The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, May 12, 1855, Image 3

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Highly Kiiiiiorfiiul from T.'
roim J
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Accession of Alexander II.
tfr x-i-if-'
."filler ol tlio ftntn Mniperor lu be
CJiirrinl out.
OEMilMI, A'liWN.
y, Tlio Steamship 6'o7i, Oap(. W. II.
fautillcro.Vt nrrlvcd tit Gardiner on llio
.niornllill of tha l!Dt!i till., Imvlng on
board several passengera mid about 80
i to in ol freight Tor tills place, und for
rclianti In tlio IntcHnr. HIhi'hIso
had on board freight fur descent City,
yfhtch ado was (itinjilo'i'o Intnl nt thnt
place, as It in nluiusl Impossible to dit
'clinrgo freight tltero nt ntiy time. After
palling Cruac'jtit City tlio Goliad ex
'perlopccd stormy weather; ho had no
dlfllculty, hoivttvor, I'i entering tlio
Unipqun tlnrlngMo gal.
Wo nro Indebted to Cnpt. I'twille-
roy nnd to paricr Honney for Ban
Francisco jmpera to llin 2 ltd of April,!
'and for Now Vorli date V tlm i!7lh of
March, from willed wo bko tlio follow
'log lato and interesting nowa:
Tho Cmncror Nicholas dki! on
ad'of March. Ilia death wao coined
by pulmonary apoplexy, nfier n seven.
attack of Influenza. I ho oveiitrrcakil
Ifwat cxcitcmcni inrougnoui iuroHi.
Tho Emperor Alcxinder, II., eldent
on of Nlcdolaa, Iiua mtcrcoded h;occ.
ably to the Kuiilan tlirnne.
i 'Hio new Emperor dai iv.tiednnian.
ifrato atatlng tlint d will nddero to Iho
, policy of Ida father. Conitantino and
Lis other brother! and ofllceVa of tho
rmr,tr I.ryh tnln mtih of nllpL'innco '
to tho now Kmiraror. '
Alexander bat confirmed, at diplo
inatiit nt tho paco conference, Gor-j
cnaaou, whom prcviuu uhwucuuiib
r alio fully conllnncd, and tho tint
Conference fiai betn bold at Vienna.
Alexandor hni nppobited Gen. HuiL
If er Minlitcr of Wnr.
llio nlliea bnro ordered their Gener
al to prosi forward tlio war with tdo ut
tooit vigor.
Thcro haa been tnoro fighting In the
Crirnoa. Tho Fionch atormed n re
doabt whlrd dad been ikill fully ercc
ld during tlio nlglil, nnd aOveral hun
dred of the- Unitlana were killed.
A largo forco of Runlmia vroro
tkreatonlng llalaklarn.
fSTba blockadn of tda Danubt baa
an railed.
Provloua to tho dentd of tdo lato Km
Cror, lie bad recalled General Mcncb
oir, and bad hjipointcd (ienernl Gor
bakolfto tho cnmninnd of Otton Sack
n, and Goneml Ludera to tho com.
aaandof llciwralia.
Urecouisa haa beon deitrnyed with
tooit of ill Indabllanta by nn earth
juko. A ipeck of (tliigrctmcnt dad nriicn
betweeuthe Emcror Napoloon and
tho Engliih Government. Nnpnlron
la aaid to have declared tdat llio alllrd
' amdea ahould not net together if Mr.
Roebuck'a comtnllto proceeded with
ibiir InwiligMtioii.
. ' There are terioui difiicultiea in por
llona of Switzerland.
, Tlia King of Denmark la reported
IIattlc or nrrAToniA. On tdo
17th of February Kupntotiawuanttakrd
by 25,000 Uuuiani, under General Oa
ten Sackcn, who, after A comdit of five
fcoura duration, wero vigoroiuly ropuls
by tho Turks. Tho Huiihius lost five
aundred men kllloil nnd wounded in
-proportion, whilo tho Turks Imd 68
' killed and 250 wounded. Tdo latter
lost seventy dorces. Of tlio Frcncd
who worn engaged in tho battle, eigh
teen wore killed. Six steamers of the
allied fleet wero .ent to Eupatorin to
assist In Its defence.
.' Gun at II it ita in. Tdo Earl of Car
Hilo daa been definitely appointed Lord
" Lieutenant of Ireland. NVitd tdla ex-
'' eontiorj, tdore has docn no change in
Ministry llnco tdo departure ol tdo Tn
' eifio.
m -t Tho Duko of Nowcn&tlo das been
surainonod to glvo bis cvidenca before
. tho Roebuck commltteo of investigation
Into tut- delay in tho prosecution or tlio
war. Tho Investigation wna being vlg
orouilv prosecuted.
