The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, April 14, 1855, Image 2

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omen tx, itiDunp.n, mmlmnos, next
ooon west scoTrsncnu iiocsk.
8liirdnyJIoriilii!f April 11, 1S5.
v -w-W-V WW w
Henry llnlr, vt. Is onr authorised
gent to receive subscription and advertising In
Ban t'nticisco. Ho will bo round nt bis office,
SG Bsttcrjr.strcct, corner Clny.
' i '
05" Air. G. D. U. li.yd, editor of this
paper, is nbtent on n trip to Salem, on bus
iness connected with tho Gazette. Ho
will probably be abient ten days or two
wtekt. April 7th.
Tho Convenllon.
The Democratic Territorial Convention,
which convened nt Salem on Wednesday
hit, for the purpose of putting In nomina
tion a candlJalofor Dilute to Congress,
to bo supported by the Democratic parly
of Oregon Territory, has, no doubt, ere
this, consumalcd its work. Although there
were several prominent candidates for nom.
Ination. before tho Convention, we Iioik-,
for the good of tho party, that their deliber
ations have been marked with harmony; that
they have presented to tho ieople of Ore
gon for their suffrages, a man in whom we
can placo tho utmost confidence, and one
In whom tho people of Southern Oregon
can safely confido their local interests.
Notwithstanding the bitter warfare car.
tied on between the personal and political
friends of tho rival candidates for nomina
tion, prior to tho Convention, we hope the
Democracy throughout tho Territory, may
seo the necessity of laiing asid nil prefer
ences, and rally, to a man, in support of
the nominee of tho Convention, be ho Lame,
Pkatt, Dkew, or any other good nnd tiitd
Democrat. It is necessary, in order to se
cure a victory over r.ll the isms of the day
at the next Juno election, for the Demnc
racy to present a united front, for "in union
there is strength."
Tho Whig Press, and Politicians, are. in
ccstacies at the apparent disaffection in the
Democratio ranks, and arc st living, by all
tbe dishonest means In their power, to wi
den the breach, in order to slip in their fa
torite candidate. This should sete to
arouse the Democracy, and to awaken in
the breast of every man who has the inter
ests of Lis country at heart, a renewed xenl
for action. Wo have confidence that if
the Democratic parly of Oregon Territory
tut will it, they have tho power to give to
the candidate put in nomination by the
TenltoiUI Convention on Wednesday. such
amaioiity as will,
Know-Nothings, &c, that the people are
not ytt tired of Democratic men and mca.
lures. People of Oregon, be not deceived !
Tho Whig Politicians, knowing thi ir ina
bility to carry tho day by fair and hnnest
means, havo introduced on the political
checker-board, a new ism, by which they
expect to be alio to deceive the honest
mass of the voters, and to pull tho wool
over tbe eyes of the people; and it is evi
dent, from the tone of the old political hacks
of tiio Whig party, that all the isms of the
day are combined to defeat the Democracy.
In order to stay this onward tide of cor
rupt principles, it is earneslly hoped tho
Democrats will discard from their minds til
dissatisfaction, end give to the nominee n
united and hearty support. Ifyoudothis,
a signal victory awaits you at the next Juno
The Mails. Only tho letter mail ar
rived at this placo last week. There was
so newspaper mail brought up from Cor
tallis; therefore, all the people of southerr.
Oregon have experienced tho samo disap
pointment with ourself. We believo that
the law requires post masters to have mails
forwarded, when from any causo the con.
tractoia shall fail to carry tho mail accord
log to contract.
Tne Loo Cnoo. We learn from n
friend who has just returned from a trip in
the country, that thcro was a report in cir
culation in Douglsss county, that the schoo
ner Loo Choo had wrecked in attempting
to go out of this harbor.
The Lon Choo sailed nn tho 7th inst ,
and instead of being wrecked, she went out
without nnv mishap, whatever. She is ex
pected here again in two weeks from this
Wltiero will be Preaching ntthcScottsburg
Douse to-morrow, (8aMatb,) at 11 o'clock, a. u.
tad7,Jit .
