The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, October 25, 1906, Image 7

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l"' ... f.n from it
I slowly wtocanw
iy?0duco dyspepsia, ca-
W w" Vmi tendency w
& b"cdca5ing oruptiona,
MSy&oi utakothogrcfll
5.7..n chocolated tablets
MB,fl Y.bS 100 doses $1.
M(r,;?nTom0wlmt rtu.trntej!
mik9 nny difference" sho
i?o! theso cars I take to
l,r3r' ..m answered tlie
,1 at the u'no V
i authorities ntnlo that they
Ici by I'nclOcu. as early as
JrtJS Dante nro references
J , which .truck the hours,
1 matt bate been used In
t the of tbo U, r teen h
t Tbo oiucfli ciu;. .........
!' in rvnnl was erected
IDT"1""" . r
Ikt In the palace of Charles V.
la 1301. .
Kv recentl dedicated In St. Paul
KsUeoit of $7,000, raised by
tontrlbutioni oi m
MMbnd Trade Directory
rnrlor-Cnr niTerston,
"Porter," sold tho fussy lady In tho
parlor car, "I vlsh you would open this
Tlio lfldy In tho sent directly across
the car heard the request and drew a
cloak about lier.
"Porter, If Hint window Is opened,"
slio snapped, testily, "I shall frcczo to
"And If the window is kept closed,"
roturucd tho other passenger, "I shall
Btirely suffocate."
Tho porter stood timidly between tho
two fires.
"Portor," romnrked tho commercial
traveler, "your duty Is very plain.
Open tho window and frcezo ono lady.
, Tlicu closo it and suffocate tho other."
Went Sumrnvr.
A million or two of pcoplo who hava
spent this summer nt tho soashoro aro
strongly disposed to spend next sum
mer In tho bnck country or tho moun
tains. If they persevere In this deter
m'nntlon their placos will bo filled by
persons who liavo spent this summer
In tho mountains and tho back coun
try and don't want to go back. It has
been a very trying summer, muggy,
foggy, 'skectry, damp, moist, hot and
miscellaneously plalntlrc, but it has
been about as bad In one place as In
another. Harper's Weekly.
ls iij jjji
bAddrMi I" Portland of Repr-
tuiliun f Jfm. .
ErrAIIAt0ll8-Wi urnt lb U.H.
r.rWr. it. .1.- .... r... mtAlnff.
iJCa, inn ma
. .. tt.HH Mn lmt.(tfftlintl HH
WfllloJr. illbft Co., t'orlland
rTnmiT0.V-Arw arl Chemist.
lZ5n .rmllcatlon. Control and Urn-
i you buy
a long
nd many
Good Dolnts
f.nblncd In
l titorA A
r any other
l u wiKtiia
i v
f free booklet showine analysts
(titer In 100 titles In the United
Pithe amount of 20.MulcTcam
(wnetesjary to use in ench case
me water and produce clean,
Ifto without Injury to the finest
I most delicate hands.
. fall. I.. .. .
KfS??;i',.na ynlr picture 7xH liv.
I , nto my large
you womV """Kiaasnoes
Kr.inH :i' -! nc Detter,
P3, Urockton, Ww.
How a Veteran Was Saved the Am
putation of a Limb.
D. Frank Doremus, veteran, of Rooeo
velt Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., says:
"I had been showing symptoms of kid
ney trouble from tho
time I was mustered
out of tho army, but
in nil my life I novel
euffored as in 1807.
IlendacheB, dlzzinuts
and sleeplessness first,
and then dropsy. I
was weak and help
less, having run down
from 180 to 125
pounds. I was hav
ing terrible pain in the kidneys and the
secretion passed almost involuntarily.
My loft leg swelled nntil it was 34
Inches around, and tho doctor tapped it
nitjht and morning until I could no
longer stand it, and then ho advised
amputation. I refusod, and began
using Doan's Kldnoy Pills. Tho swell
ing subsided gradually, the urino be
came natural and all my pains and
aches disappeared. I hnvo beon well
now for nino years since using Doan's
Kidney Pills."
For salo by all dealers. SO cents a
box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Itoaifh on Iteffifr
Tommy What Is tho "height of fol
17," pa?
