left Sunday for Shani
ko with Mrs. Bennett and their childien,
who arc on their way to the old home in
I own. Mrs. Bennett expects Ui visit for
several months with relatives and friends
in Iowa ,
0, M, Hrunsvold of Waluni, North
Dakota, nnd A. Carborg of Seattle, spent
last Friday in Madras, ldoking over this
field with a view to investing. They left
Saturday for Bend, expecting to go on
into Lake County before returning to the
S. E. Gray and family and Mrs. Max
Wilson returned last Friday from Blue
River, crossing the mountains by way of
the McKenrie road. They were accom-
panie'd front Cline Falls by Miss Jessie
Isham, who has been ill there for some
time rJast, but who was sulllciently
recovered to stand the trip home.
J. Strain was in town Monday, on his
way to Redmond with a load of melons
grown on his ranch on the north end ol
Agency Plains. Mr. Strain will find a
ready market for his fruit nt the Redmond
Fair, which opens there today. Lavt
year melons grown by W. H. Stone
hockrr In . this vicinity carried off the
...tit '
prizes at inc ueomonn rair. , -
The kangaroo rat is becoming numer
nus in portions of Crook county. Dr.
Goflln has one that was caUght in Sher
man c6iinfy. Tltey are prolific breeders,
and will .soon overrun the country, unless
care is taken to destroy them. They arc
native of Australia, and may be classified
along with the ballot, registration law,
and other abominations thrust upon
Oiegon from Australia.- Moro Observer.
The Central Oregon Transportation
& Forwniding Company purchased with
their other equipment an automobile for
me in connection with the operation of
their traction project. The auto is a 16
liars'" power runabout, and it will be used
between Shaniko and this place in looking
after the numcious details of water, fuel
or repairs incident to the opera'ion of the
big traction engine, in which capacity it
will prove a great tune saver.
The deep well which Is being drilled
on the Baldwin ranch cast of Bend has
reached .1 depth of over 550 feet, without
any'indication of water. They are now
drilling through black sand. When this
well was started it was announced that
they would sink the we!) a thousand feet,
anyway, in an attempt to secure artesian
water. Moore Brothers, who were en
gaged in drilling in this vicinity for
awhile, have the contract for the Baldwin
This new plan of freighting by means
of steam, traction engines promises to
rcvolutioni'c tralllc for this part of the
state. After the wheat has been removed
from the Agency Plains to Shaniko, there
will be plenty of other opportunities for
the road train to make money, The
Haycrcck coal will find n ready market
here if it can be delvcred at $1 1 per ton,
or slightly less than one-half cent n pound.
At that price a long ton of coal is about
equal to two cords of juniper. I'rineville
M. A. Meyendorff, a special agent of
the General Land Ofllce, spent last Fri
day and Saturday in Madras and vicinity,
inspecting 11 number of entries in this
locality, nnd looking into land matters
generally. Mr. Meytndorll went to
Bend several weeks ago with the party of
state and federal olllcials who were in
specting thu irrigation projects of that
section, since which tune lie has been
Investigating land matters in this county,
In addition to his investigation of land
entries, he hits nlso been investigating
several case of illegal fencing of public
land. Mr. Meyendorff left Saturday
afternoon for Portland, but expects to
return to thfy locality, later jit, the Fid, ,
Edward G. Pease Co.
j Incorporated j
haniko, Oregon
Let us fi!J your
Harvest orders
Isaac Martin of Culver was in Madras
Dressonds, plaids, suitings, batistes,
percales, chambrays, ginghams and calico,
all new, at prices that will surprise you.
J. W. & M. A. Robinson & Co
A o'iniplt'i Mipply of Itj'tl liluiikn for
nil- luidudlnu wurrntily innl quit 0I11I111
Iim'iIh, rciil, olntltt-l niiil (iron iuurt-iige4,
-li. .1 iiHt : court lilmikM innl jutli:t;
nun work n" Hpcolalty- Notary Public
F. J.. Brook.
Rev. J. K. Craig returned last Friday
from Spokane, where lie has bsen attend
ing the Columbia River conference of the
M. K Church. Mr. Craig's many
friends at .Madras will be glad to learn
that he has been returned to his charge at
this place for another year.
