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I Extends New Years Greetings:
9 r g
We have been more than pi ascd with the growing patronage extended
L ns during the year just elosed :nd expect to merit even a larger patronage (
0) during the ensuing year. If courteous treatment of patrons, superior quality
m 0f go -ds and bed rook prices count for anything OUT store will continue to lead
) iu popularity in Roseburg. Wu-hiog each and every one of our patrons a
W Happy nut Prosperous New te;u, we arc, yours for Jeneral Furnishings,
January in ploaoant
is Oregon's Hiaielo,
as May. Groat
Peter Nelson. ( Gradiner i trims. ni
ing business in Roseburg.
M ins Hand Catching, of R '"iry ,
visiting relatives in Kiddle.
Ho. J. T. Bridges has retnraei heme
from a Imiiiniwi visit to IVtrUaad.
Set" the Pittsburg
i ii at s. K. Bykee.
Perfect Wire fenc
Electric welded.
Krel J. ttlak-ly is a Bteraber el the
i thir.i house i'i tin- legislative assembly
at Salem.
Mrs. L. s. Pengra left Wedoeadny
morning for Junction t attead her dau
ghter iu-'aw. who is o,aite ill.
Attorney Dexter Rice aad Attorney
.1. A Bachaaaa are in Salem on I n-i -ucsa
liefure t ho Supreme Court.
For the beat dental work at most rea
oeeMe price, go to Dr. Btrange in the
little brick oppoeiti Blocu'i hall
HARVEY JONL'S. lYorrietor
liest Dollar a day beUK in Rose,
burg. Hoard by the week.
Meals at all Hours
New Brick. New Furnishings.
Prompt Services. Opposite the
S. P. I 'opot Grounds .' .- .' .
Told in Side Heads. Local and Personal.
C w Shorn tea, of Portland, a Me-ia-law
of Jadge W. K. Willis, was tran
nctiag btninen in Roseburg TBeedey.
Baffin i .-t Oakland Weil n-aday
ri- ember ot Kosptjarg
ami Reltekahs went to
induct the joint iaetaJbV
otlieersin that city Wed
. The installation was
i! ions of Or. .1 C Twit
ti. M. ami Miss Marie
'. Among the Beaeharg;-
morning I 1
Xi,i Fellows
Oakland t
tion of the n
aeaday even:
under the di
ehell. D. li
Joawe, D l.
ers in at :ei:; tace were
H. O. Lewi
Agee, Dr.
Gregor, Mr
Fisher and I
did banquet
and a grand
Mr. Bad Mrs.
. li. W. Diminick, '.. N.
C. Twitchell, Win Mc
1). S. West. Mi Mae
s- Marie Jones. A splen
followed the installation
nie is reported.
The Piaindealer is a real news ai r
ami is generally regarded as each. It
is not an editor al nonentity, hut has
convictions and opinions which it is not
afraid to express, single headed and
alone it called attention to Leae oonn
ty'e laadgrabbaaj Kheree and adeotated
action against the nioveiiient . A lib
eral appropriation for the Drain Normal
was also exclusively championed by
this paper editorally, as is every matter
of importance to the people. The
I'laiudealer is indeed a newspaper, not
a nondescript.
F. G. Stewart, of this city, has
ed the Soothern Oregon esnecy
Pom Mutual I. if" Inreraece Company
if the
Attorney 1. I
was in this citv
heiiding up an
Ureorager, of Gleadale
today II" says he is
eiieai pracuee as
G. P. Stewart, of Myrtle Point, has
been engaged as bandmaster of the
brass hand at Gardiner. The band
pert- to reorganiee at once.
Drama Presented by Local Talent
Benenefit of the Roseburg
Orchestra, was a Success.
Strange, dentist.
Will Have
know Henri
Roseburi: 1 an
from his
White Pine
Tiii reliable Kxp'tora'e Cough
Cure i hard to leat for the winter
maeha. It ha? litii expei-torating
and seilative qaalities. ihecks exces
sive conshini yet promotes ex(-e-to-ration
and therefore help- the re
spiratory traet to throw ff any of
fensive material.
