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States for the same period. The
Da cd hum PlainripalPP Party s,nce lfc aclueved contro1 of
KUdCUUly iIdlllUeaH3lthe national covernment in 1860, has
been the directing force in national
Published Mondays and Tlmn-days.
V. C. CONNER, Editor
F. H. ROGERS, Manager
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progress, and in the vast aavance-j
ment made in every line. Its policies
have given scope for the free work-
infT of those forces which make for
popular progress and national growth
in population and power.
Wm. Ford and Miss Amber Bogard the
Principals in Sensational Tragedy.
Entered at the Post Office in Roseburg,
Ore., ae second class mail matter.
JULY 14, 1904.
Theodore Roosevelt, of New York.
Chas. W. Fairbanks, of Indiana.
County Claims Allowed.
Following ia the list of claims allowed
at the July term of County Court, o
Douglas County, Oregon :
J T Henderson judge elec t C 00
S A Perkins " 0 00
Scott Morris clerk elec (I 00
A E Ozouf " 20 40
C L McAfee judge elec 0 00
bred Weatherly clerk elec 0 00
A F l'rown judge.elec 0 00
The democrats have an apparent
preference for old men for the vice- W. I. Vawter of iledford, who re
nrftsidpntial nomination. When Cleve- ceived a flattering endorsement here
land was first nominated in 1SS4, his at the last election for Joint Repre-
running mate was ex-Governor Thomas sen tative from Douglas and Jackson
A. Hendrick, of Indiana, who had been counties, is a candidate for Speaker
the candidate for the vice-presidency of the House. He is a good parlia-
on the Tilden ticket in 1S76. Hen- mentarian and well fitted for the po-
dricks was 66 years old when inaug- sition. The members from this part
urated and died a few months later, of the state, the PLAlNDEALERjbelieves
In 1SS8, Cleveland's associate on the will give him their hearty support,
Allen O. Thnrman. the
nMP- f nw Bi,ra.7S The Woodless campaign
Because Paul Wendling, a Portland
man, contended that the sanitation of
Portland is not what it should be;
that the drinking water is too warm
and injurious to health; that board
ing house meals were not served on
time and their coffee is bad, he was
adjudged insane and committed to tyjfg pamjy pr0Vjnd g Barrier tO COnSUITl'
r hp, nsvlnm Monri.iv. This is a sDeedv 3
and effective manner in dealing with
knockers, to say the least.
U L Steams
J L Hunt clerk elec.
mation of Ford's Love for, Miss Bogard,
They Decide to Die Together.
about American Lake,
Having grown despondent from
brooding over the barrier which
blighted all prospects for the future
happiness of herself and the man, who
by his unholy love had won her affec
tions, pretty sixteen-year-old Amber
Bogard and William D. Ford, mutual-
self destruction and
in and
near Tacoma, ly agreed upon
n l - 7m oS has been occupying the fin pages of calmly and deliberately carried out
"Uncle" Adlai Stevenson was older w it f Lwo,i..i ni,.a k-
tne Dig iNortnwest dames mis weeiv, "-" uwu.v i...b.v. v v
to the utter exclusion of the "less
when he
drowning themselves in the Umpqua
river at a point three miles below
Millwood, between the hours of mid
night and dawn Tuesday morning,
in which was enacted one of the most
shocking tragedies ever recorded in
Douglas county. From evidence and
testimony submitted at the inquest,
which was conducted by Dr. J. (J.
paper ft appears that Ford, a married
than President Cleveland
and when he ran again on the ticket important ' war news from the Orient,
with Mr. Bryan in 1900, he was 65, ar seems the all passion, je
whileMr. Brvan was then onlv40. S1 of our boasted "v.luation
An Saw-all Rrrnn's rrninino- mnrp Juu
in lsyb, was his senior Dy many On .Tnlv V2th tha Inland Democrat.
years. Judge Parker is 52, while ex- a new. weeyy newspaper was launched
Senator Henry C. Davis, of West Vir- at Grangeville, Idaho, by Hon. A. C.
