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PHOht AO K .
Entered in the Pout Office al RosobHrc. Oregon.
K Second flics Mail Mutter in 1SVS.
W. C. CONNER, Editor
Semi-Weekly One Year: t20"; Semi Weekly
Bix Mouths, (I 00. Cash in Advance.
Advertising Kates. .SO cents per single column
inch ner month. Locals. I cvnts g line.
1905 APRIL 1905
Su. Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa.
J617J8J9 20122
fflM 2512617128 29
The Roseburg Plaindealer m a very
bright, interesting and beautifully
printed paper. Oregon State Jour
nal. Governor Hoch says that '"Kansas
is in a battl to the finish with the
Standard Oil." He omits to say whose
finish it will be.
Nebraska has appropriated S2"0.
000 for a factory for the purpose of
fighting the twine trust. This is her
chance to strangle it.
Dr. Parkhurst says solemnly that
the drunkard's path leads to the
heaise and the grave. Does the Doc
tor know any other path for anybody?
Vice-President Fairbanks is de
lighted to have become a mason.
Many other men are also glad to be
masons now when a bricklayer gets
five dollars a dav.
Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman says
that men are far more beautiful than
women. Many a woman is telling her
husband the same thing in anticipa
tion of an appropriation for the Eas
ter bonnet.
The Ohio Supreme Court has de
cided that all guessing contests are
lotteries and that their authors are
punishable. It is good for the
Weather Bureau that it is not located
in Ohio.
They have arrested a man in Wis
consin for stealing one hundred thou
sand dollars from the Standard Oil
trust. After serving his sentence he
can get an engagement in a dime mu
seum. Rhode Island has passed an act
prohibiting the sale of Fourth of July
explosives throughout the state. Ev
ery state legislature in the country
would do well to follow the example
of little Rhody.
Senator Warner says he paid
$28.90 for his election and Mr. Ad
ricks is wishing right heartily that he
could walk in on the Deleware legis
lature some day when it was having
such a marked down sale.
A man working on a tunnel in the
East River was blown1 up through the
mud and sand of the river bed and
through the water and still lives to
tell his friends about it. What an
active an experienced man he would
be for the Canal Commission.
Now Land Commissioner Richards
is said to be among the land fraud
suspects whose head is to come off
before long. He is said to have
shadowed Commissioner Hermann for
two yeers to gain evidence for Hitch
cock to oust Mr. Hermann.
A well known scientist argues that
people of opposite tastes and dispo
sitions should marry. In Chicago
wnere divorces are granted at the
rate of seventeen to the half hour it
would seem that the city had already
followed the scientist's advice.
President Roosevelt when in Louis
ville was presented with a jug of wa
ter from the Larue spring from which
Lincoln used to drink. It is not like
ly that he was presented with a jug
of something stronger from the little
rill where Col. Watterson allays his
President Roasevelt plans to be
gone from Washington two months, a
wolf hunt in Oklahoma, and bear and
elk in Colorado being the star attrac
tions. There is but one thing to pre
vent his getting full measure of en
joyment from these occasions his
being president.
R. M. Veatch beat Oliver Veatch,
his nephew, by 15 votes for the may
oralty of Cottage Grove. Colonel Bob
was the only one of the three candi
dates not declaring his policy and
principles in a platform, which dem
onstrates the fact that it does not
always pay to declare one's self on
important questions.
The session laws of the last legis
lature will be ready for distribution
in a few days. The new laws will
not go into effect, except in rare in
stances, until May 1 St h. so there will
be ample time for lawyers, judges and
public officers generally to tint! out
what the new laws are before they
must observe them. Thev will find
the index of the published copy of
the session laws of 1905 of invaluable
service to them in making pen anno
tations in their codes, for Attorney
A. O. Condit. who prepared the index,
has made a complete list of all sec
tions amended or repealed, together
with chapter and page of the session
laws upon which the new law will be
Heretofore each attorney has had
to search the session laws page by
page to find the changes and note
them on the margin of his copv of
the code. The published copy of the
session lasvs has never contained a list
of sections amended. The work of
annotating a code has been such
big task that many attorneys left it
undone. With the aid of the list pre
pared by Mr. Condit an attorney or
public officer can, in a few moments,
note on the margin of his code every
change made at the session of 1905.
