The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, June 16, 1854, Image 2

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SCOnSIIUKG, l'MDAY, Jl'NK 10, 1831.
Geo. T., Ym.. Cooe liny.
Hunsi .1 Woop, niul MtiJ. n. 11.11 it i., R nuiloU'li
Ool. Y. CinrxuN, Klklon.
Juts AiTi.tocrr, Y. i.. Yoncalla.
II. I'inkutov. Orccn Valley.
C. S. Dar.w, lq.. Jfickr-nmlllc.
. l'tnoK, liq.. Winchester.
(feJT Wo aro indebted to Mr. Uonr.iiT
Sitoivrr.s, the gentleman who has started
an Express between I'ort Orford and Scolts
burg, for files of tho latest States papers,
-placing us in possession of Now York dates
ip to May 5th, Now Orleans, May "7th, and
nSmt Francisco to Juno 3d.
In our columns to-day will bo found a
vnnnsis of tho latest and most important
cpwj from all quarters j and wo trust, in
Jnjtfifv to bo ablo to lay beforo our readers
(" -.lrliest news received fn tho Territory,
tfst? Mr. Shortess' advertisement in nnother
column. Wo wish him every success in
his laudable undertaking, and trust that nil
will assist in sustaining this most necessary
modo of communication between Port Or
font and Scottsburg.
It is worse than folly to expect anything
from tho Pacific Mail Company, who nro
tho favorito nephews of Undo Sam. Ho
has lent them an ear, nnd closed his eyes
on his poor relations in tho Umpqua Val
ley. Oca. Wagon Hoad. We nro happy to
inform tho fanners and merchants of the
upper portion of our valley, that this work
is progressing steadily. Wo understand
that tho last bent of Elk Creek bridge is
to bo raised to-morrow; nnd tho Commis
sioners nssuro us that tho road will be open
in n few weeks.
New Saloon. Mr. L. L. Williams has
opened a splendid Saloon, on Commercial
street, opposite to Mcrritt, Oppenhcimi r ec
Co.'s store. Wo wish him success. On
opening, a few evenings since, Mr. Williams
mHiKi n numerous party of friends to a
-M""JI"JJ,,V -"fl'-'f
.Hllit ClIMt.df
' fl . ' ir lnstMilesrweleifrh fnff
'tu-i ,i. ,.i i.i n.r n ..i.- crows 01 mo r.reuas nnu iw.ur, wniirarv . ---- "- .
..".! """""'"""'" " ' ". """"'In tho notieo eiven bv tho Adnnraltv. sro ""'PS-. JWX' V "" Mi w im Tl T.irlis o
w Louisville, lias been acquitted. Another . sti retmncd in tho " Naty Li.t," and will nimrMiHi.Mmpi Uesclicniiers liad sntlwl I UuMn dhmlt
instance of Iventacky justice, thowing tho 'remain thoro until tho return of tho search-1 M''h ri'e .""V l,,;ul';j jo N-mw Urt n frw. pMMg'
nnu-nr nf mnnnv. nnd ll.n f.,!U- nf Mil l,v lite sllitH. This ch.HIL'O lll.1V be. ill SOI.1U ! . " 'w V 1tk !,UI "" !l,H "JJ t.ielwd IN, la tl.
,.rv in .nr!. . ' "icasure, due to Lady Franklin, who has ad-' fr01" ata toward f IH U,
j-jl ---
0r Tlio schooner Franca Helen left
oiir,wharf on tho 11th, and is anchored at
present bthow Brandy IJar, taking Li a
cargo of lumber for San Francisco. Sho
will bo ready for scr. In a fow days.
To ouu ComiKsroNDENTS. Z. Z. Z.
will bo attended to in our next.
Tlio commutiication from our friend, tho
Emperor of Japan, is in courso of transla
tion, nnd will appear in good time
OT A black bear was killed in tho river,
yesterday, about twelve miles below this
place, by a party of men who wero de
scending tho river in n boat. Ho was
brought up on tho Washington.
