The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, May 19, 1854, Image 4

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12ovIici Io llio Koot or Trues
JGxIcimI f
Tho nbovo question stands nt thu
nf nn nrtlcls la tlio Rural Xcw Yor.'i
tlio head
May 21, ami ns tlio writer enti rtniits nn
ojiinum inr uiiioreiu iroui ui.vimui umiu iuu
subject, I will present n few thoughts tor
Thcro fs probably ik class of men thnt
ntllioro with such obstinacy to opinions
once formod, ns (ho farmers. I ho mctli ul
of tillajjo practiced by the previous goner.v
tion is believed by the great majority to bo
tlio truo method, and if any havo tlio pre.
sumption to recommend a different cystem
mid even furnish nbundant proof of tlio ml
vantages of the same, they aro nt otico not
down ns novices who aro a' ii.
struct oliicrii when thev l.avo very little
fcnowlcdgo of tlio subject themselves. 1
havo not taken up my pen to wage a war
with your conesponiient MIikl, nor to do
fond Mr. Hkm-atii, from his attack for,
judging from Mr. It's, writings in tho llural,
nnd-eUowhcrc, ho is nblo to maintain tho
correctness of his theory and substantiate
Iho truth of his stntcme'nts -but to make
nn effort to show tho fr.Uity of the theory
that the roots of n.trco or a plant do not strike
downward, but " run ratnblingly off near
tlio surface in search of their proper nour-
islmicnt. " bo suffered to dry. In tho words of n cotem-
I am nwaro that most cultivators of thc'll1oran" tlie roots while out of the ground
toil in this country believo that tho roots i houU b,J ti"t they should never even
of plants wo cultivato do not tako n,lr a '''-,"t. becomo dried in the mcvt
wanl direction, nnd hence pursue a system
of shallow tillage, nut, to mv mind, this
Is an error that strikes nt tlio root of all
good farming, nr.d is tho means of placing
crops in a situation to bo seriously nffected
,by every cbango of the weather n little
too much rain orn little toov much sun
shine, diminishing or jwrhaps destroying
tho crops altogether. It is astonishing
that men will so tenaciously cling to an
error, when countless t ubjoets aro before
them for examination, that would, if exam
ined, j.rer-'nt proof sutlicient to remove
their crroneuus impression.
That the natural tendency of tho roots of
tho wo cultivate, fruit end forest;,
trees, is downward, and they will penstrat" I
tho soil to almost an unlimited extent, if
tbey meet with no obstruction in their pro
gress, is n theory that I have long and earn
estly contendedfor as the truo theory. To
Z I : J ' y .r , . '" , "' .V .
.:r. ;-.i i - .i. : '
..ti.vui., iiiu nji.iuu ii.i3 oneo uscn coiicu
into renuisitfon, nuti tho result of every ex
amination was that tho roots of grass, grain,
-VKCtaldorUaud.&wut troM.havoirtvarl
nbly occupied nil the soil, no matter what
was the dspth of tho same. Tho proof
that is brought forward by 'Hid to sustain
his hypothesis, is inadmissible, and not of n
character to convinco nn old diiincr that
works with his eyes open for within n few
days I have taken out where tho roots pen
etated a hard clay inoro than eight feet,
nnd have gathered wheat roots by tho hand
full from thu conduit and from among tho
stones of n drum more more than thrco feet
below the surface.
Although II. has labored to maintain,
(by n strange courso of reasoning it is truo) the Hritish possessions in thu ICast. .Sumo
that tho roots of plants do not striko down,1 eighteen moi.lhs ago that excuso occurred,
but "run ramblingly olTnear tlio surface, " I Tho circumsta-iccs were somowhat similar
lie still say3 that his experience has led to those which now threaten n rupturo be
" to tho famo conclusion with Mr. Cone, tween tho l.'nited States nnd .Spain. A
in regard to deep plowing and cultivation. " i Hritish vessel was seized at Rangoon for a
-sow, ii mis is so, win no give us uit nguis
gained by his cxpericuco of tho advantages
of a deep soil.ovcr a shallow one; if, ns he
contends, tho roots of grain, grass, &c. ,
will not "striko down" nnd occupy it?
