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mkixj Oregon statesman.
The City and County.
From Daily of Saturday, May 25.
Attomrjfttral WIUIntaMt- Korenadvd.
Sprhcit, aad m Oeneral
IVood Time.
Last evening a little before ten o'clock
about one hundred sad fifty of General
Williams' personal frienda and constituents,
proceeded to tbe residence of Mr. E. N.
Cooke to serenade bis guest, and show in a
befitting manner their appreciation of him
as a statesman, gi-ntleinu aud geuul friend.
Arriving there, the
etationeii themselves inside the yard, be
neath the foliage of some grand old trees,
and pl;iyd a couple of beautiful pieces. At
the close the crowd begaa calling for
and in response he soon made bis appear
ance on -the porch and began an apology,
saying that owing to the fatigue of the day
aud a severe hoarseness he would out be
able tu speak at any length, only thanking
them for the honor they had done him in
thus calling upon him to address them. He
said that he had returned to this State part
ly on private business, and partly to talk
with the people in a good old-fashioned
way. He had now been in the State about
three week, and bad canvassed the south
ern portion of it, and had found the Re
publican party thus far working together in
a united, harmonious manner, fully re
solved to rescue the State from Democratic
misrule and corruption on Jane 3rd. He
said thut ho regretted to find
otherwise, owing to personal squabbles ; but
be hoped that when they met at the ballot
box they would lay such matters aside, and
with one united struggle roll np a round ma
jority throughout the entire State. The
coming election was not only uf local inter
est, but it was of national importance, and
he urged upon the friends of tbe party to
work together, and if old Marion would
only do her duty (as he felt assured she
would) one week from next Monday the
State would go Eepublieau by a handsome
majority. He alluded to our county as be
ing the
of the State, and be said that he felt
aured she would give her usual Republican
majority on this occasion a she baa always
done in the past. Again thanking the
crowd for the compliment paid him he said
he would talk to them to-day upon the po
litical issues of the times, and for the time
would ask to be excused, and to bid them
coon SIGHT.
Three cheers wera-tben proposed for him
which were given with a right good will
and echoed back from the bills of old Polk,
which seemed to say, "We will help you,"
and after the band had played two more
piece the crowd broke np, and each voter
went home resolved to do all in bis power
to swell tbe majority which Oregon will roll
up for Republican principles on June 3rd,
Reallt Essk.ytial. Realizing how of
ten local reporters are accused of deviating
from tb truth semi-nceasionally we copy a
portion of one of Mark Twain's lectures in
excuse for the habit. He said : " A re
porter has to lio a little, of course, or be
would be discharged. That is the only
drawback to the profession. That is why I
left it. I am different from Washington ;
1 have a higher and grander standard of
principle. Washington could not lie. I
can lio but I won't. Reporting is lancin
ating; but then it is distressing tu have to
lie so." Thcro now. Can yuu blame us
any? Especially when items areas scarce
as they are in Salem seven days in tbe
week. Jude not thatyebe not judged."
Grajd Excukhiuk ox the Foceth.
Following are the rates of faro to all points
and return i
Port- A Ho- Cas- Dal
land. toria. cades, lea.
From Eugene A ret'n 18.08
fJ.OO 9.00
7.50 . W.00
Halsev -Albany
Jefferson "
Marion . 44
Turner's 44
Salem "
Brooks 44
Oervals 44
Hulihard 44
Aurora 44
Orea-'nClly 44
Clackamas 44
S 00
a. -a
4. 05
5. is
Personal. We clip tbe following item
from yesterday's Orefouian- "Alfs"
Salem friends will without exception re
mark, " Them's my sentiments :"
" We learn that Mr. Alfred Belt, who has
been freight clerk oa the steamship line be
tween this port anal San Francisco, for the
last three years, has tendered his resigna
tion to the company, and is on his last trip
to this port, lie intends to engage in bon
nes in an Francisco. Mr. Belt is a young
man of very competent business bahila, and
has many friends whose good wishes attend
Pcblic Emteeprisc Joaos k Patter
son have just issued a well arranged circu
tar giving la a most concise manner somo
valuable information regarding our State
and its varied facilities encouraging emi
gration. They propose to circulate them
widely throughout the Eastern States, and
they will no doubt be of great service to
those desiring information regarding Ore
Cocsitt Orrics Casoibatks. These gen
tlemen after a vigorous campaign in the
northern portion of our State returned Inst
evening. The Republicans were in excel
lent spirits and reported everything in the
political by -out in the most tattering cod
Xo Great 1.vkeX. O. A. Brown came
down from Albany last evening, and
porta that he bad drives all the Iadiaua
away from that place, and that there was
no eaase for alarm in regard to the recent
report of imall pox in that vicinity.
MARBian. 0or friend W. II. Barr and
Miss .Sadie Cromwell were married last
Thursday evening at the residence of and
by Rev. S. C. Adams. May their future be
a pleasant one.
From Daily of fiumlcy May 2(5.
Fro SoL Tnuaa Ousos. We were talk
ing with our friend J. G. Holbert, yestcr
day, who had just relumed trow an ex
tended tour throughout the southern por
tioil of our State"; and be says that bnsi-
nesi ne sit loeked livelier nor crop bettor
thai they do at tbe present time. Fall
wh at is now twe feet high, and a very
larf e amount uf it sowa, which gives the
most Battering promise df an unusual large
vivid. lie wtat a bent 0 miles) Swath of
uiene, and says the railroad is being
pushed rapidly forward, and a very large
fordo of men and teams basily engaged.
The country is settling np very fast, and
the settlete between Eageae aad Oakland
are expecting a large immigration during
tbe ensuing season. Tbey bar advices
fro n many Californiaas, who have become
disialisfied with that State, owing to its
lont and withering dry seasons, and eon
template comiug to Oregon at an early day.
lie says that he has seen some of tbe finest
" land hs ever laid eyes on, during his trip
and Wits much surprised to see it to thick
ly iettled. New towns -are riogiog np in
different portioas of the' State, and aew
stores are found at nearly every cross road
doi 14 a thriving busiaass, as money seems
pic Bty aud credit, rarely asked for. Farmers
an busily engaged in making Improve-
acuta around their houses. Mr. Holbert
noticed oae thing In psrticulor, an.d that
wak thai the settler of that neighborhood
seetiM'd more metropolitan In their ideas
ant erected good and substantial, as well
tasteful residences aud out houses, white
their fences and general improvements
seemed to resemble those seen in the East
ern States quite as much or more than those
seep ia our immediate vicinity. Tbe wool
elijf has been abundaut and nearly all dis
posed of at fiiir prices.