Our devil has given us another of his
tnjcrnai sciniuiniions. no assures us tliat
.! .
the young lady who " fell in a faint," was
got out without receiving any serious injury.
Cr Wo aro indebted to Adams d: Co.,
fv)ifilca"6f San Francisco papers, up to May
OiTlt is reported that a Britisli fleet has
been ordered to blockado tho Russian ports
on tho Pacific.
(ftr Business in Scottsburg has been in
creasing steadily, for tho last throo weeks.
Fatal anii Mulancjiolv Accident.
Thoodoro T. Tiernoy, Ksq., of Salem, was
thrown from his horso, in town, on Wed.
nesday last, striking tho ground upon his
head, producing a violont concussion of tho
brain, from which ho lay insensiblo until
Sunday noon, when ho expired.
Mr. Tiernoy, wo believe, camo to South,
orn Oregon, from California, in 1830. Du.
ring tho diilicullics with tho Koguo River
Indians, Inst fall, ho acted as privato Soo
retary to Gen. Lano, and assisted in draw
ing up tho treaties with those Indians, which
havo been lately ratified by tho Senate.
Ho was reporter for tho Statesman during
th'o last bession of tho Legislative Assembly,
nt tho closo of which lio was elected Ter
ritorial Librarian.
Mr. Tiernoy was a native of Now York
City, a young man of talent, a good scholar,
.nn easy writer, and nn agreeable nnd trusty
friend- Although ho luul been In S.dem
hut n few mouths, his conip.ution.i wore,
many, nnd wwirmly nttached ; they attended ,
ni ins Dcii.PHio, during tins nn last .iincss,
liuu iirotiters, and his Inst uullt and cloying
oyo of (tenth woro witnessed In many, so.
llcitous of rondorini: the ultimate sen ice
ami ttilmto to n departing associate. Thu
most skilful medical attendance, which ho
had, could not reconstruct tho bro'.. it or
ganization of tho shattered brain, produced
by the fall so ho died. Quiescut in mci.'
Oregon Statesman.
Coose County X.loelloii lctm-u.
Totnl ute, Majority.
For ti Contention, li:t US
Aglnt " 73
.1. II. I'.wter, !I3 Ci
Win, Ticlioiior, 177
Charles II. H.uU'11, 191 W
0. S. Allan, 133
Ceiiny Ccmmititontrs
J.Sl UumMe. lt7
T. Uililwell, iifla
Wei II. Harris, Sfcfi
V. W. 1'otUli, 173
l Wnlnmlght, 101 V7
N. 0. lloutiimn, 17 1
Trctit ii rtr
(loorge Part, 2'-0 150
0. Seetas, 7J
J.K. Jobmon. 153 HO
V. II. JiicVw.i, 73
Prvbatr Jutlgt
V. M. Smith, ' 156 20
A. N. 1U7, 1CW
S. I.un.lrr, 200 113
A. 11. Ovcrlxck, CO
Stephen I).itI, 71 1
Wra. H.ilin. 70
I.ieul. Cclonrl
C. Gunning, 132 113
Scattering, 20
lluph O'SMl, 81 M
Miittliew NulinJ, 15
School StiprrinUniltnt
It. II. Stuitli, 53 93
S'cal Uriiip, -County
L. A. Iavl, 61
Protttutins .lltoriuv
It. IS. Str.itton, S8il 07
V. V. Trim, IM
Tin: Suakcii ron Siu John Fkank
lin. It appears that tho Admiralty, with-
out sanctioning anv new expedition to
1 1 search for Sir John Franklin, iinvo deter.
i mined that such order shall bo issued to Si r
I'., Belcher as will empower hint to con
tiuuo tho seareh for I lie missing expedition
fur another vcar. 'I'hu we hope that the
VI ...V. ..VI V... ...MT ..V ..W,.V .I,; i II 1 . I I I
open water to the northwest of Wellington i w-?r (lvi'1 Ku;;,an "I"01'-111.1 ''" ,,,a,l1ro
Channel will be examined, which, it s ill J0.'",1 ' ,u '- ' be pni were loader
1w rmeai!.rl, who left unexplored i,y . wit Kl nil I uli!mr Irom I.ulicc. iNavi
'c:. v n. t-i,... .i ,i.,i..,.ri,i. ,...... i. wUA,tftMii it-siut )titittiir.
