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f Attinlnr Mornlug, Mar, 10, 1855,
Mr, BoTJ l'leass announce tbo name of
Subject to the decision of the Democratic
Territorial Convention,
Andobllgotho Southeun Democracy
Tho whigs and knownothings aro work
tag zealously to mako capital out of tho
set of tho Legislature proscribing tho viva
toco modo of roting. By using tho argu
ment thai tho law was enacted by a Dem
ocratic Legislature, for tho purposo of fore
big democrats to voto a particular ticket,
thoy think to crcato a disturbanco in tho
party, and induco democrats to vote their
ticket, and publicly boast that such will bo
tho case. Now wo venturo to predict that
there it not a democrat in tho Territory
that will ehango his vote on this account
Sorely thore is not one that would relin
quish tho great principles of democracy
tho only principles that bare stood unawed
and unshaken amidst tho conflicting elo
meats that bare agitated tho public mind
aver ainco we hare been an independent
govornment, for so slight a cause. Admit
that the law is not good, and that a Dem
ocratio Legislature did pass it, and then
what will democrats gain by voting tho
whig ticket I They will hare been mado
dopes and afterwards will bo laughed at
for their duplicity. But we do sincerely
believe that beneficial results will arise
from this now and independent mode of
exercising the prerogative of a freo poople,
vouchsafed to us by our republican institu
tions, and we gavo somo of tho reasons
that induced us to arriro at this conclusion
last week. Now let us try this measure at
tho next election, and If it proves defectivo
and docs not come up to the expectations
and wishes of the people, then have it re
pcalod, tho same body that enacted will re
peal it if the peoplo will it even tho man
who introduced it we are confident will ad
vocate its repeal as zealously as ho did its
enactment, if it does not prove satisfactory
and bencfieal to the people of Oregon.
Nothing should bo cried down as worthless
before it has been fairly tested. Let it bo
submitted to the peoplo on tho first Monday
in June next, lot them bo tbo jury, and let
its intrinsic worth stand or fall on their
verdict And wo are rtry far from believ
ing that any democrat who esteems and
venerates the principles which he professes,
will either stay away from the polls or
have his vote recorded for whigs and know
nothings nferely because he does not like
the manner of voting. On the contrary
tho whig gentry who aro now chuckling
over an expected victory that they think to
affect by creating disaffection in the dem
ocratic ranks, will see that all their decep
tive machinations to regain power will
provo futile that the democratio party of
Oregon with a full confidenco in, and a sin
cero attachment to, tbo well-tried principles
of Jackson and Jefferson, and of tho Con.
stitution, will march to tho ballot-box a ni
ted, and not boing actuated by any secret
motives, as aro their opponents, will declaro
their sentiments openly, publicly and fear
lessly. Wo aro sorry for somo whigs who
' honestly entertain preferences for princi
ples, but havo been wheedled into a coali
tion with the dark, designing midnight order
of political proscriptionists, tho knownoth
trigs; and wo think that instead of demo,
rats voting the whig knownothing ticket,
that when whigs become fully to under
stand tho true state of affairs, it will be visa
vena, whigs voting tbo domcratio ticket, in
stead of a mongrel one thrust upon them
by a few of the leaders, but which thoy
cannot swallow with til the greasing of
Dryor & Co., tho elements being foreign
to all whig principles whjch they have been
taught to believe.
03"Tbo beacon at the mouth of tho
tfmpqua recently blew down. As soon as
mado known here, our citizens turned out
Mr. MaeTavish having kindly furnished
them the use of tho steamer Excelsior for
' the porpose proceeded to the mouth of
tke river and re-erceUd it in the fame placw
03" Tho mail carrier left this placo on Mon
day morning without taking tho mails. Thoy
wero not quito ready when ho called and
so ho left without them. Tho post master
informs us that nocording to his instructions
he can dotain tho carrier at this placo until
Tuesday noon, if to accommodate tho pub
lio it bo required. Even if tho carrier was
justified in leaving without tho mails, ho
might havo waited 15 or 20 minutes and it
would not havo mado any difference in tho
time of his arrival at Yoncalla, as ho has
four days to mako it in a distanoo of -10
miles and wo think tho citizens of this
placo will know whoro to placo him nftor
this demonstration of his inclination to no
commodate them. Truly this fraction of
tho mail scrvico is "gone in," salts and son
na can't savo it
03" Messrs. Oppenlieimer and Poters of
this placo have just returned from a trip to
tho mines. They report "hard times," there
not having been rain enough tho past win
ter to materially assist tho miners, in con
sequence of which money is very Bcarcc,
They inform us that several morchants in
Jacksonville, who haro bought goods in
San Francisco, have ordered them to bo
shipped by way of tho Umpqua river, in
stead of Crescent City ; they find it to bo
a great deal cheaper and moro safe to havo
their goods hauled on wagons from this
place, instead of paying an enormous per
cent to packers for damaged goods from
Crescent City. Wo are glsd that thoy
aro beginning to too tho importance of this
03" March, the first spring month is at
hand, and with it rain crcry day thus far)
a God-tend to tho miner, but not so favor
able to tho farmer. Tho past has been s
a real old-fashioned Oregon winter mild
and pleasant with occasional showers, and
somo snow, which melted as fast as it fell.
