The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, April 28, 1855, Image 1

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'If.' 17
iiKVoriii to I'Ouru'H, i.tTi.itAriiin:, admcui.timi:,
ii. i.vriif.uoi'Aci:, i., id:.
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NtuvvvKiuiiu;, .. 'v., svviiinwv, Ainuii tat;, shrr.
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SDMUiin rA.
VOliimH I.
ri'iaisiimi kvi.iiy ssrriinvs,
. p. n. botp. ":x. nusei.T
OFFICE In llivpenr.n's lint ihmi. Main street'
out door vol of tbe "Sootlsbitrtf House.
On copy, for ono tffl.On ; fur sis immtln,
83.0U ; for three months. iW'",
No paper will be illscuiillimsd until all nirear-
B.Vi.ViVt7skus.vm "III liir-rlcd at thu fob
lowinii rutcs.-Uiic or ten Hum or Km.
tlr.t insertion. a,WI; each suli-enuent lii-ertli.ii.
t?l,0 . A liberal deduction m iJo l yearly ml-
llwisr'n Cshih. of leallm-mr less, fur one
year, i! ; for fix mouths, I ft i fr tlnvu montli.
sia-Tbo number of Inrcrtlou must Indistinct
jT'insrkcd on tin- margin, otherwise tlwv 1 I bo
eTjntlnuod till forbid, und cliirKedarcordliiKly.
MlwIiT' . . .
Th foltowlni; nnuivt .viii an- authorised
io reecho sub-criptions iiii.U'loriliiiviil fur
the Gaulle, an I receipt lor Ilia cie :
M. W. Mitriiri.. Kuirr-ne Oily.
J. 8. McliKiNt. M. !.. Corvidlbx
I. N. . llnrllnitt"".
Ditatuv awiui.l-i.. Albany.
h. F., !.'.. Salem.
P. II. TaYI-os, Jacksonville.
Jamx Twoooon. Co'iynnvllle.
r r. K. Holumi, Oregon City.
W. II. Finnan, li' l'urlUnd.
OtK. AuvtM. Aitorls.
Gto. II. Ammiiiwk, M. I , Jnekiontlllf
ISvrss A WihiIi. JuekjumlllB
II. II. Ummioiiv, Deer Creek.
Ios. Jamk OaLLV. CanyoiiTllIr.
J. 8. Hamuli:, F.-i , l'ort tJrf-.rJ.
0. Hlmmvwn, Dallis of tic; Columbia.
AV(M J- Kouius, Esq., Cim Iluy.
Col. W. W, UiurVii. hlkton.
C Floou, Fji., Wlucluitrr.
Jos. Ulvnoi.pi, Cnnyonville.
Jn. A. Giiviiam. Ksn... Fori ancogver. w T.
SoBJMttJ by lb words In the Hlli I'salm cf
Dasld, 'Tit fuel UibwM In ULrt, lltr-1
bo GoJ."
T mil lipu maoitxiit
.Yb Cedr .Vo GuJ!" Tlif ilmphut flowtr
Ttiiton tie IM lifouti'l,
Kbrlnki, Hi It drluki 1m t.u) of Jew,
And trmblt at tbv iounJ :
-No Cod" mlosIilu-J IXlo trl
From out bir ciuto bear,
And vtry waiiderliipblrd that file
Itrprovtt tbc Al!n-it-lor.
TheioUron foret llfi its heid,
Tbv Almighty tu protlalm,
Tin brcoklt, on lt cryital ura,
Doth leap to prae bU natr.r.
Tlowiffcllt tbedcrpand VfDRvfjl i.
Along Mi billowy track,
Tba rd Vttavlui orfahli montb
To barl tbc falxbood back.
The plmtrtt:, wltb Itt prlnctly crtat,
Tbe coco't ltafy ibadv,
Tbf bread fruit bvodlnK to bi lor J,
Io yon farJiIaud-Rlalc;
Tbc vilngtd wed 4, tbal, borne by hUJ,
Tdc loving apurruwi fcfd,
TM id1oii, on tbo rftitrt ;ittdi.