Hut the views of tho writer of the nrticlo
under consideration aro probably such that
he cangivo no good reasons tor deep culti
O --
. has never practiced it, no doubt
bclicvinir in nnd practicin'' with many oth-lbo
ers tho "surface scratchiiiK" method "tick-
ling" tho surfaco, and calling that deep ,
cultivation. Lii.M's iOM:,
Troy, Mich., Juno 185a.
McLcniNri. Stirring tho soil around
tho roots of newly transplanted trees, nnd
nil othera in fact, and a liberal coating ofi
well rotted tan, sawdust, Jitter from tho
chip-yard, or inanuro, will prevent injury
from drouth during the hot and dry sum
mer months. Ueforo putting it on, how
ever, if tho soil is dry, it should bo careful
ly removed to the depth of n few inches,
nnd n good distance from the tree, without
disturbing tho roots, and n thorough water
ing bo gii en; this will go immediately to
tho roots, nnd dampen tho soil about them.
"When, If ilono without removing tho earth,
but littlo, if any water will reach tho roots;
tlio earth then should bo replaced and the
litter bo put on.
In tho spring tho litter can bo forked
lightly in nnd as tho hot, dry weather ap
proncbes, but b'eforo vegetation begins to
suffer, and wliilojt is inn thrifty condition,
another light mulching should bo given.
iShrubbery in our own yard, planted last
seaFon, was badly injured by tho late drouth,
and from neglect of stirring tho soil, after
being treated in this manner, now looks
brjyhfj nnd green. Wo beliovo that nino
ta&ii&xf tho trees that perish after coming
into leaf iu tho spring, die from neglect of
this most useful cultivation. Trees right
ly planted nnd mulched, seldom need any
liirthcr enro during the season, except to
heep down the weeds and grass,
end Shiip.
ilslitlv mull. stood, few trees, utiloPft abso
lutely dead or rntlon, need uccujiy ground
yielding plentiful cron. After n Ioiil' nnd
vntied seiies of oxpuiiuicnts, I yn'Jii.illy
ndoptod tho following mode: As soon ns
'tho winter bad Milticlvntly dijaiiiearod,,.'otmnis-'imor nt I'ronie,
hail Milticlvntly dijaiiiiearod..(.'otiiinis-Umer nt I'ronie, lia neen miir-
cr, of'nud lofoio the sap itsei'tuls, 1 omuiiiuo ut
trees: every dead bough is lopped off, (lieu
nfter tlio Bap bus rism sullicciitly to slum
whero tho hloisom will be, I cut nwny all 'pear that (ho unfortun.ilo Depu.y L'omuiii
(ho otlior brunches having uono on, " and sinner had fallen from thu jealousy of u nn
nUo'tbo ulremitv of every limb, the lower tii eh eflaiu (n freeiiooler), whose family
' I)!irl "' "'"' '',ars ,l coiuideiablo number
of buds, thus concentrating the sap of the
tree up in tlio maturation of its fiuit, mid
sninij what would be n luclvitt o.Npondiluro
-.... .!. I., il. :..- .......-, i
will liiiti 'roes laden with fruit which for
merly yielded nothii.g. Of course nil other
well know i preciuilious must bo ntlendml
to; such as cutting out worms from the
roots, placing old iron on tho limbs, which
nets as a tonic to the sap, Arc. Try it, ye
who havo failed in raiting fruit. SuJuAk
Kvi:ncni;r.s. These trees cannot now
bo moved too soon. Tho samo tides hold
good with them as with other trees. Thev
' reipnro to be moved before they start to
Kw. Then tho roots should by no means
0I n anting. Honcon rainy i ay it to
commended in all c.ioj, especially wbero
tho roots are denuded. A few exp timeiits
are given. A long screen ofnrbor-tiL' were
set out in n stormy week with tlio sod on.
