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New Things Suitable For Holiday Gifts are Now In and are Constantly Arriving
UptoDate People
Do not give useless articles forpres
ents but give something that will
be appreciated.' . .
The Wise Person
Will select their goods early when
they can have the advantage of a
full stock . . .'
The 20th Century Santa Claus Suggests
silk Waists,
Silk Umbrellas,
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Silk Mufflers,
Silk Suspenders,
Silk Neckwear,
Silk Hosiery,
Silk Piece Goods,
Silk Gloves,
Silk Ribbons,
Silk frout Shirts,
Silk Baby Hoods,
Silk Belts.
Cotton Undeiwear,
Cotton Hosiery,
Cotton Sweaters,
Cottou Piece Goods,
Cotton Blankets,
Cotton Umbrellas,
Cotton Handkerchiefs
Cotton Nighiwear,
Cotton Fancy VVorV,
Cotton Suspenders.
Linen Table Cloths,
Linen Napkins,
Linen Handkerchiefs,
Linen Towels,
Linen Piece Goods,
Linen Shirts,
Linen Waists,
Linen Children's Goods,
Linen Gloves. .
And numerous other useful articles suitable
' presents constantly on hand at
Woolen Waists,
Woolen Skirts,
Woolen Dress Goods
Woolen Clothing,
Woolen Gloves,
( vn.ll. u oil 11 U".
Woolen Footwear,
Woolen Hats,
Woolen Caps,
Woolen Sweaters,
j Woolen I'ndeiwcar.
Woolen Overcoats,
Woolen Blankets.
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor
Mrs. Elmer Jackson and two children
are visiting; relatives at thin place.
l'rof. II. (). Stone went to ! in home
in Washington to spend tin- holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. .lohn F. Newman are
entertaining a new daughter who ar
rived a few days ago.
Miss Bessie Clough, who has been in
Kosehurg attending the High School, is
visiting tier parents.
Mrs. O'.-hea and Miss Vary Brown
have returned trom l'ortland where
they look treatment in the hospital.
Miss I'hilura dilhain, of (ialesville,
who has been attending Albany College,
is spending the holidays with relatives
Wilson & I .evens moved into their
new store building last Wednesday.
They have a neat and commodious
Cieo. Neuner, Jr., who Was been at
tending the I (rain Normal School, was
in town Saturday, enroute to Days
Creek to spend his vacation.
Joe Jackson and Miss Oka (iibbs were
married in Kosehurg, Dec. 24th. They
j have mauy friends here who wish them
a long life of happiness.
A game of foot bail is to be played
here Monday, Dec. 2ti, by the Days
ICrtek ami Canyonv lie team. It will
be followed by a masque ball in the
Krank Wilson, accompanied by Misses
Bessie and Jessie Wilson and Inez Col
vig, arrived Friday from Corvaliis,
where they have bsjssj alten iug the Ag
riciiltural College. They will return af
ter vacation. A shits.
Golden Weddings
Told in Side Heads,
Hoover rod Ballard Nuptials
Dallas. Oregon, Observer, Dec. 23: Dr.
E V. Hoover, May ir of Roseburg, Ore
gon, an 1 Mrs. E. Ballard, a daughter of
Mr and Mrs. E. H. Hibbard, were tnar
ri is at the Hibba'd home, south of
tow, Tn-slay. Rv. J. M. tire-n,
pi3torof l)M church officiati.isr.
The cerenony was witnessed only by
the near relatives of the contraciing
parties. After a rouatiful wedding
dinner had beea served, Dr. and Mrs.
