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    '' Reduced Round Trip Rates Account
World's Fair? St Louis.
First class tickets on sale May, 11, 12,
IS, Jane,; 10, 17, 18, July 1, 2, S, Aug, S,
;9,10,'Set,5. 0.7, Oct, 8, 4, 5,. Rose
s', burg to St Louis, and return, good 90
1 w days with Btop over priviliges, at rates
rangeing from (75.45 to (82.50 according
to route chosen. Passengers will have
:priilige of starting on any date which
-enable them to reach destination within
ten days from the sale date.
Inquire of Agent Southern Pacific
Company, Roseburg. f b
Men Wanted at Alca.
Men wanted for mill and yard work
at Alca, Oregon. Apply to mill super
- Intendent, Pacific Timber Co.
Shropshire Rams.
For Sale 15 thoroughbred Shropshire
iUmsBi for service in fall of 1904. VT.
nG. -pughes, Mont Alto Ranch, Glide,
. Oregon.
Sick Headache.
"For several years my wife was
troubled with what physicians called
"Bjcfc headache of a very 6evere character.
VShe doctored with seevral eminent phy
Siiciane and at a great expense, only to
jrow worse until she was unable to do
Enykind of work. About a year ago she
fbegsu ting Chamberlain's Stomach
na "Liver Tablets and today weighs
.."more than she ever did before and is
realwell'," says Mr. Geo. E. Wright of
,New London, New York. For sale by
A. C. Marsters & Co.
Cholera Infantum.
This disease has lost its terrors since
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy came into general
use. The uniform success which at
tends ihe use of this remedy in all cases
of bowfel complaints in his children has
made it a favorite wherever its value
has become known. For sale by A. C.
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Equalization of Douglas County, Ore
goa, will meet in the office of the Coun
tyCieHoX said county, in the conrt
houserixfthe city of Roseburg, Oregon,
on Monday, August 29th, 1904, at 9
o'clock a. m., and will continue in ses
sion until Saturday, Sept. 3d, 1904, at 5
o'clock n. m., to publicly examine the
assessment irolls, and correct all errors
in valuation, description or qualities of
land, lots or other property. Now,
therefore, all parties who may be ag
grieved by'reason of valuation, descrip-
tforfor otherwise as to their assessment,
will take notice of the meeting of the
Board of Equalization at the time and
place as above stated, and make their
complaint to the said Board of Equaliza
tion. Otherwise their assessment will
stand as made by the assessor.
George W. Stalet, Assessor,
Douglas County, Oregon.
Dated Monday, Aug. 1st, 1904. l-4w
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
for the county of Multnomah.
Eothchlld Bros., a cor-1
potation I
Main tiff I
B. F. ShgTTi brock. I
Defendant. J
Kotice is hereby given that by virtue of an
execution, duly issued out of the above named
court and cause on the 6th day of August, 1334.
upon a judgement and decree dnly rendered
and entered in said court and cause on the 5th
-day ,ol August, 1S04, in favor of the above
Raised Tjlalntifl"-andaeint the above named
defendant. B. F. Shambrook, lor the sum of
IMLZ1 with Interest at the rate of 6 per cent
prr annnm from the 9th day of May. 19M. and
TneItmher stun of $50000 with interest thereon
at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
10th day of February. 19M, and the further rum
of JSflattorney fee, and the further sum of
fJSp-ljn costs,! and disbursements and the
oottsatid expenses of and npin this writ
of execution commanding me to make sale of
all the right, UUe and interest said defendant,
B.F. Shambrook had in and to the following
described real property on the 13th day of May.
1904, or since has had, to-wit :
The Wm Churchill donation land claim No.
46, situated in sections 25 and 35, township 25
south, range 7 west, containing 320-50 acres:
The J. A. Cole donation land claim No. 45 in
Tetetlons 25 and 26, 35 and 3G, townshl o 25 south,
lange" weat.xon taming 32054 acres; The Geo
Veeya donation land claim, No. 40, In sections
-9S nfl as. ton nship 25 south, range 7 west, con
taining 160-S5 acre ; The fractional SEjV of SI
of section 26 and the fractional EofNand
the fractional NEJ of the EEJ section 35. town-
..J&IFS south iacce 7 west, containing 33.02
'apci. alltn Douglas county, Oregon, contain
lijln the aggregate 831 acres more or lees. To
be excepted therefrom the tracts beretofnr
sold to J . L and B. F. Shambrook, Mary Mc-
WnrKamn. win Griffith, and Church
'afid .School District, the said tracts
' or ICaaHexrltat in the arererate 790 acres more
or leas. Also that part of Wm Cadwalder do
nation land claim No-37 In section 24 and 25
tcwatigp 25 south, range 7 west in Douglas
manty; Ojpwra, containing l0 acres more or
lees. Also lots 7 and 8 block 36 in Roseburg,
Douglas county, Oregon, attached in said a;t-
ioo-oo the 13th day of May, 1934.
aererors itou on
Saturday the 10th day of September 19M
"aXBSGEHPet'p, m. at the front door of the
teottnty court house In the city of Boseburr,
Douglas county. State of Oregon, sell at public
.sactl&p, subject to; redemption, to the highest
fcldAtfo JJ. gJBoJd Coin, cash in hand, the
abOTe described real property and all the right.
