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Mont mm x7. offc con mm add oak
Entered In Ihe Post Office at Rosoburg, Oregon,
u Second Clis Mail Hatter in in'.-.
W. C. CONNER, Editor
Semi-Weekly One Year; t-X: Semi-Weekly
Six Mouths, $1 00. Cash in Advance.
Advertising Rates, 50 cents per single column
inch per month. Locals, i coins a line.
1905 MARCH 1905
Sm. Mo.Tu. We.Th.Fr.Sa.
J2 J3 J4 J5J6J718
9 20 2 22 23 24 25
26l2728 29130 31
THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1.)05.
The new census law having failed
to pass the recent session of the leg
islature, the state census will be tak
en this year in accordance with the
old law. Secretary of State Dunbar
has already placed an order with
State Printer Whitney for the neces
sary blanks to be used by the assess
ors. The law provides that the county
assessors shall enumerate the popula
tion of the state, the number of legal
voters, the number of males and fe
males residing in the state, and the
following general information as to
the general resources of the state to
wit: The number of bushels of wheat,
oats, corn, barley, rye, apples and po
tatoes raised; the number of tons of
bay: the pounds of wool, tobacco,
cheese and butter; the ounces of gold
dust; feet of lumber: barrels of sal
mon, and number of mules, horses
and cattle raised and produced during
the preceding year.
The ascertaining of these facts will
devolve upon the assessors, who shall
turn the rolls over to the clerks, who
will in turn make a copy to file in his
office and then turn it over to the
secretary of state.
The enumeration will probably be
gin about the first of May, as the law
provides that it must be begun before
the 10th of that month.
The method of proving up on home
steads has been changed by rules re
cently adopted by the department at
Washington. A special government
agent will visit all the principal towns
of the land district each month on a
specified date for the purpose of tak
ing homestead proofs. The land of
fice will advertise for proof in the lo
cal paper nearest the land and those
having proofs to make will meet the
agent on the date fixed. The new
role is designed to prevent fraudulent
proof of resident or claim. Under
the old rule proof could be made to
a uniiea states commissioner and a
special agent visited a locality only
where there was fraud suspected.
Over in Linn County the other day
a cow was killed by lightning. After
the storm a farmer came along and
seeing the dead cow went to the
house of the owner and said: ''Jim,
your black cow's been struck and
killed." "Is that so," answered the
cow's owner. "That was the best
cow I bad. She was worth $550 at
least. What train struck herr "She
wasn't hit by a train," said the first
farmer. "Lightning struck her."
"Oh, well" said the owner of the cow,
"I thought it was a train. Well, I
don't care much. That old cow was
not worth over $10 anyhow.
With an appropriation of $500,000
for the Lewis and Clark Fair, another
of $156,000 for The Dalles-Celilo
portage roai, and $100,000 for a
rightof-wafor The Dalles-Celilo ca
nal, all in tke interest of Portland, it
is hardly becoming in the Portland
newspapers to complain so bitterly
against the appropriation of a small
amount of money for Normal schools
to be expended in other parte of the
state. Statesman .
New Jersey is ready to tackle the
mosquito as a state problem and ex
pects to spend a million dollars fights
ing the pest. The mosquito will be
prepared to fight New Jersey and her
guests from July to frost this season
without any addition to their usual
resources. There are .thirty varieties
in the state and every single one of
them can bite.
The glorious climate of California
received a great jolt this week when
a severe and destructive storm swept
over the entire southern and western
part of the state. Several lives were
lost and much damage resulted. Bet
ter come to tranquil, balmy Oregon.
Indiana has passed a sweeping bill
prohibiting the manufacture and sale
of cigarettes in that state.
The president is wise in placing
entire responsibility in the land fraud
proceedings upon Hitchcock who by
this time begins to feel the weight
pressing down upon his shoulders.
The burden of proof rests with the
government and failure to make out
a case will be Hitchcock's undoing.
Already the reports from Washington
indicate weakness of the case against
Congressman Hermann.
