The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, May 19, 1855, Image 2

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1 :
Hmpqua (&a?cttc.
6at sirdar, May it), 1855.
For DclcfRln to Ceiigrcis
For Councilman,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
Vmpqua County.
For Representative,
For Sheriff. ALEX. BLAKELY.
For Auditor. '. If. SPENCER.
For Judge of Probate, P. C. PARKER.
For Commissioner, G. D. VANRIPER
For Treasurer. V. W. WELLS.
For Aitessor W. HANNA.
For Coroner. JOS. BEAZLSY.
For Surveyor. J. J. KELLOGG.
For Wreckmaster P. AIACKIE'
The Elcctioa.
The gallant Democracy of the Ter.
ritory are entering into the approach,
ing canvass with that true spirit of de.
rotion to principle! which Is a harbin
ger of triumphant success, if we are
permitted to judge from the enthusiasm
manifested by the people, in favor of
Ckx. Lav, the standard bearer of
the Democratic partjr, for Dclegato to
represent Oregon Territory in the next
Congress. Tho spirit evinced by our
Irienda In other portions of the Tcrri
Jury, should be an example to those of
thie section. It is by organization alone
that any thing can be accomplished,
and we therefore appeal to the Democ
racy ofUmpqua county to organize;
toret the shackles that are binding you
to inaction, and lot your watch-word
be; "7b Amu! To Arm!" Let us put
be Democratic ball in motion, and
keep up the JefTereonlan fires until the
last tap of the dram is heard on the
The Democracy of Oregon have a
great work te perform. The Demo,
cratto reputation of the Territory must
be tared from the blighting influence
f whig-knownothing despotism. Then
let as unfurl our banner to tho breeze,
ascribed thereon, opposition to the prin
ciple of proscription on account of birth
place or religious opinions, and stifle
the tyrannical brood of Whig-Know-
nothing measures, which,
weighed in the pulilio scales ami not
found wanting. He hits been twice
tlectod by tho volca of tho sovereign
peoplo of this Territory to represent
their Interests in Congress, anil duiln,
the period that ho Ima liven noting In
this enpneity, there has been more pub
lie acts pasted, unit more money np
propridti'd by Congrcai, through hi
great influence and untiling energy,
for tho advancement of the interests ol
the peoplo of this Tvrritory, than lot
any other two Territories belonging to
the United Statos. Wo do not nik the
peoplo to lako our say so alone, foi
theso statements; wo nik them to look
to tho journals of Congress during the
tinio Glv. Lam; has represented thb
Territory, and examiuo tho different
hills passed by that body, mid seo it
they do not there find proor jiosilivi',
that ho has been un industrious and
fnllhful public servant, the hue nud crv
of the whig knownoting party about
''buncomb" to tho coutrary notvviih-
On tho other hand we have John P.
Gaines, nominated as tho whig nnd
know-nothing candidate, and standing
on tho broad platform of "Gen. John 1'.
Gaines ocainst the World!" A mm
who, in ull probability, would never
havo been in Oregon, if he had not been
sent hero with a commission in hi
pocket; a man who has inoro than once
betrayed tho confidence ille people, not
only Territory, but of other por.
lions of the country where they have
entrusted him with their interests; n
man who kept the money appropriated,
for tho erection of tho public buildinK
in his own pocket!, Instead of opplviii"
it, as an honest and faithful servant ol
tho public would have done, to the pur
poses for which it was intended. For
the establishment of these facts, we alio
refer the people to the past history and
legislation of this Territory. Then, in j
tho face of all theso facts, will any lover
of correct principles and equal justice,
go to the polls on the first .Monday in
June, and declare by hit vote in favoi
of tho men and measures which have-
erected and presented tho plat-
form of "John P. Gaines against the
world;" or will they rebuke, by the same
blood bought privileges, tho attempt to
put around tho necks of the people t In
tro n vok f lnuicnrrjon. ir r-ttmr
for Ga?r. Joseph Lank and tho princi-
The J nownothluu of Oregon.
When kyvr was hoio a low davi
since, wi liad a conversation with him
respeetlo his acquaintance. vvith"Sm."
.St first, r said ho didn't 'know noth
ing' nbou the Imownothlngs. (Ily the
way, lio imls that tho Unowiiotliiitj:
principles ire not popular on this hide
f tho Oil toola inoutitiiiua, and (hero
lore doii
ot nu-ntlon (lie subject nn-
less li it mw n out). Filially, Dryu
pies of universal suffrage.
