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American Lake Camp Preparations
Are Now Complete.
Eight Umpires Will Direct Movements
of Regulars and Guardsmen
Under Funston.
Vancouver Bakrjcks, Washington.
June 25. Preparations for the National
encampment at American Lake July"
to 21 have been completed in detail and
all is in readiness for the soldiers when
they make their appearance to com
mence the programme 01 war maneuvers,
which lias been carefully prepared by
competent men so as to produce the very
best results possible.
This encampment with its hordes of
men from every vocation in life presents
features of thought and interest in
every detail. To the regular Army sol
dier it relieves the monotony of barracks
life and gives him the opportunity of
competing with his lesser brother, the
militiaman-or tin soldier as he terms
him and to criticise him as he awk
wardly enters into the spirit of the play
war and endeavors to discipline himself
to appear like his brother regulars.
To the citizen soldier this idea of mili
tary camp life affords new opportunities
tbat probably could not be gained in any
other way. The generous allowance
made by the Government and the ex
cellent care which is taken of the men
act as an incentive to the citizen, as they
can secure an outing that will be de
cidedly beneficial as well as inexpen
sive. Besides this they are accessible
to rare military training.
The entire maneuver is at the expense
of the General Government, and is pro
vided for by a special appropriation.
The complete supervision is under the
control of General Funston, command
ing the Department of the Columbia.
The official name of the camp will be:
"Headquarters Maneuver Division, Brigadier-General
Frederick Funston, Uni
ted States Army, Commanding."
The First Brigade will consist of the
Second Battalion of the Nireteenth
United States Infantry, Companies E,
G, F and H, commanded by Major
James B. Goe, Nineteenth United States
Infantry. The Second Regiment Wash
ington National Guard, headquarters
band and 12 companies, under command
of Colonel George B. Lamping. The
Second Regiment, Jdaho Militia, com
manded by Colonel" W.J. McClelland.
The Twenty-sixth Battery, Field Artill
ery, under Captain Harry L. Hawthorne
Artillery Corps. Troop F, Ninth United
States Cavalry and the Ninth Cavalry
band, also Troop B, Washington Nation
al Guard, commanded by Captain
Everett I. Gritrgs, besides a detach
ment of the Signal Corps and the Medi
cal Department from th United States
Army, together with the Signal Corps
and the Medical Department of the
Washington Militia.
The Second Brigade, which will be
commanded by Colonel Joseph F. Hus
ton, Nineteenth United States Infantry,
will be Etationed at a point called "Huc-
giness Place," which is on the opposite
side of the headquarters camp from the
location of the First Brigade.
The Second Brigade will consist of th
following organization:
The First Battalion, Nineteenth TJni
ted States Infantry, Companies A, B, C,
and D, commanded by Captain Harris
L.. Roberts. The Oregon National Guard
Third Regiment, headquarters and band
commanded bv Colonel Calvin U. Gan
tenbem. A separate battalion of the
Oregon National Gaurd, four companies
A, B, C and D under Major George O
Yoran. The Eight Battery, Field Ar
tillery, under Captain William L. Ken
ley, Artillery Corps. Troop E and Troop
ii, ot-tne Mnth U nited States Cavalrv,
and a detachment of the hospital and
medical branches of the regular Army
The cost of this encampment will be
enormous and the results gained are
hoped to be in the same proportion
Jbvery preparation that merited any
thing in the way of aid has been made
and it is believed by the officials of the
regular branch that it will be the most
successful maneuver ever carried on in
tbs West.
The New Oregon Legislature.
The next Oregon legislature will con
met of d Republicans, 1 independent
Republican and 16 Democrats, a gain of
two Republicans over the legislature of
190J. The Senate, will have 24 Republi
cans and six Democrats, and the House
60 Republicans and ten Democrats.
The personnel of the lecielature of 1905
will be as follows:
SENATE Republicans.
Manon Croisan, E. M., Farrar,
Linn and Marion Hobson, W. H.
Lane Kuykendall, Wm.
Douglas, Josephine, Lane Booth
Jackson Carter, E. V.
Crook, Klamath, Lake, Grant Lay-
lock, J. A.
Lincoln, Tillamook, Yamhill Wright
G. S.
Polk Langhery, U. S.
Yamhill Howe, W. A.
ClackamaE Brownell, G. C.
Washington Haines, E. W.
Columbia, Multnomah, Washington
Hodson, C. W.
