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Telephone Main 276. Office, Comer Main and Oak Streets.
Entered in the Postoffice at Roseburg, Oregon, as second class mail matter in 1868.
W. C. CONNER, Editor. F. H. ROGERS, Manager. W. D. STRANGE, Foreman.
Both Express No Fear of Being Indicted Unless
Upon Perjured Testimony
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Deep Thought on Vital Topics
Thomas E. Watson recently summed up Democracy in
the following manner:
"In national politics the Democratic party stands with
out a party, a declaration of principals or accepted leader.
It is utterly bankrupt in reputation. It has no unity of
conviction, sentiment or purpose. It contains antagon
istic elements which can never be harmonized. Its secret
purpose is so foreign to what Democratic masses approve
that the eternal struggle of the national leaders is to pre
vent the Democratic masses from 'penetratine that se
cret purpose. What is that secret purpose. To use the
Democratic party in support of the same system of leg
islation that the Republican party stands for."
Or 1. Fitzhagh Lee or the President
"The President is not an enemy to the South, and the
South will not make war on the President. We know
he speaks in excellent terms of the Confederate record
of his maternal uncles, and we know, too, that he has said
General Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest citizens
aad soldiers the world ever produced. I am one of those
who are glad that he will visit the Southern section of the
country, and glad that he will see the Southern people
and that they will see him. Closer acquaintance will
be of service to both and to the country."
Eishop Potter on the Old Testament
"While there is much in the Old Testament that ap
pears out of harmony with the refined and sensitive mod
ern ideas, the book should be judged in the light of the
age and the conditions for which and in which it was
written. What may be regarded as the barbaric touches
in the Testament are really the evidences of the first step
in the growth of ethical ideas and of a great religion be
ginning with a primitive people, but with a lofty develop
Marked advances toward civilization have been made
by the Indians of the United States during the last year,
and the number of those who have been engaged in earn
ing self-support has materially increased, many wholly
supporting themselves and families. The Indian popula
tion has varied but slightly from previous years, the num
ber being about the same as reported last year 270,000.
Of this number 180,000 occupy 156 reservations in the
various states and territories, containing about 55,127,
000 acres outside of the state of New York and Indian
The five civilized tribes composed of the Cherokee,
Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole, in the Indian
Territory, number about 84,500, including freedmen, their
reservations aggregating 19,475,614 acres. The New
York Indians occupy eight small reservations in the
northwestern part of the state of New York, having an
area of about 88,000 acres. They number about 5,200,
and receive small annuities in money and goods under
treaty stipulations.
The policy of requiring able-bodied Indians to labor for
their own support, and withholding rations from all but
the needy and indigent, was put into practical operation
in the early part of the year 1902. As a result of the
practical working of this policy the Commissioner of In
dian Affairs, in his annual report for the year 1903, stat
ed that over 12,000 Indians had been dropped from the
ration rolls as wholly self-supporting, many of whom had
never been guilty of work before that time.
The average amount of money in savings banks per in
habitant is $11 for the world and $37.58 for the Unite
States. The lowest average in any country considered i
in India, where it is but 15 cents. However, several
countries have a larger amount on deposit per inhabitant
than the United States. Denmark leads with the higl
average of $96.41. Switzerland is second with $62.21;
and Mew Zealand is third with $49.61.
In Australia the average Der inhabitant is $4o. 4 1 , in
Prussia $43.10, in Germany $39.98, in Norway $39.94
Germany has more depositors than any other nation, it
total being 15,432,211. France is second., with 11,298
474. The United Kingdom is third, with 11,093,46!
Japan has 7,467,452 depositors, as compared witl
7.305.443 in the United States and 4,950,607 in Russia
including Asiatic Russia.
Hitchcock has singled out Oregon for destruction
its land business and timber business.
The development of whole counties has been arrested
enterprises shut off, railroad construction stopped, and
Oregon blacklisted. He has accomplished nothing but
extension of forest reserves. Big corporations hav
prohted bv lieu land swindles growing out of the miqui
tons reserve policies continued by Hitchcock, while priv
ate individuals have been hounded and persecuted.
