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8ILK. WKPygSDAT MIT li. 117!.
The City and County. '
tbo cftisoai of Satan Will iradottbtedlv
asrnr OTetropairran itdM-w tta'Wk
act of crhss sad crissfnal attempts If tbty'
vontioos to bo nightly barrasie4 by thieves
mnd robber, e tiiv, osea for a week
and mora. Wa to-day record three mora
attempts at sargUry, which, owing to the
vijilanos5 of aoass-owasrs, aos tba acci
dental pasting of belated aolghbort war
happily foiled. About 11 o'clock Monday
nigbt a neighbor ia patting
sit airr natsbby's aocsc
Saw a man at ft Jront window endeavoring
to offset an tatranoo. Th burglar ted on
hearing tbeapproaea of tba neighbor, and
tba latter proceeded to a route the peace
fully lumbering Soenf be fc not a candi
date for re-oleotioa and iofona him of the
cirounitaoot. A little later, tba faaa
night, a a Young man who board t with the
family of
-. ,. A."
South Salem, wit returnlsg borne aad bad
reached the gate be taw tome one emerge
from the back part of tba hosse aad get
away en the deable sulek.'.A few heart
after tbit occurrence, a young lady who wat
pending the night at tba reaidenee of Eter,
L. T; Woodward, Baat Salem, beard sotn
sue at tea kitchen door. Mr. .Woodward
waeUway and Dr. Charley Ball, at the ro-
qaeet 'of the family, bad come over to eleer.
in toe boas., bringing a pittol with him.
The yoaag lad sailed to Mm, nd be got
up immediately and wsat down ttairt in the
dark. Aa bo did to the noite at the back
door ceamd, and ho' beard the footsteps of
several pet wet, apparently, who wore paw
ins around the honea toward, tba front.,
Opening in front deer he stepped quietly
out apoa lbs Borek. which was toroeOed by
clambering Tinea, and waited for them.
Two men toon appeared nronad the corner
of the, aad tho Doctor immediately
, erun mi cpo ran, .
Firing four hot, the effect of which U un
known. Tho barglars ware astounded by
, thil reception, and leaped the fanes with the
agility of startled deer, aad fled towards
the oil mill. There are aereral repulsive
looking straafor about town, aad also a
few oheeaoe night-birds who have haunted
tho place far a long time. Has tho city
no vagrant law T Caaaot those suspicious
character! he made to give aa account of
themselves T
Lcdkmci Situation. -The burglar
aoare which at present pervades this relig
ions city baa been fruitful in ludioroaa -in
cident as aa extreme and undignified scare
of aiiv kind is apt to be. We have jut
heard of an instance which illustrates the
nervous condition of our inhabitants : Mr.
who is away from town on business
has a family consisting of a wife and sever
al eh i Wren, among whom are two amiable
girls. Mrs. M attended the Tea Meet
ing the other evening leaving these daugh
ters in charge of the house. She bad not
been absent long'jrbeu sure enough, ia ful
filment of the fears of the girls, some one
was beard at too front door, failing to open
which ke begun to climb one of the orna
mental pillars of the porek. Tho girls
roebed up stairs, lamp in hand, and took
puuettion of one of loa .bed rooms, piliag
trunks and every available article against 1
the door. In the Bight up stairs tho lamp
exploded but fortunately the oil did not
take fire. At tbe enemy was heard to ad
vance upon their extemporised barricade,
the girls escaped through a window upon
the roof of the wsnd-ehsd. The windoi
came down with a crash and whoa, having
regained courage, they attempted to raise it j
found that it was fixed. They were by this
mishap compelled to remain upon tho roof
of the shod for over two boors until their
mother returned ad wore of course near
ly froien. It is laughable now, but was
serious enough at the tiara, i ,
MrtTKBioct. While strolling around tho
city yesterday wa raa across tho following
notice posted ia a oonapioaous place : " B.
X. B. B. K moot this evening at
8k ids, Piwsklent Bags, Sec'y. Now what
does this mean? It certainly looks mys
terious aad should bo inquired into. Who
knows bfet it may mean " Searing Terrific
Blue-Bearded Kaklux," and they are ooa-
templatiag some hideous outrage. Or per
haps It meant." Royal Tiger Bass Ball
Klnb " and they intend challenging the
Marions to play a match game. Or it may
stand for Bobbing Treacherous Beastly
Butchery Klub, or some other equally ter
rible thing. We call npoa all peaceably
disposed eitiasaa to rise a aam aad 'find
out " why it tbjs thus " and suppress or en-
ooursge as Us ease demaadsX j;,
coi'jrnr eetarr.
The following probate matters, ware die-1
acted of at this term :
Ia tho matter of ' the estate of S. T.
Church. deceased., Hearing of final account
of said estate continued until Friday next.
Inthlnst. ,. -?; ,) r .
Ia the matter of tho estate of . A. Fra
aar. Final aeooojs was hoard, approved,
and tha estate declared adBtitilttered.
E. 8. Oreeoire aMointed a-uardiaa of I
person aad estate of Claad LaCoursa.
Za tho matter of the estate of Joseph
Waldo, deceased, Waa. Waldo, admiBittra-
tsr. was rraated aa ordet- te ooll Nmaiador
ef donation land claim of ioeeph Waldo.
contain lag 109 acres, more or less, being In I
sectioa t . aV J W, for gold cola, oath I
4a hand.
Ja, the matter of ths estate of J. 8. Par-j
ker. deceased. Aoooust filed for final set-
element aad Monday. Voly 1st, 1871,
for hearing the same.
In tho matter of tho estate of Jennie
MoCulIough.;8ahl at lot So, S, block Ifo.
, ooaflrmod aad guardiaa authorlaod to
make the purchaser a avatokmt deed of con
veranoo.' 1 '.,,', ,'1""J;,
Iaiao metier of tbe estate of J.UStar
key, dceted.) Housenotd furniture.
diag.etaaad taesam ef $7iper month, I
during the thaw at admlnlatratiea . of
aetata, wrdered sot asrdo for use of widow
and her minor child.
jAcptA Bat.c-.Wo learn y priynto lat
ter; fro .Taqn,Ui Bajr. tbsf business .Waa.
tivs thero this Spring. - there it already a
continuous throng or pleasure-seekers, snd
many who go for tha purpose of spying otft
purchasable "lauds 4; portiuUlof. for
Not Wag ago a strange circumstance oc
curred at tke Ocean Jttoase., Th wiffof
the proprietor t. P, ..Baldwin, had gno
out for a walk m ths afternoon , leaving her
basbsnd asleep npoa a louuge ia tho bar
room. Daring her aboonoo some one en
tered ths family aloeplng roonv and look
from a bureau drawer two or three hundred
dollar ia eoio. - Several days afterward the
money ores mysteriously returned. -r
Feok TiiLAaoox Cocbtt. Ws received
a note from F. M . Lamb, of Kestoctoa, a
few days since, from whioh wo make the
following extracts: .'We have held our
County Convention f and nominated oor
County omccn from this ana viauop to.
Tho nominee, Samt Corwln, of Vebalem,
is a popular man, aud I think tha Republi
can vote will unite on him', to a man.
The Repobltoaat of this coaaty- will roll up
a handsome majority on the State ticket
aad ia support of the glorious principles our
party advocates."' J,;
AvrvfATtoir KeciaaABTv Tlie foot at
Isaao Hensbaw, the' freest - ut" man of
Polk, are found to be so badly frown that
' it will bo necessary to amputate largo por
tianf of thorn; 'Dr. Charley Hull, of this
eity. was seat for y-sier-lay, who, with tho
assistaaos of Dr. J. C. Umbos, of Dallas,
will perform tho operation.
