The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, November 30, 1905, Image 1

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No. 06.
Nole the Strong Ieatures of
Asbestos Sad Irons
The Handle -Cool, itrong, fits t he hand.
The Lock Steel spring, Hint-, quick, safe, sjmple.
The Hood Lined with asbestos; keeps lient in core;
protects 1 1 it 11 (1 from heat; clean, neat, secure,
The Core Solid from - center to circumference;
holds beat; smooth, frictionless, proper shape,
full weight.
The Stand Asbestos-covered, steel hack.
The Whole Set Handsomely nickel-plated; neat
in proportions; comfortable, economical, at
is factory.
The Guarantee -Irons warranted perfect through
out. Broken or defective parts re placed, free
of charge, except postage, during a period of
two years after use is begun. Ask to ce them
Churchill, the Hardware Man
. n v s. . .v v-r v v
If You h.imi 10 Gat Your Money's Worth Com and So Us.
Wo Hituillo all Kintli of Boot and 8I1OOH. I lie Bent for t he money
First-Class Repairing Done at Reasonable Prices
V N .N "V V N. V N S
No matter what Watch Movement yegj want
we can supply your wants. Our reputation for
handling the BliST JISWRLRY is well estab
lished. You Can Always Rely
On what you Ket ai our store as Being Kxact- $
ly as Represented. This is an Important Item when
it comes to buying Jewelery.
Our Repairing and Rating
Of watches speaks for itself. We are excelled
by none and take pride in the Satisfaction which our
work always gives.
J. T. BRYAN, The Watchmaker.
We handle Shoes that are desirahlc,
comfortable and fashionable. Our stock is
very complete.
If you Want to yet your money's worth,
come and see us.
Turns out good work with neatness and '
dispatch. fi
Many Delightful Family Reunions and
Social Gatherings Marked
Eventful Day.
Bossberg in todajf enjoying the
festivities which are attendant upon
! the proper obstrfSBOS of ThankHKiv
iiiK'Iay. Most of the buHinettH houaea
I are cloKcii for the entire day, while
Hume few, including the grocera ami
: meat market kept opun until noun, in
order to accommodate the bostSSSSS
who might have forgoten to proper
ly look after the larder.
many wan THANKFUL.
The 1'laindealer representative took
a little time yexterday, trying to as
certain who was truly thankful and
why they were thuHly, with the fol
lowing result:
Mayor Hoover "Because I was
elected hy a majority of the people,
and they can't count me out."
V. A. Hurr, of the Uurr Music
Mouse "Say, we ougnt to he thank
ful, the way we are selling pianos.
.sam "Plenty of things. My
fine business is one of the many that
deterve notice."
W. L Cobb- "Say, give me an easy
one. Hut, really, our excellent realty
trade is enough for anybody."
CP. Harnard "For the splendid
livery business, I an. truly thankful."
Hon. A. ('. Masters 'That 1 am
not in the 'roasting' business this
year, makes me more than thankful."
Geo- Kohlhagen "My fine trade
makes me thankful all over and I am
glad to furnish others good things to
Frank Alley "Well, I declare, I
hardly 'n"w where to begin, for I
have SO many causes for thanksgiv
ing." Opera House Manager. L. H. Moore
That we are not going to h;ive
F. H. Churchill, the hardware man iy more week runp. They're kil
"Yes, indeed, I am truly thankful
for everything, which includes a
bSndsoBM business."
J. T. Hrvan, the jeweler "Well, I
should sav that I have abundant cause
County Clerk AS "Ain't 1 glad
that the jtapers did not mention that
I recently moved1 my bed and board?"
J, l. Hamilton "Well, If TOO had
for thanksgiving, if anybody has, for . :l" the Cod things coming your way.
BU trade is most excellent." lniU 1 nave' "u ' M manktui. too.
'County Treasurer limmifk-"Now, C- I SBBOD " hen a fellow lias
sav, when a fellow has all the good m' ' ,ninKs to enumerate, where
things which are coming my way, 1 w ne l" beKm- l'm Rlitd my P'urisy
why, he can't help but be thankful." " much better."
City Recorder Oroott 'Clad I am I 1 Abraham "If you would ask me
to know that the people of Koseburg ' something easy. I could answer it.
appreciated mv efforts to give them but it is hard to tell all. However,
good service. ' I'll keep up the pace." ,,ur sap business is one of many."
Sheriff McClailen "No one has' ' I'- Marker "Among the many
more oaosa for gratitude than I have. for which I am very thankful,
I cannot begin to enumerate my rea- i " mr constantly increasing business."
OBI for being thankful." Attorney W. W. Cardwell "Say,
'Cene l'arrott "Well, that is a P SO MSd they can't prove that 1
big undertaking, to attempt to tell . wrote that famous letter. My con
why I am thankful, for there are so science is clear."
many things. Hut our good shoe C. M. Heard "Well, not least
tra.le is one of the manv things." am ,ng our causes is the good busi-
H. W. Strong Now. see here, "ess wnicn nas oeen coming our way
Willis, ask me something easy. Why. 1 r'Sht along."
1 have lots of things to be thankful Chief Dispatcher 6. C Morns
for, chief among them being our fine " have reason for thanksgiving, for
a fellow for being thankful, when
his better half is about to come home
after being away some time?"
Hanker J. H. Hooth "One of the
many things which make me truly
grateful, is the way our line of de
posits have been jumping up right
Druggist Fullerton - "Clad I am to
be in good health again, and to be
baring such a good trade."