The petition of B S. Larkin and others
(or a county road running E.ut from the
R. R. Young place to the Snowden
While homestead has been acted upon by
the County Court, which ordered the
board of vjewers to meet, view out and
survey (lie road, and report thereon.
V veterinary surgeon named 1 lines nnd
his family passed through town Sunday,
enroutu to California, traveling in a large
covered wagon. They had eiiht or ten
diminutive Shetland ponios with them,
two of the ponies being driven to .1
buggy and the remainder following along
behind the wagon. The entire younger
population uf Madras was out to see the
little ponies during their stay in town.
B. C. Dove will probably be the first
farmer of this locality to ship his gram to
Shaniko by the new trafction freighting
outfit He has 750 sacks of wheat stored
here now, ready to be hutiled ns soon as
the road triiltl begins hauling, nnd he has
about that much more to haul down Irom
the plains. Mr. Dove expected to haul
his own grain to Shaniko, but says le can
have it hauled cheaper by the traction out
fit than he can do it himself.
- ---
H. F. Diolzel, Hccrotnry of tho Madras
Milling Comjmny, rutinnwl last night
from bis trip through Luke County ami
ecuitliorn Crook. Mr. Dietzt'l'd trip wna
for the purpose of making nrrniigciuunts
for the enlo of "MudrnH Flour" in that
Huctlon, and ho o.jirose much gnitifi
uutloii ovor tho HtlccotW of bin trip. Ilo
says that n murkot for all tho produot of
tlioir mill ia iiHSurcd thorn, and that
within n short timo lu boliuvoa tho mill
will bo tnxod to its full capacity to
mipply tlioir trado.
Minn Gladys Sanford and two daugh
ters! Mr. Ilnrvoyof tho Llttlo I'liUns,
liuvo moved Into tho old Timothy
BrownliHl rcBldouco on Agency Plains,
nnd will upend thu Winter there, in
order to tuku U10 Ninth Cirndo studios
from Prof. Fulton. Tho young hulios
liavo lliiibhed tho fight grades taught in
the Mmlraa school, and uh our district
failed to add 11 Ninth Gnulo tlila ycur,!
they will take tho Httidios from Prof.
Fulton, who wllKtcach thoiu in addition
to IiIh dutk'rt in tho Agoiu-y Plalnn
A dldpatcli from Bond sitys'n bunch of
wild horses that hud jiiHt been rounded
up on tho desert and wuro being driven
to tho homo corral becamo frightened
at a thruHhing mnchiiio mid u'liinpcdcd,
nearly tho ontiro band running into n
who fence which stood in tho path of
tho uttuupedlng herd. Quo Iioiho wuh
killed outright, four otlierH died in 11
short tlmo from their wounds, iul
Huvoral othoru wero badly cut and
Burntehed. Tho horacx bulongod to 1UU
Cmrluriuid ,1o Langdon nnd tho uecl-
dont occurred iwrv Summor Luke.
C.J. Kaufman, a rcprcHentative of M,
Seller & Co., of Portland, was in town
the last of tfic week.
13. F. Batten, n prominent business
man of Bend, was n passenger on yes
tciday's Wceisjde stage, on lus way to
Charles Riohnrdson of Spokane was in
town last Saturday. Mr. Richardson is
nt the head of tho sales department of
the Deschutes Irrigation & Power Co.,
ami has charge of the eale of their irri
gated lands in this county.