' Not Daan Not long ago wa made men
tion of tba accidental . death of a yeaag
mho in Sacramento, Cel., by tho name el
Goo. Schell, " It was supposed atVbn time
from ths similarity of name aa tba fast
that deceased was said te be an Off W -
that bo was a young man having retativat
ia tbia oonnty, who wont te laerames
something over a year ago. This turns out
not to be tb ease, si our Geo. Sehotl has
a try returned, and la therefore assooc
tbw Jiving.
; From Daily of Thurtday May 9.
A MrsTasiotJS Macaws Yesterday ia
tha afternoon as wo stood on Commercial
tnet, gating dreamily up and dowa that
placid thoroughfare, hoping that tbe. tbio
ett thsdow of sn item would fall across tha
field of vision, wa observed a man in front
of the cabinet shop, several doors sooth of
ChemekeU, who Seemed to bo ia troble. Ue
struck numerous and inexplicable attitudes,
did this man he stooped and gyrateJ, laid
low and stretched-oott wied himself into
knots and curveted 'n4 plunged la the mott
superhuman manner. We approached can-
tioutly and took a view of the situation.
Bleu ns if it wat'ut the Local of the Mercu
ry I Aad what do you suppose he wat do.
ing? Before him in neutral tints of club
board and feDoc rail stood the most wonder
ful machine that ever ponied the subordi
nates of the press. It wss the genius of in
vention on a bender mechanism with tho
toothache before breakfast in the morning 1
It was evidently a model and had been
rudely constructed, but what earthly pui
peso was it intended to .serve T Mercury's
"Loke" had attacked U at an early hour ia
the morning and acknowledged that it was
stitl a connundrum.' He nrst thought that
it was. aa egg-laying machine, but soon
changed his belief and became partial to
the idea' that it was a dentifical artifice for
pulling ben's teeth and when that
ronldn't work frantically declared that it
vas a double back action combination for
milking eel. He etked ns for an opinion,
but we smiled benignly and strode away
knowing what we here contest: It was a
machine for grinding out independent Re
publican candidates 1 It is not designated
to crack hard sheila and only the "softs"
need apply. -
Doesn't almost everyone know Unole
Enoch Garrison f Weil, he and Bro. Spald
ing, also of the Methodist Ministry, were
riding in company not long ago, on their
way to. fill aa appointment somewhere in tbe
country. Uncle Enoch's horse was of a
bearv. phlesmatio temperament, and little
inclined to rally under kicks and slaps
while too heel of Bro. Spalding, being pro
vided with a spnr, sent his animal along
the road gaily. Cnolo Enoch, noticing the
influence of this spur, concluded that " Old
Pete " needed some incentive of that kind
and said to his companion : "Bro. Spald
ing, won't yon just ride alongside and give
' Old Pete ' a touch with that spurt" The
Bro. acquiesced, of course, and loosening
his foot from the stirrup, gave the unoon
cious "Pete" a gentle dig in the flank
Tho effect was abrupt and unlocked for ;
' Pete " humped himself and, with a spat
modie elevation of bis helm, sent his rider
over his head into tbe road. Picking him
self up and looking ruefully at his ti-eacb
erous charge, Uncle Enoch exclaimed,' with
all the impartiality he oould mutter under
the circumstances: " A Utile too hard, Bro
Spalding V
Aqbicultubal Wobks. Mr. Myers has
purchased 20.000 brick of the M. E. Church
to use while waiting for his own, and will
immediately commence operations on his
. new building. A new flume is to be eon
strncted nearer the works than the present
one and to be built of wood instead of dirt,
tbich is considered a great improvement.
Work will be pushed forward with great
vigor. ' '
Sad Aocidbt. A boy named Fleisohman
was accidentally shot Monday last, about 4
miles south of Oervais. He was chopping
weed near the -house and seme little chil
dren ia playing with a gun which was left
near tha door, loaded, discharged tho piono,
severely injuring young Eleischmea. He
it about IS years of age. At last accounts
he was in a precarious condition. '
Mabiow Sqcabb. An appropriation hav
ing been made by tbe City Council for the
improvement of these grounds, steps will be
immediately taken to do so. The fence will
bo painted, four new gates constructed,
rnitie seats made, trees trimmed, grounds
cleaned up in fact a general renovation
will take place which when completed will
add mneh to tho beauty of tbe place.
Vebsatilb Justice. There is a Jnstioe
of the Peace in the northern part of this
county who, at enw and tha same time, sits
as Justice in tho trial of a criminal cause,
note as attorney oa both sides, convicts the
defendant and as Constable conveys him td
jail collecting fess for his services in this
complicated capacity. True as shooting.
AA U TsociUt. Paul Manard who
about one year tiaoe was convicted of horse
stealing Is again likely to bo arrested oa an
other charge of the same nature. Charlie
. Kay, near Gervmie, has a warrant out for
him and is now ia search of him. ' This be
ing tho second oenso of tho kind it will
probably go rather hard with him, should
ho again bo caught.
X.CSBCCA DifiBSn Bufpie. It is the in
tention of tho ladies belonging to this Order
tt give a grand sapper daring tho approach
ing session of tho Grand Lodge of Odd Tel
lows, whioh Is tooonvene in this city on the
tttk Inst. As these ladies are noted for
their enterprise and good taste in getting
ap anything of the kind, a good time may
bo expected.
Maura wrra Patoe. It is said that the
Bfonoeed' Temperance celebration of the
Fourth at Salem meets with general favor
. among tho Temperance people. It prom
ises, therefore, to be a success.
La AS Mixes. We are informed that
work will be soon resumed upon tho Santiam
load lode. Tho owners have already ex.
traded some ninety tons of ore, aad are
still confident of success. '
TEKPEBABca Cokcbbt. The Temperance
: Concert at Albany, Tuesday night, was aa
; excellent entertainment, ayu warn rea
1 Used. The concert was repeated last night.
.' Frxmi Daily of Friday May 10. .
, Cotmr Coubt. The. following probate
i bosfnees was tt ansae ted ia County "Court
yesterday : , Frederick Mascher appointed
administrator estate Wm. L. Matcher
Henry Alloa, F. MeClano aad I Eiseahart
' appraiseri. Estate James Hamilton;
H. L-McNary, administrator, tied final
' aeoouot t to bo beard July 1 st. Estate
! Wm. J. Clark, John J. Shaw,' administra-
: tor, filed final aooenct J to be board July 2.1,
1 Comtj Afswuttes. Licenses te retail liq
nqrt, granted as. follows: T. Stapleton,
, Wood burn : J. B. Deenerro, Fairfield.....
'Petition foriw-lecatioa of county road be-
. tween J. A. Hunt's and Anmsville ; J. New.
'torn appointed Surveyor; Geo. Downing,
' J. Anderson and John Downing viewers, to
meet at John Downing't May J3d..:.....'.Pe-
tition for re-location of county road, Salem
to McDonald's ferry ; J. Newsom, Survey
or; Uriah Whitney, D. Delaney and P. K.
r Cook, viewers, to meet May 22d ......... Re
port of viewers wa Peter Roster's road, tied;
location not granted.-..-.. Petition for road
from B. Waldron's to Turner's ; J. TSm
fom, Surveyor ; C. Neat, N. 0. Parker and
0. J. Coffey, viewers B. F. Fletcher
appointed Judge of Election in place of B.
