The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, January 27, 1855, Image 2

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    Ijc ilttcdil incite.
omen i.v iiiXDiiinntH iiuiliiimss, nkxt
noon wkst net .tsuuihi utivsi:.
Henry Hale, cii. Is our nutlioriictt
SRtnt to receive subscriptions ntul advertising In
.Sim Francisco. Ho will ha found at his oflicc,
9C llsltory street, corner Clay.
Keep It before the People.
As previously predicted by nil who aro
acquainted with tlio parts between this
placo and San Francisco, nil nro now do
prircd of nny communication with tho
' northern mines. Hut whiles this is tho case
whilo neither Crescent City nor Shasta
can show that they havo even n practica
ble routo to build a road upon to those
mining districts, wo would call tho atten
tion of our readers, and especially tho res
idents of Vrekn and Jacksonville, to the
fact that tho road to Scottsburg is still
open that with tho exception of a few
days during tho snow storm of '52 and '53,
thcro has during tho past four years, been
no combination of circumstances render
ing tho road henco to tho mining country
impassable. Whilo our road to tho interior
and to tho mines is constructed almost en-
tirely through a valley, roads from tho
ports on tho coast below this placo will
havo to bo built (as shown by recent eur
veys) over "sharp and lofty peaks" of
mountains, "rising from four to seven thou
sand feet abovo tho level of tho sea," and
over a country that never can be inhabited.
This being tho case, wo would proposo
that tho south mako common causo with
us in bringing before Congress our claims
for n mall routo between this placo and
San Francisco. Government will not over
look tho interests nor turn a deaf ear to the
petitions of so largo a population, to grat
ify tho whims of that leviathan monopoly
tho I. M. S. S. Co., who will uso every
means that can bo brought into requisition
to prevent any alteration in tho present
service. Were wo to unite in this demand
our mutual interests being so important,
thcro is no doubt but that a contract would
bo entered into with somo other company.
who would bo willing to perform tho slip
ulations of their agreement as well as filling
their oh n pockets: tho latter consideration
being paramouut with the present contrac
tractors. Our mails would arrive more- rcg
ularly at least wo should not bo subjected
to tho inconvenienco of awaiting tho arri.
val of intelligence for seven or eight weeks
beyond their duo dates ; nnd tho Umpqun
Iliver would then show itself to bo what it
eventually must become, the nucleus and
seaport for all tho interior of Southern Or
egon, liy referenco to an extract from
Mr. Gibbs' letter, which wo publish in an.
other column, it will bo seen that tho enter
prising merchants of Jacksonville aro al
ready turning their attention towards this
place. They find that they cannot afford
to pay from 12 to 15 cents for damaged
goods (by way of Crescent City) when by
transporting them through this placo they
can have them delivered in good order at
greatly reduced rates.
And again, not only'is this trado of great
imporlanco to tho businessmen, but tho fur.
mers would reap incalculable benefits from
tho successful operation of tlii3 trade-; thoy
would then find a market for their surplus
produce, with which they aro so bountiful
ly supplied. Tho prospects of Scottsburg
are truly Haltering, and wo know of no
placo that will better repay the investment
of largo capital in all kinds of trado than
this. Our merchants aro enterprising busi
ness men ; but it is impossible for such a
limited number to Eupply tho increasing
demand for articles for our homo nnd mi.
ning trado ; thoroforo wo want a faw more
of tho samo character.
Woitst: aj.' Wonsi:. It is now more
than two mouths tinco wo havo hnd n
States' or California mail ; nnd last Satur
day tho mall again failed toarrivo from tho
Willnmolto. Tho nous by that mnll is, wo
learn highly important to ctiry person in
Scottsburg, for it is said that it brought the
intclligenco of tho wreck of the stcamor
Southerner, between tho Columbia liver
nnd Puget's Sound, upon which vessl it is
supposed were largo amounts of goods for
merchants in this placo ; and it was of thu
utmost impottanco that they should receivo
tl.Is intclligenco nt tho earliest possible mo
ment. Tho, cntiso of this detniuuro remains
yet unexplained, but if caused by design
negligenco or inellicicncy in tho mail service,
tho parties privy to such nil outrageous
transaction should receive tho censure and
maledictions of nn injured nnd indignant
people, without n murmur, complimenting
themselves if thoy get oil' this easy. Thcro
is ii statutory provision which protides n
romedy for such conduct, when an evident
design is proven against tho malefactors.
