The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, November 20, 1905, Image 7

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And they appreciate Good Oroc riea, like other people.
Thanksgiving Will Soon be Here
and yon will find our store he!idnnrtot s for anything
and everything in the line of "Good Things tO Eat."
( hir price! are right, and wc deliver gooda at your door
on shurt DOtioe.
CLINK & W00LS0N, Near the Depot
Where taste should predominate. Here you will
find some very exquisite piecea of jewelry Rins,
Pina, BfOOCbea, Watches, Chains and Kohs and the
price leasonahly consistent with quality.
H. O. Wilkinson, Prop.
The Choicest line of Wines anil Liquors including the FajDOOJ lirand
trOid Grand Dad"
Kentucky Sour Mash.
l ine I me of Domestic
Jackson and Oak Sts.
Own Yoi'ii own Homi Own it nowi
ip paying rent. I live In Btvenldi
lltlon io lioHoiiurg, the Queen City
Houlhern Oregon. I want you to live
.ere too. Local ion, soil, health, terniH
and prices, nil cm reel. Send for pic
tured folder, or see mo at my ollite. I'm
n MrnMl ; me you'.'
i p Loan Baumi Roieburgi Oral
Have to Live!
aud Imported Cigars.
koseburg. Ore.
For the boll nl everything in rainy
weatherwear a) ths noit reaionabla
prices, Him .Inhi'pliaiin'a. We are heod
qUftrtOn ttt$ riiin-i oatH, ruhhera,
lioota, oil mill mbbw clolliing- in fact
lor cvcrytliinz ncieni-iiry to keep you
warm ami dry in wet weather.
For your gnus, Hiiiiiiiuiitinns and
sporting gOOjdl ice S. K. Sykes. S It f
Co-operation l I lie watchword by
which the Pacific States region will ex
tml influence and prestige, The movi -
nui in tiling Urn Pact&c stall.", Onrob,
Oallforolti Washington, MahOi Utah
um. I llm (errllory of Arizona into bur-
noolooi anil ootabiaad aBort (or pro
is meeting with great lavor arid Is
being 'nvoriiiiiv commented upon iy the
press nml iill)lic of the Pai ilii' Slate
Tin commercial hisllna 111 I hose of I In
I'arlllr Kiati'K which are not alri'alv or
ganized into it si .1 1 1 "ii ' i .il Ixsly are
taking steps to i.i in.- about (bti Import'
Ml result ami when tbtl II accompllibed
wliiili ;iro,rilsna to be in llm not iliatmil
fntiirr the state commercial Iselies
will all work together into one central
association repres tiling tin.' whole Paci
llr Stales r(i Mi
Tim oMtral aatooMtloa win be imiit
iiion 100 Dd lines. It will rapWMl "
highest tjTDO of DOtvpOlltiOal, OtHIDOTll
Ive work for progri in the history of
tin. wi'Ht. llm hundreds anl MM
llimiaitiila of MM who will be brought
together in or in association
through this no I ml btsly arc I In- men
who h 1 1 1 ' i r t lint commurcial organizi-
i tioua am numls-red an. on the men WBO
have bopi for the MM Their effort is
MMlOtb 'or thi'y share results with the
I ml of the community. Tim state nun-
menial orgftnlUtlOOl in turn an- n o
rMMtativool the spirit of oooneTetivs
i ITort ill llm several states, Thi'y mean
that all tin. commercial btsllas in any
0M of th pMiflo States have "gotten
tOgOtbor" .in. I are working with united
Mori through an established organiv i-
Sooiety Meeting
F. A A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds regular meeting! on second
and f artb Wednesdays of Mcb
month. W. W. Thai kkaii, W. M.
N. T. J I WITT, Secretary.
BP. O. K LKH. Roeeburg Lodge No.
:i-'i. Hold regal-' eommanlca
" lion at I. O. O. F. Hell on eeoood
and fourth Thursdays ol each montb.
All memberi requested to attend regu
larly and all visiting brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
C. B. Cannon, K. K.
W. H. Jamikson, Secretary.
fo.N. ii., uieie at Armory Hall evert
rhursday evening, at e clock.
F. B. M a mi. in. Oapt.
FOr A.. Court Douglas No. :I2 For
enter of America, BMll each Tuea
day evening in F'oresters' Hall. Vir
itiug brothera always welcome.