. F. Shaw, removed from precinct........ Fol
lowing kUti allowed, CrfminaT aoeoant,
$71.30 Pauper, S3S4-2S ; Roads. $21.00 ;
Sheriff $247; County Clerk; $29.05; Com.
. missi6nert,t0;sundriosviaeuding station
ery, water, etc..' $43.83 ; total, $V,018.3.
New Pabbosasb Wo notice that foun
dations hava been laid for a Parsonage by
the Evangelical Church of the Evangelical
Church of this city. It is in tho same lot
with the ehureb and promises to be n snug
little building.
Am IsWt-esUosr History or the tarl
oal viistion asuinsijsliinaaniniiij i
M omasum by, Drs.4Hrabl ana Unit.
Itaae Bsoshaw whose aaiqua miafosMioet
la the pursuit of a pleasant death have been,
Ike ntao days' wonder of the land, oSmting
aivenal comment and showering apoa the
pineal writer a boundless. wealth .of aensa-
lissal material, was compelled last iTednes-
aav. la nvder to tare tba vital coil be-wooM B
gladly ebwfle off, to aa.srgo a serieoo aad
critical operation.
am cossmoB.
0a Tuesday last tho services of 1t J. G.
Grubbs, of Dallas, and Dr. C. HaS,. of
BeJeat, were sacurcd Mil tbey prcossded
immediatalv to Ileaaliaw's residouou on.
Mill Creek, to make an examination Mid,,
if necessary, amputate lee iroxen poataons
of bis feet. It was found that botk face
from the metatarsi to lb tore hsd loot afl
vitality and were insensible to the poobei.
The flesh had bogun to slough away, acui
mortification was making rnpid progiase.
To ssvo bis life it won Id therefore be neces
sary to amputate his feet at tho metatarsal;.
or " instap "joint.. A careful inquiry uttu
his mental and physical condition revelled)
the fact that it would bo dangerous in tha
extreme to administer anmsthetiet, and eo.
the other hand, he e-mM not survive tba
conscious pain o the operation.
On communicating their dilemma to tlw
patient, ke became interested ia the fatal
qualities of morphino aad seemed anxtoao
to court its treacherous sleep. Thus, ft
will be seen, he still retains a morbid relah
for the tomb, and will playfully kick tbe
bucket whenever it swings ia reaeh. Ths
Doctors determined to make a cautious use
of morphine, and every preparation having
been made, bo was permitted to inhale it.
Tha powerful anmsthetie no sooner began to
take effect than hit heart ceased Us pulsa
tion! and tbey were compelled to resort to
restoratives. After a moment's rest tbe
drug was again applied when it wat noticed
that he was
Again the antidotes were applied and the
Doctors withdrew for consultation. 'Hen
chaw was evidently determined to walk the
plank, and how to baffle him and go on
with the work was the punle. Having as
certained that they could call back life at
will with tbe usual appliances, they agreed
that complete anmstheaia wss
An overpowering dose of morphine u
then suddenly given, and Hensbaw beeai
utterly unconscious. Tben, as tbe si
geoos bad hoped, pulsation and respiration
went regularly on, and, while attendants
pressed the femoral arteries in order to con
trol the flow of blood, the swift awd gleam
ing scalpel did its work. The amputation
was successfully performed, and ths astoa
ithed Hensbaw awoke with tbe exclama
tion, "dying is played ont !"
The Disasteb at Gbbvais. We lurre
learned tome thing more in regard to tbe
supposed accidental shooting of the hoy
Fleishman near Oervais station. It
that the father of tbe family is an inmate of I
the Intane Hospital at Portland, and the
mother dead. The oldest boy, nearly at
the ago of manhood, has been, since tho
mental disability of hit father, at the bead
of the household. At the time of tbe
currence this young man and the youngest
brother , were about the bouse, while ike
other, fourteen years of age, was chopping
wood in the yard. When he wat foand
shortly afteT thoaoeiaeat lying senseless by
his ax, it .was at first supposod that the
stick upon which be was cutting and had
severed, bad rebounded and struck him
in the temple, as two bruises corresponding
to tbe forked end of the slick which was
also covered with blood, were found on tbe
side of hit face aud head. On examina
tion, however, sho-wounds were found
the bead, and kit bat, which was ttainea
ith blood, was completely riddled with
shot. The other boys, or at least the olo-
esty stated that these perforations in tbe bat I
were made before tbe accident, while nsiag
it as a mark for target practice. Tbe
which is supposed to have done tbe i
chief, ia a heavy double-barreled fowlutg
piece, and some think it would be impossi
ble for tbe youngster; but nine years old, to
fire it without a rest and there was dm
near the scene of the accident. These and
other suspicious circumstances may lead to
coroner's inquest in tbe event of tbe boy's
Extensive .Improvements. Ola resi
dents of Salem say that more money 1 se
ine expended here in substantial tm-1
provemeots this season than has been
expended previously for any two years
taken together- The Immense turns paid
out in our midst for material, transporta
tion and labor ought to produce a masked
effect ia tho business of the city, and it will
notwithstanding the. quiet method of its
absorption whioh leads the casual visitor
to exclaim, disparagingly, "dull times ia
Wool Market. In conversation witk I
parties posted in this line we find the sales
brisk and prices ranging from 45 to 60
cents per pound according to tbe quality.
Reoent advices from San Francisco note a
falling off in tbe price of wool, and a ten
dency towards a still further decline owing
to the large quantities on hand. Yamhill
county reports every thing in a prooper-
ous condition regaxdiogthe wool clip.
Oood News. C. A. Reed, of this eity.
has just received the following, note from
Mr. G. B. Waldron : " Portlaad, Oregoa.
C. A. Reed Sir ij I leave here to-day for
Viotoria. Will be absent four weeks aad
on my return will make Salem a visit.
Have made arrangement to remain here
another year, but will play in your eity
during tbe State Fair and Legislative sea
Deleoates. Val Fontis Lodgs No. 74
I. O. O. IT. of Zena at their last regular I
meeting elected the following delegates te
tho Grand Lodge : Cal Cooper aad James
Stewart. Rosa Lodge No. 39 elected John
Earls and Mrs. A..C. Danu-ls to represent I
them at the asms convention.
1 Real Estate Trs natters from April Suth to
May 5th, 187!:. '.'
Colo to Piingle, lot , block 63, 8alem ; eun-
staerauon, siouu.
i Davkt McAlpin to D. McCnlly, 50 acres,
1 7 a, r w ; Blue.
W. T. Wiggins to SHzahotb Abernotlry and
au n. unoo, it acTM, m it s,rz w; r-U'o.
H. Den Hnger to J. W. Somber, lot 7, block
ei, aaienn , aiuo.
' State of iiregoo to Wofflngton Kendall, 89
acres scnoot mna, seos,tss,rie; sal so.
. Btato of Oreaon to D. Weaver, 40 acres I
school hunt, s wquar seol3,t0s,r3w; S60.
' Edward Glen son to D. Brewer, 273 acres, t
as, r t w, fs,tvih ..
'- Moeea Servant to James Coleman, 211 acres,
IttjiiwisnH. e
y. B. DeLaahrontt to CM. Hlgsln, 160
acres, 1 7s, r is; 1,000.
T: Servant to M. Servant, 10 acres, t i s, r S I
W, UNL f - - ......