A fnll 4oz bottle tut 25c,
to Be Shown Those who
liooth. Receiver of the
1 Otl'ue, who was removed
ition Monday, at the in
stance of Mr. lieney. who is investijjat
inp tlie land frauds, will have to be
'shown'' before they will be rea ly to
believe that gentleman guilty of any
crraaaaal or .er unworthy cwnduct in
the conduct : his otlice. Mr. Booth be
longs to a fin i!y that I. as leeu reseted
in Oragea lor a great many years, and
one that has N-en worthy of respect
and he If has been a clean handed
aeiit!i man a!em Statesmau.
P. Johnson, dentist. Grave'
yooac peoplei missionary society
M. K. rharch will meet at the
'Mr-. A t' Marsters this even-
tag at 7 'it ''. All leag'iers are
nrged to be present.
r he
of the
The new Kseburrf
beinc well patronin-d
factory i"
Fortunately for the legislator a,
did not go dry last fall.
Attorney Howard BrowaeU, a son of
the genial Senator DlOWuell, pastsl
throaeh Rooehnrg Tneedav on Ids re 1
turn to Marah field from s visit at Ore
gon City aad Portland.
Geld crown and bridge
quality by lr. Stranire.
f hi
Messrs W. H and Taylor l.;
in town from l5riH-kw.iv Tin - lav.
Volnev DixOW, I ne of the
voting men of toe city, we- 1
yesterday to take a pili.
reaeer department of t!
V.i , .nre
' pae
Pari fie. Eagefie ftegietnr
Plaindcil-r Force tintertained.
Frank H. li vers, business manager of
the Piaindealer and his estiniihle wife,
entertained the Piaiudealer for.e at
supper in their cozy home near the
high WeinesKiay evening. After
the sumptuous and appetizing repift the
cve-iiiii: spevl all loo swiftly with music
aud bunco, flinch and crockonole games,
the company diban ling and returniag
to their resective homes at a late hour,
ail unanimous in their expressions of
appreciation for the generous hospitality
of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, who pr ived
themstlves splendid entertainers
That predicted hard winter is
a long time to get good and ready.
Mrs. II O. Wilkinson let! Wedeeoday
for Baaaiam, Washington to visit with
The Bereaarg W O. T. U. will mco
in the home of Mr-. Emma Monra Fri
day a - XI p m Let n make a gil
lievMiming for the new year by having a
iare attendance. ec
Representative Hermann went Ivack
to his seat in Congress as if nothing h.i i
It is baider for a politican to get aa
flea than i is for Heney to have him
r n.oveil from it
lr. H. I.. Studlcv the t hste-ipathic
Phyafetaa curi acute and chronic
diseases, inrrects deforniaties an!
remove foreign gr.iwths. Consnltion
bee Phone or call for appointment
t trBce in Abrahaai heiiding tf
Fireman G.C Farrell retaraed Twee
. dav lifter a five weeks visit with his
mother in Michigan.
Our candies are the
highest grade goods in
town. Coaayexiwa Ls
the "nly true test and
the one we always win
out '-n. When it comes
to high grade and de
licious goods we have
no competitors.
ork on Ulks Tempte " he great
eteel girders and rods for th Kits
Temple in this city arriveil this week
after a long delay which has caused a
suspension of construction work on the
building for the pat month or more
Contractor Hunter will now get hi
foree toether and prosecute the work
with all vigor.
N hose Is It A. B. Mutt, agent i-.r
the N.tlional Art aud Crayon Co , of
Chicagu, in receiving and delivering en
larged pictures in this county, h -.s r -ceiveil
a photograph and enlarge.! p r
trait niinui the ucal address. On the
back of the photo appears the name
"Nancv Oliver," and the photo and
cravon picture may be. secured hy call
ing at the Piaindealer otlice. ti
A Fine Ooen W inter The sight of a
nasolene bicycle spinning down Koae
burg's n ain street in midwinter was "
jmeha of an unusual sight, but nev- i
ertheless was an actual occurance Weil
ncday Jan. 11, the street being c m
paiallwilj free of mad. This sp -aks
lldnaiie for Southern Oregon's winter
raaaaaa. A little later in the day John
R. Satherlin to 'k a spin in his automo
bile. Oreat is balm v Oregon.
The New Hospital Providence Hos
pital i the name to be given to the new
hospital eoon to be erected in Vat
Roeeburg. Work will probably com
mence oa the building by the end of
February. Thoee who have generously
promised donations are request-1 to
give them as soon as possible.