Hn"iar Interest the said deiendant had there
in on the date of said attachment, to wit: the
Uth Act 01 May, 1904, or since has had therein
to satj4tyB&ld jrrlt of execution, and all ac
'crutng costs.
FlrstTrabllcatlon Aug. 11, 1904.
Sheriff of Douglas county, Oregon.
Notice of Guardian Sale.
Kotfce Is hereby given that by virtue and in
.pursuance of an order of license of the County
fCo&totB'OUXbvCounty, Oregon, duly made
'and! entared; therein on the first day of July,
3C In tfee matter, of. guardianship of the per
onand feBtatcof C. j:. Lengdon, a minor; the
laoaersltneai Qdly appointed, qualified and
.acting Guardian of the said minor, will on Sat
rerdfcy; tfe27th dav of August, 1904, at the front
'door of the Court Bouse In Boeeburg, Douglas
'County, Oregon. atlhe hour of 1 o'clock p.m.
of (aid day, offer for sale and sell at a Publ c
Auction to the highest and best bidder for cash
2b tend allthe rlsht, title and interest of said
lalnor C. EiLangdon In and to the following
'described nd property to-wit:
. Tke WK of the 8WJ. and the WJ4 of the
-NWJi of bectlon 18, Township 23 South of Banee
1 West olvWiUamette Meridian, in Douglas
Coaaty, Oregon.
Dtted this 26 day of July. A. D. 1904.
GtardUn of the Person and Estate of C.E.
Laagdon, JS8-A25
Notice; Is: hereby given that I, Catherine Al
fred LacJS Hamilton, Guardian and Mother
-of KoflertckBldney James Hamilton, and Ex
ecutrix of the Last Will and Testament oi Bid
'seylBobert Hamilton, all of Douglas County,
Orejom-do, this day by mjtnal approval and
consent, and, to further the best interests of
the said Roderick Sidney James Hamilton,
grastsadxtvo to the said son and ward, his
f nil time' and majdrity, with lull power to act
for himself, in aU his business and other rela
tions. After the date, hereof, the said son and
ward will be solely responsible for any and all
debt that he may contract, and shall be the
aole possessor ol all his property and earnings.
' CaTHKSlitc ALTBKDa IvOmsA Hamilton,
Mother "and Guardian of Roderick Sidney
James Hamilton. j Jl-a 2-p
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg, Oregon,
July 8. 1904.
i:Krhrftvin that the foliowlne.
FseSfer.bas flfed notice of his intention
ke tealpreof in support of hi s claim, and
d roe will -be made oeiore ttegisier
U. 8. Land Offica at Roseburg,
Oregon, on August id, iw. viz:
oni'IsH.B: No. 12164, for theses sec32,tp 29
a riv He names the following witnesses to
-stare his cont'nmns residence upon and cul
tivation nf naM land, viz: Rudolf Amstein,
John Lehnherr, Jessie KIrkendall, Wm. M. For
ter.allotCaaas Valley. j,t. BRIDGES,
jl Begister.
Just Received Our
W Come in and place your order W
lV while the Assortment is Complete L
$ We Employ Only
the Best Tailors K
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Oar Stock Consists of Latest Patterns in
Foreign and Domestic
We are showing some ele
gant. Stylish new patterns
Also some fine Unfinished
Cashmere and Dress
Worsteds for : z i
Cleaning : Pressing : Renairing
c o
Contest Notice.
United States Land Oflce
Roseburg, Oregon, June 21, 1804.
A sufficient content affidavit hating been filed
in this office by Oliver T Hrnry, contestant,
against homestead entry No. 12530, made March
25, 1903, for SE;4 Section IS, Township 29 S.,
Ranee 6 W., by Frederick B. Wines, Contestee,
in which it is alleged that the entryman has
not established his residince on the said land,
nor cultivated or improved tte same, as re
quired by law; and that be has abandoned the
raid land, having been absent therefrom with
out first obtaining leave of absence for mote
than six months last past : said parties are here
by notified to appear, respond and offer evi
dence touching V aid allegation at 10 o'clock a.
m. on Aug. 15, 1901, before the RegUtcr and Re
ceiver at the United States Land Office in Rose
burg. Oregon.
The said contestant having, in a proper affi
davst, filed June 2i,190t, set forth facta which
show that after due diligence personal srvice
of this notice ran not be made, it is hereby or
dered and directed that such notice be given by
due and proper publication.
jl8al5 (.Signed) J. H. BOOTH. Receiver.
Notice for Publication.
U S. Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon. Jnly 23, 1901
Ketlee u hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of CongTets of
June 3, J8T8. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Kavadand Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all th public land states by act of August
of Sulphur Springs, county of Douglas, State of
Oregon, has this day filed in this office his
sworn statement No. 6330. for the purchase of
the Lots 3, 4, 5, and SE MV' of Section
No. 6, Township 28 South of Range 3 West,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
office of Roseburg, Oregon,
on Thursday, the 2Jtb day of October, 1904.
He names as witnesses: Warren Beatty,
George Turner and Harry Stephens, of Rote
burg, Oregon, and James B. Sedore, of Sulphur
Springs, Oregon.