Six were set aside in a tub of water nud
four were left exposed to n drUng wind.
Those four only died, out of two hundred
and ten. The tx after tiiree weeks neglect
in tlio water, all surwwtl.
tlio water, all surwicd. Auam hfty
in Mii'iij.Mn. in mi' iiiuir.t', jipncni nun pea en nor 1 rewiiru in 'iwon lupi-i'-., inin -ii-trees,
it is very nt tbr laxuiiant in lenvet:iiu l.:i'kr'ii wsidciiei- dressed in feinnlo
nnd destitute of fruit Vou in ly think this i attire, and :i!s.nh.'iii:iteil him tildlst sleeping,
injures the trees, but it do8 not: for vou (leneial I'Iumih', the llritnh ('oniinander,
Norway spruces were set out on a moi.t ;it ,nul 1(1, accomp.iiiie.l by some degree ol
day. One by mistake was left, -in I ro-1 , t.t(, )lg Wl. , w.v. ;,! ..l,,,,,,,, jU
dived n few hours o: sunshine this onelfi..,,,,!,..:,,., ,.. i... ril..,..,i :,. ii. i,....,, i( died. Wo bao succeeded well with i ,)0, j,erft.c. without a l.nowledgo of the
somo torts, brought long distances, bywmi,i
(insisting on the instant immersion of the
rooU in water, as soon as up, packing "
, , ' V ' ..",,!
.t....rBl..S,t...jfta..i.. ll..kb..fttl
i - o- -- ---- .---..--., -
nn ! in iiiiiii n iiiiii :ih ri'ri'iiitii. .11111
laid in nud again inudded and tho earlli
well scaled with water when transplanted.
Removing plenty of entlh on tho roots
' iMim mode Vmn J-'armrr.
The UrltUIi iu the Xust.
By tho arrival of tho lard Warristtm wo
aro placed in ftccipt of later nnd interest
ing intelligence from nil parts of Asia. Tho
news in relation to tho progress of Hritish
Operations in Uurnmh anneurs tn liu lhu
,,, i,,,nt.nt
.................. N
It is well known that tho English gov.
cnirnent has for n long timo bien seeking
somo excuse lorn quarrtl with tho Uur-
,noa.. .1 ml.l I...
'civen for the annexation of that countrv to
violation ol tlio customs
No demand was
inmln for ntuiburi- t,r rr.iniinn 1.... ,.
squadio... was immediately .le.patchod with
llrfxnnv In 1 fAKf al.rif- .I... I.. -I In..-.!
!VUIIU tft f VI J Oil WII, I1IIIV 1UI IllltulUIIll '
wero cst.ibli.hed, and ll.o uirrendec, of a
slico of territory very largo in extent,"' -I1"1 " lr('l''mi who did attend car-
rcriuired of tho Uurmesc authoritios. With. pJ w5" him tho proxieu of such of his'
in this territory aro comnrised all tho nrin.
I vi i-jij w biifi l tilt iltU I if IU")
cipal seaports. These gone, litinunh would .tu,,ll'
i.laccd at thonierevoftlio tnv.nh.r. n,,,!1
'occuov a noiition similar in ilmt npp.i..!,i 1
by tho northern "Independencies" of Jliu. 1
dostcn somo fewyeajs ago. Like t!iofo,()r" fr others, carrying with him a power
"Independencies," Uurmali would fall bo-i,",
foro foreign aggression, and bo annexei
the Uri'tiMi Ihnpire iu tlio lOnst.
iiuiAiu mi
.....! ...
J ho lollowmg extract will show (ho pro-
sent position of niTaira in that quarter ol tho
I world :
"The Hritish nrmy continues to occupy
Prome, nn important city on tho Irrawaddy,
half-way between Rangoon at tho mouth
of that river nnil A e.-i. llin f.-untnl nf l!nr.
