The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, August 02, 1855, Image 2

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Itmpqtm ajcttc.
uriicuixm.NDKiir.its nuiMUMtf, m:.t
uooli xvitsr fcorrsiiriiu hou.m:.
'JTIiiiraitur, Ai:gut 2, IS'i.'..
a d. it. Bora'tlioi""
I.att Slim t
All Iheso owlog us for twelve month or
note, who tto know arc ablfto psy w, are
notified that If they don't tend ux the amount
dne by the ISlh of August, e will put our '
accounts Into the hxnli of an ofllccr fcr I
collodion. If that won't do, we'll trr the
u 0,i i uo, B 11 irv ,ne
BlrJ that -mi, stttr;. anJ
l l mad, ,lr.g.
LOYP A. I'l KU1.V.
Mack list."
on'ts1ng, must
July 20.
The Noxx t.KiioiviiotliJjri; c.
Tbencns vbtcltarrlicil ly lut mill, a
rondenrjd report of vhVi Till! te found In
another column, Is iry Important. The
Knownothlng Xalional Convention which
ciwrcicd at Philadelphia cu tt.cflhof June,
Rfter a itortuy eeulon cf nlout d:
iCccttd a complete dlicrgxiilratien. The
northira dclrcatcs, hradexl hr the great al
lllloni'st. Wilson, of ili... l.nltr.1 n th.
Ait, .i .ri -1.1 t- t 1 I,..
m Uay, ana nIlLdrnitIn5 lo n dlflcrent
room, draughtiil an alolhlon phirorm, and
Ped resolution, condemning In unmc...
ureo,,u,.on, of th. aou.h.-
Tie southern delegate, nho Herein the
mijority, stood their gronml, nnd promulgrd
a pUtfonn aprrovlng the Ncbraiki-Kanxa
1411, and molted
1 that ihMr tiHrint.. it .t.
I that their principles, their
g, Ac. ilull heraflcr be
pliccsof meeting!
taaderuUIc. A jrcpcslllcn ttm submitted
10 dlrpenic xrlth the Catholic tcst.VMca was ' .
..... . . .. ,""a"i"
ueieiicu tiy a large majority, to tuey now
ilasd publicly confessed before the country
r.s religious proscrlptlonlits. Ofcoursethis
UtLedtath-kaellof kaoraothlngbm. They
nciir tan mi ic,sii Bsnin b n uanonai n
organlntlon, oni conicrpicntly their action
Vf rrt(Si snp-tll sis-Afit tft.fTi T. In
.': ' . . "?" " '"1"""'"
.., , .. j ..J.I. ,H ..H.W.UUW, mount OI IOC ll Uliv cuiinuu iitit, Blum a
ifancrganlrcdloilv cither corth or soutlLi'mlleialovetbeCa-cadefall., and continues
whlcUIshardlvprolabl.lfnotoulteimpc1 up thcxalley of this river adl.tnncoof 15
iccUols, tven If they keep up the semblance'
ilble. At the first dawn of Lc"ovnolhln;lirr,
all sensible men who Investigated their pol
icy, predicted thclrdonnfall In n very short
lime. Their opposing elements were too
eppsrent to admit of a different conclusion ;
sxd tic folly of thtlr attempt to nationalise
knownothlngltm has been made raanlfcit,
These predictions have been TcriCed sooner
lhaa was eipccted. A little while and one
uf the most evil orgtolzaitons that cvcrdii
j,-raceJ any tountry, will be known no more
, . . ,
Artrtr, and Its leaders, these modern patrl-
vl.; "in w BMiiiuicu iu uiiuiminurair,...,.,,,,, , ,. i.,,. f It,. XV!t
fellowship with this corrupt, .hort.lived,
monstrous ab.nrdlty-it. pernle oat Infla.
race will bo no longer felt, and the curtain
. , .11..1 mi ..I. 1.1.1. .. .1 ,!'
u uvu ,..,u . ""7t"' City and John Day', river, ax that route
an indignant people this new-fledged Intel- cro;.t, ht Ciwajc ,outhof Mt ,IooaiBnJ
trance, and may lis folds Uampls enough ,, ,h, DaCJ 50 mM ,0 ,ho nortljwt ,
to effectually envelop the promulgators.- AcccrdInst0 ,Bt accounts glvc.7 of the
The fate of 'Sam' will afford another in.foc4t,oa cf tbMe nIncl, Eugtne cil, ,,
stance corroborative of tho trnthfulnei. of ncarIy on , raIght Un(l UlKttn M, placci
iuc iuiiuhui), unu.ui.i "Uliiiu .,,
'If there le any among nt who wenld!
with to dlttolvo this Union or to change it
itpublitanftirm, let them stand, uadiiturbl
I'd, M monuments of thetafety with which1
trrr ejT ppinion rtoy be tolerated, icAerel
rtaion u itjijrtt in tomoai if." ij
The people, In all the "times that bave'j
tried men's touls," during the existence tf '
this republic, have proved themselves fully
loual to any and every emergency that
when the Cnlon Is threatened, by tho pro-
molgatlon ef baneful and pernicious limi, 1
ly c'aminns, dttlgnlnz demagogues, then
It ftund He ccmervathe of all parties
standing firmly by ths Constitution, and
protecting that loercd palladium of our lib-
trtlM from the encroachments and Innova- I
lions .of Its tncml't. knowing no north, no'
rcuth, nothing lit the Constitution end the
I'nlon. 1 L.if, I.. l.t-... I..