The following questions were submitted
to the Committee on tbe Btato of the Order
at tbe recent session of the Grand Lodge
of Oregon, and they made tbe accompany
ing report, which was adopted. We have
room this morning for only a part of the re
port, but will furnish the rest of it in our
next issue. Reporter
QuESTioa Ko. 9. Has the N G a right to
refuse a visitor admittance who is in pos
session uf a traveling card, tbe AT P W
and the P W of tbe 6th Degree? "
Answer. .If the visitor it not posted in
"the work" of the order to the satisfaction
f the Ex. Com. he should be refused ad
(Juestio-X No. ID. Is it necesaary for a
Lodge to give a written pledge to the R W
G M to abstain from the use of intoxicating
beverages on any public demonstration after
the R W G M baa issued a general proc
lamation to all Lodges to celebrate the oc
casion in any manner they tee Jit f
Amswer. A written or verbal order is re
quired at any such celebration. , But we
question the propriety of a G M issuing a
dispensation "to eelebrato in any manner
members may see proper."
Quxstiox No. 11. Is a P V G who is
elected to fill vacancy as N G entitled to
the P G Degrees, his predecessor who was a
P G having served the majority of the
term T
Ahswer. He is.
. Quxstios No. 12. Hasan Investigating
Committee a right to examine an applicant
for membership either by card or certificate
of dismissal as to bis knowledge of the Or
der? And in case he knows nothing about
it must they report "unfavorable ?"
Answer. It is tbe duty of the Investi
gating Committee to investigate the appli
cant's character and fitness for membership.
The Examining Committee must do the bal
ance after hit election.
Qcestiox No 13. Is there any Inw re
quiring tbe Warden to pass tbe Ballot Box
to the V G and Sec'y when voting for can
didates ?
Asswer. There is not
Questiox No. 14. If a member is elected
on deposit of a card without the A T P W,
or any order for the same, has the N G
power to order bis came entered as an An
cient Odd Fellow ?
Axswer. No. In such a ease a brother
should ask for admittance as an A 0 F
without depositing his card.
Qi'ESTiox No. 15'. Can a lodge discrimi
nate in the admission of members by do
nating the whole or any part of the initia
tion fee. Is it right for a Lodge to donate
a member's fee, except in ca.-es of sickness
or misfortune T
Axsweb. No, to both questions.
Questiox No 16. Has an N G the right
to declare a motion to excuse a member for
non-attendance at a funeral out of order?
Axswer. He has not, unless such mo
tion was a violation of a By-law of the
Questiox No. 17. Has a Sub. Lodge
the right when opened in the initiatory de
gree to request a dispensation to confer tbe
Degrees in less time than prescribed by law,
or uuist such application for a dispensation
proceed from tho Lodge when opened in the
particular Degree applied for?
Axswfr. It must come from the Lodge
when opened in the Initiutury Degree.
Qrr.sTiox No. IS. Is it the duty of the
N G of a Sub. Lodge to ballot for Degrees
the evening of application ?
Axsn ER. It is.
Qi estiox No. 19. Can a brother who
has withdrawn from a lodge for the purpose
of forming a new one, after such new one is
in working order again rejoin bis former
Lode in another way than by petition and
payment of the usual fees?
Axswer. We know of no other manner.
Qtestiox No. 20. When a person ap
plies for membership in a Lodge other than
that nearest his residence, should the per
mission of tbe Lodge nearest bis residence
accompany bis petition ?
VAxswf.r. It should.
Qcestiox No. 21. What construction
should Sub. Lodges place upon tree, lfi.13
in the Digest of the M W (i L of U S ?
Axswer. We understand this Inw to ex
clude all edibles or beverages (except water)
from tbe Lodge Room either before, during,
or after Lodge meetings.
Questiox No. 22. Can a visiting card
be used to gain admittance to a Sub. Lodge
in tho jurisdiction where it was issued when
the brother holding the same is not in pos
session of tho current P W ?
Axswkr. Yes.
From Daily of Tuesday May 2S.
SrsTOAT A mom a the Waldo Hills.
Last Sahbath we took occasion to visit our
old friend Ralph Gecr and take a little spin
among the Silverton folks. The day was a
beautiful one and the recent rains had both
laid the dust causing tbe adjacent woods
and fields to appear fresh and green. The
erops along the road looked remarkably
well. Arriving at Mr. Geer's we were
treated in tbe most hospitable manner and
after a sumptuous repast such as only his
worthy lady can provide we were shown
around his most excellent farm consisting of
about 640 acres. He came to this country in
1847 and purchased his present home
stead the year following giving $600 for the
ssme. To-day it is worth over $5 an acre,
and is as fine a farm as can be found in Ma
rion county. He has about 300 acres un
der cultivation, and nearly the same amount
ploughed up and stocked down. He has
about 20 head of horses, 50 head of cattle,
and about 600 head of sheep. His stock is
of the finest quality, and is looking re
markably well. He has not commenced
shearing his sheep yet, but the yield of
wool promises to be very large. Tbe pros
pects for fruit, however, are very slim,
cherries, plums aud pears having been
nearly all killed by the late frosts. Some
of his pear trees, which for the past fifteen
years have never failed him, to-day have
have not a sign of fruit apex them. His
grapes are looking finely, however, and ow
ing to his extensive orchards he will hare
fruit sufficient for his- own use, which is
more than many orchard owners can say.
He showed us the first Bartlelt pear tree
that had ever been brought into Marion
County, and remarked that it had brought
bitn in over $150. It must pay to raise
fruit at these figures. Leaving his residence
about four o'clock we drove on to Silverton
and fognd tbe little burg looking as calm
aod peaceable as though never a word had
been said about her political corruption, and
before sunset of Jane 3rd our Dolly Varden
friends will. Cod she will wheel into line
with a huge majority for the Republican
ticket. Arriving home at an early hoar ia
the evening we felt highly pleased with our
day's recreation.
