The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, March 01, 1906, Image 7

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    tOO S , permanently.
-tf!ul Insist on ImrlM
A CfB' h-.i troubled
!. ' nd nlo comnlBlnt to
una. ...
r" who saiu. . .
P ' 7 in never euro you of
our tbront com-
a, (DU i"-
ft ..... i.iwtcd patient,
fc.' tinny. I nov-
S5 !aiaSo or anything of
0ne war
u . .... .1... vcyivI wlfo.
I lot01. ... i,Bo nsked our
111. .,a1
W. . nn wo make 'to
ft we tell thorn w forfc-ot they
Mnrrlnv n Institution,
The hlitorlcal facU concerning wnr
rlngon. nu Institution nro probably only
vaguely known to tlio majority of peo
ple, most of wliom would doubtless bo
surprised to loam tlmt tlio Institution,
an we know It to-dny, 1b lex tlmn COO
yonrsld. Histories of tlio mnrrlnKo
coromony dhow tlmt It wns not solem
nized in church as n rclIk'loiiH rlto until
tho tlrno of Popo Innocent III., A. D.
1103, and wan not considered a sacra
inont until 1413.
Deafness Cnnnot He Cured
by local anpllcatlmis as thoyrantiot roach tho
dlwasod portion of tho Far. 1 tieio In only one
way ticuroilcii.ii, and that is by conJtltu.
tlonal remedies. J'anfni'iiiscausMl by an )n
flamed condition ot tho mucous HiiIiik of tho
Kustitchlau Tube, Whim tlil tut I inflamed
you havo n rumbling sound or imporfect hoar
IiiK, and when It U entirely clonal, Doafncis Is
the result, and union tlio inftntiitnatiou can lo
Uteri out aiiiI th! lube to toted to Iti normal
ondltlon, hearing will be destroyed forovcri
nliiCAoi(nit o( ten nro caused by Cntnrrfi.
which I nothing but mi Inllamod condition of
tlio-tntirotn surface.
WowIUkIvo Ono Hundred Dollars for ftor
cnio ot Dentins (caused by cntnrrfi) that can'
tint bo cured by II nil' Caurrh Curu. Hnd for
clrculnn, free.
V. J. RIIRN'BY A CO,, Toledo, 0.
JUU'i i'miiilly 1'itll nro tho belt.
fllNtor J.lkeil Hint.
"Ilnvo you nny rcnaon to Iwlloro tlmt
your sl'stcr llkc mo, Wllllo?"
"Courso Alio docfl. Just yestftrdny I
honrd her Hiiy, 'Nobody could help Jlkln'
tho dear old eny tunrk.'" Cluvoland
l'lnln Denier.
A Ileep One.
Tho Ardent Klcphnut Your beauty
Is nkln-dccp, dnrlliiK.
MIhh Hippo Oh, you wicked flntlor
or! Puck.
iM the joints arc sore and Bwollcn, nnd the muscles throbbing with the
Eitumatisra, relief must be had at once, nnd it is natural to rub the
,m :th liniments, oils, etc. This treatment does cood in a wav.
warily relieving Ujc pain nnd reducing the inflammation, but has no
itself, because Rheumatism in more than skin deep it
tietlood and cannot be rubbed away. Jlhettmatiatn is brought on by
in, weak kidneys, poor uowct nciion, uiouihcii irouuics ana a gen
wish condition ot the system. The refuse and waste matters, whicl
cornea on iuroK
, Whtlo nt work for tho 1'. O. & P. It. II.
In tho nwarupy rojflon, I contraotod
Iluouinatlam unit wua complotoly liolp
loo for iv bout four month and npont
nMMdt i Kn nn . I . i. . t... . ... -
ovory day, nnd dually Quit thorn and bo
( Z took u fow bottloa and
and I wnlirh 175
ponnui, xnoro i a juuy living noar tno
yho iu now tnklnir H. 8. (1. for aouto
no could
. . . u
nlntr your medlolno nbout tliroo voolia
oa rapiaiy, and u novt
I can rooommond H. B. 0,
nir uom Jinnumuiiim.
VUb, K. U. U. O. LAS31TEII.