"Like jelling monsters, with ceaseless cry,
earrouuu ua.'
Will the Democracy falter or yltld
lb contest, when they tee the princi
ples of tho Constitution assailed by a
secret cabal of intolerant tyrants. Will
they affiliate with a party whose grand
bject is to proscribe such pure and
patriotio men as Charles Carroll of
Carrollton, Roger B. Tanney.and many
ether as bright and shining stars aa ever
domed tho pages of history. We think
Hot Wa cannot think that any lover
ef his country will be caught in this
full net:, and, so far from abandoning
the causa af liberal and correct princi
pies, will declare In thunder tones, on
tho first Monday in June next, in favor
f Grx. Lane, and opposition to Joiits
V. Gaines and the pollution and des
potism of the principles of his Whig.
Knotrnotkingism. Organize then, and
rebuke the base attempt of abandoned
and profligate disappointed office-seekers
and political scavengers, to seduce
you from tho cause ol Democracy and
equal justice to all men. Let no false
roorbacks or idle rumors discouiage
you or cause you to give an Inch, but
fight the good fight with that patriotic
energy and devotion that never lags.
Put tho ball in motion, and keep it
rolling until Whig-Know-notbiiiglsm
is swept from the land with an ava
lancbe of just rebuke. '
The doty of tho Democracy in this
contest is plain. The people of Oregon
have presented for their suffrages two
candidates for Delegato to Congress.
They have on tho one hand Gen. Jos
Lane, the nominee of the Democratic
party; a man against whoso character
as a private citizent or a publfo servant
no one can bring and substantiate n
alngjo charge; a man who baa never
deceived or betrayed the. confidence, of
she people; and a man who has been (length.
On Wednesday night last, the citi
sens of Scottsburg and vicinity came
together for the purposo of hearing
some political speeches. Previous no
tice had been given of the intention of
Mr. Dryer, tho great expounder of tln
principles of tho whig knownnthiuc
party of this Territory, to virit thi
place. He was accompanied by .Mr,
Chinn. The latter .gentleman led off,
and informed the audienco that "Dryer
had como out South on a missionary
tour, and he came along to keep him
straight." Chinn then repeated the
stereotype arguments of the whig lead
era against democracy and in favor of
whiggery. He was mum on know.
nothinglsm. Gen. Lino como in for
a tirade of slang and abuse, and tin
Salem clique, at the whigs call it.were
spoken of in no very flattering terms.
He failed, however, to produce any en
thusiasm, and took his seat without
having been once applauded.
Dryer then held forth in his usual
stryle ; told the people ho was editoi
and proprietor of tho Oregonian, and
appeared to think that himself and the
Oregonian were "some pumpkins." For
a full report of his speech, wa would
refer crsons to tho columns of the Or
fgonian. lie "pitched into" the Ga
zcttc for criticising his "notings by the
way," Ho was silent on knownothing.
ism until asked by ono of tho nudienci
to cxpluin bis position on that question
Hou. A. C. Gibbs next addressed
tho people in an able and efficient man
ner completely refuting all the false
charges preferred against Gen. Lane ly
Chinn and Dryer. Tho audience wen
well pleased with Mr, Gibbs' remarks
and the very able manner in which hi
discussed the political topics of tho day;
and much moio enthusiasm was evinu
od than at any time during tho evening.
We could pluinly see that it was tin
fixed intention of a majority of (host
present to cast their vote: mi the firtl
Monday in Juno for Gen. Joseph Lutie
Col. W. W. Chapman spoko a feu
minutes, in an ii.tere&ting and eloquent
manner; the lateness of tho hour, how
ever, prevented him from speaking at
ald that 1 1 "if if I belong to a secret ;o
litieal ori ihalhn which is usually
called Audi wthings, but that was not
the real uajie of tlio oii'iinirntion, noi
was llie oter culled 'sons ol 70,' " mill
then wentu to say that thu secret polit
ical ogauL-eliou of which ho was a
member owe not proscribe foreigner
or Catholics llie'V hold that Americans
hould govern America, hut they nro no
lntitudiiiHrin)n their difiuitioti of tin
word American, that they consider till
foreigners wo limu been naturalized
ii ru American ; that fori igners sliuuld
bo Americnillivd beforo they are natu
ralized. i
The above liberal views, as cxprevrd
by Mr. Drver,U(iiteiidcdbyh!iiiilfnuil
other this order, as a 'gull-
trap' by which they hopo to gain the
votes of the fun ign born and Catln lio
citizens ofiliis Territory to:isihl them
, i
into power. It matters not whether'
the real nanw of this order is know-,
nothing, sum of '70, tint! democrats, '
or tiitiu'lliing !, Dryer says that it is
nmlly called know-nothing. 'WlmlV
in a iinme t' A skunk by any other,
would be no less offensive to tho olfac
tory nerves.
