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    The Trail of the Dead:
(Copyright 1905. by Joseph B. Bowles)
CHAPTER XIV. (Continued.)
tic was on old innn, and it was worth
the effort But as I sprang towards him,
he whipped out n revolver from his pock
et, and I shrank away from tho black
ring pointed at my chest
"Such folly is not what I should havo
father's room. It Is on tho ground floorj
the' room on tho left as you open tlie
back door. You could lock the door and
defy tho other man."
"Now listen to me, dear," said Cra
den, "You must walk on very, very
slowly. Tako all the tlmo you can. At
tho cliff top niako several starts as If
hut feared. Mind that
you do not go too near tho edgo. And
bo In ton minutes conio homo. We will
meet you, and all will bo well at least
for your father," ho added grimly.
"I understand," sho answered simply,
and walked on.
It was a wild rush that wo made. o
found tho spring, and turning to our
right, crashed Into tho thicket for the
"until" was ft courtesy title. The hang-
thrash him till ho gives It up, and tako
tho consequences."
IT.. . . 1 . 1 1 1
no mean i wiiui nu siuu no always , , : ------ , . i.,. in, n " . .. . .
did and I followed htm, with unpleasant Pnca tno ucau gorse ,.... i ' " - cnlly if tho dlnmctcr of tno wnoei
But wo
- -- rcy. -.J icn.' of potatoes la no oxeontloti to tim i .. f H
I vS-i:: mio. in tho first place, so nmiiy nliotiiii HlJaslsi-MJ W
llnrvestlHsr l'atiMeea,
Moro or less Judgment Is required In
doing any kind of work, and the dig.
Ring of potatoes la no exception to the
rule, In the first place, so many should
not bo diifc out at one time that they
cannot do Handled readily. A Rood way
from Miss Weston," he con- retired
Should you causo me to kill In tho assistant editor, who received us,
I recognized an old acquaintance. Ho
was a clever young Scot named Itaoburn,
who had lived on my staircase at Cam
bridge, and rowed bow to my two in the
collego eight Ho appeared delighted to
see me, and becntuo duly Impressed when
I Introduced him to my distinguished
Is thero anything I can do for you?'
"Do you doubt me, mademoiselle?" he he asked me, after a few minutes of tho nim-ior. maecu, ine shock ,...
shouted, flaring up Into another burst conversation usual in such clrcum- UBT. . m in..t.
of passion. "I come of an honorable stances.
house, a house that served its kings in Evidently he had no knowledge of our
many wars before the Kevolution de- previous visit.
itroyed us. I am no pig of a German; Sir Henry hero is anxious for tho
I am a Marnnc of Toulouse, mademoi- name and address of 'Cantab.' You will
felle, and we hold to our word though recollect the man I mean; he contributed
rou, I shall certainly not spare your fath
cr. And why should two suffer for tho
fault of one?"
"How am I to know that even if I
accept this that you offer, you will let
him go unharmed?" 1 cried.
"On my word of honor, I will not hurt
ft hair of his head."
"Your word of honorl"
Turlilno Windmill.
In narts of tho country subject to Is to dig during tho fore part of each
hluii winds thorc Is risk of mills on half day and than Rnthcr the tubers
trig scrub brushed our faces. In the open .. . towers being overthrown, cspo- boforo quitting. As soon an dry they
s snouiu a ways bo ttlckotl tin. n id If m
weather la reasonably dry the length of
necessary for drying depends al-
entirely upon the nature of tho
of a summons at Bow street and "ur "vv- " xl",TZuAiurnnr. Increased abovo ten or tweivo reel. io
paragraphs In tho evening papers. Je. "r:""u"' . v.,.mmn this dlfllcultv It Is expedient time
.. rAA . aii r f h a iirrir. (fininii. nnu. iiiiiil" w - -
were in luck. Air. Holies hart .'"- " V ; , , ,...m.i in. .in nf Its tower most
. ..... .... . itf. IIIta nvlt Allarnil linlllllia.. mil lliriuillj . I'J UMIUI ...M...w -
10 ine Atnenacum tor Ms tea. anu t "" ' ... ...... ".'... ... i,,ri.iim .mil it
nnnn tho house. There was no uuiu iui rainer innn uini" iu -i"" "-
Kill -i.ihiiii iTHr
ii unn
iimielnir nmi rrnwlinir. It was a forlorn ; ),nvii In tho illustration has a dlativ
hopo we led. Lter of twenty feet and U used to,
Ami ur. eston was amo. 'drive a feed grinder and otuer ma
Ho sat amongst his pillows, a greiu . .. . ll0wever, Is
hook upon ms Knees, .