Hojver drove to Salem and depaited on
the overland train for San Francisco
After a tonr of Southern California, they
will return to their new home in Rose
burg. The many Roseburg friends of
the high contracting parties join the
Piai ideal er in extending congratu
la ions and best wishes
Special Car to Oakland Arrange
ments have been made with the South
ern Pacifice R R- Co. for a special car
to be run from R sebnrg, to Oakland in
the evening of Dec. 30th, on account of
the grand concert and ball to be given
in the latter city on that night. The
Tound trip fare of $1.00 will be charged,
and it will require fifty fares to secure
the car. The members of the Roseburg
Orchestra, which has been engaged to
furnish music for the affair, are en
deavoring to secure the pledge of the
required number of persons who intend
to make the trip and are meeting with
good success. The car, if secured, will
leave here at 6 o'clock p. m. and arrive
at Oakland about 30 minutes later.
Chrlgtmis Ball. The grand Christ
mas ball given by the I'mpqna Hose
Co. of the Roseburg Fire department
Saturday evening w. s well attended and
proved a most enjoyable sffair. Good
music was a feature of the occasion and
was furnished by the Kosehurg orches
tra. All those who attended report a
delightful evening. The lereipts were
for the benefit of the Hose company.
Local and Personal. For women's disease try Osteopath y
Strange, dentist.
Schools Enter FUg Cntest The
Roseburg Schools wish to announce that
they will enter the Flag Contest and ask
all ciitiens to mark their votes "Roef
burg School." The schools are in need
of such a flag and nowhere cou'd it
serve a more worthy or useful purpose
than in our sc' ools. The teacher and
students unite in asking the loyal sup
port of all patrons and citizens.
Pure Water for Railroaders On ac
count of the preva'ence of typhoid fever
among the railway employee of 'he
Southern Pacific in Oregon ant Califor
nia, the medical department of the com
pany is arranging to have drifting
water supplied th- trainmen so th y
will not be obliged to drink from tank
along the line and from the fenders.
National Holiday. Vhen legal L li
days fall on Sunday the iaw provi
that the following Monday ha!l be a
legal holiday; therefore th n postoffice
and United States land offiu ? remain
closed today, but b- mutual agreement
the local banks opened for the transac
tion of business as usual totay.
Osteopathy cures I.s(i'ippv
The Misse- Clarke of Hotel (ilen dale,
are guests .f B iseluirg friends.
P. Johnson, dentist. Grave
' n Id-
Let the -Uopath do the work,
will lie pleased with the results.
Throat troubles ar- HWhmwHjh i d
by Osteopathy.
Cattle are fatter in southern
than thev were lat summer.
Gobi crown and bridge
quality by Dr. Strange.
Miss Kate Fullerton is vi-itingat Rid
dle with her aunt. Mrs. Will Nichols.
work of bst and other friends.
In going over oar Boys' and Children's Clothing StocK, we found a great many
odd suits, small lots and some which were slow to move. Wt have
priced them as follows.
Boys Long Pants Suits
These suits are assorted into two lots
LOT ONE contains some all wool suits
a few slightly shelf worn. Formerly
sold for from $5.00 to $7.50.
Now $3,50
LOT TWO. All wool heavy and light
weight suits, excellent for every day or
School suits, worth from $6.00 to $9.00.
Now $5.00
Little Boys' Knee Pants Suits
$2.00 to $2.25 Suits going for $1.50
2.50 " 3.00 " " " zxxt
3.50 " 4.00 " M " 2.50
4.50 " 5-QQ " " " 3 & 3-5Q
Boys' Knee Pants Suits
$2.50 to $2.75 suits going for $1.50
3.00 " " " 2.00
3.50 - " " 2.25
4.00 " 4.50 " " " 2.50 & 3
5.00 " 5.50 " " " 3.5a & 4
Udies' L
Men's Heavy Brown Wool Underwear. All sizes. Regular $1.00 values for 70 cents the garment
or (l.:i5 the suit.
Kid Shoes' narrow an. I medium toes, 2 50 and 13.00 values, sizes 1)4 to 6, wbUe tbey last $1.50
See the Pittsburg
ing at S. K. Sj kes.
Perfect Wire fenc
Electric wcldel.