All Southwestern Oregon was put under a forest re
serve, to the paralysis of mining development and indus
trial progress. W hen the Hitchcock dictatorship passes
awav Oreeov will come out from uhder a cloud an
blossom with enterprise and development.
Portland, Dec. 25 So ator Mitchell
and Congressman Hermann arrived in
Portland Saturday morning. Benattl
Mitchell met Prosecutor Heney at tl.o
Portland Hotel and demanded to ki ow
tlie charges preferred against him, hut
Heney refused to enlighten him, he
however told the Senator he would lie
given the privilege of answering to the
charges before the grand jury Tuesday.
Senator Mitchell Talks.
Senator Mitchel said :
"1 will not I convicted and no evi
dence can be produced to involve me in
land frauds unless on perjured testi
mony. 1 have always led an honest life,
and 1 have lived too long to engage in
elty thievery. The persons who are
witnesses against me are petjurers, who
have been promised immunity if they
will testify so as to besmirch my charac
ter." "How long will vou stay away fro i
Congress?" was asked.
"I don't know ; a year, if I (shall have
to stav that long to right mv accusers,
longer, if necessary," and the Senator's
tone indicated that he would keep on
staying until the lower regions should
freeze over, and then would tight on the
"Oregon needs its delegation at Wash
ington just now very ir,ueh," he went
on, "when rivers and harbors are to be
looked after. I am sorry that Mr. Her
mann and I are forced to neglect those
A prominent Lane countv republican take
the following practical view of the land frau
prosecution: "The prosecution in the land fraud cases
as it now appears, is more or less a play in politics
Scott, Moody and Simon are after Mitchell's scalp
as well as Hermann's. Hitchcock wants to hold his place
as Secretary of the Interior. To do this he must smin
Mitchell and Hermann. Heney is put in control of th
prosecution so that the prosecution's case can be
directed. '
Mays, Mitchell's friend and a state senator, is to be in
dicted and the Oregonian, through its tail, the Evening
ins Telegram, is to beirin a fight on Mitchell. Iook out
we shall see something drop."
If you figured anyway in the opposition to the re-elec
tion of Moody to the U. S. Senate, or have been on friend
ly terms with Mitchell and Hermann and are numbered
among their supporters, you had better keep it quiet,
you will be called up before the grand jury by the Hitch
cock-Moody political combine on the charge of "complicity
in land frauds."
The statehood bills will have the attention of Congress
again. The senate committee on territories has re-
potred favorably on the statehood bill admitting Arizona
and New Mexico as one state, and Oklahoma and Indian
Territory as another.
1 he advent of the holiday season is a substantial re
minder again that a parcels post as cheap or nearly so, as
that in Europe would be an immense advantage to the
American people.
Yellow journalism may catch the admiration of the
Attorney-General Moody, in his annual report to Con- thof bnt M menifiht realizing its
- ty,a lUh, - JUL. la-a . recklessness and irresponsibility. The Portland journal
law be enacted which will provide that where an indict-1 v
ment is duly returned to a court of the United States the
judge of that court may, in his discretion, issue a bench
warrant for the arrest of the defendants wherever they
may be found within the limits of the United States, and
that it shall be the duty of all persons authorized to serve
such process to arrest the person or persons indicted, and
if they fail after reasonable opportunity to furnish bail
for their appearance, to bring them into the court in
which the indictment has been found.
The Attorney-General' explains that embarrassment in
administering the law has arisen from the inability of the
United States to bring an offender to the place and the
court where, by the Constitution and laws, the accusation
against him must be tried. It frequently happens that
persons accused are not found within the limits of the
district where the offences alleged against them are t li
able. The frequency of such absence increases with the
gravity of the accusation, and where it consists in a con
spiracy almost invariably one or more of the alleged of
fenders are without the jurisdiction of the district. The
possibility of delays and defeats of justice which the
present system affords renders the power of the United
States ridiculous and brings contempt on the administra
tion of the law.