- - ii o i !.. 4.v:i. .
6 , . , . aioore. mis newspaper appeaia m Twitchell, county coroner,
years ago, ana is long past me mar comDetition to the Grangeville
oi wree score years anu ten. nublished bv E. McBroom. formerly of m,n n(rP(i -iinnr SS vir. who raided
Roseburg. with his family, a wife and four chil
dren, on what is known as sheep
ranch" some four or five miles below
Millwood, has been paying his atten
tions to Miss Bogard for some time
past and had succeeded in winning
her confidence and affections. How
ever, it seems that the consummation
An Alabama Democrat says the of their plighted love for one another
negro plank in the Chicago platform found an unsurmountable barrier m
rr - . has destroved the Republican Dartv in Ford s existing domestic relations,
nave Deen aDie to wonu , x, - T1 , r,
V hat cities and counties need are
President nnnnellr for the nnion mavors. district attorneys, assessors
We are fighting against a decrease in
wages. The average pay for unskill
ed workmen was ISh cents an hour.
We ask this be made the minimum.
The employers cut it to 17i and 15
cents. With steady work, a man
could live on 15 cents, but in some
plants men
only 13 hours a week.
Armour & Co., for employers We
consider the demand for an advance
in wages entirely unwarranted by
conditions. We propose to submit
the question to arbitration, but the
union declined. We have had appli
cations from hundreds of men for po
sitions at less wages.
and sheriffs who will do their full
duty fearlessly. Then the presidency
will take care of itself, pertinently
remarked the daily Journal.
the South. It seems probable now and as this mutual intatuation m-
thnf. the Democrats will carrv even creased, this barrier to the future
Mississippi and Texas. happiness of the couple enlarged and
finallv produced despondencv on the
Governor Chamberlain is visiting part 0f the unfaithful husband and
his mother in Natchez, Miss. He will his jnrl lover, which prompted them
go to Cincinnati July lb to attend t0 together.
the meetmg ot the supreme lodge oi On Mondav evening Ford called at
Elks. He is expected to return home the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. II
about July 25.
Nothing more of the matter reached
Sheriff McClallen until about four
o'clock in the afternoon, when a tele
phone message from .Millwood an
nounced that the bodies of the couple
had been found in the river.
Wednesday morning Coroner Titch
ell and Deputy Sheriff V. L, Bogard,
the latter being an uncle of the dead
irl, went to .Millwood to hold an in
vest and inquire more fully into the
tragedy. It was stated that parties
from Millwood who started out to
trace and apprehend if possible, the
supposed eloping couple, found no
trouble in following their footprints
ilong the road to the Alexander Fish-
ry, where the boat and coat on the
opposite side of the river attracted
their attention, and calling to mind
the repeated threats of the girl to
Irown herself, a little investigation
revealed the dead bodies of the couple
ying at the bottom of the deep pool,
still locked in one another's embrace.
The bodies were recovered and the
inquest brought out few additional
facts, and while there was no eye
witness to the tr.tgedv it is apparent
from the evidence that it was with
out doubt a deliberate and premedi
tated double suicide, prompted
through despondency, or a desire to
save the principals and their families
from disgrace.
