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Published Mondays and Thursdays by
Telephone Main 276. Office, Corner Main and Oak Streets.
Entered in the Postoffice at Roseburg, Oregon, as second class mail matter in 1868.
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W. C. CONNER, Editor. F. H. ROGERS, Manager. W. D. STRANGE, Foreman.
Semi-Weekly One Year, $2.00; Semi-Weekly Six Mouths, $1.00, Cash in Advance.
AdvrM;iTicr rates, cn rents ner sinple column inch per month. Locals, c. cents a
By ffflton R. 6retr
Copyrlarhf, 1KH. by Hilton R. Greer.
rarjoric and mistletoe!
Rarer combination
JScoer stirred man's heart, I
ditb 8 wetter expectation 1
Shining spray of mistletoe.
Snowy beads a -cluster.
Mps that lure and eyes that
attb a Tune day luster!
XTTarlcrtc and mistletoe,
x Setb suggesting hisses I
Cave he who dares forego
Sue supernal blisses;
Craven be. a dullard slow.
Needing small condolence;
Klse the wtgbt, where hisses
rabo plucks tbem nolens To
tals! Gleet ma? beat and swirling
Blur the darkened window;
Crooning winds, now high,
now low,
Cbant a shrill crescendo;
bat rech I, where darh eyes
Of starless shies and stormy?
Marlorfe and mistletoe
Mhe endless summer for mej
JkE TOTi 4s0EasaW7SBV
I v29B P(Bvk- TyWl v Jr5sV .
ii..iiht by lark ..u, lie lurk.
This is the glad Christmastide when the spirit of giving
pervades all the world, and the common man lies awake
nighte wondering what he shall do and how he shall do it,
and who'll pay for it after it is all over. It is thus we
foolishly discount joy. It is little things which bother
common men, yet the hand of fate seems to be preparing
Christmas gifts for nations and the world in a way that
is big with portent of rejoicing. Over in the far East
Japan is planning to give a magnificent drubbing to Rus
sia about this time. This is a Christmas gift Russia sadly
needs. Russia seems to be in a fair way to give Japan
the victory of a righteous war. That will please Japan
to the limit. While they are about it the two might well
combine and give Manchuria back to the Manchurians to
whom it belongs and thus make all eastern Asia thrill
with the Christmas spirit Peace in the far East is a gift
that the world would gladly receive, and may yet get it.
That might give the various peace congresses a chance
to give the rest of us a rest from the amusing notion
that peace between nations can be brought about by the
people of a third nation hiring a hall and spouting about
it and having the speeches printed in full in the daily pa
pers. The fact is this world is full of opportunities for
Christmas giving in the large way and all of us can see
them. It is the little personal things which bother us.
That's why its lucky the Christmas season comes but once
a year.
It is stated that Hitcocock's high-salaried hirelings
have promised commutation of sentance or immunity to
Pufcer, Emma Watson and others convicted in the land
fraud case if they will testify implicating in any manner
Congressman Hermann and Senator Mitchell. Herein ap
pears to be a more dastardly, corrupt, and deep
laid plot tnan tne land iraua swindle itseii. ir is gener
ally known that Hitchcock has left no stone unturned in
his endeavor to implicate Hermann at least, in the land
fraud base, and having failed in his revengeful purpose
up tohis time has become desperate in his endeavor to
vindicate his unenviable attitude toward Mr. Hermann
and his home state by bringing about his indictment by
some means whether fair or foul. This latest attempt to
wring damaging testimony against Hermann and Mitchell
from parties who have been proven devoid of principle,
honor, integrity and common decency; who have lived in
open violation of all statutory and moral law; who have
repeatedly perjured themselves; have resorted to all man
ners of fraudulent and villainous transactions and have
been convicted on all of these counts; we say the effort
of Hitchcock and his hirelings to attempt to introduce
testimony from such a source to implicate two of Ore
gon's most honest, worthy and highly honored state rep
resentatives, is a criminal outrage, an insult to the state
of Oregon and a reproach to the government itself, which
retains at the head of its Interior Department a man
who will resort to such questionable methods. It is stat
ed is this connection that one of the government's attor
neys, who has been active in prosecuting this land fraud
case, npon learning of this latest move on the part of
Hitchcock to introduce and accept convict testimony or
statements of parties self convicted of high-handed fraud,
at once denounced the purpose as outrageous and de
clined to be a party to such a procedure. With a two
year term in the penitentiary and a fine of $10,000 each
staring them in the face, what testimony would not such
persons of the Puter, Watson, Walgamot ilk submit upon
a promise of immunity or commutation of sentence ?