All through February wo had tho most beau
tiful spring weather; warm, sunny days; the
grass sprang up, leaves put forth, and tho
bills and vales were soon clothed in per
rennisl verdure. Warm rains aro anticipa
ted during this month, and perhsps part of
next, as we wero informed that such would
be the case by a venerable siirash (Indian)
of GO summers, and he furthor said that he
"eumtuzed Mas close," (understood very
03" We notico by our exchanges that
printing paper is becoming rery scarce in
tho States many of them coming to us
on half sheoU, and somo having been dis
continued for somo weeks. They will ex
cuse us for sending them the Gazette on
wrapping paper, as our whito paper is get
ting very scarco, only having enough to
furnish our subscribers with until wo get ji
supply, which we ordered somo months
03" We see that tho democracy through
out the Territory aro preparing for tho ap
proaching canvass. The Democratic Com
mittees of tho several counties havo publish
ed notices of tho County Conventions, and
all aro up and doing. Washington county
holds her Convention March 21th; Clat
sop county, March 2 1th ; Clackamas coun
ty, April 7th; Yamhill county, March 31st,
and Douglas county, Saturday, March 31st
03" Hon. L. S, Thompson ol this place,
who has been prostrato for somo months
with the rheumatism, is now slowly recov
ering. Ho is now just nblo to walk about
03" Just as we wero going to press, Mr.
J. R. Peters, of this placo, furni.bed us
with a large bundle of Now York papors
of Jan. 20. Tho news is tho same as pub
lished in another column. Thanks, Mr. P.
03" A Democratio Territorial Conven
tion takes placo on tho 7th of May next,
in Washington Territory, for tho purposo
of nominating a candidate for Dologate to
03" In consequenco of tho failure of the
mail between San Francisco and Portland,
we will not get a States mail hero until a
week from to-day. '
03" Robert J. Metcalf, of Jackson coun
ty, has been appointed Indian Agent, in
place of Win. J, Martin, resigned.
03" Trado has been dull tho past weok.
Money is scarcely visible in our midst. Tho
shipping of Oregon produco still continues
however. Tho "Devans" takos a cargo to
San Francisco, and quantities of frebh eggs
aro being packed by Krauss & Mahard for
shipment by ttetmor, Portland Times,
Feb. 24.
Tho kuafctt Hows.
Through tit kindness of II. J. Burns,
Esq., wo hsio boon furnished with tho N.
Y. TWouncof Deo. 20, which was bro't
from Jackwnvillo by Mr. Opponhelmer.
Wo aro onmbled to lay boforo our readers
news from do Atlantic States and tturopu
several weols in ndvunca of tho mail:
The hoa'y banking house of Messrs.
Pngo At Union, St. Louis and Snn Fran
cisco, havo suspended payment. Thoy
publish a cat! in tho St Louis papers, in
which they sato that they will bo ablo to
resume payntnt again in a short time
Their liabilitm aro probably insido of n
million of dolors of which six or seven
hundred thounnd dollars aro duo dopoji
tors. Tho rod estate nlono of tho partners
is estimated to bo north n million and n
hnlf of dollar Tlicro is but littlo doubt
that tho boose will pay all its liabilities nnd
havo a lsrgo surplus. Their reported fail
ure and siMpenston created quito a sensa
tion throughout tho western Slates, and
will bo severely felt in Oregon and Califor
nia, as ficir bouso at San Francisco has
been ddng tho principal part of tho bank
ing buuness on tho 1'aciflo coast A re
port J in circulation that Adams & Co.
htvoatso failed, but wo havo nothing authentic.
I'ago As Bacon btvo mado an assignment
toiho Stato Bank of Missouri.