Clackamas. Multnomah Holman,
Multnomah Malarkey, D. J., Mays,
F. P., Sichel, Sig., Nottingham, C. W
Ind. Rep,,.Coe, H. W.
Clatspp Tuttle, Jay,
Wasco Whealdon, N.
Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler Bower-
man, Jay.
Union, Wallowa McDonald, Peter.
Baker, Harney, Malheur Rand, John
SE.N.ATE Democrats.
Linn Mifier, M. A. . '
Douglas. Coshow, O. P. -
Coos, Curry Sherwood, A. J.
BentonAvery, P. A" '
MorroTfinatilla, . Union Pierce,
Walter' j
Umatilla Smith, C. J.
HOUSE Republicans.
Marion Kay, T. B., Richie, J. S.,
Set tlemeir, J. II., Calvert, Chas., Gra
ham, J. G.
Lane Bingham, I. II., Griffin, G.
W., Edwards, I. N.
Douglas Sonnemann, H. G., Gray,
J. S.
Coos Hermann, S. B.
Jackson Jackson, D. H., Vou der
Hellen, II.
Douglas, Jackson Vawter, W. I.
Benton Carter, V. A.
Polk Keyt, D. L.
Lincoln, Polk Copper, J. S.
Yamhill Miles, B. C.
Tillamook, Yamhill West, W. T.
Washington Flint, A. B., Newell,
W. K.
Clackamas Huntley, C. G., Jagger,
Fran!;, Bramblall, J. N.
Clackamas, Multnomah Holcomb, 0.
W., Jr.
Multnomah Bailey, A. A., Capron,
A. J., Colwell, E. B., Craug, Thomas,
Henderson, M. F., Hudson, W. R., Kil
lingsworth, W. 51., Linthicum, S. D.,
Mears, S. M., Mills, A. L., Muir, W. T.,
Welch, Madison
Columbia Mayger, George.
Klamath, Lake, Crook, Grant Shook,
J. S., Steiner, R. E. L.
Umatilla, Morrow Cole, W. G.
Union, Wallowa Dobbin, J. H.
Union McLeod, N. C.
Baker Smith, A. P.
Harney, Malheur Stitz, J. L.
Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler Donnel
ly, R. N., Kuney, C C.
Wasco Burgess, J. N., Jayne, A. A
HOUSE Democrats.
Linn Cavender, A. B.
Coos, Curry Burns, Robert.
Josephine, Smith, R. G.
Yamhill -Cal well, F. II.
Clatsop Burns, J. V., Laws, J. N.
Umatilla Blakaly, Wm., Chamber
lain, W. D.
Myrtle Creek News.
The Johnson Lumber Company has
beguu the erection of a large grain "and
stock barn for Mr. John Hall. The
barn is 40x00 and is to be built first class
James H. Bailey and family are home
again from Lincoln, California. The
climate down there was not healthy for
them ; it was too hot and the family con
tracted malaria.
B. M. Armitage came home Sunday
from Portland. Mrs. Armitage under
went the operation for cancer of the
breast on Thursday of last week, which
was very successful, and she has been
getting better every day since. She is
being cared for at the St. Vincent hospi
C. l Hunsaker is here revisiting the
scenes of his early life, and his old
friends and relatives are pleased to meet
him. It is 2S years since he left Myrtle
Creek, and since then he has seen some
of the world. .Mr. Hunsaker is a master
machinist and is connected with the
Union Iron Works of San Francisco,
His special line is constructing and fit
ting out warships, and he is just home
from Japan, where he was engaged on
the Japanese navy. He lived 14 years
in South Africa and was a business man
in the city of Ladysmith during its
memorable siege between the English
and Boer armies. Uis property was de
stroyed. From here he will go to Rus
sia and engage in his special work. Hii
I home and headquarters are in San Fran
cisco. Mail.
The Duchess of Vajencay, daughter of
ex-vicc-President Levi P. Morton is ask
ing the French courts to cut the golden
cord that ties her to the Duke. Dollars
to doughnuts that if divorced she will
not ask the court to allow her to assume
her maiden name. Ex.