Wanted Partner. f500 will buy one
half interest in the lest paying Furni
ture and Housefurnishing store in Port
land, or will sell out entirely for MH
Have other biir-iness to attend to. Ad-
J. V.. Sawyers, lawyer
public. Otlice up stairs
County P.ank Building.
and notary
in iMiirlas
AHert Jo ies. a former S. P. engineer
of this city, but now located at (iray
Harbor. Washington, i' viiting he-e
with his brother, engineer June. He
M enroiite to Caliloraia for a short vacation.
If Osteopathy was not the right way,
why does it have such a following
among the most intelligent peipie.
W. P. Johnson, the enterpri-iin: Inm
' ter man of Rihuri; went to Myrtle
: Creek Tuesday to look after hi:- saw mill
i interests down there. He is rapidly
: sto- king np his lumber yards in this
city with various grades of fine lumber.
Mrs. 1.. 1. McKenney. wife of the ed
itor or the Myrtle Creek Mail, and Mrs
F. Champine, of Myrtie Cre-k. were
transacting huin-ss in Baaaaatg Mea
day and f.ivorel the Piaindealer with a
pleaiant call
An Alabama man has teen sent t
jail lor .w ilavs lie-ause tie Kisse. a cir
after sh ) said "Please don't !" That
judge must be either ignorant or nia i
cious, or else he would know that when
a girl says "please don't" a young n an
has a right to suppose she means
"please do."
For Sale or Rent. -Nice new 5
cottage, lath etc, Waites addition,
quire at this office.
4 tf
,lrHss Fi iiMTi RK Store, .WO, W. Isl ing
ton St , Portland. Oregon.
Strawberry Plants for Srde. Kxcei
slor and Wilson strawlerry plants, 50
ceotH per hundred, or $2.50 per 1000
f. o b. Youuce, Ditlard,
Ore. Ml
The funeral services over the remains
of little I.ela Crow, daughter of Mr. snd
Mrs. H. A. Crow were held at Riddle
Sunday. I'la was a Meet, bright child,
loved hy young and old, and she will
long lie held in loving memory hy the
w hole Riddle community.
Whisky and electric lights are said to
be things of the past in Fossil. Why
prohibition should bring atiout darkness
is a puzzle unless it be that with the
Caion Fncampment No ! otier
were itis'alic) this week bv 0 .9 K
Beicll B . C P.. .s follows: Chief Pa
Patriarch. J. ('. Twitchell j I. S. k
Buick, H. P. : l R. Ryer. S. W. : A S
Orratt, 8cribe; Lea Wimberly, Treas.
G. W. Stale v, J. w.
The Baa .et r.taurant has alnadv '
gainel the reouiation of -erving only
good whohooine meals and satisfying
Itirche-. It is the place where yon!
always get the worth of your money. ,
This reetearaat mak.-s a sciaity of i
lae chicken dinners on Sunays. tf
PWainl Curtain, who for some time
pa-t ha lieen employed with the steam
shovel at Rice Hill. i spending a few
davs ia Ro-ebiirg vi-iting with his
many friends, the steam shovel baviag
suspen hsl operations temporarily The
Piaindealer was f.iv r-1 with a pleasant
rail to-lay.
J. T. Bpaagb aa enterprising farmer,
of Looking ihs favored the Plain
dealer with a !' i-nt call ti-wlay while
transacting inisiuess in town He is
enthu-ia-tic gooil road advocate and an
say that a in irkl impiwveejeat h
txN-n ma 'e in th road bet WOO . Row
burg and Looking Ola-s. He says he
has not been i 'duck hunting" lately.
The manv friends of Mrs. S. M Kelly
will he entry to ham that she will le
compelled to enter hospital again a on
for treatment for rheumatism. It is
planned for her to go to Portland Satur
day to enter the hospital, Ir. J. C.