Avotpjkr Victim. J. B. Robinson, the
well knowa overseer on seolion Ho. 11,
after1 Ittiag up our depot side tracks in an
excellent manner, aod getting his section
ia complete trim, capped the climax Sunday
by entering into a life partnership with
Miss E. Pottorf, of Howell Prairie. Oh
well, 'tis but human we suppose, and with
all who know him we wish him much joy:
Coapca CanisTi. Next Thursday, May
30th, the Cathode Church celebrates the
great Feast of Corpn Chritfi, fn commem
oration of tbe Adorable Sacrifice and Sacra
ment. This being a holy day of obliga
tion, all who eaa, are bound, under pain of
mortal sin, to abstain from work and hear
Mass. Those who are to situated as to be
uoable to abstain from work must at least
bear Mass.
Cxiveksitt Adiiresb. We find the fol
lowing paragraph in tbe Oregoniau of yes
terday ; Colonel B. B. Taylor, editor of
the Herald, has received and accepted the
invitation to deliver the annual address be
fore the literary societies of the Willamette
University, on the 25th of next month.".
From Silktjs. Recent advices from this
Reservation report only four cases of small
pox and they not dangerous. Therefore
our eitixent seed have no fears of this
loathsome disease from this section of tho
Burglars Agaix. These light-fingered
gentlemen still furnish ns with an occasion
al item, and ply their nefarious trade just
often enough to keep our citiiens on tbe
constant look-out. But in spite ol this they
manage to make a haul quite often. The
most recent thing ol . this kind happened
last Saturday afternoon. The family of
Mr. L. T. Woodward loft their house about
wo o'clock, carefully locking the doors ;
and to make assurance doubly sure, nailed
the windows down securely. They did not
return until late at night, and on entering
the bouse perceived no signs of its having
been broken open. But Soon one of tbe
iidy boarder having occasion to go to her
room on the upperftoor found her trunk br-
keuoeu and the eouienls thrown arouud the
room with more regard to display than taste.
Her fears were instantly aroused, and wilb
the usual precaution of ber tex she glanced
under the bed to find the intruder. But
failing in this respect she proceeded to as
certain ber loss. This on examination
amounted to only about ten dollars
which she bad stowed away in her trunk.
Boxes were opened and toilet articles
thrown around loose ; but a considerable
sum of money which ws in her room , es
caped notice or else the thieves were scared
away before having time to examine all.
Another room was entered but nothing
missed. The person whoever he was had
broken one of tbe panes of glass, thus
gaining access to the nails which held tbe
wiudows down and which were easily re
Miss MehTig, the great pianist, leaves
San Francisco for Portland to-day.
Lots of people in town yesterday, but
Dolly Vardens were scarce.
Friedman's corner was used for varied
purposes yesterday. Van-ious matters, from
an auction down to an exposition on worms,
were on hand.
Young men who aim high in the matri
monial line are advised to ascend Mt. Hood.
Portland locals are eudeavoriug to create
a MSusaiion over a n;iir ot tioitis touod on the
sidewalk, and mysteriously asks "Where is
the man ?" We give it up.
Have you secured a ticket for Miss Meh-
lig's Grand Concert? If not, wo advise
you to do so.
C. W. Scriber has been elected Assistant
Superintendent of the South Salem school
in the place of L. L. Rogers, resigned.
Columbus Brown has issued 30 life in-
suranse polieios during the last three weeks.
Delegates for the S. S. Convention at Al
bany start up this evening.
John Dayton ol this eonnty has been pro
nounced insane and will be sent to the
State Asylum this morning.
Only shout forty pounds of freight were
received at this depot yesterday.
Ralph Geer bas two cows of the short
horn stock which yield half a barrel of milk
daily. He has refused $200 for either one.
We walked over on the new foot bridge
yesterday noon.
Can't we get up a procession of "plug
nglies" on the coming Fourth. What say
you, boys?
Ye local on the Mercury was seen hunting
arouud in the hrusb of blast alcin lor items
Sunday. What luck. Miles ?
Edgar A. Brown left on Monday morn
ing to take charge of a telegraph office eu
Vancouver's Island.
Henry Stiles has concluded to try a Mor
mon's lifo. He left forfait Lake City Sat
urday morning. t
John Morrissey, the gambler and
prlze-tigHter, lias come out strongly in
favor ot Greeley's candidature.
Ex-President Fillmore is spending
his oltl age in rctined leisure and com
fortable affluence. His health is good,
but he takes little active .interest in
public affairs.
Next to the Tichborne case, that of
Horace Greeley a the great free-trade
Presidential candidate inu-t hereafter
take precedence as one ot mistaken
"Poor Tom's a-coldl" Tom Fitch
has returned to Salt Lake trom Wash
ington, and has announced himself tor
Greeley against Grant. He says he
will stump Nevada for Horace.
One of our Western exchanges has a
caricature of spectacled Horace Gree
ley playing on a harp marked 'Trib
une." Underneath are the words
4-Ye Ancient Harpist Beguiling the
Innocent Democracy," singing
"Come ret in this bosom, my own stricken
The papers are publishing biographi
cal sketches of Horace Greeley. One
says : "We don't remember just where
he was born, but his death, being more
recent, we know all about. It occurred
at Cincinnati, O., Friday, May 3,
Of four hundred and eighty delegates
appointed so far by the Republican
State Conventions to Philadelphia Con
vention to Philadelphia, four hundred
and sixty-eight have been instructed
fur Grant. This is sufficient to nomi
nate him on the first ballot. It is wor
thy of remark that of these latter only
ten are office holders. The force of the
"Liberal"' outcry against the 44oiriee
holders' convention can be estimated
at its full worth in tlie face of this fact.
Tweertleduu) suid Tweedledee.
Chicago, May 23. At the confer
ence of Liberal Republicans and Dem
ocrats, held at Springfield yesterday,
the Republicans resolved to appoint a
State Central Committee and hold a
Convention on the 2t!th ot .June, to
nominate a State ticket. The Demo
crats adopted resolutions requesting
the Democratic State Central Commit
tee to call upon the State Convention,
which meets the same daj to appoint
delegates to the National (invention.
A proposition is on foot to nominate a
State ticket, aud the object sought is a
coalition on the ticket.
New York. May 23. The residence
of Bergh, in upper Koeheel. burned
yesterday. It is reported tltat $30,000
of l'. S. bonds were destroyed.