Mr. Rockefeller is going to build a
million dollar home in Kansas. It
looks as though he might feel some
thing like General Sheridan said about
Texas that for peace it would be bet
ter to rent his home and live in hell.
ln that greatest of all subterranean
bores the Simplon tunnel the way has
been shown to turn the Chargres riv
er out of the Fanania canal ditch and
to make a lockless sea level water
way possible.
Those who think that President
Roosevelt's fight with the trusts will
be indecisive do not realize what a
strenuous man backed by the country
may be able to accomplish in four
Tom Watson's new magazine is a
bigger success than Bryan's Common
er. It is ablv edited.
Sweet are the smiles a man's wife
hands him on pay day.
Dave West says the average man
meets temptations about three-fourths
of the way.
Of course its hard to believe, but
more than likely you were considered
a handsome baby.
Vol. L No. L Canyonville Echo,
arrived. Harriet E. Scoville, proprie
tor. Neat and newsy.
A New York youth lost $3,000,000
in less than three seconds recently.
The heiress said "No."
We are not worried aboat the beef
trust. What we want is a butcher that
will trust ns for the beef.
Jim O'NewIand says you don't have
to be an Irishman to join in the wear
ing of the green tomorrow.
The basketball season b as closed : the
baseball season is jnst opening ; bat the
highball season goes on forever.
When a girl becomes engaged her
mother always says it is hard to give
her up, but she may think otherwise.
"God save the young men from
stylish women T exclaims a Portland
preacher. No power less mighty can.
It is said that paper money will
carry germs for a month. It is a
flush man, however, who can carry it
that long. No editor need feel al
armed. It is presistently rumored that
there may be a change in the style of
evening clothes. Nightshirts and
pajamas are still correct for the late
ter part of the evening.
The Baltimore professor who thinks
it would be well to chloroform all men
when they reach the age of 60 says
nothing about the woman, probably
because he realizes that no woman
ever gets that old.
It is estimated that more than 2,000
homeseekers have landed in Oregon
daring the last week on colonial rates
over the Oregon Railroad & Navigation
company's lines and the Northern Pa
cific, and as many more have been tak
en into Washington. Idaho, Montana
and Wyoming have also secured a share
of the colonists. A large number have
brought household effects, farming im
plements and even livestock, says the
Portland Journal.
Reader and Impersonator
Myrtle Katharine Treritte, the pleas
ing reader and impersonator who has
delighted ;audiencea from one end of
the country to another, will give one of
her entertaining readings at the M. E.
church Saturday evening, March 25.
Miss Trevitte's appearance upon the
platform is very pleasing and atie ren
ders a program of superior excellence.
Her unassuming, unaffected manner
lends a charm to her well selected read
ings that one seldom sees. tf
Wildwood Mill to Start
The Wildwood lumber company which
owns the large steam saw mill near the
end of the O. AS. E. track above Wild
wood has decided to put the mill in
active operation. There is an abun
dance of logs in close proximity to the
mill and a large amount of lumber mav
be expected to soon be passing over the
railroads to other states. Mr. L L.
Smith a well known saw mill man has
been placed in charge of the mill. John
Hunter of Roseburg is one of the princi
pal stock holders in this mill.
A verdict for the defendant was ren
dered by a jury Tuesday afternoon in
the case of W, R. Vinson vs John Thorn
wherein the former sought to recover
$110 damages for the loss of a boar, al
leged to have been killed by a third par
ty at the instance of defendant. The
case will be appealed to the circuit
Dry Fir and Oak Wood. J. H, Hol
lis has purchased Geo. Collins wood
yard in this city and gives notice that
he is prepared to supply either drv Fir
or Oak wood on short notice and at re
asonable prices. Phone main 1507.
A carload of tine Oklahoma broom
corn arrived at this place for the Rose-
burg broom factory Tuesday and the
manufacture of brooms has been re
sumed by Mr. Barker in the Kinney
headquarters building which he pur
chased for this purpose in North Rose
burg after hie plant was destroyed by
fire during the holidays. Quite a num
ber of orders for local dealers are being
tilled, they having withheld placing or
ders elsewhere, rightly preferring to
patronize home industry. Their action
in this matter is appreciated by Mr.