Ham. Staikkkk, C R
K H I.knox, Rec See
K N Hoovki, I'hyaieian
O. U. F. Phlletarian Lodge No. 8.
I Meets in Odd Fellowa' Temple, cor-
ner Jackaon and Oaia atreeta, on
Hattirday evening of each week. Mem
I bare of tba order In good iianding art
invited to attend,
C. F. IlAHfaTKIt, N. 6).
N. T. Jawarr, Hecretary.
Kof P. Alpha Lodge No. 47. Meet
every Wednesday, in t. O. O. F
" Hall at 7:30 p. m. Member! In
'ood iianding are invited to attend.
Jab. A. 1'i.kky, C. C.
M. F. WMOBT, K. of K. A s.
LILAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meets on 2nd and 4th
Thursdays of each montb at the I
lO. O. F. Hall. Visiting memberi in
i good Handing are Invited to attend.
Myktlk I .ono, Guardian Neighbor
I Clara Bokkn, Clerk
Second and Fourth Thursdays.
OE. 8. Roeebnrg Chapter No. 8
Holds their regular meeting on ths
V Brit and third Thursdays Tn each
! in mill Viailing members in good
iianding are raapectfullv invited to at
tend. Mn. K.J. Stroud, W. M.
Free Johnson, Kecretarv.
MBbly No. 10.ri, inneta second and
fourth Saturdaya of each month, in
Native Sons' hall. Viaiting metnliera
w ill receive a cordial welcome.
A. C. MARaTKItH, M. A.
Minn ik Junks, Secretary.
Oamr No. 126. Meeta at the Odd
Fellows' Hall, in Roaehnrg, every
Ural and third Monday evening. Viait
ing neighbor! always welcome.
J. M. Hhumiks, C. 0
N. T. Jkwktt. Clerk
When You Have a Bad Cold.
You wajit a remedy that will not only
give quick relief hut effect a permanent
You want a remedy that will relieve
the lungs and keep expectoration eany.
You want a remedy that will i iiunter
iti t any tendency toward pneumonia.
You want it remedy that ia nlggunl
and aafe to take.
Uhftnborltln't Oough Roroedy nMti
all these reqtiirementa and lor the
paedy ami pornMonl cure of bad ooldi
stands without a peer, For sale by A
Oa Mtiralers. u
The California toaster on tl e stove
will prevent your rce, breakfast food or
milk from 1 itrning. Ill at ObunbUU'.
Mm new iubtcrlbi r ara being tddtd
to the PlatndMlM Hat every day.
tion which provldoa the machlnry for
effective work on a business-Ilka barli.
Even the moral snpKrt which one sec
tion of a rtate or one city in f iitatn may
receive from all other portions of that
commonwealth has a tremendous mm
men-mi value. A spirit ol helpfulness
In a stale existing between the different
regions enhances the opinion in wliirli t
Is held throughout the world and has a
value not measurable on a cornmerehil
Imsli. Ily organization this spirit finds
a BTI I '-r outlet In vigorous and lot -I
US OOd action.
The different ehsmtiersof commercisl
bodies are rapidly preparing for com
bined tatc effort and the whole I'aiillc
Htates reigon w ill he in a U-tter position
than al any lime In Ha history to take
advantage of the attention now focused
upon it.
Knn Kun More laughs to the minute
than you ever heard of. At opera haure
tomorrow night when you ice "Hooli
gan's Troubles, "
Manager A. Shnleman, of the Itose
burg Farm tart Co., was transacting
bOeioaM in Portland last week.
Harry llatlleld is now one of the
salesmen at the Churchill big hanlwa're
An important business change was
made this week, by which T. S. Woolson,
of Portland, purchased the interest of Mr
Chapm in The leader Ona-ery, located
near the depot. Mr. Woolson isanex
pOtiancbd business man aud will lind his
llrm doing a good business in this city.
He is highly pleased with Kosebnrg, the
DMfilti climate, anil particularly, with
the business prospects of The I.eiVler,
which, as its name indicated, is one of
the progressive establishment! of the
The seeret of good health is found in
Osteopathy. Consultation free. 2tf
J. W. Ueckley was up from Riddle,
Saturday, attending to some business
i. J. Bacher, leading resident dentiit.
02 tf
Correct styles in men's stiff hats at
Josephson's. 03 tf
J. K. Sawyers, lawyer and notary
public. Office upitain in Douglai
County Bank Building. tf
The memberi of the High School toot
ball second team are planning for a
match gamewith the second team of
Drain, on Thanksgiving Day.
Stork waterproof sheeting at Joseph
son's. 3 tf
They wear like iron, those famous
Oregon Buckskin pants. Made in Ore
gon, out of pure Oregon woo!, they beat
the world for warmth and service.
