The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, May 19, 1854, Image 2

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UWM i. ".Miag -
I)t ttltckljj ajcttc.
"sctsdukg, rniDAV, may id, imi.
ma. i - " "
Stain OoVfi-imiont lor Oregon.
Shall our Territory becomo n State, or
rcniniu in Its present position f is n question
I . !...- 1 .
ihould weigh well the prosniul cons. hofore ,
WHICH will no oeciueu ni our coming uuuo t,0 -,; iuiportnnco ol the I mpqua in eon
election. It is n question of vital interest J Cction with the future greatness of South
to tho peoplo of this Territory, ami thoy i cr Oregon. It Is unmttorof curious won-
giving their final decision at llio polls. Wo jon f our ,vcr Upon t)0 ,.,., of Orcon,,''" "" practice; but in lids inslanco I uh
have read many arguments for and against ,0 roilsillor ,,, wav in which other places ""' ."'" U. w,,s "(ot 'i1'1' I'"". 5 l'"r' i'"1'
tho measurcj-nnd ns ferns our own opinion ' ,.vu ,.., into ,1,..,. ., ..., n,.uro.l ,'nWl' ' "" ."" '"'.,0.rl"ll,,h,,,( ni",;,,,',,n: '
. , ' i"avo sprung inio, nun iigurou ,..m .,y Wllt certainly that u pait ol the
goes, wc givo it In
t. (,io u miy. i irsi, Kiip "luquito largily as points where goods anil
free from tho slain of party iutlu-i ,Ul,seugers tvultl k landed upon the coast,!
question free from tl
ence and
I intrigue. Then, if the people ol j .0UM ot ,10 Columbia ; while our river with ,
feel able and willing to incur the ita l!UUOr facilities superior even to tlio '
, ... " . . ..,," nnruor CI1I,IIS superior ivui in "1'.
al expenses which must inevitably Columbia, has been m erloohed ; and the
"""" v.Mn...,u- .....v ... ...,.,. ...uV
Ibllovvin tho train of a Stale Government,
If. us liavo a islato Government; let us
57 e
" " .-w -- 0..-v j 11 oum inn uu .1 ht, miunm i.isi. i.. o ,-, tn(, j,, r0 imf lllt , .
of tho American Hag, and claim as .1 right, Cnuincrato the most of the dillerent infiti- justice to tliegenlleiiien wIiom. names weie
through our Representatives in Congress, t.)Ces tliat havo hien ImMiyht to liwr froin'cd in tin Convention; for if Democrat's
that which wo aro now obliged to solicit ,,, to ,im0 to rot.,n, our ,;,. ,,'nio not i.H-lin...I lo accept olliee f-ou,
from fioi-erninfiit is - '-enr ' 1 ..1 r.i- .- 1 '"'a' "'ppnii. aN, to lie iliiMied b lliem to
fromOoiormncntas,.,tor. .iuell M1,oM!,e purpoi,o t!, article. We ,,i,Pl.1,i,1Mm.,l..iMil.,liivnii.lim,.oriiiiu-i'
. . ,. ., .. ... .I -- . , .. ,
CCT" Tho Uum?n Woelslv Gazetto ' is
.... .1 . . .
tho lilli of a lime lJn!?oii iiiiirnal iiislfcf art.
. .. . .:".: :.':: :
that we had rut hr.tst enough; and if we
had, wo doubt if wo could have r.dcd a
quantum snjicit of the circumambient at-
iiiosphfre to make nnylhing !iko a rcpcct.
able blow.
Mbnc Trot'iiLi: vrmi tiik Indians rrv
tiii: CoctriLMT. rrom n Randolph Ci:v
letter, dated .May 15th, wo J earn that the
Indians arc congregating in great numbers
i great iiumbm
,,. ,,
Hivcr. Many
tile, and prepa.
at tho forks of the Coquille
consider this movement hos
rato.-y to an attack on tho whites.
Tlio gold claims on the beach aro begin,
nhg to pay well. A number of tliem arc
yieiuing irom oi to CJU per day. I'ro-
Vl.lftn. Anl.l...l.. l l.l.l-... .
ii - . . . . .