The following card, sent out by
Detroit commercial club, is worth
reading and pasting in vour hat : "If
there is any chance to boom business.
boom it. Don't pull a long face and
look as though you had a sour stom
ach. Hold up your head, smile and
iook ior better tmngs. rime vour
little hammer, and try to speak well
of others, know matter how small
you really known yourself to be.
When a stranger drops in. jolly him
tell him this is the greatest town on
eartn. ana it is. iont discourage
him by speaking ill of your neighbors.
Lead him to believe that he has
last struck a place where white peo
ple live. Don't knock. Help your
self along by becoming popular, and
push your friends with you. It's dead
easy. Be a good fellow, and soon
you will have a procession of follow
ers. No man ever helped himself by
knocking other people down in char
acter or business. No man ever got
rich by trying to make others believe
he was the only man in town who
knew anvthing. You can't climb the
ladder of success by treading on other
people's corns. Keep off the corns
and don't knock.
The Japanese parliament last
month denied foreigners the right of
mining in Japan. The debate over it
was the warmest ever held m the
Parliament, itjis said, but the oppo
sition was too; weak to overcome the
special interests lined up against it.
which shows that Japan has adopted
not only the latest modes of warfare
but also the western form of law
Senator Teller was assuming a good
deal when he intimated that the
Filipinos were as lawless as Colo
radoans. Musings.
Now bring forth the straw hat.
The spring time has come again
gentle Annie.
Millinery will also blossom this month
weather being favorable.
The easier hat will no doubt be ae ex
pensive ae ever this year.
A Bishop Heil is laboring in eastern
Oregon. Be careful of that "i ''
Now for spring house-cleaning, the
busiest season away from home for
the men.
Have you made application to succeed
Booth or Bridgee in the Koseburg Land
Office yet?
This is the kind of weather that brings
last summer's open work out of the
bureau drawer.
Space is about equally divided in the
Ijprtland papers between the revivalists
and grand jury investigations.
Some years ago a Eugene young man
traded a dog for some mining stock, part
of which he sold this week for $600.
The subject of Judge Parker's Jeffer
son day address ie "The Future of the
Democratic Party." One thing about
it is tolerably sure, that the party won't
nominate Judge Parker again.
A Washington county young mail
sued hie old parents for $1,200 for work
done on their farm, and the jury gave
them over (300 that they had over paid
him, aud now he knows more.
A grocer, not so green as the goods he
sells, wants to know why the women
wear their daintiest finery where no one
can see it? Too hard a one for a Mis
sourian to answer. Give it up!
Bryan stopped and left bis plow in
the field to go to Des Moines to talk
Democracy. tBryan is not the only
statesman wbjo would rather talk poli
tics and attend a banquet than to plow.
We made a mistake in the weight of
Representative Burns' baby boy, the
birth of which we reported in our last
issue. He weighed ten pounds in place
of sevon mjmanm, for which we beg Mr.
and Mrs. Burns' pardon. Coquille
Herald. Just why the editor of the
Herald should feel responsible for the
weight of Mr. and Mrs. Burns' baby is
not clearly understood. He should not
ask pardon because the baby weighed
ten pounds instead of seven. The edi
tor could not regulate nature in this
For sale, Toulouse goose eggs now
ready, from prize winners, 26 cents each.
Send in your orders early : eggs limited.
AddressK. A. Kruse, Koseburg, Ore
in lop .
Portland, April r So far as the land
band an concerned, the investigations
of tin1 federal cran 1 jnrv now in maioa
will probably Dover do important cases
save that ot the liooth-kollv Lumber
company. An army of witnesses has
been mhoeiaed to testify concerning
the metluxls by which this corporation
acquired its immenee holdings) of public
lands, ami the gran I jury's inquisition
is necessarily procecdiin slowly.