TSir K. lkleh
I...rnt tl.n,. nfliU rf..tnllii
ru ....... .. ii, n!-, -.i
-p iiamca vi kite uuivvin nnu
not bo dead, but living, and bases her convic
tion to tho latter effect on these grounds;
" 1. Because no evidence has been discov.
ercd of any catastropho hating bcfjllen
them. 2. llecaiiio thu quarter of tho Arc
tic Sea where it is moU probable that they
icmitd lie fnund livin". nr their fn tn neper.
'- a- ------ ,
taincd, has never yet, so fnr as wo know,
been explored. Sirb. llelchcr, when last
heard of, hiuing advanced only to tlio
vcrgo of tho open sea to tho northwest, but
without entering it; and bec.iuso tho part
thus indicated is ono of tlio two courses
pointed out to my husband in tho Admiral
ty instructions for him to follow, and aho
tinnnncn it I mil linn it ririnniinnil n Ctet
(I ' ,. ..xamiliation of ti.0 ot,o; ,urgP.
(that ho could not havo passed that way
W ' . . '
.'. Becatuo within tho unexamined region
tho resources for supportiug htb nro proba
bly abundant; and i. Because my husband
and his oflicen) steadily contemplated, and
from the f 'st provided for, n detention ex
tending over an indefinite period, biiould
difliculties occur to prevent their return at
the timo expected." It i3 expected that
Capt. Inglefield will bo ready to depart
with tho Phwnix about tho Jblh of this
month, ( April ). London Athenaum.
Sl'juu:ndj:k of a Fltjitivk tNiir.n Tin:
AsimuitroN Tukatv. Tho U. S. Marshall
of tho Kastern District of New York-, has
received a notification from Washington,
signed by tho Secretary of Stato, to sur
render to tho British authorities Daniel W.
Van' Aeruum, an alleged fugitivo from jus
tico in Canada, whero ho ptands charged
with forgery. This ia in accordance with
tho extradition clause of tho Ashburtou
Tin: Latkst Wusiikii, Tlio London
correspondent of tho New York Commer
cial Advertiser says that engines of .'1000
horso power nro now being manufactuicd
at Birminghim, for a nuw paddlo and wurew
iron steamer of 23,000 tons, in courso of
construction by tho Eastern Steam Navi
gation Company, which is expected to bo
capablo of performing io passago to India
in thirty days.
(KrTho miners in tlio vicinity of Ran
dolph aro doing well.
.. ,i?T. r s j t i..nrt.Loa Ana nurfiinrr nfin r.iMixiiMif iiii.p
dressed Ion" nnd elobuent protest to the which nothing had been heard from thei.i, and thu otiur half recr..s.l , Danube, ",'rn '" "co, Ih.y partf r- rt
band's from tho Admiralty's books, " I?I"r, ,;,ra"?.ck hlc' , ' w,l,!ch WM h' ,i'," ,tu"ian . ,l w',h uSi ' L L ! ,' ,
until all search for him termi.iates. , iN ""Portat.t fighting has taken place on BU, anted (,, ,H,e) that :i().00'J K.m,..n, ''" r '" . '
Willi unextinguished hope sho declares ho Danube, bu saugumary sk.r.ntshss dai-, ,ad crossvd nt C..UU without oppoiti.,. . "' ' " !' ',"i',Hr': ',,
that it appears to her reasonable that Sir!1 occl"; J "' al,,,a IcIm- "i1'1 '"" ,mm. A" ",0 Mcon-lU atc ur" "" '''"' ",i.r. ',..." u h"', ' '
E.att.t Svwh from l'.urooo.