X wan oovfroly troublodwlth nhonma
tlmn. Z had it In my kueoa, loen and
ankles, and any ono who ha ever hud
llhoumatium knowa how oxcruolntlnii
tho pain la and how It lntorroroa wltlj
ono at work. I was truly In bad ahap
Imvintr boon bothered with It for ten
yoara, otr nnd on. A local phyalotan ad
vlaed mo to uao O. S. S. Z did ao. After
taking two bottloa Z noticed tho aoro
noitB and pain wero irreatly reduced. Z
continued tho modiciuo and waa thor
outrhly cured; all pain, aoroneaa and tn
flammnUon tronn. I recommend S. 8. t).
to all Ztheuinatio aufforera.
000 K. Qroonbrior St. ML Vernon, O.
wan cured Bound and well. My hoalth
notturnlioraelfinbod, but alncobtrln
ixpo liaa improved rapidly, and la now
nuio 10 mi nu. x can rooowmonu
to nil aufforinir fromlthnuiuutlam
la now aplondld,
llhoumatiaui. l'or two month
iTtnues of bodily waste, are
(foarand form unc ncia aim
irriutiog.poi.jons which are ab-
kthe blood, tnaicing it nun,
ud acrid. Then instead of
his? the different nerves, mus-
ioitti and tissues it fills them
poison to prouticc me ncuca,
ai other disagreeable symp
tl tie disease. Khcumatism
7 fforsc in Winter for the
cold and dampness arc
fcinsu. Tlie nerves become
tsditmgwitli pain, tiiemus
; tore and drawn, the joints
isd still and the suflcrcr
intense arjony : and if the
ii not checked it often leaves
Kauhtipicss crinnles lor life.
itisa annot be rubbed away
be driven Irom tlie blooI
Beintr a perfect blood
tiii great remedy soon "pro
icoapltte chanue in the cn-
plation; the thin, acrid blood is made pure nnd rich, nnd ns it goes
p tie body nourishes and soothes the irritated nerves, eases the throb
bing muscles, nnd dissolves and carries
out of the system the irritating particles
in the joints which nre keeping up the
pain nnd inflammation. S. S. S. cures
fAVnkr7a -Kiicumatism permanently, nnu in num.
Vjgr W JS O tion tones tin the ditrcstion and 8timu
lELY VFRPTARI C Intcs the different members of the body
I . . 1 nDl'T" to their full duty so there is no cause
til.' Do not wastc ti,MC trying to ntb Rheumatism away, but
CI the blood With S. 54. ft nn Ihnt llmrnlrl ntul ,1n,,w, nf Wintor
Jtttp you in continual pain nnd agony. Special book oil Rheuma-
- iuwicai auvice will be given free. .
et What You Ask For!
WERE li Reason
tho Good Peoplo of
Jaerlc buy Cascarets aa
ysluiha Clock Tin!,,
tomo'one", somewhere.
Ml HiiL T . - n
i- isn-veni uox oi Caa-
jUMOUtnes to tho Minute,
Hour, 3N0 BolcT
-xejapaofTen Hours,
. men oomo.
PeopUTiako a
,.:el ! day. Millions uso
g-" Uinon. of Br.Cht
wZr- "'V Poteen
5TJCaeareteat tha, rat0
7" f fcilS
a true, faithful, loyal servant of Mankind.
Over Fiva Mlfljons of Dollars havo
been Spent to mako tho merits of Caa
carets known, and every cent of It would
be lost, did not sound merit claim and
hold tho constant, continued friendship,
Patronatro and Endorsement of well
pleased peoplo year after year.
There Is also a Reason
Vhy there areHParasltes who attach
themselves to the Healthy Body of Cas'
caret's success Imitators, Counterrellers,
Theyaro Trado Thieves who would
rob Cascarets of tho "Cood Will" of tho
people, and sneak unearned pri13'
earned and paid for by Cascarets.
nd me-T,1S-d'-Tesled
P"i ir. a. . .
P&ttitt. '"comparablo
2 "9 Ei.i i
rtY clean work
NtbMK fad,u Dh
I'lL ni"111 beaten the I
, ''CS3!ibloandIfffiftUn;
Plgrtoneat Pjposo means a Dishonest
Produot nnd a Drsrcgard of tho Purchas
ers' Health or Welfare,
Bowaro of tho Slick Salesman and his
anclen, "Just as Good'', story that com
mon sense refutes.
Cascarets aro madoonlyby tho Sterling
Remedy Company, nnd the famous lltlla
Ten Cent ''Vest Pocket" box Is hero
ahown, They.aro never sold In bulk.
