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Our Holdovers Must 60 Now
We must make room for our new Fall Stock that
is enroute, so now is the time to get bargains in
Light Weight Clothing, Wash Summer Goods,
Shirt Waists and Skirts.
Do not fail to taRe advantage of this grand opportunity
as money saved is money earned and we can surely
save you money.
The People's Store
One Door South of P. 0.
Darby, over P.
Before leaving for your summer out
ing order the Plaimjealek to follow you.
It costs you no more while you are
away than it does at home. No trouble
to make the change in your address It
is like getting two letters a week from
your friends.
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
J. P. Johnson, dentist. Grave's build
Miss Berther Kay, of Salem, is visit
ing here with her sister, Mrs. 0 P.
Eugene Register: Mrs. V. R. Wil
lis, of Roseburg, is the guest of Mrs
Minnie Washburne.
Lloyd Miller has resigned his position
Attorney Ira B. Riddle was in town
Friday on professional business.
When a fellow carries a picture in his
watch there is generally a woman in the
Mrs. S. K. Willet, of Roseburg, has
left for Catalina Island, after visiting
Mrs. F. R. Dickey, of Ashlaud.-Tidings.
The automobile is an up-to-date ve
hicle, and has come to stay, but until
horses get used to it, it will have to be
run in a careful manner.
Ashland Tidings: Mrs. E. M.
Cheadle, of Roseburg, arrived Wednes
day to be the guest of Mrs. E. C. Haley,
during the Chautauqua season.
"Whv do von drink so much?" said a
as a salesman with H. Marks v Co , and ' c.itH.vma 0 a heluless drunkard. "To
has gone to Portlanl to remain. drown my troubles." "And do you suc-
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Thackrah left ceed in drowning them?" No, hang
Friday morning for their farm near Cot- ( eui, they can swim'
tage Grove to spend a few weeks. j y01l want good work done, try the
A fine pa-r of Chinese pheasants is Roseburg Vachine Shop, corner Wash
among the most admired attractions in ington and Kane St.
the Oregon Exhibit at the St. Louis For jcj head.iche take Chamberlain's
World'e Fair. j Stomach and Liver Tabletes and a quick
Figures won't lie. Won't they? cure jg certain. For sale by A. C. Mar
Write down 317 on a piece of paper, sterg &
then turn it over and read, and see if ' Migg Lnla anJ Fann!e je(t on
they will not. Saturday's overland to visit; friends
Judge J. W. Hamilton and Dist. Atty. anj reiatiVes at Leland, Grants Pass
Geo. M. Brown, left Friday night forjan(j Frjsco. Miss Lillian Critser ac
Toledo to hold the regular term of circuit complied them as far as Leland, w here
'sir' expects to spend a month or two
court for Lincoln County.
Hon. O. P. Coshow and family and j v her father and brothers.
l.f 1 f Sinlors lfft FridaV niOrn- r- V.t- V llli- oml faniilv
ing for their homesteads near Glide to compan;ed by Mr. Alley's sister Mrs
remain for an indefinite time.
A reporter who attended a banquet
concluded his description with the can
did statement that "it is not distinctly
remembered by anybody present who
made the last speech."
Dr. H. L. Studlev, the Osteopathic
Physician is gaining popularity by his
honest dealings and permanent cures
It will pav vou to see him about your
case. Office over the postoffice
Ella Fisher and daughter of Eugene,
returned to this city Friday evening,
from Garden Valley where they have
been enjoying camp life on the banks of
the Umpqua river. Mr. Alley, the ab
stractor, has 'been driving out to the
camp evenings behind-his fine pacer in
his rubber cushion whee ed bu;gy.
Mrs. Fisher, we understand, has decid
ed to spend the summer with the Limi-
lv of her brother in this city.
House Furnishers
Now's the time to buy your Furniture,
Carpets and House Furnishings
OUR 4-5o IRON BEDS $3. 50
OUR $6.00 IRON BEDS C.00
OUR $8.50 IRON BEDS J .0
Now's the time when you can enjoy solid comfort.
Our Superior Steel Constructed Couches, regular
irf ti nur SlS.fln. Hood Serviceable Couch in
Plush Velvet for $7.50.
a range to use. They are far cooler thau the old
kind. Two special beauties ana no Dettersoia; 4-noie
size for $30; 6-hole size, the popular size, sold most
places for $45, our price $35.