Barker who has been putting forth com
mendable efforts to re-establish his
Yoncalla News.
Mrs. Susan Allen was an Oakland
visitor for a few days recently.
Mr.Westfall has recently enlarged and
otherwise improved his residence.
Mrs Claude Hockett returned laet
week to her home at Grants Pass after
a visit with her hut band's parents on
Maple Cr-ek .
Mrs. George Cart w right left here for
Watsonville California Sunday evening
to visit her mother and daughter besides
many other relatives.
There is but little regret expressed at
the tearing down of old barns and houses
but we will be glad when the promised
brick buildings are a reality.
For the benefit of those who do not
know we would say Maple Creek is the
creek and neighbor, north of Scotts Val
ley, formerly known as Thief Creek.
The party given at the residence of C.
tioea King Tuesday evening iu honor of
Miss Eva was highly enjoyed by those
present. There was about thirty guests.
After social games and conversations
such as young people find delightful. A
delicious lunch was served and all went
borne glad they were among the invited
Eighth Grade Final Examination.
Supt. Hamlin has received the follow
ing circular letter from the State Super
intendent which we publish for the beo
etit of the schools of the county.
"The dates for eighth grade examina
tions for I'M'' have been changed as fol
lows: April 11, 12 and IS ; May IS and
19 ; June S and 9. The new law govern
ing eighth grade tinal examinations will
be in effect May IS; hence the May and
June examinations will be held in ac
cordance with its provisions."
Teachers having classes for examina
tion upon either of these dates should
notify the Superintendent at least thirty
days in advance that the proper ar
rangements for holding the same may
be made.
The "new law" referred to in circular
letter as going into effect May 18 pro
vides that the Chairman of the Board ol
Directors, or some member of the board
appointed by him, assisted by the teach
er shall conduct the examination in
each district having a class that is pre
pared to take the same. The teacher
must first certify to the superintendent
that each applicant h i completed all
the work of the eighth grade and is pre
pared for the final examination.
The Chairman of the Board of Direct
ors is required to be present daring the
entire time, and is to be paid for his
en-ices at the rate of two dollars per
Weather Report.
D. S. Weather Bi-hkac Office,
RosEBiKti, Ore.
Week ending 5 p. m.. Mar. 15, 1 i05.
Maximum temperature 77 on the '.Uii
Minimum temperature, 38 on Mh
Rainfall for the week, 0.04
Total rainfall since 1st of month 0 04
Total tainfall from Sept. 1, 1904, to
date, 18.7ti.
Average rainfall f-oin Sept. l to date
Total deficiency from Sept. I, 1U04, to
date, 8.49.
Average precipitation for 28 wet sea
sons, 33.57.
Thos. Gibson, Observer.
$300 Tax Exemption
Though he has not given a formal
opinion upon the subject, Attorney
General Crawford says that he believes
the present exemption law places a lim
it of 1300 upon the total value of proper
ty to be exempt from taxation.
Unless further investigation of the
subject leads to a differeut conclusion he
will advise any county assessors who in
quire that they should allow no house
holder more than 300 exemption.
Profitable Employment
A. O. Rose, of Roseburg, is engaged ii
appointing Oregon agents to represent
a large and reliable Chicago firm to in
troduce their new automatic spring
scissors and latest books. Boys, girls,
men or women are appointed either on
salary or commission. If interested call
on or write A. O. Rose, Roseburg, Ore.
City Marshal's Notice
All parties within the city of Rose
burg are hereby notified to clean up all
streets, alleys and yards of all rubbish of
every kind within ten days of this date.
All parties failing to comply with this
notice will be taken before the city re
conler and fined.
March, 1, 1H06. D. J. Javis,
(D City Marshal.
Invaluable for Rhei rrutism
I have been suffering for the past few
years with a severe attack of rheuma
tism and found that Ballard's Snow
Liniment was the only thing that gave
me satisfaction and tended to alleviate
my pains. March 24, '02. John C.