The Hoard of Indian Commissioners
is now in session at Filth Avenue Ho
tel. They liad a long conference lat
evening with General Walker, Com
missioner of Indian Affairs, relative to
the proposed sale of several Indian
The Methodist Conference to-day de
cided to hold the next session at St.
Friday next was appointed as tlie
day, and the Academy of Music as tlie
place, for the ordination of the new
Btokes AtTaiarned.
Stokes was arraigned to-day to plead.
His counsel, Johu McKeou, entered a
social plea, the contents of which
have not been stated, and tlie case was;
adjourned until to-morrow.
UoM Bid.
Five bids were made to-day for gold,
amounting to 15,000,000, at 113 to 114.
The amount tor sale is $2,000,000.
Terrible Tornndo.
CiNCrxXATi, May 22. A terrible
tornado passed over the country nortli-
east or trie city yesterday afternoon.
destroying a uum)er of houses and or
chards In its track, which was about
one-fourth of a mile in width.
Democratic Convention.
Louisvtllf, May 23. The Demo
cratic Convention of the second Con
gresslonal District of Indiana, met
yesteruay, ana nominated S. . Wells,
oi loyu county, lor Governor.
renin aw tonal .
Washington, May 23. Corbett
called up the bill to authorize auditing
of claims of Oregon lor suppressing
I.,. it.,,. I lor.r. ...!
which was discussed and laid over.
Schofield reported a bill for the con
struction of teu steam vessels of war.
iron or wood, as the Secretary of tlie
Navy shall decide, each to carry teir or
more guns of large caliber, appropria
ting ff3,000,000 for tliat purpose. The
vote on the bill was prevented by dila
tory motions liefore tbe House.
Went Vlrsrlnln Krpublk-Miisl Endorae
1 real dent tsrtuit.
Wheeling, May 23 The Republi
can State Convention of West Virginia
met at Grafton to-day and elected del
egates to the Philadelphia Convention
and adopted resolutions reaffirming
their loyalty, endorsing the Adminis
tration, condemning the Cincinnati
movement, instructing tbe delegates
to vote and work for the renomination
of Grant for President and recom
mending Senator Porneroy for Vice
Tbe ArlaiuisuM Bpputtllcstnsi Opposve
the Cincinnati FlaMonn.
Little Rock, May 23. The Re
publican Convention reafwembled to
day and nominated Joseph Brooks for
Governor. Tho Convention pa-wed a
long series ot resolutions, mostly de
voted to tlte condemnation of the op
posing faction of the Republicans In
the State in endorsing the Cincinnati
platform and the candidates, and de
claring they will notgnpiwi t tliem.
Severe Storm nt t'ortrpw Monroe.
FOKTKF.SS Monkof. May 23. Tin
region was visited yesterday with the
most violent storm which Ikis occurred
for many years. Many houses were
unroofed, orchards destroyed, aud
other damage done.
Mannlnarton ,
Virsrliila, destroyed
Wheeling, May 23. The greater
portion of the business part of Man
nington, Virginia, was burned this
morning ; loss about $180,000.
Washington. May 24. The House
on motion of Mr. Miiynard, appropria
ted $2,000 to reimburse the funeral ex
penses of Farragut.
On motion ofMr. Banks a resolution
providing for a Committee of live mem
liers with the Speaker and President,
authorizing them to sit during the re
cess to revise the Rules of tho House,
was adopted.
Bill granting to the widow of the late
Gen. Robt. Anderson a pension of $50
a month was introduced and passed.
The Senate -spent five hours on addi
tional articles to tlie Treaty of Wash
ington and then took a recess.
The precise diameter of tlie amenid
ineuts have not transpired, further than
all seek to accomplish the design of the
original article.
The Vie Pi-enidenry Indian Atliiir.
CHICAGO, May 24 A Washington
special says the attempt to place a can
didate lrom LVnnsylvanla oil the ticket
with Grant for V ice President has lieen
abandoned, owing to the failure of the
leading men of tliat State to agree upon
a man. The contest is admitted to be
between Colfax and Wilson, with the
chances thus far in favor of the former.
The Board of Indian Coinmisioncrs
yesterday awarded contracts to the
amount of $500.000 among others, to
H. B. Clarlin ; Dudley, Welling & Co..
and .Tohn Dobson. Commissioners
Burnett and Stewart were to-day ap
pointed to visit during tlie Summer
Montana and tlie Upper Missouri Agen
cy and Shoshone and Bannack Reser
vations. They will arrange for a coun
cil with the warlike Sioux on the I'p
per Missouri. Other contracts will be
Awarded tiext week.
Will or tlM Late Profrmtor Jlorse.
Nfw Yokk, May 24. The will of
the late Professor Morse was admitted
to probate. Dated February 27th, 1372,
leaves the bulk of his property to his
wife during her lite, and at her. death
to bet divided into eight parts, one of
which is to be appropriated to pay cer
tain legacies. His biographer to be ap
pointed by his Executors who arc to be
allowed free use of his books and pa
pers. His Trustees and Executors are
Tho. F. Walker, Utica H. Day and
Author Breeze.
Bontoa Oemocracy endorses Ureelvy.
Boston, May 24. The Tenth Dis
trict Democratic Convention to-day en
thusiastically ratified tho Cincinnati
platform and appointed Greeley dele
gates to Baltimore.
Lewis W. Clark, of Manchester, lias
lieen appointed Attorney General of
New Hampshire.
ItepubUran Convention at Arkanms.
Little Rock, May 24. The Repub
lican State Convention adjourned last
night, after putting up a full State and
Electoral ticket. The candidates for
Secretary of State and Superintendent
of the Penitentiary are -colored.
TheOnlonninl Exhibition.
Philahelpiiia, May 24. The Cen
tennial Commission lias fixed on Alien
ing the Exhibition on April Otli, 1S7.
Invitations Will lie issued to every na
tion to participate.
t onuniswionrr Edinonda Acquitted.
Detroit. May 24. The trial of C.
A. Edmonds, Commissioner of the
State Land Office of Michigan, by the
Senate Court of Impeachment, which
was concluded to-day, resulted in I he
acquittal of respondent from all char
ges. The Worklnimen nominate (irtinl.