1. The iiurmesa hud ceased all organised
resistance, although predatory bands still
infestod tho country and harassed the Urit-
jsu iroops. 1110 uangoon L;nromcio, a pa
per established sinco tho capture of Ran
goon by tho, says that in a skirmish
with a band of Dacoits, Captain Marry,
commanding tho Arracan Locul Rattalion,
losi his life; Lieut. Thompson received n
wound in tlio arm ; another olllcer (name
not given) was also wounded , andsoventy
three of our men killed and wounded. Thu
causo of these casualties is said to havo
been in contcqucnco of a treacherous guido
having led tho force into an ambush. Tho
Chroniclo states that Lieut, i'roctor had
two of tho treacherous guides tied to trees
and shot for their perfidy for which act
that ofilcer has been placed under arrest by
tho British Commissioner on u churgo of
murder. Tho samo paper states that ano
ther mission is about to bo sent to Avi,
where tho JJmpcror of Rurmah still holds
his court, to ruako n final settlement nf tin-.
i,.t. . i-i ,. .1 . .
l-'irrm!', and that Captain I'lmryo will bo
, appointed to go as I'lenlpotontiHry, Tlio
Knngaon Chronlclo notices, In coiuo
ipipnco of timber boint; rcipilnxl by tin
llrilislt lor tlio predion 01 mo now cnuion
niuiilti nt Promo nnil olaowheri', ftn nvportu-
I tion down tlio river has been prohibited by
govirnuiont. Captain J.nlti'i, llio Deputy
dcrcd in bin lied. Aecori
iing to the Mute
itioutA mad by tlio Rangoon correspond,
!ents of the Calcutta iouriink it would np.
bud been eni.tured by l.uttur inula military
' parly, nnd Ine feuinli'S forced to accede to
f tlio Deputy I'oniniij'ioner'n ui-dics. In
I rr veil".' lhu chief hired lour ns .nssitm, who,
i - .1 ... iiiiiii ....i I .'....
hid offered a reward it fiOlll) rupees fot
the discovery of tlio p-irpctratois, but with
out effect."
llurmih has become deeply interesting
to thu Christian world sinvo llio publication
ol tho ""STiMiinirs of Mrs. Jiidson," an Ame
rican .Missionary. That work contains a
full description of (he resources of llio eoun
try, nud tho character of the inhabitants,
together with n detailed account of the
war of 1W0, whou (Jreat Hritain lirst
I I ........!.. .1 .... lr... ..!.... MM..'.
turill'll lier aiieiniou in unii iiirruinin. i lie
work has all the interest of a romaiiee, and
will .imply repay nn attentive perusal.
Sim Jihvjum llepublieaii.
Tkvi: 1'iimti:.m:s.i. Politenc-s is n just
medium between formt.lity mid rudeness;
it is in, fact, good nattuo regulated bv
quick discernment, which proportions itself
to every situation and every character; it is
a restraint laid by reason nud benevolence
on every irregularity of temper, of appetite
t I. I - I a
... .-.,..-, .f
nun pii'Sion. ii accoiiinimiaies useu io
(ho fantastic laws of cuttnm nud fashion,
ns long as rhov aro not Inconsistent with
il. l.i.,i,P,,l.ti1,oi;.. ,.i-.!ri,, n.l r..l, ,.;,.
1. . ... . ,
0 i;ivi-flhcacv nnd grace to pnlitcnes".
r . . . ? I .
jM ,oeietv it is the haiinv m.-dium wlii.'h
iblornlji tit. inust ilirortliint luiiuri-H: it mi.