. u Meetings. deprecating tdo wnr, wore
. .on thoinoronso throughout tho country,
Tlio hart or tiucnn punlliuqs n con
fincing letter to Lord Uaglan, oxoucr
i allot! dimielf from nil blatno in tdo mat
ier ol llio cavalry odargo nt Unlaklavn.
l'iiAM;n. Notlifnji turtlior is known
reiiioclingtlio Emnoror's proposed visit
, to (lie Crimen, lie wax, nt llio latest
ditto, nt the oatnp of bl. Omar.
Tltero wero rumors of Important nr
rcifs, for political cnuros. having been
tnauo in raru. l'orBons oi uigii uis
tlnotlon nro imnllcated.
Italy. Tho Chambors bnvo voted
tka Rupresslou of monasteries.
MisocLtANKous. Tho news by tlio
Paelflo la nulto ntcMatlucr, 'tno I'al.
m.rifon mlaistrv. wlldin ten days from
Jtt'fortriatlon, bnd lallen to plocoa, tdo
Chaoosllorof tdo F,xodemior,tdo Homo
MMrUry, awl tfcniiaoro oi mo
Aifmlrnllv Imvh-itf rckl.'incuJ. Tlio oaten
slblo chusd of tlii-lr rosfgtmtlou waathr;
aticcestf of lliioluick'aniuilon fnrncuin.
mlttco to iliittilro Into tlio. iniiiiinnpuo.
nicnt of llio wnr. Clmrlq 0, C. Low!
Iiua boon appointed Clinccllor of llio
Kxcliefinor, Hr Georao Gwy Ifoutt
WecrotnryrtiidBlr Clmrloa WoodClilof
Lord of llio Admiralty,
It la nollccidlo Hint In tlm I'mlln
nicnliiry explanations tlio niemlicra of
(lovoriitncnt express Jiopea confident
Iioiicb ijiat llio pending negotiations
will lend to nn lionornttu pence, Nuv.
nlhelcss, nonn of tlio tuition relax In
their wnr nctlvily.
Lord Itnglnn is said to dnvo resigned
to avoid recall, 'llio Ihrl of Liicnn
and mhiio oldor officers liuio been lie
illrd to reMn;ii.
Joseph 1 1 itcno in dend, miicd re
spected und regtoltcd.
Vi'ry Inclement wenllicr dnd caused
grout sinTviIng wiioiiglhu poor In Kug
iiind, and riots had occurred nt London
nnd Liverpool. A climigo for tlio lift
tor wna apparent within tlio pnit few
Washinoton, Marcd, ii'-J 18."5,
Ltutcnniit J. Ilnrlstotio, of (do I J. 8.
Nnvy, Into of tho California mail atcn
mer Illinois, has been nppolntrd to
comnnd tlio now Arctic Beurch Kxpo
ditlon. Ouit Dirrautxcin with Spain An
jusrm Wo linvo rccjved nutdentic
nnd entirely reliable intelligence of the
dispatches from tlio Spanish Govern
merit liy llio lust steamer, In which eve
ry demand nindo liy tlio President njion
llio Bp.nUh Government, growing out
of tdo Ittaok Warrior ililliculty, has
I been nccodod to. What llieao demanda
(vu,f0 Mi tvt hnU M , ,h il( tho ,el.
f thtf Hmuinry of Stato to M. Houlo,
L vh (, lcor of hkU ourriwlt.r,nri!
' familiar.
1 M.vNCi:vn:it. N. II., .March 21.
I A Inrgi' number of factory band orcj
Ion n Milky in tliU city, owing to n
clinngo ol tlio liotira or Jahor In llic
Iniilln. A rirocciloii.ultb inuidc.naticd
1 throu"li tho itrerta lntt ovculuir. The
motto of tho oiwrnlivca il tho " lull
,,our ty, though thoy maulfcit
n wlllingiiesi to work eleven dours,
In Now Hampshire tho Know-Noth-ing
Stnto ticket wai elected, llio IC.
N. candidato for Governor dad 'J ,000
majority over tdo democratic candiilnte.
Cici.WATi, Marcli 21, 1S55.
Tlio Demoernta of lids city davc
nominated James J. For ran for Mayor.
'llio Contention paiied resolutions de
nunciatory ol tlio Know tSothinga. All
tdo candidates for nomination wero re
quired to give axiurances tdat thoy were
not Know. .Nothing, llio contest be
tween tlio linownutlilnga nnd llio old
lino Democrats Is getting decidedly
rinr.Ancr.rtiM, Mnrcd 21.