Confuto tb accrotr'a creed.
No God 1" Willi Indication blKb
Tbe fcrcnt Son U atlrrtd,
And tbe pale Moon turna pMer still.
At each an luploue word :
And from tbclr burning throuer, tbo Start
Look down wltb angry eye,
That tbua a worm of dutt abould uook
Eternal najefity.
rormlnE in rrnnce.
One of llio richest won in France, nmi
who iiuociatcd in timt country with (hotu
jistingu!bed for rank mid fanliion, loft J';i.
juhn gaiety a Tow years miiuv, mid took
to farming, IIo had hit cstatts in Nor
ranndy farmed aftur tho Englith fashion,
bought a steamer ami ostuhlibhed a com
munication between C'ureiilon and Koutli
mpton, to convey liormd entile, slieoji,
poultry, and all kinds of dairy jiroduco
from Franco to England, Tho captain
and crow aro all EnglUh. Tho steamer
mikes ono or two trips u week, and real,
jwsan immonso profit. A largo eatablisli
,men, both Kroncii und English, is kopt eui
ployed by tho farming operations and thu
eteam traffic. Carcnton is a small town
whore Norman rr)nnnor oxist pcrfeclio. It
has a church near u .thousand years old.
Atnong'tho nativo farmers in tho neighbor
bood, agrieulturo is enrriod un with prim
itive simplicity. Their horses nro harneas
dbycoarso ropos and heavy chains as in
tho days of William tho Conqueror Ap
pies, wheat, barley, beans and potatoes, all
grow in tho samo field. Carcnton is about
tw'onty.flve miles, from Cherbourg, and is
connected by n Cno old Uouiun road, is
itraight as an arrow.
rTh nd oWl argopnt:,"y?u'"' 'oihtr."
Currwpoiidiiicu oftho Weekly ln.ili'i,
KllO-.'VolttlHHlMII--ItH I'oillltlDI-.
Mr. Eiiitpii : I nnlici'd, n fuw witIih
hincc, n coiiiinuiiiualiiiti in Mitir papor
signed " V Metlioditt," which has pluMH'il
mo much. It i reitniiily very -ood tn final
n mini ulio le nuiitid ill tho doctrines of hi
cliuri'h, apoaMiig out boldly in defeiicu if
piinciplo. It was thin elilliitliin that led
iiiolii my heart to tlinnlt tlm'. in'iitli'iiinii fur
hliiinin up llio liiinuiMtliliiua in lliclr pro
per lightparliculnily so', whi'ii ihey creep
IlkiMt lliieviiig nioiuo into tint aiinctiniry
mid while I hiiwt been watliiig with iiIIiith
fur Mr. Miller to deny llmt ho U n know
nothing, nml v Inlo I am atill unilitii;, it it
well I'linugh In give brief hiatory uf the
grout eli.iinpioii of tin' order, in tho hope
(hat ho uny bu ddVuiled ly lliomi who en
dorio liiiiown. "Ned lliinlliui'."in"E.
'.. I'. JinUoil," who I'orinellv belonged to
llio party known an tho Nntivo Aiiicriciiii
p.irlv, i tho f.ither, li biiplmiii.of lhi"oui'
idi'n" hobby, kiioMiiotliiiigHiii; mid now
who is Ned lliiutlino ( lie hm nmwercd
tins liiniM'lf uilli lu pen but In iinwiilleu
libtory lit better llinn tho rascally ovation
of truth wliiuli ho h'ta iimde. IIo anys llmt
his father w illicit him to Mllilv law, mill
bouglit for that end a copy of IlhicUtoiie,
placed him in nn ollico and utarted liim.
llul "Ned" being rather more fool hardy
than n geniu which ho auppoM-d ho waa
ho concluded one ilnv to iilfect a coinri.
euliiius hoKiiily In tho law, ami immoiliato.
ly threw liia lllackitnnu into tho llre.w here
upon he sworo that tho fogim of n fnthr
nor tliu iiitmoralily of the law at a profc
aim) should noter turn liN holy, .xnitlifiil
anpiralions from tlieir l-gitiiuato rhannel.