The lobby outside of the grand jury
room is crow.lo.l daily with witnesses
and secret service men, BMat of the
tormer from Koseburs;, Cottage Grove
and other towns in southern Oimma
Many of them are men who took up
claims which were subsequently trans
ferred to the Booth-Kelly catnpanv.
.1 . V Ooofc, who was a parly to the
sale of lands to the company three vears
ago, says that this aM the only trans
action of the triad whi.'h he had. At
that time he and .1. 1 Jones, of Cottagf
l irove, who was jointly interested with
himself in the property, sold to the
Hooth-Kelley I.umlier company aluut
10,000 acres of railroad land- and from
2.000 to 3,000 acres of other lands.
Mr. Cook says that he and Jones
owned all of the land w hich they sold,
and none of it had been acq aired for
the purpose of sellitii: it to the com
pany. He declares that the transaction
was perfectly regular.
booth am RRinoEs mm tvjrtSY.
Closely interwoven with the investiga
tion of the Booth-Keiley L hat com
pany is the inquiry into the conduct
of the Roseburg land office. J. I".
Bridges and .1. H. Booth, the suspended
ufficiala of the office, are both in Port
Land under subpoena, and the former
lias already been subjected to a pro
tracted examination before the grand
jury. It has bean known for boom time
past that valuable information was oh
tained from Bridges and Booth by the
secret service agents.
The first witness to lie examined to
day was I. Thomas Aiiee, of Mapleton.
He was followed by I 'h.irles Barker and
William Tipton, of Koseburg. The in
quisition into the land frauds was sus
pended yesterday lout enough to jermit
S. C. Bartrum, superintendent ;of the
Cascade forest reserve, to present mart
evidence concerning the illegal -setting
of forest tires, and other witnesses will
probable be heard upon the same suls-
jeet before the gran 1 jury concludes its
labors. This is, however, wholly uncon
nected with the land frauds, the chief
topic of investigation.
Sensational disclosures were made to
the federal grand jury at its session ti is
afternoon when Harry Robertson, for
merly private secretary to Senator John
H. Mitchell was called In-fore that hod v. '
It is said that
Robinson disclosed to
the jurv the fact that Senator Mitchell!""" "T """""
- i n strated her cleverness in the aonbrette
! MM ll II a Muckuouirr in toe ooowi-
ke II v lanrar mnnatr. n, e trtnnr-
- - '
tions in public lands are now imdoc
rigid investigation by tie- grand jury
Little credence is generally given to this
report, however.
Joint Institnte tietween I.ane and
Douglas cotintie", April 19-90-21, 1905,
at Cottage (trove, Oregon.
Wednesday, Kth .'! p. m. Kecepti-oi
at the liome of Mrs. Frank D. Wheeler.
Widnesday Kvening, S o'clock At
the M B church. Song by choir: devo-
i!.- c i vi . .
.. . ..... .
aiioress, i.ane co l resilient, s';tject, j
"Woman:" music, "Silver Chimes,"' i
Mrs H K Ferguson, Koi-cburg ; an
nouncement; benediction, Kev. tirace. i
Thursday Morning, 9 o'clock Fxecu- j
tive: appointment of comnrttees: cour-
tesy, finances, retiorters. membership,
subscript'on to our periodicals, etc;
praise service, conducted t.y Unz
Bishop, Yoncalla ; reading of minutes of
last institute : announcing committees
parliamentary dri 1, T M Medley: plans
of work for superintendent of Mothers'
Meeting, Mrs Louis Barzee, Roseburg;
discussion, Mrs Can kin-, Ftlgene ; State
paper, Cnion signal aud other period
icals; noontide prayer, Mrs I'ayiitiff.
Elkton : adjournment for lunch.
