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    The Leap Year Leap.
He's been her steady company for six or seven
lie seemed to like to linger at her side,
But he had never asked her if she'd share the
name he wears.
Nor mentioned her as his prospective biide.
Of course he always took her out to parties and
to shows;
He gave her all the pleasure that he could.
But still, his conversation never turned to
wedding clothes.
Nor did it sjem as if it ever would.
Her girlhood fiicnds had married off and left
her by herself:
She often sighed because she was alone:
She trembled when khe thought about reposing
on the shelf,
Like lots of other spinsters she had known.
So straightway she proposed to htm, in leap
year's early days,
She told him something had to come to pass;
She said they'd tiken lots of time to learn each
other's ways
And burned enough of papa's precious gas.
Of course he was surprised at her, but what was
he to say?
He saw his situation at a glance;
He plainly understood that he must cither
name the d ly
Or let some other fellorc- have a chance
He pleaded for a little time; he asked her for a
She save him twenty minutes to decide;
He said that it was sudden, but as he was
forced to speak.
He'd always wanted her to be his bride.
They seem to be contented in the Hat they
He says she makes a model little wife;
She says they never disagree, because they al
ways try
To make each other satisfied with life.
But there is just one secret thev will alwnys
try to keep,
And they've agreed to keep the subject closed
He'd hate to have his friends suspect what
made him take the leap
She'd hate for hers to know that she proposed.
Oregon News.
Bears are numerous in berry patches
in the Coos Bay country.
Medford has a driving club, and a
half mile speed track near the city.
Many of the wheat farms along Wild
Horse creek will yield 40 bushels an acre.
Sherman count expects to harvest
3,000.000 bushels of wheat. No hard
times up there.
There has been an epidemic of di-
forces among prominent or well-to-do
people in Pendleton lately.
- Some Linn county hop yards promise
to produce the largest crop in years,
notwithstanding the dry weather.
Still railroad talk, and some survey
ing, goes on over on Coos Bav. The
railroad will surely appear after a while
Eastern Oregon farmers will have 20
dollars pieces to throw to the birds next
fall, but they may not use the gold in
that way.
In a test run of seven days in the
Deep Gravel mine at Waldo, Jackson
county, 190 ounces of gold, worth $ 3,500,
was secured.
Washington has about twice as many
convicts in the penitentiary as Oregon.
Her population is only a little larger
than Oregon's. Better people over here
on the average.
Valuable things in nature are being
found in Oregon all the time. The latest
is a veritable mountain of granite of the
very best quality in the eastern part of
Marion county. It is curious that no
body noticed it before.
A cloud-burst is reported from San
Joan del Monte, in the Philippines, not
far from Manila, with a loss of two hun
dred lives. Rain fell for twenty-seven
hours to the depth of over seventeen
inches. Damage to property is estimat
ed at $2,000,000.
The Dalles Times-Mountaineer: In a
few days threshing machines will begin
running and will start to hauling out the
biggest crop of wheat ever harvested in
Wasco county. Farmers say the wheat
will generally be Xb. 1, as it is fine and
plnmp, and the yield will be above
the average.
Two railroads are in prospect in Jack
eon county, one along Butte creek join
ing the S. P. at or near Medford, the
other from Jacksonville to the Blue
Ledge mines. Jackson county was set
tled early in Oregon's history and its
people are prosperous, but it is not one-
quarter developed yet.
Junction (jity limes: ltns lias been a
good season for the propagation of young
grouse, domestic pheasants and quiil,
and the voting Mongolians appear to be
thriving. While the dry weather of
-June has mitigated against the crops it
has been the salvation of the young
birds, and broods are met with every
In but four cities of the United States
did the thermometer reach a higher
mark Monday than in Portland. In this
city it registered 100 degrees ; in Fresno,
CaL, 108; in San Diego, Cal., 102 in
Ynma, Ariz., 102. With one exception
this was the hottest day Portland has
experienced since the establishment of
the local weather bureau. On July 23,
1901, the themometer went as high as
The St. Louis Fair is not to have M.
Santos-Dumont and his airship after all
On reaching Paris with his injured ma
chine the doughty aeronaut finds that
before the damage can be repaired it
will be too late to return. He says of
further experiments: "I shall here
after limit them to Paris, where I find
far more satisfaction and where no one
ever attempted to commit such acts of
The Rogue Kiver Valley Baseball As
sociation has succumbed to a paucity of
gate receipts and is a thing of the past.
The directors of the league in Jackson
ville assembled officially have declared
that the league be dissolved. When the
hour of dissolution arrived, Ashland was
leading the clubs of the league and was
awarded tho pennant, while Medford and
Jacksonville were tied for second place.
Gold Hill, which had been struggling
against adverse conditions for some
weeks past, and which had lost the ma
jority of the games played, yielded up
the gbost, Saturday, and that event
brought matters to a culminating point.
Largely owing to the energy and busi
ness tact of Billy Hulen, the Ashland
club is said to have been the only one
in the association which has been pay
ing'expenses and is now on an entirely
solvent basis. Tidings.
Troublk Is Brewing.
Advices from San Francisco Saturday
says that the Southern Pacific Company
is preparing for trouble with its shop
men. At present the company has no
differences with any of its employes,
but there is a feeling of restlessness and
dissatisfaction prevading the ranks of
the shopmen, growing out of the recent
whole-sale discharge of men all over tho
system, and this is taken as a portent of
impending trouble. For some days past
the company has had a large force of
men at work erecting a fence around its
shops in West Oakland yards, and it
has been learned that tho company's
shops at all points on the system are to
be similarly protected. Work has just
begun on the erection of a fence around
the shops at Sixteenth street, in San
Francisco. MAI'S The will ask
those of its subscribers who are entitled
to premium maps, to call at this office
when in Koseburg, if convenient, and
get their maps, as it is very difficult to
eetul them through the mail without
damaging them. Those living at a dis
tance will receive their maps in due
time bv mail.