sandy, an hour may bo long
enough, but If a moist clay It may tako
several hours. Potatoes, once dug, I
should certnlnlv lint I in toft nut nn Mwi I
ground over night If they aro, the . l lDl--Vneo da Qara ,
" : . i.i-i. ininiitn i tiiu i.n. ... ..... .1..... irom I V
snectaeles with the most Profound ,,-, o operas p,-,.. , , .. r, , milv -
ment on his kindly old face at tho two
disheveled strangers who burst in upon
him. Leaving mo to guard and quiet
him for, Indeed, the shock might provo
we are torn in pieces."
"But how can you, a gentleman, drive
pn innocent girl to so frightful a death?'
I pleaded "With him.
"Innocent? Did you not write that
article?" He spoke eagerly, with a
glance of keen suspicion.
"Yes. I wrote it."
"Then go. Itemembcr, I wait and I
watch. If you fear to do this thing,
yes, even if you hesitate too long over
there upon the cliff edge, I shall kill your
Without another word I began to walk
down tho sloping moor towards the sea.
I have asked Miss Mary Weston to
end her narrative at this point I think
It better that I should now take up
the threads of the story,
Aater Marnac's escape from Poland,
Sir Henry Graden and I traveled to Ber
lin. There we carefully examined the
book of extracts which had come into our
Lands, and sent warning letters to those
writers who from the marginal notes
Eeemud to have especially roused this
madman's anger against them. The ex
treme animosity 'which was evinced
against "Cantab's" article in the Uni
versity Review especially alarmed us for
the author's safety. Finally we deter
mined to proceed to London, discover his
an article to your August number."
ell, it's against all tho rules; but,
of course, with you it doesn't matter.
He is Dr. Weston, the Regius Professor
of Physic at Cambridge. The old gen
tiemau has been very seedy, I hear, and
is down at PoIIoven, on tho Cornish
coast, for the winter. That article seems
to have attracted a lot of attention. I
had an old fellow hero kicking up a fuss
about it less than a week ago."
"hat did ho want to know?" broko
in Graden sharply.
It was a long rlgamarolo of a story,
but it boiled down to this: that wo were
charged with hopelessly misprinting Dr.
Weston's MSS. To get rid of the old
boy, I sent up for tho original copy of
the article and showed It to him. Ho
went away quite satisfied after that'
"Did he mention Dr. Weston's name?
"No. That s i
'Did you?"
his errand of vengeance. Two minutes
later I heard him call, and, breaking
off tho excuses that I was inventing, I
ran through tho houso to join him.
Miss Weston and ho were standing bo
fore the porch alone. She was leaning
on his arm, panting from great exertion.
"Think of it, Robert!" cried my cousin.
"He chased her the villain followed and
chased her!"
"How Is my father?" she faltered.
"Is he as this gentleman says qulto
"Quito safe, I assuro you," I answered.
"I must go to him."
"Ouo moment, Miss Weston," said my
cousin. "We have yet a duty to tho
public safety. Which way did this man
She told her story quickly. After sho
had left us and gained the cliff turf abovo
tho glen, sho glanced back. To her sur
prise, she caught a glimpse of him stand
ing amongst the trees on the opposite
slope. Her delay had aroused his sus
picions, and he had followed her. Sho
walked slowly forward and, as wo had
directed, moved uneasily about on the;
vergo of tho precipice. Presently
again glanced over her shoulder,
H It
and only a little freezing la required to , 01B 1 rench rlcto
sKII a good many bushels for mar
ket. It Is a poor practice, too, to pick
lit) DOtatoett without nnv tvtriird tn arm.
' -- .-...- . uvjr.
lug. Two classes, anyway, should be i ulu--wwy Arabella fii.. .tM
thoHo of good mar. X? ,l'nlouy of jitt(4 1 ?M
Mnrlgnnno. It.i.
1000 llcnr, II..., ' .
un th i "u"r. lli
Slu.rf .
mado of them ; all tlioso of good
ketnhlo size should bo gathorcd first
and tho undersized ones left till later.
It also pays to havo crates or bushel
measures In which to pick them up.