..j.ui.j ,u., u jiuu at iiauuuirin i.nv ni
roodrate ru
E'.rjtsss ntiH Etirtnr Cit' to the
ftlTir or the I mpqi s Histm Me un
doraii2 :!.at C:c. T. Alla.v, JL'.j., and '
other gentlemen of Empire City, are about
to establish an Express line from Cooiu
Ilay to tho month of this river. This is as
:t should bo ; and wo trust ere long to Eeo
lntSci!.Simrg; i;. J. Lyons, Kiiitor. It ami nvcr. remap-, ni tumo iiuurepiMioii,, th,. refoluiiin 1 o 1 . ,T V J. 1 He U.imMi mini. try renmins in olliee. otn..r, a ilorumetii declaring their policy
iiiioiitril. Situated, ns it' is, in n new and we mav be moro prolitlc upon a subject of (.tl'r(V (ho tiu iiti ni ''iii i'-r 'Til i't! ' Tin ie are repoitnof umie I'urili-r dilli. 'in the matte-; but it wa oliviuus Hint a
llonriibiiig bicality.we enn but hope 11 will luci, g;m.rai .lll( vi,a lowe.l'it to ihi.inu.lvMwViiVilv l!. t-KI ! C,,,K uil1' 'l"' 'i'"1'1' "'B,"'-N 1"" ""'.v document of il.ii hind, inwdving qne.tiuuii
succeed. If you had on v whvdidnV M , ,.,, , .. ,, 1,1, ,. .,..,- ,-.i ,,H n r ". ".''.-,. of no auiiieulieilv. ol po hey as hi as ol nv, ruiuired eiy
you. Hro. Lyns. call it H.o l'adlic llu- , Jr " "''; !m ," "? l"- JJ V" .J' , J ?' '-l '! ' "' ' '' ' '' ' eorrcpnudent wri tes : great care in w ording. Any !Z
glo ( " ()fWi awrfcfcir. ," "5pl1 ,u f"Sl"'' " n.v. bar be. " ' " ' ' " r "I 'ces, liiex would I..- .. , m flR,llri., , .,.,., l,1)itv ,,ml l.M).Mil,ll flli;,lt , ,nt,.l,t vtry 10.
For the siin.ilo',,,, f,;,,l n..n,lr!n1, coiho so fauiiliir to our navL'ator.4, that its V " V, '"),. . V' mll'r l,""CI1. . "' 'I I"' '"'f" decided that .1.001) UritMi - nous consequences.
r- n..-. t . .. .. .
tng complcti
.already fini
pm.lrii.tAr1 I
t,rn n UnnA,. I.r !..i i... ... . .
v.w v.. t-.wiiu.ii .q., avwuoiiiuiiieu iiv blX I
hands, with the intention of completing tho
. -. ... -.. w '
onogo as soon as possible. Irom Mr.
"Winchester's well known skill and energy, j
xvo nro confident tho work will not languish
In bin hands.
I.-WI. and Bakiik, who performed tho ,
work, deservo great praiso for tho meta.
morphosis they hnvo oircotcd on this tidy
littlo craft.
CrWo return thanks to Mr. M'.im
won for files of Into papers, which place
us In possession of European dates to tho
23d of March, Now York to tho 5th of ,
.iprii, ana aun l-ranclsco to tho 7th of .May. 1
fr5" Wo aro authorized to stato that tho
coming election, in this precinct, will bo
held at tho Scottsburg House, in this place.
(&-By aprivato letter from Crescent
City, wo Joarn that busincBs was never so
dull as at present, nt that placo.
fcJrTio weather is o-trcmcJy hot.
.n .xpreu ..yog uctwecn tno moutn ot t!U lmXiatQA, suabhing nmoiig-
the Umwiua and I'ort Orford. Itwoudbo.i if,t u i i -it n
',' . . . ' the tuds of the beach, or buried beneath the
an excellent investment for those who havo . i . . . . , ,.. ,
sands, melancholy evidences of the dangers
1 fif " " 1 till it... ITmrui-i-i ctw.nlil
Ma"on Road is fast annroic, ot ba paced by the i de of the Co '"c i-.m.-orvj It.r l ,hW,; t;srtlc: . . "' , '" ' ' '" """ ' 7 "S "-" " -" cympi nun ; nnu
i.i0uii noau ia lasi approacil. I J .... ' ....','. ,. .. line L'll.irdll.L' t 10 I' w illi Iniir iniiri. It h.-it 11 riiinil m mini ...r ..r ....n II ....