You'll bud the right site at Josephson's
93 tf
Walter Strong, of the 8rm of Worth
ley fc Strong, orange packera, of River
side, Cal., spent Friday in this city, as
the guest of the Misses Jsquins, who
were former residents of Riverside.
Regular fs, 7 and (ii values in men's
tine trousers, including the very finest
garments in our entire stock, are offered
for the next ten days at the uniformly
reduced price of S. See them in our
window. At Josephson's. M tf
Exclusive novelties in ladies' kid
glovei at Josephson's. 93 tf
It lagins to look very much as though
the proKsed new telephone office would
soon be a fact for the material is arriv
ing on the ground and the spacious new
quarters in the new Mariters block, on
Cass Street is receiving much of it. Two
immense cables, measuring 1400 feet
and weighing 5400 pounds are already
here and will soon be placed. The big
switchboard will put In an appearance
some lime this week, and then just as
soon as the force of expert workmen ar
rive from Salem and Eugene, where they
have been similarly engaged, then things
will rapidly assume shape here. When
the new otlice is completed it will be a
veritable "thing of beauty and a joy
Regular t '. and $2.75 values in hi lies'
tine vici kid and box calf shoes, in both
! turns and welts, will la- sold for the
next ten days at the B)ecial price of At Josephson's. Wtl
K. B. Mathews is the proud owner of
a tine pointer dog, which he values at
$100. The fellow is 3 years old and his
lather waB a "White Stone," while the
mother ii a "Printer Boy." Well, the
dog is a crackerjack, when it comes to
running down birds, but, as the seauou
is "closed" Mr. Mathews concluded to
train the dog to catch rats. According
ly he seta trap and got u rat as large as
a squirrel, and then came the fun. Out
in the street the ttap was opeued aud
awy went the rat, with the dog in pur
suit. But, not ouce coiild the dog even
touch the lTp and down the street
they ran, a crowd of people enjoying the
I sport. Filially the rat got eutirely
! away. "If it had feathers the dog would
l have caught it" jokingly remarked Mr
, .Mathews to the bystanders.
OhrysMtbaJnam lllOW Wednesday
alternoon and evening, Noveiuher -'I'd
In connection, w ill be booths having for
sale home-made candies, ice-cream and
rake, cilice and sandw idles. Please
I ear this in mind and all come and have
n good time. AdnUnoa 10 cents.
Uoseliurg Is proving to be a better
market lor farmer. who have cattle to
loll than Po.rtliind. For instance, take
veal. Portlun I I uyers pav only .1 cents
per pound for ca'vis, while hero the
Economy Market utters ft cents.
We Invite Critical Inspection .
We do not sell all ihe dru;j tha are sold in Roxburg, but
Don't forget this: Highest Quality in
Drugs is a very important thing to you.
We want an opportunity to show you
our finely equipped and properly man
aged Pharmacy. H H 4
"Hooligan's Trouble" at the opera
house tomorrow night is spoken oi inthe
highest of praise by Portland's three big
daily papers. Yon will miss the fun
niest show on earth if you don't see it.
Thomas Carlon has been very ill with
an attack or typhoid fever.
Try Osteopathy for a sure care. 92tl
J. A. Pitts wss at the county seat Sat
u -day. Irom Myrtle Creek. He reports
thst bii fsther, W. .. Pitts, is very ill
with dropsy ailment.
Tonsi litis is permanently cured by
Osteopathy. Coniult Dr. btudley. 92U
Judr-e C. A. Sehlbrede, who was once
a citizen of this place but who is now It
rated at Marshtield, was greeting bis
friends in this city Saturday. He reports
everything in a flourishing condition
over his way.
"Hooligan's Troubles" opera house
tomorrow night see it sure lots of fun.
G. L. Coon was in from Camas Valley
Saturday on a business trip.
B. F. Nichols, one of Riddle-! estima
ble citizens, was greeting his many
friends at the county seat Saturday.
Attorney A. X. Orcutt was sttending
to some legal matters at Drain Friday.
T. W. Angus was in from Oardiner
Saturday looking up old friends.
Attorney J. E. Sawyers returned, Sun
day evening, from a week's trip to Elk
ton and Scottshurg on important legal
Mr. and Mrs. ' Chas. Watson were in
from Peel, Saturday, on a shopping ex
pedition. Letter List.
Remaining uncalled for at the Ros
burg postotfice.