Tho oldjino Whlra who acceded
from tho Whig and Know-Nothing
Convention, met this afternoon, and!
adopted reflations denouncing secret
political organizations, and recommend- j
intr tho entire reparation qf Whhr party.
from tho Order which has already bus-,
cecded in corrupting political action.
James F, Ilalicock, editor of the 7'flJ
Indium, is tdo wlii" nnininco for State
Senator from tdedittictofNew Hnen,!
Ct. IVcdeiick Croiwell, Esq., is the
democratic nominee.
Tho Democratic Stnto Convention
met nt Frankfort, ICv., on tdo Ifltd
Mnrcd.nnd nominated j'cveily l. Clitk
for tiovernor, nnd lieriad Magoffin for
Lieutenant Governor. Tde Conven
tion passed resolnliona atrongly de
nouncing tho knownothiugs.
Dr.ATii or Hon. S. S. Phelps
The Hon. S. S. Philpt, lato U. S. Sen
ator from Veimont, expintl nt ids resi
dence, nt Mlddlxbury on Sunday, 25th j
His funeral takes placo on the
Thcro had been n great firo In the
cedar woods in tdo vicinity of Austin,
Texas. Tlio cotlagrntiou continued
tdreo or four d. s, destroying a Urge
amount of valuahlo timber, and Vnst
ouantitloa of rails. Mr. Campbell's
saw-mills and nil tdo lumlier on liaud
wero consumed.
A firo had occurred at Western, Mo.,
destroying two ciitiro blocks in business
part of tlio town.
Dhans ron Sour. Thousoofbonns
as nn nrtlclo of fond, is not so consid
erable as It should be. Ream aro the
inoit nutritious of nil kinds of food
used liy man. Chemical analysis, and
tho experience of those wdo mitko ox
teusivo use of them, demonstrate this.
To tiinko uood benti soup, tako one
quart of wliito beans and a shank decf
bono und boil altogether for two hours,
ilion add salt nnd popper for seasoning.
Tdo lino of bones is not so much es
teemed na tdey sdould bo in food. Uy
boiling idem in soup somo of tdo phos
phate of lime, which goes to form our
iioucs, Is taken ud and wo thus got a
supply of n necossary clement for our
bodies which cannot bo obtained so
fully from roasted or fried meat.
Wsatiikr. Ruflalo, Mnrcd 20.
Tito weather bus been quito doro to
dny although a enow storm das been
iiruvnlllng, Tlio Lako is fillotl with
ico na far na the eve can reach, and in
is tho opinion of tho oldest mariuort
that It will bo quite lato I if ' tho reakoa
Wore, navigation opens, N -.,.
I'rom llnvntt
TutAiiurTiti: SfATn FjitaoNrna.--
Havana, March 10. Since my ndvlce
by direct steamer, tho military law
proceeding, in tho enso of tho State
prisoners, I'lnlo, Cnlnlo nnd I'incto,
linvo nsiumed moro fiivorublo colon for
their lives. When tho proceedings nnd
sentences wero brought ttftlio Auditor
of Wnr for confirmnlion.williout which
in conformity with law tho (ixtmnii'
penally cannot pais upon uny person,
hut by tho nssumptlon of extraordinary
power, sued ns might juttify, wden tlio
Stnto was in Imminent danger by foci
without und faction within, he dissented
from tho voice of llio Judges nn ac
count of the (ertlmouy, which was not
such ns the laws of the land require for
audi grnvo conviction without stain
ns to moral cdnrnrler hut derived
from n condemned man of notoriously
bad roputatiotl in Spain and Cuba. Tha
cnniequfiico wna tho creation of n
Court ol'Errora to nvoid tlio difficulty,
mid if nosiiblo to shako off reaprjiiBiliil
ItV ivillintlt lii.tnir itfi-niti In r.nrtinif-.