Oregon, especially the western part of
it and particularly the Willamette
" alley, will this year be more of
Mecca for homeseekers fiom the East
than ever. A recent tornado in Okla
homa not only caused deaths and great
destruction of property, but in a mo
ment's time destroyed the result of
hard labor, crops disappearing wherever
it touched. It cannot be expected that
people will consent to remain in those
cyclonic regions, retiring at night and
not knowing where they will be the
next morniDg putting in crops liable
to be carried away bv tornadoes. A
Summer of destructive cyclones is a
prospect that will lead to a more serious
contemplation of the future and without
doubt, western movement. In the sect
ion of a new home they will take into
primary consideration the climate, then
the opportunities for success, and in the
Willamette Valley they will find the
reality not a country that may look
beautiful one moment and be visited by
a death-dealing cyclone the next, but
one that may be looked upon as possess
"s " cvjuiuic (,-iiiuaie ana wuere a
total crop failure was never known
We can therefore expect, for the reasons
stated above and many others, an im
mense immigration this Summ er and
principally next Fall. Ex.
Dr. H. L. Studley, the Osteopathic
rnysiclan, is a graduate of a Standard
School of Osteopathy. Consultation
tree. All dieeases yield adily to the
treatment. tf
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of course you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
course you do. Then why
Hair Vigor
not be pleased? Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the whole
story. Sold for 60 years.
"I hare nsed Ayers Hair Visor for a lone
time. It !, Indeed, a wonderful hair torX?
toe imc time. proTlnc a splendid dresslne."
On. J. W. Tatou, Madill, Ind. T.
S 1.00 a hnttla
All dmetfuu.
J. C. ATSn CO.,
Ixiwell. Man.
Weak Hair
Summer Normal.
Following is the Roster of the Sum
mer Normal to bo held at Eugene from
June 27 to August Otli.
F. S. Harotin, Supt., Book Keeping.
W. W. Dixon, Theory and Practice
and Psycol, Geography, Grammar, Rinl.
of Drawing and Music.
W. B. Dillard, Algebra, -Physics,
Phys. Geography, School Law.
D.C. Kellemg, Reading, Orthography,
Physiology, Hygieno.
W. G. Beattie, History, Civics, Arith
matic, Composition, Rhet.
J. W. Lobdell, Vertical Writing r0-5t
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that tho part
nership heretofore existing between
Weatherford & Marsters, barbers, has
been dissolved by mutual consent, T. 1).
Weatherford assuming full charge of tho
business. All bills will be receipted
for and paid by the said T. D. Weather
ford. 49-4w-pd
Alardl Qas and Carnival at Portland.
A Mardi Gras and Carnival will be
held at Portland June 2Sth to July 7th
inclusive. Special attractions have
been provided to make this the most
successful carnival ever given in Port
land. Special rates have been granted
by tho Southern Pacific Co. for this oc
casion. Sale dates Juno 27th, July 2nd,
3rd, 4th and 7th. Call on any Southern
Pacific Agent for particulars. J 2
Special Excursion to iheAVoild's Fair
The Denver & Rio Grande, in connec
tion with the Missouri Pacific, will run
a series of Personally Conducted Excur
sions to the World's Fair during June.
These excursions will run through to St.
Louis without change of cars, making
short stops at principal points enroute.
The first of these Excursions will loave
Portland June 7th, and the second June
17th. The rate from Roseburg will be
175.45 to St. Louis and return. Excur
sionists going via the Denver & Rio
Grande have the privilege of returning
via a ditTerut route. This is the most
pleasant way, as well as the most de
lightful route, to cross the continent.
The s ops arranged give an opportunity
of vititing the various Kiuts of interest
in and about Salt Lake ity, Denwrand
Kansas City. If you wish toacconipnny
one of these excursions write at once to
W. C. McBride, 124 Third street. Cort
land, for sleeping car -thermions
Mohair Wa ted.
It w ill pay you to i-ee
sell your mohair.
Injfore yu
a 11 Ku-e t: Nf wIhihI.
Are You Going to S. Louk?
If so call for your tickets via the
ing Terminal at entixiiiv Fair Ground
Round trip rate f 67 SO. ;mI for nin.-t
days from date of axle. Clmi.o route?
going and returning vi.i -'t. Pan , Den
ver, Colorado Sprii Pn. ble or Kl
Paso. Stop over j rmitte-.l in both
Dates of Sale: Ju: 7ih. 1ft U, 17th
ISth, July 1st, 2nd, 3r J. An-.'. S-h, Sttl
Sept. 5th, Cth, 7th, Oct. ."rd. 4th oth.