nUWu...HB. ..... ...S4tti.,
iTepi-ciueu-.aiocrai.epar jmnnea. 8CccpUlrtbank,4 Dcar , nume
vlUle rositlon, n1 tho recent d.'truptlon ofl0W we (o!lI) ,n 1C adjaCent mountains,
iai isms uuKUI i ir tun ucr o. iu, Rnd at th,, (.alon of ,he Jear tliCy ,f, Tcry
ntst dtmocratlc candidate for tLc Tresidcn- j faU Tfce mcat we tUnV u a,toSctlier supe
7' j r'.or in taste to any other klud of meat In
Griikkliiippors lU:c. The bear from which this mcat wo
Tic rapid strides of ibno restlf.rouc ni-ij taVen, was killed by Mr. Williams about two
mudasbavo not jet ilr.clud, Iu the upper i miles from this i lace. Itwas of theblack
part of this valley everything In tho way of' ,
Vesetables, been entirely destroyed -j
vl...w,M f.i,.wi, ,r'i
deTMtatlon. Farmers have bsd to resort to
j Ati fvt 4 4 v. 1 A-rt 4. 4 .
them, wbil. those xho baro failed to do t0Eirre:s, Portland for forwarding us late (
have wltsctscd tho destruction cf many I"'"0' PaP " ' "B ""'
nlnaUs tr. which thoy hod Undtrly , these nsnere a week earlier than w. would
couriihed for many years. In tho KoSue ".. one by mall. No person can appre
and pUmath river valleys thalr ravages 'O'ate raeh favors tetter than ourselves.
bavobccaxTor If petslblo than here, a,,Ju't continue todo so, gentlemen,
tliere they commence- earlier and destroyed I State Govcn.vjiKM. We ask nn ntten
tha greater portion ef ths wheat and ots. tire pcrusat of the able letter of Hoy. Dei.
In this valley 11 is estimated tlmt about cro , aok Siitu, upon the subject of State Gov
foarsu of tho nbe&t and oat crop has been , crnraent. We hope we may often bear from
destroyed whilo com, rogetablee, &o , will
prove to bo not worth gathering. We e'mll
cnatlnuo to publish everything that will;
, ,, , . . ,
tend to ennghUn the fa mer a. lo the best
mtans of r,rcventlng their dcs.ructlons an.
other year. The editors of that excellent
agnouliurai journal, uiciiaiiuruia J prmzr,
sraln pureult of kuonledgo upon thl.i tub-
.et at pri'ent, and c thall continue lo
piie-ur ri-aderit Iho bonflll ff their llmt
and inxcirl-xllciit upon the tulject.
l'oit Colvllio Clolil Mini
Itoutc, Vr.
From tiilcllljcnco received by lt mM
from Ihonoitb, wo nro lot to bellcvo that
thcro It no Joult about tlio truth of the
reports hitherto circulated lr-reiril to the
dttcouiyof geld near Ft. Colvllio, Wash
Ington Territory. l.nriso amounts of ruM
Imxbcen taken out Inn xcry thorl time, and
It only now remains W bo seen whether these
mines" are extensive, or whether tho supply
of available ore Is only conllueil to n email
district too much limited to lieuellt the
country generally, nnd supply worlc for
nny considerable Lumber of men. Ibis will
bo" nscirlalned very toon. Itcllablo men
have Iksch ent thither recently, from the
Willamette valley, to gain Information in
this point. Wells, Fargo .t Co.'s incMcngct-j
as expected to return about the 2.1th ult.
We male tho following extinct from a lmI-'
iicjs lettr finni a frUitd l Corvallis :
C-returned yesterdM-from the Dalles, 1
1 started lack agiln lnt night. He tay
gold In thctc mine!' 1 a "lUed fact." I 1
.V ,1.t t t llin rnk.. Vrattv l rtlllv '
tbo cold In Ihctc mine!" lx a "ilxed fact." I
think that it Is the caw. Nearly exyrjltoiiy
,"" '""" ;,. lallev ' !
U ,r 'n, ? & ftoBI W; ,"!. J,
I , c understand tht sclera of our fr .ids
Hln ll,U vMlcy- Jc8'en ',utlI,,S for ',,CSl' I
' mines In a short time, and that they may he
' , I
postcllnrcgardtotho routes, wo subjoin
thcfolloulng extracts from tho Portland
standimi, iucn wo iuioms ic roosi rvii-
nldc description of ths routes yet given :
iscription or tuerouicsyei given: 1 uo generally circuuicu, nnn iorwnriieiii,)(,(. fc
csact joint of the recent gld dls.'to the Axemblv, tlmt tlml bn ly nnv' ,v' (j
sis dccrlbod to be on tho fen l)'- ,aVo a prfteticablo ami reliable b.fis :fi! ... .n.
rhcr, one of the tributaries of the,' .....,.' ..,1 npli-.. I , ,,.,
Ml. The walors of this stream pajsV0r,i,,,,MVUcUo,,f , , , the Nil
"Tliecsact joint of tho recent gnld ills
I voiiii'r'n ...i; .i vi tins stream
I..I U. rTh.t .., AT J1.T- .1.... .
ISUck. north, ant llow on In a direction a
lit Icncrmcr.'CM.auisiaiiceorawoul cu
, ml es. and unite nllh ho Columbia In la !
itudeJSdeg. 13 north nml lengitu.lo 118
oeS- wist. The guM has Ictn principally
found belireen thl. Iskc an I the mouth of
,lMs rUcr.wlilcti is north nnd east of Korl
Cotr.llo alMO miles.
, Jff BS:fiuS ,ffi
'son miles.