Degnan, Kinsman, Ills. 25c, 60c, $1.00
Sold by A C. Marsters & Co.
Caller Nellie, is your mother in?
Nellie Mother is out shopping.
Caller When will she return, Nellie?
Nellie (calling back) Mama, what
shall I say now?
Addressed to Friends Prior to
tier Suiciding Last
Following are translated copies of the
letters left by Mrs. Geo. Goehner to her
husband and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoff
man, written before her suicide at the
home of the latter in this city Saturday
night :
RoFetmrg, Or., March 11, 1905.
Dear Gborok: I do not feel able to
come home and take upon myself niv
duties, and I ltear upon you hut one
burden : to let nie end my sorrowful
existence. I am sorry I did not come
to this conclusion sooner; it would have
saved me much pain and yourself and
others much money and trouble. Please
make everything right with Mr. and
Mrs. Hoffman. I only hope I will buc
OBfld in my last deed. Do what is right
with Michael. Please dress me
in my black silk dress from sister Doris.
I wish I had written a few words to
Michael, but I cannot. Please do me
a favor by not getting downhearted or
worrying, but sing the hymn of Martin
Luther, "It us Thank Ood." I gup
pose you still remember the air. Be
glad that my sufferings have ended.
Forget me as soon as possible and be
With heartfelt regards and wishes,
from your true but unfortunate
P. S. If I did anyone any wrong, I
ask their forgiveness.
Roseburg. March 11, 1905.
Mr. and Mr. Hoffman.
My Beloved Fries ds: I thank yon
heartily for your true love and good at
tendance which yon have shown to me,
the unfortunate. I cannot look through
all this trouble and have therefore come
to the conclusion to die. You , my dear
friends, will sorely grant my last wish
by mailing these letters. My httwu
will make everything all right.
With my last hearty love from your
suffering, unfortunate
Mrs. Kate Gomnub.
P. S. Please dress me in my black
silk dress, it was the wish of my sister
1'one. I did not have the opportunity
to finish the two sofa cushions which I
intended to send to my niece. Please
do so this mv last wish on earth.
Real Estate Transfer.
Hezekiah J and Cordelia E Robinett
to Alfred R D.)wns s nw4 eeV
sw'4, 8W!4 nw4, sec !J tp 27, s. r 3 w,
Geo W and Mary L Prior to i. M
Donekel parts of sec I, 6, 12, 7. tp 2tl, 5,
ti west. ftiOOO.
Enoch P Anderson to Lizzie May
Hahn, part of sec 19, 87, 4 west, fl,
Enoch Anderson to Frank Hahn part
of sec 19, 27, 4 w, 1.
Ada M and H D Yett, A E Maryl
and L L Marsters w of lot 6 blk 4
town Yoncalla, triOO.
J D Hamilton to Dora C Hamilton,
part of lots 7 and S, bik 41, Roseburg.
Malinda Crouch to Samuel B Crouch,
parts of sees 10 and If, tp 25 s r 4 w,
Charles W and Retta E Hodges to
Sarah A Simmonds, part of sec 14, tp 30
B w, $325.
J R and Hannah Daniels to Ralph
Hutchinson, part of sec tp 27, 6 w,
Fannie Roberts Miller to Maurice
Abraham, Mollie Mack and Albert
Abraham, lot in Olendale, f 1.
W F and Ixira A I.auman to Clyde
Beckley, lot 1, blk S, Yoncalla. $1.
Sarah Applogate to C Ros King, lots
2. 3, 8 and 9, blk 5. Yoncalla, $1500.
C Ross and Blanch D King to Flora E
Applegate, lots 6, 7 blk Yoncalla, f3-'0
George and Florence E Applegate to
McGrady W Daagherty int in part of
sec 34,22 5 w, $1.
Harriet A Bly to Geo W Prior, e,' of
T N Grabble D L C No 5870, nw'4 sw'4
lot 4 sec 38. lot H, 7 sec 20. Part of w1...
of Geo Hannan D L C No 42. Except 10
acres all being 3tiS acres in sec 28, 2t, 32
and 33, tp 2tf, w. $7000.