-k .-
I'011'4 I,I'-'"C1' "" '' l"nci.ius, ami in-
i it . ii... ... . . ..i a.. r . . . : i. t i
ciiues ine inusi rcseneu io iiirinsii uieir
share of conversation; it reprices the des.
jiicaLle but common ambition of biiug tun
most eminent ch.irat.tcr ii. tlio scene; it in.
creates thu ge-o r.ti desire of being mnliially
nirreenblr: lakes oil' tlio uiTotisue edL'e of
rallcrv, and guvs ililicacy to wii; it pre. j A Yankee boy hidn wholo Dutch cIippso
serves suhordinalion, reconciles ensu with i et before lion by a waggish fiiond, who,
irnprietjTlike other valuable qualities, H.sMiowcyr.-, gavo lifni no Imlfe.
valuo is best c.tiniatod whim it is absent! "This is finny rheese, Uncle Joe, but
No greatness cat. awo it into mihtv,wl,""k!:allI,,T '''!' - ,, ... -no
intimacy can sink .it into a coars., fami-1 . o1'' " ' tl? 8'''"B ftleiitl. " cut it
liatity; to superiors it is resiK-clful freedom; ' whvt'l .v,,u ""), ......
to inferiors, unassuming good nature; tol ,N4. wI1', ";':' ,!,u vikci'. coolly
wpials, everything that is charming; nntici-' mUi,, ll umItr '""". "HI cut it nt
anil Attending to nil things, yet nt
. - . ,.,
' ",u , """ u "I'i""1"'1; t.lai.1,a,lBi ..
! ca'c'(''',,
bueh1M V'10 H'lw". by people of
IK I'VailS Illlll UllWOrlllV llOdrtS lilS.
I -.. . w
iKM.cCI '" ,,-1vo extremes; nnd by I ho
'eralitr of tn.'inkirid noiiflncid ivilliin tin.
j - -- - .' iii,.r. ...a, T . J'irMW"i HI ,H"T KH-II I -
row hounds of mere good breeding, which Tio.Mti.r i.w inin -n. If ni,r 'li.ui.w ure n
is only ono branch of it. Iiirmln-I ntut tin- iiuti-r. !" jll I i-wml-
... "" """ , .
nv ('.11.1.1:11 AttoiinuvsJ Lawyers
are called attorneys, liecaune, in the tune
1 ,t - ..
ol "llr :,;"t0" nncestors, llio Ireemen met
twice n uar under the prcredeiicv of thej
v-, or sheriir, nnd this mee.'ing wns
CnilCU 1110 ftlUTlII il lOfll. IIV lP"ftifS. tllll
, .. . . . " m O " "
l1ffct'lm'" "ecluiwl giving their personal nltin-'
lends as could not appear. Mo who nc-
y went to tho sherifl''s torn wni piid,
riling to tho old H.ixon,"to go at the
;"aud oamo the wo.d ".ittor.!
torn ;'
l,e'" "bicli hignilied 0110 that went to tho
act.or birthoso who employed IjItii. J
iiiu uiMUiir.i on iiiiiwt(in aiinriiuv nun khI r.
... , , ., . , 1
nor unses irurn 1110 inner nniciihiiii' 111 11 1
court of law.
" Diiaii MoTiwu," said n delicato littlo
girl: "-I huvu broken your china vase."
"Well, you nro n naughty careless, troublo
soiuu littio thing, always in mischief; go up
Etairs nud stay iu tlio closet till I send for
you." And this was n Christian mother)!
, answer to tho tearful littlo culnrit who had
istri. "'led with nnd conquered thu temiita-
tion to tell n falsehood to screen her f.iult
witli n disappointed, disheartened look, tho
child obeyed, nnd then was ciiibiud in
hor littlo heart tho flower of truth, perhaps
never again iu after years to bo revived
to life. Oil, what wero tho loss of n thou,
sand vuses in comparison ?
rjcitATCiiiN'J vv a I'Wru.M:. A poor Ita
lian who u fow days ngo was begging lor
a dollar to buy n meal of victuuls, tho day
after found at Yankee Hill, nonr Columbia
a lump of nearly puro gold weighing twen
ty seven pounds. Tho lump lay about eigh
teen inches below tho turfuco, and has thu
appearance of having bosn iu fire; tho out
sido being both black and burnt; The lump
s quadrangular in shape and rather flat.