Yea, ho says ho did nil llii and dovnles a
U'oml portion of a loltuno Io n lato tliinf.ict.
Tho r-ipial, lioweier, ahowt tlmt fiom the
law hu went into the Navy, from which
service ho was afterward di!ionora'ily dla.
chnrged. IIo next turned up on llio Mil
tiaaippi, near Hi I.ouia if wo remember
cnrwllt wheru ho bclrnyed tho confl.
demloof a friend, anil seduced his wife. Thu
faot beeaiiio known to tho huabaud of thn
lady, win; at oncu luado an attack upon
JinUon; but Jiidaun betiig lliorfuiLflily arm
td, boasted of hit crinio, mid aliotlhe In no.
cent hmdiand down in his tracks. A mob
collected brought bun to a railing placid
n rope about bu neck, and ran him up.
'llio rono bruko : in n lit of diaieration he
ruauvii iikuujii niiT, .u iiniin, ,., i, ,u
river, wheru ho 1st ercape. In hit
eartiK ho received n allot in ono of his let: a,
winch has crippled linn Io lliii day. W'e
liateset-n lluiilliiio limp often; and nn
man can now witness him without seiing
him limp. IIo next turned up in New York
city, as the editor of n ariitnlnua sheet
...II .1 1. .1... ...I .. ,. il.:..L, ,,.11,..
called "l.ifo in New York," iV-c. When
there, through faUo nnd fraudulent represen
tations, In" gained llio hand of Miss ,
n vouiiL'ladv of reaiiectabililyand standing.
Shortly oftero Ida martiage, a tlillicully
took place In I'hiladelphi.i botwren thn
friends of tho actors Torrent nnd McCrea
dy, in couseimuncu of what iiappened to
Mr. I'orrest in England. Those two ac
tor caiiio to New York; Mr. McCready
was to net at tho Ator 1'laco opern, and
I'orrent at tho Itroadway iheatro on llio
Mimo eveniiiing. Ned lluulliiie, with n gang
of his kind assembled to prevent Mct'ready
fiom acting, and when tho hour camo ho
marched his poo to (ho opera house, and
indulged in is now known ns tho "As
tor I'iaco riot." Wo witnessed n portion
of it llio chargo of tho eily guard mado
upon the rioters, tho partial destruction of
the theatrn by thu mob, and tho millering of
tho innocent who woro ihnt down on that
dreadful ocensinn, wo cannot forget. Ma
ny wero hilled; mokt and nearly all of
wlioin woro entirely innocent. It would bo
didicult to recount thu scenes at thu various
station houses tho following mumbii'. Pa
rents eudenvnring to recognise their sous;
sons their patents; fciaters and mothers
weeping, in tho last agnnius of denpair,ovr
thoHit who had fallen tho night before. This
beautiful Ned liiinllino for this was arrested,
trid, loiinil guilty, and by Jtulgu Daley
Kent to IJInchwcir ielaud. Dining Iuh tri
al at tho Court of Oyer and Terminer at
tho Toniln, llio wifo of Ned lliiutlino was
in tho City II. ill, obtaining a dissolution of
her muriiiigo vow. Tho evidence upon
which it was obtained camo from miiiio of
thn worst harlots in tint city, with whom
lluutlino had been familiar ninco his marri
age. Just previous Jo this, Hroadway was
lliiowii into convulsions ono mottling, nt
tho Announcement that tho notorious "Kato
Hustings" hud shot Ned lluutlino, but it
proved otherwise. Mis Hastings made an
attack on him with u pistol, at which Mr.