The voung ladv belongs to a verv
G 00
6 00
C A McGeo judge elec 0 00
Harvey Cockoram " 0 00
Hobt Hunt clerk elec 6 00
Henry Conn judge elec 8(0
William Kamii COO
V T Kmery clerk elec 0 00
Jos Sykes judge elec 0 20
NTJewett " 0 00
G Worthington clerk elec C 00
A S Buell judge elec 7 CO
James Morgan " 0 CO
Wm Voorhees clerk elec 0 00
Koy McClallen judge elec 0 00
W K Huzzell " 0 00
Ed H inkle clerk elec 0 00
J M Donnell judge elec
David McKay "
G W Short clerk elec
E Underwood " 3 00
Geo Carter " 4 00
II Dyer " 2 50
I, L Perdue hall rent lights.,... 2 60
Mrs. J II Griggs hall rent 3 00
SHCroy " ' 2 60
T W Androwo " 3 50
IB Nichols oil 25
Nels Kydell hall rent 3 60
J A Black juror 11 40
Chas McGee juror 10 80
J L Churchill judge election 10 (()
Lewis Decker " 0 00
W D Ford clerk election 0 00
D C Livingston judge election. . . ! 00
Lafe Engles " 10 00
W II Bond clerk election li 00
It M Noah judge election C 00
.... 7 GO
G 00
. . . . 00
D.ivid Thompson judge elec C 00
8 00
ilec G 00
II Z Ireland " 0 00
W II Coats clerk election 9-10
M L Brown judge election 11 40
Fred Snyder " 0 00
Hiram Thrush clerk election 0 CO
Charley Bartley judge election.. GOO
Scott Nunn " G 00
Sam Morgan clerk election G 00
W II Shane judge election G 00
Geo Rouse " G 00
Michael Goetz clerk election ... 2G 00
A B Haines judge election 10 40
John Hancock " 0 00
S II Brown clerk election G 00
II E Andrus judge election G 00
2la koop tho largost and
bast assortment of Staplo
and Jancy Sroeoros, &rosh
bruits and Jarm iProduco
in tho ctty, and can snpply
your wants at as cheap or
cheaper prices than can be
had anywhere.
Remember that wo Jcaop
tho ficst.
X J Richards
L E Millege clerk
The "cross of gold .and crown of
thorns" has lost its eloquence and
meaning to Democracy, and has a de
cidedly hollow ring since the late
Democratic national convention.
The following high compliment is
paid the Oregon Soldier boys by a
staff correspondent at the American
Lake Encampment:
The excellent discipline and organi
zation of the men of the Third Ore
gon Regiment of Infantry ia at
tributed by many to the fact that the
regiment is officered almost entirely
by veterans of the Spanish-American
War. The omcers oi uoionei uan- next exchange
tenbeins staff were m the "lump- Ljolence
pines with but one or two exceptions
and a maioritv of the com- What the Democrats
pany commanders and Lieutenants done and what they
saw service in the Orient during Agui- food for
naldo's nalmv davs. week.
t r - . i t Ti 1 1 t.
It is enough to fill many an Oregon 5 won 1 D0Il DUt a bPeBCB
home with anxiety to read under l 1113 advocating juage racers eiec-
great scare heads in the Northwest
daily papers that "a fierce engage
ment occurred at American Lake
Monday and Wednesday between the
First and Second Brigades, the Sec
Brigade being repulsed with 'heavy
loss.'. The Third Oregon was routed
while the First Separate Oregon done
valiant service for the victorious
First Brigade in the face of .a deadly
fire." Mothere, wives and sweet
hearts will anxiously await tidings of
the safely of their dear ones on the
fateful battlefields about American
Lake, Washington.
Uhurchill, the home of the voung
lady, who was a step-daughter of Mr.
Churchill, and the evening was spent
pleasantly, the parents having never
noticed any undue intimacy between
I Ford and their daughter. After Ford
departed for his 'iome the young lady
The Jap has shewn himself a great retired as usual, but it seems, quietly
all-around fighter. All around the crept from her room sometime after
Russians, for one thine flank, front midnight and joined Ford who re-
and rear. mained outside in waiting for her and
the two walked leisurely down the
Parker and Davis have exchanged river a distance of about three miles
m 111 1 I'll .
congratulatory teleerams. ihey wm below Millwood to a point Known as
messages of con- Alexander's Fishery, where Ford had
been working. At this point they
entered a boat and crossed the river
to a deep pool on the opposite side
Here they tied the boat and after Ford
removed his toat and placed it on
small tree, the couple evidently jump
ed into the water from the rear end
of the boat and sank in a last fond
embrace in about ten feet of water.