on. Several of the bridges aro , '" --- melancholy picture; for It i ,.! ' ,";'".....,. .. .... "!!.. i. .Ir." ' in the creek, besuies hevt.fal f.i.ales and .ilnnning bread, beef. s,,irit..n..d ,il,0,.u.
lied ; and Mr. Manchester, who exempt from those causes whence result ,.vor UlM to tif t1(,(,l0 j 0fav'llwll '- 'I'1"' H'idau aro preparing to plies for the fi.rco in the .Mediterranean
fnr tl.n T.'lt r.l. i..i i -c. ' snpli cnrlnim Ifisuos of loitiiin lit'.' Thn ..I,,. !,il II I :.. I : . .. .'..... ! block UP the mouths of till- Danube, bv Oil shore, all Ihu men mill lnir.nk..iu.i-l.l
" -v-.-. ..,. i-jjvHcac, as regards tho channil, it has been re-'worn irom Mcotthburg, the place of it, na. ' " '.'.,. """'."""" , ' cvu' ,x y"'""vrt
of the .teamer Washington, for a ,,0.ant ' marked bv ouo of the 1.11 igatot., that " it J ""O- ) I oven ohsc.vo ,., your thiul " ..rZ!," ,"i" . I . 1) .1 1 !!-' "V "''C'-'1' "f, 'T'TrVni 'i "". "ral A"L
jaunt tho other da v. from tho lour r in. 1 ,- -'i , , .1 .1 1 number that the; SeotU.m-crs uu ind.diteil ' '. " (,M Rm ', '" ,,u "' ",r"u forcom- 1 ho hail of Lichfield is dead.
UDDcrfauboun' K 1 , " asu"1 m"rlrd ns ,l ',a,,,wa' '""-'" t their neighbors of C o , aV kee '" ''' l'a" '" "-Igaiiii, and l-KANCE.
upper faubourg. JTio M aibington has been tho wood. It certainly has been considered ; lllclI1 aiv,. .Slllq, CC,J '",,,!. ". "' anxnr to raise (1U IJayah populalion, Tl.o first division of thu .'ranch army,
repaired, and newly painted, and ve under. 'quito unnecessary, by a Hoard of Couunis- expected to meet with 011 the I'lmNiun nml l,r?BIetIf,,K "," ",u "'"'position Krdafal, under Gen. Caurolicrt, left Marseille j ou
standsho intends making a trip to Coosa doners created for that purpose, to c-staWM,'' 'ore it has taken me, although ,,.', old "! " '?; i":'''1 V-0!'-VJ'r "1'S0I, n ll'u.,!",, f,."i ,,l, ,:1!Ht; .... . .
Bay, as soon as the weather w-ill riprr-lr .. 1 -i . r .1 1. 1 1 -ai or, gieatly bv Mirnrise I nK-ivs , ,rK l,roI""","i f " 1 "rkihli force, thus A pamphlet entitled Tho ituv s on of the
e weather w,il regular pdots, so few aro tho obstacles, and JS' li"S tho country behind comparatively Map of Europe, has best,, suppled uj
vW-Tho Sloop Mioksiiaw, which ,v.s s I"aib-nmrked. tMowt iml ,,, ,, ; , I imddende.l. o.dur ol Hm Govynuient
Imnched at Mill Creek ou Satu rd.v lit ch might wo say in favor of our bar- J Ml Cook., and felt b.4,ed .0 oven keep ." ', ,ct ,0" lad ",,(e" l'lc h nc previous 1'Al... "DIMA.
. ., , vuv,au" oitiumamt,' " J mv hand nreltv near in v i.nrsi.t advices. I'riucu Luciun Ibnutpsrlo had luten ror.
rame up to this place on Saturday last, to I Jor;,hut tl"'Q "'1 Mco ; prevent us, a least V' JJJ. ""KH j - A powder-mill at Shumlit had blown up. illally received by ,1,.! King f .Saruii.
rerciro somo finishing touches. Capt. ' for tho Chint' from fe'f"" inl" ti,p fa,,,Jcct' tslb, I helieru Scolt.sliurr is ofli boi.ud iNo lhmZ$e V' "" Tl'" ,,fi,lco l""1 0,,B ," iMl1""-
John H'ai.kki. I...r ....- .i ... ! M'c arc iinnrcssed with its imnorlauco. W'o'in ..n .,!,.,, I v : '.1....1. Gen. Sir J. HurL'nviio rind Col. Ardant Tho M.tvur ol (ieiioabnii ismied n nirru.
