The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, November 27, 1905, Image 1

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No. 05.
Look Here!
To make room for new stock, I will
offer the popular STRANSKY
WARE for one whole week, from
at 30 per cent, reduction from the
regular prices. A few prices will
give an idea of what the cut means
to money-saving buyers.
Beilin Kettles, 13 quarts $1.75 to 125
8 - 1.25 o
Stance Pans, with enameled covers .... 1.75 to
1.50 to t.ftO
10 quart Coffee Koilcr 2 25 to 1.60
3 " 5 Pot 1.25 to .90
6 " Lipped Same Pans ... .85 to . .60
12 " " " M 1.25 to .90
Dih Puns 2.00 to 1.40
" i-75 to 1.25
Tea Kettles 1.75 to 1.25
" " with Rloe Cookers 2.25 to 1.60
Churchill, the Hardware Man
Promlnent Editor of the State Pull
in4 Hard for This Very
wvnr hewn (lrnamol of by the oldest
Mr. ami Mr. Ilofer spent the most of
Friday t the Soldiers' Home h nsts
of their olil-tlm friends. Commandant
rul Mrs. Khler, who (rate formerly Ma
rion county residents.
The I'iaindealer wai favored with
pleanant call, Friday rnori.lOK from I Inn
K. Ilofrr. the well-known editor of the
lMM I'hih Journal. Mr. Holer, ac
i'oiiiianied liy lili ettlmahle wife, ha
n..t I.... .ii tiialfttitf mn Avt.n.lvi. ..(
; tblfl part ol the slate, In company with
1 Hon. Walter I.. Tooie, of Woodhnrn,
I wlio i an aspirant for congressional
honor in thi district.
"We have tiad a moat successful and
' uncouraiiiuK trip," remarkel Mr. Holer
enthualaatically to tlie reporter. "At
four different cities and town they gave
11a rousing meetina, where we addressed
thuni on the iutereata of tliia pert of thia
great atate Ami they are all entliuiiias
lically pulling together. We fotiiid oon
ditiuna very favorable for a rapid and
xiih-taiitial growth and development of
all that section.
railroad into the I'ooa Hay country, ia
goiiiK to make thinga fairly hum over
"There ia no iueation in my mind that
wool prleea are going to l.- imtter next
year than they were tbi aeaaon," aaid a
Some Interesting Information Re
garding the Fine Showing
Made by Co. D.
I' root the Annual Target Report of
Co, D, Firat Separa e Battalion O. N. 0
for the year ending Oct. 31, 1005, which
haa juat been com pin ted, we note the
following :
Corporal Geo. V Houck heada the
sneepraao yeaieraay. i i.e speeasr. woo ,iit o( Klpert Kiflemen with a total
in well informed on preaant conditlona, ! of 417 out of . ftU 450, ,n ,T.
continued aa followa 1 age of m
"The output of wool thia aeaaon was ,n th Marksmen's Courae Sgt. F. O.
conalderabljr abort of the laat lew yaara Stewart heada with a total of 139 oat of
and the indication are that the product j a possible 190, also an average of
will ! no greater next year. The elim-j Home very good
inatiou of many bauda of abeepin differ-I done during the
eut uarte of the country, which baa been
going on quietly for aome time, ia lor. -iug
ita effect .11 the annual output of
wool and the large bouaea in the Eaat
arc beginning to realize the true situa
lion. The reault ia that there ia a brick
demand for wool right now and in order
The coming of the new inaure autBcient supply for early next j
aeaaon, many contract for next year r
dip are being made now. Represents- '
that way. And aay. by the way, w I Uvea from Hoeton and other Kastern
If Yon Want to Get Your Money's Worth Come and See Ui.