A Kontlcman from Florida assures tlio
Charleston Standard that ho has discover
ed a small Guano island upon tho wostern
coast of Floridi.
Ad Norh of I'lirnurnjilM.
No man who ban oneo himillly nnd
wholy laujihed, unii bo altogether hrooliilui
nblt ilepnived. Curlylr.
Many mo great Ik-cmiso their niwociu
tintit aro small.
Tlio larger tho oohoul fund, thu lean tlio
prison allowance.
Tin: wit of koiiio of our modern writers
is li1.' gas, which lilitn at a touch, and at
a touch run bo oxtlnguMiml.
Ii h estimated ihat if a pair of herring
weio loll to inert ase in security, their off-
) spring would nmiic, in iijtni ears, it mass
larger (Man our entire glolu.
Mo.Niiv ami IIomhi. A I'rench olllcer
said In n Swiss ollieei: " I would not light
as you do for money; wo Trench servo for
honor." " True sir," replied the Swini, "wo
both serve for what w nave least of" A
mortal duel was llio eoiisetpii'iice.
Om! TiimmtMi Doi.i.aiis ion a Coii:
i ia. The beautiful seedling Catucliti,
nilsed by I'oter MnekoiiHiii, Spruco street,
I'hiladelplita, named "Jenny l.iinl," litis
been sold to Messrs. ileiiilersou k Son.of
London, for JC'JOO. or 81, ('00, nud will bo
( shipped in tlio steamer City of Manchester,
ion her uc.t uyngo to Manchester.
How small is diameter of (ho bumnn
throat, and bow hhoit its measures ! Vet
it will git t1n h-iiiio note witil the pipe of
mi organ right J, I mlcnulh 'and tho valve
which Clivers it, and plays with eleclic
sulfides', ( imitated by the iced of tlio or.
gnu, ) is, as wo all kuuw, a very little thing;
et with tho coutractinus and expansions
of the throat it will utter n scale of seven
teen degree!
A western editor, in commenting upon
. ...
fMilSCfltitlllilllfsl(lltt ill .ti Hlti. Ill iti'liutsikfllltlll.
, --.-. ... , ... v .-
I "ll':,l"l! '.v 1,;"'!' ""l,, '"' ver coolly
"'at '" siilmcnliers need neglect to
," pay up" on that account. as ho is wiillnu
in inn ins list, in rniviniiL; uii iiiiiiu ill
., , .. ,, ,, ., ", , ; "., , umv. I In thu iilhur li mil. In, lifir llmt
I ,.. 1. 1 . .: I. ..i-. i .... .1 :. .. i.:.... :..
l.f "lxy
", ,lH' "",'
i sne.-iu wi
ink bills are not
the I
: she: ill' will catch him.
I 'I h" Journal ofllealth mentions the rase I
I of a laiU, who has Ih'.mi ih-veiely nllllcled !
with the imli.iiali.Mi of (lie heirt. for sovrrnl I
years, wlm funis iinuieiliit.. n li.-f. bv tskiiiL'.
I .1 - . t. S
u smai; ipiannty ol orumary so.ia watir.
The Scii'iitilic AuK-ricau contains a corn
muiiienliou of II. A. I''ioit, of Worcester,
in which lie iIhiiiis Io have iiietited a "ma.
rine loiomoliw," which will cross tho At
lantic in four dins.
I'linii: ii v.
T AS oi 1
I 1 lic.-N,
Ini'.j 'i w.-ll aM,rt I i t-i.k of Dry
i.ris'-r'-". IL. ,s .V' Shi-. A. Ac.
.1 . .. . 1 .1... 1 . : ' . . .. ..... .......
1... II.. .. ..K.L. ...II ..,..!.. la ...
ma fii.i.'-... ii jH-f.n. n'fiiifiiu, niu iH3ciiii
call, nrel ill on r put ll Ui III-lest.
Kwnirtf Cli. .Mav .'.. lr.i-if
- -- -
i.ownit m on 'in no,
I-J ?Wl"ll r
n -V.'".." I '. "!'" "
mils nf lli ('ountry, nnil wiifriur ncctiiiiiiiu la-
U..IIS lul' pHI'Klllrf.