Special Excursion to the World's Fair
The Denver S: Rio Grande, in connec
tion with the Missouri Pacific, will run
a series of Personally Conducted Excur
sions to the World's Fair during June.
These excursions will run through to St.
Louis without change of cars, making
short stops at principal points enroute.
The first of these Excursions will leave
Portland June 7th, and the second June
17th. The rate from Roseburg will be
J75.45 to St. Louis and return. Excur
sionists going via the Denver & Rio
Grande have the privilege of returning
via a difTernt route. This is the most
pleasant way, as well as the most de
lightful route, to cross the continent.
The stops arranged give an opportunity
of visiting the various points of interest
in and about Salt Lake City, Denver and
Kansas City. If you wish toaccompany
one of these excursions write at once to
W. C. McBride, 124 Third street, Port
land, for sleeping car reservations.
The Fair Route
Via Chicago or New Orleans to St.
Louis, is the one that gives you the most
for your money, and the fact that the
il,i.iU1& UiSMKAL. otters uxsce-
passed service via these points to the
WORLD'S FAIR, and in this connec
tion to all points beyond, makes it to
your advantage, in case you contemplate
a trip to any point east, to write us be
fore making final arrangements.
We can offer the choice of at least a
dozen different routes.
B. H. Tbcjibcll,
Commercial Agent,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey, T. F. & P. A.,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. B. Thompson F. & P. A.,
Room 1, Colman Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Notice of Publication.
United States Land Office.
Rosebunr. Or. Julr 11. 19CH.
Ifotlce is ajreby given that In compliance
Him iuc liiuijsiuui ui uic act oi loagrrcs oi
Jnne3, 167S, entitled "An act for the sale ef
timber lands in the States of California. Oreron
Kevada .and Washington Territory," aj extend
ed to aU the public land states by act of August
of Roseburg, county of Douglas, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this office his sworn
statement No. 6303, lor the purchase of the lot
1, neJi nw. n' nej of sec So IS, tp 26 s, r 9
and will off e r proof to show that the land sou ght
uuuEetuuioiflior iu uxnDer or sione man
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hU
claim before the Register and Becelrer of this
office of Roteburx. Orezon.
on Friday the 11 aaj ot October, 1904 He names
as witnesses: jonn u. eaasen. entries Thorn
Warren Beatty and D. M. Martin all of Roe
burg. Ore.
Any and all persons claimine adversely the
above described lands are requested to tile their
claims in this office on or before said 14th day
oi uciooer, iwt. j. i. isuiiKica.
j 21-8 29 p Register.
Notice for Publication,
United States Land Office,
Rosebnre Oreeon. Julr 1. 190L
Xotlca Is herabr riven that la compUano
with tha proTlslons of th act of Conrrtss of
juuoa, jo.o, enuuea Anaci tor we l Lit oi
.lmber lands in tha States of Calif ornla. Onns
Ksrada .and Washington Ttrrltory," as axtand
d to all tha public land statu by act of Anrus
ft, UM,
of Elbe, county of Pierce state ot Wah.
ineton. has this day filed in this office his
swnm statement No. 6270, for the purchase of
11-1 , Tl . I - . . , .
" y2 ui pecuuu ip s, ui range a west.
ana win oner prooi to snow that tha land soQf at
is more valuable for It timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before tha Register and Receiver of tola
fnca ot RoMburr, On eon.
Thursday the S2 day of September, 1901. He
names as witnesses: John Kogers. John Clark
uniWHMcCrtKsen of Roseburg, Ore., John
B. Green ot Rot. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above describ-d lands are requested to file tbelr
ciaims in tuts omce on or Deiore me said zm
day of Sept. 1901. J. T. BRIDGES,
JH-S22D Register.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
iur me county oi liougias.
Samuel P. Parmly, Sr. and 1
Samuel P. Parmly, Jr. I
Plaintiffs j
... ... .
misniA. ninsiow, uiuan
M. Winslow, his wife; John
W. Bweet and Fannie .
Sweet, his wife: The State
Land Board and The Ameri
can Nickle Mining Com
pany, a corporation.
To Watson A. Winslow. Lillian it. VVInln
John W. Sweet, Fannie E. Sweet, and the
American Mckle Mining Company, a corpora
tion defendants:
In the name of the State of Oresron. vou and
eacn oi you are nereDy required to appear and
answer me commaint. mea asainsi von in rue
above entitled suit within six eelts from and
alter the date of the first tmbllca'lon of this
summons, the same being the time prescribed
in ineoraeriorpuDUcation, ana 11 yon tall so
to app- ar ana answer lor want tnereot, the
plaintiffs will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in the complaint, a succinct state
ment oi wntcb is that there Is due and owing
to the plaintiff on the note and trust deed de
scribed In the compla'nt the sum of JI3.713.47
with interest thereoT from November l.t, 1903,
at the rate of six ter cent: for the foreclnmrn
of said trust deed aud sale of the premises
therein described in the manner provided bv
law; that the proceeds of sad sale be applied
to the payment of tho costs and espenses of
foreclosure and sale with reasonable attorney's
fee and then to plaintiffs' demands and the
balance If any to whomsoever mav be lawfully
entitled thereto and that defendants and each
oi mem be forever barred of all right, title and
interest and equity of redemption in the
premises described in the complaint or any
pari, uicrcoi.
This summons Is nublished bv order of the
Hon J W. Hamilton, Judge of the Circuit
uourt oi me state oi uregon lor me znd Judi
cial DiUrlct, dated July 27th 1904. The date ot
the first publication of this summons is July 28,
68 Cbawfobd & Watson,
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Notice of Guardian Sale.