The very spectacle of a grand jury considering such
testimony is repugnant, repulsive and a repro ach to
it zr" r
Black Patti Troubadours
Mirth, melody and mimic is Hm keynote of tlie iH'rfoniiMnce to be tri ven by
the famous Black Patti Troulmdours at the Boaebntg Theater, Wednesday even
ing, I'ee. i's
Those sweet pinners and ehonv colored fiintiiakers of llixie land have been
recognized for years as a high class standard attraction and one that hat KOied a
phenomenal popular success with theatre-goers in all sections of the country.
tmoag the forty in Iti ranks are to be found the mc at talented Afro-American
ingen, dancer and commidiane in the world. Sibsieretta Jones, the BLACK
1'ATTI, the vocal star of the organization, in addition to Wing the most gifted
singer of her rai-e, enjoys the distinction of having sung before the largest audi
ences that ever assembled in Madison Sqiiaie Garden, New York City, and tl e
only colored female singer honored by royal command to sing In-fore the former
Prince of Wales, now Kir.s K.iward VII of Fnglxnd. In lids country BLACK
I'ATTI and the Tr nl ai!i uis tlicrgh lltir tnhjabh ttrt fflfl iBMBte have
added largely to the musical culture of the people Their I appy lOVtval of the
sweet melodies of the South reminiscent of Ante Helium das 1 he plantation.
the cotton tield and the levee has been a musical revelation to millions.
While sweet harmonies are woven ill through a Trouludours performance.
yet there is an abui. dance of refined Iarky fun contributed John Rocker, the
Alabama lilosfom, and a score or mote funsters in ti e cw skit " Leone lrcam
lard "
Attorney for Defense Makes a But the TWenty Round Battle Was
Startling Summary Sur
prising Hearers.
Several days ago there was given out what purported
to be a newspaper interview with Hi'chcock, secretary of
the interior, containing the very strong intimation that
Senator Mitchell was mixed up in the timber tannle. This
report coming directly after Heney's effort to get Mitch
ell and Hermann back here to testify in the McKialey-
Puter-Ware case, and the subsequent sudden dropping of
the case to the astonishment of the public, all coupled
with the convening of the grand jury and Mitchell and
Hermann's decision to come to Oregon at once and ap
pear in their defense, puts an interesting phase on the
whole situation.
When men with as clean political records as those pos
sessed by Mitchell and Hermann are forced into the land
fraud cases, it is apparent that the prosecution is driven
to desperate straits in an effort to make a showing.
But, what is more apparent, Hitchcock realizes that
unless he can land some big game in this mix up he is
done for both as secretary of the interior, and forever af
ter, politically.
The case is taking on a national aspect, but will dis
solve into thin air when Mitchell ahd Hermann reach
Portland and make their statement before the grand jury
if allowed to do so.
While it may, in a sense, be humiliating to men of
their standing, to have even a breath of suspicion whis
pered against their personal or political integrity, it is
morally certain that their act in coming home to defend
their honor will exalt instead of debase them in the esti
mation of the public.