Kasy to distribute about thu field, these,
after being filled, can readily be placed
on a wagon and drawn off. Further
more, they prevent the tubers from be-1 i77a v ' ,. ,
I.... IA. ......... ... 1 . .ivn i nrv , .
in jiuuiiii'u iiiiu iiinrrvu, iinriy or I HrliUli !, "I"'".
Vienna b, ,' rW
John flftM..u"
- . ann I .
sixteen acres of land. Thp expense of
srectlng this milt was about one hun
dred dollars. There Is no particular
dlfllculty about Its construction and a
considerable part of the work could be
done with ordinary tools and a little
mechanical knowledge.
Lack of Mrchnnlcnl KnovrIedc.
The full bencilts of farm machinery
are not realized because tho average
she fanner has not the mechanical training
forty of them, or even a less number,
may profitably bo owned by every form.
er who makes a business or raising po
tatoes and similar crops. Fred O. Sib
ley, In Agricultural Epltomlst
Indln'K I.nrucat ' AVIirnt Crop,
The wheat crop of India this year
Is a large ouo. The area sown amounts
to 20,120,200 acres, and the yield Is es
timated at 8,S00,000 tons, as against
7,582,000 tons last year, the Increase
being 13 per cent The Indian Trade
Journal, which makes this statement
says thnt thu government Is taking a
deep Interest In tho complaint of tlx
admixture of dirt In the wheat export
1777 Start and Strlo ,
battle at batll nf w ti'
TTn linil nr Mm KAiinlulfr. nl-lll 4lt I. rut f.k.
that he' knew itlriMilr Hallol Anv- ?ow ,cr'jssea the ecn nnd was standing 8Uita 0ut of these complex Implements, vd. The goveniment lias consulted the
inai in. Kuun ii airtauy. Xiiuioi auj in .i. , nn ...nfnhlni? hir. The (lis-1 ..... .... ..... . , .. ... ....
thing wrong?"
Raeburn has since admitted his doubts
as to our sanity; for without another
word my cousiu rushed from tho room,
and I followed at his heels.
We are the greatest makers and users
In tho world, and
From tho Review office to our hotel
was not great distance, and this wo ran,
identity, and take the necessary steps regardless of the lndig
fnr l,q snf,.tx-. nifctnatpFnl n in. Hila "ayiarers. Jiy COU3U1
.WnfHvo hiwinpu t n .nn nf mr smoking-room and seized
diobs habit. I nevertheless felt that it looked over his shoulder with an equal
in the open watching her. The dis
luuL-c uantni mem wus auoui n.u iiu..-p.r ,,,,
hnro nenrlv rnnnhod th c-ottntre. and U ls owInB to tllls fCt more than any
that if ho had not already attacked her otllLr single cause that we have been
father, there was no further danger. So auio to maintain our agricultural su
sho started to run along the coast lie premacy In the markets of the world.
shouted and drew his revolver; but either The cost of this machinery to the farm- strongly supports the government's pro
ne iiiougiu xno uisiauco ioo great, or e er8 ls grenter to-day than ever before, iwsal for OS per cent pure wheat
chambers of commerce, some of whom,
however, Indicate n reluctance to de
part from the present customs of the
trade; but tho chamber of commerce
at ICnrachl, from which 70 ier cent ol
Indian wheat exports aro now shipped.
of JosSel STBhe0; acUoT'evlde'nUy puH C ? f
n plunged Into the J rl!" compllrated, requlr
:ed a Bradshaw. I completely nt h,3 mercj-, IIo dId not , ng Increased knowledge of engineer-
was mj duty to assist my cousin in
bunting down the murderer.
It was on the evening of Sunday, Nov,
29, that we arrived at Charing Cross
Station, from which we removed to the
morose respectability of Jerrold's Hotel
At eleven on the following morning we
were ushered by a buttony boy into the
editorial sanctum of the University Re
Mr. Holies for such we had discover
ed was the name of the editor remained
seated before his American roller-top
desk. He was a very large and sleek
young man, with plump cheeks of a dingy
color, and pinee-uez glasses which he
wore half way down his nose. His gen
cral appearance was suggestive of a ca
pacity for plum-duff and sugar water.
and he oozed self-appreciation from every
"And what can I do for you?" he
Inquired, with a sedate patronage.
"in tne month ol August, said my
cousin, declining the chair that Mr.