; Alex. Mark to Jean Moretand, 1 acre, part
or 4. u. rtmso hum uiaim ; sxu,
1 W. J.Herren to Noah Herron. 97 6.109 acres
portion cuum AO. 28 1 7 a, raw; a,0ua
State of Oregon to George Leslie, ka5 and
8, sen 31, and lota 1 and 3, sees 36, 1 7 a, r 4 w,
oa acres , iiv .
Elizabeth Abernetby and M-R.Orton to W.
r. Wiggins, uxt acres; a,uuu
Jasper Matheny to A. H. Whitley, lots 2 I
and 7, block 65, and fraction on river clone to 1
brry, Salem ; 95,000. I
! H. L. McNary. administrator of rotate of I
James Baodltotv)0 Joseph Simon, frac M e
ouar eec 10, 1 B s, r a w, e, j acres ; a20.
. R. UcAlptn and .wife to Georgtfilven, 320 I
Julian Butler to rellx Gratton, lot 7, block
14 aad Iotuand8,llooki,lnjit. Lotinvsr'
iwnn eao.
ttaac irrtc 10 1 oux urauon, lot, piocx, il j
" - jr.-.- -i,!wi.,.-u5gr.i
t 1 : ! ' S U4
; Mr. Elilia Btrrrltt has cJaDed an h-l
tarnation ai Peace Coneress to be belt 1
at tbe Cooper Institute, New York, on
tbe 18th ot next September. This call
U addressed to the leading ptjblicteu
and phllanttrroplstA of ibe world, and
to De tranaiatea intoyariotu languages.
There have been imtaense operations
in mining stocks in San Francisco re-
' Thieves are quiet,, j j.l , v-i, i'-. .; . -River
fell four ancbes yesterday, 1
- State news eomiag in rather atowhr. .
' MatrimonisJmrketlTalytHs weeaw '
Improvements are going forward ia South
lislem. i
The 'widkecieot boy in town" is aa Odd
Fellow.- '.,','.
Burglars "have failed te supply as with
Items of late.
Water onaaif eiteneig their piewa ia
-every thractioa. ;
Wileoa cuatmafealiaed Kissouri John at
Dallat wenterday. . , -
Three Irundred pets ecu wore present at
the Zsoasiicnic IsMsday. .
Elertnon notieeeire ONMtnl ap the por
tenioueday it wear wtaaail. .
If ytm want nth in r polittcally, and ex
pect te ct it, rem moependent.'
Hum B. B. Clut meets this p. a. at 6
o'clocfc, for praetion. ' '
Striped eoatt are net the rage ia' Salem
yet ; " ailugt " are oaasmodic.
Weadner still qnite cold. Skora sheep
don 't appreciate h.
Ner s tbe time te hand in your adver
tisement-! for the Apr if g trade.
Eleotuan oigar we thrown around very
liberal)? thin wecK Where's ours?
"P.f.i him mitii yr boot" has taken tha
jjlaoelT "Put a bead an him."
Mere inquiries freen Molioe, 'Illinois, in
rcgarfl tifour 6taW and county.
A smrty of youejr men were out sere-
naaiag their wimHwsn Monday njght. -
t terns wore a scarce article on tho street
yesterday. S e oae knew anything.
The steamer Faaaie Pattoa is laid np for
repairs the Albany tanes her place.
B. F. Drake ft Co. began ensting the iron
-work for the Court House yesterday.
" Dv't aaeet taa by moonlight, alone,"
it the aettg tiaoa the burglars broke out.
Garner steae of the Sitters' Academy will
be laid Tuesday ltth, 2 o'clock P. a.
Collins A Co. are turning out brick at tbe
rate of U,tA)0 a day ; have 15 men em
ployed. , ,.
Wm. Harmon, D. O. W. C. T., is leetur?
ing through the State oa the snbjeot ot
Jeaab ha gone to swallow the whale
that is te say nesmith bat gone south to
meet Williams. '
A Mr. Hat ton. of this county, bus invent
ed a portable tin cellar for keeping butter
aorta aad fresh. -.
A Lodge of Good Templars has been 'or
ganized at fleasant View bchool House,
Marion, with 24 charter members.
Tbe politically disenthralled' of this
county are in the Penitentiary. So what a
the use of Hammering Seth tbe ' local
T. M. Gale it married snd tbe Ensign
wis bet htm many pleasant little gala in tbe
voyage of life. My t wont ho have iquall
too I
One of our young men noted forbisbrav.
ry attended church nigbt before last with
a horse pittol tlung to hit tide and a dirk
uane in hit hand. He wasn't afraid. Ob',
no I
An unusual number of Indians were upon
tbe street yesterday. They were astonished
to learn i hat Jasper n . Johnson was not
uoteiaated for the Presidency.
A. Bush, Esq., sent a load of Bibles ont
to the Penitentiary for the use of the con
victs, yesterday. : The "Slayer of ecrihes
.yeJ them suspiciously, thinking doubtless
tdat they were Republican campaign docu
Wbmi t W reley lasiown aJtmiit Caution.
New Yokk, May 5. Greeley has
not bueii in tlie city to-dav. It is re
ported lie will remain at his home at
hapjHiii till the nomination is for
mally avci'ptvtl, to avoid nittking iuju
dictons remarks liable to be allied nut
by the congratulations ot hi friend.
Fretn DeriitratiouM.
i St. Ixn'K. May 4 The Auzeger, a
Gentian Democratic paper, empliati
cHy opposes tits nominations at l.'in
cinmirt. Poktlaxd, iMe May 4. The Ka
t?rn Arns and Democrat fully endorse
ireeley nomination.
N.VsWvlM-E. May 4. The I'nioti and
.American speak well of tlie Cincinna
ti tirVtft. Tlie lfcinner warmly endors
es the platform and thinks the nomina
tions strong, tlwugh it uspet1s they
wire made through pollticiil intrigue.
Washington, May 4. Tlie Chroni
cle and Republican" both oppose tbe
nomination of Greeley.
Boston, May 4. The Post, the
leading Democratic paper of this city,
opposes the nomination of Greeley..
So does the Advertiser. The Pot says
he lacks tlie courage, tirmuess and con
sistency required in a Chief Magistrate.
The Telegram supports the nomination
warmly. Tlie -Staats Zeitung praises
both tlie nominees, and says loth are
liked by the Germans, but it would
have preferred Adams.
Jov. Beeelar Florida.
Taiaahasse, May 4. Governor
Eeed is acquitted ot the charges against
him, and lie has taken possession of I
the Executive Office, acting as Gover
nor to-day and presiding over the Sen
ate. XtMeV Theatre Destroyed by Fire.
" X ew Yokk, May 5. The entire in
terior has been destroyed by fire. Loss
supposed to be not less than f 200,000.
The Metropolitan Hotel was only
slightly damaged. The Are originated
in the dome and is supposed to be
work of an. incendiary.
Man Fseuneisee toiler to rabip.
Washington-, May 6. The Senate
lias confirmed Thoa. B. Shannon, Col
lector of Sun Francisco.
Tba Englktli Prose oa lire ley's Xomt
nation. London, May 5. The Times says
the nomination ot Greeley is partial
and his election bopless, but that it
kills Grant's chance of re-election and
makes a Democratic nomination cer
tain. Tbe Post believes Greeley will be
miocessiul if tlie . nomination is en
tlorsed by either of the Conventions to
be held, but thinks this impossible.
Tlie Telegraph says that the nomi
nation directly concerns England, be
cause it is hostile to the Treaty of
Washington and a bigoted protection
ist. The Dally News praises Greeley, but
doubts hit fitness tor Chief Magistrate
of the Great Republic.