Twitchell to itfi her H that city
from which place he will take his de-
Qaite a large and entliusiastic audi
ence greeted the local amateur t ri
eel company, which under the direc
tions of the Rosel urg Orchestra pre
Mated the splendid four act comedy
drama entitled "Twixt Lore and
Money," at the Roseburg Theater Mon
day night. The cast was evenly balanced
and the assignment of the various roles
Were fortunate iu that they were sus
tained by those eminently well equip
ped and naturally qualified for their
creditable interpretation. It se ms as
if the role of each character had l-en
especially written for his or her special
dramatic characteristics for instance the
comedy role of Jimnel llriggs, the fluent
hotel promoter, was most admirably
sustained hy hoy Bellows, while the
part of leading man, Herbert Van Allen,
a young man of wealth, in this dithcuit
play, was very creditably and ably sus
tained by Sid Steward. Major Wurring
ton, the blind veteran and counselor at
law. wa- m st effectively interpreted by
Fred Steward, whose freeand easj U-ar-ing
and calm deliberation, won for him
just praise. M. . Wright, wa- bur
dencl with two difficult roles, tir-t the
gallant sea captain and lastly unc - and
guardian of Herliert Van Allen, be be
ing decidedly at home and appearing
must cleverly in the latter role especial
ly, while his stage scuttle aud ran play
in the former character with Herbert
j Van Allen his rival for ttie hand of
i Lillian Broegh, was most true to life
land the subject of much complimentary
: com meat,
Walter GagBOa, as Bill, a fish
ermaa; fLf) Johnson, the bold, ld
, rilliea, each proved clever characters.
Seise Oemaadaoa, as the old fisherman
Justice an-1 Miss Agnes I itchionl, a-
liis seceatric wife, earli played g'ol
comeily parts and received the hearty
approval of the au lieine. Miss Five
Mesaier, as Peggy, the maid, pro red
herseif a charming little soutir.tte. and
sustained IBM prominent and difficult
role witli ail ihe vivacity, grace and
ease of many similar characters ia the
read compaaiai which have visited
I: eebarg this season, she is partica
arly adaptod to tlie soutirette characU r
and aith ordinary advantages would
tt-rtjinly distinguish herself in this par
, ticuiar role. Miss iiertie Rast who sus
tained the part of "leading lady,"
though not so well adapted to thai emo
I tiooal role owing to her vivaci u- r ed
mny disposition, nevertheless inter
preted thedifacaft part ia a most ered-
itahle manner and receive,! her fuli
stiare of approbation As we sta'.r! in
, the twgir.ning the cast was very evenly
' balaaced, and considering ttie ci-mpara-I
lively short time for rehearsals, the piay
J was meat creditably aud satisfactoraliy
' pneeated. k anther commendable feat
ure "f the plav was the abse. ice of tire
I some delays t-tween acts There was
, something dofag every minute.
Many creditable specialties wire in
troilucii!, am .ng which was a cornet 10-
I lo, "The Holy Citv" with orchestra ac
i "
leompaaimeat, by I. K Belfi'.s; negro
I character sketch by IVe Matthews, who
I for an eucore delighted the au 1 sacs
wnli a i.iarac'enstic tmck and wing The "Raiiroad Quartette, " con
sisting ot Messrs. Xea'cbatid I arish in
Corductor's uniform, and Forties and
Boss as Fngineers. made I great hit
and an-werevl hearlv encores. The
affair added another ! right page in th
records of i.ical dramatic events The
door reteipts will te applies! on ti e pur
.-t.a-'e ot new evening ilress suits I ir tlie
lit In sg II members
In going over oar Boys' and Children's Clothing Stock, we found a great many
odd suits, small lots and some which were slow to move. We have
priced them as follows.
Boys' Long Pants Suits
These suits are assorted into two lots
LOT ONK contains some all wool suits
a few slightly shelf worn. Formerly
sold for from $5.00 to $7.50.
Now $3,50
LOT TWO. All wool heavy and light
weight suits, excellent for every day or
School suits, worth from $6.00 to $9.00.
Little Boys' Knee Pants Suits
$2.00 to $2.25 Suits going for $1.50
2.50 " 3.00 " " " 2.00
3.50 " 4.00 " " " 2.50
4.50 " 5 00 " " " 3 & 3-50
Now $5.00
Boys' Knee Pants Suits
$2.50 to $2.75 suits going for $1.50
3.00 " " " 2.00
3-50 " " " 2.25
4.00 '' 4.50 " " " 2.50 &
5.00 " 5.50 14 " " 3.50 &
Ladies' Lace K
Men's Heavy Brown Wool l uderwear
or fl. " ttie suit.
id Shoes' narrow and medium toes, 2.50 end $3.00 values,
All sizes. Regulrtl.00 values for 70 oen a the garment
sizes i1, to , while they last $1.50
"A Little Outcast"
E. J. Cari-uter's great production, "A
Little outiast," which has been the
great record breaker of the past two
years has begun its third season in a
blase of glory and w ill be seen at the
Boeaberg theatre Thursday evening Jan.