Holies suggested, "you published an arti
c!e signed 'CAiitab,' dealing with a book
written by Prof. Maniac of Heidelberg."
"Most certainly. Pray proceed."
"For the must urgent pr.vate reasons
I desire 'Cantab s' name and address."
"Which I cannot give you," said Mr.
JIoKes, lighting u gola-tipped cigarette.
My cousin walked up to the editorial
dek and spoke down upon him.
"From my c:ird. sir, which I perceive
you have before you. you can jude that
1 am a respectable persau." '
"Perhaps, perhaps," snhled Mr. Rolies;
"but nowadays even baronets, you k:iow
r re well, not always worthy of such Jin.
lj.icit confidence as you demand."
I saw the right hand of my cousin
steal out towards the'ial collar, but
lie re-strained himself.
"You reduce me, sir, to speak of my
self with less good taste than modesty,"
J.e said. "Have you never heard of my
nanio as an explorer or a scientist?"
"Very often, my dear Sir Henry;
though even for sj .distinguished a light
I cannot break my must sacred rule. If
you choose to write to 'Cantab,' I will
iorward the letter. Further I cannot
a I don't think that Mr. Holies will ever
realize how near he came to a thorough
trouueing. For a moment my comin, ho
to speak, hung in the wind. Then he
drew up a chair and sat down at the cor
ner of tho desk.
"I will accept your offer, sir," said he.
''Give me a blank sheet of paper."
excitement The next express from Pnd
dington was at midnight, and it was
timed to arrive at the nearest station
to Polleven that the map showed us by
twelve-thirty the following morning. But
that village itself was distant by road
a good fifteen miles from tho station
With Cornish hills we should be lucky
if we arrived there by three in the after
noon. The postal guide informed us that
our letter of warning would be deliv
ered about twelve o'clock next day. A
telegram for there was no wire to Polle
ven would scarcely arrive earlier.
There was nothing more to be done,
It was, indeed, shortly before three
o'clock that our carriage groaned and
screeched its way down the steep descent
into Polleven village. At the inn we
soon discovered tho direction or ur.
Weston's cottage, and, taking the advice
of the landlord as to the roughness of the
track thither, we left our carriage and
started off on foot After a stiff climb
of three-quarters of a mile between rug
ged cart ruts running with water from
the winter springs, we emerged Into a
little glen, sparsely wooded. At the
further end, built on the higher ground,
we caught a momentary glimpse of a
building which we took to be the place
we sought From our right, low, boom
ing reverberations told of distant break
ers ou a rock-bound coast
It was I who iirst saw her, a glimpse
of wh.te amongst the bare skeletons of
the stunted trees. Then at the turn of
the path we met her. Her face was pale
as tine linen, her eyes fixed and glassy,
her arms with her cienched hands rigid
by her sides. She might have been tho
pursue her far. but instead turned and "'S principles on the part of users'.
gazed Intently at tno cottage. On her The traction engine, tho steam plow,
part, she also stopped running to watch the combined harvester nud thresher
him. From where they stood tho gardeu operated by steam nower. tho nntonio-
was iuny exposed, anu at tnat moment blei tno growing use of electricity ns a
iZ "r,r At 1mm, X SIT: Power on the farm, the mach.n.
h. n hnn.. .pr..n, cry n required In dairies, in the
shak'lnc his fist towards us and fillini: the Showing of sugar beets and manufac-
air with Imprecations. Then, without of beet sugar, are nil Illustrations
further noticing her, ho set off towards of the momentous changes In the char-
the town. For berselt, she camo dock ncter of farm machines which have
as fast as she could run, meeting Graden taken place In tho last fifty years. The
oeiore me uoor. one nuueu .uiuu uaciu, nicrea8e ln skI1, ,md Incchau,ca know,.
particulars as 10 uis uiu uuu ua irai-
I'utllnir fl til tn pa.
A writer In Home and Farm glvci
this description of an Imjilcment for
jiulllng stumps: Cut a good, strong
jkjIo about twenty feet long, of white
ash: trim and peel It nicely, hitch a
strong rojie to the toj n chain will do,
but It Is heavier to handle. Set the
denco at the Inn.
(To be continued.)
edge required by farmers to operate
these complex nnd costly machines com
pared to what was needed to operate
me primitive tools of hnlf a century
Tboae Mnffailnc ICjiocltern
"A modern dictionary, Indeed," said ng0 cannot be given in nercentnires
. li n omnnlli.tnTnnm1 nimnt '.Tt, at tlin T.M t . . ... . . .