Any and ail persons claiming 'adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 20th
day of October, 1901. J. T. BRIDOK3,
al-p Register.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
for the county of Douglas.
Samuel P. Firmly, Sr. and
Samuel P. Parmly, Jr.
Watson A. Winslow, Lillian
M. Winslow. bis wife; John
W. Sweet and Fannie K.
Sweet, his wife; The State
I and Board and The Ameri
can Nickle Mining Com
pary, a corporation.
To Watson A. Winslow. Lillian II. Winslow.
John W. Sweet, Fannie E. Sweet, and the
American Nickle Mining Company, a coipora
Hon defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit within six iceks Irom and
after the date of the first publica'ion of this
summons, the same being the time prescribed
in the order for publication, and if you fall so
to app ar and answer for want thereof, the
Slaintifft will apply to the court for the relief
emanded in the complaint, a succinct state
ment of which Is that there is due and owing
to the plaintiff on the note and trust deed tie
scribed In the compla nt the sum of $13,742.47
with Inten t thereoi from November Ut, 1903,
at the rate of six per cent; for the foreclosure
of raid trust deed and sale of the premises
therein described in the manner provided by
law; that the proceeds of said fate be applied
to the payment of the costs and expenses of
foreclosure and sale with reasonable attorney's
fee and then to plaintiffs' demancs and tho
bal ince if any to whomsoever may be lawfully
entitled thereto and that defendants and each
of .hem be forever barred of all right, title and
interest and equity of redemption in the
premises described in the complaint or any
part hereof.
Th!" summons is published by order of tbe
Hon J W. Hamilton, Juagc of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon for the 2nd Judi
cial District, dated July 27th 1904. The date of
the dust publication of this summons is July 28,
S8 Crawford & Watson,
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Call for Bids
Sealed bids will be received for the
keeping of tho following ferries at the
September term of the County Court,
to-wit, on the 9th day of September
1904 at 1 o'clock p. m. :
Smith's Ferry, Dimmick's Lono Bock
Ferry and J. A. Sawyer's Ferrv. bids to
be given with or without equipment.
Bonds will be required of the successful
bidder. The Court reserves the right to
eject any and all bids.
37 tf County Judge.
We have a Fine Line of
Samples of Eastern : t
Made to Order
And if yon intend to send
away for your snit yon
will do well to t t
Let us Order it
- r j
Coriolon 51179
The Imported Percheon
"Ooriolan" belonging to F.
B. Waite will make the sea
son at the Empire Livery
Stable of Kelly & Banks.
Every body is invited to call
and see this elegant stallion
and get prices and terms.
His weight is ljOO pounds
color black and his cost was
He was recently imported
from France and his full ped
igree is on exhibition at the
above named Livery Stable
Colds. TMr Proper Treatment and Core.
Commonly, the first symptom of a "cold"
is a chilly feeling-, accompanied by sneez
ing, or a tickling in the throat The most
frequent of external causes are draughts,
wet or cold feet, or going from hot rooms
suddenly into cold ones. More frequently
there is an inner cause namely the stagna
tion of the blood caused by constipation or
biliousness. Almost tbe first symptom is
the feeling of cold in the feet ana increased
discharge from the nose.
No one ever takes cold unless consti
pated, or exhausted, and having what we
call mal-nutritioa, which is attended with
impoverished blood and exhaustion of nerve
force. Tonics consisting of large portions
of alcohol, iron or cod liver oil do not bring
the desired changes in the blood, because
they- do not enter the system and are not
absorbed into the blood, with the exception
of the alcohol, which shrivels up the red
blood corpuscles when it does ccme in
contact with them. We recommend the
botanical extract of Dr. Pierce because it
contains no alcohol, and offers a reasonable
and scientific method of treating the blood
by improving the nutritive functions of the
patient. The "Golden Medical Discovery"
accomplishes this, by first restoring the
enfeebled digestive organs, so that food,
the natural tissue builder, will be digested
and assimilated.
Accept no substitute for Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. There is noth
ing "just as good" for diseases of th
Pfofessional Cards.
Court lloust
Physician, Surgeon.
OlBcooverP. O. Kosemmu,
'Plione Main 691. Ohmoo.n,
jyn. W. 11. DAK BY, I). M. 1).
Odino in the Abraham BuiMiiiK
(Orcr the rovoflice in the illlee here
tofore ocetiiileil l.y IT. J. It, Chapman
Koteburg, Oregon
Physcian & Surgeon.
OOoe Review tlla. KOSKBCKs
Phone, Main il OftK'-ON
p W .
iU'Tlew UullJlntr,
Telephone No 4.
JI. Crawkoku a .1. O. W.vrsox
Attorneys iit Law,
KoomslAS. liauk BuIM.. ROSBBURO, - h.
rT-Buvinctstirjfonj tbe P d LamJ Offiee n
cxlniuc caei a specially.
Wll practice In all the Utato n1 PWcta! Courl
Office In Marka' BMi... Honjbtirc. Orttrca.