12th. Not content with having reached
the top notch of perfection in t. scenic
way Mr Carpenter has gone a step far
thee than H M' -.-. rs and lias
you want to buy a farm
you want furnished rooms
you want to buy a house
yon want to rent a house
you want to build a house
you want to move a house
If too don't know
Cal' on or addrees
F F.
ud Biiider
Reaeba g
tSa W
Ml ytw
T I X ftovtyr NHaajayus ft 5"
cttiiUae moot ei;eueivc cat iseen ;n
n.eio-ilraniatic pr-iuctiun.
the charactera are aeatly drawn, the
dialogue is witty and the entire play
passes tl to a r;ppimg accompaniment
a igi.ter ar.d tea's. "A Little Out-
ast the story ot a .ew lorx wall is a
lay lot all clasee. it shows one how the
r l live every scene is true to
life, depietiBg the plaaearaa, misery and
cm in ti.e crowitci sections ot -ew
rk as we I as misery and grief
lden iu the mansions of Millionaires
Row .
intoxicant gone, the good Fossilites will j partem tor we east so enjoy a visit wun
ha aala tn fin, I O.oir : homo mil ! relatives and friends as well as visit
the aid of light, artifical or otherwise.
OUR 1905
New Year's Greetings
To all Our Friends And Customers
The most satisfact ry and successful year in the
history of our business has just closed. It hrs been
a busy year and our s"ccess has been satisfactory.
So it is fitting that we hould give ti anks to those
who have given us success. We wish to assure you
of our appreciation as no firm feels more appreciative
than we do.
Fot 1905 we offer you this: W e are going to try
harder than ever before to mt Kl your trade. Wo are
going to have a better and a larger stock to select
from We will also asturc all that prices will be
based 011 small mar-ins W e desire to make tins
store a shopping home for all.
Again wc thank one and al I t your liberal pat-
i j-onage and if through error or omission we have
' wronged anyone to the amount of anything we sin
cerely ask you to call aud let us know. Asking you
tc keep in mind.
1 Mr. and Mrs I'. S. Flonrney were in
I town from Flournoy valley Tuesday.
They report the roads in better condi
tion than usual at this season of the
i year. Tliereissome talk of trying to
secure a mail route through that valley,
to tie supplied at Melrose or some other
convenient point, they announced.
Very choice fruit trees, all lending
f I varieties. Spitzenberg and Yellow
Newton Pippin apples a specialty. All
guaranteed true to name and free from
pests. F'or sale at very reasonable prices
by Roseburg Nurseries, H. Behrotaa,
Roseburg, Oregon tf
Frances J. Heney, prosecutor in the
Oregon land fraud cases, has returned
to Portland from San F'raneisco to re
eume the prosecntions He will tie as
sisted by Oliver E l'agin, of Chicago,
who will draw up the indictments.
Sykes A: t'arroll have moved their
plumbing al . i om ttie old I'look
building 011 Maui street to No. 2111 Jack
son street, the building formerly oc
cupied by F. Fi Hands Cigar Store, and
are prepared to handle anything in the
plumbing and liaaiag line. Phone No
ML 77t
prominent medical institutions.
Horace T. Jones, special agent of the
general land otlice, who was stationed
at Ros -burg last summer am! fall, has
returned from the east where ho has
Bsea enjoying a varath 11 after fifteen
months c'ose application to business
He informed ttie Piaindealer that he
visited with interest the burned district
in Baltimore in his absence as well asthe
cities of Boston, Philadelphia, New York
am! Waehiagtoa, returning to Oregon by
way of New Orleans. Oalvaslon, over
the southern railro id route. He leell
aad looks much, invigorated by his en
joyable vacation.
A Generous Donation. The J. C5
Flook Company generously donated the
loors and windows reqoired in the re
construction of the residence of Lincoln
Wright which was totally destroyed by
fire lately. Many citizens of Roseburg
also donated liberally to a fund to assist
Mr. Wright to provide another house
for his family which lost everything they
pi awes I in the tire This action is
cer ainly 1 1 1 t commendatory on the
part of the Roseburg people.
Mrs. Nickiice and daughter, ol Cali-
Ofaia are visiting her mother. Mrs
Nannie Harris.
Roy Pardee is recovering from ai
attack of pneumonia.