Thursday Afternoon 1 :30 o'clock De
votions, Mrs Houston, Fmgene; ques
tion, resolved : "The tobacco habit is
more harmful to our nation than the
liquor traffic," affirmative: Mrs B C
Bartrum, Roseburg, Mrs Belle Black,
Drain, and Mrs Depain, Cottage Grove
negative: Mrs C J Armitage, Myrtle
Creek, Mrs Johnson, Creswell, and Mr
Milton, Creswell ; state headquarter.-,
presented by State Rec Sec ; How to
meet our finances, by Douglas Co Tieas ;
discussion, Mrs Wai n: question box,
Mrs Norris ; our Y work, State Y Sec:
demonstration, Cottage (irove Y ; I. T I.
exercise , Cottage Grove LTL; adjourn
ment. F'riday, 9 :30 a m. RaecoUre ; devo
tions, Mrs Johns, Saginaw ; 1. T I. work,
Douglas Co's Supt ; Our work in Sunday
Schools, Mrs Barnard : Odds and end
and tangled points, Mrs Bishop, Yoncal
la ; noontide prayer ; adjournment.
A dispatch from Portland says: It is
known that the jury ie investigating, or
shortly w ill tie, the malicious setting out
of forest fires in the Cascade forest re
serve. Supervisor S. C. Bartrum ae
peared before the jury Tuesday, and it
is further known that his presence here
is in connection with forest fire offenses.
Mr. Bartrum is doing all in his pnmar
to bring about a full investigation of this
matter, and it is believed that the GoT
ernment has a strong case against some
one for committing this crime.
It is understood that no indictments
will be returned by the grand jury until
the entire work of investigation by the
present jurors has been completed,
when all findings will be known simul
Mrs. Ruth Chamberlain nml little
daughter left on this morning's local for
Salem to visit friends for a few days.
The laughable farce coined v in three
acts, entitled "Captain Racket, " was
eery creditably presented to a large and
well pleased audience at the Koseburg
theater Monday evening by local talent
for the benefit of the Koseburg Orches
tra, which furnished excellent music for
the Occasion. The opening mil-it at
Mmbar was "The Village Orchestra
Kehorsal," a burlesque specialty in
w hich the orchestra members appeared
ia typical rural costumes and rioalod
lion h merriment.
In the production Of the play, all the
participants acquitted themselves ad
mirably and in some respects sustained
their reopen tire roles as creditably as
similar characters have been sustained
by traveling troops which have visited
Koseburg the past season. Koy Bellows
as "Captain Racket." of the National
tiuaid, "a lawyer when he has nothing
else to do and a liar all the time," cer
tainly interpreted this unique character
in a most satisfactory manner and sup
plied a full share of the comedy.
M. K. Wright, as "Timothy Tollman,"
the Captain's friend who "married iur
money ami is sorry for it," impersonated
the "henpecked husband, in moat
approved and up-to-date fashion, atbifti
his penchant lor luting with the Cap
tain's prettv wife, and his periodical in
clination to overload with champaign,
Math to the discomfiture of Mrs. Toll
man, were all )wrtrayed as if by an
adebt in this special comedy role. The
character of the somewhat jealous Mrs.
Tollman, was ably sustained by Miss
Agnes Pitchford, and her efforts to
maintain the dignity of her household
by remonstrances with her
rather recreant souse, afforded much
"Mr. Dalroy, the captain's father-in
law, a jolly cove," was excellently por
trayed by Thos. Carlon : and John
Ryan, as "Hobson, a waiter from the
Cafe Glorina," told the blunt story of
Timothy's carrousal and presented his
wit., will, ti... f..r,.,-r-- -I ..r. Kill
and damages assessed for hisextravagatit i
recklessness on that eventful night. ;
Nels Oamnndsoa represented "Obi- j
diah Dawson, the captain's uncle from ;
Japan w ho shareil in the pursuit o
fair Clarice, and added his ortion to I
the trials of poor Timothy, as well as to
those of his nephew, the gay captain.