May 24. The National Working
men's Convention, held to nomiuele
candidates for President and Vk-e
President met here yesterday and or
ganized by the election of Col. Gilibins
oi'Ncw York for ierniaiientChairinaiK
Several resolutions were then adopt
ed favoring a reduction of the National
lebf; the unconditioniil settlement ot
the Alabama claims; the enforcement
of the eight-hour law; a low rate of in
terest and National encouragement
to ship building.
I he New lork delegation recom
mended that President Grant be re
nominated. The Missouri flelegatiou
recommended Horace Greeley. The
ballot resulted as follows: Grant, 2lM;
Greelev. o. The nomination of (irant
was then made unanimous. Henry
Wilson was nominated for Vice Presi
dent. Thirty States were represented
by 210 delegates.
Wanted, a Ird,
New Y'okk, May 23. The Sheriff's
officers cannot find Gordon Gordon
nl ins Lord Gordon, etc., against whom
an attachment was issued yesterday in
a suit ot Jay Gould.
Conirreswiosial .
Washington, May 23. In the Sen
ate, Hamlin's resolution to expel the
reporter of the Associated Press was
referred to the Committee on Privi
leges and Elections.
Trumbull from tlie Committee on
Judiciary, reported without amend
ment the House bill repealing the re
quirement of an iron clad oath of of
fice, and the Senate bill to refund tax
on salaries of State and Judicial offi
cers ; also adversely to the House bill
to allow persons accused of crime to
testify in their own behalf in the U. S.
The House, in evening session, passed
the bill abolishing the grades of Ad
miral and Vice Admiral in the Navy,
and providing that vacancies in those
grades shall not lie tilled ; also the bill
providing that no officer on the retired
list of the Navy shall be employed in
active duty except in time of war.
Washington, May 23. The Senate
Finance Committee will complete the
tariff tax bill on to-morrow. The
door of their committee room is be
sieged by pcrsoils interested fn items
of the bill.
The Senate went into executive ses
sion of four hours and a halt on tlie ad
ditional article to tlie Treaty of Wash
ington, without coming to a conclu
sion. It has been ascertained that
comparatively few Senators wish to
participate in the discussion, therefore
it may be ended and the result reached
this week.
Toorheesj on the Mtnatlon.
'Terre Haute, May 25. D. W.
Voorhees addressed three thousand
persons in the Court House this even
ing on tbe present aspect ot political
affairs in this country. He explained
his recent speech in the House of Rep
resentatives at Washington, and
strongly opposed the indorsement ot
Greeley by tlie Baltimore Convention,
and advocated the nomination of a
straight Democratic ticket.
The Heuate Advlsiea a new Treaty Ar-
Washington. May 25. The Senate
this evening at 10 o'clock, after a con
tinuous executive session of nine hours,
by tlie requisite two-thirds vote'ad
vwtl the President to negotiate an ad
ditional article to the Treaty of Wash
ington oti tlie basis recently proposed
by the British Government, though in
form somewhat different from it, but
not altered iu principle ; the amend
ment being desired to secure the recip
rocity on the part of both Govern
ments without detriment to either, and
without placing the United States in
tlie attitude of receding from tlieir po
sition iu compliance of the require
ment of the British Government.
Political Sewa.
Houghton denies his alleged sympa
thy with tin- Greeley movement. All
three of the Californ a Representatives
are strongly for tlie renomination of
Gen-it Smith is for Grant uncondi
tionally, and Wendell Phillips is for
Grant rathur tliaa for Greeley.
Tlie revenue reformers seriously talk
of uotniuatbig Adams in Anticipation
of his endorsement by the Democratic
Probability of Indian Trouble.
Washington, May 25. General
Sheridan iiUorms the W'ar Department
that tliere are about 2,500 hostile In
diatiscolleeteduear Fort Berthold. who
declared their intention of opposing
the progress of tlie work on the mil
road this summer. They liave already
torn up tin', ataliio of tlie surveying
party " tlie Pwler river country.
Stilting UulL Biw. Moo.t, and other
well known iiostiJe chiefs are among
the leaders of Utese Indians. Tbey are
all well armed aod equipped.
A Xurderer Delivered l'p.
New Yokk. May 25. Governor
Hoffman has delivered up Carl Vogt.
the Belgian murderer, to the author
ties of Belgium.
The Kuppletnentol Treaty Article.
Wasihxgnon, May 28. Conflicting
renorts state that tlie vote of the Sen
ate in Executive session on the Sup
plemental Article to the Treaty of
Washington was forty to nine. In
any event tlie statement seems to be
reliable that a number ol senators
present did not vote at all. The pre
cise language of the Article, as adopt
ed, cannot oe officially made ktiown
until it be ratified. It is certain that
if die double Injunction ot secrecy im
posed upon Senators sltail be respected
by all of them it caiiix be known
through that source. Although many
Senators last night declined to give
any hint, and relumed to converse up
on the subiect, the result of the action
of tiie Seriate was known within half
an hour after tlie Executive session
closed, and it is believed that Great
Britain will assent to the modification
of the Articles, as she, as well as the
United States, is anxious for the Tri
bunal of Arbitration to proceed witli-
ont further hindrance. The subject
will nert come before the Senate on
the ratification of the additional Ar
ticles. The Senate liaving concluded its in
terrogation, its members are endeavor
ing to prevent copies ot the secret cor
respondence and proposed article from
reaching out-nle parties, it may now
prosecute investigations concerning
the nuhlieation of documents with a
view to empliatic action iii the premi
ses. The X. Y. Prnut on the Treaty.
New Yokk, May 2i. The Times
commends the action of tlie Senate in
adopting the supplemental articles to
the Treaty as lieing in accordance with
the views of President (irant, and says
that the mass of the jieople, and jwir
tictilarly the mercantile community,
will approve of it. The Herald pro
nounces the action of the Senate "si
national humiliation," and questions
whether the. people will accept the
amended Treaty as a final settlement
of the account with England. It says
the settlement Ls lietween the Admin
istrations, and not between the two
Sow Come the Free Traders.