For tho I'mpqua Weekly llnzette. '
Tlio IJiiipiiuu It Ivor.
Much has our river hcen misrepresented
and traduced by inimical interests and pre
judices; yet our enemies cannot conceal
the fact, that our advantages -ire daily be
coming moro apparent, and that tho public.
cannot bo much longer Kept in Ignorance of
. . -..'
jer having in view the geographical posi.
iotutni.ia, nas uccn ovenuoKcu; anti mo
ony stream that penetrates tho Const '
Range with unvigablo waters, lags behind,'"'! " commcniiatloii ol .Mr. Uiailiwcl.
nim rem una uiiiiniii'uu.
' -!.1l .. ,t., .?.... I.. I. .. f...s. .J.. ,
Stittll l"iiiiv 'miipi n.- is.ii in t r 11 i (mm
. . .- . .1 . 1
k.iri.iiliiiiii In tliki .lilriilii..! lilt
"'" .. .v, ..v,
worst danger yiurcj Mngrr is removed;
-itil 11 hinu f !t'tf tho liMin i. n.itf ti Iidii mmi '
..... .. ....--. ...... ... ........ .. j.,.- .. ,.v .. ...... (
... . , 1.1 I vui.ii ..I ...... j...
' ii . 1. ... 1-. .. .. 1 . rt n i' 11 n'L 11 1 'ir ii' n pn i 111. .... .. .. ... . . ... i . . . . ..
V . - . . ..........,..-, ... in 11110IMI. II I 1MIIIII IIL-ni'l. 1
"" .... p.......... , "1,.., ,' ,, ., r . 1
ow t.Vv did it." The old humbugs l j "V J"1" "" "r. , M ,0,,u'r UvUl "lUr
oumourrent. and cork-screw .IdieslilX-t
t .,.i.u...i ti ,...-...... ;i ii,... " .
tkW I'vwti v.invuvin tiv iiMisiati mi-
woatlu'r i favorable, now ateors his b.wki ;is
confulentlv for tho entrance as .iboldca-,
uaierpoiuts fora lock. Qmiiatid by quill!
Steady, to! mid he is safe.
Steady, to ! and ho is safe. i
,.,. , , . i ,i i ,i , ,
Although we do not clnm the depth if
water that the Columbia has, yet wo ohould
be unwilling to eNchange, and take its
twenty odd miles of " ilangerous naviga-
lion ltween the outer bar and a ha, .
. - . m
bor, lor the ixlra two fathoms, llio ilnn.
.1 t. -.I.l-I-.-
gers ol llic Uinivqiia lie in uiu uar nionc
a Uort ouo-ui-'hth of a mile, ami llio pas-
r wi i .i . ...
P.IVH- U wfe. Mo know what bar bar.
tors ore, nd would rot represent them as
b-ing free from dangers. The old shcle
tons nlon" our beach would faldfv tlit
,t. From tho resting-place of the
. , . " ' ,
ato to Kil.nnook Iteail,
ribs and knees, and arms of victimized
neonf. PPiff. rm.1 limnni. Imni H.n
-v ...-. - v-,
(" '" ". "- w-i.J'l-- ..w-...
ilistmico over llio bar bflnrr so nl.f.rf. .111.I
CT '
''10 ""at 8ai,tJ ,'v''lC', so nt'ar l!:at ''" '.v a"" .1
.1 .I...II .."l. .1. 1 I ! '
,n's"ap " vessel tuouiu hinac, suo wouiu
soon huavoup beyond the reach of tho sea,
a,1(' t" crcw wa" shoro dry-footed, and
in most cases the cargo be taken out un
damaged. knov l!,nt t!l UP'I" " "- -' .
,,lc' 0 commuriicatioii between llio valiox.
of Southern Oregon ami tho woild without,
and that their interests are outs. A perma
nent settlement of our Indian dilliculties, 11
completion of tli wagon road, which our
counllT ""-'ghbors liavo so nobly begun,
!nni'r '-alls coming dm: from Sail Fran.
cisc0 ,jy regular steamers when these ,
1"'J3 nave como to pass, our history will
begin to brighten, and our onward march
to prosperity bo rapid ml glorious. Sec
tioual differences will wither boforo tho uu
ovitablo decision of Commerce, and peace
and order bu established upon a permanent'
basis. Unity is Mrength.