Tlds revising Court decided that Ramon
Pinto eliould bo condemned to M years'
prison nnd labor Juan Cadalzu to 8
years, nnd Nicolas I'ineto to 0 ycara'
bniiisdrncnt to Spain. There is no get
ting back from the grave, but for lb?l
rcrt thcro will bo no long nbscenco toj
I'nouro from fnrniliis.nnd friends. Mr-,
T. F. Thompson, acting Commercial'
Agent of tho United States nt Sagua
In grnndc, has been brought heron pris
oner, for liming suspended in his office!
the iirnu oflho United States, which,
when ordered to tnkrfdown, he remon
strated agaiiMt, and declined, until he
could hear from .Mr. Mclean, Consul
of tho United States nt Trinidad. Jin
was brought hero on tho Mill, biiug
treated with tho saroo dignity ai if he
had been tho vilest culprit in tho land
except tho cnrdi, which wero not put
upon Ins arms, becnuso no paid his con
ductors tor tdo privilegoof having them
free, tieneral Conclia ri leased linn
from tho chartro of tho soldiers, upon
his word to remain in tho city until
called for
"Old Jo will probably manage to fall
off hit horco airnin, ns be did two ycara
ngn, wlicn ho tumbled from his pony
-fktnst n trmrt 1nif lilei linttlfl as urtt '
" ri li.-i iimi nm siiwuiuvit svi
put liis arm In n sling and jirclcnut.d
that bo had been "rbotl" Drucr. at
the Cor vtill It Convrntion.
When the Roguo River war broke
out, Gen. Lane, nt a moment' warn
ing, hurried to tho iceno of action, and'
was foremort and in the thickest light. I
In tho BAvago engagement in which
Col. Aldcn felt, as waa supposed, mor
tal! v wounded. Gen. Lane received a
rifle ball in his right arm, (lie same that!
was wounded in Mexico in tlio act of
maintaining his country's honor and
his country's flag. Ami at tho know-
noiiiuig umg convention uuicu nomi
nated Gaines to oppose him, tho abovn
cowardly, base! and low'.flung false
hood wna received with ayyiautcl
What think or this, cituena ol the
Kocuu River valley, wdoso hearths nnd
homes Gen. Lnno volunteered to defend!
against savago fury f What think the
sturdy men who went with uen. lane
to buttle, and who beard him cbeeringi
(in bis men regardless of bis bleeding!
wound! Will you a single man ol'
you endorso this cowardly insinua
tion ; and vote for Guinei, the nominee
of men who cheer such bascm-is! What)
think tho hardy pioneers and tho people)
of Oregon I la tbero not a culvers-til
feeling of disgust, and of pity and eon. J
tempt lor the craven wretch who could
utter it, and for scarcely less base who
could cdeer ? Statesman.
Okoamzation ok Tun Pacihc
Tiii.r.oiutii Coupanv. A meeting of
the Pacific 'lYIeuraph Company wss
held nt Lafayette, Yamhill county, 0
T., on tho 2Jd April, 1855, pursuant to
previous notice. On motion, Hon. A.
J. Ilcmuroo was called to tho Hour,
nnd A. it. iiutimtiK was appomieu.
. . I. i. t , . ii
A majority ol tho Stockholders be
ing prese nl,eithur in perton or by proxy,
tlio Company was oig.inizcd by lh
unanimous election of tlio following
stockholders as officers :
'llrciidcnl Hon. A. J. Hcmbrco
directors Dr. J. S. Mcltcen', Cor-
valiit; Hon. F. Waymirs, Polk county;
Joel Palmer, Da ton; a. Collin, Port
land, Secretary G. II. Steward, La fay
otte. lYcaturer J. A. Campbell.
A. J. HEMDREE, Pres't
A. R. llumuNK, Seo'y.
Boston, March 20, A numbor of
letters containing money to tho amount
of 81,000 weio recently puiloinod from
l in llnlllinnrn nosi nmctt. anil uuatipi
-". .-. , . -
II. Powell, for ten ycara n letter carrier,
was arrested on suspicion nnu hem to
ball in e'J.UUll lor lurtnor examination,
tho grounds of suspicion nro very light.
WAsinvnTOM. 2(1 Tho Star
savs In rotation to tho tho deafalcatlon
of liov. I'rico, that llio balance of
8100,000 lias boon in disputo sinco
l'lico resumed tho pursarship of the
California station. Price alleges
tlm mnnAV u-Aft nuiil m-np In Vnn lla.
tr.ind, his successor, and took receipts
therefor. Van Ostrnnd, bower, al
leges that trio roceipta wore gtvetj with
out a consideration.
a OrWo under'sland that arnow pa
per das been started at Oregon .City.
It ia called tdo "Oregon .Argus.' , Wo
havo uot uotn lavorcd with a oopy.
Every perion doing Inlerested in the
nthended ncfof thofJd of March, 1855,
in regard to noilngrs, n synopsis ofita
provisions jll not bo unacceptable
Under (hit law nil cinrdri h.fl.-. miAII.
ed fornny detnnce not exceeding three
thousand mil nro io pay thtfo cenls,
nnd for nny Jistnnco exceeding thrco
thousand mils ten ctnle,
Ifnlf nnqmco In weight will con
ttituto a fthljlo letter; nnd ilouble, tre
ble, nnd quadruple letters Io bu charged
iri tlio same proportion.