T stiati Democratic tonventton.
The Democratic State Convention
meets bere on the 9th hist, to nomi
nate a candidate for Governor and to
appoint delegates to the National Con
vention, tne interest . is great as to
tlia probable. .action in regard to. the
Cincinnati Conruution. The Banner
suggests that the Democrats should-
endorse tlie ticket, and the Union and
American wants the matter left for the
decision of tbe National Convention.
Tensiesscen. SwCTinrelt tooth Coet-
NASnvnxa, MAy 7. Tlie Fifteenth
General Conference of the Methodist
: Clairoh South is in session here. Del
! egates are present lrom nearly all tlie
' States In the Union. Bishop Ward of
sjaiuornia is among tne delegates.
S.Y. City Charter.
Albaxt, May 7. New York Char
ter bill passed the House after being
' amended so as to prohibit appropria
. tions to seotariaa schools. It now goes
back to tbe Senate. '
Matters at Hear Tork.
New Yokk, May T.-VThe United
States Marshal's entire force have been
searching daring 'tbe past three days
- lor Henry Howard, merchant, who is
alleged to be guilty ot excessive frauds
. on the Government in tbe early, part
' or 139. His family sailed for Euroiw,
; anh bis own name was registered, but
be could not be found ou board tlie
. ship.
It is rumored that Attorney General
Barlow is again very active in . endear
- voting to bring Mayor Hall to trial on
; a lormer indictment, tbe trial of which
! was interrupted by the death of a juror.
The QuratMxa rc'eMiseqttenUsU Daaa
,-. ; ages. .. ,
I New York.'1 May 7.i-The Herald
states that the proposition of Granville
. is that tbe united States uovemment
- i wrfchdraw their claims for eonseqnon
itial damatres from Great Britain, still
' maintaining their outside provisions of
the treaty; that in wars woe never one
nation is belligerant and another neu
tral, tbe neutral shall not be held respoit
ble for Indirect consequential damages
or claims arteing in a similar manner
under similar - circumstances with
claims to which the treaty at Washing
ton refers.' This was surprise to the
President who. 'finding diplomacy hud
failed, called In the members of tbe
Cbngressiotial Foreign Committee, to
whom he stated his anxiety to save the
treaty, hot not at the sacrifice of any
principle, and having failed to obtain
tsucii proposal rrom i-ngianu as was
expectedv be was in ftvorof"withdraw
ing Schenck'a instructions, leaving tlie
wnoie matter as at nrsx oerore ine
Geneva Tribunal. The Bepublieau
members of the: House Committee
stated that tbey thought tbe question
of consequential damages should never
have been-Inserted in our. case, but it
'was there, and tlie honor of tlie nation
was tints invoivcu. xne cotnaaiMo
was willinir to do auytblnz eonsisterit
with their position to etrengtbea the
Tlie President said it was not fir
him to say what should lie tbe final at
tatude of the oouutry. While recog
nizing the authority conferred njion
bimseir, he was anxious mat tne in
ttiediate representatives of the people
should know the true condition of at
fairs, and he relied on the committee
to stand bv him in case it became nec
essary to abandon the treaty.
. Ambler, ot umo, respooaea oy say
taz that, li the support expected was
jutt, tbe Democratic member ot tbe
committee should also t enrotiea.
WilLird agreed witb Ambler, and
positively declared tliat this unsttke
t the Administration could not be
astened on the Republican party by
any measure of expediency.
This terminated the interview. , Af
ter their withdrawal the President aud
Secretary Fish decided that Granville's
proposition was unacceptable, and that
we cannot recede from our case as
oresented at Geneva, and a dlspsrtcfa
was telegraphed to Scheuck to that ef
fect. ' -
. Urata Itroon nasi tin a Speech.
C-HiCAOO.. May 8 Governor B.
Gratz Brown made a speech on tlie ae
caslon ot a serenade at Jefferson City.
Mo., last evening. ' His remarks wore
larrelv of a persooal character. Me
did not enter upon a discussion of Uie
lssues of tliei camprngn. thongn lie ith-
timated his purpose to participate in
tlu canvass ut a later, stage of ita ffce-in-ess.
He said further tliat Scniirz
was tor the ticket and that HcTtuce
Greeley having tlaj capacity to tnut
big newspaper would certainly make a
good President.
sjreeley Faitluo at rt Assdn.
Charleston. S. C, May 8. The
news of this morning urges the Demo
cratic National Convention to CWor
the nomination of Greeley and EVtHwn,
whom It says are not only the anani-
nious choice of thepeojJe of the South
west, Dtit ot the whole aoum.
New York, May 8. T. Biioisaiti
Read, poet aud painter, is lying: dnn
gerousiy ill of pueninonia, at the Astor
Philadelphia, May 8. A recep
tion was given to tlie National MeolWal
Convention last night, by tlie Acattauy
of Sciences. Fivehtindred and eiui'
turee members of the Conventioa vctm
registered as present thus Cir.
New York, May 8. The Govarn
ment purchased $4,000,000 in. bonds
from 12 70 to 13 12.
WASiirjiGTO-, May 8 The Hoe
Committee, while on tlie tarilE UU1.
after a lengthy discussion, strtck. out
of the bill duties on tm and co&e.
It is reported that the PresUsot has
decided to remove tlie Assistant) Sec
retary of State, Hale, oti tbw ground
of inability to keep tbpknnatus wcreta.
New York, May t. Bib Wood
stated at a meeting to-:i:gjlti tkut
Greeley told bini he nruttld ueuuiiu in
the field no matter wlto was iiiiauii:tUrl.
at Philadelphia, but ms withiirsWiiL ir
positive should the DWttw.TatW N'at'nn
al Convention make au itHepcndcut
WilliajiSPORT, Pa iay 7. The
State Labor Bet'urm Convention met
liere to-dav and adoptt-U a olatlTtriii.
sulist.'intkilly the smie a,s the Colurusvirt
platform. ITiey nominated Schult tiir
i lovernor and J udge-faows THoniron.
of the Supreme Coisrl. sir IjjutwnaiiL
Itl. C. Uenern t'ottrereneev
New York. May 7 la the 3rfh-
odist General Coiilcrence. the rtort ot
the minority of the BookC-oncerabCem
mittee was presented aud read after
some opposition. Tlie reading occuv
pied three hours. Lnnaban reitarates
all tlie charges, accusing the Conuntt
tee of trying to stnotlier graver acsissa
tions presented to them, and says-that
the Committee endeavored to Irtahice
him not to report his discoveries totfthe
General Conference, which he refaved,
and found himself treateil as a cmxu
nal instead of a prosecutor.
WASUlNtJTOX, May 8. Wilsou fi-aru
Committee on Military affairs rejKicted
f ivorably the House bill providing tor
isue of 1,000 rules and ammunition
for defence of settlers against Indians.
1 he l ost Ulnce Appropriation Dill
came up next. Nyes ainendnartit,
ottered yesterday and pending at the
adjournment, was acreed to and) the
bill then passed.
Tbe Senate discussed the Getstral
Amnesty bill and Civil Kights bill un
der Stunners motion to substitute the
latter for tlie former.
In tlie House, the tariff tax bill was
considered. Dawes said tbe redrKtiou
of revenue under it would be tfclOvOtX),
000. He moved to strike ont of it, tea
and cottee, and it was finally agreed to
raise tlie duty on both from 50 to 75
cents. Cumberland coul was placed
at fit teen per cent ad valorem.