Mrs. Blake, of Corvallis. a sister of
ihe late B A. Stewart is visiti ig here
Miss Marv Brown, who has tieeli
qoito 91 with pneumonia, is improving
Miss Betta Blackford, of Junction
visiting her mother. Mrs. B A Stewart
Joe Jackson has re. Otaed to G-IXeiM
California, where he is am pony lid in the
Dewey mine. Mrs Jaekaoa is visiting
her mother, Mrs. B A. Stewart.
Mrs Patrick O Shea is verv sick with
rheumatism and heart trouble.
Mr. B. A. Stewart died Jan. 1,1906 of
conjestion of ttie lungs, resulting from
attack of gripp. His age was -T wars,
and he had been a resident of th: sec
tion for many years, the Innen.. was
held at the church Friday, and attended
by a large concourse of friends. He
leaves to 11 onrn him, a wife and several
step-childri n, besides a brother R. S
stewar'. residing here, and relations in
other parts of the state.
Ladies, you cannot find a more suitable
gift, or one more appreciated for your
gentleman friend than an up-to-date tie.
Here is another Holiday Necessity for the
well dressed gentleman. No matter how
stylish the suit the appearance is not
striking without an up-to-date hat.
Notice of Construction of Sewer.
Notice ia hereby given that the city of
i: reharg. Oregoa, has by ordinance de-
ermine i to COaOtract a s-wer as follows :
'ommenciag at the south east corner of
.k and Chadwica streets, running
thence westerly along the south ftJe 01
1 .ik Street to connect w:th the sewer on
lain tri-et. That W. S. Hamilton. F.
W Hay nee ar.d J F. Barker were ap
pointed as riewatl thereof, and have
ri'ml their report recommending that the
said sewer be constructed. That the
said committee reports:
That the following lots, and the own
ers thereof, are direct lv henetited by the
instruction of si! sewer:
1 iw ners lts Block
Oeo. F'.. Boacb, B -1
Sol. Abraham restate. 4 -11
M. C. tiregorv, 5 41
Orraie Wuaea, 40
I'itv- of Roseburg. 5 40
That said committee further reports
racoeamessarag that said sew er be con
structed at the expense ol the property
owners adjacent thereto, so directly
l.enctitid thereby, according to the
anmber of Iota owned by each person
each lot to bear its proportion ment
slmreof the expense of sail! construc
tion. Bv order of the City Council
made Pee. 15, P.V4.
Pated this 5th day of January, iy06
B. L. .Marsters,
Citv Recorder
warn china
Anything you need for a Fruit CaKe or Mince Meat
: J. F. BARKER CO. Phone 201
Something You should Know
Roseburg Market
The local market quotations today an
as follows :
Wheat 86 cents.
Oats 45 of ,V cents.
Barley 55 cents.
Bay Loose, $10 : baled $12.
Potatoes H4 cents per lb.
Butter Dairy, 25c; creamery, 35
Figgs lit' cents er dozen.
Cbjckaaa Mixed, Be per pound;
eal 5c, dressed
Deaf Owe 1 QSc ; steers, "J1 cents ;
heifers, 'Jc
Hogs Fat, 4 (i 4S1C live; dressed t.
Pokti.ami Market The iiiotatious in
the Portland market today are: Wheat.
87 cents ; oatn, $1 115 pet cental ; hay
clover, flL'; timothy, $15 ; wool, valley
10 cents; hops, :tl cents; hogs, gross, 5c
sheep, :t'...c gross ; licef, gross, 9 c ; veal
He : egg". It'-'; butter, creamery, 30 ; dairy
14c; chickens, mixed. He lb.
III parties owning dogs are hereby
notified that if they will pay to tlie city
Marshal their dog license during the
month of January they may have the
same for l.00each All that he has to
go and collect will be -, 50 each, by
order of Roseburg City Council.
Wea her Report.
f. 8.
Wkatiikr Bt RKvr OffBOB,
RosKiifRii, Ore.
Week ending 5 :p. m., Jan. 4, 1905.
Maximum tempeTBtBfC 81 on the 'J9th
Minimum temperature, .5S OB Jan. 1st
Rainfall for the wivk, 4.51.
Total rainfall since 1st of month, 0.01
Total lainfall from Sept. 1, lt4, to
date, 14JJ8.
Average lalafatl f'om Sept. 1 to date
Total deficiency from Sapt. t, BXM, to
date, 0 30.