Wo hopo that a reasonable excuse may be
given, but wo are at a loss to see how it
can bo done.
Tho petition which wo publish to-day
wo aro confident speaks the sentiments ot
every person in tho Umpqua valley, all who
havo seen it havo signed it Nothing but
lacts aro sot forth earnestly, yot respectfully.
OCT Tho following in an extract from n
letter received from tho Hon. A. C. Gibbs,
dated Jacksonville, 10th Jan., 1S55:
"Tho merchants hero aro generally
"down on" Crescent City, and will ship all
their goods to Gardiner next spring. They
say they will contract fur their freight from
San Francisco, if to bo done nt reasonable
rates. At all events they will send their
goods by tho Unipqur. in tho spring; nnd
wo must mako it so easy for them as to
keep tho trade, wcich can bo done.
I think plenty of teams can bo got to
haul at low rates. I heard of n largo num
ber wishing to go on tho road, both in this
county and in Douglas. Tho farmer must
do something ; aad tho days of big prices
aro passing away."
Great excitement In tscoltsuurg .' .'
Arriral of the Willamette mail. -Yo Sides'
mail nor no jumped of any.
Trema&dsous sensation!!!
Just as we were going to press the null carrier
arrived from Yonsilla, bringing lato news from
the Willaractto nlley, only.
Tlio peoplo of this place anil vicinity,
who have been kept In "bllsftil Ignorance" of
the doings of tho "rest of nvvnklnd"' lor the Itst
three moath, were thrown Into a state ef the
most Intense excitement by this unexpected arri
val. The carrier was met before entering town
by large crowds of anxloui persons of every
grade; and the streets were so Modal up with
spectators and seekers after news, that It ras al
most Impossible for .Mr.Mosrmaato get the malls
to their place of destination. J)y the timely in
terposition of the City Marshal and some few
others, order was at last restored, and the anx
ious crowd '-fell back" In good order, and waited
patiently the opening of the mall.
We tike the following items of news from the
papers received:
The steamer Southerner, supposed (0
havo freight for this place, in trying to en
ter tho Columbia river on tho 10th inst.
struck on tho bar, putting again to sea tho
attempted to reach Puget's Sound; but the
leak gaining on them so fast they wero
forced to beach her on Capo Flattery. It
is supposed that her freight w ill all bu saved.
Sho Led two States' mails on board.
Tho Statesman (Oregon) says "tint mall
for tho sv hole country south is lying in tho
Corricpoudcneo of (lie Wet My (liuettc.
Mu. Km run : Permit utio of your Btib
scnbeis, who is "in pursuit ut knowledge
under difficulties," to inquire, thioiigh tlio
columns of vour miner, tvhoro Civtcent
City now Is t During tho last summer, cor.
tain articles", purpoitiug to havo been writ
tun for tho Crescent t'ity Herald, omul
their way into tho Cnliforim papers. Tlio
description of tlio town and ueijihboring
country was very glowing. Tho hnrlwr
was securo from all winds, nnd always no
cossablo; tho mountains mero molehills,
whence perpetual summer drovo nil www,
nml over which n net-work of turnpikonml
railroad wus soon to colmect this modern
Tyio with tho pioductivo valleys nml rich
mines of tho interior. Were wo to credit
thu florid imaginings of tho aforesaid llcr
aid, thu conclusion must force Itself upon
us that its birth place is some where near
tho portals of "Opliir," nnd on tho direct ami
nearest lino of mil for tho " Garden of tho
Ilesporides." Only think, Mr. I'ditor, how
much thu writer ol the essay in question
must havo enjoyed over thu dream of living
in a country that ma u havo been trodden by
tho agent of Solomon when in pursuit of
guhi; nuil tlien, again, tlio vision ut (lie
gardens with their golden fruit. The bare
contemplation must havo been "too beau
tiful to last." It is with dilliculty wo can
realise that, after indulging in such n flight,
ho can bo t-afely back to tho "dull realities
of lifc." If ho has accomplished tho per
iiout descent, what description of parachutes
can ho havo used to prevent being dashed
into ten thousand "smithereens." So Se
vern a disappointment was n hard substance
to come in collision with. His
stead of being filled with golden fruit, oc
cupied by rocks not of n "convortablo"
description, but of tho mlainauliiio charac
ter of the coast range. 'I1e harbor f steam,
ers could not bo prevailed upon to enter;
winter erected a barricade of snow, ten
dering tho mountains impassable; nml tho
Columbia and I'ttqiqua rivers and Hum