A bill to enable the President lo up
point a Paymaster General of the Army
was reported and passed.
Sew Hampshire Renabiieaii Cosuren-
Concord, (N. H.),May8. Tbelve
puhlican State Convention met to-day
and appointed delegates to Philadel
phia. They adopted resolutions en
dorsing the Administration and favor
ing the retiotnination of General Grant.
Tlie Convention -was full and harmo
nious in favor of Grant.
w York Colored 1'onTeiiUosi.
New York, May 8. Tlie Colored
Republican State Convention met to
day and unanimously pledged tbe col
ored voters of the State to the nominee
of tlie Philadelphia Convention.
Democratic Xatlosiiil Coavesitloai to
be Called.
New Yoek, May 8. The Demo
cratic National Executive Committee
met this afternoon at the residence of
August Belmont. Eight States were
in represented, including California
ind Oregon. A call Is lotted Sir the
National Convention nt -Baltimore on
July lUh, and .inviting the co-operation
of all Conservative citizens.
, Democracy ottt We.
Chicago, May 8. Tlie Democratic
State Central Committee met lien to
day and authorized the Executive
Committee to call a State Convention
fourteen days prior to the National
Convention. There was a genera! ex
pression iu favor of Greeley as against
Isdianapolis, May 8. It is author,
itatlvely announced tliat Senator Hen
dricks is not committed to the support
of the Cincinnati nomuiees, bat will be
governed by the action of the Demo
cratic National Convention. .
- - roraras news,
Losdok, May 8. The Spanish Car
lists have lost a battle, and Don Carlos
has fled. ! 1
Bismarck to ill.'
Humored In London that Kurfle Isl
ands in the North Pacific are to be
leased to United States.
. Scotch church clergymen have sailed
for America to attend General, Assem
blylat Detroit- - i
. London papers In commenting upon
the Presidential question assert that
the re-election of Grant is doubtful. If
he persists In his clamors for Indirect
damages before tlie Geneva Tribunal.
Sllhlna: ArtVeoturers Wlntoa; Ezeite-
! Salt Lake, May 6. Large . num
bers of strangers, principally Eastern,
have arrived the last two days, mostly
on mining business. The hotels are
- Thowork otiaying she first street
railroad begins to-morrow.
; Allnding to,th rapidly changing
commercial ahd industrial situation In
Utah, and tlie evident desire of the
Mormon leaders for cancellation, the
Tribune, liberal, says the proper policy
now for bdth Gentiles and Mormons
Is to forsake bid hates and cordially
aim to work out a new and better state
of things.
' Several verv extensive prospecting
expeditions left' for the southern dw
' trlet on Saturday.' -' '
. There is quite an excitement in re
: gard u rich development of mines in
. Star District, two hundred and fifty
miles to (he south.
Golson, ot late employed by tbe Unit
ed States department, was arrested to
day charged with compelling a person
by threatening bis life to make affidavit
charging certain parties with commit
ting certain crimes in relation to the
testimony in the Robinson murder
IsreUaus AID, Irs.
Los Angeles. May . The Arizo
na Minor, Prescott. April 27th, has tlm
following: The Indians attacked a
station, killed .1. W. Smith and Joseph
Ackerman, both well known citizens
of Prescott, and captured all the stock.
Tlie bodies of the murdered men were
stripped and one partly eaten by tlie
wolves. Osborne Pelwik. of Texas,
was found one mile north of Mint Val
loy shot in the head and breast. He
'was last seen In Prescott April 16th.
,T..CaUagbau waa seriously wounded
by Indians at Beaver, Creek mines.
Tbe Miner devotes two columns to de
rails of Indian atrocities and robberies.
The military are under orders to pur
sue them.
Virginia City ElertUM.
Virginia City, May 0. Tlie city
election to-day passed off very quietly.
Hopkins (Hep.) was elected Mayor by
a large majority. Kelly (Detn.) was
elected Chief of Police by 9 majority.
Mayre (Dem.), tor Treasurer, and
Plunkett (Dem.). for Assessor, were
elected by small majorities. Two
Democratic and two Republican Al
dermen were elected.
Arrival of Exearatonlsta Ball road
Meetings Wool Clip.
Sas Francisco, May C A sjieclal
car with the Philadelphia party, in
cluding Samuel E. Stokes, . J.
IIerhm.ii and William V. McKean;
of the Philadelphia Ledger, and fami
lies, arrived overland on Saturday
eyening.' , -
At a public meeting of the citizens
the proposition of the Ai & P. R. R.
Co. was accepted, and R. G. Sneath,
Mayor Alvord, C. Hopkins and Johns
Hagar were appointed commissioners
to go to St. Douis aud perfect 'details.
Alvinza Hay ward pledgetl a half mil
lion to lead the subscription In aid of
the proposed enterprise.
At a subsequent meeting of the St.
Louis delegation and the Commission
ers, Maror Brown of St. Louis, said :
If San Francisco would raise $10,000.
000 or $15,000,000, to be Invested. St.
Lotus would raise as much more, and
each have thirteen or fourteen repre
sentations In tbe Board of Directors.
The bulk of tbe spring wool clip has
been already shipped. Reliable esti
mates by the oldest dealers place the
clip at one-third less weight than last
French ritlzr-n to take tbe oath or
AUearlanee lAurs D. fairs case
NutHfth In Mocks Mtka Gold Wool
dlpvt Southern California.
' Sax Francisco, May 7. Tbe treaty
between France and Germany, signed
May lOtb, 1S71, making It the duty of
all the nations or Alsace aqd Lorraine,
residing in foreign countries, to give
notice within a year, of their desire to
remain French citizens or be consid
ered German subjects, the native of
tho provinces residing In San rrau-
tisoo and vicinity win. on t nday next,
jvtMtir to the French Consulate with a
French flag draiied in mourning, and
there take the oath of allegiance to
r ranee.
The application ot Mrs. Laura D.
Fair for a change of venue is not yet
acted upon, if granted, the will prob
ably either go to Contra Costaor Alarm
The smash in storks to-day Is com
plete, snd confidence appears to be
sadly on the wane. So many long faces
nave not open seen on i-aiuuruia anu
Montgomery streets for' years.
Specimens of Sitka gold are creating
considerable excitement here ; there is
talk ot organizing a Company to work
for the precious metal in Alaska on au
extensive scale.
Tlie spring wool clip of Los Angeles
and adjoining counties has been nearly
all secuied at hiirh fiiruresand nhinned.
The wool growers express great disap-
iKiintment at the snortness oi tne cup.
which does not nverage over two-thirds
of wliat was anticipated, owing chiefly
to tlie scarcity of feed tlie past year.
The quality Is regarded as superior to
previous dips, aud is mostly free of all
iiireigh substances such a liave usually
characterize1 wool from tlie soutlieru
counties. '
KxcurmlolnlHts srone House Wlnlna;
.natters- 1 lie t rrurh t air.
Sax FranciVO, May 8. The great
er part at tne r. i.ouis excursionists
kive left for home. '
Revival In stocks to-day.
Rich placer diggings discovered at
Abode Hill, ms Angeles county.
Tlie French Fair is crowded to the
utmost again this evening. Seven
Lake Tahoe trout, contributed by
French flsliermen, were sold after
breakfast to-day for $1,300, and were
presented to the officers of the French
frigate LaFlore and 50 cigars at $ 10
Oreirom City Election.