Notion Is hereby given that by virtue and in
pursuance of an order of license of the County
Court of Douglas County, Oregon, duly made
and entered therein on the first day of July,
1904, In the matter of guardianship of the per
son and estate of C. E. Langdon, a minor; the
undersigned, duly appointed, qualified and
acting Guardian of the sail minor, will on Sat
urday, the 27 h dar of August, 1904, at the front
Hnr.P nf Iho fVtn.t Uniiui In T ..Y... n..t....
Conn'y, Oregon, at the hour of 1 o'clock p.m.
of said day, offer for sale and sell at a Publ'c
Auction to tho highest and best bidder for cash
in hand all the right, title and Interest of said
minor CE. Langdon In and to the following
described real property to-wlt:
TheW of the BW and the W'A of the
NWii of bectlon 18. Townshin 23 South of Rancn
7 West of Willamette Meridian, in Douglas
uatca mis 20 uay oi juiy. a. v. ish
Guardian of lhe Person and Estate of O.K.
Langdon. J28-A2S
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea
Ten Years of Suffering.
"1 wish to saya few words in praise of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy," says Mrs. Mnttki Hurge,
of Martinsville, Va. "I miffeied from
chronic diarrhoea for ten years and dur
ing that time tried various medicines
without obtaining any permanent relief.
ast summer one of my children was
taken with cholera morbus, and I pro
cured a bottle of this remedy. Only
two doses were required to give her en
tire relief. 1 then decided to try tho
medicine myself, and did not use all of
one bottle before I was well and I have
never sinco been troubled with that
complaint. One cannot say too much
in favor of that wonderful medicine."
This remedy is for sale by A. C. Mars-
ters & Co.
Oregon Development League.
The Portland Commercial Club has
issued a call for a convention of the Ore
gon Development League, to be held at
tho Marquam Grand Theater in l'ott
land, August 2nd and 3rd. All cominer
cial, agricultural, mining, stockraieing
and irrigation interests will be repre
sented ; every editor in the state will be
invited to attend as a delegate ; County
Commissioners and Mayors of all towns
and cities will also be called upon to
name dblegates, the Portland Woman's
Club will look after the comfort of ladies
accompanying delegates, and, among
other entertainments, have arranged for
a trolley ride on August 2nd, taking in
the most interesting and leautiful en
virons of Portland, and on August 3rd
ten street cars will be provided for a
trip over the entire city.
The Southern Pacific Company will
sell tickets at a very low rate oione fare
for the round trip, from all points on
Oregon Lines to Portland and return,
for the occasion, and it is hoped that ev
ery section of the state will be well rep
resented at the convention, to work in
harmony for the development of Oregon.
Are You Going to St. Louis?
If so call for your tickets via the
ROCK ISLAND SYSTEM, the line hav
ing Terminal at entrauce Fair Grounds.
Round trip rate fGT.50. Good forninety
days from date of sale. Choice routes
going and returning via St. Paul, Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo or El
Paso. Stop over permitted in both
Dates of Sale: June 7th, ICth, 17th,
ISth, July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Aug, Sth, 9th,
Sept. 5th, Cth, 7th, Oct. 3rd, 4th 5th.
On above dates rate of ?72.50 will be
made to Chicago and return.
For further information and sleeping
car reservations call upon or address,
A. II. McDonald,
General Agent.
140 Third St., Portland, Oregon.
Instruments Repaired or Packed.
The Burr Music House is now pre
pared to repair your piano, organ or any
other kind of instrument and also makes
a specialty of safefly packing musical
instruments for shipment. Charge?
reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
Jv 1 tf
Coriolon 51179
The Imported Pereheon
"Coriolan" belonging to F.
B. Waite will make the sea
son at the Empire Livery
Stable of Kelly & Banks.
Every body is invited to call
and see this elegant stallion
and get prices and terms.
His weight is I7OO pounds
color black and his cost was
He was recently imported
from France and his full ped
igree is on exhibition at the
above named Livery Stable.
My Dear Aunt K'tte:
I must tell you the good news. Right
after receiving- your letter, the day before
New Year's I started in with new resolu
tions on the first of the year. I wrote to
Dr. R. V. Pierce, at Buffalo, N. Y., as you
requested me to do. I (rave hira all my
symptoms, which were that I was tired
so tired all the time and did not care to
go anywhere, depressed and sad, and all
ambition gone, backache and a drapged-out
feeling, could not sleep, limbs feeling sore
and aching. I followed the doctor's advice,
which he went to considerable pains to
make plain to me to rest every day a nap
after lunch complete relaxation cultivate
repose of mind, try not to worry, get as
much outdoor air as possible, and prac
tice long-, deep breathing, expanding the
lungs. Then fora uterine touic, Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, coupled with a wash
he told me of. I must say that after follow
ing his advict for four months I feci per
fectly cured and like a new woman.
Youra affectionally, Jewel.
Letters like the above are not unusual.
Mrs. Kooman, of8jj Grant Ave., Sc'ienectady,
N. Y says: "I continued with tht medicine
until I had taken five bottles, also two vials of
the 'Pleasant Pellets,' and I was cured. I al
ways recommend Dr. Pierce's medidnes to my
friends when they are not well."
My daughter Is In quite good health, thanks
to Dr. Pierce's medidnes. My withes are tint
all who are afflicted will try them and see what
good can be done for the sick," writes Mrs.
Elizabeth McConell, of Rochester, Ind.
Send 31 one-cent stamps to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for his Common
Sense Medical Adviser, xcoS pages.
Professional Cards.
Court Him so
Physician, Surgeon.
Oflico over P. O.
'Phono Main 691.
jyil. W. U. DARBY, I). M. I).