Mrs. Thos. Wrathford secured the.
beautiful doll
given away at the People
Now is tne time to buy Holiday goods
vou can get what yon want at S. K.
The heir presumptive to the throne of
Sweden w r id to be d sirous of wedding
Mies Alice Roosevelt.
I-adies only cau call at
and get a number free
machine to lie given away
S. K. Syke's
OH a sewing
on .lanu.irv
Mrs. Burr Jones went to Grant. Pas
Sunday to S4i.d the holidays with her
Postm.ister L L
is enj'iying a vir-it
I'eer Creek.
Hur I, of Ulendale.
with relatives on
After GO years of harmonious wedded
life Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wiikerson
Winniford of O.ikland Oregon, celebrated
their golden anniversary, Monday, Dee.
It, 11)01. surrounded by 2S of their
children and grain! children, only last
of the wlnde family being absent. They
were umrrit-d near Grtenville, Tenres
ree, Iec. 19, 1854. Eleven children
blessed thi union, eight of them yet
living, all lieing married but l.e young
est son. In 1S71 they moved to Oregon,
and fur :;i vears have resile! at their
present home. They were the recipients
of many useful and beautiful gifts, the
most interesting being a fine toned
gradi(dine. given by the children and
grand children The rooms and table
were decorated in gold ami green, the
golden color being carried out in all the
cak-s. The din;. er was served on the
same u v cloth which was used for
the reception dinner TiO years ago and
all suth occasions in th-family since
It was a most delightful i ffiir and al
together the day was a most en jo able
one and an occasion long to be remem
bered by all present. With fondet
wishes that all may meet again in the
dear old home to celebrate their dia
mend wedding. Owl.
Our candies are the
highest grade goods in
town. Comparison is
the only true test and
the one we always win
out on. When it comes
to high grade and de
licious goods we have
no competitors.
II Currier m
rr?Kl xi i
you want to buy a farm
you want furnished rooms
you want to buy a house
you want to rent a house
you want to build a house
you want to move a house
a lon't too
on nr
F F. pattella,
nd BaiMsr
We wilj y 32 cents in trade or .10 cents
cash for your eggs. Bring them in, also
your butter and chickens A. D. Clink,
near depot. jlp
Local Talent Theatrical. The Rose
burg Orchestra will gie a splendid dra
ma on or about Jan 8, 1905, the charac
terization now being completed. The
cast will embrace the very best local
talent which insures a production equal
if not superior to many of the traveling
troupes' presentations at this place.
Watch for further announcements. The
title of the Drama is "Twixt Love and
Good Business Proposition A nice
clean stock of Confectioneries, Tobaccos
and Fixtures, good location next door to
poet office, for sale. Inquire of Jj V.
Thornton, Cottage Giove, Oregon.
Strawberry Plants for Sale. Excel
sior and Wilson strawberry plants,. '60
cents per hundred, or $2.50 per 1000
f. o b. Address J. H. Yonuee, Dtylard,
Ore. il
Killed Cougar FrMar.-Chai Key--, of
Melrose kii'ed aoafcar near Callahan's
saw mill which assured nine feet from
tip to tip. HeTironght the big cat to
Roseburg Saturday which was viewed
with considerable, interest by a good
many of the townspeople. It was a fine
specimen. I
Wasted. Apyies, ab ut 500 taxes.
Must be free from worms, Cash or
trade, A. D. Clink. jlp
Don't make the same mistake again
Come in and you will find bargains
equal to th re of last year. Put on your
hat and coat and come now to S. K.
J. E. Sawyers, lawyer
pnblic. otli.-e up stairs
County Bank Building.
and notary
in D uglas
A marriage license has been i-sued n
Walter G Stevens and Nannie I,
Howard, of Myrtle Creek.
Attorney Ja Swyers is
holidays on the farm on the
nea- Elkton with home folks.
Mrs. Win. Lin Ion, of Kej e, spent
Xmas with her parents Mr.anl Mrs.