If wo may beiievo tho cenuw. ovorv fifth
peiBon in tho United State owns a,
and ovcry tenth a dog.
lT.Mi'uiv County. May 1 1. ltf.rl.
Mil. Ennou: I .egret to perceive that
v Boino mistake tho proeceolugs of the
iiv roiiio mitnl.o tint proceei
Whig Convention, lield at Elkton on tho
10th but., are not correctly published In
your paper.
In nno of the resolutions passed on that
occasion, tho Whigs piofcsH nut to lie gov
erned in tin choice of county ollieer.s bv
paity considerations; yet, by the published
proceeding", it appears their nominees me
all Whigs.,
I'rum this it would appear that tho Whigs,
he their opponent, puifcss principles they
iioniuiees were well Known Democrats,
The Convention iiotui.iaicd Samuel S
"'" V "';'";) ,""' 1-,u,,1Hl'V1l ', ". V'", ''"'
""""","-Vl I . hiii.uirk'Uciii.:
r I'rosecuiiug Attoiuey ; but in the pub
iH,ed proceedh.g.the name of JcsoAp
Hnhed proceedings the name of Jew At
peg-it is mhnituied for tint of .Mr. Mann,
-iv, ' M ,. ,.. , ,.i .1.. .1 mm.
I. . .. 1 I. . ..I : l s' .1 .1
ip( ih il ll'IiH IC!IIII1 II II II I til llU'ir (Mill.
!..iii,.i , .ii. '".'' ",,,r ""'!'
altll lilt III M llllelirii III 111.. III
1 ... .
viilelice ol Hie re-mcct III
I...I.I 1... .1.. :. .'.II :... . . ,
tllv intended ollering an alte
thiiiili. ri(Iifr f It'iii iitifLfiaitiim f (i (Ii.. 1 1
g-. j . ........ , rr.aiiii hiv lyiiiivr
..rni.. tiirlf 11..I it I.:.... .. I. . I I I
. .- - ',"y: .'""
Si or riiiruo. .Mav l!. Itt.'if,
Mu.KniTei;. I wasery i.uicli iurpricd
';!' rV " "r .i''""mu,''i'iti''" J ,-M'- Al-
I'b't'Hte, haiidwl t u by you In-fore pub
,l(!lllll,t ,, ,;.,, 11IVM.,-'cdlvd upon as
Secretary of the Co iveutiou to explain the
.oiror, if there i one
Mr. Mann received
the iioi.iiuatiiiii
r... II. ..I...... I... I.... !
7 7' ZZIZZ"! .
.: .; . . it.... :. i . . .. i
uu i .uir.iiu wiiue ru.'iiii
(1(. ,,l 0t accept, Jcmo Apphgate ollereiil
f..l....... .1 II. I. ..-.,. . .. Ill
-----i .... iiiiiii'mi nun hi i,ii-r
" "'i.uiiiu mu i.iieno.iie uir Jtiilge,
JIr ;M,',n" u"' "ot "'cept. and Air. Apple in th" ice. from Croustadi t.i Swes'.rg
S'lle namu was inu'rted in his ftead. As n llio V!d of .March, thu Grmnl Duke t u-
(li,ar,K.MT: nmi,ule,..)( ,,, Ik! .,,,.. ,.K.C, . c,( , MclMORlof.
J u;,s j.roposed by Mr. Applegate, and n- ' The G'ulfs of liollmi.i ui,.t !inlnd h. rp
jected by tint Convention, on the gi mud 'mil covend wilh ice.
l'lll' WiIfc tlu-ii tliu tiomlnvc- if Hie Oerno-1 A force of y.lMiO itiiskiaus is on tho
1!!. .? , .'''"l T ' ",,,!,,I.Ju,,"' 1;,ml I
'I was uruleiatnoil by myi-eli and others '
that we would not ncouimeiid anv one fftr1
l'roiccuting Attorney, but leave it blank
Ulld that U till ru.'lSOII wIlV Mr. Child wlck'u
""" '"J, " "W" "' '"" ean.l,.
dates published, outs, .renpeelfnlly.
, j ii V'mwi r
i j. n. s-wn i.i..-.
. !.-.. f fHl. .. ir.... t. .
, ..... , .