Average nrecioitatioii for 27 wet sea-
It is to your interest to reed and note
carefully the rare opportunity of secur
ing a fine piano or organ at Burr's Mu
sic Honse.
We have ordered a ne and complete
stock of pianos and organs that will ar
rive within the next few days and in or
der to m ike room we are going to offer
our present stock at the following low
pricee and if you have been watching
and waiting lor a bargain now is your
One grand square piano in first class
condition and can be turned beck at any
time within one year at full price.
Only I 3
One upright Cornish piano, has been
used about 2 years. Coee for $155 i
tine new Colonial Hinse piano in a
beautiful mahogany case for $240
tine handsome Bailey piano, bran
BBW, only
tine Jacob Doll piano in beautiful burl 1
walnut case. Large site $2S5
One of the famous Victor pianos in
beaut if nl Mali, case will sell for $315 i
One fine Kimball piano in quartered
sawed oak. if taken before the first of
the year will go for $315
Space will not permit us quoting other
prices today but we have the largest
music house in Oregon sooth of Port
land and these low prices will prevail
ea all goods until Jan. 10, ltJ6.
Store open evenings.
For particulars call, or write
Roseburg, Oregon.
We are doing business at the old
stand. If yon want to buy. sell
or trade anything see - - - -
A full stock of both new and sec
ond hand Furniture, Tin and
Granite ware. Cook Stoves and
Wanted, $1000 worth of second
hand furniture.
A fine stock of Harness, Whips,
.lobes. Saddles and everything in
the Harness line. My harness is
all hand made and guaranteed.
ktWtuau. tfcmt Wj .feat .iu t WW I
us. TWn t itaolaKiy m "
ITKVIXI- Act lok rlh Stcm.
Imm i - rbt, a to t iirk-iM w -3i ' No .0r. am. tM
,icrta,t txall obbMstb tJaa waBaat
Letter List.
Titos. GiaaOBi Observer.
John Sims, after a short illness, i'i -d
at the home of Freil Vorillmann, in
, (Jardiner, Saturday afternoon, Dec 31
1004. Mr. Sims was born in Caas coun
ty, Iowa, Dec. ti, 1378. Me had 1 1. on
the coast three years, which were sp -nt
in Gardiner, where he had won, by his
kin Hy and genial nature aod uptight
ness of character, very many friends.
NAPIER At the Oregon Soldiers'
II me on Monday evening. Jan !,
ltn:,, Wil i m Napier, aged 72 yoars
TIim ili'i ease-1 wits formerly a member
of Co, K, 2nd I . S. Heavy Artillery.
He was admitted to the Home from
Beppaer, Or., on June !, IW4. He had
two daughters living in Heppner, who
were present at the funeral which was
held at the Home cemetery at 9:30
o'clock Wednusilay morning
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all parties
holding city warrants ondorsed prior to
Feb. 23, 1903, are requested to present
the same to the city treasurer for pay
ment, as interest will cease thereon af
ter the date of this notice.
Dated Roseburg, Ore., Jan. 4, 1905
II. c. Blocbm,
City Treasurer.
assaapwassa, in all coumiii.-
Pud,, Mrrt wea raraajwa -"
m -m ... "'' raa , . ,
Ptr.t ind tntrlntttiwit mctic itj.
w rll or com U' m
au ninth Btrt. oep. CniwJ BBBi
Remaining um-alled for at the Rose
burg postoflice
Boren Miss Viola Gray Mr K F
Brines Mr Peter Hoty M H
Bryant Mr I Mr Hans
Cunningham Horbert
Mr IX) aid Miss essie
Cummius D W Munson M V.
j Dodker Herman Rogers Mr C V
PeBriae Newton Rowland Hugh B
Rickets Mato Caatethui
Gray OB Byrne A D (
Persons calling for these etten will
! please state the date on w hich they are
'advertised, Jan 9, 1904.
ri... ill 1-1 elmi-i! lor at the
, 1 1 v . " ' . r.
rate of one cent each
C. W. Pakks.
Ask item tot ou wake hmJmK oa irtu It. b
7T TTii " 1 ' ' Ttafeaaat
fcmmiii.siliri JS"."
iboakl proof jtwi B to tmm to apovMr ou o
b.oors.1 tomsxt
P. O. Boa 092
C hlcopao Falls. Maaa.. U. S. A.
I. B. Riddle's littledauglt'er, Dorothy,
who has teen very ill is slowly improv
ing at Riddle.