Frank Reed, and nunv :!- in this
The famous Black Patti Troubadours
is the next attraction at the Roseburg
Theater, Wednedav evening Iec. V.
It is a high clas, genteel musical company.
tis Echo Gaddis. secretiry of the
Donglss Gunty Creamery , at Roseburg
was in Cottage Grive Wcluesdav.
Eider R. Dollarhide. of Roseburg, and
Rev. Mrs. S. E. Aickman, of Murphy,
are in Ashland to hold quarterly meet
ings in the Free Methodist Church.
Coats Wanted. Will pay cash for 25
or 33 head of nannie goats. Apply to
L. M. Jaekqnes, Drew, Ore.
Steers for Sale 00 head of two ('and
three year o d steers at t cents, per
pound. Apply to J. H. HawLaf, Di
vide, Oregon. f
Jas. Fink, of Portland is the guest of
his uncle, W. W. Card ell, and family I Atout 0
Mrs. F. L. Kinnev and the children display-
are spending the Christmastide with
Mrs. Kinney's mother, Mrs. McCallis
ter at Drain.
Samuel Grant, who has been visiting
at the home of his sister, Mrs. J. D Os
born, in this city, left on this morning's
local for Corvallis to visit briefly with
relatives after which he will return to
his home in Eastern Oregon
Dr. H. t Studley, Osteopathic physi
cian. Dr. Almeda J. McCall, assistant
in obstetrics and disea-es of women.
Phone or call at office in Abraham
bldg. Consultation Fr ee. tf
worth of goods in one of
windows of Jas. Cobb's
clothing estab'ishment were destroyed
Thursday evening bv fire, dne to the ac
cidental tipping over of a wsx candle.
Merry Christmas
To One and All
Rice & Rice
w. r. llingenpeel, the jeweler is a
practical optician and is prepared to
tel your eyes and fit glasses. He ie
also prepared to engrave watches and
all kind of jewelery. Prices very rea
sonable. tf
Sykes A Carroll have moved the'
plumbing shop from the old Flok
building on Main street to No. 21!) .Tack-
son street, the building formerly oc
cupied by K. E. Hands Ciear Store, and
are prepared to handle anything in the'
plumbing and tinning line. Phon' No
IN. ",7t
Special sales by Stea ns A Chenowith
Onklandand Yoncalla, White and other
sewing machines f 15.00 and up; w iter
pipe; wire, plain and barbed ; cut and
wire nails ; the only guaranteed black
smith coal; two carloads Pace woven
i nc icutc, ineouiy ieniereo wire lenre
for sale. n.3 tf
There are no others who
are as well prepared to fur
nish yourX-ma8 presents as
we are the Home Cheerers
and House Furnishers
J. E. Thornton, A. H. Pracht and F
E. Grieve went down to Roseburg Tues
, day to be present at a meeting of the
E'k fiere Tuesdar. Members of tl e
order from Jacksonville and Grants
Pass will a'so be in attendance and
there will lie several candidates initiat
ed. Ashland Ti dii gs.
Walter Faulkner of Portland, agent
fortheXew York lif insurance com
pany, is spending the ho'i Ins in Rose
burg, the gu-st of his parents.
Found While strolling down Sh-jri
Ian st. Sundav afternoon. I found the
licest display of Xmas. candies in
Kosebnrg, at J. J. Norman v Co.
Mr anil Mrs. H C. Veatch, honored
pioneers of I. in county, celebrated their
gold-n wedding anniver-ary a: C'CUge
Grove Saturdiy. W,th their parents
they crossed, the plains froai Missouri,
behind ox-teams in the same train to
Oregon in 13 ami lo-ated nar Cottage
Grove, where they were married "
years ago at the old farm horn" upon
which they reside.! until recently, when
they took up their resi lence in I iwn
Mrs Veatch is a daughter of the vener
able old pioneer. S. B. Kn n, who died
at Cottage Grove some years ago. Mr.
and Mrs. Veatch are the parents of
eight childreu seven of who are living.