The star rate of ' 'Clarice," the cap-
tain s pretty wne, --out lor a lark anil
up to everything awful," was sustained
by Miss tiertrude Kast in her usual
charming manner, the various difficult
situations tieing in an met unassuming
and realistic manner by the clever young
lccal leading iady.
Miss Era Messier, a "Katie"' toe
mischievous maid.'" supplied the real
' " Ir"'"nan, " a .-.'.arming
... ,
irole. Her song and trace of movements
t -. i i .
eui nei a neariv eni-ore.
Bet ween the acts the raiiroaj quar-
tette, Al Watch, Wilbur Koss, Rabb4pt; Mrs. K. K. Montgomery, ast.
Potbes and Kairf -x Parrih. sang, . supt ; Mii-s Myrtle Marshal. se-. ; Mis
'"Keep Shhsing Bilsery M.n,'' nitlvi hMhn Jonea, unrnrinn, Mies Clara Son
Miss Nita Kabat at the piano. An en-' nermann, orinist. Kern.lale l'.)ngre
C.ire ai- al-o f lanil fllll J limjIIWIlVjll to. national S. S. elected Mr-. Jnlii lloiti n.
Mrs. Hazel K. Steiner sann very . npt ; Mrs. K Morten-M-n. sec.
beautifully, "She's .-leaping Neath Mrs. Marcaret Hernn, past grand C.
Oregon's Tali l ines.'' with appropriated of 11 is in this citv for one week, in-
stere..p;ican illustrations by Prof. Carl
Kobinson, of Portland. Mr. Kobiuson
laaaf with arrnmpanint illustrations
I "Goodbye, Utile tiirl. tioodbye." He
j also homed a few world's fair pictures
'and announced the return of Mrs
I Wontberred to Koseburg in atmut ten
lays to repeat her illn-trated lecture.
The door receipts netted the orchestra
a neat sum win
i w ill te applied on the
purchase of dres suils or the orchestra
memliers. The on hestra member ex
press themselvei as much gratified with
this demonstration of appreciation of
their efforts on the rt of the citizens
of Koseburg.
Biennial Meeting of the M. W. A.
The biennial meeting of the Douglas
county camp of Modern Woodmen of
America was held in the Foresters' hall
Wednesday evening for the purpose of
electing one delegate to the state camp
at Baker City on Mav 5th. The ('amp
was called to order by Hon. A. (
ters of this city, and on motion Frank
Clements was tinarimoiisly chosen j
chairman and F. M. Beard, clerk. There;
were but v ry few delegates present
from outside places, Scottsbtirg beine
represented by W. ti. Orubb; Klkton by
. B. Haines, jr., and C. J. Ritchey of
Infant, Mr. Haines chosen ,-'S ilel-
egate to the stole camp wi-li Mr. tinibb
as alternate. The next roanty im-eting
will 1m- I, eid :it ElbMn in I : n7 .
Forest Grove Still Dry.
Hillslsiro. Ore., April 4. In the case
of the Pacific t'niversity against the
Mayor and Cily of F'orest Grove,
Judge MeBrhfa yesterday morning
OVer rnfad the demurrer to the com
plaint I in 1.1 nig that the ordiame au
tborfafan: the licensing of a aatooa is
without authority and void The uni
versity thus Scores a victory, and an fa
junction w ill be groate I re-training the
sale of intoxicating liquors in Fores'
Democratic Mayors
In the municipal elections held in
prominent Flastern cities Democratic
mayors were elected as follows: Chi
cago, Judge Dunne; St. Ixmis, Rolla
Wells, re-elected ; Kansas City, W.
Bona; Leavenworth, Peter Krerhardy.
Colorado elected many Democratic may
ors. These elections were all fought on
local issues alone, Dunne winning in
Chicago on municipal ownership.
Carnegie Hero Medal
Des Moines, April 5. The first Car
negie hero medal to be awarded goes to
Miss Lavina Steele, recently appointed
assistant state librarian. Miss Steele
saved tlie life of George Hill, student at
the State Lniversity, who broke through
the ice.