In the list of assignments for The
Dalles District by the Columbia River
conference of the M. E. Church, in
icsxion at Spokane, appears the name of
G. 11. Moorehead, assigned to "Crook
J County Mission." Mr. Moorehead baa
u homestead entry on Agency Plains,
and he secured un assignment to no
definite location in order that be might
move onlo his homestead. He and his
family expect to move to Agency Plains
Ewen McLennan of Shaniko, who by
his purchase of tlfo Young & Son sheep
ranch near that place acquired the title
uf the "Sheep King of Wasco County,"
was in town last Sunday, on his way to
tiio mountains, whore he is summering
a large numbor of sheep. Mr. McLon
iinn him one of tho finest sheep ranches
in the Slumiko country, nnd during the
three years ho bus owned the plaiit he
has enjoyed his full shnro of the proa-
j perity which has nttcndotl tho sheep
.- .
Wodofircin this mnnuur to express
our heartfelt thanks for many acts of
kindness to us by our nuighbors and
friends in tho hour of our bereavement,
tind especially to tho members of the
Odd Fellows lodge of Madrns, whose
synlputhy and kindness is deeply
appreciated by us. Sincerely,
Miih, ltoiMio IAititisn it Family.
I'rostilont Theodore Koosevolt
Vltw-I'riwitli'i' . Charlett W Fairbanks
Secretary ofSints.: F.lllm Hoot
SBoroturyof 'J'reiuury (leorso Corlelyou
Secretary ot Interior Jus U Gurliolil
Secretory t0f Wnn' W II Tntt
Sooretiiry of Kvy , .... () J Honnpiirto
Stiwretnry of Cominurro 0cnrStrnus
lWmustor Onnornl Uau Von 1. Meyer
Attorney OQimrnl W'm II Moody
Seeretury of Agriculture James Wilson
Governor .....George K, ChiuiUiorlnln
Secrntury fl Stnto K. W, Houson
Treimirtjr G A Steel
Attorney Gonwal AM Crawford
Sunt. Vulillc Instruction .. . J ll Aokerman
State l'rlntar W S Dinmtwny
Dairy ami Fooit DoimnUntimor J W Uallcy
U B Senators j C W Fulton
!V A Mooro
It S lleau
Jmlge. , V I. llriiilnlinvr
Vronooutlni; Attorney Frank Menefeo
Jiulgoi W A Hell
Clork . .. , Wnrron llrown
Sheriff., v... Frank Klklns
Treanurer WP Kins
Annosmr J I) I.aFolletlo
Heliool Supornnteiulent C II DluuhUlto
Surveyor', W H MeFarlanil
Corouur Gall SNcwkoin
Oomrulssloiwr ' j VawKjlS
JllHtlco. ,..,,; M. C. Makon
Coiutalilo .. .J M Mayes
Jtoail buiurvUur J. W, Llvlnfuton
From Bend to Shaniko and all interior points
New and Up-to-date Outfit
Daily stages through Agcnoy Plains Country and irrigated districts of
Crook 'county. Prompt attention given to express and baggage. Fast
freghtu specialty, Eqr rates address
J. W. & M. A. ROBINSON & CO., or J. H. OVERTURF, Agent,
Madras, Oregon Shaniko, Oregon
D. W. ADAMS, Proprietor
Reasonable prices
and courteous f
treatment to al!
Orders by stage
given prompt at
tention and no
charge for deliy'ry
ri : : j
UK BB 11.119 B U 0
KmnksmiTninGr mrmn
II WlUWUvlIIIlsiciilal dvvi wwwniii aj,
, 1
I have purchased the thop of P. A. Hamilton oppo.-it
LivingHton'6 stables and solicit your patronage, Yoi)
will find our work the kind that pleases
A. W, CULP, - Madras, Oregon
Shaniko Warehouse Company
Special attention to Wool Ceding and Baling for Eastern ihlp
ments. Dealers in Blacksmith Coal, Lime and Daildera' Material
of all kind. Sulphur, Wool and Grain Sacka and Twine, Grain,
Flour and Feed. Highest price paid for Ilidea and Pelts. Stock
Yards with all tho latest and beet facilities for handling Stock.
Mark Goods Car of
S. W. Co."
T. G. CONDON, Manager.