New Yokk, May 2G. A call will
n linear to-morrow for a meethiz of
j free traders ai tlie Steinway Hall on
s tlie 30th instant. William Cullen
Bryant will preside. D. A. Wells,
Edward Atkinson and others will
sjieak. The call says that the refer
ence to the tariff" relorm and Congres
sional districts by the Cincinnati Con
vention was an evasion of the issue
and absolved free traders from any ot
ligation to the supHrt of the 'nomi
nees. 1 he call looks directly to an or
ganisation for the accomplishment to
tariff' reform in the coming Presiden
tial election. ,
Namivii.i.e, May 21. A large
meeting ol German citizens was held
here last evening. They endorse the
Liberal Republican movement and the
nomination of Greeley and Brown.
Voorhees1 speech at Terre Haute
last iiixlit is universally condemned by
Democrats here.
fjtrnpeorUeneral Verona from Mex
ico. Havana, May 2(5. Ex-insurgent
Gen. Verona Is a passenger by the
City of Mexico, on his way to New
York. The Captain of the City of
Mexico refused to accede to the re
quest of the authorities to surrender
him. he having embarked at Vera
Mteanuhip Collision.
T.ONHON, May 22. The steamship
Baltimore, eu route from Baltimore to
Bremen, collided at midnight, oft" Has
tings Willi an unknown, steamer. The
Baltimore had a large hole stove in
Iht luilL through which tlie writer
poured rapidly, extinguishing her
fires, but not before the steamer ran
aground. Tlte coast guard at Has
tings rescued tlie passengers and crew.
Tlje vessel struck a rtx-k and will prob
ably go To pieces.
Froua Paris.
PAins, May 23. Henri Roehefort
and other convicted Communists sail
to-morrow for tle petal colony in New
Distreiw ia Antloeb.
New YoitK. May 23. Letters give
a distressing picture -of tlie state ot af-
tairs at" Antioch. The town is a mere
heap of ruins shocks of earth
quake still continue, tbe earth quiver
ing with Volcanic movements. The
people are afraid to approach the site
to remove the large iminoeroi unour
ied dead.
A letter from the Ex-Emperor Xnpo-
Paws May 24. Mr. Taule publisli
es a letter from Napoleon, dated Chisle
hurst. May 12th, addivssed to the Gen
erals commanding the t rench army In
which he savs: 1 am responsible for
Sedan. The army fought heroically
with eten double its strenirth after
14.000 had been killed and wounded
I saw tliat the contest was im-relv one
of desperation. Tlie army's honor
having been saved, I exercised my sov
ereign right and unfurled the flag of
mice, it was linpossihic tbat an army
ot W),0l0 men cotikf save t ranee.
witnessed the cruel, inexorable necesi-
ty . My lieart was broken, mit my con
science tranquil.
AfTairH In France.
PARIS Mar 23. The Prince and
Princess of Wales are expected tor ar
rive to-morrow.
Paris journals wneraliy consider
that tlte debates of the Assembly on
Tuesday and Wednesday inflicted a
crushing blow on the hopes of tbe
friends of tlie Empire. It is under
stood that a party of members left
after the close of the impending trial
ot iiazame demanded the Impeach
ment of members of the last Ministry
under the Empire.
Thiers has given permission for the
removal of tlie remains of Louis Phil-
lippe trom Englaud and their inter
ment at Dreux, in die Department of
jcure et joire.
San Francisco, May 23. Tlie trial
of Perada ys Camillo Martin, Spanish
Consul, for $50,000 for false imprison
ment commenced to-day in the Dis
trict Court, before a jury, Perada
testified that Chief Crowley and the
Spanish Consul forced him, by way of
uireats, to give np about $2,000, which,
he says was his own prorjertv.
The Executive Committee of One
Hundred this afternoon ouopted reso
lutions uenouncmg in strong terms tne
action of the Board of Stuiervisors in
granting railroad companies tlie right
to dose streets on Mission Bay.
John Lyneh. from Gold Hill. Ne
vada, who caaie to this city on Mon-
n.iy last lor medical treatment, was
found dead in his bed at tlie Railroad this moruinir.
At tlie meeting of tlie Exeimtive
committee or odc Hundred tins after
noon, tlte Committee on New Rail
roads reported no further interview
with Stanford. The Committee were
instructed to hold themselves in rcadi
i less to continue negotiations with
Stanford, to learn whether he has any
plan or proposition to develop to the
Committee. A meeting will be held
to-morrow for tlie consideration of tbe
Directors ot the new railroad. Super
visors r oroe and Story informed the
Committee to-day, that the order
granting tbe railroad reserves in Mis
sion Bay wa presented by request of
Lelatxl Stanford, and that they were
taken by surprise when the effect ff
tlie order was pointed out to tbeui.
The Committee say It is, therefore,
clear case of attempted imposition on
the part of Stanford, and provokes tlie
prompt resentment of every honest
The Phelps Consolidated Mining
Company was incorporated to mine in
Devil's Gate District, Nevada, with a
capit-U of $3,500,000.
Interior California Dispatches.
Santa Clara, May 23. Uncle
Billy Force, an okl pioneer of Santa
Clara, favorably known among sports
men, rc-tired to his room at 4 p. M. to
day, and when called at six, not an
swering, his room was entered and
Uncle Billy was found dead in his lied.
Supposed to be a case of apoplexy.
Labor I'll ton Addreaa tjeo. C. John
on, wiil Earthquake in Xevaua.
San Fhanci?co, May 24. The Na
tional Labor Union of California has
Ufiied an address to the laboring men
of California in favor of Davis aud Par
ker. Tbe will ot George C. Johnson. Con
sul General of Sweden and Norway,
was tiled for Probate to-day. The es
tate Is said to be worth $1,000. R. C.
Johnson and O. C Pratt, executors.
WrxxEMtOCA, May 24. Two slight
shocks of earthquake were lelt here at
10 o'clock P.M. yesterday.
The Idaho is improving rapidly.
A company of soldiers under Lieut.
Rider leave here to-morrow for the
scene of tlie recent Indian outrages in
San Francisco, May 25. The Co
coas Island treasure seekers have re
turned a disgusted crowd. No treas
ure was found.
Jem Mace is to arrive to-night. The
"fancy" are on tbe alert.
A prize fight, for $200 a side, will
take place at Belmont to-morrow.
The principals are unknown biiid to
be hoodlums.
Havana, May 23. The Spanish
gunboat DMille'has captured, under
sti-ipicious circumstances the English
-tciiitoncr William Julius and brought
her to Nue vitas.