Bank Building
J. A. HfCHANAS 1. L. (;KK1M.KB
ItlHIHK 1 It lid
Mar-Is Building KOKKl'I!i, OKKUON
;:. H. L..TlI)LEY,
Osteopathic Physician
Cnres rhronir i1imtiw. currrrt- iefrmallv
and remote I.ttiku ici..wth-. Acute dira
al re-nd moltly in tbe trralroeut.
CotiHUltatton Free
l'lee arrange for appointment by phone
OSce over the l'nt OOce Ih -at $. lol l li. I). tirave place. lhae No. 12?
Notary Public
ilarstcrs lluildin;;
Sosiety fflcctinga.
AF. & A. M. Lsnrel LKl No. 13.
Halde rt-:alar mt-ettns on jwc-ior
and nrtb WyinUve oi ewi
monili. J. T. Bridges. W . !
N. T. Jswxtt, fiecretary.
Br. O. ELKS. Itueebwe Lods-N'
326. Holds Tfaint cuaituanirb
tionn at I O. O. F. Hl! t fecorr
ami fourth ThurtKiaye of each nisntl.
All rceruborc rHjurftcd to atend rHiti
larlv and si! vieitinir br -thrn .tre wdi
lly invited to attend.
F. It. Waite, K. h.
Kov McCLALLrk, Sucrlttrv.
O.N. G , tneti! t Armrj Hall cverj
ilinrexlay evTimc, at a u'ciock.
F. B. H tsiux, Capi
10. a. F- I'lub-teriRD iMdse No. S.
Mtx-te in Odrf Fbl;it-' Ti-inplt. enr
" ner J-tckeoo nd Oaps Mtrefle, or
saturda? evenins ol ea-ti -jrei Mem
brt of tbe order in cood etandinc sr.
invited to atlenii.
J. C. TvrirciiELL. N ti
N.T JtwLTr, at-crBt-ry.
Kof P. Alpha Lodgf No 47 Mce:
evnry Wednesday, in I. O O. F
Hail s. 7:3) p. m. Mfinlrp ii
good sianding are iovittvi to Attend.
(mzo. W. Kimball, C. C.
Elmer Wimberlv, K. o( R. & S.
I ILAC CIRCLE. No 4P, Wnmen ol
I Wo,xlcra(t Mn-tn on iml nd 4tb
" IhuralavB of h'.'Ii niotut) at the I.
0. O. F. Hall. Vi-Hipp lupnihcrs ir
eood Mandinc are inritrti to ttnd.
Minnie Jones. Guardian Neighbor.
Bell Morian, Secretary.
Second and Fourth Thursdavs.
OE. 6. Rofie)nrg Chaptrr No. b
Holds their recalar meetinK on tin
first and third Thnrsdayn in each
nontb. VieilinK membere in iroor
itandintj art respecifnlly invited to at
'erd. Slaudo Rust, W. M.
Regina Rast, Secretary.
CamF No. 126. MeetB at the Odd
Fellows' Hall, in Roseburir. vrv
flret and third Monday evening. Vinit"-
tns neipuDore alwv veeltxitni-.
D. P. Fisher C C
J. A. Bpciianan, Clerk.
sembly No. 105, meets eccoiuI and
fourth Saturdavs nfo.irli mnntli in
Native Sons' hall. Visiting memlwre
will receive a cordial welcome.
A. C. Marsteks, M. A.
Mixnie Jones, Secretary.
Notice to the Public.
United States Ijitid Otllco.
Roseburi?. Orirnn. Jnlr ir. iuai
To Whom It may concern. '
isotico ih ncreby Rtven tliut tho Orenoa and
Cal lornfa Rllroad Com puny his filed in tills
olllce a lint ol lands situated In the towncliipi
descrlbeil bIow,and lias applied for h patent
for said lands ; that the list Is open to t lie pit b
lln lor Infection and n mm f i. ,i..
crlitlcsiibdivlkloiis has been pouted In acon-
veuieui piae in inn, onico. inr ine ltlfpectioll
of all perjonn interested and the pub Icccncral
lv. Sotitb of llafc Line and wen of W. M. All
of ecc 31, tp.1l s r9 w.
Within the next nlxtr ilnm rnllmvin., iiw.
date of this notice. pr.ites'H ortontpsts nialMrt
the claim of the compuny to any tmrlorMib
division within any sectbin or purl of motion
decnbed In tho list, on tho Kroiind that tho
same Is in ire valuable for mineral Uma for
agricultural purpofpf, will be received nnd
nowu lor icpori to ine oenerai ijind Olllco at
WaslilnKlon, l. C.
. Ri Ulster.
J. II. lino I'll.
i 18 s 20 Receiver.
Notice to the Public.