Ituntlino took to n enrriago and mado his
iscapc, Tho causo of this, was for Intima
cy with, and nftorwnrds slandoring (if it
wero possible) ono of llio most notorious
harlots of tho city, lluntlino did lint stop
horn but wo have not spaco to uhow any
thing Author than his connection with
kiimuo!hiiigitui, and in older to do thai,
wo ipiolo from it Huston correspondent of
tho Itlelinioud (Vn.) lUnnhir :
"Hut, as I was snlug, (he know nothing
dodgu wns hatched up, originally, In tho
ollico of iho N. Y. Trihunu hy n joutuey
man printer. Hu set himself pnra
phrasing tho oaths, uliligalioui,leuturu, Vc.,
of tho OiIiI-I'oIIowh lutot'ierlnptriip wlileli
' has already been extensively published as
"llio win U" ill llio liuowiiiitliing older, This
' piiriiplirnte was InliodiiciiJ into tho oidur
of "United Ameilcam," aid lliiuco triiuti
'milted to all putts of llio Union.
I "liout a j ear ago, the notorious Ned
I lluutlino eniiio In this city and eiuuuieuceil
Idcliicinig kiiowuiiihiug lectures, Inking up
i collections, e. Mo appealed, diesiidin
iMiroini, in tho lliiiil rate taverns, mid low
ur.ehisi gtogshopt, iliuinmiiig up for ro
cruils to his "liimrd of Liberty." Nul
I wus palrouieil by all the hailing know
! uothuigi. IIo wns milling tho Hi ft to Mini
it klluwiiot ' weekly noitap.ipor ono of
tko Imlf which havo siilnHpienlly
Iw u i ml thoiltiinila of copies ol
wine' ' i citeulated through the
Souil. ' ion eolnoiteurs. who nt the
( a line. also paid hero to cstnhll'h
.kiiowuo. ..g lodges. After riiiiiiinlug some
(Weeks in tins citv, lm was sent down Into
' Maine, Jilat pluvious to the .Statu t lection
I hut full, nmi, at the last accounts, hail been
i sent to jail for some outrage committed du
' ting a diiiukeu row which look place, one
.night, tiler ho had delivered liiuii.ll' of a
know nothing lecture. Next lolloweds per-
feel deluge of kuiiwmithiug eleelioiiieiing
document", in ihu sIii(mi ol iiiilodramalie
aloiies, it lit I iielo Tom's t'abln,) ilesigued
1 to excilo MCtlonal nnd teligioui ptejudico
; against fnteiguets mid Uooiaii Catholics.
1' Liming liauiiliilU blared you in the faeoat
every cottier, headed "Just I'uUiilieil'tind
ntiiiniinning sntiH'lhing new in Ibis llne.geti
erally from tho irest of Messr. Dsuirell V
Moure, Iho abolition senior partner of which
(Inn hns been tewaideit with a seat Hi the
next Congress, tho linn itself, likes Oliver
Twist, nsknig for moro patronage, in the
ahapo of ihu h'tnto priutmg, Hero was
handbill advertising "Tho lied Cross or
Malta," jiii which tho consumption of red
printer's Ink, In emblazoning a represent!!
of the aforesaid cross, two feet by one, wan
absolutely lorrifle I Thero nas another
handbill, announcing "Ono Link in the
Chain of Apostolic .Succession." This thrill
ing wink graced the first sixteen number
ol n recgnied weekly orgsn of "the Order,"
called "The know. Nothing and American
Crusader," ami for n time gao that paper
an immense cirruhiliou among Hats mid
bigots. The publisher has been rewarded
with a in Iho lower branch uf thu Leg
Uliitnru irniii tins citv: while the author u(
I the tale, Julius Wutreii Lwii, has aulise
'inn nil v met with Ned llillilliue's fate. hnv.
ling been incarcerated in Nuifolk county
jail, last week, lor llirealeiiing io nsaiiu
ato (.ol. hunch Irani, wno hail reluteil to
pay him "black mall."