The suicide was therefore most delib
erate and premeditated, a conclusion
which is verified from the fact that
on several occasions prior to the
tragedy the young lady whosi friends
had noticed aDneared in a desnondent
The New York press thinks Parker mood threatened to end her life
in sending his famous telegram to
Sheenan intended to rebuke Hill.
should have
did will now be
conversation for several
tion would be interesting, to say the
V L Bogard judge elec 0 00
A Marshall " 19 00
W 1 Totteii clerk elec G 00
A II Henson judge elec G 00
G W .Marvin clerk elec G 00
RS Johns " GOO
J D Cornutt judge elec G 00
U W Wonnacott clerk elec 12 00
EW Riddle " GOO
M J Willars judge elec G 00
J L Boyles clerk elec 14 80
0 T Beals " G 00
T J Butcher judge elec G 00
G W I'uckett clerk elec 6 00
R I. Couglar " 6 00
W H Lindsev judge elec 6 00
L J Shaffer
J BRader clerk election
Wm M Moore judge election
C D Drain
J A Black clerk election
Henry Mooney judge election. . .
C M Henderer
Roht Anlauf clerk election
Wm Helliwell judge election
E B Spangenberg "
Aaron Applegate clerk election. .
Grant Taylor deputy sheriff
R A Woodruff
estimable and highly esteemed pioneer Geo A Crane
family and has always born an irre
proachable reputation. She was of a
gentle ami winsome dispositition and
was held in the highest regard by all
who knew her.
W. D. Ford has resided in the Mill
wood vicinity for some time past and
leaves to mourn his loss a wife and
four children, the eldest of whom is
six years, and the lamuv is m almost
destitute circumstances. Funeral
services over the bodies were con
ducted Wednesday, interment in the
Cole's Vallev cemeterv.
Jasper Wilkins clrrk
L D Carl
Ed Weaver judge elec
Claud Fallen clerk elec
A F Cornutt
Obe Barker judge elec
Roht Blakely clerk elec
Will Singleton "
James Wright judge elec
F I' Brown clerk elec
W A Smiley judge elec
Ben E Lyster clerk elec
E E Ricker
A E Butler judge elec
Jus Grubbo clerk elec . . ..
W C C Sagabard
G W Stephens judge elec 9 40
A AThielclerk elec G 00
E M Brooks " 6 00
I E Medley judge elec 9 40
Ifadore Rice, clerk elec G 00
S C Quant " 6 00
Frazier Ward judge elec GOO
Tho- Ward clerk elec 6 00
G 00 1
6 20
G 20
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
6 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
24 00
6 00
G 00
G 00
Coroner's Verdicts.
James Bridges judge elec GOO
Ed U-nox clerk elec G 00
I. R Mynatt " 6 00
E M Goodman judge elec G 00
W E Cochran clerk elec 6 00
JTSpaugh " ' GOO
Perry Duncan judge elec 6 00
W II Bozzell clerk elec 6 CO
E II Smick ' 6 OT
Jobn Agee judeelec GOO
Jack Chenoweth clerk elec G 00
Narcissus LaRaut " 6 00
W A Simmonds judge elec G 00
Edgar Walker clerk elec 6 00
J A Eggars " 0 00
W II Redfield judge el-c G 00
I) B Redfield clerk elec 6 00
E K Wilson judge elec 20 GO
0 00
G 00
Parker was not understood to be so
safe a man that he could be allowed
to talk before the ticket was made.
by drowning, and on the day prior to
the drowning Ford had written a let
ter to his wife and gave it to the
and voted for Parker.