Pa Your sister's beau, my son. Ha
is six feet two.
Unole Allen.
"Afnny a mnn." said Uncle Allen
Bparks, "dates all his other reversen from
the evening whec hl best girl turned him
Hope Deferred.
Dlnguss Shadbolt, t I'ro borrowed a
good many llttlo sums from you, at one
time and another. Do you know just how
much 1 owo you?
Hhadbolt (with alacrity) Yes j I t'a ex
actly (05.
DIukurs Then let mt hare 15, will
you? That will make It an eren hundred,
and it will be ensler for me to rcenoubr.
ItealUed I Ilemcir.
The angry waves broke upon the state
ly veanol.
"Isn't tho commotion terrible?" ex
claimed tho young man with tho steamer
cap and the camera.
"O, yes I" moaned the palo young wom
an In the steamer chair. "You feel it,
too. do you?
Wnnld Suit I Mm Defter.
The Judges Mr. Twtgglcs, do you w!h
to poll the Jury?
Tho lawyer (who had lost his cane)
No, your honor; but It would afford me
Infinite satisfaction If I could club the
Prolmltlr Went All Itlstit.
"J. Smith, Famished Geological Struc
ture, III."
This was the address on tho letter
postmarked "Boston, Aug. 27, 1000."
"Try Starved Rock," wrote tho cdu
catcd railway postal clerk just below the
address. Chicago Tribune.
Artificial rubles aro now successfully
made up to twelve or fifteen carats by
M. Verneul, a scientist of Paris.
Took Stilno to Illin,
PJggmus I see that the champion
bootblack la dead.
DIsmukes Yes : Death loves a shining
mark. American Spectator.
Llttlo Olrl I thought you said you
wnmi't coining to school to-day. Llttlo
Hoy Oh, that waH before I had an in
terview with pnpn.
Teacher Willie, you may spell
"felt." Willie F-e-l-t. Teacher That's
right. Now, Johnnie, what Ib felt?
Johnnie Mamma's slipper.
"Oh, milmma!" exclaimed llttlo Fred,
as ho catight sight of n zebra at n
menagerie, "come here quick' and bco
tho poor llttlo convict ponyl"
"Harry," said a mother to her Incor
rigible Hon and heir, "did you bring that
mud Into the house?" "No, ma'am,"
replied Harry. "It Just stuck to my
shoes and ennio In Itself."
"My papa is a lawyer," said little
bel. "Ho knows everything your papa
papa 1b n minister," rejoined llttlo Ma
bel. "Ho knows everything your papa
does nml n whole lot about tho here
after." Llttlo Elsie What's the meaning of
the word "acclimated," Tommy? Small
Tommy Oh, It means to get used to
anything. Like when n man and woman
has been married so long they don't
mind It any morel
"I'm glad I'm not a fish," remarked
llttlo Georglo as ho watched the gold
fish svlmmlng around In the globe.
"Why?" queried his mother. "'Causo
It rnlisf I if nwftit tn linvn in lin tifitlilm.
nil mo time," was tno reply.
One day llttlo Elmer's mamma caught
htm In the pantry helping himself to
8omo cuke and Jam. "Why, Elmer," sho
exclaimed, "don't you know It Is wrong
to tnko thlngji without nsklng for
them?" "It Isn't wrong, mnmmn," re
plied Elmer. "Our Sunday Bchool
teacher snys tho Lord helps those who
help themselves."
slmilaling UicFoodandncgula
ling litcSlomaclB aralBowcls of
Promotes Digcslion,CIwcrftil
ncss andRest-Contalns neilhcr
Opium.Morphlne nor Mineral.
Jhmphn. Seta'
CifrUM Sugar
Apcrfcci Remedy forConsUpa
Uon, Sour Slomach.Diarrhoca
ondLoss or Sleep.
Fox Simile Signature of
Eh. Ktad Xoa Have Alway, StSS
in uso for over w years, mis f 7.7,n;
yzJ gonal snpcrvJslon slnco its infancy.
TuZtJUtl a nrtrinn to deceive youintlils-
. - v-tia ami -Timt-ns-coocl" arc lnfc
Experiments that triflo 0.