1 "1b route uliiclt I' now travelled ly
land, is across tlio i.imM'Jcj tutitn or Jit.
Ho0'- crossing the Deshuttes. Juhn Day's
inJ Vmatllla rivers to Walla Walla, leasing
ihe Dalles about 30 miles to the north nest.
From Walla WMla It proceeds across the
Sualic riur '" JIrJj" "f'r uc north
on r nn ontn and rolling country to the
ovirnn open and rolling country to the ,
i.c j'Orllle. This route Is represented to ,
'afTonl a good wagon real from WalU Willi
ito thoinlnesor to Fort CoUlile. It erodes
for animals may oe lounn ai ncariy nn pc-
lo ot the year,
"Another route which Is said lo I veryjl When the fi.ii'illoti o
aclicable.toaus 1 the Columbia river at the lnn)ellt WJ1 v,.,uii!tcd
mouu, 0r the While Salmon river, alout 13
L.. ,. .i.-..'.' 1. .1 1. .f .l.'Mll.t...
,..1...V1. .1. .,,.u -I .1. Mll.t... I
ir ,,.',, tou?. '1 . Vl V."i '"'
Hon or rnesi 1 rar". wnerc is gooo cros-
In;, and thence north by tast to tho mines.
1 Ulm ruuic lllivirvi lliv I wu.v iivm ..wiin
WalUnoir the Grand Coulle or ilttp ravine
and rroccds on (ha east aide of this ravine,
but west of the Sfokan house."
From the above It would teem that the
nearest and most practicable route from
l this valley lo the mines, would be to pro-, nan mtu ivuun mc
,m, t md 8Crc(J lbe Ca!Cadt mountl,nl, I
Wal.& aad ColumUa ,,, , ,
, Wfl ,h,nk hat ,hc , wooM
... ,. ,r, ..,. i,... r...
strike the Willamette routebetween Lugena
j J-'of t ColvillC
The War Xcxv
Which we publish to-dar. Is more than
usually Important. The allies have gained,
complete po'seislon ofthe sea of Azoff.cap.
tared th? ferlres ofKertich, nnd destroyed
Immense stores belonging to the Russians. I
.. ... . .. .....1 .in.
' ...
aHimllsr result c the former, lhfl allies at 1.
Selaitapol have succeecdcd In taking tbei
"White Tower," on 1 the "Mamelon," after
a molt sanguinary ccnllict, the details of
which are not given. With these Important.
pcts In ponesslon of the allies, It Is tald,
( that Sebmtapol will be In a very critical
'roltlo. Hy the next steamer from New!
York ne look for news of the most ImjKir
tnnt and decisive character.
Lvscbtv iTTI
Williams, Etr., of this I
II... ...,....., ,, .
unvc, jifcscuicu u nunc jiicccoi iiir Hicai.i
e fcn daJ, aau f(;r nhIcl,hewllI p,ea,
davsalnce. fcr which he will please
species, and weighed about 200 lbs.
. . ", 7, , . v. 1 ..
r Again we are greatly Indebted to
C. .T. XfrPtirmfrV. nf thu rHrlfic Knrea.
and to J. O'Xell, cf Wells, Fargo & Co.'sJ
-. wva v r . - ..-,. j-- ,
Mr. S. upon this and other subjects of publlo
. . ?.. . , , .," .. ,
pir Much ed tor al and other matter n-
Mi ft ,m, M w ()
lrojko rogm ftr ,hc ncw, bll)UgM , Uj6 ,Mt
,manf 10 NatI(,nal Knownothlng Con-
ventinn, nnd tho Important and exciting
Tirwii from Ihirop'.'.
.jfrFrfh Inel Is tilling frr 13 itntxper'
lb. In Philadelphia.
For tho OaKllo.
NI11 to Convinitlon.
Mn. Hovi A'l'r: 1 peieolvo i' I'10
Gatcttc of the 7th Inst, tlml yon hxve
dcclnred "1W ConventW'i in 1850."
I nut glad xitu Imvo iltmo tltiij :nl t ,'
hojio wo shall Injur soon I'loni tin' pres
licncinllv. tliiotiuhout tlio Territory,'
unon this tiuesthm. tutor to tho meeting,
hi the iicgmulme, unit not oniyiruin
.-.. - 1
too press lint lioni tlio people.
It cannot he doniul tho volo of
the pnst nml present season, upon tlio jt ormiifiit. Is llmt th.y feiir tho new Glutei
question of Stiito(inveiiiuiciit,willhuU;j i, olliceifd by ilrmwriits. lie- (
:itendeiioy titcuihnruiss tho action of the mi)Vo this I'enr nml you reiumo llieirli
next I.citaiiu Asseinhly In nny pro. j' t,jiositlon. The lo.uiing wlilrOn' ,i
poscil nction upon tlidt Rulijoet. l'i-l j.on nr0 men of too oml ieuxi notil
positiitns l'or action of tome Mini will. 1 in know tint n .Slate uovetnuienl U .
tlouhltesa ho rcncuril. In onlcr thai '
ttie lVoplo Itepresentntlves tiny know
ulint they ought lo tin, nml what they1
will be ciicctal to do, it i Important'!
that tho iitteitlon bo nult.xted nml tlii '
7',,l1. lj,ul1' "in8 ''" I'l'0 ""J1 Ii
through Iho meiliiini of tlio pre. Anl,j
Inasmuch nx tho ittcmbcrs of tin) I.c(-
!!. . l, I ...I, ,.t .. ...-.