Office in the Abraham Building
(Over the I'nittiOice in the mice here
tofore occupied l,y Dr. J. It, Chnpmsn
Rojoburg, Oregon
Physcian & Surgeon.
i-none. Main n
Kevlcw Uulldiug,
Telephone No. 4. KOHKHCKO. OKSOn
M. Crawkokh a .1. O. Watson
Attorneys at Law,
Rooms IAS, Hank BulMn.. KOSCRUKH, OK.
X7"-Huine'.roreth. u s Laud Olareantf
raining crm a specialty.
MP Practice in all theHiaieaml Federal Couru
Office tu Marks' Hid.. RoburK. Ortwon.
Hank Building KOiKBKKG. OREGON
Room- 1 and
Mamirr- Building KOSEKt'Ki. OREGON
J-yt. II. L. STUDI.KY,
Osteopathic Physician
fore- chronic dix . rorrecc dt-fornialire
and remuw foreign glow ins. Aoul- disease
1m respond rvadth i. il- treatment.
Consultation Kn-c
Flea- arrange for ap.uitinrnu by phone
O&ce over the P.svt office I' No. Kill
itaeldei ce II. D. braves place. Itioae No. 12S
A tto r n ey-a t- La w
Notary Public
Murslers IlutMing
Sooicty Meetings.
AF. & A. M. Laurel Lode No. 13.
Hjl.lrm:nUr meelnn:? on steoorw
B and f orth of each
month. J. T. ISkuxjk-j, W. M.
N. T.JKWirrr, .Secretary.
I. O. ELKS. RoHebtirg Lodge No.
326. fold regular oommonica-
i ..... iinn i7 ti-n - . i
ind fourth TfiHredaye oi each montli.
All meic-jert- rqnee(d to attend rwn
larlv and al! vit-itintr Lnitfifrj" nrf- cordi
lly invited to attt-rxi.
F. h. W.itTE, K. K.
Rov McCutxLw, tMM-rutarv.
.O.N. j , tnerriB at Armor Hall every
rtinrsday evening, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. II .Mux. Capt
SO. O. F. PUiletarian Lodes No. S
Mtp in Odd Kt-llnict.' T.mnla fnr
ner Jackson and Case Ptrfutfi, on
Satnrda? evening ol each wefK Mem
bers ol tbe order in itofd fian.linc are
tuviiml to attend.
J. C. TwirciiuLL, N. U.
N.T Jkhett, .-:mary.
Kol I'. Alpha Lodge No 4". .Meet
Hvcry Wednesday, m I. 0. O. F
Hall a. 7:f) p. ra. Members in
iroou aiandtne are Invited to attend.
Gi: W. Kimball, C. C.
Elmer Wimhkkly, K. of K. A S.
LILAC CIRCLE. No W, Women ol
Woodcraft. Mpwto on 2nd and 4th
Thtirs'iHTe ol -aoh month al the I.
U. U. r. full. Hitii.5 memb"re in
(rood etamiine aro innt.Hl 'o attend.
Minnie Jones. Guardian Neighbor.
Hell Moriatt, Socretarv.
Second and Fourth Thursdays.
fc. tv Roeebnrir Chapter No. S
Holds their reeolar rowting on ths
firft and third Thnrsil.ra in nacl
nonth. Victtinc membre in troor"
Handing are respectfnlly invited to at
tend. Maudo Rast, XV. M.
Regina Rast, Secretary.
Caojn No. 125. MeetB at the Odd
- . 1. ...... II.ll I T I
o-iiuo nan. in ttOBflunrg. evT
Brat and third Mnndnr nmnlnn Via!(
tne neighbors always wclisime.
N. T. Jkwett. C. C
J. A. DcCHANAN, Clerk.
Notice to the Public.
United States Laud Office.
.. Koseburg, Oregon, July 15, 1901.
To horn It may concern.
Nntlfij Ifl lifmitir t,lpnn ih.i .1... .1-
Cal lonila Itallroad Company tin filed In this
nfllrA D I ll if iitirfn l . .-.-- I .t . . n.i .i.i..,i r . .
forsaldUnas; Uiat the lint Is open toUietmo.
iff. In, IniiuuiilAn ... . . '.
crinU-c subdivisions has been posted In a con
venient placo In this, office, for the Inspection
pi all personn Interested and the pub lc general
lv. bouth of llaic Line mid west ot W. M. All
of ec3i, tp;u g.r9w.
Within the next sixty day following tho
date of this notice, protests or contests against
the claim of the company to auy tiact or sub
division within any section or part of section
described in the list, on tho ground that the
same Is more valuable for mluernl lhaa lor
agricultural purposes, will 1 received and
noted for report In the Ucncral Ijtnd Olllco at
Washington, I), c.
J.T. IllUDOErf,
it- Klstcr.
I ir lmrirti
j 18 s 20 ' Receiver.
City Treasurers' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all parties
holding city warrants endorsed prior to
Aug. 27th, 1902, aro requested to present
the sanio to the city treasurer for pay
ment, as interest will ccaso thereon after
tho dato of this notice.
Dated Uosoburg, Ore., July 0, 1001.
II. C. Sloccm,
City Treasurer.
For sick headacho Inko Chamberlain's
Stomach and Livor Tabletes and n quick
cure is certaiu. For salt) by A. C. Mar
aters & Co.
In tho Circuit Court of the Htate ol OrcK"U,
for DourIb.h County:
AugiiM kiciikc, riaiiiuii,
Ij'im Klenlio. Dcfendimt.
1O1.0IIH Klcnlte, nbuvu namcil ilelclKliint: In
the numc of the State of Orcitoii, you inn here
by mimnotieil and required to appear ami ans
wer the complaint tiled ngalniil joti in the
aliovu entitled court and cause, within six
ucekx from the datoof the tlrst publication of
this summons, and tf you fall to appear and
aiiiwer hh herein required, Jor want thereof
plaintiff will apply to ald court lor the relief
demanded in his complaint, which Is for a de
cre from said court ilUiolvliK the marrlaKa
contract existing between plaintiff anil defend
ant, and fur such other am) fur.her rellof as to
the court may deem meet.