Now's the time you should visit our Crokery
DeDartmeut. When you are through buyngyour
furniture you can go on buyiug the crockery for the
whole house.
We make a specialty of mail orders.
This is all the space we have, so call and we will
be pleased to show you through.
I TV, a wtmTpcalp and Retail
Allb WW www w
House Furnishers.
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
Log Cabin Creams at Currier's.
Choice land near Uuion sells for $375
an acre, and is cheap at that.
Mrs. E. A. Mattoon of Looking Glaes
is a guest of Mrs. J. G. Hook.
Mrs Patrick Reed has removed from
her farm in Edenbower to this city to
Mrs. V. C. London and her daughter,
.Mrs. Jennio Krantz are guests of friends
in this city.
If vou want grindine done, call at the
Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ing and Kane St.
Co-operative Dentistry Dr. W. H
Darby, over P. O. Examinations free
AH work guaranteed. 40-tf
If you want to keep posted on county
affairs, subscribe for the oldest paper in
the county, the Plaikdeaixr.
A Chicago man lost his voice while
playing cards. He probably became
speechless when he saw the other fel
low's hand.
Daniel Blackford, of Drain, was
transacting business before the U. S.
land office iu this city Saturday, and
greeting Roseburg friends.
The present indebtedness of the Al
bany baseball club is between $300 and
$400. Tne second half of the Albany
stock will be called for. Democrat.
A new ladies journal published at
Indianapolis, called "Madame" wants
to make a clubbing arrangement with
the Plai.vdealeb. No, thinks, enough
of that at home.
Photographic supplies of all kinds at
Graves' Art Empoiium. Mr. Graves
will gladly give you the benefit of bis j
years of experience in that line, by ad-!
vicing you about your kodaks, supplies,
etc. 46-tf
Cheadle and Johnson, dentists, have
dissolved partnership and Dr. Johnson
has fitted up office rooms in the Grave's
building where we will be pleased to
eee all old patrons; also all whojwish up
to-date dentistry at reasonable prices.
Work iij progressing very satisfactory
on the new two-story brick of Beard A
Salzman on their lot on Jackson Street
Thn pnnpretn foundation 19 conmleted
.1. 1 . :; .) rl.Sn Ion Annr to law! 1 tU
Wit? uuui juisu aim ciiif j uw. .a u
and the brick masons .began laying the
walla today.
Scarcity of water for milling purposes
has caused Willis Kramer to have re
paired for use the old North Myrtle mill
race. For several years the mill has de
pended on water out of the South fork
but the eupply is getting inadequate.
Myrtle Creek Mail.
A quiet wedding occured at the home
of the bride at Jacksonville on Sunday
evening July 3d, the contracting parties
being Thos. Collins of Medford, and
Katie May Plymale of Jacksonville,
Rev. Snvder officiating. Just a few
friends and immediate relatives o!
bride were present.
Remember that it is quality, not
quantity, that we strive for in lurnish
ing our city trade, therefore you will
alwav8 get the cheapest milk of the
Gaiidis Dairy, because the best. All
retail milk delivered in bottles. Our
specialties are cream, milk and butter
milk. If you don't Eee the wagon,
phone to the Creamery. 14-tf
Plans for the two-story Elks Temple
to be built in Roseburg, submitted by
Architect Burgraff, of Albany, are on
exhibition in the book store window of
C. B. Cannon Tho design is modern
in every particular and the interior ar
rangement is convenient. This struc
ture will be an imposing one and a great
credit to Roseburg.
0. R. Ball, the genial manager of the
Portland branch of the American Type
Founders' Company, spent Saturday in
Miss Maudo Rast has gonoto Newport
to enjoy her vacattahi
Wild blackbonics nro reported aa be
ing quite plentiful this year.
For all tho late fails in fancy work,
stamping dono lo order, go to the Art
Emporium. 4(!-tf
Dentistry Dr. W. H
O. Examinations free.
All work guaranteed. 46-tf
Miss Lillio Levins arrived in this city
from Drain, Sunday evening to enjoy a
visit with relatives and friends.