,,"""r0 " "' ""vc "" ""Position 10 run r
upon th e pooplo what tl..' people tlo not
wal ,,;, u, , lia h,u
been fully, freely mtd fairly .liou-vl, !
t I Irn.t If tilll In tiriiip til tlt.i ail.
.. ....... ... ........
ri 0 t,e I.pBil.iture I would re
,,rctfully sufc-yesl that inenioriMji-or
reuionsirnnces, nx toe may w)lia' coualru 1110 our new .VdifV. Iltil
bo Benerally circuUted, nml forwarded
' "'.v Ho urged to reply lo tlie ,
suggestion, Hint a bails for Legislative j
. .. . ..
npiuion nml nclton nlreatly existMutlie1
f,r, ,,,,, .i.,, liri)ni,j,in.. f.,r ..., ,!,, ,.
. .: " " " "J " ;".: ;.V " vi'ljei 1 -.....; l'"''"'"' ""'''"" 1
lulrallll' ol",u -i'miiuiiuii inn uvi-ii
prescntid to the people bv two sucees ,
K l.rliilliirr. m.l t"s nfton ,.laI
,oxr. bv-the t.eotile. 1 denv the I,-...'
Jitney mid couelusivouessorihiiohjfc.,
'lion or Answer, and the issuo ttnii pre- ,
lenteil 1 now itroiinv. with your pir-
'iiteii 1 now projio', with yi
niiislon, xery hrielly lo ilixeuxs.
It ll truo tlmt the question ofn coil
I vnnllntl lint lipmi tlviin nmiiin tiil t,i tliH
, i , , "' I""'" ; .ill .lllllllUSUWI.l. tail, viilllinn nil (luynn-
peoploj mid It U tilsc Into that the pro.",,,,, j Xetv .Mexico, and Kan.
""uu " "" """; ""l ,
. ,nu - .in. uivii' iuv in .ii,
i other things truo nl.x, connecled with
Mho hiitury of tlili iuction. I'owques-
t"01"' certaliil.v. xvr. ever ttubniille.1 lo-
n poind ir into under moro unfavorable'
Iciicnmitaneei for tlitir tuccMn. '
f a Stato gov.
one year ago,
.. n f t ., 1 ,A
ithe Uomocracy rertseU or neglecteil to
'.niako it n party isiue. .Not 10 wilhthe
. . I . .
'proposition llicir nresi anil parly ma.
jthlnerv ami party' drill, to the extent
" . . 1 ." . "
" i'"i ai u "" "
llliiu (I'livrni uui'utBiun liui, iiiinuv.
and worso than nil, the quest! n
convention w.xi cruelly mvrdcret
tween contending local mrirrjii.wtilcli,
rf. . . .
mueeu, 11 111 uni meei or ucciuu uiu icai
merits oflheuueition of a htato gov.
'eniiiient! 'Ibis fact was tullicieully
' ftltifuil l.v lliu v,tn if M.irtnn Jnrll.
....w.v j ,..v ...... -. .....-..,
son, I.ano and olhor counties.
1 hit year, AL-ain many ardent friends
, of tlio tnensuregave It tlio go by under,
the generally erroncoui supposition
that they would thereby frjiinlo tho.
ucc of their county nnd Legislative'
licket. Ileiidei, zealous, rampant mid
ovcr-confident knownothingiiiu.impoii.
id a sort of necenily upon u lo forget
or ricgicc all oilier mxttcri in onlor to
akin tliut 1 It rexulttd tint our news
papers; said but littlo upon tho question
of a convention, it was not broached j
in some counties, nnd but slightly dis
cussed in any, whilst in I.ano it was
designedly ignored a placo upon the do-1
mocrntic ballots.yct llie woriU'Vvrmt
convention" wore carefully printed up.
011 tlie whig knowiMtiiitf! tickets!
Kiinwiiothingiim may, therefore, be
litvrillAii flrmii nt Iimiiiii. iltrnMli; uml
'.. . " T. " . .
indireclly, crucified thciucstiuuof com
venlion fu leaf. I
It is evident that tlitf result of tlio 1
two last canrnitcs may bo rucated ,
again nod, and thii, too, wiC!'
out eicr onco latny cnnv.xuinj uie
merits 1
nls or truly nnd justly deciding tho
cstion of n JJtnto government, if grco- '
dy local uestioni, or iusolmlly rain. ,
'pant new tstuct are to bo iiarnulled to
thwart iho wiihes or to direct from their
Iniirr.ninthn rnnl t,.mnrrnrv nfllinTnr,
I'-'i""--"- "" -'"-. " ..- --
J.aitwinlcr I introduced, in tlio I. eg
iilature, n bill which, had It passed mid
become a law, would Imvo brought tho
question of n Stato government fully
and fairly before tho wholo people.
That bill provided for tho election of I
delegates by tho people ton conven
tion. If a majority of tho delegates so
elected wcro in favor of a State gov
ernment, tho bill provided that they
should framo nnd submit to tho peoplo
for their ndopliou or rejection, a const!,
tution ; but that if a majority so cloctcd
were opposed to tho lonnation of n
State government, no constitution was
to bo Iramcd. Had that bill become a
law.sixty of the best men in tho Tenb
tory woulil liavo Ijeen beforo thopeonlo
In iho Into canvass advocating tho for
matlonofn Stato government, nnd I
do not entertain a doubt but tbatlhrco
fourths of them would have been til
umpbantly elected I Indeed, had tho
samo exertion been made in behalf of
the convention question that was put
forth to carry (ho Delegate tickets, it
would Imvo liiutnphed by nearly n
lurge a majority! J.inn county gave
373 majority for convention. Had we
labored as energetically In its behalf n
wo did to cxpow) and route knownotli
Ingitm, thlt county would Imvo given
5(11 majority fur comention ! Though
lo tho honor of tho democrayof Linn
I will my that they hnve iievorfofferv
I tlio Issue, or iiuuyht to avoid Its discus.