Tills summons Is publltht-d once a week for
at luHit six successive weeks Iu the Plmniieal
r.n, a semi-weekly nurpaper, published nt
KoMiUiri.', Oregon, by order of Hon. M. I).
Thompson, I'ouuty Judgu ol Douglas County,
Oregon, made JiineSI, l'JOI. The llrst publica
tion ot tills minimis i on JuuuZlnl, UKM.
llL'CHAtMN .t nilENINOKIt,
SO-Ol Attorneys for I'laiutlir.
Notice to the Public.
United States I-and Office.
Koseburg, Oregon, July S, I'M,
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice Is hereby given that the Oregon and
Callloiula Itallrnad company has filed iu this
oflico a l'st of laii'ts situated In the townships
described below, and has applied for a patml
tor said lands; that the list is open lo the pub
lic for Inflection and a copy thereof by de
scriptive sulslirisions has been posted In a con
venient place in this omce. for the inspect on
of all iersous HitcriU-d anil the public generally-
touth of llae Una and West of Willamette
Meridian. Ntt'Jj.XW,.' .SW"', Sec V, T
36, It ; allixcl.T.ii. It 9; nil Sec 3. T 31, K 9:
all Sou 5. T 31, R9; nil S-c7. T 11. K 9; ail sec 9 T
31 It 9. all !ec 11 I 31 R 9; KU NE'J E W Jt l, W
USee 13, 9; allecl?,Tp 3I.Tt 9; al!
Sec 17. I SI, K 9; ail St-c I9.T3I, 119. all ik-c SI.
T3I. K9; alUeciS.TSl, R 9: all fc'cc 25, T 3t. R
9. all Sec 27. T 31, P. 9. all Sec .U. I 9; all
See : T 31' rt 9; all fVc SC., T St It 9. all
!hv 1 T 31, H 10; all Sec 3, T 31. R 10. all 8ec
T31. K10; all St-c 7, T 31 K 10; all St-c 9. T 31,
It in; all-SfCll T3I.K10: nil Sec IS, T i. It
111; all S.-C 15. r 31 It tO: all Sec IT. T 31. it li.
all Sc 19. T 31. It 10; all Mec 21. T St. It P ; all R 10: all Sec S5. T si, K 10: all Sec
27.TSI. R 10; all bee 39. T 31. It 10. all sec SI. T
SI, R 10; all Sec .8. T .1, It 10. a'IScc 35.
South ol Uae l.ino and Eist of Willamette
Meridian All Sec 5. T 2i. K 1: all Vc 7. T ti.
UI: NWJ Sec 9. T 22 R 1 ; ss'i and NU. Set
17. T 12. it 1 ; all Sec 19. T S2, K 1.
Wimn lhe next slilv diva following t lo
ll ate of this notice, protests or ctnlrtU avalml
the claim of the compsuj to any tract or sub
division wlihiu any section, or part of sec
tion described in the list, on the
ground that the same Is more valu
able for mineral than 'or agricultural Dunoses.
lll be received and noted lor report to the
1 General Land Office al W.shliwion. I). C.
! JJ7B15 J. T HRIIMiEa. Ilea I iter.
; J.H 1IOOT11, Receiver.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Collage Grove, Lane County, State of Orjpn,
March 36. IWL
To K. ('. Onnii s administrator of the estate
of I). U. Colton. decease!, aud to Mrs. T. F. Wil
son. Mrs.CUtk J.TUdel,Mlt Carrie E. Mason.
Miss May Mason. Erutus Colton, lien T. Uunn
ami E. C. Uunn. heirs at law of said D. Cot
ton, deceased, and to all other persons claim
lu tny right, title or Intcre.t. either .In law
oi equity in or to the mining clttm herein
after described, as heirs of the said I). R. Col
ton, deceased or otherwise:
You and each of you are hereby notified, that
I. the unilersigaed. haveexdtsl money and
performed labor and woi k to the amount of
One Hundred Dollars, upon the " Homer" lode
mlaing ciaim, situated In the ilofceala Mining
District, in the Coanty of Douglas, Bute of
That the money so expended and the labor
icrteraed was performed and exr-eoded on
and between the 1st diy of 2-cpiember and the
SMh day ot Sptnber A. I). i:JS, In order to
bold said premises under the provisions of
Sectton 2SI of the Revised Statutes of the
roiled States and laws of the State of Oregon,
being the amount required to bold the satse
tor the year ending December SI. IMS.
That said work upon said claim was per
formed by Edd. Jenks and Ben Carry for and
at the expense of the undeislgned.
Awl It within Ninety fW) days from the ser
vice of this Notice upon you by the sheriff or
within Ninety (W) days after serrif of this
notice by publication you fall or refue to eon
tribute tre proportion of toeh expenditure as a
co-owner, your Interest In the said claim will
become the property of the undersigned under
said Section 321 by reavin of said failure to
contribute said proportion of said expenditure.
Notice for Publication.
Cntl States Land Odice.
Row-burr. Orpcoa June is, h.
Notice ti hereby circn that In oomplunc
with, the provisions of tr.r act of Consrvl of
June X. .. enutled -An at lor the sale ot
timber laids in the Males ol California. Oreron
Nevada .and ashlnc'.un Territory." as encod
ed to all the public labd slates by act of August
4. lii
ot Rosebors, county ot Isonxlas sla'e of Orc
con, has this day flfel in this office his sorn
statement No. SS.Y lor the putrhase of the e',
n;.n'1ne' of section No. 41 In tp No. as. s,
r No. 9 w.
and 111 olfer proof to show that the land south!