Among thoe of the childr iaat'enl
ance at the golden wedding anniversary,
were Conductor S mi "eat h in i iamily
and Conductor Al Witch a id family,
the former beisg the eldest of ihe child
ren and the latter the youngest. This
v.-nerable and tiighlv esteetne! old
co pi
fortune having delt kindly with them,
reasonable good health lx:ng still
among the greatest blessings which they
We are doing business at the old
stand. If you want to buy. sell
or trade anything see - - -
A full stock of both new and sec
ond hand Furniture, Tin and
Iranite ware. Cook Stoves and
Wanted, $1000 worth of second
hand furniture.
A fine stock of Harness. Whips.
Kobes. Saddles and everything in
the Harness line. My harness is
all hand made and guaranteed.
Ladies, you cannot find a more suitable
gift, or one more appreciated for yonr
gentleman friend than an up-to-date tie.
Here is another Holiday Necessity for the .
well dressed gentleman. No matter how
stylish the suit the appearance is not
striking without an up-to-date hat.
Yon Yonson Coming to Rosf burg:
Mr. and Mrs. Krank Kennedy an 1 the
atter's sister. Mis lioodchild,
left lor Portland. Fridav where thev
were the gnrst of relaitives Xmas.
.W. i 1 i lot k, a Southern Pacific train
man who lonn.Tc.v w irked out of
Kosehurg, mu m irrie I at Ashland
fnesdayjo Mrs Fannie C. Jeff ray, of
that t-it v.
The ladies of the Rpbcipal iuild are
ihliged to give up ' Tli Hulking 15.-"
which was to have been put on by
local tal-oit. ! v.i. t-c of being unable to
secure t id t uti iir.' opera house.
Ira Wimberly, the Drain merchant
was in town Kri lay, a guest ai his par
ents. He si,ys plans are being discinf
d for H'lpp'yiug that gr.iwing town
villi electric lights at an early date.
Semi sour mae al I address on iws
a I to 1'lie New York Tribune Farmer,
ttm York City, ( r a free sample copy.
Vfter readh g it, forward t2.'J.'j to the
'laiudealer, Koeehurg. Oregon, and We
will send Uith paars for a full year, tf
No play of recent year has ?o much
! uproarious fun and such genuine heart
interests as "Yon Yonsou" in which the
: iate Ous Heege made both fame and for-
1 tune before his untimely death a few
.... . i. ,
,. , . , i vears ago it lias Deen a oinicun ui-
re weh preserveJ, time and g-od - f f;, . .. .
ter 1 suixTToiuiij . , '(. -
lvt couieilian, but Manager P. J. Ken
nedy has succeeded splendidly. He was
MB pelled to g.. to Europe to do it, and
he is now more than pleased with his
investment and at the result of his labor.
He has secured Mr. Charles A. Boyd, a
handsome young actor singer ai d mu-
Man m ho is considered l y all odds to
To be Opened for Entry.
Wasiiixotox, Dec. 23. The Secretary
of the Interior to.lay orlerel restoration
to entry of 221 000 acres included in the
withdrawal of the Vest Cascade forest
reserve The lands are agricultural, or
so intermingled with private holdings
as to be undesirable for forest reserve
They will lie advertise.) !K) days before
liecoining subject to entry.
Rof eburg
John TfafrOM and Fred Chapman of
the Douglas County hink spent Christ
mas day at Cottage H rove, Mr. Throne
returning to Kosehurg this morning,
while Mr. i hspi n went farther north
to spend a we k's vacation in the lowtr
vVilldine; t.' v.dley. The lnys seem to
lave aatwral (fair) ftiends at th GlOve,
All that heart could wish, A suitable present for any member
of the family. Swell Chairs, Rockers, Cushions, Beds, Sideborrds,
Buffetts, Fancy China and Silverware. Anything that's good for the
home we have it. Send us your orders.