If this is the character uf the champion
of "knownothinlsin," what can the ptiuci
pies of tho order bet If this is the man
who is admired fur lus genius, what is the
character of thu genius of his followers I
If my Methodist friend desires an item from
tliis hu can take it and I would say Io
him, go on In ynur elforts In expimo those
who havo turned sacred places into bad
nchs; nud with one inquiry I will close. If
Mr. Miller is n knownothiug, and n suppos
ed preacher, l beg to ask how ho regards
our Saviour, and his teachings I for ho was
n foreigner.
IIowto iio it Hiinir IIosoms. We
often hear ladies expn siog n wish to know
by what process thu gloss on new linens,
shirt bosoms, iVu., is produced, and in or
der to gratify llicui wn subjoin thu follow,
iug tecipu:
"Taku Iwn ounces uf lino white gum
urabiu powder put it in a pitcher, and
pour on a pint or morn of boiling water,
nrcordiigto tho degiee of strength you
desire and then having coveted it, let it
stand all night. In ihu morning pour it
carefully from tho dregs into n clean buttle,
cork it and keep it for use. A tahlu spoon
ful of gumwater stirred into a pint of stitrcli
miido in Iho usual manner, will givu lawn,
either while or piloted, a look of iiuwiicsh,
when nothing elso can rustoro them lifter
they hilvu been washed."
If our lady readers havo n bettor way
than thn uhnvn finut tho (Iranito Farmer,
pleasu let us know what It is, for theru is
real comfort in a fchiit bosom neatly douo
"T "
A.v Ihisiiman's Wii.i,. "I will and bu
quoatli to my beloved wife, llrhlget, all my
property, without resorvb; and tn my eldest
sou, Patrick, onclialf of tho remainder;
and to Dennis, my youngest dqn, tho rest.
If anything' is left, it may go to 'lYrrcnco
McCaitv.'r ' '
Thn I'tosiniroiM I'urnier.
What happy fellow the farmers must be
now. Until limes! Iliud times! is thu in
cessant cry of tin ini'tehant, niiiuifaeluter,
and mechmiic. Hiisiuess is neatly pins
Irate, iiionoy at n premium of thlity per
cent' mid not to bo had at that without lirst
class colUlleriils piincely firms of half a
ccnturvs standing are totte'ing, fulling, and
carrying distiess mid tiiiti to all mound
llicui giant iiiiiuufaetiiiies siispeudlug ojt
enitions wiirhshoiis eloilug food of all
kinds exoibilniilly filgh ihoiMiill'ls of me
ehiuiics mid Dinting men, with tens oT
thoilS'iuils ol hilploss ones depeiuleul upon
them, without emplomcul, nmi with no lm
niedinto piospnet of seeiiiing iinv, rnd to
add to tho ehilling gloom of the picture,
cold eheetli'ss winter encirt ling us lu his
icy anus. When, befure, havo wo fidleu
upon such evil limes (
In tho midst of all this deiolnliou ami
dislriM, the farmer ststuls, tho only man in
ihu whole community upon whom prosper
iiy nmi success deign to smile. While thu
met cli. nit tosses iiueiiiily upilnjiih pillow,
with vi.iniiH of note duo mid nothing to
meet tin in, hurilhcattoil creditors, bauktupt
ey and tuiii lliiatiug through his liraiu, tho
firmer with an miliouhled heart scans his
btuail acrer, ami looks thn future in the
eye with an uuhlauched cheeli. Whilu the
indiistiioiis mechanii', with a wifo mid
chi dfcn wholly ileHuileut upon his exer
tions, turns with a sad heatt from tho
workshop, where, a b w mouths since, his
skill mid ingenuity had guaranteed li nil a
eniiifnrtiililo support nt least, and surveys
the clifitlcss plospect heforo hilll. not
ktiowing where iho next dollar to purchase
food mid fuel for tho helpless mid loved
ones at home is to coiuo Irniii, ihe tanner
turns to hi mother in' ill, ns mi infant to
llio iiialermil lue.isl, know iug that in her
simple bosom almn'lance may always bo
.Such coutrnsts are painful, but they nro
linstiuclne Thev setve to show how
strong and steadfast Is the man who in life
it deM'iiduit, not unon llio lluc,tu.itlous of
stocks, or llio 'inks nud H-rplexitii-H of
trade, hut upon tho roil, tho grateful soil,
which, like mi honest employer, pays I he
full value for evry hours' labor bestowed
upoiiil. Think of these things, ye who
nro longing for tho excitement of n city
hf. with llio hopo of realising fortunes In
a dny.