Thf Dpmof.rar.n p.hfiRrftd for Cleve-
land, howled with delight for Bryan M f rrier o feli7 in ,he
BUiieu among uiuei tilings mat uu-
fore you receive this letter I will
Bryan says Parkers nomination have passed into another world."
was secured by crooked and inde- Upon arising Tuesday morning Mr.
fensible methods." and Mrs. Churchill discovered that
their daughter was missintr and it be-
August26, is the date fixed for found that ForJ coul(1 not be lo.
the State and its impracticability and the big Jeffries-Monroe fight in San cated it wag suspicj0ned that an
intricacies become apparent to those Francisco. elonment had been nlanne.1 and suc-
Demo- ces3uy carried out by the couple. "
Mr. Churchill 'phoned to bhenff
McClallen at Roseburg, telling him of
Again the war news has the stage the elopement and asking him to come
Millwood, Oregon, Julyl3, 190-1.
We, the coroner's jury, empaneled
to inquire into the cause of the death
of Miss Amber Bogard, declare that
she was 1G years old at the time of
her death; that death occurred by
drowning, at a point about 3 miles
below Millwood, Douglas county, Ore
gon, in the Umpqua river, at a point
known as Alexander's Fishery, and
further, that death occurred about 3
o'clock a. m., July 12, 190-1, and that
the act was committed with suicidal
Wm. B. Clakkb,
C. M. Rasmussk.v,
A. L. Hkhaki,
J. S. Gkkmond,
v. l. bogakd,
Antwixe McKay.
Da. J. C. Twitchell, Coroner.
July 13, 1904.
G 00
6 00
6 00
Since the direct primary measure
has been adopted by the voters of
The Populists and Bryan
crats will organize to fight Parker.
and the front page.
who are making its workings a study
as well as the additional expense it
seems sure to incur to the taxpay
ers, a murmur is going up to the ef
fect that the measure did not receive
that careful consideration of the vot
ers which all such imDortant matters
should receive, and even its most ar- No Longer a Democratic Paper.
dent supporters seem somewhat dis- m
. K . , , , , . . Chicago, Julv 11. The Chicago
appointed in the probable outcome of Chr0D;cle. which kas been generally re-
the measure, which is receiving much garded as a Democratic newspaper, will
announce formally in its issue tomorrow
that it will hereafter appear as a Repub
lican newspaper.
immediately and arrest Ford. Sheriff
McClallen informed Churchill that he
would have to come to Roseburg and
swear out a warrant first, whereupon
Mr. Churchill promised to do so.
A I Ijnenl)erg "
W S Booth clerk elec
W S Brilt judge elec
W L Nichols
II F Nichols clerk elec
R Fate judge elec
Wm Perdu
W H Ravmond clerk elec
Al Stewart judge elec 13 00
V D Love " 6 00
W F Harris clerk elec 6 00
DSK Buick judge elec 6 20
G W Karzartee " G 20
David Martin clerk elec G 20
Hiram Gallop judge elec 10 40
G 00
... G 00 1
G 20
G 00
We, the jury empaneled to inquire
into the death of W. D. Ford, find
that Mr. Ford is 3S years old and he
was drowned in the Umpqua river,
Douglas county, Oregon, about three
(3) miles below Millwood, at a point
known as Alexander's Fishery, and
from evidence produced and a letter
written to his wife, that ho drowned
himself with suicidal intent, July 12,
190-1. Wm. B. Clakkb,
C. M. Rasmussen,
A. L. Hebakd,
Antwinb McKay,
J. S. Gekmond,
J. C. Twitchell, Coroner.
July 13, 1904.