Clements and Nellie Shilts to Miles
Cecil part of lot J 5, Gabbert's Second
Addition to Myrtle Creek, $250.
Thomas F Ward to Charles W Rger8
and Frank A Todd, se'4 set ti, tp 24, 8
w $750.
J C and Dee E Aiken to Charles H
Medley, blk 18, R R Ad.lition to Oak
land, 8I0.
J F and Martha J Daugherty to Mc
W Daugherty one-third interest in e 2-3
of lot fi blk 4, Yoncalla, 11.
John J ami Emma J Eggers to John
J Sommer, w net,', sei nwt,, nw1
sel4 sec 7, tp 20, w. fSOO.
Walter S and tjueenie B Hamilton to
Saloma Duncan, sw'4 nw-4 sec 8 37 a r
4 west.
united states patbsts
U R to Wilfred R Peters, n1, nw-4',
wwifi nv,li nw'l4 32, 30 9 w.
U 8 to Samuel M Kelley, n set,,
ne K sw, se'i nwjtf, 34, 24 3 w.
CStoAlbert'G Rockwell, lots 1, 2
and w'i ne'4 24,21, 9 w.
U S to Christ Hanstad, se'4 sec 2, 32,
9 w.
U S to Eliza C Hatton, t se'4, B',
ne'4 sec 2rt, 30, 2 w.
U S to Matilda S Webert, ne'4 sec 24
tp 20, s r 7 west.
U S patents have been granted to the
following persons: Elisabeth Hilton,
Anna Redmond, James O Grant, Daniel
H Harnett, John Redmond, Emil
Koppe, Ulysses G McClure, Gertrude A
Vanatta, Nora Kohlhagen, Phil Buckley,
Addison R Smith, Millie E Werschkul,
Thomas A Brandon, HessieM Crawfoid,
Bettie K Humphrey, Hans O Festoog,
Erwin Yake, Mina B Jansen, Libbie K
Coshow, George H Coehow, Lenore
Reported by Frank E. Alley, Abstract
All curable diseases respond more
readily to Ostiopathic treatment than
by any other known method.
(Continued from first page)
teen American republics were ratified.
Arbitration treaties with seven Euro
pean nations were ratified after amend
ment, but did not become operative.
A Philippine Public Improvement law
was passed, authorizing commission to
guarantee interest on bonds for rail
way system and provide for bonds to
build public roads, school houses, sew
ers, etc.
Increase of navy was authorized bv
two battleships and 1000 marines.
The department of Commerce and La
bor was directed by the House to inves
tigate the alleged Oil Trust.
House passed Railroad Rate, Pure
Fowl, Ph lippine Tariff and Panama
Canal hills, and live measures for im
proving the steamboat inspection ser
vice. The Hay-Bond Newfound land ) reci
procity troaty was amended.
A comprehensive trade mark law was
perfected and an international copy
right law enacted.
The total appropriation for mainten
ance of the national government for one
year to June SO, 1908, was, in round
nnmhers, 8I8.000.000, against the total
of $ 7SI 000,009 last year.
Aggregate appropriation of entire
Congress was approximately $1,509,000,
000, again! $1,253,(183,003 by the 67th
Representative Hemenway, Chairman
of House Committee on Appropriations,
in making the nsual financial statement
at the vioe of the session, said : "It
now looks clear, beyond any question or
doubt, that there will be no deficit."
Brockway Items.
Miss Ethel Kent went to Dillard last
Earl Agee was visiting friends here
The wind storm did considerable dam
age here Sunday.
School is progressing nicely with K. S.
Moody as principal.
Clyde Heater was visiting at Geo. Bro
sies' residence Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. L B. Nichols attended
the funeral of S. Willis' son.
Misses Ethel Kent and Mollie Thomp
son visited our school last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Simmonds wers
visiting Mr. I. H. Winget last -un lay.