boldt liny continued to lo entered when
vessel I tried to gain those porK In its
Imagined prosperity Crescent City ignored,
nlmost, tho existence of those places, niid
appeared, especially, to consider this L'mp-
qua nver as ocing "no whar. Hut svu
would now remind tho gentlemen of that
region, that our wagon road h not like
theirs a mero speculation, but a "fixed
fact ;" and onu that, next spring, will bo
brought into conplitiuii with thu rugged
pack trail from Crescent City. And nstho
editoi of tho Herald was onco so uncourt
cous towards us, wo may now tako leavo
of him by calling hit attention to tho old
"saw," " a livo jncknss b.-ing always better
than a dead lion." If tho lion bo really
dend, we should regret to ray anything but
what is good of him, nnd if it bo tho goose
of fabulom memory that hath descended
through thu over anxiety of her proprietors
to possess themselves, too hastily, of her
hidden wealth, wo should bo sorry to hear
rcllection upon tier character ; but, in tlio
meanwhile, until wo henr further, where
nnd Oh, whero has Crescent City gone I
Yours, Scorrsni'itu.
You are ulo acquainted with tho ollom
urndo by other pintles lo convoy tho mails
between Han Francisco and the various way
purt-i on thu comt, now neglected by tho
present contractors.
These oilers wi'ioHulinltled to Congress,
who doomed it inexpedient to increase tho
expenses of tho Not litem mall service, nnd
therefore, wo havo now to depend, for -intelligence,
solely upon tho oveilaud routo
to Portland.
I'ndor such rircustnucos, wo most re
spectfully urge upon you nu enquiry into
tlio condition of tho sorvhio between tint
plnro and Corsallk During tho present
mouth, tho carrier between this place and
Yoncall.i has made two failures; the excuse
for said failure ii being that tho road Is lm
This excuse, tho undersigned nro ready
to prove, U without foundation; tho previ
ous contractor on this routo having deliv
ered tho mails every weik, except one, lor
tho last two years, ami thcro am two roads Ulitutlon of douiestlo slavery, yet in our
passing through tho points nt which tho opinion tho laws of nature, climate, soil,
mail has to bu loft, nnd one of these roads I production, Immigration, Interest, nml tho
is always practicable. conviction nnd will of n Urgo majority of
Wo would, theiefore,resieelfullvuggest tint people of this Tortltnry, nnd of nil tho
that t.'io present contractors bo called upon, i other organized territories ot tlio Union,
of country, or of thulr capacity fir self
government, hi emigrating from tho Stilus
to this const, nml are, therefore, as onpablo
of, mid vastly iiioru interested In, choosing
thu laws nml Institutions which they uood
nml will hnvo for their government, than
nro tho people of thu States,
tth. Resolved, That tho puoplo of tho
Territories "ask for nothing that Is not
oleaily right, nnd they submit to nothing
wrong;" that wo claim for ourselves what
wo freely concede to our brethren in thu
State, tho light to decide for ourselves
what wo will adopt, and what wo will not
adopt, In tho government of our locnl af
fairs; nnd, though organized under tho
Wilniot Proviso, wo look upon that portion
of our organic net an superceded nml null
nml void liy tho Inter provisions of tho No.
brnskn Kansas bill.
:th. Resolved, That notwithstanding tho
perfect constitutional tight of the- peopUof
tlio lertitorics to establish or adopt tlio in-
liy you, to fulfill tho terms ol their ngn o
uient; nnd if their remuneration be itnuuf
llcient to enable thrui to employ belter an
imals than those now used, that you would
nro ngalnst such an establishment, nml will
conspire to piuveut its adoption; nnd thst
thereforo tho repeal of what has been cal
led thu "Missouri Compromlso" will ulti-
bo pleased, either to increase tho pay of the mutely prove a boon to thu cnusu of free-
pteseul incumbents, or trausler thu service ilout.
into thu hands of somo other person, so (lib. Resolved, That, entertaining tho
that, in cither case, tho people of this 'foregoing views, litis Assiinbly litis no gym
neighborhood may havo somo guarrnutoj pnthy for, or confidence in. thomnny-hesd-that
thismriim of a btnuch of the public ed fanaticism of iho north nnd cast, but
service, in which wo nro so deeply interes- rather look upon it as
A monster of tucli hideous mien,
tvd,wilhtot henceforward bo so cruelly ueg
lecteil. Kespectrully,
J. W. Um:w, A. C. Glints,
Mcrrilt.Oppcuhimcr oV Co., 12. It, l-'iike,
Correspinduao of the Wctkljr Gazette.