Adams, Mrs L B Kilburn, Mrs E C
Adams, Henry Kay, Mr Thomas
Bradley. 0 J Miller, Mrs John X
Burnett, J C Miller, Mr John F
Barker, Mr J R Pope, Mrs M R
Demming, Mr Geo Riley, Tom
Foster, Mr N A Stang, Mrs R J
Hitomi, Mr M Saxton, Glen
Hawkins, R D Tenny, Mr J L
Wiltiami, Mr Turck, Beter
Johnson, Mr Will Warren, Mr Thomp
son Williamson, T II
Persons calling for these letters will
please state the date on which they are
advertised, Nov. 20, 1905.
The letters will be charged for at tue
rate of one cent each.
C W Parx P M.
Every ladies', mitses' und childrens'
cloak in our entire slock, including a
good assortment of desirable, strictly
up-lo-date garment-, will be on sale for
the next ten days at heavy reductions.
See our window. Josephson's. 93 tf
Town Lots For Sale
Choice building lots (a Kinney's im
proved plat of Rosehurg, nesr Main
street, good title. Price $60 per lot.
Address, N. A. Richards, tf
For the next ten days only we wtti
offer our regular $lti 50 and $15 Kuppeu
heimer Guaranteed Suite at the uniform
ly low price of $i:i. These are new,
fashionable garmeuls. See "ur window.
Josephson's. M tf
A Judicial Inquiry
A well known traveling man who
visits the drag trade says he has often
heai d druggists inquire of customers
who asked for a cough medicine,
whether it was wanted (or a child or for
an adult, and if fur a child they almost
invariably recommend Chamberlains
Cmigh Remedy. The reason for this is
that they know there is no danger irom
it and that it always cures. There is
not the tiie least danger in giving it,
and for rough, colds and croup is is un
surpassed. For sale by A, C. Mareters
St Co.
Oris cent pr word. Act tassrttSSI ; oval ye lor each insertion thereafter; SO werds.
lesf $1 per month. No advcrtlemcnl li
for leM than 2r cents.
For Safe
Yon may expect results from Mr
classified column?.
Good Buiiness Opening About $i',Ml
necessary to handle it, cash or oeceis
ble paper. Good reason for selling. Bosr
particulars address Rox 669, ReeebtMg
Oregon. 88 tf
FOR SALE. 15 head of Angora roata
John Dnerner, Wardton, Oregon:
HOTEL FOR SALE-Fine openim
tor the right party. Good reaseat- Saw
selling. For particulars, make- noiry
of the Plaindealer, where iofonnatiesa
can be bad. 8-tf
For Sale Scotch CoIHe pope, 'rim.
$2.50 to $15, the finest kind. Also Brown
Leghorn and Plymouth Rock chickesos
and Tolouse geese. Siberian oats saarS
cheat seed. Address E. A. Kruse, Rose
burg, Oregon. 84 8k.
Now is the time to buy your bestirs sr.
stoves. See the new Trilby sold hy &
K. Sykes. (Utf
COWS FOR SALE Two fresh iwlk
cows for sale. Cal! on or write- JL
Green. 4 miles south of Rosebrrrg. 9911
vetch seed call on or address Frank:
For Rent
FOR RENT The Robert McClaikusf
farm containing 895 acres, situated1 ess
Deer Creek, about three miles fsm
Roeeburg. Apply to F. W. Bensver.
Roeeburg, Ore. Ml 41
FOR SALE OR HEM The Dixi.nrilJs
Store. For terms etc,, inquire of I
F. Rice, Roeeburg, or L. H Smack,
Dixonville, Oregon. 89-I-n
Help Wanted.
Salemnen Wanted Cash adn
weekly ; good territory oen ; onttitfro
Some are making $100.00 to $150.Ct sa
mouth. Why not you? Address i
77tf Toppenisli, Wasliinyisn.
Lost and Found.
LOST Cheap purse, having chain, at
tached. Contained nearly $4 rn t li
ver. Fiudtr leave same at the Vftnia
dealer and receive reward. JSltf
Ring Lost A solid gold ring, witfc Py
rites setting, lost. Reward offered. CalE
at Plaindealer office. ftfrtf
LOST Pair of gold-rim speetsclsau
Finder please leave at the I'larauamJear
otfice. &
Found A pocketbook, on one el ggffj
sonata roadi. Owner can have sanu s-jr
calling at this otlice, proving property,
and paying for this notice. Stf
LOST A lady's silver watch, oj
faced, with initial "M" on back. Was
attached to a silver chatelaine. Re
turn to Maggie McClullen, or leaw at.
this office. Reward. lUt:
TEAM WANTED Team of horse,
weight about 1100, wuntetl. En iia'n
at Farmers' Real Estate Co. BlS-iB:
HOARD WANTED Room and betas
are wanted, in a private family. Itmin
particulars for "W. A. S," at tram
Plaindealer office. Ou-tt.