A woman has just died in Indiana who knew Aaron
Burr when she was a child, which is another reminder
what a youngster the United States is in the family of
ironing over tne expense account oi a nanon with ex
perience in war will do more to break other nations of
the fighting mania than will the acts of any peace con-
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat says: "Portland, Ore
will get for its exposition 75 per cent of the government
exhibit at the St. Louis World's Fair. Lucky Portland!"
A state geological survey will be suggested by the Ore
gon Miners' Association to the next meeting of the legis
important In tercets, but I shall keep on
uoing so unui i nave put my accusers
to silence. I regret, exceedingly, that I
am constrained to do it."
The story that lie received money for
expediting fraudulent land claims for
Puter and Kmnia Watson, Senator
Ul. t. ... . . ,
im neu notiy denounced an another in
fernal lie and those persons who testi
fied to its truth as infamous perjurers
Many pert-ons from Oregon, he said, had
asked him for aid in (he transaction of
their business with the Land Oliice, but
no far as he ever knew their business
was always legitimate and proper.
Hermann Says Culprits Should Be Run Down
Mr. Hermann took things more calm
lv than did the ."enator, and in the
course of his remarks showed never
"Whatever fiauds were perpetrated
on the Government, ' said Mr. Hermann
with emphasis, "the culprits should be
ferreted out. and I am willing to give all
the aid I can to that end. Lain! fraud
are considered bv the Commissioner of
the General Land Office as personal im
positions on himself. Anv that were
perpetrated in my administration of
that office I regard as wrongs done to
me and to all other officials of the
bureau who passed upon the claims. I
defv anv man to prove that i ever as
sisted, or knowinglv passed over an
fraudulent claim "
Us 9 Aoop the taraost and
ocsr assortment of Otaoto
and J'ancy Srocorics, SrosA
bruits and 3arm !Produco
in the city,, and ean snpply
your wants at as cAeap or
cheaper prices than ean be
had anywhere.
Remember that we koep
the Rest.
Now is ?he time to sow your field seeds. I have just
received a large supply of Alsyke. Red and White
Clover, Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard, Blue Grass, Etc.
The Christmas shopping agony is over.
Cleveland, Ohio, is now the center of
frazzled finance.
Even the grand jurors have tunic o
timber cruisers.
A lot of people waited nntil Saturday
night, in spite of all advice and urgin?.
Dowie has paid ail the claims against
Zion City. Here is a hint for Mrs.
Chad wick.
In swearing off on New Year's rem
ember your creditors the Piaindealer
for instance.
If the Standard Oil monoply is ne
gotiating for the purchase of a bank in
London, as the Times says, why does it
not offer to bny the Bank of England?
When one of the visiting milliners
speaks of a "stunning creation" she
alludes to the effect of the hat on the
public not to the affect of the bill on
the husband, as might be inferred.
A dispatch from Newport mentions
that one of proinent society leaders there
expects to sue for divorce in the fall.
The number of invitations she intends
to issue jg not given.
A man whose success in business de
pends upon success in politics never
knows how soon be will fail.
A big rag factory was burned to the
ground in New Jersey the other day,
and imported rugs will be scarce nntil
it gets into operation again.
Jo matter how drank a man is, or
how dark it is, he never tries to take
two kteps more after he reaches the top
step. One is sufficient. Ain't that so,
In the Smoot hearing it was testified
that the Mormons are in the habit of
seeking divorces from the dead. This
is ruining the divorce evil into the
ground with a vengeance.
Tbey were parsing under the elevated
road and the roar above was deafening.
"This bastle makes my head ache,"
said she. "Probably," observed he, "if
you were to wear a smaller one "
"Sir," she indignantly cried, "I mean
the noise confusses me." "I bei your
pardon," he stammered.
Oh, what a difference the day after.
Thomas and Jerrymiah are with us
i-mu yon get that present you were
wishing for?