All lelleri must bo prrpald, except
sued nsnrclo or from a foreign coun
try, or tdrivo nddremwd to olficcra of
the Govcrrlrnent on official businerR.
Tho law look effect on the 1st
After tho first of January next ihe
pnitinitters arc to affix stauipn upon all
pre-paid bttf's upon which fiono nro
placed bv thewritera.
A rrgutrnon of nil valuable letters
is required io bo rnado upon the pay
ment of a fe of fire cent in addition
to tho pie.pild postage, but-tho Gov
ernment will not bo responsible for the
loss of nny registered letter or packet.
Tho franling privilege1 is to remain
an heretofore.
Selling sottago stamps for a larger
sum than their marked value is to be
puopbcd-iV.A misdemeanor.
Americii. V. Poller lias been nomin
ated liy tho Democratic Convention of
Rhode IsUnd for Governor, nnd Nich
olas Brown for Lieutenant Governor.
At Oaklirli), Umpqua county, on llio
2fiili of April, by D. C. Underwood, J. P.,
.Mr. Charles Jo-ien, of DougUg rouuty, to
Mlts Cindice V. KUdy, of Umpjaa coun-
Ccrrttttd lectklij ly.Vtrrilt, Oppcnhtimtr
& Co.
ScoTTsnutto, May 12, 1833.
Jloof anil ShbU .HiilcJ. 321a3
Wax, Hoots, Bne, Mutant
per doz., $3Ca 'N Urlcint gal, 83a50
Grain, " -Ifci Sluarfs Syrup,
' corstnon, -0.il2 inkers, 90n$l
rinecalfUoU, COaTO E. Uoston, " 1 al.24
Com. " " 3T,38.Vo '
Hoys' ? " 25a33 Cut. asi'fd, per
HfaTyprpswlbro- cwt, SOalO
can per iloi., 120 Wrought, " IZaU
Light calf " Ifjir Huisohoe, Ma
rine "tltcht.l,2la30 Oil
IM'n'tftft'rriH'll Olive, In bottles.
Children's show Js,9 perdoz., 12
Prtad Linseed, bollcil,
i'Kot Ilred la lUr, per gal.. 3U
per lt. a gprin, in an,2,253
FlnoNnvy, " a I'atntt, fft.
Crackew, In to lb. White LcJ, 18a
tins, SHOatlteJ " a
" boxet. ,UUck Paint, BalO
per IU, 18a20c'Chslk, ptr lb., B
Celfr- I'altr. 12J
Java, per lb., 29a22 Glass, Am aaa't'd A
M'nllUaivlltIo,l9a2l per 100 feet, ISiali
Ground Cefee, lC&l'rtrvtt
CawJza-rv - .OysUrs. 2 lb cast ,
Sperm, per lb., 65aC0J per doi. IZJiW
Adamaatlrie, 3Ja37,Clams, " a
French C'vmpM'n, a '.Lobsura. " 0i7
CorUagt vSardlaca. hf boifs,
M'nllU rope,lb,33a3ar wr dox $7a7J
H nip, a tPicklts) la ood per
Dry Uoodi RU 73a0
l'aals, rom.Stt. ;GUsqtsdo-., $U5
. irdos. 532a36) " If gals Ca7
" One. 42al8Prori7wni
" Cat..70a il'ork. clear. 18s20
Shirt. Jrnny Lind. " mtM. 1C18
per dor., TMlalO Haras, linilnjrs
' Ceo ttbiti', 152, "ltsmokd 20-.25
Sheetlnj-. hrown, TUeon, clear, J8i21
per yard, luiatzir " mfs, a
Mach'd.l2U16UrJ. lotlus. 2023'n.lOlai' ' kei?L alO
Cot lou Duck, No. frtulter, Choice, a
1 tO 3, 4HS-.0 u.iM-ss UiO
C to 10.