A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Frank Waite was quite severely injured
in a run away accident Saturday.
W.B.Clarke, tho a.ige of Millwood,
was transacting business in Roseburg
Monday and greeting old friends.
Mrs.Cloyd and daughters, Miss Maud
and Mrs. Bounds wont to Portland Sun
day to visit with friends indefinitely.
ForSalk 15 head of good young
horses, 9 to 1200 pounds each. Call at
S. M. Cobb's ranch or on A, D. Clink
city. 51
Mrs. Lena Gettins left Thursday to
join her huebaud in Roseburg who has
been transferred to that place. Junc
tion Times.
Mrs. Minnio Peebler returned to her
home in Roseburg Tuesday after spend
ing a few days here as the guest of home
friends. Junction Times.
Dr. Cheadle gives espt-cial attention
to crown and bridge work. The latest
and most scientific methods in everv
branch of dentistrv at lowest prices. J27
Grave-' Art Emporium is now ojkmi to
the public. Everything in the line of
Art, fancy work, pyrography, and pho
tographic supplies, will Ikj carried in
stock. 40-tf
Dave Martin, clerk in the Roseburg
House hotel, 8ent a few days in the
vicinity of West Fork last week assist
ing a friend in running out the lines on
his timber claim.
Mrs. S. R. Elmore of west Roseburg
had a large tumor weighing several
pounds removed from her back l.sst
week, Dr. Houck performing the ojwra'
tion. She is doing nicely.
Heavy showers fell in South Douglas
county Friday and Sunday, but only
few drops were precipitated in this
vicinity, where it still remains unusual
ly dry and dusty.
Terrible disastrous Moods have caused
great loss of property and much distress
in eastern Kansas during the past week.
Kansas City and Wichita suffered se
verely and 10,000 people were rendered
In the act of repairing a locomotive
tender and while using a coal pick .Mr.
S. R. Elmore of west Roseburg was ser
iously injured a few days ago. The pick
glanced the point striking Mr. Elmore
squarely on the ankle.
Communications from the soldier bovs
at the American Lake encampment are
to the effect that they are leading a very
strenuous military life, but have a
beautiful and comfortable camp and are
enjoying themselves.
Mrs. Geo E. Houck and little son and
Mrs. Houck's mother, Mrs. E. Y.
Moore, are enjoying an outing at Long
Beach, Wash. Dr. Houck, who accom
panied them as far as Portland, has re
turned to Roseburg.
Mr. X. Johansen and wife of Areata
Calif, stepson of Mrs. Mary Johansen,
of Roseburg are stepping this week
with the latter. It will be remembered
that Mr Johantcn's mother was burn-
All animated and uvenly matched
contest between picked teams occured
on the Roseburg diamond in Rose park
umlay afternoon and the game was
piitu largely attended. The teams were
made up of an equal number of league
members on each side together with the
best local talent to make up the requir
ed number of players. The gate receipts
were donated to the members
of the local late league team, the
abrupt ('isnrganizatiou of which left the
ball toascrs in a rather unsatisfactory
condition financially, through no fault
of theirs however, and this means of
raising money to defray aundrv expenses
is commendable and worthy of support
on tho part o our citizens In the game
Sumlay some pretty good ball was play
ed, the score being kept down to figure
on each side and resulted in 3 to 4.
Cl.iud Cannon umpired the game until
near the clone when he was succeeded
by Jas. Hansbrough on account of an
unsatisfactory decision. The line up was
aa follows:
Sunday' Etdtl Qaitio.
Score 3
Score 4
County Court Adjourns.
Bond of J. C. Twitchell, coroner, with
.1. W. Wright and S. I). Evans as sure
ties, approved.
The county court concluded its labors
for the term Saturday. The last order
made was in approval of the bond of
County Trejsunr Geo. W. Dinimick.
The sureties of the boud are Henry
Little, A. F. Brown, W. R. Thompson,
J. W. Wright, A. V. Marsters, E. J
Page, Z L. Dimmick, C. L Chenoweth,
A. F. Stearns, C. L. Beckley and E. H.
Jo. Lyons has filed an action in the
circuit court here against Jas. A. Ster
ling to recover 1263, alleged to be due on
a promissory note.