Every tablet marked "CCC.,T
Bo auro you Eot tho penulno.
Wo want to lend to oar irienas a ucmuiui
fcaronamcled In color. It Is a b10',1'
meuoro of gWth a to cover cost ot Cascarets,
with whlchotElnty trlnketls loafleo. J
.Semi twlay, tnenttentne thli paper. Aooreii
SUt Uiik Komdy Cewfjuiy. Calcato New Yuk.
Slny 1 he n jnan you enn tnwt?
IlcflH Oh, yew. I'npn Bnys ho owes
everybody. Judge.
OMtend-Hiiy, pn, how do they hiIro
iwlltlcnl pIuniM?" J'u Ily itrnftlue.
my hoii. uiileiiKO Dully News.
' rinircli What Is your lunch hour?
uollmin Hctwcon twelve o'clock and
Ilvo inlnuteH Inter. I'onkers BUiteH
inuii. YenHt Did ho fall to innko a sue
ceH of IjumIiiohh? CrliiiHonbonk Yes.
I bellovo thiitlH why ho failed. Yonk
, ers HtntvHiiinn.
I Nell Old Mr. (lotrox Hnyn he would
uiv ior mo. jioiio no cnrerul. Ho
may bo Htroujjor than ho looks. Phila
delphia Itccord.
"Do iikui dnt thinks ho knows It nil,"
snld Undo -Kbeii, "Kinenilly turna out
to Ihj n victim of misplaced confidence.'
- WnshhiKton Btnr.
First Vermiform Appendix Peoplo
nro trying to Ket rid of uh. Hecond
Vermiform Appendix Yes; but we nro
still In tho inujorlty. Exchnntfc.
Kind Prlond Pardon me, but I
ought to tell you that Jones linn run
nwny with your wife. IIunband
(lored) Hut why run? Punch.
"In Sweden n plumber is called n
, vnttenlodliiKscntrcpenor." "Ho Is, ch7
I'll bet ho chnrges for the time whllo
ho Is being cjillel It, too." Exchange.
' Uelln So who's engaged nt Inst I Sho
HceuiH likely to lcnt us nil In the mnt
rlmonlnl race. Stella Yes ; hIio Is on
hor UiHt lap this time. Illustrated
Knto Mllllo says Jack tried' to kins
her nnd hIio culleil him down hnrdl
Do you believe It? Tom I believe that
ho tried to kiss her, yen! Detroit Freo
' Peppery You don't mean to Hay
that you absolutely do nothing? Cholly
Aw, I don't oven do that My man
nttends to ev'wvthlnir. you know.
Phlldelphln Press.
Pat This Is n great countrj. fary
I Ann. Mary Ann How's that? Pat
Shiiro th' pn-aiwrs sez yar. can buy a
folvedollar money order for threo
clnta' Washington Lift.
Wnlter How did you order your
beef, sir? Grufllclgh Personally, con
found you ! I Hupposo I ought to hnvo
orderwl It by ninll two weeks In ad
vance. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Customer (In restaurant) Wniter, I
wish you would bring mo n medium
dono iortcrhou80 steak smothered In
I mushrooms. Wnlter (to cook) Choke
I ono with tlie toadstools! Mllwmikeo
I "'Tho rolling stone gathers no
moss,' " quoted tho man who had never
, Iteen outside his homo county. "True,"
rejoined the Rlobe trotter, "but It ac
quires an enviable polish." Chicago
Dally News.
I "Brown claims to havo tho most ro
mnrkublo auto In town." "Why so? I
I don't sea anything Krent nbout It-"
"Well, he snys ho'B had It n year, and
'thero nro still two of the orlglnul
parts left." Judge.
I Tho Lawyer Hy the way, what
shall wo charge Jenlts for our services
In that caso wo won for nun aooui
thirty thousand? His Partner Great
Scott, man ! Isn't ho worth more than
that? Brooklyn Life.
Gentleman With Grievance This
'nuto breaks down every ten minutes.
Conscientious Dealer What of it?
Gentleman With Grievance ou said
there were none tetter! Conscientious
Denier There nln't I Puck.
"Oh. Johnny," said tno Minnny
' school teacner, you
money from the plate. ny i ou
t"y to do such n tlilnV "I thought
you said It was fer the heathen, nnd
maw says I'm one. Exchange.