Infltnts and ClUldron-Exporlcnco against Experiment.
Castorla la a harmless substitute for Castor OH, Pare
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrupa. It Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other fotlo
ubstanco. Its ago is its guarantee. It
and allays Fovcrishncss. It cures Diarrhoea and WIna
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Com-tlpatloa
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Pood, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
v r r a
Ik M You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
We Trust
No. 42-08
If you arc suffering from
Impure blood, thin blood, de
bility, nervousness, exhaus
tion, you .should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparllla, the
SarsaparliU you Jiavc known
all your life, Your doctor
knows It, too. Askhlmaboutlt.
Tow mail look wU sfltr Uio condition fC
yoHr liver find boweli. U nlsis thera i dsllr
txorbed, osutlnK beaoli, blllouinfM, nu.
nrn from iloinif Its belt work. AW
l'l Isare liver i li. Actmiitlr. ell vegeUblo.
ii quit oae im wou
Tlio dote
one pill i
Alts uunanuwi
aiun I'onecl for I'Icturea of "Women,
Women for Tltono of Men.
It In nn IntcrcHtliif,' fact that artists
havw used women an models from which I
to imlnt men and men as modelH from I
which to represent women, says the
Strand Magazine.
Ono of (lie most striking Instances Is
tho well-known picture, "Napoleon on
Hoard tho Ucllerophon." A woman
friend of the painter was tho model '
for the "Llttlo Corporal."
Landseer'a famous picture, "Tlio
Naughty Hoy," was really painted from
a llttlo girl, llttlo Lady Kachel Hub-
Hell. As n matter of fact, tho child's
mother had taken her to have her por
trait painted. When, however, she ar
rived at the stmllo sho refused to poso
In the wny the artist suggested, and he
came so sulky and naughty that ft was
Impossible to do anything with her.
At length her mother put her In the
corner as n punishment There sho
turned with such a sturdy, defiant look
that she Impressed Landseer, who
sketched the recalcitrant llttlo one us
sho stood.
A sense of chivalry toward the child
caused him to chango tho sex of tho
subject, so he added tho broken slate,
the rumpled hair and tho undone boots.
while keeping tho disheveled dress, and
gave a title to the canvas which lins. re
moved it from any suggestion of por
traiture. Wllklo's "Wind Fiddler," which cre
nted n furdr when It was exhibited at
tho Itoyal Academy, furnishes anoth
er instance, for the artist actually sat
to himself for tho figure of the old
Wllklo used to say that ono day Ban
nister, tho actor, called and was shown
In whllo ho was sitting on a low seat,
dressed as n woman, with n looking
glass beforo him, performing the part
of n model for himself. Wllklo was
not n man to be In the least discom
posed nt behig found In such n plight
Ilaunlstcr gazed on him for n moment
or so, and said:
"I need no Introduction."
"Truly, no," said Wllklo. "I know
you very well, but, you seo, I can't
movo lest I spoil tho folds of my pet
ticoat I am for tho present an old
On ono occasion Guldo painted tho
hoad of n Madonna, using his porter as
a model.
Home, tttveet Home."
Probably no one would hnvo been
more surprised thau Sir Henry Bishop
himself could he hnvo foreseen that a
slnglo melody In ono of his numerous
operas would nchlcvo such celebrity
that at the present dny It Is still Bung
by lending prima dotinas nt fnshtonnblo
jconcorts, Jangled on street organs nnd
j loved by n vnst public that knows noth
ing of imulc, properly bo called, ns tho
'purest representation of tho English
I spirit "Homo. Sweet Homo." Clarl,
tho Mnld of Milan," tho oporn In which
this favorlto song occurred, has long
'been consigned to tho Umbo of forgot
ten musical works, but "Home, Sweet
Homo," survives with undiminished
'popularity nnd Is likely to survive
whon ninny nioro pretentious compos!
tlons hnvo followed "Tho. Mnld of
Milan" Into oblivion. Cornelt Mnga
elno. '
The lSvl! of n (Jooil Nttme.