Judge M. D, Thompson -"For the
way in which Douglas county is mov
ing along in all that means for her
growth and prosperity, I am very
Senator 0. P. Coshow "I think it
would be a big job for me to under
take to tell half of the reasons why
I am thankful. Hut one of them is
thaUl live in 'Old Douglas.' "
Judge Fullerton "Well, there are
a host of reasons why I am thankful,
chief among them being the fact that
Douglas county is the best place on
earth in which to live, und I .want to
stay right here."
J. M. Hansbrough "That I, like
the poet Byron, awoke one morning,
to find myself famous."
"See Paf "Of all mortals, 1 think
I am the one to be thankful, and
one reason is because I am a K. 0..T.
Assessor Staley "For the fact
that Douglas county is steadily grow
ing in population and in material
wealth, I am sincerely grateful.''
S. B. Flowers "I am thankful that
although I am getting along in years,
yet I am not quite so old as the Plain
dealer had me, when it said I was in
Ohio, when that state was admitted
into the union."
All the ministers of the city
"We are delighted with the spirit of i
brotherly love which prevails among
the various churches, as regards one
Family reunions are the order to
day, and the reporter was almost
overwhelmed when he endeavored to
get these, for there were so many of
them. However, he did get a few
wi i h were as follows:
W. A. Burr and family had as their
guest, J. W. Maiden and family.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. t.'annon enjoyed
the hospitality of the home of John
Agee, near Wilbur.
I "niggist W. F. Chapman and wife
Wen with the family of John L Chap
man, at Wilbur.
County Surveyor Roberts and wife
had Kev. Dr. J. A. Townsend and
family, around the festal board.
Mrs. May Kahler arrived from
Seattle, yesterday, to spend the hap
py occasion with her brother, Attor
ney W. W. Cardwell and family.
Jeweler A. Salzman and daughter,
Miss Anna Salzman, were the euests
for the day, of E. M. Atterberry and
Mr. and Mrs. J, B. Williams, of
Roberts Creek, were entertained by
Mrs. A. H. Cox, and family, on Mill
Postmaster Parka and his good
wife had Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Perry and
Wm. Perry as their guests for a fine
Mrs. S. F. Cobb had the pleasure of
having fifteen members of her family
gather around the table at the home
of her son T. C Cobb.
Mrs. H. El Pickens and family had
as their guests F. M. Beard and family-Mr.
and Mrs. B. W. Strong had
with them, to enjoy the day, Mr. and
Mrs. J. 0. Metz and daughter. Earl
Strong came up from the state uni
versity to participate in the festivi
ties of the occasion.
Mrs. S. Zigler, at her home on
Jackson street, bad one of those good,
old-fashioned family reunions. Gath
ered with her around the festal board
were: Mr. and Mrs. Autenreith, Mr.
and Mrs. 0. T. Bolter, Mr. and Mrs.
Dexter Rice, Miss Zelia Zigler and Mr.
C. A. Zigler.
The home of F. H. Churchill was
the scene of a happy reunion, the
guests being Rev. and Mrs. W. A.
Smiek, of Dixonville: Miss Jennie
Cook and Miss Flora Wilson.
Fee the past twenty years the
families of D. S. K. Buick, J. C Aik
en and S. C. Flint have been holding
reunions on Thanksgiving day and to
day Mr. and Mrs. Flint did the hon
ors. It was a very delightful affair.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Albright, who
were just married at Hubbard on the
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G. W. Kimball "Guess 1 am
thankful that I am still alive and that
didn't 1 get a snap in real estate?
R. B. Mathews "Guess I am glad,
after all, that my dog is not a rat tar-
I am not troubled with the care of j tier instead of the fine bird dog
office." ! thal he 8-
A. D. Bradlev "Pshaw! Let me Will. H. Fisher "Of all people in
think. Why, there are many things, ' this city, I think I have ample reason
but I nuess mv handsome bays are ! to celebrate. Haven't you noticed
some of them." vn&t a capital trade we are having.
Dave Shaml.rook "I am devoutly Yes, 1 ni real thankful."
thankful that Dooglai county is go-1 Thus. Gibson -"Thankful I am that
ing to have a host of newcomers, and I Uw weather nearly always comes just
that the Farmers' Real Hstate Co. j as I order it. Of course they some
will locate a great manv of then.." times get mv orders a little mixed."
Jim NswlSBd "Tell them 1 am I CUttl I Woolson -Together, Yes,
thankful for our big trade, for - but. indeed, we have every reason to be
sav. that alone, Is enough to make thankful for our growing trade."
any fellow happy." I A. Salznjan "I am thankful all the
D.C Baker ""Well. 1 am rejoiced time, for my nice trade keeps up all
that we. now have one of the best the year around."
equipped laundries in Southern Ore-! H. G. Wilkinson 'Can you blame
Carpets Carpets
Full line of all grades of Carpets on hand all
the time, ranging in price from 20 cents to $1.45
per yatd.
Best line of all-cotton filled Comforts we have
ever had, from $1.35 to $2.25 each.
Attention, Ladies!
Full line of all-wool, Oregon-made Blankets;
also excellent line of Cotton Blankets at reason
able prices.
Buy one of our cotton-felt or cotton-felt and
silk floss Combination Mattresses, and you have a
Mattress that wtlLLisfc a lifetime.
The Ladies of Roseburg and vicinity will be
interested in knowing thai I am preparing to jKJSSJ B. W. STRONG,
take a limited number ot pupils in lowest prices consistent
1 w ith good values.
Meet me at Fisher & Bellows Co. Monday
Term of twenty-four lessons, ten dollars
Single lessons fifty cents
Mrs. R. Pargeter
When you witnt your Panama Hat clean.- I and blocked, or your suit
r I and Oleined. I am also agent for B0, B. PRI0B, Clik'UKo'i)
Leading Tailor.
-3 03
.- o