Umtqua Citv, Jan. 15, '55.
Mi:. KniTote: This tvo tho City of
UmiKtua wns enlivened by tho arrival of
tho steamer "hxceUtor. hhe having been
absent for several weeks fears wero enter
taiiu-d for her safely. Sho reported tho
" ashmgton" at tho head of navigation,
undergoing repairs. The arrival of thu
' Kxctltior" wns very opportune, as sev
eral Iudiatu was waiting for n "tow" to
Scottsburg. Tho United States .Mail Steam
ship pniscd up tho coast, somo four weeks
since ; thereforo you may expect news from
the stales, via ban iranctsco, in advance
of the Salt Lako rout').
I would suggest a chango in. tho mail
service. A contract could bo perfected, I
havo no doubt, up tho coast Irom San
Francisco to this place, to bu taken by tho
different tribes of Indians along tho const,
letting each baud become accountable for
tho expeditious pcrfermr.nco of their several
contracts. Tho Untjiquns taking, tho con.
tract ns f.r ns Coos, (he Coos band r.s far
us Roguu Uivtr, tho Koguu Rivers ns far
. . . . . . --d a --..-. ..
post ollico at this place, not having been jKlimalh, tho Kbtmuths ns far ns lo the
called for by tho contractor. There' Diggers, tho Diggers to thu end of the con.
To ConnnspoNDi:.NTs. Writers, who
wish their communications published in our
paper, will plcaso understand from this,
our last notick, that no communication
will bcpullished unless accompanied icith
the author's real name. Thoy can adopt
any fictitious signaturo thoy wish for their
productions, but wo want their real names
for o'ur especial benefit; and wo can assure
them that their names will novcr bo betray any person unless with their consent.
Wo hnvo received several communications
of lato which wo would Iiko to publish,
wero it not for breaking 6110 of the funda.
mental rules of tho 'craft.' Plea6o take no
JJctvihis tiiu?um act accordingly.
was no difficulty in getting over tho route."
A young man by tho namo of M'Crnkon,
who has been nbout Salem for cbout one
year, has been appointed Marshal of this
Legislativi:. Mr. Ladd has introduced
a bill to provido for tho peoplo of Umpqun
County to locato their county scat nt tho
i next' Juno election.
A bill has passed tho IIousg locating tho
seat of government at Corvallis.
Tho President's messago has conio to
hand, it is quite lengthy, but wo shall prob
nbly publish it next week
At latebt dates Congress had dono noth
ing moro than to temporarily organize.
Senator Atcheson has resigned tho Pre.
idoncy of tho Senate, and it was thought
that Mr. Bright would bo elected
A tcrriblo battlo was fought on the 5th
Nov. between tho allies and tho Russians.
10,000 men were lost.
And then, ihould somo "near nnd dear
relative" dio in tho linst, wo miflil hear of
it in this world, whereas under tho present
firrnngcmeiit it is very uncurtain. Tho
four last copies of tho Gazette camo to hand
last evening. In hast, i
P. S. Sinco wri(ing tho nbove, 1 learn
by tho Gazette, that tho Cayusc and tnulo
stock in tho mail Eervico is now stall. fed ;
also, thnt tho Oregon Legislature- is in ses
sion nt Salem. M,
ScoTTsiirwi, O. T.; Jan. i5, ISii-l.
To Hon. J. C. Avi:nv, Si'ixi.s. Postal
Aon.vr, oca, &c, Cokvamis, O. T.
Slit: TJio undersigned, residents of
Scottsburg and vicinity, believing that it is
within tho jurisdiction of your ollico to
tifibril us partial relief from our proseiin dls.
abilities, beg to cnll your attention to tho
present condition of tho mail communica
tion with this place.