A llostou doopntrli, of th2(tth ultimo,
gives further news by tho Viubht, na ful
i tows
Tho news of the defeat of tho Greek in
surgents, near Jnrmi.i, is conllrmed. Tho
(Jieck eoiiiiniiidcr, IJu'uk, was retrealiug.
Tho lelations between AiMttiu and ltus
sla were daily heeomhig uioro distant. It
wan thought that Austin had proponed to
l'lti-m a (leiiuau iillimatum, calling on
Khm:i to evacunto thu Uauubinn l'liuel
palitio.i, Aducos from Odessa to Apiil (I flato
that Omar I'asha had received outers lioiii
Constantinople to nmh-ilako no iuipottnnt
operations until tho arrival of the allied
The llugiii and French declaration of
wni was read to the troops at Knl.ifnt on
tho Oth, and was uceived with tiemendoiis
Account fnwn Varna to Aiuil 1st. Mate
that the llrltlsh mpiitdion, haxiug l.tnded
tho Titrkiirtraow. had (iruueeded towards
SebampoiWK"; . .
A I ii-gw iiumhr of the I!iii;nIi troops at
.Malta had oil d in steamers fur CousUiuti.
Tho Vienna corrcsjioudei.t of tho I. on.
don Timox nays, that tho Tin ks chaigo that
thu reason Mustnph.i Pasha was obhgid to
Tim I.nnilmi 'I'imi,. enva U f.inr
thero U no doubt of tho fact that tho Km-
noror of Uussi.1 lias seized the nrooirtv of
Sir II. Sevmour. tho ilritish Minister at St.
evacuate tlie iJoiittiil'elia was tlie l.illuro oi puUod in several pi ici". An Aiistt.ui note ., ,, , . ,' .' , ".
the promised aid d' tho A..gti-F,e..el. II. .t, !,f remonstrnnee ban lc forwardul to i3u ,.,,!, J;,!"' ' ,IMM B"rM ll n
and adds that the reputation of tho Tin!;- Alliens, holding tho I reek goveiiiinuii re- ' "" '
tsh has sull'ered less in the m.ttur (mumble fur all the mischief nrisint! fiom .... ,... ,."11 . ."
tll'tll nfll.n -illi.w .!...! it.... M'l... f I f 1. 'tt'lllc SKtl lifotlll Koll ((! Sit rl'C Y.
....... ....u. ...v u. i uh iniitiMA uwiii s nr inii"ii tiiri i kih ii
AscomiU from Copenhagen stato that ( without iiu.niU are i.ho i.i be siued.
n.inhh MiuU'.cr of Warhadies'giud.l TcitKnv.-Three thousand IV. neb troop;
I that tho naval arinaments wero on nlartived at Cuiut.itiliiioplo on the .'Id. Tin-
ami o ava an ameiiis wero 01 n
t .. ....I., it ...I.,.. , I ... !....
i,h(vi oi..iiu ui.iu ueuiiaiii nvvnivii in jin- iieci.uaiiou oi war in i ranee nun i.n(-iaii.i
tlfv. had cau'cd iimui-iis. r. j dciug in (''install-
The China Mail does not doubt tho In- tinople. It U rcHirtcd that the IV. neh
telligenco from Japan. The Japaiieeo of-1 Colouil Din has been killed inn, recouiioi
llci.iU stated that all the jiorts iniglit nl!nucu. lie belonged to the null' of O.nar
once Im coiiiilered ojieu for supplies of P.,Lhn. All thecoiituiimcioiu (!rwl.s hae
wooil nml walir ami refitting, but a year
must elaje iH'oro r.ny treaty or privilc.M
of trade would come in ojicratiou.
Nk;v oiti;, .May 1. The news from the
scatol war m indefinite, r ClinilcH .Na -
Kt is-filit pIlttlg.
Tho llusfcLms were dlsuiTitliii" the island
. m . ,"
irv-ei, arm ounnng nnu romoting liieir
was likely to ItolU lel.crovia, Woili, and
. ' . ...... . ..... .