Salt Lake, May 23. An English
miner was killed by a cave in the Em
ma mine last night.
The city authorities are making vig
orous efforts to close up houses of pros
titution, keepers being arrested and
heavily fined.
Several well known parties are near
ly ruined by the recent smash in min
ing "stocks in San Francisco.
There is very general satisfaction
among all classes at tbe appointment
of General Morrow to command the
new military district of Utah.
A narrow gauge railway scheme Is
on foot for Little Cottonwood District.
Woman Memorial-Democratic Con
vention. Salt Lake, May 24. The women
of Utah are prejKiring another memo
rial to Congress against tlie admission
and dominion of the Mormon Church.
Much interest is manifested in the
approaching Democratic Convention
for the election of delegates to attend
the Baltimore Convention. Present ap
pearances iueicate that they will oj
jKise the endorsement of -Greeley.
Duel in Prospect Delesratescn ronte.
Salt Lake, May 2'5. An unpleas
antness took place iate last night on tlie
street, between a well known Federal
official and a well known citizen of
Corinne.' during which the former
struck the latter. A challenge was
was given this morning, and rumor
say a tight Is inevitable.
The Mormon police are exciting pub
lic indignation by the use of lirass
Several delegates from tbe Pacific
States and Territories arrived yester
day, en route to the Philadelphia Con
vention. L tah delegates will leave on
City of Mexico, May 25. Mr.
Cleveland (of Ohio) and other Ameri
cans nave been imprisoned and perse
cuted and tlieir property destroyed.
The reason ot these outrages is that the
Americans demanded an Investigation
of the indignities practiced before tlie
L nited States and .Mexican -Mixed,
Mmall-Pox iu Athland.
Ashland (Oregon), May 23. There
is a case of small-pox within a mile
aud a half of Ashland, in an immigrant
family iust arrived from Missouri.
The family are quarantined, and due
diliganee will be used to prevent its
Joaephine Count jr Bepnbllean Ticket.
Jacksonville (Oregon), May 23.
The Republicans of Josephine couuty
have nominated tlie following ticket :
For State Senator. Samuel Harkness;
Representative. Sa'muel White; Slier
iff. S. T. White ; Clerk, John David
son ; Treasurer. Samuel Sawyer ; As
sessor. Charles Beach ; Commissioners
H. Woodcock and S. Daniels ; Sur
veyor, Alexander Watts; Coroner,
George E. Briggs.
Dr. A. B. Overheck, one of the pio
neers of tliis valley, died here this
evening, and will be "buried by tlie Ma
sonic fraternity to-morrow.
Weather cloudy, with some appear
ance of rain. Crops said to be guffer
iii2 from drought.
The New Northwest says : "Gre
yer & Co. now say that tlie lumber re
cently purchased by them Is to lie used
for scaffolding. Just think of it
nearly one million feet of lumber to
be used for that purpose I Tliat ex
planation is entirely too thin. Just
say you wanted to swindle the State,
gentlemen, thereby getting back some
of the corruption money you are using,
and you will tell tlie truth."
rr costs no more to
keen (rood Fowls llian
jHwr ones I
Oakland Poultry Yards,
Corner ofl6lh and Castro
SeitMon oi 1H7S,
Eggs for Hatching,
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Fowls ik America I
Carefully rocked and warranted to cam- safe
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Dark and Light Brahmas, Buff and Part
ridge Cochins, White Leghorns,
Houdans, Silver Spangled Ham
burgs.Black Spanish, White
Dorkinjs, Golden Po
lands, Aylesbury Ducks, and Game, Se
right and Black African Bantams.
B3T" Send stamp for Circular to
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General Agent tor the Poultry World,
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Aie ami i-orier.
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I 3FL XT G- S3 , '
Ul II V Msjf VI IU J J VllVylll IViUIJ
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lor Medicinal Purposes.
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Wholesale and Retail dealers in
I'alnta, Oils, Tarnlnhpa, Window
Pure Wines Whiskies and Brandies.
For Medical purposes.
Family Medicines Carefully Prepared.
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
experience in the business, I feel conti
deui that lean give entire satisfaction to all
who may tavor me with their patronage.
My goods hare been bought low for cash, se
lected with the greatest care, and are wr
ranted to be just as they are represented.
My olsect Is to sell as near as possible for
cash and at low prices. Flfleen years expe
rience in Oregon Induces me to believe that
I know the wants of the community In gen
eral, and that want It ls my aim to supply,
and hope, by strict attention to business, to
merit a continuance of the very liberal pat
ronage heretofore extended to me.
. W. MH T1IEK,
mchlSdAw Apotneeary.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Moldings,
RUSTIC and all the latest styles of Inside
and outside linisb, of the best quality of clear
cedar lumber ever used in Salem.
Scroll Sawinir. Stair Building and
done with neatness tint! dispatch. Manufao
tui ers of the celebrated
Boswell Fruit Dryer and Room Heater.
Also Manufacture the RAXKIX PATENT
All kinds and qualities of Lumber
and Shingles 1' "Ata uhuap.
Rest of work at lowest Price
3- Please give us a call. SEE OUR
STOCK, learn our prices, and give us your or
ders. SRECIAL ATTENTION given to orders
from tanners, and Information freely given
gratis to our patrons.
Cfflnianr. Tjtnd DenAitment- Portland.
Oregon, April a. 1872. -Notice is hereby given
tliat a vigorous prosecution will be instituted
against anv and every person who trespasses
upon any Railroad Land, by cutting and re
moving timber therefrom before the same is
BOUtiHT of the Comjtiny AN D PAID FOR.
All vacant Land In odd numbered sections.
whether surveyed or tinsnrveyed, within a
distance of thirty miles from tlie Una of tha
road, belongs to the Companv.
L. k. -nuuttr.,
April 10 dim: wtt Land Agent.
President of the United States,
Op Saux,
M. Id-ted assortment ol
Dry Goods. Clothing,
Rather than to lose the election, I will sell
Rest Black Silk for fl SO per yard worth
Fine French Merino, 871 cts jr yard.
Empress, Soets iter yant
Fine Summer Plaid, good, for 25 cts.
"Wool Plaid Dress tioods, 37 cts per yanl.
Fancy Cohwed Al)sceji, 50 cts per yard.
Fancy Poplins, fto cts worth 75 eta."