H Dyer
Wm Armitagc clerk elec
J J Thornton judge elec 8 20
W Shoemaker
W F Price clerk elec
Ed Marstera judge elec
Wm Gilliam
II C Allen clerk elec 0 00
Jesse Morris clerk elec 0 00
E D Powell judg elec G 00
Ferdie Fortin clerk elec 6 00
C L Germond " G 00
Arthur Blakely judge elec G 00
Chas Clarke clerk elec G 00
Isaac Mathews " 6 00
A S Buahnell judge elec 6 00
Geo Byron clerk elec 6 00
A A Giles " 6 00
John Wilson judge elec 6 00
Jos Thompson clerk elec G 00
J G Barnes " 6 00
Alvah Flock judge elec G 00
Morris Raymond clerk elec 6 00
I) W Hanks " 1G 40
F D Lander judge elec. G 00
Frank 5IcIntyro clerk elec 0 00
Frank Flischer " G 00
Darrius Wells judge elec G 00
J M Stark clerk elec 6 00
C C Adkinson " 0 00
J R Hutchinson judge elec 13 40
C H Maupin clerk elec G 01
A T Reed "
Benton Mires judge elec
Ira Wimlwrly clerk elec
Jas A Sterling "
W D Simmons "
J I Chapman "
N PJones "
H A Crow
F M Hopkins
CO White
Frank Calkin
Alfred .Mathews "
W M Thompson . "
A B Haines Sr "
Sam Jonea "
A W Umb "
Allie Perkins "
E G Young t Co hall rent
J M Donnell
A H Henson
H H Gidney
J M Fletcher
W B Clarke
W Freyer
A W Lamb
W II Thompson maicing booths..
I O O F hall rent
E E Wells
Darius Wells juror
J L Hunt
Lewis Ash "
Ai Stewart
Jno R Sutherlin '"
V L Bogard '
ET Woodruff
Al Stephens
Joseph Mabley "
Henry Bashnell "
J M Thompson "
Edward Weaver "
Jobn Spaugh "
O T Beals
Miles Agee
Forrest Berry grand jury witness
J Ferber
Cino Nelson "
Horace Marstere "
Louis Pachette '"
Mrs Fred Lough "
C E Wade
Benton Mires "
A M Getx
Scott Jefferson
Cino Nelson "
Phil Huntington '
G 00 Otto Benson '
0 00 Tom Strader "
6 00 Ida Larson
Win Talford dist atty wit
W G Hill grand jury witness
Jennie Longtire dist atty wit
Jno Thompson state vs Brother.
A M Gets
Homer Farlow "
Wm Farrer "
Tom Strader dist atty wit
L B Saxton '
D R Sham brook expressage
C W Vail reg'1-'"0?
L E Milledgc
Jno McCurdy
G 00 Tom Howard
GOO J A Buchanan S vs Hanks
W S Cornutt drawing-jury
G 00
G 00
6 00
13 40
6 00
15 00
G 00
6 00
12 40
G 0'
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
u uu
3 GO
3 09
5 (O
3 0"
1 0
5 On
13 0"
10 0"
12 2l
13 00
G 20
19 00
S 40
10 $t
6 GO
10 40
11 GO
10 40
14 4J
7 4
4 20
1 (MJ
4 50
1 50
6 70
G 70
G 00
5 20
3 00
G 70
. 11 00
A 50
1 50
3 J0
I 00
I 50
1 5
- 1 50
1 50
1 00
. 1 00
2 55
34 SO
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criticism from the state press.
Talk about trusts, the Democratic
nominee for vice president is a veri
table trust within himself. Besides
controlling vast railroad interests he
is also a heavy stockholder in several
banking concerns as well as large
coal mines. It is 'said that he was
given the nomination in consideration
of hii enormous wealth and the great
need of some large contributions to
the Democratic national campaign
fund. Davis and trusts are synonyms.
The history of the Republican party
Bince its organization embraces, in
reality, the history of the United
Weather Report.
U. S. Weather Bureau Office,
Roseudiui, Ore.
Week ending 5:p. m., July 13, 1904.
Maximum temperature, 89 on the 9th
Minimum temperature, 42 on tho 13th
Rainfall for the week, .01.
Total rainfall since 1st of month, .01.
Total lainfall from Sept. 1, 1903, to
date, 39.98.
Average rainfall f-om Sept. 1 to dale
34. 8G.
Total excess from Sept. 1, 1903, to
date, 5.12.
Average precipitation for 27
EODB, ss.b.