Dryer admitted that tho knownnlh.
ings of Oregon wero governed by the
same platform which it advocated by
tho knouuotlinga of Mumchuutt
and other Statu. We then enumerated
some of the diffrrencea between the
knownothing platform, as explained by
him, and tho platform which is pub
lished in tho Know-frothing and Amer
ican Crusader, nu acknowledged rr
gau of the know-nothings, published in
Huston. Tho subjoined is the platform
which appears each week at tho dead
of thu editorial columns of that paper:
1. Repeal of all naturalization laws.
2. None but NATIVE AMERL
CANS for office.
It. A pure American Common
tH-iioui nvstemr
4. War to the hilt, on Romanism.
5. Opposition, first and last, to the
formation ol Military Companies com
jwied of Foreigners.
u. 1 lie advocacy or a sound, heal
t!, y, and safe Nationality.
0. llos Hity to a'l I'apal Influences,
in whatever form, and under whatever
8. American Institutions and Amer
ican Sentiments.
I). Mure stringent and cfiectivo Em
igratinn Liwa.
10. Tho amplest Protection to Pro
testant Interests.
Tbero are six others, but ai they are
only expressivo of tho same sentiments
we omit them.
Dryer said that the knownothing
platform does not say "none but native
Americans for office." When wo ro
ferred to tho above platform, lio do-j
nied that the paper referred to was tin
organ of the knownnlhings of Massa
chuetts. We have plain and palpable
evidence to prowito the satisfaction nf
vrry thinking man, that the Know
frothing aad Crusader is an avowed
,tnd recognized organ of that party.
Cho-fart that tho editor of that paper
was list year elected to the Legislature
if Maasachu setts, and occupied n seat
in that body during its Ust session is
lufficient to convince any person that
his paper is a knownothing organ.
If ho had not been supported by the
know-nothings he could not havo been
elected, for tho whole knownnthing
ticket was elected by largo majorities.
It is clear to every ouo who has hi
vestigated this mutter, that if thu whig
if Oregon cnuld command a sufficient
numerical .trcngth to control tho elec
tjons in this Territory, without tho aid
of foreigners and Catholics, tliev would
boas unrelenting and general in the
prosctiption of, all foreign-born and
Uatholto citizens as are thu sumo paity
'n tho Eastern States. Tho history of
tho past year shows that the know
nothing platform is so changed by the
whig leaders to suit the different local-
ties where they wish to uso it,HB to in
luenco tho greatest number of votci;
tin) thoso votes havo invariably been
iued to lit-lp tho whig leaders to gain
ho offices and spoils.
In San Francisco, Cutholics are not
proscribed foreigners are to a certain
extent. In this Torritory, foreigners,
Catholics, or even persons who have
both thiihu ipiidilhs so ohjeutioimble to
I ho knnw-iiothliigH of tho East, nro free,
ly admitted; all that is rciiuiied ofn
man who applies for admission into nny
of their wigwams in, An( he will votr.for
'he men whonir- nominated bythr whig,
md in ojijimiioi to the Democrat,
This Is not bt-ciitiso they vnteitiiin those
lilicrnl M'litlinenU towards foieiyneii.
iiid Catholics, which Dryer mid othert-
winiiii nun imvo i iit-rti iii-lieve they do,
but it is Muiply beuuuno tln-y want the
votes of tlieso protctibed citizens t
help them into political power. No
intelligent and thinking foreigner oi
Cntliuliu can expect anything but pro
-oription at tho IwimU of this parly, a
mioii ns they have obtained sulli-iuiit
political strength, without theirs, how.
ever liberal they may now be. Ami
the foreigner or Catholic who now nf
dilutes with thu whig kiiowmithiug ptr
ly, nud goes to the polls on thu -lib of
Juno ne.t and votes for Gaines, it hi-
rally disfranchising himsr'f. That'
the Kunw-imlMiigN willdiofiuuchiMt nil
Catholics and foreigners if they slmuM
ever gain the controlling power in the
government of tho Unitul Stater. i
sufficiently demonstrated by their ante
cedfiita in .Mnsi.-irhu.tett, and where-
ever elio tliey succeeded wills tla-ir
infamous scheme.