WIMtff.SM J.IWSUW1" W. -inJ.Am1-s'
Hl'lUll.AHY A.D AllSO.V Wo ll'lllll "mUU .
the nihil carriers between C.,ivallii mill this I
plncc, that n mail named Uo.ld entered ilm
Ktornnf MesirK Flion.llV vV Co.. merchants
in Coivallis, on the iiljiht.if IlinSllrt ulViml
stole $l,:t;0, nnd then set the premises on
Are. The tiro was discovered sonn after,
and by timely efforts was extinguished be
fore the lliimes had made much progress.
Persons were led to suspect Ilojtl, In mi his
excited and unusual maimer on the- follow
lug day. Ilo was seen go to a pile ol rails
nnd hurriedly stoop down, nnd seemed to
deposit sonu tiling among the mils, and then
Walk iiwhv much more rapidly than was
his usual gait. lie soon afterwards met an
acquaintance who spoke to linn, luit Itout
returned no answer. Tho rail pilo was
searched, and eight hundrid dollars of the
money found theriin. Hoj.l was finally
arrested, nnd thobal.incoof tho mom) was
found in his bed room. The Justice com
milted him to await his at tho next
i. ..f ilni Diiiiii-t (nir( Iii ilia t couute.
and in default of 8tf,000 ImII. ho was .ei'iii'"1: ' ! t"H '" B' l'
, .i ii . .1 , i ilho Inghoht pilch, wluii I load accouiiN ol
to .iiiany nmipui in .. j.... . ... "MU., ,(,rnl.le criulliis as the one which I
The carriers say that the cause of tho I!IVV jHl ri.nlt
nonanival of tho iievpaier mail at this I said, upon the neensiou to which I Invo
olaco last week is, that iiiijiI is a mail con jl ivfemil. that then, wvio Or
i i i . i '.! .... .r. ...... goo with whom w oouM not treat. 1 .Med,
tractor, or has had control ol tho route f.o.n I:,,,,.,,,,..,.. Mx-
Corvallis to Voucalla, nnd that tho animals
hitheitouseil lor carrying the mails on tuui
route had been attached by Hold's cred
itors. Mr. Itandall, tlu earlier, brought
the letter mail through from Corvallis to
Yoncalla on his own animal. The carriers
think that tho entire mails will bo brought
up this we-k.
We give the above statements just as wo
received tlu in, and do not vouch for their
correctness, but if they aru untrue wo will
gladly correct them.
Qr Dr. E. P. Drew has kindly furnished
us with the following extract from a letter
which lie received by last until from (Sen.
Lane, dated Washington City, February
I8tb, 1503 :'
"I shall, I feel cnnfiJent, sneered in pro
curing the pasage of a U' requiring the
Post Master (Jei.eral to cause the maiU lo
bo drlivered at Gardiner, Uu qua, semi
moiiihly. This, as above staled, iri be done.'
Fnojt Jakso.nvilli:. 'e learn from n
gentleman who has arrived from Juckson.
iiIo, that tho miners in the icinity of that
place, nnd ot Sterling, have been doing
well for some time past The weather was
dry, and the miners apprehended that wa
ter would sonn bo scarce, if rain did not
fall again this spring. Business was rather
Tun Cbops Wo are pleated to lnm
1 that the crops in tho Umpqua and ItoU'
nv that they have never saw ihem belter
at this season of thu year. We believo that
the above named valleys will produce suf
ficient grain for the consumption of the in
habitants, and probibly n largo overplus.
(fir We are indibtcd to Cram, Rogers
cc C.i.'a Express for some late numbers of
Yreka Herald, and Crescent City Herald
by last mail.
03" Wo are indebted to .Mr. Wm. J.
Hecics, late of this paper, who has just re
turned from Jtcksonville, forlato California
Wmo Convention Tho whigs of this
county met in convention nt Flktnri on Sat-
ur.l.iy Uit,'inJ el.'cted three delegites t) the
whig territorial convention, and also nomi
nated their candidates for tho county ofiices.