Mies Agnes Thompson, of Roseburg
was visiting her folks at this place last
Roscoe Bolsinger and Yernon Johns
ton attended the shooting match at
Mr. Bolsinger and family of this place
were visiting relatives at Rice Creek
tiny Barge passed through our streets
on hie way to Dillard. What's the at
traction G uy?
Mrs. B. B. Brockway and daughter
expect to go to California on Saturdav,
March Hth.
Our road boss, R. A. Hersher, has
been doing some good work on the roads
the past week.
Miss Mae Seal-ring and Prof. Patter
son, of Dillard, were visiting at '.. W,
Parker's last week.
Roy Simmonds gained the champion
ship for the quickest solutions in the
arithmetic match last Friday.
Walter Johnston, son of W. S. Johns
ton, was badly hurt with a ball bat
while playing base ball last week
Mr. William Mills of Missouri is visit
ing H. Davis folks. Tin Tatlxra.
Glendale Items.
David Noe has been appointed city
marshal vice Nelson Jones, who resigned
Mrs. Florence Dewey left for Northern
California last week to remain indefi
nitely. Miss I.ucretia Klliff is at Roseburg
visiting friends and attending to some
legal business.
W. P. rotten and family are visiting
Mrs. Tottens parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Olinghouse, near Binger, this week.
W H Redfield is at Hot Springs,
Ark,, recuperating, he having been in
poor health for some time.
S. C. Jones left last night for Boise
City, Idaho, where he may locate. He
is one of our best citiseas and we regret
his going. Ill health makes a change of
climate necessary.
Mrs. H. H. Chivington of Redding
California, who has been visiting Mr.
and Mrs E. E. Tot tin of this city left
last night for Days Creek to visit her
parents Mr. and Mrs. John Be ds.
Miss Maud Nail, the eldest child of
Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Nail, who is spend
ing the winter with her aunt, Mrs. Bald
win, at Klamath Falls, is becoming
quite famous as a writer. Miss Maud is
a very popular lady and her friends in
this valley are gratified to hear of her
Azalea Lodge D. of H. filled tbe vac
ancy caused by the death Mrs. Allen
Lane by installing the following new of
ficers, Miss (ienevieve Roberts, C. of H ;
Miss Myrtle Wall L. of H. ; Mrs. Ena
Mortensen, C. of H. This lodge is in a
prosperous condition and new members
are being added at every meeting.
A heavy wind storm passed over this
valley on Sunday, and the wind attained
a velocity of 00 miles an hour. Thou
sands of cords of timber were blown
down. There were some narrow es
capes made by persons who were out
riding when the blow came on. Tele
graph lines all went down, roofs were
blown off, and a general shaking up was
experienced by all. Residents of this
valley who had formerly lived in Kan
sas began to feel quite at home by the
time the breeze was over.
Mrs. Margaret E. klerrin, Past Grand
Chief of Honor and district deputy
Grand Chief of Honor, is in the city
and will preside at a called meeting of
the Azalea lodge, D. of H., this evening.
Mrs. Herrin is one of the leading ladies
in lodge work and is well known all over
the state. She is beiug entertained by
Mrs. Margaret Wall. Moixia
Dillard Notes
D. J. Noah has his blacksmith shop in
operation again.
Mr. Madden is slowly recovering from
his recent illness.
Gardening is the order of the day, the
ground being in fine condition.
Miss Burge and Master Guy Burge
were visiting friends here Sunday.
Mrs. W. A. Simmonds, who has been
sick for about three weeks, has fully re
covered. Mr. Grant Clayton has moved off the
Lamb place and expects to move to
Roseburg shortly.
Mr. Williams, of li.per Olalla. was
visiting with his daughter, Mrs. G. W.
Gage, the first of the weak.
Prof. J. E. Patterson received notice
that he had passed his examination and
would procure state papers soon.
Fruit trees, such as peaches, plums
and apricots are in full bloom. Apples,
prunes, pears and cherries will be
blooming in afew days.
Mrs W. L. Cobb returned to her
home in Roseburg Saturday morning
after spending the week visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. H. C. Miller.
The high wind on Sunday evening
blew down considerable fence in this
commnnity and some small outbuildings
bnt no serious damage resulted.