IUnuSroitr. On WvmUsilav lint, ai tliel
j-tcntner W'.iiliiiiptoii n reiiimlii); from
Gardiner. C'niit, Harris dlicnvere-l n line.
hrgeiler snlinmlii ucruu tho rivtr, nnd
ii:itiieilliitcljr git9 cttum with tlio touncr,
iiinl noon eaiiu up U thu (,-ilnc. It the lie.-nn '
tlnw tho piwcngers liat urmeit tlii-uiiclvri
with whututcrc.unotoh.inil tuohitilDelied
suine of the boat's rep.-i nixl' ar
ranged lawo u la catch a wil I hnrw ono
,or two hid j.lko )(jU uiil lit a J.urrjr to
1 &n 1 some klinl of a thootlug Initrumrut, wc
nruieJ ournclf with a plec uf firewood and
stojl rcailjr fjr tho uuird;rout attack. One
of the Kuntlcmcu n''o " uodcralooil tho
ropes," at the (lrt atteiunt. threw the lavto
ovrr thu deer s hurua, when all tho UavrsJ
droiicd wtajoni and la a four mlnutu lad'
his dccrhlp liound nnd on board alive. Af
tcr tho escittiuent vru orrr, our Run n
aonhcre to lie found iirnutnoitwav'llt"
overboard during inelte.
million Wiizu'iiui, Nu 7,
Whllu nt Haloiu lait week, uur reporlci
hirnUhrd us with tho doings of that wigwam
llvfuro thu nomination fur delegate, thin 8u
I (in nlRwain tiallotoil for.a cntiilMnto to be
rccotiinioiiik'd to Ike " onler " lu tho Terri
tory. Tho riitu rtod as lulluns t !17 j
Ward 10. Chluu B.diilncs a, andU. S. Hrv
I. It Is undernoml tliat evtev wfgwrtin In
MiinoiiCouutjr voted ii,itlii(it llnlia'n, Incln
illni; tho one to winch liu l.elonyi hi until I', but
thut ho not n lurviiinjurlly of tho wIujwuhih
lu other cuiiiitlex. 1 ho iiumu of tho p rum
who rrovltetl 3i voles wo Imvo mililiroriie
We nro not (tilling toUllvehu nuildhuve
accepted, and not llllii; to connect Iik
nittiiowllh tin in. It la umKirstuod thut liu
whm ilcclile.ll tho choice of tho Marlon
kmnMiutliliij, but thvy were overruled bj
thuio of other roiinilva.
lh j county t.cket thoro dubbel " rcpub.
Hum lotorm," vrv with one or two incep
tion tlrtt ntfrvid upji In tho vvlgmim, uud
then thu Kuunsotliiui iiiiJ mich othurn ua
they could druv In hold a meeting uutaldo
of tlu vvl:wnrm, undrgmiiiiiii-vlcd thutiokut
trftire niitril tjion in Iht uigwum, vrllu an
unlii.urliviit t-ic'.-ptlun or tttu.
'J lie '.'(M) kiltiutlou fee don't support
'tho cuife,' and a tux lias bouuucMt-diiiou
tlio tuvinbf r to curry lu thin election ran-
r-liii- rrimi I.1DU tn si 00. A fox null m)iu
ll'fuK'i to r-uipnit Jo I.anu and ttiodciaucra-
I c ticket, havo bicn Utcd ti U'J to clcit
rjalucs nod their Kuun nothing ticket.
ho nro they going to client T To vrlu.r.i
iIj the lie? thu diuucrnUurtbo Knonnoth
lligaf Juil.-nill tjll Alilgritl a ill 10
cvtflus Invom Irnm tho democraiU udinlii
latnit'on la tavud ii IO to i-Uct Ualuca,
I Ik kiiuniiolliiug lioiiilnev.
ScveruldviiiMiiita havo wlthdr-itrn from
tLiit wlL-nntn. and nllar aiu on the utillit
. .
of doing to. (iuliics .a rather too atroiiga
tet for th. in, and the can't mvuIIow lilm'
without vomiting. Ill in tun or three of Ibj
vih'g niua'urn will i.ul iiipport (SaUea, nud
do llllt IUMT gll illtO lllO Uij.H.1-11.