Mn V l'.1l-if.
MNTKH. At thin llic. n rood, lumwl,
r T ihU'IIil-i in, iinliistriiiiis liny. l-nttn tin,
nvsr.f 1 and IT y,r,. , p
U-oMh.-i d v pplyiiiK h,ii.
A'r" '' '"'
p,vl mtuntlua luaj
OP rvrry f! mirli , 1'iuriiir.Ti.
V Sll lil VII
!.IK o ju. liiTiiiifioM, Ao.,.lc..,J,,,!"m": i"'i. "' ' . , . .
ii.milv nnil rliiMiilvi.rrnlnlrit Ihl. illllr
' .-- -
ww l1.
In foliired Inks nnd llroiui-s.
April h.
Attorney at Law, and Commissioner fur
the Slate of New York.
"T II. TIII! pirtnenOilp licri'liiforo rxIitlnR
1 . jiffen (5IIII1S fcrTKATiON !m U-i-u
dlsvilfd ly mutual coiinciit.
May S-ui
& CO.,
0. 118 COMMUUriA!.
IT AVK ronst.iiilly on luirid n (loncrnl Assort
i. incut of .Miriliandlzr, iinislKtlri 'if i'lulir,
I'oik, Karon, Hur.ix. Lnrd, S'nur, Ti 4, Colin-,
Toljircn, Lliiuorc, I'arniliig and Mining 'louls,
Dry (lii'idi. Ilodlsniid .Sliiim, Knrdiiiire, &c, f;c.
nre invlti'd to call anil tiiiiilno our Stock, vhen
vlaltinR this City, ns we will sell ut ull times at
tlio lowest market rates.
Mny 6-tf
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.May 6, 18M-U
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WHOMWAM! nr.AI.r.ll.S in Dry flood.
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fiMjtUtnrg, April 2B-ltf ,
Jlotisc Tarjicrilcr and Ship Joiner.
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ALL kinds of llio nl-iicnorV inno on siioit
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April Jh-if
"U IliSDALE & CO.,
Wholesale Dt-alcrslnd'cneral Mcrchanillw
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'Ot'LIl Inrlta tlio ntt-ntum of Trsders.
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UinilJ 111 II" (Mills ".
lur freight
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cKI.M.AY, fi (JU.
April 2H-tf.
BOATS llcpalrol, und nil klndi of Carpentrri
Work duiiu at tlio iliorU'tt notice and ou lit
moat rrumianlila terms.
April 'J, IH.'il-tr
FOR Till? (X)flUlLI.U.
rilli; filriop "SIUGKSIIAW," Cud. Joiik
.L Wai.khii. Mill Mill fur tliQntovo rliicv. on or
aliout thu l.'illi of iWuy. l'cr Ircllit nr pinmage
apply ou l.onrd, or to tho Cnptuln nt Scotuburg.
April iB-:it.
'POLLX Tlio lower story of Hariiih' New
X llt'li.iiisn, on Main street, flw 4UXH0, cm
ha (lumplcd ns u storu-linum), nr would bu divided
Into tsu rtcirei, bultidilu fur uny kind of Lublncm.
For lurtluiil.irs, npply ou tlio urruiUcs, cr to
Loir Scoltsliarg, AprllB-Itf
Luwitit scorrsiiuiui,
17 H. t itO.SIIY, littvlnir iiKiilii taken cliarg
.1 ol the iiiiovn ii.uneii uutvi, Mill perunniiiij
iiujii'rlutciid llio ellortito innku tlio-io coiutorlnlilu
wlio-u.ay linvu oouuluu to visit this place, Tlio
Uble will Io BUjiJillcd Willi tlio licut tlio uurkol
nlforils; uud choice Liners aal Cluurscanal'r.iyt
lo lmil at tlio Iliir.
Arrii-;, is.-itf
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