.......,.,,., -' i . Ilfl) ,
l.eibarw. the crv was not Sr,l.l.r.,
, .. .,,.-, ..iv t.i twin 1101 aewvmri!.
I never, Mr. Editor, believed beloie but
nl nn American was home nui.ii.kii.s-
it now I begin to doubt it
Here is now thu l'miiut Wnkln dinette
come, out, and at .Scnttsburg, and certain,
ly, in my bumblu opinion, it is will w 01 thy
of patronage. Hut out it comes, and ho
lar as 1 h.ivu looked into its column-, r.ot
"J. '"j"" !'ul thl. llw """'? ' "'!
, - .i.viu i) on iniiioi in my
oj iuion but that tlu entranuo to llio Cmp.
4Ult llill IJI'l'II IIll4IITllikllllllil llllil 1 H.J...I.I
most humbly ic.icfeent to tin, Kdltor f r.i 11 ' 1 Vi ' "' narrowest ,ou.t
lh...'ftr, that' now or never i ' the , K"1." "'' " will bo completed
to go al.eiul. Tl.o Adu.iniHtrMioii of -Mr ''r0 ,,""' '""'," '" ,''' Ih k'"' lmcwl
l' I suppose will be lib, r..l, ,,., wl,i . "''"';' to Adnanoph,.
they nro in power, and feel in .!. humor, I ! . :'", ,'?"",'. T'ff " ,,T",nro ln. ,MI ,ri"
.......1.1 :.... .. .1. ...... ' fi. 1 veil lieele ml., llu. I nr'i jl. m.ri .... !....
" !-... is.ii, nun 4 tttJUlll
...luei jiui ,ihK niu i-resi lent to uenil ,. 1 . .1 . , ' .
r vi'uel hero to examine tin. harbor. If l,,jr '" U,T '"if"''1 "i,,,'?01' !ra,,l'..aml at
.Mr. Keren can nflhnl to send a fleet t,,,""' 'f'"10 ,alt,;l"' pay asTuikish ollicorsof
Japan, ho can surely (.end n single vessel
I., ii... it....,....-, r.i 11 1 . .
... ..... w.urU4, nnu kiioiiiii no not no so,
ho m not tho man I took liim for. Ameri.
cans before Jnpanese, always.
Probably, Mr. Editor, I Imvo been ton
severe in my remarks on the Scottsburg
gentlemen. If I hnvo btci. so, I mus! I111111.
biy cr.ivo their pardon. I have considered
over my remarks on Sc.ottid.urg mid u
supporters. IVtlmps tho merchants and
proprietors aro not posses. -I of my hUwM
of impuuence, and do not like to show off
in tho (Juzctte; but I can iissuro you that
oven with all my brass, I never could h.wj
Iwallicd tin to tho mark, unions I had ills
Wwd In .Vui good nnturcd countenance
I tho assurance that nn, thing, however badly
inv norm ... . ....(, M, - -
wiitteii. would be leoelved, no long as it
tended to hIiiivo Undo Sam ahead.
Your fiiiiud,
A P.issuit llv at SroiTMitmn.
Yiim vi.l.v, O. T., Muy 11,1851.
.Mu. Iliii i on: I beg leave, tlnoiigh the
medium of your paper, to correct an error
which I peiceive in the publication of the
proceedings of tho Whig Convention, liuld
at Elhion on the Kith iust. Samuel S.
iMauu was the nominee of that body for
tho olllcoof Judge of 1'iobate, and not my
self. Ily mailing the corn'clion. you will do
an act of justice to bolli patties,
Very icspcul'ullv, yoiiis, Aru.,
"Ai'.xU'Sl Xows Vimmu Vlul',.,.
l.utor from ilit AMitiillc SCUei.
(I'iii I'orl Orford, in wlnuu r ii' fr ,).ril)
I.omion, March 'J'.1.
I'onr IVeucb hliiiis of war, under tint
command of Admiral Dcnehcnes.lmve nailed
fiom Toulon to join Napier's Heel in llio
lulli?. I lie hliipi M'lit are the Aii'li ilit,
100 guns; lie) llercul.', Diiguehclin, anil
Sir (Mimics N.ifier, in lliu Htenm fiigitu
' :nori
I I . 1 I .1
alorous, arrived at (.op.nihagcu 011 the
..... '
1... ' 1...I1 .!. 1. i .' ....1.