Is more valuable for It limber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hli
claim before the Kesister and Receiver of this
Gca ot Rose burr. Ore co a.
on Friday, the 9th dar of Septembers, 1901. He
names as witnesses: vnanes inom. man inora
Roseborc. Ore: William Sietner, Edward Von
Pel. ol Cleveland. Ore.
Any and all persons claimine adversely the
aUivc described lands are requested to file their
cuims iu mis noice on or oeroresaki 9tn usy ol
.iiriiiwri, i-.-.i. j. i. iii;imsa.
Ju aoss-pd Register.
Notice for Publication.
Cnlte.1 States Land OOce.
Roscbun;, Onuon. June II. l'AM.
Notice is hereby given that tn compltanc
with the provisions ot the act of Congress of
JuneS, 157J, entitled "An an for the sale ot
timber lands In the States of Callfornla.Oreiron
Nevada .and Washington Territory," asextend
d to all the public land states by act ot August
of Roscburc. county of Douclsj. state of Ore
gon, has this day file J in this office his sworn
statement No i '2. tor the rurchase ot thesU
nei. n1 st4 of section No. 21, In tp No. ai, a r
.-. -j w.
ana will otter proof to show that tha land sought
Is more valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
IXlce of Rom burg, Oregon.
on Friday, the Uih day ol September, 1901. He
names as witnesses: uoarics uiom. John
Thorn. Rfwcbure, Ore; Wl llamStciner.Eduard
Von IVssI.cI Cleveland, Ore
Any and all nersons claimine advcrselr the
above described lands arc requested to file
incir claims in mis omce on or Deiore said 9IU
day of September, 1901.
Jn SS pd Register.
United States Land Office.
Bnsebure. Oregon, June 10 1901.
A sufliclci.t conlestadidavlt hiving been Sled
In this office bv William A Snrasue.contes ant.
against Homestead cntery No 10037, made Jnne
3ft. I9U0. for n4 tni. se! svU, sec.,
r3w. by Jesse Whitlow, ointestee. In which
It Is alleged that Jesse Whitlow Is dead, hav
ing been dead about two jcars; that none of
his heirs, II he has auy such heirs, have en
tered upon, or In any manner cultivated the
1... .M....n.l 111 kl. ..(.I ..I . I ... . . U . . . 1. I
Ittiii. iiiiLiinVjV.i iu uipniu imiiu, ..m. IUCH1U
claim is wholly abandoned, r-aid parties aro
hereby no'lfled to arncar. resnond and nfftr
evidence touching raid allegation al 10 o'clock
a. m on July 12, 190-1, before tho Register and
uccciver at mo uuiicu states unu uuice in
Koscutirg uregon.
The said contestant having. In a nroncr affi
davit, tiled June 10. 19C1. set forth facts which
show Dial aiterdtic diligence personal rervlec
oi tnis notice can not do mauc, ti is Hereby
ordered and directed that such notice bo given
oy uue aim proper puuucaiion.
j. i. UKIUUKH,
J. II. liOOTll.
Vol 17-6w-pd Receiver.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Is hereby clvcu that the undersigned. tl Ihi. ul.l. nl 11 L- lltlll
deceased, has tiled his final account aa such
administrator In tho County Court of Douglas
County, Slate of Oicgou, and that said county
court has set Tuesday thu'.'Cth day of July, law,
nt 10 o'clock ot said day, at the court house
in iiociurg, iiougins county, Slato ot Oregon,
as tho tlrnn and vlaco ol hearing objections
thereto, and for the final settlement of said
estate. 8. 1,. DII.LARD,
Administrator ol the estate of M. E. Dlllanl,
Dated this 21th day ol Juno 1901.
Wood Wanted on Subscription.
Those wishing to pay up their sub
scription to tho Plaindkalku and not
having tho cash, but having wood, wo
aro willing to nmko tho exchango and
receivo wood on subscription at tho reg
ular markot price Wo will accept both
stove and heater wood.
Plaindealkr Pub. Co.
Administrator's Notice.
In County Court nf Htatn of Ornirnu tor
Douglas County,
In the matter of the estate of John II Hhnne.
dercasod :
Notice Is hereby ghen that the undersigned,
by order of abov named Court, rnailn anil
entered In the Journal ot said Court on April
liin, i-jui, was appoimc-i aumiuistrator ot tne
above-named estate.
All persons having claims against laid eststc
arc requested to present the same, duly verified,
Wlthltl six months from ilri- i.f (Ms tuiHrv. mul
all persons Indebted to said estate arc request
ed to malio Immediate payment to the under- ins omce, Review building, Rose
burg, Oregon.
Dated Oils 12th day of April, 1901.
J. C. KUJ.I.KUTON, Administrator.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office
Roscliurg, Oieguti, June !, 1901.
Nntlcc Is hereby L-lvvn that In f-fiTnr,llATi
with the prnrlslonn of the act ol Congress ol
Junes, 17S, entitled "An act for the sale ol
timber lmd In theStatcs ot California. Oregon.
ntvuus ami nasninginn lerrtiorv as extended
tnall the public land states by act ot August -I
of Roseburg, county or Douglas, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed In this otlllco his sworn
statement of G'JU, for the purchase of the SWli
of Section No I, Tout ship 27 8, Range 3 west
and will offer proof to show that the laud sought
Is moro valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to estabtlsh hli
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
olilta of Itoseburr.Oreeon.
ouWcmcsday the 21st day of September, 1901
She names as wltiiessys John Evarts. K
Eva- ts of P.-cl. Ore., II Krakentx-rger. of Rose
burg. Ore . II A Cooley, ! Keri-y, Ore.