Nothing warms np the congregation
like cold facts from the pulpit.
Danger of c tching "craw craw" from
kissing? Pshaw pshaw !
Jas Newland is suffering from a se
vere cold. He got up and lighted tin
fires Christmas morning to surprise hi'
Coquille has a strict law against the
dogs ant vagrants. It is hardly fair to
the dogs to put them on an equal with a
big lazy bum that won't work.
The news that King Edward will set
the fashion of wearing knee breeches
does not bring much joy to the man
whose legs look as though they had been
shaped over a flour barrel.
Engineer and Mrs. Fred Beard ar
rived here from Portland Friday even
ing to spend the holidays with relatives
at Looking Glass.
Buffalo Pitts, Pan American, Spike, Spring and Disc
Harrows, and fcvracuse and Steel Chilled
Simmons. Webfoot, Chinook, Eclipse, Hoo Hoo and
,oast pattern baws; Keen Kutter, U. S. A.
and Phoenix
Appropriate Exercises at the Churches, Family
Reunions and Fine Dinners
Christmas was very qnielly. but ap
propriately olsserved in Roseburg. The
day dawned bright and clear, with the
first crisp frost ol the season, and a little
snow was visible on the crest of the
Coast Range' and foothills of the Cas
cade Mountains bordering on the green
an 1 fertile I'liipqua valley. The day's
festivities partook more of the Thanks
giving spirit than of the merry Christ
mas, owing perhaps to the day falling
on Sunday. Family re-unions and
sumptuous tinners were feature of the
On Christmas eve several of the
churches of the city, which hid been
beautifully decorated for the o-casion,
held Christinas trees and carried out
appropriate and interesting programs,
nme of which follow :
bmtist rnracn.
Christmas tree exercises were both
appropriate and entertaining and were
redilably rendered. On Sttnday
morning K. II Hieka, th pastor, de
livered a Cnristma serin in, bis sub
ject in the evening K-ing "Faith " The
B. Y. P. I'. held special services in the
evening preceding the sermon.
MM1KU CHrarii.
Program rendered Christmas eve at
7 o'clock :
rgan Voluntary Mrs N. Fullerton
Prayer Dr. Townsend
Recitation Ivy Arrance
Recitation Mary Townsend
Recitation Clifford Barker
Song, "The Little Lord Jesns"
Kstlier Pearson
Dialogue . . . Mav and Isabelle Ireland
Recitation Km ma Thompson
Recitation Rachel Parry
Song, "In a Row" Dorothy Adams
Recitation Alex Robertson
Recitation Bern ice Abraham
Reci'ation V'eva Buick
Kecitation Lillian Robertson
Recitation MayThompn
Recitation Lita Maddix
Recitation Elbert Lennox
Song Choir
Recitation Mleeu Townsend
Delbert Parry
Basel Reed
Wilbur Rose
Solo, "The Palest"
Recitation Joe Wright
Recitation Kva I-nox
Song, "O Hear the Angel- Sing"
Benediction Pastor
christian cHracH
The Sunday school of the First Chris
tian Church held special Christmas ser
vices on Friday evening, at which time
the following program was rendered:
Song Congregation
Scripture reading anil prayer
Song Choir
Recitation Kthel Shore
Duet Kllen Flook and
Locile Ragsdale
Recitation Dorothea Abraham
Recitation Neve Ritchey
Vocal Solo Virgil Shape
Kxercise Class of Little Sunbeams
Recitation Nellie Negley
Song Claxs of Little Builders
Recitation Frances McGeehey
Exercises Charmed warden
ST. OBOKiC'rt . M , HI Ki H
Services Christmas Day were held as
usual at II a. m. and 7:30 p.m. A
most interesting and appropriate sacred
musical program was rendered at both
the morning and evening service.
Services appropriate to Christmas
Day were held bjth morning and even
ing. At eleven o'clock the pastor spoke
on the theme, "Small Begiuuings."'