P. A. Webb and wife of
in tlie city Wednesday.
Tokio, April 5. A report from Man
churia says: "Part of oar C hang f 1 1 force
drove the Russians, out of Tsnlu Shu,
two miles north of Changtn, also out of
Snmienchong, nine miles west of Tallin
Sim and occupied Mith places April :i.
On April t they drove the enemy from
Sonniiaotan ami diaper Bed raOO Russian
cavalry, which was retreating north
along the railway."
The torpedoboai destroyer A rare was
successfully launched at K ore today.
KKIIKl.l.los hi'KLMiino.
Berlin, April r. Ihspatches from St.
Petersburg slate that the rebellion is
spreading throughout the Caucasus. It
is reported that 10,900 arm.-d rebel
have gai hired in the mountains and
elected a king. Right thousand revolu
tionary workman from Battoum and
Baku may join this force. There are six
other contingents, mi m I c r i ng 7000, oper
ating in different parts of the Caucasus.
Military authorities ex press the opinion
that it will take a decade to fully pacify
the Caucasus attain.
attacks BooaaraxT.
St. Petersburg, April fi. The Novoe
Vri-mya. in an inspired aiticle today at
ta. i-t i 1 e attempts of President Room
vell at meditation. It says peace at the
present time is imsihle.
Glendale Items.
Mrs. K. K. Montgomery is recovering
(rein an illness of a week.
Several of the principal streets of our
city are to be improved at once.
W. K. Mi hard, formerly in business
in this city was a ttlendale visitor Sat
urday. Excellent health prevails in this city
and vallev at present and general pros
perity is evidence.! on all sides.
Miss Audrey dreninger began her
school at the Holmes Valley school
"..use las- .Moti lay .
house las
The ' s. Postal Inspector visited our
city lately. Up reported everything in
"apple pie" order in our poatoffiea.
Editor Homme of the News, is mak-
mg improvements in his bright little
journal every week and bis circulation
im rcaes daily.
Xhe new ,-tBrl of j T. fitaabban
ftn VnUey View Hill is going on nicely
and will be one of the m ! si.htlv lo-
i at ions in onr city.
Prof. Geo. Jone of Roseburg will
laaeh the school at the new Oalesville
house; Miss Flora Gilhun will teach at
the tiillam r-thool house.
Oliver P. I.ane, who was lately he.
reaved by the loss of ids wife and little
i aon in the awful accident of the burn
ing of their home in this city, started
Tuesday morning on a tw o months' vis-
... ,; , ,,. :,, t
11 ,' '" P"" Indiana,
1 u aii;iu.ii eiti ii"ii 01
i . e . .i.i . - t
otTh-ers of
Olivet Sunday Khool, I N.
rah is
structine the member! of Azalea Lodgs,
in the ti-Nir Work of that order. At their
regular meeting Tuesday, thrve new
Mnaben were installed. A tine
photograph of all the members fade I
baf L I., liurd p
day hv Ralph 1
m. was taken Mou
ah and Mrs. Madge
Onf annual city election look place
Monday. Chas. Austen and G. Gilbert
BM an- our new coiineilmeii. F. Bower
cx wa ele-tel mayor, H. G. Sonnemsu
was rr a coted tr-asurer and J. A Turn
bow was electfl marshal. We did no
Irani who was elected recorder. All ti e
I candidates on tKith tickets werefgo. 1
men, so there was no ossibility of a
mistake tm matter which side won.
Moi.t ik.
Yoncalla News.
Mr. and Mrs Mitchell of Gfandaje are
visiting in Yoncalla
Arb Stearns of Oakland was transact-
'"K boaiaeaa here Saturday.
Miss Minnie Wilson of Drain recently
s)ent several days in our vicinity,
Kranli shamtle. a former resident of
Frank Shangle. a brier resi lent
I this place, came up from Portland Mon
: day.