Kuileniskn. I iio Uusians maintain t'lcm -
s.'lvcs in Dobrudgcha.
St:w VoitK, May I. Ungagcmonts b"-
twecu small parties wero of almost daily
.... it... n t... i ... n ii."
iicuurniieu mi uiv uaiiuuu, imi vnuir i
slia was waiting for tho arrival of tho allied
forces befora making a general attjck. The
report iiiauine .Muiriaus nan cuiereii .jlt-
via u'.iu tint niinnriiied.
Thcrccnll of tho Prussian Minister from
London wnB tho result of personal
c-uces and not political affairs, as was ru
The latest report is that n largo body of
Russians had entered Senin.
All Russian purts have been declared in
a ttato of blockade.
Nnw Youk, .May 2. Advicos by (ho
Pacific stato that the Circasbriaus had
gaiuid an important victory over thu Ru.
mhiib, compelling them to evacuate several
forts on tho fchores of tho Black Sea, nnd
tukcrto their shipping.
Tho English Parliament was not in sos
siott. Great Britain demands that Spain
slrtll refuse tlio admission of Russian privn
tccrs into her ports.
Tho negotiations between Austrii nnd
Prussia nro still going on.
Tho Grand Duku Constantino has as
sumed command of tho Rustimi fleets.
Two marino engines', built for tho Rua
tiriii Government, have been seized at tlio
Napier works, on thu Clyde.
ThotIudcpciidoucu Bilgo iiiiuouiicoh po
sitively that u treaty of permanent alliance,
ofTentivo and defensive, had just been
f.igned between Franco mid England, iudu
prudently of tho Treaties in relation to tho
present war.
Tho advices from Madrid atalo tiiat Mr.
Soulo had received instructions from Ids
Government to demand lepnralion for tho
niaclt Wurrior affair. On mo w, mo
Spanish Government mado tho noedfiilapo
Iogy,and also cciibured tho Captain Gonoial.
h'AiiV. A dispatch from Turin, dated
April 10, states that tho Princo do Monaco
und Ins nid-do camps had been imprisoned
in tho Fort nt Nice. Several othor nrrostb
had taken placo arising out of tho leoent
rovolt. Tho trial of tho assastins of Count
Rossi is closed, Col. Grandoro and throo
others havo been condemned to death.
I pier's fleet, consisting of thirty-t-H-n a.i, trati.ig for the difencc i.f Tmjaii'i. w.dl. """. " ,w " I.mi-
left Kiogo IS.iv, to sea eastward, P.inee'P.wkiew itch arrived at lluchareston 'V """i"'" nml lul.h
with tho supposed intention or .Utaeki.. tliv Alii. Ciiiruvlinfcfir rvUms aiiisiiiil of , "r'" .,!,,,,. "" "P -t Ht .in
tho KiiMinu Kiumlron. The fng.ito Tri- ,U nrn v, mib.cet ll. or.K.s of Puskie- ' ",iah U ,,,II. '"";'"'' 'l-t I rt
bittie, having made tho first prizes of the, witch. On the .-flU, of .March, an imiNii. I """ ". ..'..'"'" "?' " "' "'l ""
.l.fiiit.t i wrco oi jiu.uuu m?n was ai ivnrasi, ami i.;nU u ,... U on the U.inube. oaUvd with , :.' ' '"' ' : ".' '" '
liitiiM sv,-- Vustrla appeals to aut moro
in unison with the Western Powers, l'riH
hI:i leans more to Kussin, though timpoii
lug with bolh paitieH. Tlio piolocolgua
iiiiiteeiug the integtity of Iho Oltoniau Km
piie, nigned at Vienna by the four
Powers, including PiuHxiu; but niiiiulln
iicoiisly theiewii'i Piusula iu'iodiieed into
her ticaly of iiiutiial iitll.ttn ullli A list I i I,
a eomlilioii and limitation, which would
lender the lie.ity a dead IcIIit, and whiuh
An tt!n euiKeipieiitly H'IummI to aee,jit.