Wo understand that tho following named
gentlemen were the delegates and candi
dates selected :
Delegates to Territnral Convention E.
Spicer, J. W. P. Huntington anil D. C. Un
derwood. For Representative D. C. Underwood.
For Co. Commissioner J. K, Dodge.
J-or Sheriff Samuel Rich.
For Auditor Thomas Stoddard.
For Assessor Zib.i Diinmick.
For Coroner Geoige Paine.
For Surveyor Socrates Scholfield.
For Wieckmasler Job Hatfield.
Wo fear that Dryer will come "down
on" the whigs of ibis county, for departing
from tho long established nnd faithfully ob
served rule of whig political wnrlure.which
reads as follows: "Whigs should uever.uu
der nny circumstances whatever, make
their nominations until after the democratic
candidates lint o been uninitiated."
Congress has passed n joint resolution,
conferring tho Brevet rank of Lieutenant
General upon Gen. Scott.
fctT Head tho new advertisements.
An extract fi-wiu Uviu C.ltlU)'
UmM-.t m iJc in Ihs Ihux of 11 prcscn
'''. J''muni 'Mh, IBM.
"r ll.tvu prmnun ua .. ..
Bl' "& 'ho muii.U of tho tip"", ' I
tiiliutiiiL' iiHifirnnt iinL'iiiiL'LMinilM.iuuiiiirn
sesto (Son. Lane. Obtaining lenui loiiialio
n personal explanation, ho matin n rather
lengthy speech, which I couched in puro
a till iL irwttl I, hi tit itml ttiilMi Uitlll,f
emmnco'any roador.bat ho never .ho
. . ,,ii i ,. ti , i ,, ichMilma been atl.ilmte.l to
lilm. After r.mli.. to tho Itmiai mi ac-
oount of tho murder of Ward's family, by
the Stiako tiver Indian", hu epealts as fol
lows: Tho extract which I have road will giv.
tho House an idea of tho leriil.lo mode ol
pmiuhment, anil the mmlu ol i.illictii.g cm
elties upon women and chil.licu. I liaui
ieeii so many men killed in baltlo and oth
erwise, that'll, know that n man has been
kilhd or murdered, does not present its' If
to me with sn gro.U horror an it ilm'-t to
others lent lainilur with such scenes. Hut
I must cmili'that thu blooil olulU ill my
,j w,.t,.rn m(u umi.iIIv ..proM lis
selves, on heaiin"olaii Indian outrage, that
they iMl;lil to be "c..lK.'.l.
I h.ivo I ecu in Ii.'ttlo with tho Indians,
linvu heeii m my ol them kill, d, but have
never seen theiii enlped b a while man,
even when ho had the opportunity In do so;
but 1 have nen many white kth.iis who been killed bv "the liiilin, se.lX.I,
and oiherwito honibly muiitated i.ud ili
figured. In a piper published in Ohio, I find a
riiliuinn nl my leiua'ks, and the eoiiviis.i.
lion I held on that occui(n, with tho hon
oinble ChbiriiiaiiuftheCi.uitiiitl)'. of Ways
and Menus. The criticism emanated from
tho lobby of this House, 1 kiipp. Sonn-a-rnm,
within healing of lhai conversation,
iiiailon skiletourep.nt wlulh it u-.ii made
by that "l.i seiini.l lnoking boast," an m
trieii.l from New Ynik (Mr. Walsh) term
ii certain individual who, by themuilesy of
tho S culior, r.crupios a reporter's dr sk in
this ll'iil.e, I caliliiit say. I regri-l In lie
eomiK-lled to iiiako tliis tdlurioii to the in-
diwdual refirnri to, whelher bo bo guillv
or not; for, in my nature, I bate n cn.m.l,
fvii'a '! t.v .- h"'!.'
and therefore I would not s oak of a man
who is catuhlu ol such conduct. ll.isM
the critieirin:
"An iuil.ince of elegant promt
illustrated by a humane Keuliuietit, wa giv
en in the National House ol lii-pri scuta
tieatios. I hey II roll and murder wlioiiever
they cut get a chance. Tho only way to
treat the critters it to sculp 'em."
lho author ol this criticism nttriliutc. to
ves. n lew il.nssliieo. An IiiiIi.ii. appro. ' fiVl. . npnoii.t. d to a.tiM.rlin.. the number r.., air... j. ir.. "'...