Failures of banks, Railroad companies
aid largo mtrcantile houses become moro
numerous, in fact thore is a complete burst
sp from ono tnd of the Uuitvd States to
tho othor.
John C. Brcckenbridgo has been confir
med as Minister to Spain, vice Soulo. Mr.
Soulo was recalled from Spain at his own
Harlan, fusionist, has bcon elected U. S.
Senator from Iowa, Geo. G. YY right has
been elected Chief Justice of the same
The clipper ship Tingqus, from Shang
hai, with a heavy cargo of silks and othor
valuables, was wrecked on tho 12th of Jan.
on tho outer shoals of Hstteras. Com
plete loss.
Tho family residence of 'John Apploton
Haven, in .the twelfth ward, New York,
was entirely destroyed by fire, on the 13th
of Jan. Three of his daughters young
ladies in years, and remarkablo for their
beauty and accomplishments, perished in
tho flames.
From Salt Lake Tho DctcrttNowt,
of Nov. O, stys that Col. Steptoe, with a
smtll force of dragoons, had made a tour
south as far ss Fillmoro City, accompany
ing Judgo Kiocey, who held a term of tho
U. S. Court at Nopbl City.
Nothing of importance bad occurred be
fore Sovastojn since previous advices.
PnosrECTs or Peace. There are nego-
tiations on foct which may, possibly, result
in a treaty of fence. On tho 28th Dec,
the English, French, and Austrian Pleni
potentiaries met at Vionna, and drew up
and signed an' interpretation of the four
points, as a bails on which their govern
ments wero wiling treat Tho Austrian
Minister took tlom to Princo Gorchakoff,
Russian Plontpitontiary, and asked him if
he was prepared to accept them without
reserve or modification. Gorchakoff said
that his inttrucfons did not go so far; his
orders wero oiiy to negotiate respecting
tho four points ; ho requested two weeks'
delay, to obtain furthor Instruction from St
Petersburg, which was granted
It is said tbsUbo tortus proposed to Rus
sia are neither hard nor humiliating. They
do not require the reduction of the Black
Sea fleet, or the razing of Sevastopol.
There is no cessation of hostilities on ac
count of the negotiations.
The Siege, Tho Russians continue to
mako sorties against tho linos of tho Allies,
almost every night, but, after a warm con-
test, aro rcpulted, generally at tho point of
tho bayonet The contending armies are both
strongly fortified, nnd neither can, as yet,
gain any important advantage over tho oth
cr. For somo timo past, tho Allies havo
boon acting more on tho defensive than of
fensive. And having long lines of works
to keep in repair and defond,thoy evidently
still need largo reinforcements tq havo any
assurance of quickly reducing, or gaining
possession of 'Sevastopol.
Dec. 25. Gen Canrobcrt writes : " Wo
shall soon bo nblo to take the offensive.
Wo mako good of our losses moro prompt
ly and moro solidly than tho enemy can.
We aro full of confidence."
The Allies woro to open fire on tho
25th. Their plan was to keep up a brisk
flro for -18 hours, ami then mako n vigorous
assault with all their forces, Tho Sultan
had ordorod Omor Pnska to go to tho Cri
mea immediately, to concert measures with
tho Allied Generals.
Dun. !(V Mi.inclilliofl ttdeurmihs that.
between tho 20lh and 2tUh, nothing rouniik
nblo had oomirrcd, with tho exception of
two em tins on tho 21st. in one of II olll-
cers nud 33 soldiers wero taken prisoner,
and a oonsjdorabl nuinhur Killed.
In consequenco of bud weather, tho
siego operations progress but slowly. Ac
coidlng to telegraphic despatch from both
armies, they woro preparing for tho assault
on tbo south side of Sevastopol.
Deo. 28. Considerable Russian reinforce
muni arrived nt Odessa. Admiral Dun
lins and llnmeliii wi'ie nt Constantinople,
on tlioir way homo. Admirals Lyons ana
Bruct aro, at present, in command of tho
fleets. Lord Cardigan lias loft for Eng
land. Gen. Sir Do Lacy Evans has re
signed in disgust.
Constantinople now says that siege
works havo advanced so far that direct com
munications woro prevented between thu
grarriiton of Sevastopol and thu Uusd.iu
forces near llalakl.iva, to whom provisions
could only sent by roundabout pailM along
tho coast. Although the works of attack
wero in n very forward state, tho corres
pondent of tho i'rrwe beliuvun that nothing
serious can bo attempted against Sevasto
pol before thu 15th of January.