The nro lining a good doilnf trouble
now naacoiiiit uf their nomlntvtluu. At lout
oaclulfbf them j.ilucil for th of
getting otScc, nud a go tuan had licm
promlcd It. Not leu thuti adnteti prrvim
were promlnod nninlnitlou for Iteprctriitn (
tlvu , but Ihrro got It nnd nlno are mad nnd
swearing The L liot men nuioug Ihim nr
didguitcd, and tho concern la fiat tumbling
topitctn. They will never held a meeting
ufur thU election. Stnttimtm.
Wiut M;xr In aome portions of the
States, th inoro bigoted among the know
nothings hive Ixucd a decree forbid ling
theufci of tho Illhlo In tho loilgrs. Ilalleg
cs that tbo Illhlo wu gut up on a foreign
soil, br foreigner, with forelcn notlona.and
"-1 W.g James hnd nn ers to lh
cxtetuion of fortlg.t lofluenc when ho ndop-l
tJ It. wcare dsll natlclpvttng tho an
nouncement of a knownotb!a c-Aout mor-
als to take Its place ucb, ftr Imtance, at
can bo found lu tho depraved ehtractcr ot
their leader and hli echoci. lAin-Mtn, bo
on your guard defend with uuerrlng aim
the taws of your fathers, and their lllblc,
which teaches psao on earth and good will
to all men.
J?a.Wc are prepared U print election
tickets nt roaaoaahlo (.rici a and on thcahort
eat uotlcc. There l yet time for tho yotera
nf Douglas and Cooa rountlei to get their
t'ekcta from tills nfflce, If thr send in their
crders Immediately. 1'arlle ordering tick
cts will please accompany tho order with a
little of tho "needful." This rule la forced
upon u, from the fact tint Ihrte-fuurtht of
the ticket rrlntcd at thli oQce lavt year
have not yet been paid tor.
je-ir W't nro Indebted to Mr. Simonda, of
the tlrmof .S'orthrup Sc SlmornU, Portland,!
nhopauod through this place on Wednca-'
d Inat, on tho way to Coot II , for late
States' and California paj-crs, tl reo days In
advance of the mall.
Correxpoode-uce of the (iatctto., April '.'(1, I8i.'..
.Mr I'm roii: 1'uli along, juat keep
moving, baa been our maxim for life,
and iilitiug the mandate we have found
ourselt snugly stored away for thu night
in the Ml' house with heaven for a roof,
near Stirling. On every hand it is dig!
.li-! dig! nnd nil for (old. 'Iliank Cod,
(il it lie tint profanity,) that thoro Is
..iiiirtlilng time rrill iii.luor mrll to work.
I lie miners nro doing well; the grcateati
cry is water water to cool to fill our
toms nnd no coin for the dust. One
in a while we havo a row to keep up
excitement, now and then nu accident
to keep up sympathy, a horso or two
ktoleu for talk aako or to help some
poor dnvil otTto patts unknown. The
roads nro bad, the tiravn Creek Hills,
and on to Itngue lliver absolutely dan-
ge-roua; they steal Hour Irnm widow
women, threntiii to kill calves, run off
horses, occasionally hung n iiinu, pick"
packets, no telli.ig, whllu Judge) l.lni-li
fuli-tly leans ngilust tho old piuo with
tlio lasso in ono liauil nnd the cow hide
in thu other, around him tho pick and
shovel men in humblunttitudu WMtciiiug
the proceedings of the civil law. All
me, bow times have generated. No
morn till I got another sharp stick to
writo with. Yours. N. T.
iiO- BenJ. Urattaln. Uiq of this place, who
Iiai nrrlvtll rr.lm ftiA U'tlltrnAlt wn1l..w Itf
,,, ,,.,., J ,n,,,.
accipt our thanka for a copy of the "Statu. I
man" of the 12th loit,, In adranco of the
Vu-Tho District Court for thli county
commences Its next sciuilon on Monday, the
Mill Inat. Wo undentaod that the court
will he held at Dlktia.
-.Wc are under obligations to Mr.