... - . .. . i . . . . . .... . .. ... i, o. c. r...... ir. .null. .K.tiiiMfnp i;..ii.
ali'in lull iin.ler uisi'.Kkioii, wnen h,! iIi-lfUHles to caeli lot ci.iei, and to rail '" ..". "" :.X .
.. . i I " ' I . . ll k l. II I .'. In.lii.i. 1 .lun.lnlii
o Delegate fiorii IJregon uudeiloi.k lo e.i- ..,..r tho County Coiiieiiliou on the VMst erai. .-ir u. .-..iiie.., y., - .hv-.-s. ...v--
llw, the House. "Mr. Speaker," said r April ri.xi. , General, lho lion. Ii, , r. Hllcis; imiicel.
.."'lauit n.iuso triing lo eiuluo lho in. S. H. lailor, Geo. II. Aiiil.mss., A. I'. lor i w.v -. i...... ' nin...-
. i.fll. ........ MliMt-.,.. iiiill.iiii.n Ih.ijI ! Tl.... I I M v....,,imI. loll llllil.l.Ml. l.or.l-i.ieuieiinoi, unri
"- ...!..-.. --f . I uilll'li I il'i". sj.imui sum I, iii,uiii"
mo cant phrases, which a. l!, l.-ibit.Coiuiuiiteo until others by, tho
uml a duo sen o ol tiio priqiilelles ol .Ii-ImH-,
with it tolerable know ledge olcorrecl hog
lisli, acquired by some application to honke,
and long iK-rtoual intercoursu wilhgeollo
men of education mid refinement, I'm bid
me to use. So. no geullemeii may to
indulge hi such phraea,lor tl,oi.,
of thiliuelveH, uiid ot.'iois ofiin upially vi
tiated and p.urieut last,'. Resjiect lor my.
self and my oitioi,, furbiJ mu lo attempt
AX ACT to secure the right of citizenship
to children of tho citizens of lho United
Statea burn out of tho limits thereof.
lie it rmieled by the Semite, and House
of Representatives nf the IJnitid States of
America, in Congress mumbled: Tho
persons lioreinioio nom, or iiereaiier in uu
lho United States, whoso fullers weie, or
shall be at the liiuu of their btith, citizens
of thu United Slate, h.ll bo .Icenird and
ciim-iderwl, mid aro hereby declared, to be
citizens ofthu United St iic; provided, how.
ever, that ll,u lights ... citizenship shall not
descend to pertains fathers never re
third in lho United Slates.
Sec. U. And bu it further enacted, That
any woman who might lawfully bu natur
alized under existing laws, uririie.1, or win.
shall bo uiarriwl, ton citizen ofthu Uuitul
Slates, shall bo deeuud and taken to be ti
Approved Februnry 10, 1855'
Paoe, Hacon cc Co.'s ArrAiui. The
St. Louis hotiHu of Pago & llacon rehtimed
business on the lUlh of IVIi. On the day
of thu le-ripi-uing of tho St. Louis house,
there was 6ti()0,(J00 placid on rifpotit, mid
but 8i:i."),0IJI)ilrawii out. All demands up
on thu house iu"Phlludclphiti were promptly
There is a grndual but sure improvement
in money malteis on thu Atlantic tide. The
liauliH woiu never lit a stronger position,
mid money U easily obtained nt lower rates
than Imvu piuvuilod for sumo tune past.
(fir Thirteen persons, recently from Ger
many, perished from cold mid starvation at
Pittsburgh, Pa., a few weeks sluco.