.""B"v.v. "d""- , r,iH uuu jicnu, in d iciu anu Farm.
one for you.
"I don't see why," replied the editor
of the Jabem AH Magazine. "We havo
roa ruLujfo- the stumi's.
Good lloir Trough Feeder.
ihc best hog trough I ever saw it
a dozen dictionaries scattered- around made as shown In cut A is a fence be-
here." tween man and pigs, 3 feet high; B, ,vl" out mosv any stump
' 1. t- t n ... I I . a a I . .
"Yes, but this one has certnln words "ack board, 18 inches; C, bottom width
Jiolo against the stumji to bo pulled,
letting thi lower end rest between two
roots. Then put n strong chain around
the top of the stump, jiasslng Unround
the pole. A team hitched o the rope
arranged so nicely."
"What words?"
"Why, take 'honesty,' for instance.
It is marked 'obsolete' "
Suriirlalnnr Information.
A wealthy Parisian, tired of sup
porting Ills nephew, determined to got
him married off and settled. IIo called
upon a matrimonial agent and looked
over his album of candidates for hus
bands. To his horror ho found the plc-
to suit size of pigs; D, stlckB to keep
tuem rrom crowding; E, front to suit
size of pigs also. You see, the pigs
can t crowd each other or you as you
feed them. They can't get their feet ln
the mush and must stand up nnd eat
like horses In tho stalls. A nlco sight
the olo close to the stumji and cut the
roots ojijwslte the pole. Two men can
best do the work one to tend the
horse, tho other to cut roots as the
stump Is being turned out
turo nf his own nrettv vnimi? u-lfo. tin
ghost of some great lady who hud died, reproached her and demanded an ex-
planatlon. "I do not deny It," sho said,
"but It was last year, when, as you
know, dearest, you had been given up
by all tho doctors."
by cruel wrong. So blindly did sho walk
that I believe she would have passed
us if Uraden nad not sprung iorward
and barred her way,
She woke as a sleep-walker wakes,
with a shuddering surprise. "Who are
you? site asked faintly. If she had
not grasped the branch of a tree, I think
she would have fallen,
"Are you a relation of Dr. Weston's?"
nskel Graden very softly and kindly.
' His daughter.'
"And you go?"
"To kill myself. Oh, no!" shp burst
out us she sprang torwaru. "it Is no
good! You cannot help me. The villain
The Thunder People,
"Some folks In dls worll' ls des Ink'
do thunder'," said Brother Williams.
"Hit makes a mighty miration up in
de (elements, en you'd think hit wuz
a-gwlne ter loose do roun' worl' fum
Its foundations! But It turns out ter
be all Koun' a sorter hollerln1
whoopin' somo time -after de llghtnln1
Heleellnif Seed Corn.
Tho proper time In which to soled
seeds Is late In the fall or winter. The
reason for requiring this portion of tlx
year for so dolnir Is because ther ti
then no hurry, ami tho work can be isi AntneonUm between dia
uoiio oouer. Tno common nract co of
iK ii jM .7?
, vv. uararogK lbti
UOS-Capt Vancouw ,,...,
hla four yeara' totim of &Ju
1801-Aaroa Unrr and hi, J
r ved nt St. SIiMmSJ
Clen. Butler.... TmM J-TJ
to quell riot amonj enter W5,l
181. Gen. Harrison comptlW lit !
181-1 Americana anil UrltUi etas's
battle of PlatUburr an4Lt.iUi
plain.... BrltUh resulted b i
on Fort Bower, at tntrinaui
bay. .. ,8uccwful sortie ntjt l
i' on trie. Gen. DreamonJi
to fcort George.
182D Gold fever which hid
Carolina extended to Gfwjk..,
npaniau army inrrtndertd U
Mexican under Santa Aaitl
18S1 Albany and ScheneeUdn
first In Bute of New York, cDwdi
traffic. I?
1817 American army, In cooauii
Gen. Scott, entered CItjr of Mexieai
1850 Fugitive glare bill Ml
rTniinn nf IttnrMMidtitM. 1
.. . ' " . . ?J
1854 Kngliah and French (ami
In the Crimea.