Unltcl States Land Office,
Koselitirn, Oregon, July 5, 1904,
To Whom 11 May Concern:
Notice Is hereby riven that the Oregon anil
CHllIotnlu Hnllrnail company has llleil In this
olllro n list ollati'ls slttiatcil In the townships
lucriK'il below, timl haR upiillel for a patent
lor until lauds; Unit the list Is open to tho pub
lic lor Inflection and a copy thereof by lie
fcciiptlvo MitnllviMoiiH has been pouted in a con
venient place In this office, for the luxpecllou
of nil persons Interested and the public general-
-'outli of Ilao Mtiu and West ol Wlllamctto
Meridian. .HW NWJ4. NWJJ HW'f, tiec 2., T
i. H 7; all Hte 1. T :tt. It 9; all Sec 3, T 31, R 4:
all See i, T31, R 9; all 6-c7. T U, R 9: all sccOT
31 It U. nil See 11 V 31 R 9; NEi KW dr li, W
See 13, T 31, it 9; all Sec i!, Tp 31, K 9; all
Sec 17. 1 31, K 9; nil 8eo 19, T 31, R 9. all Hcc 21 ,
T3I, K9; HllKc'AVrjl, R9: all ben 25, T 31, It
9. clIHcc'JT.TSI, R9: allScclO, I 31, It 9; all
ao S3 T 31' K9; ail Sec 35, T 31 It 9; all
Sec 1TSI, R 10; nil SecS,T31, R 10: all 8ec &,
T31. K 10; all w o 7, T 31 R 10; nil Sec 9. T 31,
111"; allSicil T.H.IllO; sllSec 13, T XI, R
It): nil Si r 15, I 31 U 10; nllfcecl'.T 31, K 10:
nil Sic 19, T 31, U 10; all Sec 21. TBI, R If; all
See 23, T .11, K 10; all Sec S5, Tsl, I! 10; all Sec
27, T 31, II 10; nil fe' W. Til, R 10, all Sec 31, T
SI, R 10; all Sec. O T A, R10. a I Sec 35.TJI.R
South of llatf Line and Est of Willamette
Meridian. All Sec 5, T 22, Rl; all frc 7, T 22,
Rt; SWJi,Sec9. T22 It I; nW4 and NU. Sec
17 . T '.2, R 1 ; all Sue 19, T 42, R 1.
WitU'ti the next lxty days following the
date u( thin notice, protest or contests against
tliu cldlra of IIik company to any tract or sub
II vl on within any m-ctlon, or part of sec
tion deKcrliied in tho Hit, on the
ground ttitt the same Is more valu
able, for mineral than lor agricultural purpotei,
will lie received nd nottd for report to the
General Land Office at Wuhliulon. I).C.
J715 J. T. IIlUIKJEd. Register.
J. II UOOT1I, Receiver.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Ctdtagi; Grove, lne County, Sute of Oregon,
March 26. 1S0L
To E. C. Onnn as admluUtratorot tbe estate
)I I). 11. Colton, deceased, and to Mis. T. F. Wll
on, llt. Clark J. Tis.Iel.JIlm Carrie K. Mason,
MIs May Mason, Eraitus Colton, BenT. Qunn,
and K. C.Gunu, hvirsatlaw of said D. 1). Co!
on, deceased, and to all other persons claim'
In? any right, title or interest, either .In law
'i equity in or to the mining claim herein
after derrlbel, as heirs of the said I). ii. Col
ton, deceased or otherwise:
You and each of you are hereby notified, that
I, tbe undesigned, Save expended money and
performed labor ami woik to tbe amount of
One Hundred Dollars, upon the "liomer" lode
mining cialm, situated In the Bohemia Mining
District, in the County of Douglas, Bute of
That tbe money so expended and the labor
lr(ormed wiu informed and expended on
ami betwterube 1st dsy of September and the
tb day ol Spteuber A. D. 1X8, in order to
bold taid premises under the provisions of
Section 22t of the KevLn-d Statutes of the
United states and laws of the State of Oregon.
being the amount teiiulred to hold tbe same
lor the ear ending December 31, 1KB.
That raid work upon raid claim was per
; farmed by Kdd. Jenks and Ben. Curry for and
at tbe ext-enw ol the under Ignel.
Ami if within Ninety (W) days from the ser-
vfcw of thi Notice urin you by tbe SheriS or
within Ninety () days after service of this
lio-tlie by publication you fail or refuse to con
tribcte tbe proiirtlon ot such expenditure as a
co-owner, your interest in the said claim will
become toe property of the nnderslgned under
said iH-ctton 2321 by re aon of said failure to
contribute said proportion of said expenditure.
Notice for Publication.
L'nl'i-l States Land OSce.
RoKbure. Ore iron Jane 15. 1901.
Notice is hereby given that in compllaaca
with the proviiWns of the act of CongTess of
JuiHj...SenUtlJ "An act for the sal ot
tlmtr lands la tbe !-tatsof California. Oregon
Nevada .and WajMnjUin Territorr."' uextend-
ed to all the public land states by act of August
of P.nsebonr, county of DoutUs state of Ore
gon, has ibis day filed in this oOce bis sworn
Matcmenl No. 6iii tor the pa chase of tbe e?i
n-i. nei oi section o. zt in ip.No. jt,,
r Nh 9 w .
and will otter proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for it timber or stona thin
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the itecisler and Receivtr of this
uic of Rom burz. Oregon.
on Friday, the 9th dav of Septembers, 1S0L He
names a wiine&w; marie mom. 'n&nTnom
Morbire. Ore: William Stciner, Edward Von
IVI. of Cleveland, Ore.
Any and aII persons claiming adversely the
above described lands arereqursut to tile their
claims In thisnfireon or before sasd 9lh day of
iKmwr, rwi. J i. rmiuuis,
Ju 3Kpd Register.