Tbos. Gibson, Observer,
A very pretty wedding occurred Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. V. Tidd. Air. J. B. Godmnn
was united in holy wedlock to Mies Ella
B Padan, Rev. Geo. II. Bennett ollicia
ting. The bride, who had but recently ar
rived from Marietta, Ohio, was charm
ing in white organdie and lace, and car
ried a handsome boquet of white roses.
The rooms were prettily decorated with
ferns and flowers, and the ceremony was
performed beneath an arch of feathery
ferns. An elegant dinner was served.
Mr. Godman is in the employ of tho
Southern Pacific railroad company.
wet sea- Tho happy couple left on tho Wednesday
morning train for n ten days' visit in
Mummcy Bros. Get Contract.
Bids were opened in Cottage Grovo
Monday, July 11, on construction of a
H( wer system for that city, extending a
distance of 5G00 feet. There were seven
bidders, ninong which were Mummoy
Bios, of Eugene, Gesncr of Salem and
Fugan ot Albany. Mummoy Bros wore
tl.e lowest bidders and secured tho con
tract, tho price being $11,800. The bonds
v, ill he sold July 10, after which work
wdl Lein at onco on construction.
& uminey Bros, have built a number of
sewers in Eugeno.
J M Ritchoy judgoelec G 00
C II Laworenco clerk elec....
Tilmond Redford "
S G Long judge elec
Geo Wilson clerk olec
L I, Marsters "
G 00
G 00
G 00
G 00
0 00
W. W. Cardwell and son, Murray,
went to l'eel to enjoy an outing Tues
day. They wcro accompanied by the
form r's nephew, Jas. Fitk.
C P Parker dop sheriff G 00
Hiram French
Mat Ruckles
W S Johnson
T C Johns
John. Neunor
J K Fletcher
Henry Barkor
W B Clarko
E E Wolla
Frank Fato
W Freyer
T W Androw8
A F Brown
" 6 00
" G 00
" 0 00
" 6 00
" G 00
' G 00
" 0 00
" 0 00
" 0 00
0 00
" 6 00
" 0 00
" G 00
hallrcn.t 5 00
J A Buchanan S vs Harris 3 45
J A Buchauan S vs Oatriian 9 40
CW Turner " 3 30
Sam Knight " 3 SO
A T Thompson ' 1 00
H V Miller " . 3 SO
Geo Yocum Justice Court 5 10
H C Slocum constable SG VO
W B Hammitte indgt asst 15 00
WLDeardorff " 6 00
W C Gilmour " 2 50
Sam Jones dep sheriff 2 00
W 0 Bridges indgt asst 20 00
G Gilbertson dep assessor 47 50
Wm Hedrick " 106 45
C L Germond " W 65
L R Mynatt " 52 50
Wm F Harris " 7G 25
WU Grubbo " 55 25
Asher Ireland " ' ' 3270
Chas Fields " 40 00
A II Churchill " 65 00
Frank H Rogers " 17 50
Michael Gootz election 5 70
W B Lamb canvassing votes.... 4 00
B Brock way election 2195
E L Parrott " 12 S5
J C Twitchell county physician 20 00
Hotel McClallen brd jury 3 00
0 0 Brown grad ox papers .... 24 00
F B Hamlin trav expenses 53 70
Glass it Prudhommo stationery 35 00
Plaindealer Pub Co ' 4S 40
Roy McClallen for dist atty 2 50
C W Hatfield over pd taxes .... 8 00
A W Martin " 1 GO
II T McClallen shft salary 13 85
E L Parrott " 28 20
N T Jowett digging grave 5 00
J R Daniels wood courthouse 40 00
Caso & Hamilton lumber 14 70
Stearns & Chonoweth rds G7 25
W D Simmons hall rent light.. . 2 70
D N Fish hall rent 6 00
Goo Byron roads
J A Buchanan Fi vs rilkinRton.