Tin: Italian Thimitv. It is foncrnllv
stated that the treaty is actunlly signed be
tween rrancu and Austria; tt is stated that
Franco guarantees to Austria tho posses
sion of her Italian Piovinces. Tho Lon
don Times, howevor, disbelieves the exist,
coco of any such treaty.
Tin: Gkuman Relations. Austria has
called UKin Prussia to placo her army on a
war-footitiL'. but the Prussian soml-olIleUl
journals tay that Prussia will not assent to
EtiANcc. Subscriptions to tho new
Loan wero opened on tho 2d of January,
and good huiinojs done. Considerable
sums camo from England.
The Baltic fleet is ordered to ro-asiem-ble
at Brest and Cherbourg,
Basinets was very activo during Christ-
mat week, in Paris.
Accounts from tho Industrial Districts
woro most satisfactory. There were im
mense demands for tpaco in tho Crystal
Palaco, and a now gallery was ordered to
tho buildings. '
Tho Emperor Napoleon and Empress
notify that they will not accept auy pres
ents from the French Exhibition.
Great BmrAix The returns of tho
Board of Trade, for tho month ending De
cember 5th, show a decrease in exports
amounting to nearly two million sterling.
Messrs. Moiowood As Rogers, iron mor
chants, of London, have failed for upwards
180,000. Their assets are said to bo
Tho London Timrs has created consid
erable excitemont in England by advnea
ting, in the boldost terms, tho immediate
removal of Lord Rsglsn from his command
fn the Last, on tbo ground of incompolcn
Wak Department,
Washington, January 2. 1655.
Sir: Tho President has referred to this
Department your letter, with enclosures, of
tho 25 ih September, last, with regard to
tho late massacre of emigrants, by the
Snako Indians your call for volunteers,
In reply, I havo tho honor to inform you
that it it the purposo of tho Department to
send a force aguinst these Indians in thu
Spring. This force will probably consist
el eight companies, (two of Dragoons, ono
of Artillery and four of Infantry,) drawn
from tho posts in Oregon, Washington and
California. The companies will, if possi
ble, be filled to the maximum organization
of 81 per company, and it is believed, from
tho success which attends the recruiting
service at tho present time, that it may be
done, and tbo recruits embarked for tlioir
domination, via (he Isthmus, in the month of
March, reaching Oregon as early at thu
season will permit tho expedition to bo
Tho force is believed to bo sufficient both
for thu protection of tho emigrants, unci for
tho punishment of tho perpetrators of tho
lato outrages and is all which tho vory
limited strength of tho army and tho de
mands for troops in other sections of tho
country, will allow for service in Oregon-
I nvail mysolf of tho occasion to remark,
that on tho 13(h November, Gou. Lano
brought this subject to tho notice of tho
Department, and usked what rnoasurcs
would bo takon, suited to tho oxigency of
the occasion, what amount of forco would
bo furnished, &c. In tho reply to him, on
tho 27th November, informinir of thu forcu
that would bo employed, it was stated that
the sixth Regiment of Infantry would form
a part of it. SJnco that date, circumstan
ces havo transpired which will require that
a similar expedition should bo sent against
tho Sioux Indians ; tho sixth Infantry had,
consequently, to bo relieved from tho order
for Oregon, and has ben designated for thu
duty. Very respectfully,
Your ob't servant,
Soorotary of War.
His Ex'cy, Geo. L. Cuury, Govornor
of Oregon, Salem, Oregon.
in' .'."J. J-IStHf
Uront Mpuovli of MatiRtor DeuglM.
Tho following truly eloquont extraora
wo take from Senator Douglas' great speech
at Chicago, rccontly, lit defence of tho Ne
braska Bill:
In conclusion, my friedi, penult me tn
tny that there Is nothing In tho result of Ibt
ricout elections which should dampen our 4
nrdor or Induco ut to reltx our energies 'U, n
la blent, from the tho returns In all the "
Status whero elections havo been recently
held, that they aro the result of a coalition
between Incongruous and Irreconcilable ol
emails which cannot long he held togoth
ur in harmonious notion. Chocri.l
It is an invariable law of political action
Hint coalitions, when ouco miccesful, can
not hold together in thu next succeeding
campaign. lloslilu factions, like alllid
nnnl's, may net In concert in tho face of a
common foe, hut they full to pieces ore
the rerpnu!hll!lcs and spoils of victory.