(i. W. Dimmick, guardian of C. E.
Langdon, a minor, granted permission
to sell th following real property at
public or private sale, to-wit : n ' of sw
l4 and w ' of nw l4' of sec IS, tp 23 s,
7 west, to satisfv a certain mortgage of
Guardian sale of property of Thomas
Ida, Belle, Kate and Ruel Gray, by
Uary C. Grav. guardian, to Samuel
Gray, for 1340 45, confirmed.
Beu Huntington, guardiau of Ira Ap
pleL-ate, insane, authorized to lease to
Kelleher A Skelly Lumber Co., a right
of way for a tlume across premises of
said Applegate for a term of 50 years for
the consideration of $35 cash in hand
fo 00 er year thereafter.
W. N. Moore apiointed admr. of the
estate of P.obt. T. McCulIoch, deceased
same being personal property of the pro
bable value of 72.
Wagon Turned Over.
Wm. Allen while hauling wood for
George Kohlhagan from the hill back of
the Fair Grounds Saturday met with an
accident which came near costing him
i hi life. He had started down the
filtvn inrln nit! him I nail nf vnntl when
r11 ,7, - Durnlthe break proved inadequate, and in
ing of the old Metropolitan Hotel. g,i(linK abo(U to check lhe gpeeJ o the
t. miserly and 1. Uenedicl while waeon a small stump was encountered
out on the Bern Dixon Sumlay en- w,ich turned the wacon over. Mr. Allen
countered and killed a largo rattlesnake, beinc thrown to the ground violently on
his head and shoulders sustained never
al severe bruises as well as two broken
ribs. He was brought to town in an uncon
scious condition for medical treatment
and toon railed, but will be confined
his home for some time as a result of
his injuries. Fortunately the team stop
ped when the wagon turned over there
fore little or no damage resulted to the
team and wagon.
Loveli In Trouble Again.
It measured three feet, eight inches.
and storied ten rattles. This specie of
reptile has become rare in this part of
the ftate, this being one anion.; the very
few killed in recent years.
A severe electrical storm struck Klam-
Falls Thursday evening, during
which Arthur D. Carrick, a resident
blacksmith, was killed by lightening.
He had been living at the Falls for the
past twenty five y&irs, and left a wife
and four children. He was buried Fri
day afternoon under the auspices of the
Masonic and Workman lodges.
The dental offices of Dr. J. W. Strange
at Myrtle Point were destroyed by fire
Friday night. Only a few of the con
tents were saved. Occupying the build
ing with Dr. Strange was another gen
tleman, named Vandecar, who shares in
the loss, which is partlv covered by in
surance This information was received
Owing to the success of this venture we will continue the
same offer during this month. Commencing July eighth we
will issue with every cash purchase a dated duplicate sale check
stating the amount of your purchase. At the end of the month
a date will be selected and every person holding a check of that
date will have their money refunded.
In order to make this a more momentous event we will offer
special inducements in the lines of Bargain Sales.
Remember, your money back if you are lucky.
Millinery Reduced 1-3 to 1-2 in price
All Summer Dress Goods at Greatly Reduced Prices
He Articles of Incorporation
with Secretary ot State.
Axminster Velvet
and Tapestry
Full line of Ingrains
Both Wool and Cotton
Stock all Paid up-Company will
Deal in Winchester Town Lots
and Other Property.
We are showing a fine line of Lace Curtains
which have just arrived.
Fifty pairs of Portiere in the latest designs
and colorings.
Harry Loveli, a printer, who is well
known in this city, and who for some
time past has held a position in the
I'ortland restaurant,, recently betrayed
the continence reposed tn him by a
Douglas County friend, regarding which
the Portland Journal says: "Harry Lov
eli is charged with the larceny of f 40,
intrusted to his care by J. L. Sham
brook, a wealthy rancher of southern
Articles of incorporation were filed
with the Secretarv of State and Coonty
Clerk Age, Friday, by Fred J. Blakely,
L. G. DutnbleUm and Louis Barze, in
corporating the Winchester lownsue
Companv. The capital stock is placed
at $10,003 and is fully paid up. The or- ;
fices of lhe company and the principal
place of business will be at Winchester,
Oregon. It is the intention or object of
the comrany to deal in town lots ami
other property at incbester, where it Jf
is anticipated, the town will be revived , "
and built up rapidly by the acquisition If
of the big lumbering plant and other If
industries now under course of construe-, f
tion at that place by the Umpqua Im
provement Company. A meeting of the -stockholders
was held recently, at which j ir
time the following officers were elected : U . n don't kaow PAT
Board of directors, Fred J. Blakely, J. , Cal' on or i)Hwi .. .