Notice for Publication.
t'niUd States Land Offlce.
Roebarg. Oregon. June II. 1904
Notice is hereby riven that In oomnilanea
with tie firovUlons of tte art of Congress of
june a, 9.p. enuiir-i An ari tor ue faia or
tlmtr lands in th States ot California. Orecoa
Nevada.and Washington Territory." as extend
d to all th public land states by act ol August
ot RoMjburg. county ot Doucla. sUt of Ore
goo, bat this day flle-l in this ofScc bis sworn
statement Ni fSi,lat lh purchase of lbesj
ne"4. n'7 sc1 of section No.St, In tp Na'J6, a r
..n. v w.
ana will oiler proof to show that th Land sought
Is more valuable tor lu timber or iton than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish tla
claim before the Register and Receiver of tMT
I lie of Rouburr.Ortcon.
on Friday, the 9ih day of September, ISO. II
names as witnesses: Charles Thorn. John
Th'im. RnebuiT, Ore; Wl liamStclner.Edwan
Von I'. ss!,-f Cleveland, Ore
Any and all persons rlalmlnx adversely the
above described lands are nquested to flle
tbelf claims In this office on or before said 9th
day oi fepicmber. 190i.
Jn 30 8S pd Register.
United States Land OfSw,
Rnsebunr. Oregon. June 10 190L.
A snClclcH context affidavit hiicg been filed
In this office bv William A Sntuue.rontes.anL
against Homestead entey No lOftiT, made June
J. i'au. lor nj w4, se;, sv(. sec 3, tp. ."b a,
rSw. bvJexe Whitlow, contested in which
It Is alleged that Jesse Whitlow is dead, hav
ing been ilea I about two jcars; that Doneot
his he has any such heirs, have en-
lerru ui'on, or in any manner cuiuvaiea ine
la-d embraced in his said claim; that the, said
claim Is wh illy abandoned, r-ald parties are
hereby ro'lQed to appear, respond and o3er
evidence touchlnc said allegatlooat 10 o'clock;
a. m on July li, 1901, before the Register and
iteceivcr at tnc unucu fctatei una omcein
Roseburg Oregon.
The said contestant having, in a proper aO.
davit, filed Jtii.c :0, 1904, set forth facts which
show that attcrduc diligence personal service
of this notice can not be made, it is hereby
mdcred and directed that such notice be given
or uuc ana proper puoticaiion.
Vol IT-Cw-pd Receiver.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Is hereby riven that the undersigned.
aamiutsiraior oi ine estate ot ji fi. iiutaru,
deceased, has Died It's final account as such
admlnl'lrntor In the County Court ot Douglas
iToutity, state ot uiegon, ana mat saia county
court hat sot Tuesday the 16th day of July 1PM,
at 10 o'clock o' said day, at tbe court house
In Ro.obnrg, Douglas I ounty. State ot Oregon,
as the tirn and Im'c ot brl-g objections
tnerci . anu iir ino nnai settlement ! saia
estate. 8 U DII.LARI).
Administrator f the estate of M. E Dlllard,
Dated this LMth day of June 1901.
Notice of Publication.
Pnltcd States Land Office.
RosPburg. Or. July 11, 1904.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
Juno 3, )S7S, entitled "An act for the sale ot
timber lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada ,atid Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the public land states by act of August
4, lWi.
of Reseburg, county of Douglas, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this office his sworn
statcmcut No. Vm, Inr the purchase of tho lot
1, ncii nwX, ni ne ot sec fo 18, tp 2 s, r 9
and will offer proof toshow that the land sought
is mora valuable for Its timber or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish htl
claim before the Register and Receiver ot this
office, of Roseburg. Orezon.
on Friday the 14 uu) oi October, 1901 He names
as witnesses: John O. Vcaaseu, Charles Thorn,
Warren Boatty and I). M. Martin all ot Rose
burg Ote.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lauds arc requested to file their
claims in this office on or before said 14th day
ot October, 1901. J. T. BRIDGKS.
J'Jl-sM p Register.
Wood Wanted on Subscription.
Thooe wishing to pay up their buu-
scription to tho I'laindkalkh and not
having tho cash, but having wood, we
nre willing to make tho oxchanito and
receivo wood on subscript ion at tho reg
ular ninrkpt price. Wo will accept both
SlOVOtttld h3tT wnnd.
I'LAlXDlZAbElt Tub, CO.
Notice for Publication
United States Land Office,
Roseburi; Orezou, lulv 1, 1901
Notlcs is hsrtbv rlan that In enmnllanca
with th provisions of th act of Congress of
Juna 8,1878. entitled MAn act for the sals of
timber lands In the 8ttesof California, Or;ou
Navada ,and Washington Territory," assxtand
d to all tha publl land staUs by act ol August
ol Elbe, county of Pierce state ol Wash
ington, has this day filed in this oulcu bis
sworn statement No. 0270, for the piirclitfto of
Yi'li E'.i of section 20, tp W s, of ranee H wrt.
ana win oner proot to snow the land sought
Is mora valuable for Its timber or stona than
for agricultural purpoKi, and to establish his
tlalm before the Reirlitjir and Itjuji1vr f tht
files of RoMburr. Oreton.