1601 Prudent Lincoln raodiW
Fremont's emancipation yr
1802 Union force under MtOiCtn
gaged Confederate at Soatt !
tain, Md....uaioni tod t
ntes encased In fight it MU
Md. Confederate ojwotd is
Harper's Ferry,... Htw I J
tarn. Md.... Surrender of Hu
Ferry, nftcr two daii' dihth
1803 PreIdcnt Lincoln raipeaW i
hnbeaa corpua act
1872 Geneva tribunal of irbltntki
Alabama claim awarded Jio,
to' the United State.
1873 Gn. E. 8. McCookuMlaitll
P. P. Wintcrmate at iaum,i
1874 Fatal riots in New (MeMi
demand for abdication oi w.
J87& Perry' flagthlp Lawrence nWj
Erie harbor and reaoTea
delphla for exhibition i"
,r-ro r! SVMIt t 0 J 1
Thames Embankment.
to see thirty or forty sldo by side. ent.
ing quietly and cleanly. Farm Prog
Cuttlntr Sllo Corn.
laying tho seed corn asldo to remain
until spring has done great damage to
tne corn croji, ns very often the ex
cess of Imperfect grains Is such as to
cnuso a failure of germination over the
wholo Held. Every ear of corn should
be examined and tho Inferior grain
shelled off. Vegetable seeds also ro-
quire examination, for Insects, damj).
iioss and other causes Interfere with
their safe-keeping. Of course, every
rnnner is sujijiosed to bo careful with
liberal In Ilcljlum thrMtene4tn
nil In civil war.
ihoif !!
JOO IU"1"I nil., it
killed In railway coiiWon It
Thomas, Ontario.
JBOO l-riii-ii vw.m.
18(M-JapaneM defeated CM'il
tlo of Yalu river. i
1807-Owlng to strike riot,
a i -a, If MlMri. lie Tl
uccinrcu ai . ...
1001 McKlnlcy state funeral t V"M
,nB,on' ....utii
1002 United BMti wr j
Tho lotter written, it was handed over down at her with those honest bluo eyes
to Mr. Holies, who gave us his word that of his tliut made every child his friend
it should go by tho- next post Then at once.
we retired into the street "I am 61d enough to bo your father,
My cousin was simply unbearable that dear," he said. "You can trust me, can't
day. .He was.nlways lnipatjeut of delay; you? Yes, yes, I knew Jt Now tell, mo
but In all our wanderings together I liavo r what havo you to do?"
never suffered from him moro acutely. "Ho ls waiting in the porch," she an
ile dragged me aimlessly about the swered him. "If he doesn't see me throw
sits in the porch, waiting and watchiug. done got dnr en' 'tended ter business J" ,a careful study be mado ns to how rnrv too much hurried to tin nnvti.inn. .m.
If I delay, ho will kill my father my Atlanta Constitution. Idly nutriment Is stored tin in h. ...
jiuur uiu lawiui, nnu in nu jh; JiCi uiu
go to tho cliff let me go, I say!"
Uraden slipped his arm round her
waist, and from ills great height looked i
plant and when tho maxim
V .l i. n i "wwuill.
t......u ... ... uniKi, ns rcacueu. wnon eni-n lu e..n
"Yes," said tho pollto demonstrator, It contains but elght-tentha oi a ton n
lmr l nil nittnrnnhl n Infn.wWI ..... . . v "-"w,s t a ton Of
it is or primary Importance to know scc'l". but very few fanners know rouamn. . ,j
at what stage corn should bo put tn c. I tho rnnrlltlnt! nt tlw.lH i.i. .i.-l.rvrvi rT..(n.l ttntea cruif"
- . m.- I ...... ... ' . .raw II II LI I uimv" - V.CL ll""l
launciiea . 1
Colombian wn M gul
now canal treaty with U" J
1005-Car fell from -VjhJ
railroad Into street! W.S"ihl
- - . rrs m iiu'w'r .
' an' cut"o tbe best resultn. It Is also neces- tlmo comes when they aro required for
;htn!n' "y, It Is pointed out ln Fanning, that Planting, and then tho farmers tire
an automobile Intended for dry matter an acre, or one-flfth of That
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M .uj.u u cuumum wiien ru IV r nn wi. i
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Shelter fpr Htoolx.