Oregon City. May 6. The munlci
ptil election to-day resulted as follows:
Mayor A Noltner ID 104 ; Thomas
Cliarnian (11), 97. Recorder L Inl-
ler (D). 100 : W P Bums ( K), G. For
Councilmen W L White (1. 107
.lulius Ixgus (D), 104 : S W Moss (D),
107; James Athey (D), 102; B Cau-
flcKl (D), 104 ; George Clark (D), 101 ;
James A iMiaud ou; aj Apper-
son (R). 110; J D Miller (R) 113 ; JG
Bon net t (Kl. 101 : Cliarles Logus (K ,
99 : James .Milne (R). 99 ; J M Frazer
(R), 98 ; J 11 More (R). 98. Assessor
and Collector II L Kelly (D), 113 ; W
J Caldwell" (R), 81. Treasurer A
Ivy (1. 77; COT Williams (R),
120. Marshal S D Richardson (D),
107 ; Thoma Miller (R 94. City At
torney A F Forbes. (D), no opposition.
Tne Portland Brpnbllcan Prlsuarlea
Tne ( it J wood ltrkct tHtrcessfnl,
Portland, May 7. The Caywood
ticket lor Sheriff Is elected by about
eight to one. In the city. ,
II O 31 U
Mutual Insurance Company.
CAPITL, $1,000,000!
iitAt. It. HOWARD Vice President
I'HARMX K. MTOKT Necretarjr
X. H. IIIDI Marine Neeretarjr
If. II. BIsUOW....UeaieralMansisrer
P, WaMrmaa, . B. tJoIdsnaltb,
f, II. Lewis, . Jlocleajr,
Uoyd Brooks. .
MtIDt ...In F.Arotrer
IMltea D. 1H. rrettrh
AlOHu.T .....J. A. Crawford
liewlstoai J, Loweii be ra;
tseneral A Rent, Portlsusd.
( HAS. E. BI'KsbBWM,
Asrent at Halem.
Volt . !
per rnonto ererywhrro, Male and
f'em&le, to lmrodoue tbe genuine inrprored
This machine will stltr.h, hem, fell, tik-k. bind
braid, cord, qiillL and embmider In a uvt on
ivrlor manner. Pri, only tU,fnllr lk'naed
and warranted fur five renrn. Wt will pay
1000 lor any machine, bl"'h prrue or low, tliat
will new a stronger, more beutlful or more
c tattle seam than ours. It make the Else
tie liOCk-fMltek. Ererr teooud stitch ess
lie cat, and SUll tho cloth cannot bo Milled
. apart without tearing It. H'e pay Agent. 1100
In S250 por moath, and erpenae,ora cormnla
stoa from which twice that amount oaa be
made. For circulars and terms, apply to or
3. Marshall at Co.,
; ; . No. 10 Natalia fitreet.
- i ;-. ' Kow Vork..-..-
CATJTION'.-Do not bo tm nosed upon by
other paa-Ds travelling throogn tha country
palming off -worthless ca-lron maohinot un
der tbe same naioe or otherwise. Ours Is tbe
only genuine and really cheap machine man
ufactured. A pW72:(ll wrw3m.
' ' Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
- State Street, Salem. -
Solo Oresron Aenta Car
Chickering and Emerson
Mason & Hamlin,
Taylor & Farley Organs.
Have just received a large Invoice of the
above Instruments, which we offer for
Rent and for Saleon Monthly Installments
6a!rCall and examine our new styles of Or-
ganx, contalntnlng some of the finest combina
tions and more variety of sound than any oth
er Instrument offered for Male In this city.
A large assortment jA OPERA JITNM'-
with and without words. Also, a well-assort
ed stock of
jS It o t I tiHir.
Orders taken for any piece of Music pub
lished. .
Blank Books,
Paper Envelopes and
Initial Stationery.
now in line In our public schools constantly on
Al.o a full line of '
now on hand.
C-Glve m a call before purchasing eUe
' MavSTfccUwtf
Are now Ready and for Sale
Cor. Morrison and Front Sts, Portland,
AND or
turnlslifdto the Trade al KATK8 BELOW
Willamette Transportation Co,
n o ti o i : .
M. iui tlici u i si at ; .
The Steamer Fannie Patton
Will leave her dock, foot of State St., every
M'ednesjMT tutd Nototrday StorsttnaT
At 6 o'clock A. M. for Portland, and will
leave swiem every
'Mom flay and Thnrsday
Ot each week at 5 o'clock P. M. for Corvnllls
and Intermediate place.
CiTFare at Reduced Bate.
J. D. BILEH, Agent.
Salem, Dec 15, 1871.
Will icw-everything- neoded in a tamity, from
the heaviest to the lightest fabric
Than Any OUier Slaehtne.
If there is a Florence Sewing MairhlBe
y uiiin raw inuiifssna mncsoimtn rranacii
not working well and giving entire Mtlsmc
tlnn, if I am infurmed of it. Its-ill beatlel
ed in without expense of any kind to tho
19 New Montgomery Street.
Grand Hotel Building, San Francisco.
NEEIj A: X., AUEXnt,
Mnlena, Oreatn.
Jfr Active Agents wanted in every place
Feb. 1 dawlr
3,000 JJuhIioIm
Fine Seed & Table Potatoes.
Choice lot of Pugot Sound Bnoda, la
eqnal ports of
White Kidneys.
Pinkeyes and
The superiority of then Potatoes la well
known, either for Seed or Table.
Orders Iran dealers and farmers from the
Interior will be oiled with dispa cb.
Direct or apply to
Grocery, Curncr Fourth and Washingtoa
.Streets, PortlaiHt. ,
April 1, dAwtr
1M Front Mt, Portland,
Com mi ssion Merchantt
Oregrsi prodnce sold to be rrantage In
Portland or Sui Frondac. Dealer la .
ollrtatd. . ,
Jan. 85, 187J.
FESCK MaTlaV--. ,
choice Cedar and Yew Fence Posts this
spring at cheap rates, will pleasa leave their
orders for such with
Port office Building, fcolem, Oregon.
February Uth, 1S7J. dwtf
private instructor for married persons, or
tbosoabout to be ani-rled, both male and fe
male. In everything concerning ths physiology
and relations of our sexual svstem, and tho
production and prevention or offspring. In
cluding all the new discoveries never before
given tn the English language, br V) H.
YOUNU, M. 1. This is really a vaJwtUo and
lntetestlng work- It Is written In plain lan
guage for the general reader, aad Is illustrated
with numerous Engravings. AH young mar
ried pontile, or thoHO eonuxniibttliig marruiKe,
and havuis the taut andBent to aaarried
life, atiould rssd this book. It dtivloees secrets
;hat every one should be acquainted with ; still
U ut book that mast be Incited up and not let
lie about tbe house. It will be sent to any ad
dress on receipt of fiftv cents. Addrew In.
WM. YOVSO, No. till 8imico street, above
Fourth, I'tinadi-liihla.
So matter wliat mnv be ynur dlsuase, belore
vou place yourxulf under the care of any one
of tho QUACKS -native and foretgn-wbo ad
vertise in tills or any other paper, get a copy
of Dr. Young's Book and read It carefully. It
will bo the means of taring yon many a dollar,
your health, and possibly your life. l'r.
Young can be con-aiited on anv of the diseases
descrlbsd In his publication, by mail or at bis
fltce. No. 416 Spruce street, above Fourth,
Pbtlabelhia. Jan
t'Ommrrrlsl St., Nalena,
Is mauutocturing a large lot of
Spring- AViAjfouw,
Of all styles, made of the best Eastern Stock.
