The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, January 11, 1906, Image 8

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The Gomin
strial Center 0f
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g lndu
Located in Willow Creelc Basin and in the midst of an
The natural trading point for Agency Plains and other
surrounding wheat plateau districts.
during the next 12 months, affording- ample tranportatson facilities and assuring rapid development,
A big Flouring Mill just completed, and machinery installed ready for operating.
Long distance telephone connections. DAILY MAILS.
en in
MADRAS la centrally located la the famous Willow Crook 3aaln comprising 700 Hquaro miles of tho finest wheat land in Oregon. SltuateU
ou a natural townsile location, with flue water easily obtalued in wells from 12 to 20 feet deep. Has most equablo climate I'll
Oregon, and good roads the yeur around. All roads lead down hill to M ADR AH, and this is tho natural trad
lug point of rich wheat belt larger than Shenrian Cotiuty,
Buy Lots Now. Price, $50 and Upwards. r r
For particulars inquire of DON P. RE A, secretary of townsite company.
The Madras Pioneer
Jan, U, 1906
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
December 16, 1005.
Notice is hereby given that the follow-fng-uamed
settler has filed notice of hi
Intention to make fmnl proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will hi
made before Don 'P. Ilea, U.S. Commis
sioner, at his ofhee at Madras, Oregon, 01.
January 25, 1808, viz:
Claud C. Larason,
pf Culver, Oregon, on II. E. No. 8188, foi
ihe Be quarter se quarter sec 5, n half nt
'quarter and ne quarter nw quarter sec 8.
tp ISs, r 18 c, w m.
He names the following witnesses ti
prove his continuous residence upon and
c iltivatioi'i of said land, Viz.
G a Osborn, R .1 Aldoidicc, W II Peck.
W C Barber, all of Madras, Oregon.
' Micjiakl T. Nolan,
d21.j25 Register
co'ntest NOTICE.
Depattment of the Interlor
U. S. Land Oflic, The Dalles Oregon
December 7, 1905.
A sufficient contest aflidavit having
been filed in this office by
Jmes 8. Fleck, contestant,
tgair.Bt homestead entry No. 12,811,
ruade July 10, 1003, Mr. ne sec 8, tp
q f. r 14 e, w ni., by Henry Frei, cn
esteei In which it Is alleged that saM'
Ilenry Frel has who!ly abandoned1'
said tract: that he has changed his real
'denco ihejefroni for rriore than six
months Inst paHt; that "he has not cul
tlvaied and improved Said tract as re
quired by'.hiw that said alleged ah
pence was not due td his employment'!
in the army, navy1 or 'marine' corps oil
the United Utates in tinfeof war. !
' Bald parties are hereby notified to.
appear, r,espnnd and . oiler evidence;
"touthiug flald allegation 4at' 10 o'clock
. m. on Fob 1, 1000, before Mar liued
'demann, ti not'iiry ptibird'Vtt life of
fice in Madrae, Oregon "antTtbut Html
hearing will 'bo held at-lQo'ciouJrJa. m. j
on February u, J wo. hmwwmj irww
and Receiver , at tho pMle$ Cj,ates
Land Olllce IrfTUa Dalles, Oregon.
Tho Bald coAitwjtaul having, fh prop,
er flldavti 'tiled Novembor 27. 1005,
Vt forth fatya'whlch slio Umt,afler
due diligence personal service of this
' 'notice ckii'uot ho made, it' Is hereby
that, fjuoh notice
Jiropw publlca4
Ordered aud directed . tl
Wglven by dite atfd .)
Michael T.olftn,.
Timber1 Land, Act June 3, 1878;
La lid Odlcc at The Dalles, Oregon,
March 25, lt05;
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
A-ith the provisions of the act of Congees of
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
Imber lands in the States of California, Ore
;on, Nevada, and Washington Territory," as
extended to nil the public laud Ktatcs by act of
Vugust 4, lb'J-2,
Nettie L. Ilalvorscn,
f Centralis, county of I-owib, state of Wash
lngton, has this day filed in this office her
worn statementN'o. 2i''J2, for the purchase of
the lot J, sec SO, lots 1, 2 and 3; ccc 31, tp 11 a, r
to e, w in.