nianketx, col'd, '.Carolina, 12,
cesuperpr. gjas Ln.oa, a
' 'fine, 670j.Veap
extra h'vy ;Caslile,per lb., a.15
white, Sa9!ltiIl'paUNo.l, Ha
lltHitry- '(Clta. Olive, Ha
Wool hr lose, dos.AaC.Cora. ttrowo, 7a9
Cotton " 2a3,Jrrarj
White and eol'd 'Havana, X, 5761.25
cot. bose, 2t0a7jAm. Keffaltas, lal9
Fruit$ Saljratv'
Drleil Apples, bll-. -In pajurs lb, 12)al3
ii It bblprlb.Ual5:(5Usptrdox., $3a3j
l'eacbca. niO'.Salt
Fresh " 21b. Flae labia, per lbaC
cans Joi CPalO'Iloek, 3al
Chill l'eaches, 2Ca39l&;.icr-
l:n. Walnut, lUalX Cloves, per lb aCO
Carrants, a JIns;er. i lb bottles
Uttsliit, per bx, Ka9 perdoz., $3j3
brandy trulls per jAllipIco per lb.45
dot., U12JUSutmrg8, 2a3
Pw Fruits, $7ia9.lepper, grain, .J5a
tt ISjiintt
Maclel,hf bbl.$18atHrandy. Am, l,lal,74
Ch1, 15a20! Fr 3MU
Salmon, btls. a .'Ilum.N R, 1,37a
Flour anl Mtal Gln.'IIollaud, 2,2Sat
ClilUVIouMirs, IM " Am. 1.25a 1.73
.. . ' AT...m . . M..
Huckuheatitlns. uUl Old Itve. 1.U1.7B
Cora Meal, bbls, 6a-4 ' Com. l,22aU
" hf bbls, 4a4i5igar
Cram- 'China, No. 1, 1212
Oats, small quantl- t 2, 1011
tier, por lb., 4atJ, Crushed, 17a
llaxley. .3a4:i'ulverized. 18a20
Hfttaa, Am.nhl,te,a Tubatco-
" CW1I, UmZAndereqn'a.KGood
CunpmcJtr I wln'aprgroasaO)
Ulsstior, krcs.$C(7tGrapo tlrand, 36a37
Dupont's, canals- 5Tyi a Brothers, 85a
Uts, per lb., 7M h'rult, 60a33
Haxard ' "aSPcach, 60aC3
Hag$ i'J ta
Guunles, 20a24:Gunpowder, in 1 lb
Grain Dags, 37Jalli caus, 7Sa8
arrficnre " 3 61a74
Sbovels.prlcenoTnlnaVOoloog, t papers, a73
Axcs,CoUlns',$l8a21i iriie
" Hunt's, 1618 Claret In cascs,5,S0aG
Axes, handled, 22a24i3ukrne, t,50a7
Uattr Jl'ort por gal., 2a2,a
liaruesd, al5'CliDipagno, pts.
Sole, at5) per do 17a21
LARQE lot of DHl-IIcaa paper, on
X). fiaou. Ullt-itcads executed in too best
manner, and on the mqst reasonable terms,'
at ,k x ,;V'1TUlSoFF10K.
In tty Rogue River or CayUtc. Wars
rplli; umlersijried wlllntiond l III pro-
J cerlna of Jluunty Curiils," umler )!
ri'nv M Ol Con&ii, fir pilous wjiohsve
Imen re;ttlnlly niimtfreil into li" Uiiilrd
Hlntrs (vfci for Ilia Iffir- of fnurten
iijf, or more. IVren wfio wtfu rngsi.
tfl If! tiliirt nf ftl.l lllrtlfln Utn.rf In lliL
POOnlrV. fttld A II ItltfniVM flfirl .....liflilri nd
niitu imiFiinp, hit nniiucu id niu ncr-ioi
...t. ... ... u...l- I i ..... i n
ii.h, npn uj lurwHruing inn nrcusary prfrtil
'flhur niric lollio iiiiclfulRiicil, ilm of
ficinl fnriii' will La liindooilUntl fnru'nrdeil
lu tliu proper I)pini(lrioril at Wailiingtun,
wliicfi will enniu llt; return of a
For tlm Applicant.
ItnviriRH cnuipetenl f;f nt at W'-.iriR-
tritl. il enlittfa In In tnnui-l ll.U f.In.1 ..f
liuiiiir.f wild f-rent (fllcieocy anil diipatcii.
AdJreu- 0. 1). P.. 150 VI),
Jjcoidtiura, O, T.
May 12, leuStf.
NOTICi: Is liereliy given, that I have
designated at an Indian Keiervnlltiri
fur the Cimttnrid WillHmnllA Tribe, and
su:li olliem n rosy lierosfter It located
tliereoo, the follotring deacribed district of
country ; to wit
Ucinninir on tho shora of the Pacific
Oiean, at tlia rnuulli of a unall stream
shout midway between the Umprjoa and
awnizvr iMTrn; wience eatierir io mo
ridae divldiug the waters ol lhe itrrams,
and alone said rldsa on lilghllaod rorhe
western boundary of llii eigfilli rangn of
iu)tiiiiiii neiiui mo vTiuameiin mereui
an ; thence north on said boundsry to a
pjini uue mil oi usps i.ookoui; llienre
west to llin Otran; and thenco along the
plc of IVginiifng.