'1 bus It vill ho In Potinsylvaiil, Ohio,
Indiana, and wherever ulsuthu nlllod forces
of abolitionism, wblgisin, and know-notb-ingWui
have by stralcgcm obtained a par
tial lctory over tho democratio party. -Tliey
must now act nfllrtuntively, and by
their united votes ludeuui all the pledget
that each faction has mnde, or thu cotlltlott
will bo Instantly dissolved. Will thoy ven
ture, in ortler to retain the support of the
HholltlonUts, In repeal tlin fugitive slave law,
or abolUh slavery in tho District of Colum
bia, and to prohibit thu slave trade botwtta
thu Slates f or, in order to retain the co
operation of tho ktiuw-nothhig cabal, will
thoy abolish the naturalization liwt, and
proscribe a large portion of the Awtriotd
'oplu becituso of their religious faith or
their place of birth I Noverl Thty darw
Hence, my friends, let us be of goo4
cheer. All is well. Though the bttveaa
are partially overcast, tho clouds are past
ing away, Cheers. Let us stand Ants
by our principles; thoy art the prineplttof
tho Constitution of the Union of that
groat democratio party, which bat so long
controlled the destinies of the i)atioo,whio
has conducted us to a position of greatness
and power that challenges the adralrttioa
of every enlightened people, and whltk
cannot bo abandoned without destroying
the last hope of the enslaved and down
trodden masses throughout the world.
Applause. Lot thoro be no coMraokltta
with the enemy, for thoy aro the emtmlttt
of tho country no concossiont to die pes
nicious tnd hateful isms of tho day. As
nlausr.J I,el us unfurl our banner to the
battlo and breeze, havilng inscribed upon Ita
ample folds "the constitution and the Ua
ion ; Stato rights and tho right of the people
to self-government ; icrfeat religious toler
ation, and no proscription of American elti
izetis, wherever bom." Cheer and ap
plause. Let It float proudly amidst the
raging storms, for thoy wilt be as brief at
furious. They may boat against the rook
of democracy on which that ensign It plat
tnd, but it will not be mored. Long after
the agitated waters have subsided Tt wlfl
stnnd out in itt Invincibility, and no mm
notd futr for the ship of Sttte while It U
tnchnrtil to Itt everlasting base, LM
aud long-continued cheering.
A.N ACT to tale thesemeof t he people rtf
uiiiv; to the formation of a Slate Vostitulum,-
Hue, I. He it rnuctrd by the Legislatim
Assembly of the Tcritoryof Oregon, That
lor thu purnoso of taking the tense of th
people of tho Territory, upon the formttioa
of a Stato Governiuent,apoll thsll be opes
ed at tho general election, to bo hold on lb
first Monday of June next, for and tgalatt
a convention.
:;. 2 That it thsll be the doty of Jod
gct and rlerks of elections, at etcb aud
every precinct wiibtu tho Territory, to pre
pare separate columns, In which shall bo
entered iho votes, for and against a consti
tution; and it shall bo the duty of tho judg
es of tho sovural precincts within the Terri
tory, to ask each and every voter that may
ofli-r his vot-', tho question, "Are you for a
constitution or ng.iinst a constitution I" and
according to their duiiro thu voto shall b
recorded by tho clerks of thttr rttpMtlr
Si:o. 3. Tho voto for nnd against a coo
stitution shall bo taken, certified and oan
vassnl in tho same manner and under Ilka
regulations us by law Is providod for th
voto for mombors of tho Territorial Legla
turo. Sec. 4. That within twonty days aftet
tho vote shnl bo canvassed in manner afore
said, it shall bo tho duty of tho Secretary
of tho Territory to mako out an abstractor
thu voto from tho sovora! counties fnr and
against a convention, together with a cer
tilioato of tho final result of the whole vote,
nud cause tho same to ho published in the
several nowupaQura of this Territory, and if.
by such abstract and corliflcnto published
us aforesaid, it shrill nnnnr thnt inniiirft
of ull tho votes cast aro for a convention,
then in that oasu an election shall bo hold
in tho several counties in tho Territory, on
tho first Monday of September following,
for tho clootiun of delegates to form a con
stitution and Stato Government.
Sua 5, Each county shall bo entitled to
elect twice na muny delegatos to snob con.
vontion as such county has reprosontatlvra
in tho House of Representatives of tb
Legislative Assembly,
Sec, 0, That tho' eloction of delegate
to the convention shall bo conduoted and-
hold, canvassed aud cortlfled In the