Any and all nersons claiming adi-prx-tr tbi
above described lands are requtsttd to file their
claims in this office on or before said 21st day of
"I"-. j. i . nr.iLii ts
JHp Register.
Notice foi Publication.
I'nlted States Land Office.
Roseburg. Oregon July 1, 19UI.
Notice is hereby given that, in compliant
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Junes, 16.8. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands In the Htatesof Caltfornla.Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," aseztend
d to all th public land states by act ol August
. 174.
lOllN B d ItKK.S"
of Roy, county of I'earce. state of
Washington has ibis day filed in thisoirief his
sworn sta-i-m.-nt N'l i".'J69 fur the purchase of
the NE!- of sec ;;t, Tji 'A s. It west
and will olfer proof loshou hat the land sought
Is mre valuable for Its timlr or stone ltn
for agricultural turtjses. aud to rstaMlh Ms
claim before the Register and IU:ceiver of this
oflico of Roseburg.Oreiron.
on Thursday the J2ndday of September, I'M.
He names as witnrsses- Jonn Rogers. Jonn
Clark, W H McCrosen of Roseburg, Oregon,
Munis O Hill, ol Elbe, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely lhe
abore described lands are requested to file their
claims in this oEc on or before said And day
olst-pllWI. J. T BRlIKiEi,
JHp Register.
Sheriffs Sale.
In the Circuit Court ot tb- State of O'egon
for Isouglss County.
Murphy (irant A Co 1
a corporation
Plaintiff ,
The VeOee Co.. a corpor I
atlon. tT MeUee aad 1' J
Me i-e.
Defendantii. )
Noilce is hereby given last by virtue of an
execution, duly issued out of the above named
court and cause on the Ttb day of July J9.
upon a Judgement and dt-ciee duly rendered
and enterol In said conn and cannon the lh
d.yoi My lMa. in favor ol tho above named
pUlntiff and against the above nnvl defend
anu. the McOw Co . and P T MKire.
for the the sum of ISIM upon which
jodgtmrnt there was rreditol July
t:. UM2. ibe mm ol tlw leaving
a deficiency thereon of llTiisj with iotefvtt
thereon from July 12. 1'MZ. at the rale of S per
cent ter annum, which judgemtnt was du'y
enrolled and docketet in the clerk's office of
sa d cnurt on the JO day of May. lCUi.
New therefore I willcn
Saturday the 20 day of August lo0.,
at one o'clock p m. nf said day at the iron
house front do ir in kottmrg. Oougla county
Oregon, sell at paM:e aui-Uou. t the hlchest
blddr. for cash In harxJ, all the right, title and
intent' tbesai.1 defendants. Thr Mciee C..
and I' T Metiee or either of them
bad on the 1.-th day oi July or al
anv t me thereafter, n or ths fn'kntlag de
scrbd premises, wwit: The northst quar
ter o the northeast quarter of sectioa . ton
shlp J9 s.mih. itSK i wel of W M., i Isaogtta
fooitr. Oregon, toewther with all ami Mnga-ar
the l-neiaeoU. hereilitamenLs sal appartea
an tbereanto beioniag or Ln aaywtse ap-I-crUtDiog
aud will apply the tiveeejt of torh
sale, drsl to the can o' such sale, and to th
payment of the sum of I1TU9 doe the plainti:
with interest thereon at the rate of $ pw o-nt
per annum from the l!lh dy of lulv. IHjS, and
the o erplus if an) there be. par over to the
ssld dlendaat. The Mr;ee Ckj . an.1 P T Jle
Ge tbelr algns or le. al representatives
Dated at Koseburg. this 1 h day of July M.
JllalS 11 T.McCLALLEN.
sheriff of Douglas county. Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
I'mied Suites Land Offie.
Roseburg. Oregon, july T. Ks.
Notice is here'-y given tha: la oosapbaar
with the provist -nsoflhe set of CoagreM of
Juoet.'.s. entii.rd "An art for the sale of
Uralr lands in th States of Call'orala. Oregon
Nevada. and Waihlo;ton Trrriiory,"ajxted
ed to all the public land staus by act of August
. lli
cf I Rnvbaix, rountv of IVmg'as. stale ol
Oregon, has this lay filcl in .hi oOVrv his
sworn siatement No tWT fr the turchae of
tne ot fc,, and Lots 1 and 1 ol sec
tion I. -ownship south, range 3 weot.
and w ill offer proof to show that tha land sought
Is more valuable for lis timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
offlc ol Rom burg, Oregon.
on Monday, the luth day of Oetobe-. 19M. He
names as witnesses: S W. Turncll, Wm. Uar
nell. Press Turnell, H.J Roblnette.all of Peel,
Douglas county. Oregon.
Any and allpersons claiming adversely the
uui c iicBcfiuru ianus are rctiuesteu uj aie tne r
claims In this othce on or before sai- ISthday
Ol wet I. i. 1SK11AIU
-jullp RegiUer.
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
for the Couot v Gt Multnomah.
Allen A Lei. Plaintiff .
Mr II T Hurr. IVfendant.