H. Aitkin, Geo. A. Steel, L G. Dumble- ,
ton, T. It. snertJan ami i-ouis xiarzee.
Officers: President, Fred J. blakely;
secretary, Louis Bariee; treasurer, T.
K. Sheridan.
It is not the intention of the com-,
pany to inaugurate a boom or any j
real esUte speculation, but on the'
other hand, a very conservative poll-'
cy will Ue pursued in the disposi-j
tion of town lots and other property 1
bv the company. There is, however,
already a great demand for town lots at
Winchester, which is sure to prtsper;
and build up as a result of ita newly ac- (
quired industries. All members of this
new company are well known, conserva
tive business men, ir. Ailken being
president of the First National bank at
Huntington ; Mr. Steel is ex-state trea
surer of Michigan, while the oiher mem
bers of the firm are prominent local pro
fessional and business" men.
A busy scene of activity will be pre
sented at Winchester in the near future. !
We carry from oo to iooo Window Shades in
j stock including the celebrated Henry W. Green shade,
j the best that money can buy.
to buy a farm
furnished rooms
to buy a house
to rent a house
to build a house
to move a house
ili Bojldr
At Marsters' Drug Store
Of Superior Quality
by Dale Strange, a son of Dr. Strange, Oregon
who holds the position of foreman on Shamhrook makes frequent trips to
the Plaixdealek. this city and alwavs went to the Port
1. Ahrnma and familv tnnk ii.oir .in. land restaurant, because Loveli, his
- i
nartnrn Snndnv for finniR Trloj.n in brother s friend, was a waiter there
, J , , . I -
enjoy their summer vacation. Thcv will inre0 "a8 aS ,ie wenl u,er0 ana
stop at Walla Walla on their return
homeward and enjoy a pleasant visit
with friends at that place. George Frat
er of Kiddle, has accepted tho position
of managing salesman in Mr. Abrams'
store in this city while tho proprietor
is enjoyinghis vacation.
Oscar Edwards, of Roseburg. has been
appointeu uv tne boutnern racinc as
chief fire warden of Douglas and Coos
counties. His deputies areas follows:
A T Bestul, Myrtle Point; Warren Lee,
Camas Valley; M F Callahan, Marsh
field; Mack Smith, Elkton; F G Bate-
man, Coles Valley ; Sam Britt, Glide;
0 Trask, Peel ; V G Lander, Roseburg ;
Theodore Anderson, Sitkum, Coos
county. Owl.
BRETT. In Roseburg, Oregon, July S,
lt04, to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brett, a j
Roseburg, dividing his time with the 2.L. C. McKenney, the gonial and vcr
local printing offices. Mr. Ball has eatile editor of the Glondale News,
been i l the service of his company in I spent Saturday in this city, and in com
various capacities for many years and is I pany with Deputy Shoriff Bogard mado
intimately acquainted with every news- the Plaindbaleb a very pleasant frater-
paper man from California to British nal call. Editor McKenney. is Lite of
Columbia, who regard him in the high- California and recently succeeded Editor
est esteem and always receive good coun- Shutt at Glendalo. Ho is a thorough
Eel and helpful hint" on his visits. In newspaper man of ripe oxiwricnc and
fact, he is one of those genial and in-1 will no doubt succeed in his new field.
teresting gentlemen you arc always glad The Flaindealek welcomes him into
to meet. . this county and into tho circle of South
C. 1. Wood rnd II. II. Gidnoy, of I em Oregon newspaperdoni
Dayn Creek, were in town Monday look- T. K. Campbell, of the Pacific Timber
lunching, gave Loveli 40 to keep for
him. Loveli left the place, taking the
money, it is charged.
Detective Hawley was assigned on the
case, ana traced ixven to a lougmg
house at 105 North Thirteenth street,
The landlord there informed the officer
that Loveli departed, leaving behind a
small bill.