Geo. T. Allan, or tho firm of Allan, McKIn
lay & Co., for a ple-aaanl Jaunt down tho
river to CarJiner and back on tho steamer
Mow: orTUK Ukahtii: or KN0vrNoTii
i.vniHX Tho knownothing Gnicrnor of
.Marnachusctts has rccummendiid a law to ho
lujuid, to prevent any limn from voting nt
any de-ctlou, who cannot road uud write thu
Knlltk lauguage. They permit negroes to
vote, but wish to prCTvut whita mt-u from
ANOTiiua. The knownothlnga of New
Hampshire have employed a negro to travel
over the State, and deliver lectures against
the Democrats uud slavery. Theso are the
men, and these are thu measures of know
nothings at tho North ; and bomo of our whig
cotemporartcs nro cooly trying to Introduce
this society Into Gjorgla. Federal Union.
Header, what think you of tho above.
"Sain,",wo havo been wcllanurcd, Is famil
iar with hay mows, out houecs and hen roots,
but w o never beforo thought ho was a negro
although wo have given him tho credit of
niggardly principles to aa extraordinary
I degree.
Yroku Water Company.
Thu board of trusters of this compa
ny, with an energy and peraevrrnnc
which should bu duly appreciated by
thn public, nnd ntlhtf uncrillconf much
of their limu nud attention which is gra
tuitously performed on their part and
given Torino lmue-111 of ireku nud vicl
idly, nrc puihiug uiong with tho elite)
nfd surmounting obstacle's which to
men ol less energy ami public spirit
would long since bnvn proved fatal.
'Ilio Merchants of Yreknheld a Hire
ling in tho Counting Koniii of Mcssrn
liollub eV Isancs, on 'I hursdny evening
lat, for the purposo of lending their aid
in the consumption of thlswoik.a woik
wiiicli wo would ngalu remind lio
rltlzeiii of SMI,) oil County is of vast
iuuioitnnceto every man in buiuu-M-
of any kind in tlio County Tho Hoaid
want Slli.OOU woitli ol gooiu to com
nlututlui woik. Will the mei chants ol
Yrekn furiiiah these goods nt cash priuee!
An agreement was drawn up to title
effect, uud bv len o'clock on thu follow.
lug morning 8 IH.OOO bad been rulisuri
bed. This is uenilv half tlio sum leipilred
and a wry largo majority of the mer
chants icmaiii to "como out" Those
who have not subscribed will certain!)
seo tho necessity of coming up to the
chalk immediately.
Tho goods are to bo furnished nt
UAStt 1'iticKS and the ditch to bo com
pleted in forty days.
Let every merchant in Yrcka"comt
out" in proportion to his means, or In
proportion to ttioiewiio imvo ulre.tdy
so iiiioruiiy tuniciiueu imu tlio icuh
will bu one which will not only rewatd
them ten. fold for their lihoility, bu
maltu ghul nliko tho heart of tlio minor,
farmer nud every man in our coiintv
who depends upon liWouii cx-itionsfui
u livelihood. Yreka Herald, Mh insl.
(fir One ltuudrcd Germans loft Ciii
clonal! for Kansas, ou tlio 37th March.
One Tv'eelc Later from Kuropo.
flAtff AX, March JO, -The steam
ship Asia, Capt, Lott, has arrived at
this port, with intelligence from Liver
pool to the 17lh lust., one week later
tlinn received by tlio AUantio at Piesr
Attention throughout Europe was
centered In tho Vienna Conference.
Ilopu nud fears wuro about equally
IiiiIiiiiuimI aito the probability of ace.
I'Iiii actions of Austria and I'lusslain
illuittu prnoe as probable, but a maul.
lesto by tho Cjar Alexander to his ar.
n v Is Interpreted for vfnr." Tltb Vienna
Cotiferunco was opened on the first, of
March, hut the formal meeting waitiol '
held until the 10th hist.. Gotlcbakoff
was nut present.
Tim Vah. Tho allf hate reopen,
e-d their flro upon Sehnstopnl with good
i lle-ct. Tlnrn I- nothing of Importance
I'liini thu Diiimli. "
Til K ItonilUL'K CoJtMll'TKBt. The
ICnglUli (yiiiiitnitteo of enquiry Into the
uondurt of the war was still silling.
Tint i;tri:i(OB NAi-otkoN, 'I"b
limpotor Naiolon's proposed journoy
to the, Crimea is supposedly havebeesi
Iliii.nii)!, Thn crisis In the llelglsa
MiiiNlryimd not'yM boen settled.