Jmllwiii ., . '' , Ooi.Hioilillo
('l.t'oti. '
Tho pxicccdiugri "I lho I), uiooialio Co
'.inveiilloii of Jii.ksoii.'nui 1 1, Ii published
j , Herald ol ih. .'11,1 ult , i.u.l
wo lake the llb.lll of timihlriliig tliun to
... ... i . i i
our cnliiiiius. Ho Impo our iiieti.tsiujiicK
.on eountv will not bo offended nt in fnr'llio Hriii.h .iiinpeunthiuoi., am part ol IU.
i i i .it i llrilld. linos huio boon oreiip led by (
so dmog. It bus been our earnest .1.-1 . X liner being nnalllu to occupy
to oo.operato with the IJemooialio parly ..n .i.-i,. ,m tiunulivis. Tliern UtrriubMn
,l,r,,"p' l 1"' ;IV,,i,"r' ",1 M0 wf
ham been peace, to hre vo a rnpv of tho
I ,..':. ,....
I""" "B" '""-' i -
vention lor pul.lioalion. o Have no com-
mouts to m.'.kii upon tho pruoeodlnus, r1" -
wo hold that any poison or poillou of the
Deinocratlo parly Imvu the right to express
ta r
their preferences lor candidate,, for
uioaien ior
nny.llico whatomr, fmm tho President iff
tho United Statu down to n Supcnisor of !
uiad district.
Tho Oemotratlo Convention, to elect'
I IU' l1-llli'l.l (UlU 1IH-Illlirn, i ill-it . . I I I l
eight delegates lo repros. ..t Jack..... Counlv l'v "'" presented at ho I.or.l .Mimira
in thu Territorial Coiiwiitl.iu, win h. Id .it ""'"' ,,rt",l"". ;"''1 '"1'' 'wel''- '
ll.oCo.iit II...,-. in Jackso.nillo, on tho'' er il.-lit.Ti . I ,. ..dent attack nnthu
'J III. March. IMS. , Mhil.lry. and especially on H r James t.ra.
lho Convenllon was organi.d bv np. haul Ii.t l.w.1 ol tho Admiralty, who.
pointing I) Nuw.oun, l-resl.lent; 'I. ho sa.-l. hoi hau.po.ed l.iu. as conuiiamW
M.I.I..T imiiI J. Km..-, .SV.v,.i.,.,. '"I"'" Ib.ll.c lUl, l.y uhiurd ordor. and
John V. .Miller, ,S. II. Ta.lor nn.l Jamei' ' icuMVed hi... limn liU pusL l ir
Taleio, we.o appointed i.e.." ill pre , gam n history ol lliow.r, and
denial,., who iepotte.1 lho following d.lo Uspeeully ol lho nmr.leroui cavalry charge
' ' I . If ... I t .. .. ..I nl. i. it. I..s at , lli.s"
AsMmiiui. II. Kussell, Thus. Smith, "u, "' , '" "' " "" - ."" " "
J.,1. Kilgrom., ho did say i...fier the fault
Alirlg,itcC. II. Datidsnii. . ' ' "B,'" "r l'J,l,, h,a'n , ,
llultr t 'mi D. Nooco.nb.' Jas. Tatem, I 'IV in ukil. n.o n..l oh . .rfe,l. Ilread.
j. (j',j M11II1 i.m.l.i nl loimur pnuui. IVovUions
;'A'r.Wr.t(;e.,. . Ambrose, A. J. f re .lull nl lls ..IJ rate., and Cotton is th.
Kaoo, John lli'iijiiuiin. . a.itm. ...,.,,. , ., ,,
('.(. Cm -A P. Tumor, II. W.' Tho lliiiid. Ministry I. finally ro-consU.
WixMin. jti.i-dasi.illow.:
JacltmmlU S. II. Ta.lor, J. - Miller, I Mlmukih or rin: Lord
I. F M.i.her " inr Tiei.Mirv, i.fouiit I'almerstou; Lord
" .sirrlinK-ilvn. Man.illo, Powell, Clm..c.-ll..r; Lord Cranwortl.; Proslduul of
Isaac .Sl,.,er.. H'" CmimciI. L...I .rni.llle; Lord Privy
.Vr-S I). Geo. Vi.ri..-. ..!. "V ,,f l'1! '? ('" ' "fu,a
ll ...i"......i ' All'ali". Call ol Cl.irel.ilon; ll..m.i SeCroU-
Tho President I. .tl..!; staled the obji-rt of . t- lloii.dnc.v llerbofl; Colonial Soc
io rueHiog, lho Con.enli.... prop ed to r.l..r.,Mr (.eo.go; Minuter oV ar,
tho luerliog, lho Con.enli.iu prop itl !