You nro nwnro that tho Department, in
fluenced by tho iiitorosted misrepresenta.
tious of somo of tho members of iho Pacific
Mail Co.'k "staff," nbkolved (ho said corpo
ration from thfir contract lo deliver the
mall matter nt tho mouth of this river
Itrown, Drum oV
I). MnctnviKh,
Alexander Whippy,
C. V.. Woodman,
I.. I,; Williams,
('. P. Hunker,
G. I). R. Itoyil,
I,. L. llrudhitr),
Thomas Wright,
Robert Trevett,
John Nicholson,
Jos. V Clark,
John A. Frver
Gard ('hidii,
I). M. Thompson, -1.
II. Cowles,
M. F. Ilolbtouk,
Alex. Illakely,
Itenj. I!r:tttaiii,
Cyrus Hidden,
A. II. hungdou,
J. R. Peters,
R. II. Lord,
II. G. Itrown,
I). W. .Steams.
Jnmes Pruin,
John I .nig,
Job llntlleld
!:. P. Drew,
M. W. Gibbs,
J. R. Rodney,
Wm. Ilarr,
A. P. Sterns,
R. F. .Maury,
P. Slrnrus,
Jntiici Luvens,
Daniel Cook,
J. A. Grubli,
W. Johnson,
Henry Cnsey,
Peter Johnson,
J. Peel,
1 lint tu tie halod nerds lul to b teeu."
7lh. Resolved, That tho Into net of (hu
President of tho United Stales, In vetoing
Iho River nml Hnrbor Hill, is jiru-umlnnutly
worthy tho Chief Kxecotivu of this nation,
and justly merits tho npprobnliou of this
legislative Assembly, and of thu country,
fctli. IUjoIiciI, That tho River nnd Hsr.
bur bill, referred lo in the foregoing resolu
tion, was, nml would havo been hnd it beeu
npproved by (ho President exceedingly ob.
J noxious to thu country because it con
' Mined nmongst other obiectiouablo items,
tint following, lo wit: " Inr completing th
.cusloni-hniiient San Francisco, SIOH.SSfl'
'for tho construction of nu npprnlscrs store,
,011 n portion of thu ciittom-hotiku tqttaro, nt,
San Francisco, 8100,000; fur unvoting tho
public lauds and private land claims in Col.
ifornia, JjaOO.OOO; for running tho north
I western lino between thu I 'tilted States nnd
nml Great Hrilnin, from Lakuofthu Woods
to thu Pacific Ocean, nnd marking thu for
tieth p.irallel,$:it'J,lbO; for continuing tit
work supplying tho cities of Washington
Dvinoei-utlc Itesoludoii. and ticruiantown with water 9500,000;
Adored by the UgUUilite. Asumbly of rr completing the bridgo over thu Potomac,
Oregon Ttrritory, Jan., 1855. .near thu Liltlo Falls, 07-1,000; for altering
Witimts, tinco tho close of tho hit titlTU' ?fW. n
session of :ho Legislative Assembly of '"J " "K0'0. at""t, "'uV1'1
this Territory, a bill has psssed iho Con-' f",, S-mm0 ' ' 'Sl,u "f t-'nlifornin.for
gress of tho" United States, received tho J'0, "W""'. of H'. Bovernmont of . rid
signature of tho President, and become f';11'"'. f'T WM",'on to ')
n law or tho land, organizing tho Tcrri. ' 'l"0 ,l,,1 Lmo"' ," i'.l"ln of UiU
totiesof Nebraska nnd Kansas, which Assembly, strA appropriations ought not to
has caused much excitement in the pub. I,,l,v" Ih'i niilwliwl In a bill of this ch.r.
lie mind, nnd which contains, in the opiu- ,.,"lcr' ""'' llml IUC WI"ations artf
ion of this General, not only ,,row,n in b" corrupt sj.leiu of log.rol -ntitnl
principle of republicanism, bu't '" ''"misu thoy cannot stand on their .