Tho piles of stalks and straw which
go to wasto can bo mado to do irood
service In jirovldlng shelter If It Is not
considered fit for feeding, with n few
streets, set me down to lunch at a com
fortable restaurant, and then swept me
off before the coffee arrived. I endeav
ored to escape him, but the attempt was
a hopiejess failure. Five o'clock was
striking when he turned his. face east-
ward-he had been Inquiring for letters
at the. Travelers', in Pall Mall and,
with kit most unwilling companion trot
ting blde him, again advanced on Co
rny self over the cliffs, he will kill father,"
"Could he see us coming by tho path
which brought you here?"
"Oli, yes; above this glen It Is opon
moor right up to tho cottage." -
"Is thero a way to the bock of the
"Yes; but there Is no time'
"That Is foolish talk. Come, toll me."
"About two hundred yards back on the
'here ls
long tours.
ror Knives nnu rones' niiik tt nonninil :. :
"Ah, Indeed," snld tho caller. "And much drv matter .... ns I)0sU ft,ul P0,C8 tbe stalks nnd straw
what would you call that Ilttlo machlno seled. Onlv sovpnt.,. , . W8' wlli 'urn's'' warm placo of refuge
nmi tlmrn liiHt Iui 1 1 r fnr fwnV' I . . 0
"Oh, that's a jilaco for spoons."
Worth the Moner.
"So you bought this rug at an nuc-
cupled in passing from the milk t ,t,,l,t C"""ot ho ccoo
tho glazing stage, yet In this tin." thero ! i "t U' bnrn.?r "tnblt- W,th ,)on'
was an Increase In tho a TJ- ot. Btruw "round under tho
1.3 tons
an increase In the dry matter nf v , W , " .
ns an acre. This shows TJZl coy"r.Ug 80 form.e' '
jurl....Adm ra ToxflW A
atroyedby gpiw'i1
A letter hna been re ... -
Garner, who Is doj "ft,
barred cabin In tefrm
Intelligence of nnlmU. ;wKW
an hour pm tf
does not hear tn.w
shows t 1 l covcr,ng 80 forme"' 1,0 l,e"e- Place uoe fc,;: in tta or
tlon snlo." snld Mrs. Ilrown. "rinn't ailvantaee of lttin .i.
' B com Qlnn.l I ... ... .
you think you paid full prjee for It?" until the kernels are glazed. Aftor Vi - 1 maKing mo roor only a hwtvy
"Yes." answered Miss Dollnrs. "but Period tho Increase In ,w .7 ,wnu W1U cau"e 11 'eak.
tho auctioneer was the loveliest man, "light Htwlnv Wheat,
and he'd been smiling at me all tho af.
iernoon 1"
How He Got Square,
One bushel and a half of wheat Is
vent Garden, near which, the office of I track you. followed here there Is a little
tbe University was situated. ' spring. amongit"lhe rushes. There Is a
-I'm hanged u i can siana mis bus- pain, n inon cut wnicn tua Doys irom )vii,iv,irn. aa m. ' ...
reoser-ha explained. v"MamabhVs bad the village sometimes tsks that leads ehb0U? ,1? TP? I"na V?
th c.r.n r'Home I smoked tbera in tne narlor
thing ntfJba hsppamlng. If that Idiot walL The wall is quite low and then Inhere . she had Just put up' JMwcur- that time In
IUUm' atiMfiM4t44rM4' I' will i-dl Uiea yeufel(. irt stralgM tot; tolm.
Hf M .. . m
If when mtlt nnn' amp,e to' B?w m acre, and live pecks'""
aozen or your choicest watennBin. - "7,.. . t pi. " tw"'
abox pf cigar- on my blday, but I Christmas, when the spow 1, 0 'tul I VtoTJ Zli wotor VtZ'tl V HjM-
. MiM,
Steam Wottibs
- m owl
em Ksn.a. and JM
now In sucli bt. tof
lac flnubed tbat mr&gimtl
! t P'ow ZtotrlW
" " iuu ' rwienneions. At I frrowth sava Fami
box pf cigars on my birthday, but I Christmas, when the snow 1. Aff Z
9ft W Krouna ana tne frost Is on the nan underdrnod. if . .. r'T ever " fu ir t T.dtf
you can sit by the roaring fire .ni .nl t. ,1 lI.r v,ow four MW""'"-
Vbe clum7 tV
""i.a wt corn. irHM-, nrui nm Whiui a.i.,nt. ' url.t.lB M P 1
Journal. . . . . . v-, xrew 1U Wl . AST. it
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