I I have tto faith in tlio idni'oilly oftlm
whlg leader in tlivlr oppnxlllon to n
'Statu ititvornuiciit. 'I'lmt ihey "rr".v
tliotnolxt-n in opposition Is most true,
''iat they ciirp iilmtit lax'itlon, Ato , In ,'
......Mi.. iMi,,. ImiI llmt tlioy nro itwirtfi,
in il,,,, nrolotsliiit to Ktnto the rail
grounds of their opponilion I tin not bo- j,
Tl.,v,. 'I'lm unlit riiiiaoii for their Imv ,
. . 1 .
,i ;,.. 1,, i,0 pronoiillnii lorn .Stittogtiv
now i(Miiniiileil hv thii liekt prenenl null
prnatictstixo inteiesta of tlie peoplo of
,i, Territoiy.
l'tior M tin list tloelhnt, when ml
.lr..Rin'. n timiiini uf ibo neonlo ol'tliii
county, I itrgetl, in ntlilltlou to many
,itu,r coiulilerelioni why we Mioiildnel
troimillv nml decisively In iei:nd to n
t. t J ... ..," ,
S j-ou-intlieiit, tlio MCI Illill on 1)0
'.omill Slnto wo would be entilUd
J f ,,, ,,(llorllm,u,
1 r00 000 ncre, uf land ', nnd llmt if wo
..I'.t t t I .t.
well' expcnilimiJ iiimhh 11 u 111 i,,n 1 ii."
lM;l tint muoiiut of bind ensl of the,
K'ascnde mount tiu, mill ificurvm.V
l,)()(. flM, ,(,, yMden inonieiit haxnom.
(Sold, silver, lead, eo.d, vVe.. It is
iirnvereil there. l)nr people lioin
' tin nr rtniertiliiH' to tlie
.... ..... .r,. . . . ? .
,.asi f ,lt, Cnioftil.. 'Ihey will join
,1, ,c,,p,y in milling t'ongresx for
n Territorial vuntKirnt. ndifthey
" ,. ... ... ..' .. , ,..,., f.
,,t,,,e ull vuiiavnl lit In' fiUfill,!) lot
' y ltl, KI,Criuiii'iit. l.'od inilv knuwi
i. .. n. 11 i..- C:
ZV XSZtiZl n W .i.. (
of l.tud whvii iluio'i' 1
p',,1,1 wv ,, brS(mU) n yta'.o we max
luii i.,,,,,, t,, i ielM ur mi.itil.ition ,
nitic't, mvo by natural proeie.itioii. ft
..ou,i ,,.,1 b.nsiiriiriiu''iireuinxtanct'
n ill f '...1. il. ...!.... I ....I.... -
s:is, anil even t!.o country luiutcilUlviy
w.itt (ii inn i.iitr.ifii, man unins. (iiieri'ii
lt10 ri0M n1 .States, In ndvanco of
'( ),.. t em, nro eoutent
,,.1, fifty ihousnud strong--!., bow
our riechx to the yoke of ColoniM in
xalago Tor xenri to cuiiii'.lnr o. too
possibility of bung cnllid upon, for n
cnr or two, to pay 11 tax o tliu one.
.. 1 . ....
tluUiint, paft uoach dollar wo po.
wji(l eXei,ai.g.. fortl.o nylit,.il.iIo-
.... ..,,1 1. 1......
of a Jstato govern.
'"X JO.OOO people of Oregon own'
ri'" "" until.
" moro latin titan nny inner iiu.uuu pco
inAlly. 1 ntc taken an a wholo and prouilscu
11 or nMy 0 tl10 gb! Tho lunicrs nf
"""'"!, Oregon own more cnltlu(niid of great.,
moro laud titan nny oilier ;U,OUU pco
cr alue,) than uuy oilier npial number
0r farnura t.ikuii an ti wliulo nml pro
mticuouily 011 tlio globe! The fill.
000 people of Oregon liavo moro real,
.iiir..iiitii trrnlih Uiutl tho drat flO.OUU
neonlu of imv Territory of this Union
rr.r i.-.i t vi. ;,ii 000 iioiinlo of Orn.
Vi )cller( ,nuro clioaidy and nt
moru C3gu ,!, aivj :,o,00l) peoplo of
lom ,.lV0 m,y kuuwledgu! The
r'),000 peoplo of Oreg 111 are 5,000 milea
rr() tl0 CJ,,,tu ..fti.u Niilloii.and expo,
t;c,lc.(.d m()l0 i,iconenieuce, vesatiou,
,c4.. itmj ,JMi ,uir illlCrcoursu with
,lu Ul.,icru nvernmont titan the people.
of au v other I'errilory lielntiging lothe
Unilt d. Stutcae 1 rr (( )reguii has more
inhabitants tlinn many of thu nuwb'latus
had when llioy xvero admittud into the
Union. And Oregon bus lets to lose
and more to gain by becoming a .Statu
than nny Ti-nilory uver hnd llmt bax
preceded it unlcti California bo no
exception! Ami yd 0..'L'on plead
the lilj net J
llow wo to explain or oxcuio nur
position, n n pL'Ojile,upoii tbiiiUoition
01 mi iiiuepciiiicru pomicnt oxisii-iico 1
It needs tumu explanation nml defence.