Wo Hundio all Kinds of Boota and SIiooh, The Boat for the money
I First-Class Repairing Done at Reasonable Prices I
N . N N'N-N S V
No matter what Watch Movement you want
we can .supply your wants. Our reputation for
handling the BEST JEWELRY is well estab
lished. You Can Always Rely
On what you get at our store as Being Kxact-
lv as Represented. This is an Important Item when
it comet to buying Jswelery,
Our Repairing and Rating
Of watohes speitks for itself, Wo arc excelled
5 by none and take pride in the satisfaction which our
work always gives
J. T. BRYAN, The Watchmaker.
want another railroad from Koaeburg
into that rich section, uud it ia going to
coiM'. The x ople over tiiere want it
and the'y feel ccitaiu that it ia going to
hu built sooner or later. Such a line
would lap a very rich section and would
lie a splendid investment ftr those who
hack it."
Speaking along thn line of politic! Mr.
! Holer said : "Mr. ToOaVl candidacy is
i meeting with tenet favor. The people
: are recognizing in him an exceptionally j
' atroug raudidttte anil one who, if elect- ;
I'd, as lie mot certainly will be, shOwM
In rerc ve the party nomination,) would
: be o credit to tlie entire state. A man
who lias convictions and v. ho has the
courage of l,ia convictions. Yes, Mr
Tooo 1 undoubtedly a verv stroll mail
and everything point to in lauding tin
njominatios. a to the gurnrpalnrlal
I situation. Dr. James W'ithvcombe, of j
the slnte agri ullilral college, ia rOffttlH
right to tin- (rout ami lie is regarded as I
on, ol the tinet men in thia slate. ,
Ills long residence ami hi usociutious
with the agricultural interests of t tin
stale, make him one of tlie people. Ho
ha the IntOfOsts of the fiirmer at heait,
ami by bit l.ones!, MBjdid mum. etc, he'
tin made hosts of friends all over the
state. He is 01 f the het men who I
a ti ul ii named for this LmpoftAAl 1 nice I
Mid it IM party 11:1 no h:in, he will;
prove to bl I vote ircttrr, sttnt.
"By the way," continued Kilitor Ho-;
: fer, "the next I idled State Senator I
Hhoitld lie Irom the interior of the -late, j
Thia il growing M'litiiiM'ht and is In
coming Itrotiger every day. The people
of the IntOrioi (eel that they need ; man
in that plat e who would he thoroughly
(11 touch wiili tl.eir iutereata aud limit-'
are plenty of gond men who could till
the position. nir W illamette QaVQlop.
men! Association has taken thi up and
j It ia going tO Win out. we hope at the
next election. We uie la1 oring for any- j
thing and everything that will advance
the Interests: of Weatern Oregon, w,.
eaglill that what will betiellt one part of
I tlie slate will help nil. S'o I repeat, let
' every part ol the state pull together, and j
I ( Iregon will go forward by leaps and
; hounds, and this promising common-
wealth will soon take ila place in tile'
j loreinost rank ol progress uud Pfoanef
ity. tine o! tl cs - .lays you lioughi
c unity people, mil Mini that yogi re
aouices are beginning to be recognized
and then you w ill sue your city ami
count v experiencing such a boom as ha
il ties have been in tlie W'eat (or aeveral
11. out hs for the purpose of making con
tracts in advance and many deala have
been cloee.l. A few contracts have been
made in thia county but the bulk of
them seems to be in Haker and Wallowa
counties in tlo atate and the aeveral
sln-ej, raising counties in Southern Idaho.
"As far as pricea are coucerned they
will be better than ever. Already 1
know of contracts at 20 ceuta a pound
and a few at eaata. Next year will I e
another money-maker for the eheepuien
ol this atate. '
An inter-.ting story ia told in con-:
nection w.'.t. theepp intm nt of Jnstiee
O. B. W'olverton to the federal hencli.
Soon alter the death ol Judge Bellin
ger, Justice llean of ti e state supreme
court la-came a carol;. lute (or the vacant
position mi l his friend ma le a canvass
01 the bench and bar of the state to se
cure in. iorM'iiients for him. Both of hi
colleague on the supreme lieiich Jus
tice Moore and Juti"e W'olverton
were asked for letters in Ills behalf and
both rtepondad with cordial taaoniian
datiogl that he he upK.intil.