And will offer proof to show that the laud
nought is more valuablu for its llmbcf or stone
than for agricultural purpose's, and to estab
lish her claim to said land before tht Register
mil Receiver nt The Dalles; Ofcgotii on the
17th day of February, I'JOfi-
8ho names as witnesses: Maud Harrison,
Larhlin McNeil, Catherine McNtiil, John Cur
ry, Of Centrnlln, Washington; Joseph Graham
of Sisters, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
ibove-described- lands arc requested to file
their claims in this on or before said 17th day
of February, MOB.
Michael T. Nolan,
Departmeui!of the Interior.
Land Ollfce at The Dalles, Oregon,
December 4, 1005.
A sufficient contest affidavit having
teen filed In tlilo office by
Robert 8. Murray, contestant,
gainst' homestead entry No. 11,310,
made August 1, 1002, for ft 12 uw 1 4
ii 1-2 sw 1-4 sec 12, tp 12 s, r 12 e, w m,
y Williams Dleroks, con ten tee, In
whicli it is alleged that said William
Diercks lias wholly abandoned said en
try for more than Six months last past ;
that he 'Has ilht Cultivated and im
proved the 'aarrie as required by law;
that Haiti 'alleged absence was not dot
to his eruploymetit lit the army, navy,
or nyirine corps of the United State"
m time o'f war. ' ' " '"' ' Said
parties are heeby n'otilled th appear,
respond and offer evidence touching,
puuli allegatiotTat fO o'clock a. m. on
January '20; 1G0O, before Mux Lutddo
manni a notary public, at' his office Jul
MudruH, Oregon, and that final hear
ing will Be hftlii at lO o'clockVi, in. on
January 27, 1800, before, tho Register
and Receiver ' at the" Uulted States
Land Ofihze in Tho Dalles, Oregon.
The. mUi contestant havlrijr, in a
p'roper affidavit, lllril 4,
J005, set forth facta whloh show thai
after duo diligence 'personhl service of.
this notice can not bp mmld,it Is here
by ordered and dlreoted that such no-,
tlco be given by due and proper publi
cation. . i
Ml haul T, Kol'Xk,
p-o2o-!9 RcgieUr.
A. T. Kclliher, a w-ealthy Chicago
capitalist who has handled thousands of
acres of Oregon public lands, was on last
Thursday found guilty of forging a signa
ture to an assignment of a certificate of
sale of state school lands. The act of
writing the signature was not chargtd
against Kelliher, but it was charged that
he had had H. H. Turner wri'e the name,
and. he was therefore indicted as a princi
pal in tin commission of the crime.
There is said to be already
considerable snow in the Blue
Mountains, and where the road
between Prineville and Mitchell
crosses the mqun tains there is
fully six feet of snow on a level.
This is unusual for so early in
the season.
First Sunday, morning and evening,.
Methodist, Rev. J. K. Craig,
Second Sunday, morning ami evening)
Mennonitu Brethren ltev. Cain, pastor.
Third Sunday. Morning and Evening
SI. i5. 'Church, Rev. J.'K, Craig1, pastor.
Sunday school at 0 a.m. each Sunday.
Sirs. J, Iv. Craig superintendent.
Herman ar. E. Church, ' Rev. J. (.
Mochrhig', pastor". ' Sunday Aihool atfl.U0
a. in., .lohll "Hoffman, Sr., superintend
ent. Preaching services at 10.80 a. in. and
7.U0 p. ni. Oerinau school and Catechism
conducted by pastor Saturday at 2,00 p'iii.
Kpwoi th Lcagiu), Sunday evening at 0:20.
Everyone .Welcome.
First Sunday, 8 p. m., J. K. Craig, i.
Fourth Sunday, morning and evening,
Rev. II. A. Cain.
Wlllhinl llratistettcr, superintendent bf
Sundtiy school. Sunday school cvtjiy
Sunday afterthn ut2.ll), Prcachlhg by
Rev. W.K. Fnlghani and others at Irregu
lar period! , ;
Fliftt alu'l third Sundays, inoinlng and
ovcnlng, the Kuv. II. A, Cain, Meiiuoiilte
Tlin l'nv. .t. Iv. (Ji-.-iIl" iniilfPM llin rrtlVAu.
lug apiioihtmeuts for the country diHtrJctu:
Secoml Hutiday, CulVer; 8 p,
ui., Iloriley Sclioolhouse. . 4 ,
Third Sunday, 8 p.m., nt Mud Kiirlnira
Schoolliollse. A v
Fourth Sunday, , in. Wfilnw OVeelc;
Red Hock Sclioolhotisu,
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at The iialleB, Ortgou,
.November 14, 100.).