For il is n curious fiict in our history,
tlml liy turns too editors, orators, legis
lutoM nnd leuderit of all parties in Oru
I,,,...!.,.....!.. i!.Ph nanLndvocaled either
i,i.1oinlnii iimSr.iin itm-.l
crnmei.l oxisleiicel ; or .ntlcnsl .that iho
11.-i s. ,t,i..i 1,1 ,.pi .,11 ,,i!ii.H
l0rnlcir uCll iveriiiii-nl I
Souw ilomocraU of Oroifmi (thott''h
professing to be jiersonxlly InJ'uror ol )
voted ngaiiitt cotivciilioii,becnus,(lhuy
s.iy,) they went fearful llio knownotli'
iugs might entry tbo day; in which'
event, Ihey wero fearful wo might gut a
kiioiriiittliiiin coiutitulion ! Whilst Dry
er, Chirm V Co. voted against convert.
lion fonring wo might Imvo a"J)urhnm"
... .. 3 1 .- " I .1,1. .1 1. !
conellliltioii I iow, 1 iniiiH uiu ruiuuui
tho lato clecllon, aa well ns nil those
which hao proceded it has pretty
well cslablisbetl Iho fact that Oregon
U Dr.xiotjRATio ! so well, indeod, thai
Dryer will actually cumo to believo
that "di'inocrnl n talismanio wonl !"
nnd timid democrats may venturo to
vote Iheirrtti sentiments upon all ques
tionsl With a largo democratic majoiity In
Iho Terrllory.and with so many cogcnl
and conclubivo reasons in fnvor of n
Slain govcinmeiit, it Is n khamo that
this senseless cry of iho whig lenders
J.nnlil Imvo buen normittud to frIhton
so ninny democrnts ftom their pioiiriu
ly, mid Jiat tho questloii fthould Imvo
been dofonted nt nil, under uny circum
stuuece. I trust, howovoi-.tlmt wo hnvu
tion tlio last of this timidity in thu
nrceenco of the klusli.fuiigus assaulti of
Linn county Is able to givo a major
ity for convention largo enough to
rnoh thtt which bhn gavo on tho 4th
of June nnd cover, in addition, rrht'f
of tint number by which tho piopoxl.
lion wn iliifunteil In tho Territory I
An (iitu ol'hurreprofienliillveit, I iroioso
in rii.liitroilui'c. nt tlio next Hi'ixinii, my
bill ori.tft winter. I ineutlou tliU Ihnt
tliovt Inteii'ileil nmy rIvo ' thmihl.
iiivo wi lien tniien moro 1 in
li'iuleti wtinn I looli up my pen, but l
hono my mi;i'eAllniit inny prove noli
only (le'eoplaiilo but tteriieeiibh'. I urn,
in luior ofiilher nluiulonio)' ihlt.St lie'
Kiii'iiiiiieiitiiuilliiii enlirely, or ofjlv J
luj; ii riii'lt nlleution iih kIiiiII euniiru it
eoutiii ii' Hiteeens
In tho lori'iinliiK iiIIikIoiix to wliij,"
I tin mil vlli l(ie iimletslooil iih em
liriii'lim nil wliti'. Tlieto .110 nnut
: . , 1
honorable except n who Are .now..,! liotieilnilttnjnU'H ol n Mate jjov ,
r,","Jl,,V . ,
tt Idling you 1 great nueeen in iour
enlerptlie, I aubterilut tiiyneir
Tiulv and oliediiiullv youiit,
l)i:i.'()S ! SMI I'll.
Grand IVmilo llonie,
July SIOlli, 'iVi.
Tin' r'iil EC. N. :m'iilloti
I. .!.. I.I,... Wi.iid.hklilll 111
... . ......... , .
tttii.orlll'rii .Tloinlifli'B'Mo
Tlio National Know N'othing 1'mii
vnition MH"tnM"il at I'liihilelpltl l on
l'.e .lib June, mid the ruiiilt Ii the
proinnljiti "i oftivi)ilitfiiriiii -i t'it
botweeu the North nnd .South, and lliu
foriualiiiu of ln orgiiilillous, The
fllotl In nation tlliJ Ixtmw Nittliiugixin
h.'ix failed. Tlie result It tx tint Mirpii
J .'Hl one, I'nmi llie ncliitll of llie
Noitheru Know Nothings, It was t l
expeeled that n diil-oi w.udd t .It"
i.t:o ti.i the Miliji'ct "f slii'ny. A
ilcpaleh In tho New Yurk ''imrt, da
ted I'liibidelplilt.Juue I It'i, my1
Tlierv It is been n j'Mini ilitroptinii
of iliij Ktiotv Nnlltli Order. Toe
Northern nii'inliem refuxo to nbidn In
the pro t-l tvery pi tlfurui llmt w u adopt
I'll MSI lllglll. .11" .ii.llilvii.M.i.h.mj,,N 0, Ul, a.S,Ifr, nml lint inel tint It
to the Aui-lican .Natio-nl Convention mw.f iB iiioiiiIiit.aiiiI it rrconinitmU
conxenetl nt H o'cloeli thii niornliig, lit ,lnl .f0 , concealment of Dm
thu tiir ird llotiv, for tho .'irpoio of iU(vt ,)f Mvvlu, ( t.utJI,rdiii.ile cuun.
nri:iuiii; n Norlliern (Inlet. I In , t.,j,
Hon. Il.-irv Wilson wat catli'd tn . -. .
.1 I 1..I. 'I'l... VI. .11. ...1. .1.1.....,...
tho chair, nnd II. M. McAbee w. ni!,
pointed aecrctxr). !