Justice W'olverton's indorsement, of
hi fellow jurist wa particularly eatn
et and Ids letter was so well couched
tllfet It draw th attention of tin' attor-ney-teiieral
to the writer and led to in
qillry ulsiut him. When u ipeeigl emic
iim' was sent to Oregon last M'ptember
to inquire into the rltne-s of the various
candidate for tlie appointment be takad
many iiieations about Justice W'olver
ton, wlio, though not then n candi
date, often had been mentioned us
the light man for the place. Tlie re
port submitted lo the attorney-genera!
strongly continue! the favorable in -IgreaaJon
created by the letter which
Wolverton lul written in behalf of his
f iend and associate. The tinul resu t
wh tlie apgolntmeot of Wotveftoo to
tlx) led era I bMeb,
li he hud been less cordial uud les
earnest in hit efforts to secure the ap
pointment if .lutisce Bean his own
merits might have been Wholly overlooked.
skirmish work waa
aeaaon. Among the
higheet acoree are Jackson, 96; Houck,
Hamlin, 90: Stewart, 82; Jol -son,
79 ; Hedgpeth, 78; Threlkeld, 76; Webb,
' 75 ; Long, 74 ; Harphatn, 71 .
Hix are claaeifled aa Expert Riflemen.
Tneyare- Corporal Houck, 1 ri. Jack
son, Capt. Hamlin, Sgt. Stewart, Pri.
Johnson and Sgt. Threlkeld.
Light completed the Sharpshooter's
Course, Including: Pri. Harpham, Sgt.
Webb, Pri. Long, Pri. Hedgpeth,
Private Wilson, Cor. Stewart, Cor.
Kilxman and Sgt. W right.
Of the remainder, 35 completes the
Marksmen's Course, making 98 points
or more out of a possible 150, at the
three ranges, ?00, 300 and 500 yards.
Pri Ira Cole heads this list with a score
of 124.
One first class man, two second class
men Ami trix third class men complete
the list of those who took pert in the
target practice of the Company, a total
of 58 men.
1 ... li made an excellent record in her
target work in 1904, winning 5 of the 9
sbarpshooter'a badges awarded in the
state. The Oregon Birle Team, which
reprercnted the stale in the national
contest at New Jersey contained 4 Co.
D men, who won their places on the
team 111 a series of tryouts.
In the natiooai cyuteat at Sea tiirt,
Oregon was 21st of the 39 contesting
teams. In the individual contest the
Oregon team wa led by Or. Houck and
in the team shoot the highest score waa
made by C. S. Jackson, both of Rose
burg. The Company figure of merit in 1904
was 42; this year, 1905, it Is 19 and the
boys expect to do even better in 1906.
Professor Davis is In the City, arrang
ing to give one of his grand balloon as
cension in this cit v next Saturday, from
what ia known as the "Maccabees lot,"
corner ot Cass and Pine streets. He will
make an ascent at Cottage (i rove Thanks
giving day. His wife is also an expeit
in making flights through the air and
she had a rather thrilling experience at
Woodburn, the "Independent" report it
aa follows:
A large crowd witnessed the hot-
air balloon ascension and parachntedrop
by Mrs. Stella Davis last Saturday after
noon. Juat before the balloon went up
it caught Are and Professor Davis, who
superintended the affair, recognized that
his wife was in great danger, yet he per
mitted the balloon t go up 2100 feet be
fore he fired bis revolver aa a signal for
her to make the deecent. She dropped
300 feet before the parachute opened up
and even then she came down swifter
than usual. The collapsed ballosn light
ed on a building. Prof. Davia also gave
a pretty exhibition of tight-rope walk
ing. Both were well worth seeing and
fully earned their money."
Prof. Davia informed the Plaindealer
that he made from 1.000 to 10.000.feet
into the air, owing to the condition of
the wind. He has a record for going up
12,ae2 feet, which was at Hardiogton,
Neb., in 1902. The preformance is given
under auspices of the buisoeea men of
the city aud will take place about half-
past two o'clock in the afternoon.
s v- . aK)
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