The Eugene Register says the request for the annexa
tion of the Douglas county portion of the Bohemia mines
has "come from the miners and the. people interested
themselves, in order to facilitate the business of the va
rious enterprises in which they are engaged, which will
aid in the more rapid progress and development of the
The Register is all at once very solitious for the wel
fare of the miners and people of South Lane county and
would accede to their every demand, since Eugene is to
profit by the consummation of the object sought. How
ever, we remember very distinctly when this same paper
most vigorously oppjsed and condemned a far more wide
reaching, practical and worthy demand on the part of the
Bohemia miners and not only all of the people of South
Lane, but many of North Douglas as well, a demand or
movement which, had it not been defeated by the Regis
ter and Eugene politicians, would have had the effect to
greatly promote and stimulate the development of not
only the Bohemia mines, but the timber, agricultural and
numerous other industries of South Lane and North Doug
las, and bring about a new era in the growth and advance
ment of that favored territory. We refer to the plan for
the formation of a new county out of a portion of South
Lane and North Douglas, a plan which, owing to the geo
graphical location, the mountain chains and course of the
streams of that section, seemed most practical and worthy
of support in order to "facilitate the business of the peo
ple engaged in various enterprises and aid in the more
rapid progress and development of that part of the coun-
In the former movement the Register has a selfish mo
tive back of its endorsements and support; in the latter
movement the Register was and is still actuated by a
selfish motive in condemning and opposing it. The last
mentioned cause is the most worthy and practical of the
Xkw York, Dec. 21. Counsel Ievy
elooed up the Nan Patterson murder
case for the defense in a long, ezhaust-
ve speech. He poin'e-1 out the weak
ness of me prosecution case, and -poke
if the conflicting testimony of the cab
nan and the boy who jumped on the
cah step.
"Either Ciear Young killed himself
r he was killed by the defendant,''
aid Lav. You imnt either a . :;t
this girl or give her the full punish
ment of the law."
IsVfOf spoke of the life of the defend
ant and of her scarlet sin", and dramat
ically declared: "Were she the vilest
strumpet .f tha street, and her soul as
black as the gates of hell, she is entitled
Practically a
to as (iuare and fair I as the I ,e
Mechanics Taviuox, fax FRAJsctaoo,
rec. 20. At the end of the 2oth round
tonight with Jimmy Kritt and ' Bat
tling" Nelson of Chicago fighting like a
piir of bulldogs, the gong sounded the
end of the contest :-nd Referee Hilly
Koche unhesitatingly announced the
California hoy as winner of the contest.
In the closing round Britt a punch
ing the Chicago lioy all over the ring,
but his blows lacked sufficient force to
put a .luictu- on his opponent.
The fight wa an exemplifi ation of
how much punishment a human lieirg
can endure and not suivumh. At sev
eral stages of the tight Nelson was badly
punished but clways kep". gamely om-
ngup to the tiring line. Only ore did
sweetest and purest woman.'
The defendant's counsel tod of the
I fe of Young and of his complex dis
position. He said Young was man
who would naturally love two women.
He bail great sympathy for the widow
in her bereavement, but the virdit of
the jury, whatever it was, could not
bring her husband bac k.
Levy declared that no evidence had
been brought out to show that Young
tried to get rid of the defendant.
Levy caused a sensation by declaring
th it Luce purchased the revolver with
which Young wis killed.
"He swore that he had been in Stein's
pawnshop, but not
Lory. "Whv was he
the last man who saw Young that morn
ing Perhaps he may have given the
revolver to him that be might carry a
means of protection while abroad."
When Levy closed a recess was taken.
The case will ewn go to be jury.
iave the local Uv in distress and
then Britl's excellent generalship aud
the advice of his seconds saved bin
from going too close to the danger p int
Nelson is unquestionably a wonder in
the pug i let ic world. Time after time,
after taking blows heavy enough to put
out an ordinary tighter, he would come
up apparently in his earlier form, and
bring the fighting into Britt's : rntory.
Referee Roche announced that he
gave the fight to Britt on cleaner hi' ting
and greater nuniler of points scored
A retrospect of the fight bears out the
justness of the decision, although Nel
son did mot of the leading.
Britt displayed greater ability as a
Nelson be ban
he skol win vet.
Britt will never loose a decision until
be tights somewhere else than California.
It is a hard time on the young man
who has a lot of best jrirla but serves
him right.
Sunday is as goo. I day as any for
Xmas, except for the kid's with new
drums rnd tin borne.