All the uiilitniy airatigeiuenlsaiitiugoul
nf tlie propoied lic.U, ,,,ivi been H'liii'fil
to a ioiiiiiiUIoii pr Milcd cvci' by the Prince
of Pnisum. Ihuiiiii'i', and all the minor
(iciiiiauStnti'icu'cptiiig llav.uia, Fide with
the WcMcru PiiUi'ih, and will Mippoil Aut
lii, it I'meiiig I'iiisrIii lit (ledum heisclf,
kIiouM the subject come before the Federal
diet. Tho Austrian tioopH aio repmled at
uileiing Set via.
I5ii S. lVli'rsburgli was illuniiua.
Intl. ami a '' Drum mm' mi thu reccint of
tho news of ihepiMtnge of the D.iutibu. A
'S. lVternbiirgh de,p,iteh -a.s the reserve
; lialt.dioii'lme livi called out. with a hcc-
nnd leseive Imtleiv for ciih corp All
Ihigliti ami 1'ieiieh vcfctil hnvu iictn or-
deied nut of t)drM.
I (inri.i t: Tin (irei-k insurrection uulsen
lw progn-itM. The InsiirgutitH bt-cii n
' .......1 ..r. I ..i ..r 'I'l.. .. .K.
haw orders to search all vem. U simp, elwl
L.l l,.nin.r nmi.iimiw r unr mi Lrninl. nml
' t.. ..!, i!.M. in ul.l.-Ii it,... nmv lM. di.ei.v.
ercd. Ionian ves-!rt earning pi-wiger-
I ..til , ..... ..I,..'... i... ...i...i
i nrtiveit in t nn.i.iti limn
I I I . ., .. I. ! I !....!... I i
been ordered tolao the'lurkiih tertitory.
Air.wK on run Dvmki., b'p to the
Oth of April, no battle Irul been fnighi,
either at Sib tria or Riutiu, in the Do
, brudseha. when thu 'IuiI.h were couccu .! ...j ...!.. .... K Hi..i..t ...! n ..Nn
guinary encounter of four hours occur... I.
The were r.mud Willi lo.-.
and puiMiMl a con.i,Krbl .list m.-c. The
llriti'h steamer Cud.. rinhcd ni
fttllli Will (ttll llltHM' 'il t iiiiisit, (tiisi run
M.IU on .Uh. 71.. brisBMHf imUnt u-ws.
Um Uol.niUwIm, alter tlM"
opt mtfz(w4x4:T rvr """V' luptt "",
to IlirCoUnd iht.
rr. A lr a bmd fight wwJ1Hj ' """" '' -WRf,
u.inniU.tni.MK tr. i.irtrf...
-"r .- - -
.train, had been flr.d into, nnu inn. .link.
1 'J'm; IJ,.A( K Si:a. 'Ilionilivd lleols wore
nt Varin. All the mniiiiiM were to bo
laudi'd to protect tiiat place. Admiral
I1mm(I.-i3 lisil M'timlled liii eruikors to tdiet
, i i i . i. .-1... ........ il.i,.-. Ir. ,. .in..
nnu mini i.ihj uv-.mj ..v.. ..,...,..,.,
Hi fleet in cumtiiuiiic itioii with the
' Itussiati land force.
Im: Imltic. Mtviccs Irom lini liallio
to tho I2lii April Ute that Admiral N.ipier'
had loft Kiogo Bay for tho hlaud of Goth-
land, it lieing reported that hoiiio Russian
-'ports wero open, nml n Itimiuu Mpiailinn
loff Faroe. Thero was but little icu in the
Gulf of Finland. It was also n.porto.l that
thrto American ships were Koiucwhcro in
tho Baltic, with jtnreafiirlho RuwiatlH.and
nn Lngli-h Uuintr was .Knjiatchsd in
search ol them. A dispatch to tint I.oti
ilon Motning Post, dal'd llainbiirg, I lib,
renorU that Ailmiral Nnnier having uceived
ii roimrt fiom Admiral PJuiiiridgo that tix-,
teen ihips of war wero anchored
at HeUingforu, on thu Northern side of the
Gulf of I'iiil.iml, and to gain tho
nort of Revel, on tho tniilh side, ho started
oil' to attack them, 'iho British frigate
Iinporietiso liad cIiiislmI a Russian corvette
into Sweaborg. A Copenhagen dnspatch,
or tho l'lth, repoiU that tho British frigate
Aniphyou is ashoro near Drago, and can
not bo got off,
Ralatav. A letter from Kalafat of the
i!(5th February, written by n French ollicer
in thu service of Turkey, Biya : I havo ex.