By virtue ol a writ of execution dn'y ined
out of ami under the seal ot the abve entItle-1
court In the above entlik.l action, to me dl
reclcl and dated th llth day of July. KOI, up
on a Judgment rendered and entered In said
court on the Sth dsy of July. 1SMI. In lavor ol
Allen A Lewis and against ssld Mrs. II T liurr
lor tne sura ot lour hunired thrtv-one dollar
and scven'y-lhnre cents (Mll-'.3) with Interest
threoii at the rate of eight per cent rxranunm
from the Sth day of Dcctmber. 19U. and tbe
lurlbcr sum ot twentv-utnedollar-v and twentv
cents (liSJM costs and disbursements and the
cos s ana disbursements of and upon this writ
of execution, commanding mc to mike sale ol
tbe following described premlics. to-wlt:
The S-Hilhcast qusiter (SE4) of section twenty-six
(M) In township twenty (20) south of
range elsht (S) west ot the Willamette Meridian
In Oonglas county. Slato ol Orcgou. ai'achol
lu said action on the Sin dav ol April. l'JOI
Now therefore Incompliance with the com-
manas oi saia writ, l wttl, on
Thursday, the 25 day of August, 190-s,
at ua(10)o'clivk a m at the front door ot the
County Coutt House ln the city ot Roseburg,
Donglas county. State of Oregon, sell al public
auction, subject to redemption, to the highest
bidder for U S. golj coin cad In hand,
the above described real propcrtv and all the
right, title and Interest the sld defendant had
therein on the dateof sad attach cut, towlt:
thcsihdayot April, I'M. or sinco has had
therein to satisfy said rlt of execution aud all
accruiiwcostH. II. T. McCLALl.EN,
Sheriff ot Douglas county, Oregon. Jii
Sheriff's Sale.
Iu tlieXlrcuit Court of the State of Oregon
for the County ot Multnomah.
Allen A Lewis, Plalntitn
II T Hurr, Defendant
Hy virtue of a writ of cxecu'Ion dulv Issued
out 01 ami unuer mcseai 01 m-auovo entlllcM
court lu the above entitled action, to me dl
rectetl and dated the 13th day of July, l'AM, up
on a iudiment rendered and entered in said
conn on the 9th day o' July, I'.VI, In favor of
Allen A Lewis aud against said 11. T. Hurr lor
tho sum of three hundred eighty -six dollars and
inirty-iour cents iw-djn witn interest thereon
at the tato of S per cent ner annum from the
30th day of Dec -labor 1903, and the further
sum of tcnty-nine dollars and twenty cents
(J."-).'.')) costs aud disbursements aud trie costs
and disbursements of and upon this writ ot
cxecutliiu, commanding me to make sale of the
following dcscr!rd premises to-wit:
The NorthcaUiiuarlert.NE'.t) section twen-ty-to
CJ.') in townshin twentv (X) south of
range eight (S) nest ol the Wlllaine'.l Meridan
in uougias county, state 01 uregon, attachul
ln said action on the Sth day of April. 1WI.
Now therefore ln compliance with the com
mands ol s-Uil writ. I will i n
Thursday, the Z5 tiny of August, i90-i
at ten (In) o'clock a m at the hunt door ot the
County Court House In tho city of Rrwrburg,
tn Douglas couuty. State of Oregon, sell at pub
lic auction, subject to redemption, to tho high
est bidder, for united States gold coin cash lu
hand, the almvc describe 1 real property and
all tho right, title an t Interest the stld defend
ant had therein on tho date of said attachment,
to-wlt, the rith day ot April, 1901, or since has
had therein to satisfy said wilt of execution
and all accruing costs.
Slicrirrot Douglas county, Oregon. J V5
Pay and Get a Nice Map.
For tho next thirty days to nil who
pay us two dollars on subscription, wo
will present them a nico map of Oregon
and a map of the world. Tho value o
he map la one dollar.
Ho! for St. Louis and the World's Fair
Nature's Art Gallery of the Rockies in addition to the at
tractions at St. Louis. This can only be done by going or
returning via the "SCENIC LINE OF THE WORLD."
Wri' ' a?ed booklet of Colorado's famous sights and resorta
W. C. flcBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third Street PORTLAND, OREGON
We will pa' the highest cash price for Hides,
green or dry, Pelts ,goat skins, furs, iron
bras?, copper, lead, zinc, rubber boots &, shoes
Have some splendid bargains in second hand Fnmitnre
Are You Going to St Louis?
If so Purchase your Ticket via the
Choice of Routes going or returning, via
St. Paul, Denver, Colorado Springs
or Pueblo
For Rates Call on pour Local Agent
Dates of Sale: June 16-17-18 July 1-2-3
Aug; S-9-10 Sept. 5-6-7 Oct. 3-5-5.
For further information and Sleeping Car Reservations
Call on or Address
a. h. Mcdonald
140 Third st, Portland, Ore. Gen'l Agent.
Lumber & Building
At a Sacrifice
ead Our ash Prices
Rough Lumber $S.oo
Sized Lumder. : $S.oo
1 x 12 Common s 2 s $S.oo
Shiplap $10.00
1x6 Flooring $10.00
And all other LUMBER m proportion.
Lumber Yards near Depot
By J.J.KENNEY, Pres.
Ot every deacnytion. Farms and Min
eral Lauds. Oregon, Washington and
Title Ciuarantee&Loan Co.
O C. Hamilton
Socj. and Tmm
nflm Id thn Hnilrt Hahm U... t 1 ..
- - - W . VJ IU.UUI1 WU
nlcto at of abxtract bookt In Douglas Count
Abstracts aud C'crtiacatca ol TiUo iurnUhcdn
lkmgla county land and mining- clalmi. Hi.
almacompletotoITraclnst of all townih
Ei?,?.J.h?Ro5Bb?r Ortson.D. S. Land Dl
trlct. til raaka hlne nrlnt miniM nt
ship. ' ' ,uwa
fi. Little, & "1
Reliable crown and bridge work. J
P. Johnson, dentist. Grave's b'ld'g. 49U
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Blue Prints 1 of Township Maps showing
all vacantLands.
Architect, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in new Bank Building. 'Phone 415
? MRS. U cac-ts.i a
&-r3 tri v
is prepared to wait uj
and DeTcnabimAnaniV
J ...
upon old J
udfrienda J
with a full and complete t
stock of F
I 305 Jacksen St., Rsac&urg
Ait irean ana oi tua mrv ks w
nnilil. T.. 1 tw
... , . cvueea are t
Brxvialtinii Vnnr utw.. a