Imntw 1 J I 1 ivivn lri mi. I 1 II) I nrl
... "
'" '"'"" "r .'inri-rioei., 111111 uini uu- out,
... !.... I M......:o .. I .l.. .1... i". .
iieiaeiunenl is expecteii in raris in a weeK
or ten d.ivs from the present .lal..."
let el .pr.l or er iniiiu alter.
iieiaeiunenl is expectmi m I'aris in a weeK
The publication of the M'cret corrnsioud-
fiice lias increased Hie good feeling toward
' Kugkiud.
tiii: iiu.Tic
' 'l"'l Nn;KT, lU-t arrived nt
Ingo hiiuiid on llio I Mb of March, all
well. It is mated that the iVignles and ves-
UeN of the hecond clas will enter llio lint,
'lie b the imtititl, anil the larger r-sils bv
I.I... !!.... II.. I. !!... ! I! 1. .11... l..
the Great Hell. Tim Ctigl'mli ships bate
applied to engage mty I'mmUti pilots, at
'"'"i'""iv i
.-smiicimimio iniuiiiu).
The Swedish paiM'rs rcimrt that HO.OOl)
! - I ".If.. .( . . I I
'ii.iiii nruruii loveu in e.umng n phi.hi.-i
W " '" H- .nrn.ii nt .
I he commaiiiler of the troops nt Kcvil had
proelaiined Hint probably the town would
be buiubarileil by the l.tigbfii and !i-nc-li.
omen anil chililreii were therefore adviti.d
to quit tlio eitv
tiii: iil('Ksi:a.
Tlie llritihkteaio r liiiiutis.mid I'rencb
steamer N'- ".h .", bad been near enough lo
kilrtchuig chains across Ihu liver.
I .-fii.-is!ii -l to t-1- a li.ioni exleinleil acroH'lhat iiumurotis eikvli on thu stocks arn
1 .,1. ';, , ., ... ., '" ' ' --"""-o -..--
, ' ' , l, m" Ml" "l ,,,,3'-'",,i,a ,lml', comiijiu-nl for embarkation,
y' ','.1 W""' r"or,'.v '"'"t'.'r llio lilack A case, bearing some reneiiibbuico to thn
Sea. I wo ships of war were id- tJntdiuer cne, has occurred in London.
so nt lleycoH, and threo others were ex
).n tin; uam'si;.
To the present time, thu Russians have
made no formal attempt to tako,
traced tho'nl r. an iSS'I!,' fr. . IT
traced tho plan of an inlreiiched camp on
qu.d grade
A proclamation (fritrnh) of the Sheil;.
iii-iBimo, KJiienii'j tnojiiiHlloll 01 IIIOt;illU-
tiaiiM, wiw daily expecteii I'rcqueiit con
leriiucea had taken placo on tho subject of
granting equality of civil rights to tho
It was reported that tho oxpoit of gold
from Jtussia was proliibitil.
A report of tho captuio of a Uussiati
convoy, with trensuru to pay tlio troops nt
Knrs, was reported at Cmibtantimiple.
Faud EfJ'endj bad arrived nt Janina,
..1 1. 1 ... 1 ... .. ... ' .. .. ..
. I..... rni.irr. u .......... r.i.i.. ..a. ..I.. .......... ...ftui... I ... ..I. . ..
charged with povvor to deal wllli tho Hi.
Hiirrecllun. His first act on nriivnl was to
ginut a general mniiusty, mid tit remit part
of tho taxes J his next to send n messenger
to Athens to demand mi explanation from
lliu (Sreek Government.
Although mime rcstlcHinoss Is still appa
rent, tho insurrection may bo considered as
Parliament, on Fiiday, tho (7lh, had un
der disciiHtlnu a mollon by Mr. Gibson, to
nddresH the (iueeii, praying her MnjiiMy lo
give speclul lustrilcliuns to tho olliccri or
Uriliuli ciuiiem, to nbctaiu from iiilerferlng
vvitli neutral vessels on account of aiiy
goods, not contraband of war, that they
may have on boaid ; ami to direct the .Mlu
Utry to consider the policy of entering Into
treaty slipulatious with foreign couutiius oq
the piluciplo llmt free hhipi. nluill makofreo
goods, and (lie neutral Hug ;iw lienHxlity
to the caigo. Mr. GIIikouh oluecl was tu
ill lino tlio hou'lio , of 1 1 1 it it in with rtKiiect
to neutrals. Uu strongly urged the lion-
exeielm 01 llio power ol hearehing iieutrnl
miiiih iui 1 ni iiiy 1 iiiMriv 1 1111 'HCWIon
ol llio 1 jlit nf MMrci., had alrcudy enigod
lliitaiu in war. " ...