"Mammy," snld Pickaninny Jim,
'"why didn't you nnmo mo Goorgo
WnHhtngtpiv,?" "Sonny," wns tho nn
swer, "I lsn gwlno to nnmo no mo
chlllen George Washington. As soon no
doy liynhs dnt Btory 'bout nofboln' nblo
to tell a Ho doy 'ponre to git curious to
nnd out whotuor It's bo or not, an' dey
Btnhts In sporlnicutln' ns booh ns dey
kin tnlk." Washington Stnr.
Mcu hnvo no uso for womou who
wear greasy ribbons lu their hair.
Grandma Tommy, Is there anything
you Hko better than a piece of pie?
Tommy (with his ' mouth full)
Yes'm. Two piece.
MotlicratTlH Und Mr-, "inilow'i Eoothln
Syrup the best remedy to use (or their children
during the teething period.
Oris of Ilia Gloomy Bloods.
"Honesty Is the best policy, to be sure,"
moralized the professor, "but In tb cass
of too many men It Is a policy that has
a surrender value."
To Break In New Shoes.
Always shake In Allen's Foot-Ewe, a powder.
It cures hot, sweating, aching, swollen leet.
Cures corns, ingrowing nails and bunions. At
all druggiits and iboo stores, 24c. Don't accept
any substitute. Samplo mailed FREE. Addrcsn
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
"I tee they're dlscharced that clerk who
Mved so much money out of his small
salary. Didn't they- know he was grafting
all the time?"
'Tos, bat they suspect now that he got
some of tho graft that rightfully belonged
to tho bigger officers of the company."
TITO St. VUiw Dance ana all KetVons DlsaJ
rllu permanently cored by Dr. Kline's Or-t
Nerre ilcatorer. Bend for FREE 2trlit bottl and
treatise. Dr. It. ILKllnr.Ld. 831ArcbSt.,PbUa.,PM.
A song called the "Hymn of Apollo,"
written 2S0 years B. 0., has just been
sung for tho first time In England.
A Correction.
Mr. Stoplate I believe I must say
MJss Tersleep Oh, don't! Why
should you?
Mr. Stoplate Why, really ah It's
getting rather late, isn't It?
I Miss Tersleep Yes, altogether too
Into to say good-night Say good-morning.
Cleveland Leader.
In cutting a canal at Bordeaux a burled
statue has been discovered of Anne of
Austria, queen of Loula XIII., who diei
at Paris in 1CGC.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers ol this paper will bo Pleased t
learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure In aU lt
Biases, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarxts
Cure is the only positive cure known to tea
meulcal Iraternity. Catarrn beingaconstlta
tlonal disease, requires a constitutional trefV
mont. Hall's Catarrh Uureli alien Internally,
acting directly upon the Uood and mucoua
sunaces of the system, tLereby destroying thsr
foundation of the disease, and giving tno pa
tient strength by bonding up the constitution
and assisting nature in duing its work. Tha
proprietors Save so much faith In its curatlva
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
lor any case that it falls to cure. Send lor 111
0,Addr.nIa F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, CX
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
At WHkesbarre. Pa., In one day recent
ly 42T foreigners were naturalized.
1 M 1 W
Makes the
Load Lighter
An ounce of grease is sometimes the only difference between
profit and loss on a day's teaming. YOU know you can't affcrd
a dry axle do you know as well that Mica Axle Grease is the
only lubricant you can afford? Mica Axle Grease is the most eco
nomical lubricant, because it alone possesses high lubricating prop
erty, great adhesive power, and long-wearing quality. Hence the
longest profitable use of your outfit is to be had, only when the
lubricant is Mica Axle Grease.
Mica Axle Grease contains powdered mica. This forms a
smooth, hard surface on the axle, and reduces friction, whUe a spe
cially prepared mineral grease forms an effective cushioning body be
tween axle and box. Mica Axle Grease wears best and longest one
greasing does for a week's teaming.
Mica Axle Grease saves horse power
consequently saves feed. Mica Axle
Grease is the best lubricant in
the World -use it and draw a
double load. If your dealer does not
keep Mica Axle Grease we will tell
you one who does.
- W B SSF-
Standard Oil Co.