A Portland poliieman proposed to a
girl the other day and she said : "O, I
couldn't think of resisting an officer!"
There will probably lie added to the
game law of Oregon a closed season for
saloons in some parts of the state dating :
from January 1.
G. W. Hug is captain of the Eugene
University basket ball team. No
wonder be was chosen captain by the
young ladies. Look at that name.
So highly satisfactory was that new
tangled belt purchased by Jaa. New-land
of Have Shsmbrook, that upon"' the
former's recommendation S C. Bart rum
has purchased two.
Our esteemed brother over tin way
is advertising," Tricks of fake mediums,
and how tley work them." We did
not suppose aiiy paper in the state ex
cept the Portland Journal was authority
on the question.
on June .' saU boxer, and bis blows were cleaner and
ther.-? Luce was i mor ..a II. - - m-,a ..iw-
deficient in long-arm blows and mo t of
his attempts tc reach his opponent
while both men were free were inef
fectual The house was the largest ever seen
in San Francisco, and it in estimated
1 that the fighters will divide nearly $40,
' 000 between them. There are no visi-
D'e marks oi puiusnmeni witn ttie ex
ception of sortie slight puthness about
the eyes, but Britts face was bleeding in
several places from the force of blows
delivered by Nelson in the clinches.
gud fellar. Ay tank
Additional Local News.
L. J. Sinion of North Bend, was in
Roseburg Monday. He rnporta every
thing prosperous in that thriving town.
Miss May Oavidson, who has been in
California for some time, is now vi-dting
with her mother and brother in Rose
J J. Cbadwick was down from Myr
tle Creek Tuesday. Mrs Chad wick is now
steadily improving from a very critical
Justice John Long went out to Camas
Valley to appear as an attorney in the
civil action of Culver v I .elm!. err which
was tried there Wednesday.
L. S. Fortin of Coles Valley was look
ing after business in Roeeburg Wcdues
ua ami lavoreo me l imn lealer with a
subscription payment to Jan. 1, 1 1
" . i. tuooti lias in the winnow of bis
real estate office an attractive display of
Douglas ci unty fruits and vegetables in
cluding some gold medal prunes. He
also has some very creditable home
paint ingB of Oregon scenery on d splay.
A well written Christmas story was
pres- nted for publication in the Plain
dealer by M. Delos Livingston, hut not
nntil our Christmas pages had all been
made uj, which made rod it impossible
to use this excellent contribution, whii h
was filed in the Douglas Circuit Court we greatly regret.
today by Max Weiss, plaintiff, and' Mrs. C. V. Cady, wife of the local
trim operator at tlie P. depot, re
1 "Ug'8 turned Monday ev. ning fiom a visit
with relatives in Corvallis. Mr. Ca y
nae ueeii assigned to me duties of night
oik rator at Drain, and will mn n. ......
U is alleged that the County with bis wife on January 1st.
IJILd . i. . . .
a silk nag voting coniesi scheme is
bei g worked in every town between
I rortianu anu Koseburg, ami it has
A petition for a Writ of Review
life keep the largost and
best assortment of Staple
and J'anci Sroccrios, &resh
bruits and Jarm iProduco
in tha e'ty, and can snppy
your wants at as cfieap or
cheaper prices than can bo
had anywhere.
Jcomomber that we haep
the 33est
Now is the time to sow jour field seeds. I have just
receive a !are supply of Alsyke. Red and White
Clover, Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard, Blue ! Grass, Etc.
Buffalo Pitts, Pan American, Spike, Sprtnp; and Disc
HarroWS. and Svracuse and Steel Chilled Plows.