First American Millionaire What In
the world nre you Rolng ovor to see nil
tho English cathedrals for? Second
American Millionaire I'm putt ng up
nn automobile stable, and I'm looking
for something hnndsomo In design.
"Woodby declares his grandfather
descended from one of tho greatest
houses In England." "Ah, yes; I did
hear n story nlxnit tho old man fall
Ink' off n roof ho wns repairing onco
for Lord Somebody or other." Phila
delphia Ledger.
Fanner Green Sny, Neighbor Jones
raised such a big pumpkin tlmt ho cut
It In lmlf and made two cradles out
of It for his twins. City Honrder
That's nothing. Down In tho city wo
often lmvo threo cops asleep on n
single beat. Exchange.
"I supposo you will marry when you
grow up," sll the visitor, pleisantly.
"Xo " replied tho thoughtful little girl,
"mi'mnm says impn Is more care than
t il dron bo I guess the care of my
cl ldrcn will bo enough for mo wl limit
thi eZo of a hushaml."-Chlcugo
13 veiling Post
l'atleneo You'ro quite lamo to-day?
I'nt -Ice Yes, Will stood on my foot
fur two minutes last night. Pntlcnco
Ami you Uoweil It? Patrlce-I didn't
know It. Pntlonco-Dldn't know ho
S stmll on your foot? Pntrlco
No I didn't. Ho was proposing t tho
tlm'e. Yonkers Statesmnn.
pn " said little WIIHo, "what Is .tho
dlfferonco between a magnet and a
nngimto?" "A magnet, Willie, s a mo
talllo Hubstnnco, generally of Inm,
which will "ttract certain metals, but
not gold or silver. A mngnnto Is n me
tallic substance Invnrlnbly of brass,
which will nttrnct gold nnd silver
only," JlrW A , ...
A hugo touring car toro past with
v tiro straniwd so-
curely to Its side. Two Htreet gaml is
irimnl after il nueuuy. u
what's that round thing n-lmngln' on
... ' Mf.(M,! ,1,,,,'t vo know? That s
n Ufa preserver, on when they's In dan-
gor o' runnin over euywiuy ii'" jj
n.mws that overlwnrd to 'em.' LIr
plucott's Mngiwlnp.
Is It Your
Own Hair?
Do you pin your hat to your
own hair? Can't do It?
Haven't enough hair? It must
be you do not know Ayer's
Hair Vigor ! Here's an intro
duction! May the acquaint
ance result in a heavy growth
of rich, thiols, glossy hair! And
we know you'll never be gray.
I Itilnk tlmt Ayr r'i Hair Vlor U th moil
wonderful Imlrgrower tlmt mi nrer made. I
hare utnl It for noine time nnd I enn truth
fully t that I am greatly (ilentrd with It. I
ehiwiilly reivitmn-nd It n nuplendld prepa
ration." -SI mil V. JIJiot'K, Wayland, Sllch,
litA br J. O. Aror Co., Lowell, Hail.
iid somuuiaQiurera oi
Ifo Baalneaa.
Tlio friend of a young physician
itnrtcd for a llttlo western town and
promised to telegraph If tlio settlement
appeared to bo a good opening In the
medical lino. Some' weeks later the
physician received tho following mes
ingo: "Come nt once. All's well."
To which tho physician responded :
"What's tho uso of coming It nil's
ivcll? I had better locate where they're
til sick."
ftchliiK, HI nd, IllePdlnK, Protruding Tllea. .Dniir-
SIhW arn niithnrlzrd to rdutid morK'jr If I'AZO
I.S'l AliJJ'T fails to cure lu to 14 daya. Kc
( A Good Club.
"Tho weather man said it would rain
to-day and I am glad I carried my um
brella." "Hut it didn't rain at all to-day."
"I know It didn't but I met the
weather man on the street and I used
tbo umbrella to swat htm good and
bard." Philadelphia Press.
For forty years Plso's Ouro for Con
guru ptlon has cured coughs and colds. At
druggists. Prico 25 cents.
From PItr (o Pork.
rasserby Is that your pork down
there on tho road, guv'nor?
Farmer Porkl What d'ye mean?
There's a pig o mine out there.
Passerby Ah, but there's a motor
car Just been by. London Punch.
You Can Oct Allen's Foot-Easr FREE.