The irscl described presents fer attrae
liuna to tlia vthlle .rltlrr, wliila it U be
lieved Io be better adapted for the colon
izstiin cf .llin Indisns than any other por
tion ol Territorr west of (lift Cascade
iiiountsnaflordiiif so few facilities of set
tlement to our citizens.
The object oftlns notice Is to Intorm the
public-thnt ihli reiervatlon wllL not he-
subject to settlement by tTfiltr.
JUt-L. r1.MKK,
Hup Indisn AITairs.
Dsyton, O. T-, April, 17, lt!55. I 6.
In township 4 South of Range 6 West
'In do f do do C do
In da S do do 7 do
rjMIE abore tonntbip having been sur
Jl vryed, and the plats thcreofspprored,
on the day of Atarch, IgoA.all aetlfers
who have elaimi or parts of claims therein,
before the dat of iucIi aonrnTAl. are re.
quesled to appcarat tha Ofbcf rha Rrg'iter
nd Iteceiver of the Lsnd Office fi-r the
Willamette I)iinct of Oregon, at Oregon
City, oral the office or the (Surveyor Gen
erl of Orrgon, at Salem, within thirty
dstsfrom and after the Sdlh day of Jlny
nexi.or pierious io mat tune irconvamenl,
when and where we hill be prepared to
receive the ootiCrations of their claims re
sprciivelj, and enter upon the adjustment
nn Hunmtni, acooroing to law, or all
conflicts ol boundary liuna that ma axitt
amonc them.
And every nerion who hie uttlad'or
shall lettle within such townships, .after
the date of approval aforesaid, is required
by law. to Cli at lliia offir. ( nnlifiealion
of iiia claim, rnecil'tin the urM-iie tract or
tracta clsim4 by hun.wililo three anon-M
iiuHimuingi nis Mllleraeni, and bell
nereujr rrquetud o to do at any con
vvuieol time wnhin eueh term.
Uiven uader our hand at Oreaon CItv.
una J i in oar hi iiiril. ieu.
ft. WILCOX. Reaialer
nlt4 JAJIESGUTMKU:.Jr..Recr.
Just UccVvcd,
Per Steamer GOLLUI and Sckxmer
The following goads, vis y
lrled Frnlt,
Cove Oysters, 4c., to.
Brandy, Gin and Whiskey.
Which we offer for sale at reduced rate.
Ecottsbnrg, May 4. 18S5.U
Death or tbe T
WITH the death of tha distinguished
monarch of Russia ctrao a teanDons-
ry suspension of the commercial trade be-
iween uie united Mates ami l:uroro. Con
quently all kinds of mercbandiie fell
nearly fifty per cent.. Ths uudersigoed ta-
auiB auvaDiagti oi in is ami ice Itte tlnan
cial crisis In ban Friaelsco. has emended
rcicnti tnounoa uouars in tne purcaase or
isenoice selection or Merchandise for this
place, ami h-xs bought tb so ctmp that
they can ! soil to Miner. Packtr, Fann
ers and others, almost at their osra ericas.
Call and examine our large lot of
Groceries, Provisions,
Liquors, Roots, Shoes,
Dry.G(iods, Ilardicare,
Cutlery, Blankets,
$;., tj-c., a itc. .
a largo aaaoruucui ui
Don't all como at once 1
May5-nl tf. Front stree,.
Ex Gollftli ant lioo lto.
97 ,1a A LBS. ROUND and bar Iron,
w s iv V assorted sues, for wo iy
Vamwo8tu, PeTcsa i Laud.
May fi,
1 A Kf f X-DSrock and table salt,
1DJJ store and for salo by
WaWwoktu, PstTEas & Ladd,
May 5.
1 OQAfi LDS New Orleans, China,
1AUUU and cru&DtKi sugars, ror sale
. W. P, & L.
May 4.
LU3. Rio Coffee, for salo by
A ( BOXES Tobaeewfor sale by
40 .vW lV,L.i
May 4. . ,
Q HOXESHIll-aSoe. fcr sak by, .
Oi) sijf w.p.iil.'