Notice Is hereby given that the follow
lug-named M'ttler huh tiled notice of his in
tentiou to make final proof in support of.
his claim, and that said proof will hu
made before Don I'. Ilea. U. S. Cotnmis
sioiu-r, at his on'co in Madras, Oregon, on
January 4, 1KW, viz:
Frank K. Uodman,
of Madias, Oregon, ou II. E. No. 10 800, for
the uw quarter sec 84, tp 11 s, r 18 e, w in.
lie iiiituu.1 the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence, upon and
cultivation of said laud, viz:
II KNIssen, .1 11 Homey, II II Cook, J
V llaltn, all of Madrus, Oiegon.
Miciiakl T. Nolan,
p-n80-J4 Register.
Deptrtiu'cnt of thu Interior.
U. S. Land Olllce, The Dalles, Oregon,
November 14, 11)03.
Notice Is hereby given that following
named tettler has filed notice of her Intcii
tiou to make commutation proof in sup
port of her claim, and tint t said proof will
be made before Hie County Clerk of Crook
county, at I'riiievllle;, Oregon, ou Decem
ber 20, 1H05, viz:
May E. Biadfoid,
formerly May K. Van lArjiaui, of Madras,
Oregon, on II. K. No. 11,282, for the north
half of northeast quarter, southwest quar
ter of northeast qttarler and northwest
quarter of southeast qtiarter'scc M, tp 12 s,,
rise, wm. i
She names the following witnesses to'
prove her. continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
' T F McCalll -ter, 'of I'f Inevlllo, Oiegon;
Frank Corwln, Charloy'Sprlng and Silas
White, of Madras, Oregon, ''
p-s28-o2 ltegister-. I
'Dep'nrtiitentfif .the Interior. (
Laud OHiceat The Dalles, Oregon.
' November J4, 005.
"Hotico is hereby given that the follow-iiig-uamcd
settler has filed notice of his hi.
teiition'to make filial jiroof In support of
ills claim, and that suhl proof will ho made
before Do'nT.Kca, U.S. ConimVs'si6ner, at
his olllce IfiMadrai, Oregon, on January 4
14(00, viz: J
r ''William IIhiuimii, ; ,
of MadraOiX'goii, on 11. 1C. No.,10.807, for.
mo fcc i-i pec ju, tp iu n, r ill n.r m.
Ho' iiutiiei' tho followlnt wltnefitfs to
provo hln.xiontlniioun renldenco Upon and
cultivation of iitid land, viz;
Claude tnUiiiio)-, A H I'hikiSy; Fred
Davis and J IMluriu, all of ,Mndras, Ore
gon. .
MkhiaulT. Nolak
P-"19-J4. . 'itogliter.
-v, t ,,.
Timber Land, Act Jtin'o 3, 187ft,
Land Offleo at Tho Dalfc, Oregon,
JUruh 21, 1103,
Kotlro if harcby hIvoii that In rompllaiiw
with the proylsl6n of thexctof CoiiKrewiir
Jurffcfl.'lKs,' Jnllflod ','An act for thoxafcf
lliniinr lanrts in mo mates ot Lniliorin, urc
gon, Xevada, anil WanhiiiRlon Terrltorr," a
oxtended to all the public land MateM by act oY
A 05011 1 4, b7i,
Arthur If. Allen,
of HnilKdnt, f ounty of l-ovvis. Mato of Idaho,
hui till day tiled In thin office hi nworn hU'io-
inent No. VlS'J, for the pitrchaxo of the ne 1-1
ace tp 1.1 a, 1 10 e, w m. I '
And will offer proof to aliow hat the
land nought In more valuable for It timber!
or Mono thereon than for agricultural pur
poses, and to cirtablMi Mi claim to nald land
hofore the licgfufcr and Receiver at the land
office In lha Dalits, Ori'KOii, on thu lith dn
of 1'chruary, llk.
He tiainba an u'ltnc)! llyron Johimton,
Wi t J DavU, CharlcH V Dale, of Haitrtolnl,
Idaho ; Michael O'tion'uor, of Tho Uullcx, Ore
gon. Any and nil pcrfton claiming advcmul)' any
of the abovc-dCMcrlbud land are ri'tiented to
file tlielrelaliuniu thin office on ot beforo nald
llth day of February, lyod.
i o"2C-d21 JIICIIAKI.T. N'ola.v, Roglntor
Department 0 ,tliu Interior.