Thursday the 22 day of Beptember, 1901. He
names as witnesses: jonn itogers. jonu Clara
Mnd W 11 McCromen ol Roseburg, Ore., John
u. ureen oi iioy, ri asn,
Anv and all ueraons claiming adt-n'telr lh
above deacrlb-d lands are requested to file their
claims In this offlcoon or before tbe said 221
day of Hcpt. 190i. J. T. BRIIHiKH,
JII-B22P Rciilatcr
Notice for Publication.
United States Land OClcc
Roseburg, Oregon, Juno29, 1901.
Notice la hereby irlven that In compliance
with the provision of the act of Congress ol
June S, 187. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber l-nd In the States ot California Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territory' as extended
to all tbe public land states by act ol August 4
Ot Roseburg, county of Douglas, slate of Oie
s.'nn, has this day filed in this otillCK his sworn
statement of 6262. for the purchase of tte SWJ4
of Section No 4, Township 27 S, Range : west
and will offer proof to show rtat the land sought
Is mor valuable tor Its timber or stone thsn
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish bit
claim before th ReKlster and Receiver of this
file of Roseburg, Oregon.
on Wednesday tbe 21st day of September. 1904.
She names as wltuents; John Erarts. K
Era'ts of rel. Ore.. B Krakenbencer. ot Ro.
burg. Ore.. It A Cooley, nt Keriy, Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are renutaltd to file tbelr
claims In this office on or before said 21st day of
Sept., 1904. J.T.BRID'iEb
Jip neguter.
Notice foi Publication.
United Stales Land Office.
Rom bo nr. Oregon July 1. 1901. i
Notlc is hereby given that In compliance
with th provisions of the act of Congress of I
June S, ISts. entitled "An act for the sals of
Umbar lands in th Stales of Callfornla.Oregon '
Nsvada.and Washington Territory." asextend- '
d to all th publla land states by act of August ,
t, uwz.
of Roy, county of 1'earce. state of '
wainingion nat mis a ay niea in wis omca nis
sworn statement 'o G2Q3 for the purchase ot
the NEJf of Sec 31. Tp a S, K s west
and will otter proof to show 'hat the land sen ght
is mor valuable tor its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver ot this
afJlc of RoMbursr.Oreiron.
on Thnrsday the 'nd day ot September, 1904 i
ue names as witnesses joou ivrgers. jonn ;
Tlark, W II McCrossen of Roseburg, Oregon, i
Morris Q Hill, ol Elbe, Wash. !
Any and aU rsons claiming ad tersely tbe '
above described lands arc requested to file their
claims In this office on or before said 2nd day '
ot Sept 1WL. J. T. BRItMi E?,
Jllp Register. '
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court of th? Sute ot Oregon
for Douglas County.
Mnrpby Urant & Co 1
a corporation
Plaintiff ,
The McGeeCo.. a corpor '
ation. rTMcUceand T J :
Me ee.
Defendants. J
Notice is hereby given that by vlrtte of an
execution, duly Issued out ot Uvs abtve name-1
court and cause on the Tlh day ot July Wl.
upon ajudgtment and decree duly remlerxl
and entered In said court and iause on the 6k
day ol May 1902. in favor of the above uaiaed
plaintiff and against the above nmeJ defend
ants, tbe McGe Co., and P T McOee.
for tbe tbe sua of 17X9) upon which
judgement there was credited July
U. ISiOZ. the sum of J101 leavii g
a deficiency thereon nf liTi-W wilh inlerrsl
thereon from July 12. 1902. at tbe rate of S per
cent per annum, which judgement was dnly
enrolled and dockete l in the clerk's office of
sa d court nn the?) day ot May 1902.
Now therefore I wtU rn
Saturday the 20 day of August 1904,
at one o'clock p is. ol said day at the court
noue front door, in Koeburg. Douglas county.
Oregon, sell at public ancUon. ti the hUhesl
bidder, foreash in baud, all tbe right, title and
latere the said def-ndanls. The ifcOee Co..
and I' T UcGee or either ot them
bad on the Uth day ot July K02. or at
any time thereslter.'.n or 10 the following de
scribed premises, to-wit" The north a est quar
ter ol the northeast quarter ot srtlou s. town
ship 29 south, range 1 west of W il.. 1 Douglas
Cout.tT.Oregon, together with all and singu ar
the tenements, hereditaments and appurten
ances thereunto bclonriog or In anywise ap
pertaining and will apply the ppjceerts ot soeh
sale, first to the cause o'snrh sale, and to th
payment of the sum of tt;i0 doe the. plaintiff
with interest thereon at the rat ot S wr ent
per annum from the Wthd.yot July. 1S02. ami
theoterplus it an there be. par over to 'he
said defendants. The Jfci Oo . aa t I' T !c
Ge tbeirasaignsorleial representatives
Dated at Roseburg. this Ilia dav ot July 191.
JIt alS 11 T. McCLALLRN.
Sheriff ot Douglas county. Oregon
Notice for Publication.
I'nited States Land Office.
Roseburg. Oregon, July T. HWI.