Wa-ren Hurt. S P. fireman spent a
' few days at home last week returning to
irants Pa-s Fii lay evening.
Miss Jessie Day, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Mollie Whiatler at
Winleck, Wash., arrived here Friday.
Mrs F'ritz of F'lkhead i- spending a
few days with the family of V.. A. Love
lace and we are glad to note that their
ratiie ty is getting In tier.
H. P. Yett U-ing called home from
California because of Mrs. Yell's sick
ness, arrived Saturday, and we are glad
to -ay found his w ife somewhat improved
in health.
Yoncalla's city election was held Mon
day and the following ticket w as elected :
Mayor, C. Boss King; councilman, J. ti.
Satuler, W. O. Bridges, Harry Stearns,
Z. L. Cox ; recorder, John Meimnrr ;
Marshal, F. I.undv ; treasurer, Clyde
Mr. (ioin of (irants Pass was renew
ing old acquaintances here the fatti
part of the week. He left on Sunda'
I mm: for Portland to visit his wife who
is in the Pacific Sanitarium. Her man)
friends here will In- glad to hear of her
complete restoration.
Best and Most Popular.
"Mothers buy it lor cronpy chUdn r
railroad men buy it for severe cough.
and elderly eople buy it for la grippe,"
siys Moore Bros., Eldon, Iowa. We
sell n.ore of Chamberlain's Cough Ren -edy
than any other kind. It seems In
have taken the lead over several otht r
good brands." There is no question 1 u
this medicine is the best that can Ik
procured for coughs and colds, whether
it be a child or an adult that is atllieteii.
It alu ays cures and cures quickly. Sold
by A. C. Marsters it Co.
Miss Annie Kent of Dillard camedow n
on this morning's local.
An old frame building formerly nand
as a blacksmith shop, belonging to the
Beat estate and situated on North Jack
son street near the ra'lroad spur, ami
used as a warehouse, was, together wild
its contents, totally destroyed by lire,
supposed to in; of incendiary Of lain, on
Wednesday morning at :i o'clock. Be
sides the loss of the building, u street
sprinkling wagon, one farm wagon, a
new buggy and some farm implements
belonging to Geo Collins and valued at
alxmt $300, with no inwmii. was
burned. James Doty had a set of saloon
BztareS stored in the building and his
loss is estimated at $700 with $'iiN) in
insurance. Mr. Doty is in Portland se
lecting his stock of gooda for his new
saloon aoojt to bo opmmf ia tin- Amy a
rtjith bunding as announctd a few weeks
ago in the Plaindealer and while there
b will also purchase an entire new set
of fixtures. The Koseburg tire depart
ment responded to the alarm, but as
the fire was outside of the city limits,
there was no fire hydrant available, so
the pany could do lint little work.
The sw itch engine with the yard i-iew
did very effective service in subduing
the Uames and saving the railroad Ira k
from injury by burning.
Dallas, April 3 Frank J Bell, a
prominent attorney of this city, and
grand cancel lor of the Knights ol Pythias
was shot and killed by R R Parker.
chief deputy clerk. T: !eoiiig
occured at the district clerk'- . ifice in
the court house and was ihe -u'.iof a
previous quarrel over b-tv. Parker was
taken into
Mount Pleasant, Tex., April 4 T. A.
I.edletter has dog rip a pot eontainfa g
nearly $2000 in gold coin, 20 miles north
ol here. Tin- coin is al! I'nited Mate- 1
money except one or two pieces, which :
are Spanish or Mexican coins. Years
ago an old Indian said that some kind
of treasure had !en buried near the
spot, and starch was made for it at that
time, but without encceas Sever! 'res
near the place had Indian marbs on
them. The money is in a gemd state of
Ti e Southern Pacific Company will
n-H. nr. April 12-13-14, round trip tickets
t. I. - An:eies, at greatly rednoed rates,
oi. iccount of convention of Woixlmen
of ;hr Worid, ami Womer ' "'oodcraft.