Write Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy.N. Y., for a
Xreo sample of Alton's Foot-Ease. It cures
iweatlr.c, hot swollen, aching feet. It makes
new or tljcht shoes easy. A certain cure for
corns, lncrowlngnalls and bunions. All drug
gists sell it. 26c. Don't accept any substitute.
Ascum Why, I thought Crlbber one
of the wittiest comedians on the
vaudeville stage. Apparently you
.didn't like the sort of Jokes he uses.
Rcedit Oh, but I do. That's why
I couldn't laugh at him. Ho and I
seem to read the same Joke papers.
Philadelphia Press.
TakeLAXATIVKimOMOQulnlnoTahlets. Drag-
gluU ri-fmid money If tt fnl s to cure. E. Vt .
I UO VE'b signature Is on t aob box. 25c
Too IlcnlUttc.
Mrs. Gaswell Is your niece still do
ing art work?
Mrs. Sudden-Clymcr Yes, indeed.
The other day sho painted a bunch of
golden rod so lifelike nnd natural that
it gives me the hay fever every time I
'ook nt it Chicago Tribune.
Ilndn't Durnt Much.
Elderly Relative (to schoolgirl)
Amanda, you aro looking pale. You
must not be too ambitious. Tell me
the truth, now ; haven't you been burn
ing tho midnight oil?
Miss Amanda (her paleness all
gone) Why, yes, auntie. But but
not much; we "turned the lamp down
very low Indeed. Detroit News.
"I hear," said ono financier? "that
Mr. Rockefeller Is bathing his feet In
tho early morning dew to benefit his
"Yes," replied the other. "Having
gotten all there Is out of oil, he Is
going to try water." Washington Star.
riTQ Permanently Cured. Kofltsornerroosness
il 10 aflerflrstdaysuseofDr.Kllne'sUreatKerv8
Itestorer. Send for I'ree 82 trial bottle aod treatise.
Dr.It.U. Kline, Ud.,MI Arch St, I'blladelphla, 1'a.
At the Hotel.
Guest Didn't I telegraph for the
best room In the house?
Clerk Yes, sir.
Guest Why didn't you save It for
Clerk I've already given the best
room In the bouse to fifty people to
night and I thought you wouldn't like
to be crowded. Cleveland Leader.
Mothers will And Mr. Window's Soothing
Syrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
Xlo'dern Adver(lalnsr
First Actress Have you had your
diamonds stolen lately?
Second Actress No; I quit that sev
eral years ago.
First Actress What's your game
Second Actress Running down
prominent citizens In my auto.
VwK Uwn n,u l,l tfan
MM lVB w"mh uium 4sobtTa jssu - so r J
m time, poia Dr nru(rtriii, m
Ismm T i r i il ii I r lr
Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses In Portland of Repre
sentative Dullness firms.
1MIOTO HUl'I'MKSt Kodnk dpveloplnir nnd print
ing; write for prices. Woodard, Clarke A Co.;;
MACHO I.ANTKIINH Wclatrr Co., Portland.
Iym-cit prices on lanterns nnd Slides.
ELASTIC IIOIKItY Siippor.ers. Ilrnces; Knit to
Kit; free measurement tilnnks; W'oodard, Clarka.
HORSES of all kinds for sale at very reasonable
prices. Inrjulre Z7J ront St.
TItUHSEB sent on npprovnl j we guarantee fit In
most dlfllcult cases; Woodard, Clarke A Co.
SWEET PEAS fend 10c for pekg. asitd FalrOold
Medal t-as, J. J. Jlutu r, 163 Front street.
AIITIFICIAI, EYES ; eyery shade nnd shp; av
sortment sent on approval; Woodard, Clarice Co
Separator to be the best. Write for free catalog.
Ilazelwood Co., Finn and Oak.
MEN'S CliOTIIINO nuffum Pendleton, sola
agents Alfred llenjamln correct clothes. F.vrry
thing In men's furn sitings. Morrison and Slxtb
streets. Opposite poatomce.
FIIEK .AND IN Oil BOON under the Carey Irrt-
f atton act. Deed d.rcct from state. Write today,
iooklet and map Irre. II. H. Cooke & Co., 231
Alder street, 1'ortlui d, Oregon.
POt'I.TIlY FOOU-If you wai t your hens to lay
more eggs write us for free particulars about PIT
Itl.VA POCI.TUY J-EEU& Acme Mills, Co.,
1'ort.and, Oregon.