I-'i 0111 thu UtruUl, we txke iho fol- 1
lowi'tg brief t nopxis of the entire pro-!
ccedmgH :
" w iiautleipatid, upon thontlopl.
ion of tho majority report "f tho plat
form committee, tho Abolition faction.
led by.Si'iiator Wllion.b'tlled. Thiir.
day t'hey.iirgnnixnl n sepirato meeting,
and promulgated nn million to Iho''
tonile, which wo publish: 'I'lto regu 1
Inr L'onvenlion, pug.'d or it nialcoti
tents, proceeded with tin Ir business,
nnd ditcuiacd the mollifications to tlip
ritual. A proposition lo ndmit Aitmri
can Catholics lo fi'tlnwslilp rrrtnl a
warmtlebxle, nnd was llually tb-fealetl
by n l.iriui mniorilv. A imlion tlirccl-
lit" tha .""'ocret.iry to publish the pro
ceedingt mid platform in uontpapera
liiemlly to llio citiit', was nuopieti, Inilian ( rink, a ilistanco ol aoum
nnd nn addreJS was ordered In bo pro three miles on (o lids brach. It has
iiwil nml circulated. Tiio Ixbors of already reached iho "lUt" claims, and
tho Know Nothing Contention nt will bo iniiiily completed in about six
I'hiladelpliln tnriiiiuilttil on IVi lay. 1 week. As soon ns nil things are in
Tlio lituil lias be-ii lomewhiit modi i rendinesi for miiihig, there clearly will
lied, mid tho ('Atholiu test lexllirmed bo a heavy amount of mining done.
by n largo majority, notwithstanding" .Moro lnvu will bo required nt that limn
an cloijucht I'lfort Iris been initio b ibnn nro At present upon Iho beach.
Judge Hopkins nnd others to died itsii Wnges will probably rango from flfly
abrugatititi. A committeo wax cppoln. t sevnly.o dolln'ra per month. Wat
ti'd to ateeilxbi iho n'lount nf Mr. havosemi inonlhly communication with
llarkor'A expenditures in behalf of thu San I'rmicisco, ilx Crescent City or
Order, with thu view of its repay meiif Port Orfunl. I'olillcitlly w cxerelsi a
The sum Is add lo bo a largo one. I decided iulbionco In this countycast.
,Thu roprei-ntalloii in the Nominating jug soventy, out of Iwo hundrod, xoles
Convention will comprise one delegate nt tliu June election. No prevailing
from each J Slite. Tim next Conyen- eiel.nesi rxeopt thu besch fover a ills
tiou will lielield in this eliy, on tliu llrst t.n50 pticlil y subjected through tho
Tuesday in Juno next." , medical nldll of Dr. McWIillo.
On tho blxth tbiyoftht setiimt, the'. If uu deiin tho nbovo worthy of in
majority mid minority rep-nli wen;1 serlion, please givo it a place in your
.submitted, tn folio: ', iourmil, nnd obllgo
M.womrv r.r.i-nur.
I Jli'tohcl, That iho American paily,
having niiKuii upon Hut mini mid in
spituof iho opposition of the Whig nml
iJeiuocrnllc parti'-ii, cannot bo livid in
any manner rusjiiituililo lor llio oiinnx
ious nets and violated pledges of ci
Iher: that tho ynteinxtic ngiluliou ol
tho fclatery quiMion bv ihoto pxrtiol
bus elevated nee iniiml linsllhty into n ,,
postivo element of political power, uml
brought nur iustltutiun Into pctil. It
baj, therefore, bueomu tho Iinpurativii
duty of tho AmiiiCAii party to Inter,
pose, .for iho purpuso of giiiug penco
to llio tountry nml pcrpoluily to tho
IJuioii ; llmt ns cxperletico bus shown
it is impossible, to reconcile opinions
so extreme as those which separate
tho disputants, nml as tliero can bo no
dishonor in submitting to llio laws, the
National Council has doeiuod it thu
host gunrnnteo of common juntlco nnd
of future poauo to ubldo by mid iiinln.
lain tho existing luwsujton iho subject
ofalaxory, n 11 fluid and concludvo
lettloinciit of that subject lu spiiit uml
In substance.
llesovcd. Tlmt regarding it Iho
highest duty to nvow these opinions
upon n subject so important, m mi'
tinctnnd unniulvocul terms, It is lieie
bv doclared as thu senso of thin Nn
tioual Council, tlmt Congress posses
h8 110 power miller tho Conetittitloii
to lenlihito unon tbo Kiibject of slavery
in tho States or to oxcludo nny Slate
from ndmlisloti into llio Union Ijocnuso
itx Coiisiitutou does or doos not rccog-
11U0 Iho institution of slavory ns a part
of bur social system ; and oxpruasly
nroterminatlng any expressions of opin
ion upon the power of Congrb to es
tablish or prohibit thvory In nny Ttr.
litorv. It is the route ol this National
---' ' -' . 'I "M ' 11 !"tr)
('ouuull, tlmt ('nuitrum (Mi(;lit nut to
leulsbtto upon tlio Mibjict of sbtvrrv
within tlio Territory of lint Unllci'l
Slntea, nml llmt nny lulnrfurenuo by
('otii(rrat wllli nlneiv. " It I'xlati in
tlio Dislilct ol Coliiiuiihi, would bo n
iliilatlon of lint spitit nuil luleiillon of
tint eouipnet by which tint Hlnln of
Mnrtlauil eeduil the Dltlilcl Id tho U.
nileil .Stales, nml 11 hie.tuh ol'lhe imllyu.