On above dates rate oi f 72.50 iil l
made to Chicago and rfnni
tor further informa i -i an I sleepm
car reservations call Uj):i or :t-id-e-,
A. H. Mclfciv n.
Gene al Agt'nt
140 Third St., Portlan '.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets Better thn a Doctor's
Mrs. J. . Turner, of Truhart, Va.
says ttiat UhamberlainV Stomach and
Liver Tablets have done him more good
than anything he could get from the
doctor. If any physician in this caun
try was able to compound a medicine
that would produce such gratifying
results in cases of t-tomach troubles
biliousness or constipation, his whole
time would be used in preparing this
one medicine. For sale bv A. C. Mar
ters & Co.
The Fair Route
la Chicago or New Orleans to St,
Louis, is the one that gives you the most
for your money, and the fact that the
passed service via these points to the
WORLD'S FAIR, and in this connec
tion to all points beyond, makes it to
your advantage, in case you contemplate
a trip to any point east, to write us be
fore making final arrangements.
We can offer the choice of at least a
dozen different routes.
B. H. Thumbull,
Commercial Agent,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey, T. F. & P. A.,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. B. Thompson F. & P. A..
Room 1, Colman Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
United Btatc Land Offlcp.
RnSehllnr. OnVfn Jim. in tnni
A sufficlectcnniestuffirifirlt h.i-in. .An mli
in thie office by William A Spraituo. tontcs ant.
o larvi 1 i if - ' " .
.ij, ii uMin,, tey WC. 24, tp. 20 b.
f. w oy JCk'e wniiiOM-, couteatw. In which
IfclBBlltrZeU LDKL lltliririur 1. fine 1. -
ing oeenacM aoout two jcara; that none of
his heirs, 11 he bus any such hclia, have en
tered uvon, or In any manner cultivated the
land embraced lu hla aald rlaim-th.t ii,...m
claim is wholly abandoned, taid parties are
" "J ""ucy iHr, ronona ana onr
evidence touchine fald allegation at 10 oVIock
a. m. on July 12, 19M, before the Il-glnter and
jvc:ji:r oi uib umica ciaics Land Office in
Bosebunr Oreeon.
The raid conteatant having a -m
i uicu lun iu, isii, ei lorin lacis wniclt
anow mat aitcrdue diligence peronal fcrvice
of this notice can not be made. It Is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
., J. H. BOOTH,
ol 17-Cw-pd Receiver.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Ii hereby (ilven that the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of M E. DIUard,
deceased, has filed his final account an such
administrator In the County Court of Doimlas
County, 8tatn of Oregon, and that said county
co?' V,1 "ft Tuesday the Kith day of luly. I'joI,
at 10 o clock pf said day, at the court house
In Boseburg, Douglas county, State of Oregon,
M ihe tlmn and i Jare ot hearing objections
thereto, and for the final cttlrmnnt nt cai,i
."I"'?-! . . . 8 ! DILLARD,
Administrator of fh attain ni r v mttl-j
dcceaed '
Dtea this 2,tb day of Juno 193),
Sooiety ffleetlria.
AF. A A. M. Laurel Lodg No. 13.
Holds regular mcetiims on secona
and f nrth Wednesdays ol each
month J. T. Bkidoes, W. M
N. T.Jkwktt, Secretary.
BP. O. ELKS. RoHeburg Lodge No.
32ti. Holds regular communica
tions itt I O. O. F. Hall on second
And fourth Thursdays ol each month.
All members requested to attend reau
larlv and all viaitini: brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. It. Waitk, E. R.
Roy McClallkn, Secretary.
.O.N. G , uieetn at Armory Hall evory
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Hamlin, Oapt
10. O. F. Philetariun Lodgo No. 8.
Meets in Odd Fullown' Temple, cor
ner Jackson and Cass streets, on
Saturday evening ol each weik Mem
bers of the order in tcood standing arr
invited to attend.
J. C. Twitchell, N G.
N.T Jewktt, Secretary.
Kol P. Alpha Lodge No. 47. Meea
tivery Wednesday, in I. 0. O. F
..... c. , ,uu p. m. .uemoers in
goou aiinaing are invited to attend.
Geo. W. Kimball, C. C
Elmer Wimbekly, K. of R. & S.
1 ii.AU U1KULE. No. 49, Women of
j Woodcraft. MeetH on 2nd and 4th
- Thurs lays of each month at the I.
U. U. r-. Hall. Vipiting members in
rood standine tre invited to attend.
Minnie Jones, Guardian Neighbor.
Bell Morian, Secretary.