Special featuree of the service at 7 :30 p.
m. were a duet, anthem and male quartet:,-.
No Christmas tree exercises were
held. Some gifts for the children of the
Sunday school were distributed at the
regular Sunday school hour Christmas
morning. At the Sunday morning ser
vice, Rev. H. C. Alien, the pastor, spoke
on ''God's Christmas Gift to the
World." Subject: Evening, "The ef
fect of this Christmas gift ou the
World "
To Buy Bonds?
If o. too want I how that pay
the best dividend!. A buslnra
eduraUoD pars better dividend!
than any bond The bnt plare
to get a business adoration is
Garland Business College
We hare a Correspondence
Course In Shorthand In
vestigate J B. QARLAND, Principal
We will pay the highest cash price for Hides,
green or dry, Pelts ,goat skins, furs', iron
brass, copper, lead, zinc, rubber boots & shoes
Have some splendid bargains in second hand Furniture
A Few Holiday Hints
Suitable Gifts for Ladies
Suitable Gifts for Gents
Suitable Gifts for Children
Finest ine of Jewelry Ever Shown in Roseburg
"The people of southern Oregon.are
practically unanimous for the proposed
macadamized state road from Multno
mah county to the California line
They want the road constructed and will
ask the coming legiidature to take defi
nite sction toward consummating the
plans that have been formed by the
good-roads people", said County Judge
K. We'uS'er, who returned home
yesterday from southern Oregon
I am informed by .lames W. Abbott.
federal goo l-roads mm, that the people
of California are ready to meet the
people of this state and build such a
road on to ths south, thus giving a
She Will Be Tried Again For the
Murder of Caesar
Nsw Yoaa, Dec. 24 San Patterson's
last hope of spending Christmas with
her parents in Washington vanished to
day when District Attorney Jerome an
nounced that he would not agree to a
reduction of bail This is taken to mean
that the show girl will again be tried for
the murder of Caesar Young.
Bail was previously fixed at $20,000.
1 he news that she would not be ad
mitted to bail was broken to Miss Pat
terson as gently as possible, but she
broke down completely after making a
brave show of cheerfulness all day.
The district attorney announced today
that proceedings for a new trial would
be hurried as fast as possible.
Ashland, Or., Dec. 22. As a result of
theti-itof D. II. Weygant, representative
of the Lewis and Ciark fair, the execu
tive committee of the Ashland board of
trade passed a resolution appointing M.
F. Eggleston chairman of the committee
on mining, to ma!;e a collection of a
mineral exhibit for the fair for the Ash
land mining district, and appropriated
money therefor.
A considerable part of the Ashland is on the south divide of the
Siskiyou and within the state of Cali
fornia, which cannot include territory
outside of the state. However, there
will be assembled here sain pies of gold
matchless highway between Portlan 1 j bearing rock from properties on the
and San Francisco. Oregon side of the range ; also cinnabar
I believe that at the coming session ore, varieties o' clays, mineral paint and
of the legislature insistent demands will building stone.
be made that the necessary authorixa- I
tion Iks given to liegin the work. Con-1 m . . . ,
victs coui i perfirm aii the labor, and Piaindealer Kindly Remembered
when the road is completed it would be'
something to attraU attention the conn-1 A beautiful lare bOtl'oa box tilled
try 0er. isitli elioiet ereii i n Mini oilier r in.liis. all
Editob Pi unpkaler. I note by your
last issue that the Roeeburg school
board has voted a 12 mill tax noon the
people of this school district. When
this waste and wanton extravagance
cease? No other school district in the
state requires half such a levy, which is
nearly twice as much as the state tax
ami only a little short of our entire
county requirement. The present mis
management and unbusinesslike m th
ods have marked the school board's
proceedings for the past knr or fl
years, is this outrage upon the tax
payers to continue until the district
bankrupted, which it will be if this ex
travagance and mismanagement is con
tinned? Conservative business methods
should be demanded and enforced.