Lund Office at The DallcN, Oregon,
- November 11, VM,
N'o'tlt,o'W'lior.6by Ivcu'that tho following-jj
named xettlcrlfdn filed notlroof liU Intcntloiii
... iiiu.l .iiii., .i.w tit niifi'uib ui
and Hint nald proof will be inado beforo Don
1 Itea, U. B. (oinmlimlonor, nt lib olllce tu
Madra, Orogni,on January B, 1000, vl: (
OlmrlcH K. i.ftiniion,
of Culver, OregiMi.-rm ft. K. No. yfilS, for the )i
n and, lotx :i and t, nee 1, tp i:i , r 1.1 0, w in.
Hu names the follotvlnv wltuensei to prove
lilt. contlnuoiiH residence upon and cultivation
of diild land, Vic
Frank Ouborn, -xif Madran, Oregon; Hohcrl
Oabom, Perry fteau and -J Henry Wlndoni, dl
Culver, Oregon. . , ,
P-nao-Jt MiciUKbT. Nolan, ItcgUter.
r-. vTil .
Depuration! of thu Interior.
Land OOico at'Tlll)l)alh;s, Oregon, ;
Decoiiiher 10, 1005. !
Notice Js hereby given Mh'nt the follow-
iug-iinini'd cettler lias filed notice of hhj
liiteutloii to uiitlte fluid proof In support 01
Ids claim, and that said proof will hu made
before Don P. lies, (J. S. Conimtssioneri
at his olllce in Madras, Oregon, 011 Jauu
my 1U00, vizi .
James M. lJorhiIlg',.4
of Madras, Oregon, on II. K NO. 12,170,
for the east half noithwent quaiur anil
west half 1101 tlicftst quarter secS!0,'tp,10H.
He aiitnos tho 'ol owing wltnostids lo
lirovu-lils contluiiottH reslduucu upon am''
eultlvatlon ot said land, Viz: ' V
,JuhnTllofBoil, l,p puxton, SPLov
lug, Arthur Iiom,nll of. Madras, Oregon.
MioUAtci, T. 2TOI.AN,
d3H?t l(gitr,
nniinT n nrnrnnu rnn r
First Momlny in Miyiiblrf
October, ,
H0 11 I.HMMUH; -w
w -
l.B. Und OfBrt.IUl
ilU V in ii.,v..j b-.---
u-iiii 1110 --i
. .. ..-a ...,ii)t,M "In ut
JUIld'li inio. uiiiih"
.... 1. . .k. iiiiii m 1
IllllUOr 1HI1IH 111 l" -
...... ..riTi. mm . mu.wi1 .
exicnueu i" r-
AUZUKt I. I'V-'i I""
have (Hod intliHolflrti"""-
to. wit;
Ti,mn VtllnH,
. I.VW-' .
tober Id. !. forlliepurcbu
a. liUi rioc wm.
v iiniivi
Bt tmni-ii. coiintr 01
.1. -ID.
. 1 1 . u nrii iibicm -
... ........ r .t...M
tober 10. " '. lor r"
co20,tpU" rioe vrw.
Mlnnciola ri.itlcment.
loberlT. 1P0-V for the purct.!
11. to 1 . f 1" Ci '
...r. in .rrTir iimw
I lint lllt-'y Will vm- , ,
- i.rt.inntniliivf-
...i- Uoti iter nu
olllce In The lullw, n
" . 1 1 - . (In
- .1 nnt tUU
of Tim DMW't wfrM,
..... ii nBrsonnci',r"
. ll.rt1
. - . lift I'lllIU"
NOTIt'l'J '" V.I.i,i
.. 1 nMet.ii"' .
Nflllt'O IP H1 V . ..AIfUI
IIHIHVt In illl'l
and that tld I"00' !
r-. ..ntiniUU"'
l Ui. V. P. ttk
' .... unuiw
Madra, Oregon-"'"- .(j,
iiu'"-:. v Va.
ot (iriiy.orco...
Ho iimiie. the ' "
..." -...lnllOtl rvw"
r,. ' ' l.tiflKl. ' .1