' to tie held at 1 os Angele . Aj ril lth
' IMK. Call on nearest Sont'.rui Psciti
Agrnt for rat- and fill part .i
W ! '
engine i
. pn mi m
s.-a r i :' -iran:
.1 Uetd M.i iailtr..
Pass i
Ihe Power of: Love
H-'s i.nii-d . ml maamVd by the fall
Beneath the cliff" and rocks of sin.
How can yon fail to hear his call
From portafa Hosed and tie within"
Then 0en wide D e flooding gate-.
And qaeni.1i the rsging tires within.
The tire that ban s within the grates.
With fuel ma e ol BJ -tal sin.
Let fanning orfiari ol ty love
O'er come 1 1 .a baai4 af the heat,
Ti en moaartafa high ailed up by grief
W i.l no It Htay and then repeat
Tlie power of love will aaaiaeana,
And melt the adamantine ric!r,
ancaperatfaa an-1 ransom
I'nfetters i very sinful lock.
Wliile nature latxirs to restore
Tlie wound by amputation made
Bo God by m ay wan- doetft onr.
His love whi h mnnal tw reaid.
L C. Hili. i
7ii cak no
suNDSUi i ;: v-;c j,"i.hj. siwuummiru
is aneoaaef to wait aaoa old
and aancaatoanaraaad frinuds
with a full and complete
stock of
All fresh and of the very lieet
qnality. Teas and coffees are
specialties Y ur patronnge
i J
anj Jag s- n
R el uric g
u t V V"
Notice of S.i'i'.
la I ha ' noly eui-;
tor lii it i- i mi
h Mtt el Or. iron.
In th.- Ha ter ' t I- -ft
T in- lb i i'1 i ii
V. t'- Ik h rel i lv i a Lj -.It c an.l u- . aaaea ' iw ur rr ri e" -si 1 inaiter. lv
t e emu j i rirlo i i i i- . let;-. Or- gen
i.n it i-.liii I. ils f Xanrn, I it'i til - uilemiEiicit
it in I n ' i ia or v ill on i. M l it t i 1 1- ,"lh day al
Jt;i P, INO, and wtiitt 3 Ve) .: at Marl,
tin ol rut pr vi e ' lor li In nul, ihe
mil w ik iTf n-.l C- : Ihf ',
ol th w" , i ; i, la t .". - ! r i m t ol mt
m?anaatts M Umh. u l n i.- C imty. ore
iron, ant It thei tnt hi l ot mi -.1! I private
-aie w- Baal '. t p. at al rw 4 i-t ity m
M:i , la :, mil tie ato iie-criii .1 nL posoart
t o ii Ing I i.t i o-iie, ii in Ii - iio-tlon lo.
c-i.-ti n i-anit. i-t laeCean tie m -i. -1 .n Bmi x DaachaC aat .nn-c-n
n a ih 't'nl ei Hatah. 0 !
J til I IIANaN.
A. Iiui i lr tor o: the m ile 1 1 Ti n thy t'ro a-1
L an, tl el 1 1 ii
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All kinds of early ve' ta: '.- and fruits kept con
stantly on band. Highest market price paid
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Anything you need for a Fruit CaKe or Mince Meat
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the KiFr.l" :
TOBY which wi
and ready to :
re e-T r .1 n
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rade higher than
a - aaam male brorm.
j Prfaei in i in petition with
Coast Jobbers
i I
amy a hnv to U-U thai I in : 'eir
lin ana ..-at ti i: ,-. At na Mttaha
lautii!" i- yru ve tl. !:.'- of
oohi .h- b-icfy t i ti .i . t':at
m ikes o "ib iahnte 'J '.. "or
our : i i ' . ..: pert t and wft ! '. te,
an I we rpl I y exts-r -. ?! I tan
show -n h evidence nf tl ; I ;---aft
an las the -up r -k ' at
k -k. . : . rBt i i. :v.