Hear Mr. Ilole.omb on this subjrrt: "I
willliuttmy farm, I see it will at least
suppiiil me and mine, I will even lend it thu
last dollar I can spare. Yes, we may trust
the hind. Thu banks nnd the railroads,
the stocks and the sctip, may or may not
pay us hark, but this uutsing mother will
1'uilill alt her promises, honor all drafls,
You may draw on her at six months for
your nnt crop, at nino months for your corn
crop, nnd nt twelve months for ynur wheat,
and if from any great calamity, as iho
drouth or flood, she cannot always pay
up on tho day, she will make a huudaumo
instalment, ask a little time, nnd then pay
up this last farthing, and if you have been
generous tn her, inaybo sho will make sou
a handsome present besides." I'nrasiie
Tho IZxpcctril tircnt Comet.
The eminent nsttouomer, M. Ilabiuet,
member oftho Academy of Sciences, gives
soino tery interesting iletmls relutivu to the
lelutii great Comvt whoso peiiodicnl
coutMi is computed by thu must celebrated
observer at three hundred years. Our cy
clical records show that it was observed in
thoyear HM,:UW,l8'J,il7.r again In 1'JIII,
and tho next tiinoin IflSU always descri
bed ns allium;' with the most extraordinary
luilllaucy. .Must oftho European astnmo.
mets had agreed in mmouuciug (ho return
of lids comet in 18 IV; hut It has hitherto
failed to appear. In fact it is nut so easy
or riniplu u matter to compute thnso vast
cyclical poinds as anmo supeificial persuus
who do not look beyond ihu day of tho
year in which limy live may imagine
Wo are, however, assured by M. Ila'jinet,
that, up to this miunent, this beautiful star
"is living on its hiilliaul reputation;" so thnt
Sir John llerschel himself was wrong when
hu despaired of its rcuppeurance, and put
crape on Ida telescope 1 Wo mo now in
formed that a celebrated and accurate cnni
putiT M. Iluuime, of Middleburgh wills
u patiencu and duvoleduess truly Oerinan,
has gone overall provious calculations, and
mndu n new estimate of llio scp.uatu and
thu combined action of all tho planets upon
this comet, of HOO year?; mid hu Iiiib dibuov
ured that it is not lost to us, but only ro
larded in its moiioiii' Tho result of this so
voro lubur gives thu nrrival of lii r.iro.nnd
renowned visitor in August, I8.r8, with mi
uncertainty of two years mnro or less; so
that, between 1850 nnd 1800, thoso who
aro then living may hopu to sco tho groat
luminary wliluh, hi lfl.lll, caused Cliurlan
V. to abdionto. ttiiifaf and Journal.
A Mnthfi's Uoutli.
Wo yesterday riceived front n friend a
note, ono paragraph of which Is us follows;
"I yesterday evening received iho news
of the death of my riiuthor n good wom
an. I ueid not tell you that my heatl Is
full of soitow."
No, you need not. For who, that hss
not lost his manhood tis well as Ida youth,
could hear of the ih-ath of her upon whoso
kind bosom his young mul helpless head
was pillowed when ho was most helpless,
lioiri llio fountain of wluitii hu.iit his bib
was drawn without feeling within him
tho unspoken anguish which such mi an
nouncement must produce. Thumeiiioiius
of one's deatest nud happiest days tiro
bleed ug, and tin-heatl is s.ul mid lonely.