.Votlcau hereby given that tn ootnpiianca
with the provisions of the act of Congress ot
Jur3.1STSItnUUed-Anart for the sale of
Umber lands in the States of Cali!ornla.Oregon
yvads nd Washington Territory." asextend
d to all the public land staus by act ot Augnst
of Roseburg. county of Doug'as. sute of
Oregon, has this iay &lel in Mi offlre his
worn statement So T97 for the rurchase of
the f?i ol NCf, and Lrs 1 and 2 ol sec
tion 4, township 23 south, range 2 trust,
and will offer proof to show itat the land sought
is more valuabl for lu timber or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before th Register and Receiver of this
flic ol RoMburg, Oregon,
on Monday, the 10th day of Octobe 1904. tte
name as witnesses: S W.Turnell, Wm. Dar
nell, Press Turnetl. H. J. Robinette, all ot Peel ,
Douglas county, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely tun
above described lands are requested to file the r
Tlalma in this office on or before sal" loth day
Ot Oct, 1904. t.T BRIDtiEd
-JuUn Renter.
Sheriffs Sale.
In the Circuit Court of the Sute ot Oregon,
for the Connt r ot Multnomah.
Allen it Lewis. I'lalnliff
Sin H.T Burr. Deiendant. )
By Tlrtneot a writ ot execution du'jr inueJ
ont-ot and nnder the teal ot the abure entlll-i
court tn the above entillnl action, to me ill
reeled and dated the Uth day ol July, 1901, up
on a judftaeni rendered and entered In raid
court on the 9th day nt Jnly. ll. in tavor ot
Allen d Levi tnd agalnt tald Mr. II T Burr
Jot the ium ol.four UundreJ thirty-one dollars
and avrenty-three centt HU1.T3) wlih interest
thrteon at ih rate of eight per cent per annum
from the ath day ot Deombcr. 1903. and the
tarthcr inm ofta-entr-ulne dollar and twenty
cenU coaU and dlaburtemenu and the
cfanJdlbammenliof andupoi thru writ
of execution, comma&dlnt me to mike tale ot
the followinir described, to-wit;
The Sontheaat quaiter of aectlou twen-ty-ir(nin
tonnahlp twenty (."0) unuih of
raoie ciaui wcat ni toe n iiiamettc .Moriuian
in Douglas county. State ot Oregon, at'achet!
in ald action on the 8th day ot April, 1901.
Now therefore incompliance wilh tha com
mand I ot laid writ, I will, on
Thursday, the as day of August, 190-4,
at(rU(10)u'clokamatthefront door ol the
County Court House lu the city ol Roseburg,
Doualat couutr. Stale nf OreiMn. ell at nubile
arctlon, lubjeci to redcniptlt u, to the h-gh n
oiuuer lor u a. goi.t com can in naui,
the aborc drtcribod real procrtT and all the
right, title and Intcrett the aald defendant had
therein nn the dateot tad attach -ent, towlt:
the 8: h day ot April, 1VW. or tlnco haa had
therein to satisfy said writ ot execution and all
accrn n costs. H.T. McOLALLKN,
Bheriftot Douglas county, Oregon. Jii
Sheriff's Sale.
In theTUIrcult Court of the State of Oregon
for the County ot Multromah.
Allen & Lewis, Plaintiff)
II T Burr, Defendant )
By rlrtneot a writ of execu ion duly issued
out of and Under the seal ol th" aborts entitled
court in the aboYe entitled action, to me di
rected and dated the 13th day of July, 1901, up
on a judgment rendered and entered lu said
court on the 9th day ol July, 1904, In favor of
Allen t Lewis and against ald li. T Burr for
tho sum ot three hundred eighty-six dollars and
thirty-lour cents (fisc.31) with inierest thereon
at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
30th day ot Drc-mber 1903, and the further
sum ot twen y-nlne dollars and twenty cents
(!'&2u) costs tud disbursement and the costs
and disbursements of and upon this writ ot
execution, commanding me to make sale of the
following dvscriitd premiers to-wit:
Tho Northeast quarter (KRii) section tuvn-ty-two
fil) in towushli twenty (X) south of
range eight (8) west ot the Wlllame ta Merldan
in Douglas county. Bi.vo of Oregon, atlactud
tn said aeiton uu the Sth day ot April, l!l.
Now tberelt ro tn compllanc with tho com
mands of said writ. I will n
Thursday, the 25 day of August, i9CM
at ten (U) o'clock a m at the ftont door of t-ie
County Court House In th- city ot K wburv,
In Douglas county State.of Orewn sell at pnh
llo auction, subject to tedcmptlon, to the high
est bidder, for United Slates gdd coin citsh tn
hand, the above detcrtt e I real property and
nil therlaht. title nn I lntcret theaild defend
ant had therein ou tho date of said attachment,
to-wit, the 8th day of Aprl, 1901, or slnco has
had therein to satisfy said wilt ot execution
Milal a crltlngct'S-a
M T Met UI. EV
SUctiOut Jo Jtlas count. , Uiio.i. J I
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Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared lor filing on Govern
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Blue Prints of Township Maps showing
all vacantLands.
Architect, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates forall Build
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