There was a ki ti of a reunion of edi
tors at Cottage Grove Christmas. Edi
tor lee Henry ami wife of the Jackson
ville Sentinel celebrated the day with
the latter's parents at that place. Edi
tor A. P. Bettersworth formerly of the
Harrisburg Review, spent the day with
friends in that city, liditor Claude
Riddle, is in Cottage Grove, editing
the leader alone with Editor Root of
the Nugget, and the Plaindealer man
also observed Christmas in Cottage
; Grove, where the day was appropriately
I Tl,a a i 1 ... . I i , I 1 .... n 1 l.n. ,1 ....
cupied the band stand in the public
i square and gave a free open air concert
in the afternoon.
very choi.a fruit trees, nil leaiiiiu'
varietios. Spitzn! erg mid Yellow
Newton Pippin apphs a specially. All
guaranteed true to name and free from
pests. For sa e at very reasonable price
by Roseburg Nurseries, 11 Schroten,
Roseburg, Orego tf
Ashland Beat "dry" again at Tues
day's election, by a margin of only
nine votes out of a total of 7211 iast on
the quest on of licensing saloons during
the coming year. Last year the mar
gin waB 27, a very small one. This year
the margin is still smaller.
LARKIN Near Leona, Thursday, Dec.
22, lm. Eva Larking, aged about 25
years, of typhoid fever.
Deceased was a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.J. M. Larkins.
J. R. Dean of Riddle was a
visitor Saturday .
H. C. Sloctim is spending the holiday
season in Portland.
John R Sutherlin and wife arc guests
of friends at Oakland.
"Have you ever seen finer weather
for this season of the year?'-
Walt Singleton and family are guests
of Lee Parker and family at Drain.
E. L. Cannon of Lurley, is s)ernling
the holidays with friends at Fugene.
At the Deer Creek road meeting hld
Friday the special tax was voted d nt
8. 8. Catching and wife of Ki Idlo are
guests of Roseburg relatives and fri mis.
Mrs. Bert Ailderton is spending the
holiday season with her parents at
Grants Pass.
Horace S. Lyman, author of l.ymnti's
History of Oregon, died at Portland
Thursday evening.
Prof. A. M. Sanders and son, (iale,
are spending the bolida y season with
relatives at Dallas.
Chas .igler ami w ile ot .Astoria, are
enjoying the holidays, with the former's
rola ives and friends in Kosel urg.
That is a whopper carrot cn exhibi
tion in Cobb's real estate window from
the gar leu ol L L. Mathews of Fall
Archie Follett and wife left Saturday
to spend the holidays with rein, ives at
Junction, Salem and Portland.
Rev. Mark Munson tilled his regular
appointment in Lane countVi near Eu
gene NMH, returning nonie tins
Attorney Louis Barzee who has been
detained about two weeks at the bed
side of his mother who is critically ill at
her Marion county home returned to
his home at Roseburg Saturday. He
may return to the bedside of his mother
early this week, her condition still being
. i " fA) " ". .
"AY'TakkYo Cat Wrong Fauar! '
Anything yon need for a Fruit Cake or Mince Meat
: J. F. BARKER CO. Phone 201
The Black Patti Troubadours.
America's greatest aggregation of Afro
American Thespians will be the attrac
tion at the Roseburg Theatre Wednes
day evening, Dec. 28.
The exalted standing and reputation
of Black Patti, the extraordinary excel
lence of the troubadours and the phe
nomenal success of their performance
elsewhere makes the appearance of
this remarkable company of singers,
dancers and comedians in this city an
event of immense public interest.
Black Patti's lyric triumphs in all
the leading musk cities of Europe and
America are without parallel. She is
one of the moat popular prima donnas in
the world, and has probably sung before
the larg -st and most distinguished
audiences that ever assembled to ap
plaud a cantratrice.