May 4. - -t ' wp t.
irWeansniferic's'nf ihti ill
3 tlMtfM flfMltSllLS iSfc... I fcl..-
, "-VJ ".f,i-i-iTM inm-iifwmTwt
joint iok.orHpany,- hi sis sssisji
IIHIIIII.IIII. I LBWIIH J kl ,14,4,1 .1 (K
Impress M''oiimM:
'! --f ai.Vjts nasMsaJL)T 1
ThroiiRliouYiiW j Wtirt
CALIbOJINiA Msi,,,, H -
; r f'v ' ,. Vi
A rssulsr It x p r a'a t;f it-i,
Freight, Valuable WacJigirLmh;
Will be dispatched to sn'd frorn the .,
I'y tvtrytJuau Steamtr.t f .jt.'Wk;
-Collections of all.rilnds,fosjrtly,rsj.
lendsd lo.-r. v ,s rcJ
. It. O. KO VF-S, rnwafrsslJ ,
Corner of Washlneton , Montg'ni'ry a
' A 'San FrSTfewl.
8. J. CcCottisTCKAiieft,
Portland, 7prtl 27, 1S. l.xp
' Noisy CftrieFsfl
BODE asd siiwiwiiiiy
4,1 i
It Long VWhaift i
T rCKIVR full supplies of alhha pr)4.'
J.V pnf Btstea and Karopssn papafe fit
every steamer. Also 'Sfv I
April 24, 1836. nl If o -
Attorney and Couhtellor' at Lav? .mi
Sotfcjtor ift Ckameryrt j,
Will prprnplly atstno to al beMtstff.psf--talolng
to Iiia profession ia tiiefirit, Ju4i.
cist Oitrict,snd before the fiup'f sme Cvart
of Oregon. -- -
Albany, Lino county, O. T. J
N. B. When not at his Office, or ab
sent on profewlonal buslnssr, ha may
louml at Ins reaidence, tiq,mijes anwi.
cant of Albany, on what la known, as i the
Grand Prairie." . " nuf.
Attorneys and Counsellor at Lawt4d
Solicitors m Chmneery. - ".
OKea near the Coast Houae, . w
nltf. tfaletu, O.-T.'
GEO. K. SUElLr o
AK9wiCjf MRS UWsikWPw' w aPHsTf faWv
SOUCITOSt i.t CHAVcxix, t
N1l practice in the Courts of Ofefos) aM
Washington Terriora. 0ca atsjaat,
Oregon Tarritory. ' " k nl tT!
a. b. hallock;
ARCHITECT, Portland, 61 T. i.
eigne, plans, ineclScatioasfurtsMisiel
on reasonable terms..
Physician and Surgeei ',.,
OFFICE At his Residenc betsr
Upper and Lowe? Scottsburg. .
nl tf.
Allttchssssiat 2VU:a
TERRITORY cf Oregon, Couatjr of
Douglas, ss : To Joseph Jordea. r Yo
are hereby aotlfied that a writ of attacaneat
has been isaned against yon, and year vrojs
erty attached to satisfy the detsvass4 at Will
lara Tharp, amoontlog to fUteea sVaUata.
with iaterest and, costs. Now,, unless yea
shall appear before Martin Monabjaa jita
tics of the pesco in and for said cotAty, at
his office.on the 9th tUy of JoboA. 1). liM.
jndgment will Iks readers) ogalaat yo,Mil
JUU, flVt.J WJkt ,l lUUUCHI..
uaicu tuis sum uay oi wnrca, xeoa. .
Wodctrftrth Pilpr &-. ToiJCS
TFDE(l'thir .thanks to their nunfffsw
customers for their past 'liberal pat
ronage, ana solicit a coatumanco or sm
same. They take pleasure in Informing the
publta that the hire oa basil a largo and
desirable stoek ef Vrj deeds a ad Oroeeeks.
to which they are making constant va4tItkHa
and are enabled to sel) at.low rates as any
other storo In Sdottsburg. ' One of the part
ners reaM.'ajr at San Fraaelaco.'askl h'eoa-
stant attendaaee o' th iiswrste.-jwiaasssoa
have lacreased fnolUtles far.taa.klag ft
scat the lowest isles aawtlL as Klecuaa;
thebcstn.a most suitable nrtjclet.j ,J
Tho blgiien prlcp paw fer gold aust."
Scottsburg, Deo. 30, 'osVtt lf t
W" j 1
1s I v, "t 4
" 1
V. MiV M. i. ViV-, Vrk -Y
v "hh1 :"T" 7V-Tr w r
Vri& . '
' wftr-Ci
Eg ' T4
sj" SeTr. W A k
-a. ' j.
J . IA w
- f
. pi, ". v ji
. , ii. ' - ,v
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