Mrs M A Howes 1
Mrs I J Norman '
Mrs W A Norman "
Minnie Galighor "
A Long "
Dr J 0 Twitchell "
J A Buchanan S vs E 11 Smith
James Mooro "
Henry Strader "
100 00
13 55
1 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
6 50
(Continued on third pago )
: At this season of the year there
j are beginning to come in inquiries
: as to the open and closed season
: for fish and game in Oregon. The
: Plaindealer prints the following
: brief synopsis furnishing the in-
: formation:
Male deer, antelope and moun
tain sheep, open season July 15 to
November 1. Female deer, Au-
t gust 15 to November 1. Killing
t'of spotted fawns, elk or beaver
j prohibited at all times of year.
: No one is allowed to take more
: than five deer in a season. Night
hunting or with dogs, the pur-
i chase or sale of hides without
tags, or of venison, prohibited.
Open season for stiver grey
: squirrel, October 1 to January 1.
: Quail, grouse, native pheasants,
I prairie chickens, open season Oc
! tober 1 to December 1; limit, 10
i birds per day. Douglas county,
Sept. 1 to Dec. 1.
j Ducks, geese, swan, open sea-
son from September 15 to January
1; limit of ducks, 100 per week or :
J 50 in one day;
Eggs of game and song birds
protected the year around. j
Trout, open season April 1 to
November 1. To be taken with
hook and line only. Sale prohibit
ed at all times.
The laws of the State require
non-resident market hunters to
havo a license, costing $10 per 1
It is unlawful to hunt within in-
closures without owner's permis-
Notice for Publication.
Boaebai. Ontoa.
v .v . Julrs. rot.
Notice U berebr dm that Uia fiinin.
i Buaal Kttler bu fifed notka of hU Intention
I to akeflalp.-oalinrcpportof blJelxln.mtl
I I bit till proof will be made before Ecrlster
' tnd RcceiTcr D S. Lrd OOe at Bntebarr.
, Oretoa. on Aactut 15. ISOC Tlx:
, on hU H. E. f . I2I51. lor tba trt xc Si to 29
t,rSv He name Ue following witnesses to
prore bli contlnatcs reddened npoa and eol
tlTatioa ct said Uad. Tit: RnlolJ AmUein
John I. hnherr. Jtmlt Klrkeod&U. Wm. Jt Por
ter, bjiui i.sau t aojey.
J' Regbur.
SoUoe it bercbr giren tbal I. Catherine Al
Irrda Loalia Hunlltoa.UuanlUa and Mother
oi Roderick SIdner Janes Hamilton. nd Ex
ecatrlxor the L.U Will and Inumnt Hi..
ner Bobert Hamilton, all of Douglas Cnnnty.
Orejon, do, this day bj matnal approrsl aad
: content, and, to farther the best Interests of
i the said Roderick Sidney- James HamUton.
rrant and jlre to the said son and ward, his
. (all Use and majority, with, lull cower to act
for himself, la all bis baitness and other rela
4 Hons. After the date, hereof, the said son and
ward win be solely responsible for any and all
debts that he may contract, and shah be the
! pos-essor of ail hit property and tarn tax.
Cathousk ALraxDA. Loots fUatLTOx.
Uolher and Guardian of Roderick Sidney
Jmes Hamilton. j u-a. O-p
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
ooil for silo. Leave order with J. F.
Barker. ti
We are told upon good authority
that Dave West called upon a local
physician the other day, stated his
ills and the doctor wrote a prescrip
tion and handed it to him. The pa
tient then inquired the probable cost
of getting it filled and was told about
sixty cents would pay the bill. Dave
then asked the doctor for the loan
of that amount, whereupon the doctor
scratched his head, drew a line through
several parts of the prescription and
then handed it to the patient, saying,
"Now you can get it filled for a dime;
those I scratched out were for your
nerves, but I see you do not need any
thing for them."
Drink Soda fe
fron.M. &
Crisp The BEST
Taffies IceCrean