Master Mechanic L E. Milledge re
paired the suspension bridge here Mon
day morning. The high wind Sunday
loosened one end of the walk. He says
he drove some spikes.
M. L. Norn- killed a coyote here last
week. E. L Rice's fine dog pursued it
to its death. This makes the second
one these dogs have run down this way
and Mr. Norris shot them both.
Mr. J. A. Eggers left here on Sunday
morning's overland for San J, Cal.,
to look lor a location to move his family
he haying sold his place here with the
intention of msving to California on ac
count of his health.
A number of friends and neighbors
were invited to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Seabriog on Maple Avenue Friday
evening. The evening was spent in
musk and playing dinch. About mid
night light relreshments were served.
Those present report an evening well
tuite a nam her from here attended
the funeral of the late Albert 8. Willis
at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
O. L, Willis Thursday last. The re
mains were interred in the family bury
ing ground on Willis Creek. Tbe fun
eral services were conducted by the Rev.
C. H . Lake of the Episcopal chore:, of
O. I- Willis and eon Clyde were down
from their ranch on Willis creek Mon
day. Varna
Csssr Treatartr's Mstkc
Notice is hereby given that all parties
holding county warrants endorsed prior
to, and including, March 6, 1903, are re
quested to present the same to the coun
ty treasurer as interest will cease there
on after the date of this notice.
Dated Rose bury, Oreg., Mar. 15, 1905.
Countv Treasurer.
Special sales by Stearns A Cbenowith
Oakland and Yoncalla, White and other
sewing machines $15.00 and up; water
pipe; wire, plain and barbed ; cat and
wire nails; the only guaranteed black
smith coal ; two carloads Page woven
wire fence, the only tempered wire fence
for sale. n3 tf
For sale, Toulouse goose eggs now
ready, from prize winners, 25 cents each.
Send in your orders early ; eggs limited.
AddreaeE. A. Kruse, Rosebarg, Ore
iron. vml5p
Farming Tacainery Repaired
janes en oce s aucis saw
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11 kind of Hi.: MachlMrr, Farm Math: aery,
U Mower, all kinds of Grinding and Polish
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W. M. H8ISIN & GO.
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specialties. Yonr patronage
(nnrantec to cure any case of ttam
inetltig or stnttering. Ouree are
iiermaiieni and terms reamniable.
Pupils on leaving si hool talk per
fectly natural as though they had
never stammered i
j Bargains
Fancy Baskets from 5 cts to 12 OA
Swell line of Conbiiation Cases
Ranging in Price from $15 to $28
Take a look at onr Bnffets
From $25.W to $38.90. :: ::
A complete stock of all the best brands and grades
of staple and fancy Groceries. New and fresh
goods on which we have removed the tariff.
All kinds of early vegetables and fruits kept con
stantly on hand. Highest market price paid
fur all kinds of farm produc.
Anything yoa need for a Frmit C&Ke er Mince Meat
J. F. BARKER C0. Phone 201
Merchants rrcorw vnur utatara for
TORY which il i re-rstahlihed
and ready to nil ordn- early in
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You want the best, no doubt, and thafs just what wo have.
Carter's Strictly Pure White Lead.
Kalcimo Pure Boiled and Raw Lineed il an J
All the other ns.ential..
Read All of This.
For sale A Rood, first class, well pay
ing Grocery.
rteaaon for selling Engaged in other
Good buy-This store is a good bay
for some one because of location rl.r
nees of stock and good trade.
Price Twelve hundred dollars.
Partner Would take nartner l'nr u . I
X int. if he would take charge of busi-
ueB bv reasonable salarv .-i.u i.;.
share of profits.
Address Box 343, Roseburg, m 3
for all
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the ordir a-v ustom made broom.
Prices iu competition with
Coast Joblrs.
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Adnrnistr.t'.ors Notice.
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Valley within n mouth, ir.., a he
OJ. Dmted this inj ,i , March.
.... s '-'TIN,
Administrator ,.( ihe ,ti t. ror.
llu, deceased.