one which is ol tho lint Importnnco tu ' 0W1,,,.i"U'IJ i i .11 . ,i . .. ,
thu people of tho Territories nnd uf m,, 'lrt "' " 1' for
Iho whole Union, ns lending to re.t.ovo , l!, S"'nwiit .of Congress In granting
from tho Halls of Congress purely local IWl--ttor for harbors nml rivers, or for
nnd domestic questions, tho discussion " 'or i'"P', N to mako separate
of which in that arena tends only lo ll.u "'" ,for cncl1 "Woprlniion. And that un
excitement, agitation, and disorganization ' "''' course t adopted, neither iho indi
of the country-"alienating onu portion , (ln ""''" of Congress nor tho Prost
of Ibis iKtopb.' from another," and threa- 'loMt of t,m V""Ci1 ?,toU? ?"" ,I,,V0, a P'0'"
tening thu slabilily or tho Union : r opportunity of discriminating between
Am. Wm:i.i:.ts, notwithstanding tlio fact I lh" B",1d n.,d bai1' "I'1 t,u for;uo.r em'
that tho act which organized tho eountry ",l " lo,t 'i? "l associal.on with
which wo now represent embraced what " "" ' ?fy ndopled.w.t
is fau.lliatly known as Iho "Wilu.ot Pro-11"1' oo'icelro it our tluty to sustain nil
viso," Iho members of (his I.eglslalivo ! ''"fiWaH'o nml l.xecutivo ofllcors, who In
Assembly, as freemen, representing tho terposo their votes or vetoes to prosorvo
people of a free Territory, deem It pie. J ,y constitution nml national treasury Tron)
eminently lit nnd proper'lhat wo should , l ! fcc' ml ru,.l,lM:' ,,!""U of tholatltu
express .ur contlctions wishes and do- "",r,a" cotruclin and grasping exclu.
terminations: bU'c of any nnd every portion of Iho couu.
Ani. Wiikmba., sinco tho adjournment oft .. ......... ...., ,, ,. ..
Kin. jiioijitiM, i nut iiiu yiriu imuuiiai
nml wothJ.widu Imporlniico of a rnilrosd,
from tho valley or tho Mississippi to tho
Paciliic coast, demands that thu Kxucutivo
nnd Congress or thu United Status should
slions wltleli rtllecl, lor weal or woe, T,.," ,.;", WV .7i .i ,
peoph, whom wo leprcscnt, and tho "10 "l" ,0 constitutional means w.thh, thulr
Ion tit largo : thpreforii. I l")Wer' 'V BCc;iro ,,,u ln,i !lmp' of said road
tho last General Assembly of this Ter
ritory, other measures of great public
concernment hnvo either been enacted,
proposed, or ngilntoil measures and
questions which affect, for weal or woe,
nation ut largo
Ut. Ranked, That this Legislative As
Ecmbly highly npprovo of tho lato act of
Congress organising tho 1 crritones or.Ne
braska mid Kansas; that wo hail its sever
al provisions as straight-forward nnd manly
ns soundly republican, and as an advnnco
step towards a full, oomnlctu and aatisfac
tory return to first principles and to con
stitutional law,
lid. Resulted, Thnt wo greet with cspo EiitUfitutir.ii thnt fenturo in tho bill
ubovo referred to, which interdicts tho in
terference of Congress in thu domestic af
fairs of (ho States, nnd w libit oitablishcs
its inability to legislate slavery into or out
of tho organized Territories of tho nation,
but which leaves this I'Koi'i.i: of tho Terri.
tories freo lo choose nnd to coiittol their
own domestic inHltiiliuns.
ad Resolved, That, in tho judgment of
this General Assembly, tho psoplo of this,
or any other Territory of this nation,
would stultify themselves if tho woro not
to ucqtiiohuo in tho doctrino of, "squatter
sovereignty," and that, proclaiming tho
sumo judgment, lha present inhabitants ol
thio Territory, havu lost nono of their lovo
at ns early a day us practicable.
11th. Rcsvleed, Thut this Legislative)
Assumbly hnvo learned, with astonishment
and regret, of tho existence of n secret or
ganization, in tho midst of tho peoplo of
this Territory, composed of men styling
themselves, or generally styled, "knownoth
uigs," whoso professed object, through tho
lorco of their oovort organization, and tho
power and effect of thuir secret maohitm.
lions, to overthrow ouu of thu religious soots
of tho country, and to curtail thu privileges,
proscribe nml porsccuto thundnplodornnts
uralizetl citizens of tho Territory and of tho,
15th. Ranked, That wo look upon such,
an organization, as abovo alluded to, as not
only tending to subvert tho laws nml poli
cy of tho government under which wo linv
grown to bo u great, powerful, wealthy nnd
prosperous nation, but as Impolitic ' and
dangorous in tho extreme ami that unless
timely checked, by " tho sober socond
thought of Iho peoplo," will load to ansr
city, to civil war, tho overthrow or the gov,
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