CiiuxlP AfiAtM. An Interesting
communication from (ion. Concha, res '
pi cling tlio Cuban conspiracy had been
laid bi fore tin) Spanish Cbrfei; recoiq.
mrndiiig largo roncesslons lo tile Cu
linns. A vote of approval of such a
course was unanlinuusly passed by the
A new Ilavarian loan had besn pro
riJIUIIKIl HY TilK ASIA. M.uch3l. 'lite details of
thu AU' iie-ws are ol conilderalilo lia
Th l'eacn Conference at Vienna
formally met on the ISlh Inst., as has
.ilriMily been stated. There were pres
ent ttvu I'rencli, two Kngliah, two Aus
Irian, anil two Tuikish Ambsssadora.
I'Iik Itussieii plenipotentiary, I'rince
tiorlrcliakoir, wn not present.
Itrpnrt savs thu dlsrussiuii on a tron.
end baais tor negotiations terminated
sAtiafactoilly. it was also rumored
that Austria and Knglsnd would be sat.
itlle-d with tho dvmolition of iJabasto
pol, At (lie Conference, ererythiotj was
being coiidurted in the most friendly
manner. 'Ilio Plenipotentiaries as
changed thrlr powers, and theproceedi
ings were entered upon the basis ol the
four noiiiln. The interpretation of tbens
given by the Allies, having been Ml
forth, they wero accented verbally by
the rrpri'Scntallvos of Itusaia who there.
upon deputed. Una of the 1'lenleo-te-utiaile-a
was to draw up a minute of a
protectorate, which wae to have bee o Saturday. Tills docusaeat
will cnuititute thu basis for peace. '"
I'iil'mia. -Tho misalonofOsn. Wet
hesty to I'aris is a complete failure.
I'nu'in refuses to secede to a treaty
with thu Allies, and will not, therefore,
1 1 permitted to participate la Ike eon.
fe-reuco at Vienna.
Amiiival or tiik Asu at Boston.
Huston, March 31. Tha aaxashlsv
Asia, from Liverpool via Halifax, reach.
d her dock at Hast Boston talenooa.
There is no additional foralf a iMwa et
Thn Halifax papers tontaln aesaa
Items nf interest. The Lffatare kas)
refuird to iiass a prohibitory fuor law.
Tlio Halifax Journal eentalaitao ef.
flcll nrdrrs providing ratlona fu flra
hundred recruits for the Dritisk arny,
who were extiected from tho Uolttsl
.States. Tho Journal alee aaya It is aa.
licipated that three thousand mea caa
bo obtained in tho .States.
A Jiuttiiin Jlrdoubt Stormed Vf lAe
French Great ltaf Lift.
Accounts of this event are directly
contradictory. Menschikoff aaya the
allies were repulsed with 000 loss; the
nllies say they destroyed the redoubt
with 100 killed.
It is certain that during the night be
twern0. 1 it and 22U or February the
1'unrinns threw up and armed a re
doubt on tho flank of the fortifications
of Helt.iitopol. And on the night be
tween the VMlh and '25th It was attack.
id and stormed by the French. So far
only is sure.
MenscliikofTa despatch is as follows-.
Ou thn night between tho Slst and SSd
of February we erected a redoabt oa
iholeft (lank of the fortifloatlonaofSe.
hastopol. This was dono so promptly
iiid uuexpertedly that wn recelvecf n
annoyance from tho enemy, Hut oa
the night between the !Mtii and 25th,
llm fiiuuy attacked the redoubt with
iiousideraolo force. Two regiments re
pulsed them, Tho enemy lotltlOO mea.
i no mining operations, ol mo V"'
hnio been suspended, " Up to February
i!(Jth, nothing new had occiirred tt Eu
putotia. - t
Tfio FrTnclieiwf7aarorM foi
lows: Advirea from Katnlesch Hay. of
le-uruiiry Mb, stat'-a tlint on thaTprevf.
ous day tho French had destroyed. the
iv oi lis around thu MnlakhrdT lower, but
with great loss, lu thn night of the 2-1 lb
the French troops destroyed some rip--iderablo
woiks tliiown up by llm lluv
-inns in finut of the siigft advances.
The iifliiir wns serious. Tho Fretioh
were victorious.
Dutlna the nlplit between tho 23rd
.mil 2'lth 1-Vbrunry, the second corps
of the French aimy carried theimnor.
innt woiks of counter-approach estab
lished by tho garrison of fcJebastopol,
opposite tho Fitiiich works. The loss
of tho French consisted in some bun.
drod wounded.
Jivi. f