Simmons. VVebfoot, Chinook, Eclipse, Hoo Hoo and
Pacific Coast pattern Saws; keen kutter, U. i. A
1 ll A
ana rnoeuix ,txcs
a is prepared to wait npon old
anil naveitalr.muriani f
with a full and complete
stock of
All fresh and of the very beet
quality. Teas aad coffeee are
speriaitiea Your patronage
' i .i
We will pay the highe-t cash price for Hides,
ereen or drw Peltfc .ioat skins, furs, iron
brass, copper, lead, ainc, rubber boots & shoes
Have some splendid bargains in second hand Furniture
A Few Holiday Hints
Suitable Gifts for Ladies
Suitable Gifts for Gents
Suitable Gifts for Children
Finest Line or Jewelry Ever Shown in Roseburg
To Buy Bonds?
If mi. yoa wmnt thaw I hat par
the best diTldrnl A tu.inr
rduration F ttter liti irr.
than any tnd Thr t-: (.:.,
to c i a t tiMiii" (duration i
Garland Business College
We hare a
Conrw In
Torre pon.lenre
Shorthand In-
J. B GARLAND, Prircipal
Company D. Attention.
Regular Quarterly Inspection o Com
pany D. let Bat. O. N (i. will be held
at the Armory Hall Thurrday evening.
December 29ih, 1901, at S o'clock p. m.
Col. (.Jeo. O. Yuaran will inspect All
members are required to attend.
Bv order of
F. B. Haul s,
Z. N A -ee. Captain.
1st ert.
NMk Uads to fta
against the County Court of
County, defendant. There are eight
lengthy articles embodied in the pe
Court erred in its proceedings in giv-,
ing notice of election bearing on the
prohibition issue, etc., and plaintiff ' struck this city on schedule time
rUticcaf lesteratio
Meacat aad Eatrv.
Land Offlice. Wahing!on. D. t Sex em af 3
1, 1904. MOM L hereby jtlren that on October
B IBM, the Acting -erretarrof the Inter. or re
tored to K-tUement the public 'auds In the fol
lowing described area, which WttvtaaaMatfly
withdrawn for foret reserve purpotv ; an t that 1
wld pub:ic lands an restored to sctilermu on!
October a. lsoi. will become unhject to eulrj.
riling and M-lecti.-n at the fulled Slates Div 1
trict Uud OfBee at Koavbur;. O eon. on March !
K IMS: In Township forty (") South. Rante '
eight () Meat. Sect aaa nineteen ( t) to thirtv
( boOj inclnsire. :id Section thirty. two (S.)
io thirtT-ix O) both ItHluatre; In Townahlp
forty one (II) South. Rme eight () Wet: See i
Hons three (S) and ten (10). All Townihip thirty
ne (Jl) Sooth. Range nine () Wen ; In Town :
:iip tony (10) -omh. Range nine (") Wt, oc 1
uon one U .the southeast quarer of Section
clcren (ID. ihe eas. half and soutnwest quarter
ol section tw. Km fUX the northeast quarter of
-ectloo thirteen (Hi, Sections twenty-ore ()
ana twenty -six M. the east half ol Section thir-l)-'our(S4).
nd Sections thirty-are (.t) and
thirty six (36); In Township forty-one (41) Sou h.
Range nlne() West, Sectioos one (1). two (2)!
three (:i). and Sections ten (10) to sixteen (16),
.both Inclusive; All Township thirty-one (SI)
South. Range ten (10) Weal : In Township thlity
Hvc (;) -ooUi. Raoge twelre (12) West, the
motlieast quarter of Section nine (9). the south
half of Scctlou ten ilO), Section eleven (11), the
south half and northwest quarter of Section
tAc!ve(12). the west halt of Section th rteen
lilt, te north half it Sections fourteen Ml
aud fifteen (U), Section sixteen (l) the aoutn
half and northeast quarter ol Section seventeen
17, sections twenty 2DJ. twenty-.-ne 21
twent) ulne 23), thirty (SO), thirty-one (at) and
thiity-lwo (S2); In Township thirty eUht (St) I
South, Range twelve tfl Meat, the southeast
quarter ol Section twetdy-two :22) the South
half of Section twentT-thrce (24), Sectlou tw. n ;
ly seven, (27). the southeast quarter . f s ciiou
thlrly-thr. e( a), and the weal ha f of Stsli u
thirty-four (U); In lowtish-p thlny niue fal
South, mine taelv. (12) West. Miction four i, I
the s nith hall of Sectl n Ore ( ), tha ouihe. i
will - -::
be here when
you will have to
telect yinr holiday
sift-. The trrea'eet
aMsWJ is the difficulty of
selecting suitable gifts saith
what money yon want to "pen, I
but we believe we can help yoa
out of both ditficuliies. What to give
become an easier matter when you have
eo ample a stock as ours to cb- oe from.