Wagons made to order. Orders filled on
short notice.
BepaUrliiBT done and Work Warranted
Salem, March 12, rtawtf
Dr. Lowell masona
complete in ttnelf, bwt one naturally sac
oeeds the other in s school Course. The books
Perfeet Klines of Talnable Xaterlala
for Mnste Teocners.
(Sono Garden IstBuok),
Is tor the little ones. Here are Simple Ele
ments. Easy Exercises, about iW tunes, many
of them the sweetest
Flowers of Melody.
Price 50 era.
(Soxo Gardes 2d Book.)
Lowell Mason's Celebrated ldetnenta.
5.10 Exercise and R'mrvtx in the "Practical
Course. o 175 songs. 70 sacred Tunes. lYice
(Sonu Garden 3d Book.)
Resume of the Elements. Musical Cate
chUm. Vocal Culture i With ptateM. (B Exer
cises and Solfeggio. HiO two, three and iour
part songs and ia lees. Price si 00.
The above books suut pont-pakl, on receipt
of retail price.
C II. Dltson A Co., New York.
aprM:tf Lyon A Heal v. Cliicaga
Has just received one of the
Largest and Most Complete Stocks ef
ever offered to the people of this vicinity. Her
siock na, oeen seiecin wnn rreat csre
and issovaiiol that it lalmpneHlble
to enumerate a ntiixiroiin
part thereof. Cal I and
see lor she has tbe
and yon cannot fall to be plcasnl
Stamping, Bleaching, Pressing
Ac, done to order.
Hair woven Into Switches, Vringes, etc.. etc
Work in these brandies solicited and satis
faction guaranteed. Hair Houa;bt and
ho 14.
11 Ef OVFIt. I havo rnnoved my exten
sive Mock of goal to the large and commodi
ous storeroom two doors north of PoalofUce,
in Star key's block, where I will be pleased to
see aH mr old customer.
airftdlm C. M. SCHWATKA.
TO Tllli:
Ladi?s of Salem and Vicinity.
Salem, Slay 1st, l7i
WOULD announce that she has Jnst re
turned from tn Kranclaco, with a
large and elegant Slock ot fashionable Spring
and Summer
Millinery Coods,
to which she would respectfully Invite their
attention. Tbe Stock comprises
Bonnets, Hats,
Flowers Ribbons,
Laoe Collars) and
and General Trimming Goods, In great varie
ty, lust imported from Paris.
" Mrs. Moxley's superior taste in her depart
ment kas now become universally acknowl
edged, and she Is confident that a finer and
more attractive Stock or Millinery Goods has
never been opened in the Stale. An eariy ex
amination of her new Invoice Is solicited.
XllUnerjr atablisnnPnt l Patton't
Block, State Street, calem.
!. B.-As Mrs. Moxley Is the only Milliner
In Salem who goes to San Francisco to pur
chase her goods, she Is confident she can oiler
superior Inducements, both In prim, quality
an-lXLyl. Mks. K. W. Moxi-KY.
MRS. J. H. HOM'ELL takes this method
of informing the public tliat she has just
received a large and well-elected stock of
Millinery Goods.
The largest stock of
Klbbona, Flowers, and laras
to be fonnd In the city.
Doll Varden Hats and Ribbons Just
. t Received.
Call and examine her stock brtbre Hircha
lng elsewhere. Boom over Farmr Bros.
C-f Remember the place.
dim of Salem, owing preiared to do
: In .ill its orancues.
Having had U years experience In that bust
nous In the Eastern States, thev will he able to
warrant that work will bo dona la ths latest
style and tbe best manner.
tTRooais over Terrell It Gill Ingham's
Store, ration's Block.
Salem, March J. 187MT
1852. 1872.
Corner of Commercial and State sts., Salsa,
Spring: and Sommer Goods.
The Largest and Beet Assortment of trass
Goods la Ntlena, to watch I invite the atten
tion of the I guiles. Abo, a large stock of
Men's and Boy's Clothing.
And everything usually kept in a well assort
ed Store. To attempt to enumerate all the va
rious kind" of Goods, would I ont ol'theqisw
tloa; and I sav to one and all call and see for
yourselvos. My motto will be to sell cheap
for Cash or Trade, j r
Grain, Floar and Salt Sack
' Always on Band.'
Cotton Wrapptns;, Flu So wine
. Iletnp Ball ic Twines.
Sale Rooms, Chemeketa Hotel Bslknng.
u CHEEsnnocon ca
Salem. fX-t. 7th. dtf
Vdaicy and weekly.
. Yin t".' vri-rt nt '(
Th Daily; Oregon 8taman
. . issned every morning la tbtwsek ex
- oentMoaday. -:
, - - ;, 1 i
Will be rurnlsbed to subscribers on the fol
lowing TEEMS :
To City subscribers, by Carrier, SS cents per
weak, payablt to Carrier.
To mall subscribers, per year, SS 00.
" " " i six aaontha, H 00.
w .i " 'three months, W SO.
The Daiit statwia!I will contalB. each
day, a - ,
to the Associated Press; all tbe
Current Events of the Stte ;
' a Cilthfiil antl'rtitoblecollatlon of the
LOC-ra-L Pilaws
of the City and County; Kews from tho
'iMrhbortas ' .
A careful rasunn of tbr -
from al sources ; Editorials npoa tbe Uva
Topics of the Day;
Carefully selected Miscellany, Poetry. Etc
It will be Krpubltcao la politics.
- Intlcvendrat and fisrlcss In Its opinions.
The Daily Statesman
circulates through every important City,
Town and Village in the State, and
and along all the dally moil
It a, therefore, an excellent
Advertlseasenta Inserted at liberal rates.
Prices graded and uniform to all adver
tisers. Tbe Daily Statksmas sill contain every
fcntnre of a
circulates la every Coaaty, City, Town,
sod Hamlet tn Oregon.
Contains all the choicest matter, and1 '
published In tha Dally.
8nbscnptioB price of the 'Wekki.y Ok boos
Statesxax, $3 00 a year, payable in ad
vance, at the office, or to any of our author
Ued Agents.
Tbe Weekly Statesxak being read by
everybody, la an excellent sslvertlslng me
dium.. .
Advertising at liberal rates.
Rend In yonr orders for the paper.
lr yu hove anytnmg to afire it Me, send no
tice to tbe Weekly statesis ah.
All comma ideations on badness or corres
pondence, to be addressed to "St attsm a,
or to the propnetor
New Goods I New Goods I
consignment of
Spring and Summer Goods.
" xjn-Lxraata ... "
Custom Made Clothing,
BootM and Hhooa,
Carpels, Oil Cloths, Hitting,
Orooeriee, 23to
Fresh tkwds by every steamer. Call
and price oar goods, and you will be con-
ffm jcessor to Usaiovaco Wngbt,)
Family Groceries,
, Cigars, .
. Tobacco,
Coffee, Tea,
Soap, Candles
Lime and Salt, .
' t3T Agent lor Imperial Fire Insnrasce Co.,
of Xondou. .
Marl'Tnf ;
, aMekeyS Creana ato la-Tor Issanaa .
Ing snd Presarvlog the Teeth. Beautifying-"
th Complexion, and removing rraokJoa, .
EmptloBS, suabara and Taa. A 'sw Cosont
nation, equal la too bast rrsach presauaUoas,
and frss from thr sotaoooas taaTobssla. Ia
rented by GfcXX 8. DICKIE T, Chess,
foh. lOdawSni