..ii .U which reM.ll.d i.i tin. elude. of
lhol,,r..,.i.d.legl..s: C-or-...
II. Amino,', Itichard Dog. u Join, F. Mil
I.r. J..v II. It.. , l),... I'ow. II. James
K.lg.ov.-. A. P. Tii....... I.. F. Mo. I,..r.
The f.illuwi.ig resolution wa.unriNimwiv
adopted. '
iWrri. That lho .l....Mr. bo in.lrurt-'
1...1 ...:.. i r,.-
no in riisi iiii'ii t iii.i i in imii. .ii'
r n '. Joseph Lam-, u tho eholeo of
Jackson f.o.nly lor D.l.-gat Ciiltfr.-si.
o....r....r m... i.. ...r.i i r
any of ll , lej-at. s. the Is i-i.liil .1
iiclil...ii,n pi tl.,.ivl,..l,..i.,t voi-sofihi, rouniy.
(),. rooiiou ..f Mr. Smiili it wh.;
i-rW.rr.'Tl.rit ,, LVi.lral Ciiiiiiit f
were apptjnted mI.I ('...n.nilteo.
On .notion of Mr. Tail .r.
llrmlml. That the. I. legates from each
precinct lo this t'nuuuti acta preclnrt
' ,rii,.
The Convention then adjourned.
I). NEWCO.MII, Prist.
L. I M(miii:ii, .. r ,
, , ! i hecre
A. J. Kim:,
I-'iioji Yiieka. lly last mail we reri-iv.
.1 two number, of lI.oVr.ka Herald, dated
illth and .'list ult., frem which wo tako the
following items:
Tho Church in this phco was dedicated
on Saturday week last. It is a iei lino
bml.liiig and neatly finished, at a c...t of
8(5,700, ai.d was coinineue.-d iuS. plenilier
lam. Tiio citizens of Yieka and vicinity
havo taken an interest in ibis matter which
rollouts great credit upon them in a com.
nionilv. The Church is nil naid fur. or . ill
n.-irt nl'lhu iM'tcn i nil I'lillt-L-tid. with tho
exception of nboui 8.'U0. To lho eueigy,
Inl.'iil nnd nbilil V of lho Rev. Mr. Stralloii,
patr.r.if this Cliiiri'h, in ich credit is duo.
Through I.N lulhieiico thu church has been
built 'Jl.'A ult.
WiUnu, who was rescur-d from tho jail
in this place, has boon re-taken by ihu Slier,
ill', mid is now in our County prison, y li
Maiivsvilli: .ink Yii:ka Ti:r.r:riiiiPii.
Thu books for subsciipiioti of Stock is
now open at Dr. Hean, 'a ollico, Miner St.,
Vreku, up stiiirs. Wo will havu mi uriiclo
on this eutorpiiiu in our next.
Wo notice n great many trains arriving
during the week, with new goods, to al
most all of our merchants.
U. S. SiiNAii:, Feb VJ.'I A resolution
riquoHliug thu President ofthu Sonatu and
tin- Speaker ol lho Hoimu to adjourn Con
giess at I- o'clock on tiio night of Satur
day, tho !id of March, was adopted. ,
Siinati:, I'eb. !(!. Gen. Jackson's sword
was presented to Congress by lho family
oftholito Gen, Aruibliong, mid was ro
ceivt.l willi appriqiriatu ueromiinieH. Gen,
Cass in ulo tho hpeech uccepliug it, which
war. eiihigistiu of tho hero of New Oi leans,
and was very interesting. A resolution re
turning thanks to thu family of Get). Arm
strong was unanimously adopted.