amitied tho fortifications ut Kalafat in all
their details. They uro really faultless.
They occupy n vast tpa:u, ami nothing
less than u icgiilar h"igo would be reipilred
to tako them. But tho Itusaiaiis will not
attempt a rlege. The immenso phihis
which sunound tho catii. aro almost im
practicable for aitillury. Know lies every
where, and nothing bullous can bo underln.
ken before Iho Hpiing. Tho Russians,
besides, would lose 10,000 to 'it in attack
iug Kid 'it. I cannot ipuak in tonus Mif
liciently f.tvornblo of tlio hospitality of tho
Turks. Their kindness and generosity
exceed all cbliof. Wo mo tun Europeans
in tho midst of 110,000 MussuhnniiH, mid
wo rocnivo from them nothing but utstimo
nics of regard nnd respoct, Thu finest
house in has been given to uh, to
gcther with five domestics and orderlies on
horuebiidk. 'i'hu (iuiieniMn-CMi'fliuH car
ried uttoiilloii bo far as to place rt our
iliiipojtil n giiaul often men, two of whom
aio to bo ueiiliueli at our door, mid homm
fiom !io eavalr,. I am uiciy day miiru
suririi"d at Iho TuiJdih army. Ilii nollvU
(y anil ilelllgeiice leave nollihig tn bo de
Hhed Tho uavnliy, though oveiworkud,
in hi ill igoi im. Tho Milillery Is very
go,,d, and iho Held ifM ico Is perlorme'd
wih tho f,ani(i icgt.' uily mh in Fiaiico or
Algeria. leslihuiee at Kalafat is not
without iitlraeliou. Tho tin uiiindi " o
leutM and Mihlicrii, inuged along llin Date
libit, iho (Incut liter in Kurope, form ono
of the moil curious and mint pU'lurcMquu
Tin: IIiiitihii Aiimv In tho tlouso of
hords, on tho Dili iiiht., Km I Cray made
upeech showing that Iho admlnistrall' i of
lint llrnih aimy is now and long has been
in the highest degree faulty, o.xtiaviigaiil,.
and opposed to ellleiouey, rapidity and mil.
ty in tho Mill, The earn and nml.nii
of Iho tio-ipt ho proved to Im of so itl pt.
io n dusciiplion as to leave room to ospcil
injuiious coiise(uencen in tlio army now
sent to 'I'm hey; 'ami hu held up a rnfltNl
lefomi in llio MiliiiinUliiilInn nf the wuaU
linlltl Chlaliiulmielit an iilnulnl, y nnon. to Miccess in thu iiteseut war. Hi.
I In- .:il . lllntllii I.fdu r ri-i,ir I In-nr
"'' ,l'". 'tli ult at that place, ol a
' ,"",l,"'r "' 'f eoiiuected with lb.-
! '""'",' "r suricMiig a railrod umi
fnini mi Die.., on the Pacific c.Mt,ea:
twin! to tlie Males, under eharL'i. nf LI. .it
" 'V t !"', mtr ""K" "f U' uU
J: C'- ' ",k,r' "' "", J It.Kr.liieal l.n.
Kllu,t'r''' nn" ""P1
1 I'M ii tlie lint tim.) tho trip fiom (',
foriii.1, eauhvar.l to this place Inii in-ii
nccoiiiplhliril. Tills company left Sta
Diego, Calif.irnin, on thu VJ.ithday of Jar.
uar) last, and meeting with .i t',
wn.v, nui'iiiiititig to ighi, en or tn'i. t.