White Trimmings, lower than ever.
Cheap Laces in abundance.
ThUes, Felt-sktrls, Fancy Balmorals, Para
esol. Stockings and tiioves, rerv low.
Needles, 4 papers for 'is cents.
Four papers Pins, i" cts.
Four spools cotton Thread. 15 cts.
Four Cigars, 25 cents.
gT Tobstera at Rednred Bntem.
And If I am elected I will give you all a
chew of Tulskcco.
My fine clntlungat 50 per cent, less than
the worth of the wool.
Trunks, Valises. Carpet Hags cheap.
tilass and Crockery Ware, very cheap.
bogar. best brands, 7 to 10 pounds for II.
Coffee, Tea and ( smiles, by the pound.
Domestic, cheap, hr the yard. In fact, all
mv goods I will nacrillce.
t will sell my Moot and sitioem loss than
cost, and numerous other articles.
Remember that this offer ls only good till
the next election. Your next President,
DurblnV Corner, Salem.
Opposite Statbiman Office, keeps as floe
Stock of
as can be found In the city.
Smokta? Tobacco nude a Specialty.
Fine Cut Chewing
constantly on har-L
CTCive me a Call.
rf hi Saaa. r I FTTa
Are now Ready hd ferSl
tor. Morrison and Front Sts, Portlands
iarnlsbedto tlie Trade at RATES BELOW
Incurable Case!
Afta-rten vrsrs trial ea this Coast baa
proven it-H thv only urstive la a otrtalarUaa
of dlsesxvs pr mouiMed by iulicml practltkaa.
ers as incurable.
rum Ch'snrrss first and s-ond Si, Horasosi
the Ixrgs fr Uody: Aan, rra. Moa. c.
Coppvr -'ol red El. t. bs, Hyphilitle catarrh,
DuwMd H -alp, and all prmiary forma ol to
dis-rasA knuwn as Uypuilis. Pries, ti per bot
tle, or twj f r $9.
enros Tirtiary, Mercurial. Syphilitic Rheuma
tism. liui in tha Ilouxs. Ilaukof tbe N k. Ck
cnit .1 n Tiirwt. Hypbilitic Bash, Lntopa
and Contr.vt-l Cords, Stiffness of the Llsuba,
and erstUVat.; all disras from tbe system,
whether iau d by indiarretinn or abuse ol
msrrury l'-nvtnR ths blond pnr and bcadthy.
Pxioe, per UKtlo. or two Urn $9.
Dr. Ls Ei;: boa's GOLDEN SPANISH 11-
tidota. for tht Cnrs at Gonnsclw, Otest, Int.
ttiOM, Gravel, and all unwary rr fltinlfasl
disarransements. Trir-, $?"0 tottla.
jortion. a wikU and injection for severs raoas
of 4ronmrbr-t, lnflaramntivy Glt-et. Strictorea,
and all diw-ases of tho Hull ys and Blaoatc
Pri!, $1.40 per buttln.
Also Annts for Dit. tE EICHA1T8 00LBEI
PTLT.3 for S-miiU'd Wt-aknrav. Klebt
Hin. irnrvif -Mi -, ami an n laessra anaing I
M:u(tilrhatlOfi and t-xeemtivo ahnw-a. Frtef. $S
p r brtti i. Tim c-nuine Oouuui Salaam
ji-.:t np o-.i't romid bottles. -.
On !-! irt rf pries, .thess medh-lne wfH t- s1! p trs of th rnuntry. by eipreaa
-r mail, M". Tir.-iy pacaeaanu rreo irutu
VtluU biu Arnta.
VP.i' ond Retail- Druggists and
t in ini-rtH, S . ror. Clay t Han
- t. .. Sua Francisco. Cat.
HaVlnst received
Hardware, General Merchandise!
Calculated for
City and County Trade.
Bouchi as low. and will 1 sold at as small a
profit as those who sell at cost.
63JGoods delivered to any part of the city
Iree of chaise. uAw
KEEPS always on hand the choicest of
liquors and clears. i .
Just received a large Invoice of the best
brands '
Whiskies, Brandies, M ines, Etc.
Give Joseph a call. (MayUTOf
Cabbage Plants for Sale.
FIFTEEN varieties early and late, at O.
Dk-kinson'a earden, north went corner of
Marlon Square. Tbey are not hoi -bed plant,
but in-own in the open air, hardy and fresh
from the ground, as wanted. Can be sent by
mail at .10 cents per hundred.
Forw arders and Shippers,
All freVhtlns: within the city done at short
notice and on reasonable terms.
Carriages constantly in attendance to con
vev passenpers to cars or boats or on city drives
Sent 12.1870. dtf
Situation Wanted.
4 YOtXXG man desires permanent sitiw-
xm. lion or employment of any sort by which
he can earn an honest living;. "Will lend bis
employers liuo or I1O00. ls not afraid of a Ut
ile work. Best of reference given. Address,
May27:dlw iSalem, Ofrn.
rflHIS Is to certify that I have this day sold
-STL all my intereii in the BoodUndery M!a
lem to Mr. E. J. Waller.
All bills due tbe bindery payable to sne.
Salem, May S5:dlw .
r or
Millinery and Dress Making
SHE takes pleasure in annotindng to the
ladies of Salem and vicinity that she la
atill at tbe old stand, and has just received a
Large Stock of Millinery Goods
Which she wtll sell fchcarar titan any la
town. Fry It.
French Flowers of etery Style.
Repairing. Altering A Bleach
ing done at Reasonable
She would I pleased to see her old enstom.
ers aod as many new ones as wottld fkvor her
witn mar patronage.
Willamette Transportation Co.
further notice.
The Steamer Fannie Patton
Will leave her dock, loot of State 8L, every
Wednendajr Msssl Nntrmtaj snlaa;,
At 6 o'clock A. M- for Portland, and will
loave Salem every
Monday ausd Tin
Of each week at 5 o'clock P. M. lor Corvaliu
anil Intermediate uUoes.
CiTFare at Redoued Rates.
.D. BILCN, AcenU
Ralcm. Dec. l. 187 L
Pete's Chop House
tr Meals at all Hours. J
Three doors north ofChentekeu HoteL
Irlvte Boons a for LusH.
. V. f. EMERSON, Pror.
AprMrtt '