A Mother!, I low many sweet and ten
der lecolh'Cliousaro wakened by that grnto
ful w.inl! Mow many llinughlsof llapa't
are associated with tho niiinu. Who is
(hero does not remember n thousand
imtiueeri id lier aU'eclioii. How tenderly,
when tin omig heart was giieved by tho
troubles of childhood, did her voice soothe,
her riHecliountu touch heal, her soft kits
'-make, it vitll." And wliodnes nut teuiem
her how empty seeini d the home of child
hood when she wns nut then. How her
solicitude followed us step by step, from
ihu cradle to mature manhood, from her
own bosom to the great battle of life. Her
wishes went with us, her prayers went up
In llcnven, when no ear but Cud's heard
her petitions for our safely und hnpplueit.
And she isdend! .She who wore us In
her ln-nri; mitl lulled our sorrows to sleep
upon her bofnm, There can never coino
In us agiln n love like hers. Nevir ngilu
that proud, hopeful, pitiful iiHt-clinu, that
untiring, loving devotion can bo ours, us
when exiillug in n mother's heatt. And
when the tinuuuuccuionl Climes that sho will
smile upon us, mid pray fur us no moro,
h lm is there lliat dries not bitteily regret
that he ever, through intent orcntilcstnvss,
grieved thu faithful heart which will never
leel for him either pteasuru or pnin ng.iln t
Ah! how many havo fell this sorrow since
they lift the scenes of childhood for their
new l'uciflc home.
TwriLvi: UfLiis ion Tim Tho
following nte intended mainly fur tho guid
ance of young men ami women :
1. (Jet msrried if you can; but look
before yon leap. Love matches ato ruinnm
tic, nice things, tn talk about, but thoy havo
brimstone in them now and linn. ,
'2. Fiiilo in overthrowing thu fashion
which tmnil ites civility into lovo.
.'I. (Jo to church nt least onco a week,
i -1. Whenever you see a lecture adver
tised set thu evening upon which It Is deliv
I ...... I .iifirl fur r!ul!iii fifteen nni'ea of a
good book.
f, Circulate no scandal.
0. Avoid all kinds of spirits particular.
Iv snltit ranners.
I 7. If in tho theoro, or any other placo oj
' public amusement, do not level your opera
1 glasses nt strangers. '
8. Never notice tho clothing of persons
attending divine worship, nor stand in front
oftho house of Und after the service.
I). Never ask another man his business;
where he Is going; w hero ho camo from;
when ho intends In go tliu number
'of his dollars. You may inquire as to tho
Until of his health nud that uf his parents,
histers and brothers but ventuio no fur
ther. I 10. Defend tho innocent, help tho poor,
laud cultivate a spirit of fiieudship among
I all your ncipiaintauces.
II. Never speak disparagingly of wo
men, nnd endeavor to eowpiei all your pro
'judiees. Ilelievo nil iktsocs to bo siuccro
in llio religion which they protess.
l'J. lie economical, but nut parsimonious
nor niggaruiy. .uaiiu punu use oi your
'dollars, but not idols. Live within your
means, and never borrow money In nntlci
I pillion of your salary.
03 It bents all how tho equeezo of a
pretty hand will make fomo folks feel.
Ouririeml Clieckeiherrv tho other day got
hold of tho velvet-like digits of tho poello
nnd susceptible Miss Jenkins, nud felt ns
though I no, wns up to his chin in Juno roses,
Unman punch, Italian sunset and Cranbor
ry jelly, Just then, Jenkins, tbe paternal,
onlciod tho pmlor, mid Checkerberry, tho
happy, went out. Mr. Jenkins is constitu
tionally opposed to unnscuso of all sorts.
Jenkins tho female isn't'
A Jerseyman was very sick, und
not expected to lecnvcr. Ills fiiends got'
mound Ids bed, nnd ono of them uavs; ""'
"John, do you feel willing to dlo I"
John mado mi effort to givo his vlows on
tho subject, and uubwered with a ftcblo
vo,i:o: , , , ,. w
"I think I'd rather stay where I'm
bettor no'quainbMj." ' ' . 4'