Mltngi tiler, C'tllipleliil ,i. di.tiiic-t.
pl.ieo in but ll'lln imdim ihnu tun i
Mid a half, biitdrjuiceft intlii Vl. .
eyoftlto touto was !- iiinitred at
I'iiiiii lllrie, on the ti'tU nver. t!i -1...
linn Mirev
I I .1
'("Iicrcli Itiuili- a ili'rii iiiiiiit,i,ki,,ii ,,,, it,,.
,l" , ' "'-'" IW' "I".
' n,Ml ,r-.',", ' 'clMi''1 ' '
, r.,;l'01m,,.v '' ' ,l-'r' ' . ' P.elct.. i
' l.o iil I w ,i .... IuJCiim w,
" C "" , ' '-"T ?,
,,:'' , '"""V" ' ' fa
hum hi v'wi -rnvi iii tuwr nm'tu iisisi
ijj'iK m
"'"" "" , l " unr IWI .
,,,.. (t. ll....Mn .,,.
'i.A.lli, III.
miles, tn. y encounter, il lh it,
iart of tlieir survey, and that far Iron,
An idea of tl.o practicability of the i
Mirvc.ieil may be formed from tin. f.,et
ItlilH com..nnv tlioiiniliirn tin, iliblinw,,. I",
,. ( t , -
,l11' ' tirniiile, W estward to tint P.iuit
'c. ' ',,tt,r '" !'e loute f. e.
; '" " '". "" " omccic. nn
' ''3 highly eligible. '
cimrge oi tint mumon lias prew...
''ilJH" ('"waruiy to tim I'actliu ....
.-'"p'" ." "". "" i'ioikuuici-, r
' wilhou' henilalinii, much to be prei .
, ' " "; '"' p,"r '' t "
''" I'vcillii ICtilro.ttl (.. pan. r.r
Tho Giilreslon Ciiiian, tir u
noticeH thu ur.ival of M ,i
I. lent. Moiiemati, ofllio Arinj,
m savn :
These uuntleiti.tii. wo ui.deri.i,
aeroRR tho coifitty from San I'rmu. .
i.S'r,ii Antonio for tho purponu ofjiinkntf
accurate rccotiuoisAiici. of n new (
tii . .. ......, , a. . .
i no inp una .ii.iiii' in mo MiorT ppV
sixty (lays, including lightecn d'i ' Li
tion at El Paio. They uiinit tiu i-nit.
explored by th in as being In ever w
........ 1....1. i.. r.,- .. ...ii- i ... .i : ..
pr.iewc.i.iiu i"i ii iiiiiiin.iii in in,. ijMfirn
At El Paso Ihoy met with Mr. L, lT.lT
iticiiargooi in exploring expeituuiiiTiiiiiiM
tho continent. In coiim ptei,i-e.if rypro
beutaliotiH m.ulo by the. geiilleuieu, M',
(Jrny was induced to abtndi n ihe ri;tn
contemplated by him an I go much I'.'itlui
to tho Southward. -
During thoir nlaynt Iil Paso, uijjixul.'r,
lug paily which hud been scut imibytvrr t-1
Gray lu'sonroh of Lake Giuiui.iigjit In. i
ami bad to return to El Paso gnflili t,, 1 1
layed tho movements of Mr. (Jrny for r.'i;,ii
days. These gentlemen sneak in tit I.iss!
est terms of iho kindness mid hm-pltnlitv
nx.oiKied 10 t n em uy tuu inlmliUiillH o
OirA despatch in minouiiciii jr the sVikh.a '
of thu Caloric Ship FiiotHun, on the linn
near Jersey City, on thu afternoon of tho
27th ult,, nays that sho had just tcturncif, ,
Irom a trial trip, anil (hat tho acnideot wusi, .
caused by leaving tho port-holes open.' A'A
Imgo number of ladles nnd gentlemen woro
on board, but all woro safely landed.