Information camo to Detective Haw-
lev that Loveli was in Castle Hock.
Wash., and a warrant was telegraphed
there, but he could not be found." Lov
eli was a member of the Second Oregon
and went through the Phillipine cam
paign being seriously wounded. It wbb
during this time that he formed the ac-
cnuaintance of Sargeant D. R. Sham-
brook, mentioned abovo.
DECKER DAVIS. At the residence
of Geo. Davis, in Douglas county, Or.,
Julv 2, 1904, John A. Decker and
Maybelle Davis, Rev. N. J. Harbit,
ing after business matters. Mr. Wood
I. l .Y 11 . .... .
is iaie oi rurumiu anu naa csiaDlished a
brickyard on his farm at Days Creek
He contemplates burning a kiln of about
50,000 brick thie summer. Mr. Wood
Company of Cottage Grovo, which com
pany also has saw mill and timber in
terestB in the northern part of this coun
ty, its mill being located at Alca, spent
Saturday in Roseburg looking after
An unknown man was killed by
passing train a few miles south of Gold
Hill Sunday.
Mrs. B. F. Russell of Coburg is
guest of relatives and friends in this
See tho new ads of Will Currier and
Norman's confectionery stores and ice
cream parlors.
Tho accidental explosion of a torpedo
at tho round house Sunday night camo
near resulting seriously for Mr. Tenni
son, an employe of tho Southern Pacific
Comimnv. As it was Mr. Tennison
had a small particle of tho torpedo ira
bedded in hia leg.
Miss Josio Parrott, of Seattle, Wash
was elected constable for his precinct at I business connected with tho Roseburg ington, arrived at this place Monday
tho June election, H. H. Gidnoy being Lumber Company, of which Mr. Camp morning to enjoy a visit with her par
elected justice of the peace at the same bell ia also a member. Tho Alca mill is ente, Mr. und Mrs. M. Parrott and other
time. Tho PLAiNDEALEnfacknowledgos a running richtalonc although tho lumber relatives and friends. This ia Miss Par-
pleaBant call from these genial Days market is reported a little dull just nfj rott'a first visit lo Roseburg friends in
Creeker's, Mr. Wood joiniuit tho Plain-I the present time, the local demand, ten years and will thoroforo bo rendered
dealer's large family of readers. however, being fairly good. ' tho more pleasant.
The open season for deer hunting will commenc July
15; and before buying your gun and ammunition you should
first call at the popular hardware store and consult
Ooods and
Prices that Please
BOSS At the Soldiers' Home, in West
Roseburg, July S, 1904, James R.
Boas, aged 75 years.
Mr. Boss was taken suddenly ill while
spending the 4th of July with friends
at Gold Hill. As tho naturo of the
case demanded, he was imtnediately
operatedon. He was then brought to
Roseburg, but he expired a lew Hours
after being placed in tho hospital at the
Soldiers' Home.
Mr. Boss was a veteran of the Mexi
can War, serving in Co. "F," 2nd Regt.
Illinois Infantry. He was admitted to
the Homo from Josephine County, Ore-
gon, m iovemoer, ioy. ou mi
known ho leaves no relatives.
Tho funeral was held nt tho Home
Saturday morning, interment in tne
Home cemetery.
In the SjcIbI Realm.
Your Ranches and Timber
Lands with me. : :
: i
New Arrivals
Tho Eugeno Gnanl says: Mrs. L. N.
Roney was the charming hostess to n
larco number of lady friends Friday
afternoon, tho affair being in honor of
Mrs. Willis, of Roseburg, and Mrs.
Highley, of Bentonville, Ark. The dec
orations consisted of La France roses
banked in with maidoa hair ferns and
palms, making tho rooms very cool and
inviting. Tho afternoon was vory
pleasantly apent in sowing and talking
and tho pleasant affair was brought to a
close by the sorving of an elaborate
Every day brings something now in Spring Goods.
VIOLK the latest thing in dress goods for suits
Skirts and Waists.
Also the "Cotton Crepe" we are the only ones iu
the city who have imported this goods direct from
Japan. It comes in all colors and will sell for 20cts
por yard.