."-r. .-
.Mr. Homl'iill, In sucomling lint motion,
rnllcil Hie Mllemen, of Oovvrnuipnt t tho
luiiiliiil Milijecl ol jiiivnleerin;,' mid lutlcfs
! ol innrli.
I.011I John lusil renlied thnt it was tlm
intention of lliu ioernmuiil to niUWu tlio
'.i. . -.--,
' . t 1 1 1 . t, t .
Crown b-loru liostilliinn tooh place, am I lie
i. . . . I
Mr. Ilrlght obevcd lint Lord John
Itussell liad taken no notice of tho latter
I r .1.. .... ...... .1 . . .
, pilli 01 Hie llioiioo, lliu IlliporilltlCU III MIHCII
as reipecled Hie Ciiileil Slates of Amurlcn,
lie prvsrvil ury strongly upon the Govtrii
Lord John ft tinsel ndmiltcd tho great lm
por'r.ucii of the 'ul'ject.
Mr. Gibson then withdrew Ids motion.
On the liOtli, in the Coinmoiit, Mr. Kin
iiainl put the following iitiuilioii.
In what statu thu corre.r.oudencn Im.
' tweeii the llritl.h niu M'liitvt State (Jov.
'ernuient.. with reftreiice to colored ... anion,
h-uig subjects, on tlio eel to
winch thev belutiL' nnivinif l n i.nrt Iimin-
of the Soiitheni Sl.iled, being impriiuned
an account of their color, now is; and
r .1 " .1 ... . P , . .
whether thero woulil be unv objection to
lav the eonesiiuiiileuco unoii the tablu of
.t' II ...
.-" li-jy-.i :
j l.oni John UuwM!. la r.-ph, tht
, ihrre hail Ix'eu arwit iWsj ni curiuinond.
rWe. mI Ur,.McWcTOrrWW'
' Ge.t. i .nl ( arolmn v.lrh would io,u
L j .iitu viTti.1. Uu tiiougut it was
butter not to produce thu corrchpundcuce,
nopes were enterlaine, thai tier., would
bu a great improvement in the Legislation
, of thu States lie had mentiomd.
I I Im newspaper aro crowded with re-
purls of thu pri'iiaratioiiK going on at thn
..mum Hiivjr vnrn ami gnrritoni. i im
sul lance ol all these is, that several ships,
ol-war have Miiled, and others on tint
point of nailing to reinforce llio ll.illic tli-ct;
1 1) in Hie artillery arm being nttcmblcd
Frederick ilu Molvns. foriuerlv a rnernber
of I'arliaiueiit, was committed to piiiou on
a charge of forging powern of attorney,
and obtaining J 1,500 from tho Hank of
' IJugl.nid. living uuablu lo procure bail,)
lar, requesting thu citizens to forward to
him thu names of all who fell in 1HIH-1,
fighting for Italian Independence, It is in.
tended to register thy nnincj ou a inonu.
incut to bu erected in tho Civic Palace.
Tho Imtrimulriri: r'c leariiH fioiuTu.
rin that thu King has signed a deciee, sup.
picsing thu rich religious orders; and their
reveiiuu, thus obtained, will bu appropriaf
ted in pay thu clergy of thu poorer parish.
en, liilbeilo supported by the State. Tho
icidget will Hiu.s bu iclicved from a hurdun,
of IMlOjOOl) francs aununlly. Tlio .up.
prcsscti orders will icccivu compcusauon.
I'rom Merlin, Sunday I Dili, they writo:.
"II.iioii iMuuteuHer'srieecli to tint Cham-,
hers contained uu usjiiranco that (bu Prus
biau (loveiiuuent ii determined to viudicnUv
thu right of Prussia, under nil ciicumstnucer,
to co.opeiato in tho preservation of tlio
pence of Europe, but that Prussia does not
feel called upon in tlio sumo muasuro s
oilier nations, from her position, or naval
resources, to take uu autivo part In protcol-
.i.wi.-i, -111111M 11. innui', 111 rilMIU MIHOH Or
I........I ...... ... ....... 1 .1 .