TAILORS Colilmbla Woolen Mills Co.. Portland,
Ore. Latest style clothes made to measure cheap.
Ourseif measurement system-Insures penect tit.
Write for free samples and prices.
PIANOS & OROANB Oldest piano house on Pa
cific coast. Organs and 1'lano-, on easy payments.
Write fur list. Let us quote you a price. Allen A
Ollbert-ltamaker Co., Portland, Oregon.
Oregon Herbs Specific for all Kidney and ISladder
troubles. Cures itAUKVtCIlK. Price Soc. Trial
size sent by mall for 10c In stump. Send today.
KOJ Third tSU
Human Holr Ooo is Switches, Po-npodours, Men's
Toupe sand Wigs; best quality; lowest prlcesj
send for tree price list; mail onlJ-rt a specialty.
Par. s Hair Store, 304 Washington Pit. Est 183.
A bright man with team in yourcoun
ty. Steady work and good wages to right
man. References required. For par
ticulars address
BoxX Winona, Minn.
Make sure a yield of oaantltr and
aualitv. When your father planted
Ferry's, they were the best on the
market, but tbey have been Improv
ing ever since. We are experts In
flower and vecetable feeds.
1000 Heed Annual, beautifully Illus
trated, free to nil applicants.
0. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit. Mich.
i ...."tfaGll AND'
AtSs Engines
Many croipectlre parchitert of enzinei and
boilen ire under the impreiiioo that because the I
I Atlai Throttling Engine i of such hlin grade, I
and because it is titled with abalance tiItc and
a main bcarinz. such is onlr Corliss engines of I
I other makes contiin, it is necessarily of such I
price that it Is quite out cl their icich. This Is I
not true. An Atlas enrine Is no Metier In price I
than any other engine, except, pcibsps, one
that Is made entitelr In a foundry.
I For rour Information, therefore, we eire for I
Ithe present an approximate price upon a 12x16)
Throttling Atlas Engine, range 43 to 6o j
norse power of
I This Includes engine complete with band wheel, j
Igorernor, throttle ralre. and all regular lna
raines and represents the price delirered f. o.
b. cars factory, or, tt In stock at our Agencies I
I at any of the following points.
Norfolk, Va.
Anderson, S. C.
Augusta, Ca.
Montgomery. Ala.
Des Moines, Iowa
Shtereport, La.
Ft. Smith, Ark.
New Bern, N. C.
Jacksonville, Fll.
Athens, Ca.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Omaha, Kcb.
New Orleans, La.
Creensboro, N. C.
Memphis, Tenn.
Birmingham, Ala.
Learenworth, Kas.
Joplln, Mo.
Little Rock, Ark.
Atlas Emcine Works
l&lUncasenrleiinallciUM INDIANAPOLIS
P. N. U.
No. 8-06
WHEN m-ltlncr to advertisers ploaso
mention this paper.
mil 4 gz2-j2Tm. i
TheWinning Stroke
If more than ordinary skill In playing brings the honors of the
game to the winning player, so exceptional merit in a remedy
ensures the commendation of the well informed, and as a reason
able amount of outdoor life and recreation is conducive to the
health and strength, so does a perfect laxative tend to one's
improvement in cases of constipation, biliousness',, headaches,
etc. It is all-important, however, in selecting a laxative, to
choose one ot known quality and excellence, like the ever pleas
ant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system effect
ually, when a laxative is needed, without any unpleasant after
effects, as it acts naturally and gently on the internal organs,
simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance, without
griping, irritating, or debilitating the internal organs in any way,
as it' contains nothing of an objectionable or injurious nature.
As the plants which are combined with the figs in the manu
facture of Syrup of Figs are known to physicians to act most
beneficially upon the system, the remedy has met with their
general approval as a family laxative, a fact well worth con
sidering in making purchases.
It is because of the fact that SYRUP F FIGS
is a remedy of known quality and excellence, and approved by
physicians that has led to its use by so many millions of well
informed people, who would not use any remedy 'of uncertain
quality or inferior reputation. Every family should have a
bottle of the genuine on hand at all times, to use when a
laxative remedy is required. Please to remember that the
genuine byrup of Figs Is for sale in bottles of one size
only, by all reputable druggists and that full name of the
company California Fig Syrup Co., is plainly printed on
mo ironr, or every pacgage. ueguiar price, 50c per bottle,
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