She has been the recipient of distin-
be the most popular pi aver of dielect
roles ever sent to America. He is ver
satile and has enough personal magnet
ism to supply a dozen or more of the act
ors who are supposed to possess this
quality to a large degree. All the other
members of the company are as well
equipped for their various roles, which
insures to the play goers ol this city per
formances of rare smoothness when the
company comes to the Roseburg theater
on Thursday evening, Dee. 1Mb. The
play is staged with new scenic equip
ment and during each act a number of
redued specialties are introduced, in-
chwji g the ''lumbermen's" quartette.
is prepared to wait upon old
and new customers and friends
with a full and complete
stock of
All f U .... .1 . .( l.AnAm T
All ireau tuu ;i tuu uwt
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialties Tour patronage 9
aos Jackson St.
Notice of Publication.
United Stataa Laad Ofica.
Boaaiwii, OiegOB, OoL U. ISOi.
samuet H. Knight and 1. H. foreman aariac
Sled as Urn otto their corroborated protest
cainst the allowance ol timber apptleauon
sas, tar Ms i. U aad M, see. tOSs.rSw.,
made by Charted Maw. upon which naal proof
was submitted at this otte on September JS,
1304. and suspended by raaaon ot raid pro teat, a
hearing la hereby ordered. The mineral
character ol the laad U alleged by the pro teat
ants aad it is for the purpose of determining
the character of the tracts included in the said
entry that the hearing is had.
The teetimony In the case will be taken before
the Reenter and Receiver of this ofBee on
Xarch JO, IMS, at 10 o'clock, a. m. The parties
n Interest are hereby summoned i appear at
th said time and place to off e testimony in
p -ort ot their respective claims
The county court of Carry county has
made an order declaring Curry "dry"
after January 1st.
Miss Evelyn Cornutt, of Riddle is
visiting here with ber sister. Mrs. Mary
Hildebrand and Mrs. Olive Green.
Miss Jo Byers left Friday evening for
Canyonville to spend Xmas with her
brother, O. H. Byers, and wife,
S. D. McCoy has returned frotu he
hospital at Portland where he under
went a successful operation for stomach
Miss Elisabeth Parrot, teacher in the
public schools at Pendleton, arrived
here Fridar evening to spend the holi
day season with relatives and friends.
Donirlan eonntv in invMtimtA it mintna
pushed honors paid to her by royalty of dj8Uict there.
in for a season. The Plaindealer was
Europe and nearly every representative
musical organic ttion in the Uuited
States has acknowledged her wonderful
vocal gifts by the presentation of costly
medals, diplomas and decorations. In
addition to her beautiful voice and ex
quisite art, nature baa endowed her
with a blight intellect and queenly
form ; and if it was not for the accident
favored with a pleasant call Saturday.
Miss Susie Watson arrived here from
Salem Friday evening and acc ompanied
L. L. Matthews to Fall Creek to spend
Christmas and New Year with hex
father, Robert Watson. Miss Watson
has been attending school at Salem aad
rMlHinff with bar innt lira A It
of race and color, she would unquestion- Crwtord. 8n, win retarD to
ably atti in dieUnction in grand opera th
"iunl " '" DUjuycM uy .um, voio, i S a roan It (ha
Albana and the world-famous diva after
whom she is named. For seven years
she has won fame and glory with the
Black Patli Traubadours, the most
popular band . t darkey play folks ever
organized. The Troubadours this sea
son is said to be more entertaining than
ever in the fun and singing features.
John Rucker. the Alabama blossom in
the leading fun role of "Looney Dream
land" is the big laughing, shouting hit
of the show.
recent "try-ontoT
the following have been chosen as the
debating team of the Roseburg High
School: Elmer Wilson, Ethel Shupe,
and Bessie Coshow; alternates: Lilith
Moore, Olivia Risley,and Birdie Tipton.
The team meets a debating trio from
the Eugene High school, in this city, oa
Feb. 10, when the following question
will be debated : Resolved that Port
land is more likelv to become the lead
1 Northwest than Seattle