A Taxi-aykr
will sou
be here when
ynu will have to
select your holiday
gifts. The greatest
w-rry is the difficulty ol
selecting suitable gifts swith
what money you want to spend
but we believe we can help you
out of both difficult iee. What to give
becomes an easier matter when you have
so ample a stock as out to cbrose from.
We have the most desirable gifts. They
possess all the qualities that gifts should have. -newness,
usefulness, beauty, novelty and intrinsic
worth. Then the prices are just right. They cannot
he beaten. We are in a position to know that we car ; ave
50U money. We believe the more you inspect our goods the
!etter you wiil realir ? this. Remember too. that we are
careful about the quality of everything. Real
on goods
qnal i ty
are what
We promise you
LeRoy Mine Sold.
Judge Webster, who spent sevoal!
days in Jacks nville, Ids old bone, de-
c'ares I'o.'iie river v.tlley is the mnt
IttHUti'nl 8ot in the west Telegram.
Gill Meadow a well known miner
ias gore to Douglas ranutjr for a stay f
xix weeks, and will prospect in the
region south of Roseburg Leader.
Prof. John Smith, instructor In
Mathematics at the Roreburg High
School, went to Kugene Friday night
o spend Xmas with his parents.
H'rry Tabke has recovered suffi
ciently from his late illness to enable
him to leave the Portland hospital. He
was shaking hands with Roseburg
friends Saturday having formerly held
po-ition of ticket ag -nt here. He
returned to Grants Pass today, or in
tended to.
of her own manufacture, was presented
to the Piaindealer force Saturday even
ing bv Mrs. Hurr Jones. , ' t was a sp'en
did treat and the superior quality of
these sweetmeats is attested by the ei -tire
Piaindealer force. On a card bra -ing
compliments of the season was th.
following appropriate quotation from
"The talent of success is nothing
more than doing what you can do well,
without a thought of fame."
Rice & Rice, the up to date house fur
nishers, also have the choicest thanks
of the Piaindealer for generous Christ
mas remembrances.
Portland Telegram, Doc. 23. Negotia
tiona were concluded last night in Port
land with J. L. LeRov Mining Company
whereby the interest of J Frank Le
Roy and A. D. LeRoy in the Bohemia
holdings of the company is acquired by
B. O. Tobey, of Eugene, and J. I
Tobey, of The Dalles, ami others
rnan nt LeRoy le t this morning for
Cottage (irove, wh re the principal of
(ice of the company is loca ed, to com
piete the transfer of he p operty. It is
understood that following this deal the
toinpany will be placed in a financial
condition to vigorously prosecute d
velop neir dur ng the coming year, but
..t pr -sent the directors are not in a
a position to announce futnie plans
Company D. Attention.
L. R. Vynatt was exhibiting a silver
laced Wyandotte egg Saturday which
measured tl in circumference one way
and 8Si inches the otht r.
Regular Quarterly Inspection of Com
pany D. 1st Rat. O. N. G. will be held
at the Armory Hall Thursday evening,
December WeMh wot, at 8 o clock p. m.
Col. Geo. O. Youran will inspect. All
members are required to attend.
By order of
F. B. Hamlin,
Z. N. Aokk, Captain.
1st Sergt.
E i
Holiday Presents
Has decided to take up his headquarters
in Roseburg this year at Beard A Culver's
Hardwear Store, where many new and
useful toys and gifts suitable for both
old and young jnay be had at prices to
snit the pocket book. We have taken
the tariff off of these goods. Call and
see them.
He aill surely point out the Rose
burg Steam Laundry as the nest one in
Southern Owm. For the Holiday
Season yon want yonr linen to he im
macuUte, as Yuletide brings family
gatherings, recep ions and merry mak
ing in general. tiive rourseff a merry
Christmas by having your liuen done up
perfectly and Mtqaiaitelj at the Ro-e-burg
Steam Lam dry.
ClothesCleaning and 1'nssirg Depart
ment in connection.
Your Ranches aal Timber
Lands with me. : : 2