RVoiij i;nriM.
Woan ivili'i.i I Itii'iihtln, hvy
f, ,S Y Tn'ii'ir. dated IVlf V!7th, f.otu
w I loll mii tnke the new IIoiih!
Ti (( )(, mm Ul(() ,..,,, Jf bi,8.
n(, u,,, dV l.ilcr li. W. Fii.iu Hie seat of
r. , , ...iii.t t..
vi IIidiv H untiling new; uiu iiiormiiis m
,!" I'.enel. tamp, owing to jl"Mmwllll..8
uess of llio troops In remain Inacllm u
I,,.,,,,,, and It I, oxneeled lhat when Oeu
i(i((,ni ,,.(iiri u u'tm1,ir ()f )u,.
,. M,, brukoii out Niuuiig the Zouaves;
,iu it laelts cniillriimlioii. (inior Pacha has
r.tiime.l llio ni ino I uraisu ariuv.
'"' " ''',"" "," '"' 'mw''m . '" '
i , . ,i
I;. ..i... I i.. hum inliiiii iiljr on 111
. ,Miw l(.twoii tho Uul(ii nutt
'I'm hi ; tho latter worn victorious; but we
hum no details. , ,
Ml' npier nn u uor.
''""r"'"":" '::.;. :v: ..::
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Admit-ll... Mr J..u.e. (.rah...,.; Pub. Works.
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Great Clwiiihoil .in, Lord dbiughby U br.
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' M. Ilrady. Master ol tho Roll. Hon. I. U.
Smill"! Vllon.ey (..i.eMl, lion. A. IWuivslor.
Solicitor General, Uli..m heogh.
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1 1 loin thr hncrsia.lito Union.)
I'ri.iu CnlUo.lllll.
SandmMurder Slabbing Vhinrte Se
cret Surirli llucktu Sup o.r I'ouon
tag Xuuidc St. Patrick's Hall.
Sin Fui.iriMo. March IB.
Oilier North has relumed after uu uo
mcc-slul .ercl. i..r n..i..iew. win. was a r.
irsli-ll ior llirgil v. uu iiiunii in.ui, hiuid
uiuiouii, inurde.ed near S.iu Jose,
I A man ...imed Autoiiio Aiiitalinn was
stabbed this eveiil-.g in lho breast by a boy
"f uvilvo i.mi. i. allied York, uhoescapod.
,Tho .vouinU aru .buieious.
A Chinaman was found drowned to-dsj
'at Washington street wharf, with a number
of bricks tied to his legs. It Is supposed
that it was thu woik of tho Chinese Secret
iinniisouuicut, mid 8100 lint.
A man named L'.iign. How was picked
up in Ihw street uio'lit uud carriud to tho
Sl-.tion House, whew ho died in u fuw
. hours, ll ii supposed ho was poUonod.
, man, wiiimu uaiiie is nuppi-u ii uo
Jmiie Hutch! ui, u gii.l.'iier from Alamo
d.i, was found dead at San Mateo. Au la
quosi was held Verdict, suicide.
Twilvo hundred persons woro present at
the St. Patrick's Rail last evening.
Han Fha.m'ihco, March 10.
Sentence has not yet been loudorcd in
the casu of III ike. His counsel have ap
plied for an urrest of judgment.
St. Losky, Levy Ai Co., havo had n largo
lot of cigars seized at tho Custom House,
for mi attempt to smuggle them on tho
inail sleamor John L. Mophouu.
A 1 trgo amount of fotged State warrant,
nro said lo bo "in oh dilation,"
San FiiAM'isctt, March 10.
Further developments in thu cusool'San
deis for forgery show thai tho amounts
liu god nro between ouu mid two hundred
thousuud dollara. His dupes nro principally
Frenchmen. Thu niodo of operation by
which they havo been swindled was In tha
iepieseiiti.ll.iii of Sunders that ho could giva
mortgages on vuluublo real estalu for raon.
oy advanced.
Hamilton Dowie, lato City Trowum