MIMililii lil.iiuir.
IU'ohfil, Tlml tint lepeal uf the Mis.
Isouri t'ouiprnnilsu wnit nn Infraction
nt the plighted Initii or Hut imliim, nnd
that It shuiild hu if Milled ; nml If eirortx
In tlml mill Ji. II I. .11 ('... .1 11
... .... . 1,1. nn 11, iiik, . ,'iiuirB liuillll
r(,fi(i( , ,,,,, .. Sla, ,nurM
, 1. , . .. , , ,
iiiiypuilliinofthuTi'iillorv I'rorn which
I,,,,,, hl(, )( V((l, p3,e,'ul)fj , mt
,.,. ' ,
, Hi" 'tmjoiily or xlneery report was
I' .nlopled by the follnwliig ote !
ij Ar. New Vmh, Delnwnrr, tV
I, I11111I1I.1, Vli(,iul 1, Nntlli (.'innliiin, tieor.
'KN, Sonlh I'm.diui, 1'lnilil.i. I.uulsl.
.... l tl, ... , , ...
,, i,,.,, , .(nan n, ,ii in 1. nn . .xi 11.
iiuri, Atlixnsrn, Teuni'rie, lielitiichy ,
C; lllnriili, Miinlan.l M).
iSon..New Ji-itriy, Nt tr I lump.
re, M due, Veimoul, Illindo Isbiud,
Conui-eliiMit, MIMdgnn, lllinuls, Ohio.
, low.i, IViuisvlv.tuIn, M.xsnucliiiiells,
j WiiL'tiiinlii, Mluiifviln- flO.
I'ilty. three nii'mhers, representing
' M txsaehiix'lt. New Hampshire, Vrr
'tit ml, Maine, (I'tlo, Indiana, Michigan,
lilliu I., lowx, Ith'ule Inland, Cuuucl.
, Itcut, Wiii'iinitii,. Seceded.
Wc u!nl'ip f.illoivi.ig fioill thu plat
I'm in of tho .Sriulhem l.if liuti :
This N ill iiixl Ci.ini.'il deolarra that
nil th" ji'l'irii,', n tlui (IhIit shall bis
lienecfoiwalil t.iy wlirfr nirnltr
avtiweil; nnd liint eneh iiiiMiilur shall
bo ntlilurU In malm Kliuwtt tlio ialat
. . '.. . ... ...
l'or ths Uiiiwi. (ItKll.
from .lloiiili ol IIohiio Itlvrr.
1 Wit iLt:iiaiu), July IS, 'ftS.
1 Mil. Dniron: lleforolcnvin;; rlontti.
illiitrg r 1 r llils place I wax tolicllrd by
I ii'iftnl geiillentcu in that place and vl
cii.i'y to give them such information at
mv own xiowx nml olMervnlinn would
dictate in rrfi reiito lo iniiiliig, iVc ,A,i!.,
in tlui section. This mining district 14
probably Aiming ihn xrry best yet tits.
covered on ihii coast tho only obsta
c.i being want of water but, happily,
ibnt inun'tlimriit will shortly bo over.
come. XI 0 Have u 11 ntr -o., iroin
-San rrnneUrn, wills an engine nf Iwan-
' ly linrtn pawar, r.xialiln nf raising al
b'Mil thirty torn heads; nlio n Ditch Oo.
' have, by a gri-al cxjieitditurn of labor
ami money, aucccoiletl, or nearly so, in
bringing n largo nmouiit nfwntor frrrn
Ax ui.u lti:siui:.NTiir .Si'onsnt'uo.
Amitiiiiii .Srtitr.r Hiicii:tv ami it
Via rroii.M. nnttier secret society, or
rather a new order of secret political
refornnirs, hasieeoiilly snrung up. ll
nn Anti-Shivery nirnlr, nnd lias
. . .. -r ..l-
iHMtlHUll HIV .... ...-. . --
o,,,..,,!,!,,,,. ai n rneenl euiivunlliiii
ntloiituil llio cogiuinivii 01 -niiim,
J ,0tilin Ht Clou land, Ohio, tlio follnw.
, i,aiforin wits given to lbe world
by tho new order :
I. Distinct nnd drleruilned Inutil
ity lo theencronchmonls of slavery.
II. A demand for thu restoration
uf thu Missoutl Compromise.
Ill,- Internal linprovemsnts under
tbo authority of thu (icnornl Govern
IV. IVutcvtiun lo American Indus
Tho question of temperiTuuii will bo
left to tho action of tho Individual
r Wlilln tho Know Horaqlhtug Uga
xi'litlou wus In scsiton at Olsveland. thg fol
lowing despatch wis received from tho kaoif
nothing coiivnntlun In Philadelphia 1
"Tho North defeated 1 Tha pro slawry
platrurmll TltlrUiu States withdrawn III
ilod I'trrnallydninn slaiery and dugioooi
Until II"
1 hi nn ircelrcd wlthtrcmunduoui shouts
mid iherrlng.
SBr The New York Herald predicts as
follow In reganl lo who will hu the cut.ill
lutes fur the next Presidency :
Deiiiocrutie Candidate, on.ry A, Wlu.
KnowcoWac Goo. Liwor -WLIlaixl I'UU
more. x
Mixed Ab-illtlon, W. It. Bojrd Ucnx
ry Wilson
fuTho Xcw Ilompthlre Houtoof np
rcrcntutlvca Lavu clouted James Doll a 'id
John P. Hale to thn U. S. Kcr.uto, till fcr
Ike long turn and Uclu fcr the ihcit Krm.