We have the most desirable gifts. They
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better yon will re.tlii- tlalfa, Remember loo. that we are
careful about the quality of everything. Real
bar gain
on gcodj
qua I i ty
are what
We promise vou
Holiday Presents
Has decided to take up his headquarters
in Roseburg this year at Beard A Culver's
Harvlwear Store, where many new and
useful toys and gifta suitable for both
Md and young may be bad at prices to
cuit the pocket book. We have taken
the tariff off of the goods. Call and
"ee them.
The President issued an order Saturday placing under
Your gratefulness to God Bhould direct you toward i civil service rales all positions in the Forest Reserve
your brother man. To have received is to have a debt to j Corps of the General Land Office. This will affect 538
pay. Rendering true Thanksgiving is the very way to employes' of whom only 25 are employed in Washington,
pay the debt Thanksgiving is therefore an active grate-j The positions brought into the classified service are
fulness, a very thirst to grow useful and helpful to all principally forest rangers, forest supervisors, superintend
Buffering and in want. j ents and forest inspectors.
prays for an order from the Circuit
course the ''most popular" lodge.
n . . , , . a. a aa - ciiurcli, Kdiool or any old organizitton.
Court declaring that the enforcement the one which carries ol the .ursami
of the prohibition law be suspended Atilaaa This is another reminder that
until the final termination of this pro-1 ' ? exon'ined ove nd
v t the lanious assertion of P. T. Barnum.
ceeding. The details of this action the great showman, thaf'the people like
will be published in the next issno nf 10 l'mbuggetl " It will probably be
the IMaindealer.
so to ihe end of time when in hi id tcota
his big bass horn.
arte: ol IMalloa six (i.) the s utl.e.l quarter
of Sectiou scvei (7), -tel on eight (), th nor h
aestqtiarti r ol Section nluelO. aeve
teeu (I.) M eighteen (U) the n .rtheast quar
ter of rectioo Dili t en (I ). ihe north hal. 01
Secliou twenty (2i). p. the west half ( r ahai
on pmusui) oe wueu surveyea, L..ts oue (1)
to sixteen sa mc.usive) ol sectiou Utirly (JO);
In Township fo ty (W) South, Range twelre (12)
West, the west hall, or Lota one (1) to sixteen
(16), inclusive, of s i t Um clghtaen (l); in
Township lorty-oue (41) Sooth, Range twelve
(12) West, Lots three (i) and four H), Ihe south
ball of the northwest quarter, and the south
halloi Section rlve(.l). See Ion tlx (6), the weat
hall, or lots one (I) toslxleen (16), lnolm've ol
Section seven (7), the uoTth hall anl aooiheast
quarter of Section eight (), uij south half ,nd
uoi thwest quarter ol s ctton nine i). .n.i o..
west hall, or Lots one (1) to twelve (121 1..-1..
slve, of Section eighteen (is). All of WilUmeiiv
Meridian, Oregon, m a. Rich., a. ,
' 11 Approved: t '
iNtotu Socrettrvoftheli.ier.or.
' -
I1" " point oat tl. Roee
1 jaw sten,,, LatttjaVj aa the beat one in
-u,rrni.r,n, ror the
eww you want yonr linen to bo
... t-.ii.ii... as iiieitde hriit
."t p kmis and merry niak-
n in ceneral. Giaa. vwatoaJt nM.rrT
a I havtng your linen done a
,wret tiv ami exquisitelr at the
hmg Steam drv.
ClotheaCleanit g ,n l rnmio9
meat in connection.
fati ily
LiSt te.1!!5 a Timber
"wataunG, OR.