Second and Fourth Thursdays.
11 ?.. h KOSHhllrt' flltanti.r s;.. V
If Holds their regular meeting on the
flrt and third Thursday in each
unntu isiiinu members In good
ivanuuiK are reapecimilv Invited to at-
" .iauie Kast, W. M
Regina Rast, Secretary.
Oamn :o. 125. Meets at the Odd
tt-llowB 1111, in Rosobnre. even
first and third Monday evening
ing ueignoors aiwavp welcome.
N. T. Jkwett. C.C
J. A. Buchanan, Clerk.
One bay mare branded 11 on shoulder
blemish on shoulder, weight about 11
UWHs. Unedark trray mnre branded
OXjon riuht shoulder, blind in one -vo
Su table reward ui.l ! p.iid for informa
tin leailinu to their recovery.
Matt .tigkxiu'hr,
S lm Jefferson, Oregon
Triumphs of .Modem Surgery.
Oti-!or;til UiiiiL-" ;rt-lour fur tltelni
man body In -urery. 0cn'i are t
ken it Hiid n-r.i-l ami i li-hcl sn
..... i t. , . i . .
mi .-, ((r inn- inav it- rcliHiVnl on
li'ely; IxHif are fplxtsl ; piH-t-tnke tlx
lace ! ih-.-HMtl ec'i.Mi- i.f v-iu ; aeit
M-ptio dii-inj- ar pphf.l tn uo-iiiil
bruiM'o, iHirti" hiwI like iuiurie- U-f-n
ii(HainniH imi et. in. which cmusc? then
to ImmI i'l.Mi matiiratioii anil in i-iii-
tliini id., timo riijtiiri-tl bv Iu trt-a
iiK iii. v.uaiin-'riMiii i'miii idlm art
on tbir same priix-iple. It i- an am
.: i . . .
wiini itppiii i in micii injur-
ii-, -Hii-e-tl..'iu In bed very quirkh
r . i. ii,.. . .
Nep a Uittle of lam Italm in you
iKitii.-mi.l it mil) -;iv-yon time and iimii
y, ihh ui iiteniKMi id,, incoiiwiiii-ni-t-
;iihI stiffr- iii wh rh mc'i iijurii- entail
tar 5It hy A C. Marter!. tt Co.
County Treasurer's Notice.
.Miuif is iirrciiy kiwii ttia1 all partiet
t'olding comity w:irr.nt- eudortxl prior
to and including May 10, 190-'. are re
quested to jiresfnt the same at the
Cunty Treasurer's olSce for payment aj
interest will cease thereon after the date
of this notice.
Dated Riseburg, Douglas Countv
Oregon, -May 23, 1901.
Geo. W. Dimmick,
41-St Countv Treasurer,
Still in Business.
W. E. Clingcnpeel, the j'eweller, is still
in business at the Burr Music House
fully equipped to do all kinds of watch
clock and jewelry repairing. His work
is all done promptly and ia fully guaran
teed. Eyes tested and glasses fitted. 42 tf
Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to see us before you
ell your mohair.
all Knife & Newland
Nottce to Contractors.
The Board of Regents of the Central
Oregon t-tate Normal School at Drain
Oregon nt their meeting on June 10,
authorised certnin repairs and improve
ntent8 consisting of grading of grounds
construction of cement floor iu base
ment of building and such necessary i
carpenter work as will render the base
ment serviceable.
Specifications and details may bo oh
tamed by consultation with the
Executive board of the school, at Drain,
Oregon. 49-2t
Sued by His Doctor.
"A doctor hero has sued me for f 12.60,
which I claimed was excessive for a case
of cholera morbus," says R. White, of
Coachella, Cal. "At the trial ho praised
his medical skill and medicine. I asked
him if it was not Chamberlain's Colic
Uiolera and Diarrhoea Remedy ho used
as I had good reason to believe it was.
and ho would not say under oath that it
as not." No doctor could use a bettor
remedy for cholera morbus. It nover
fails. Sold by A. C. Marsters & Co.
Scaled bids will be received for the
keeping of the following ferries at tho
September term of the County Court,
to-wit, on the Oth day of September
1904 at 1 o'clock p. m.:'s Ferry, Dimmick's Lono Rock
Ferry and J. A. Sawyer's Ferry, bids to
be given with or without equipment
Bonds will bo required of the successful
bidder. The Court reserves the right to
ej'ect any and all bids.
137 tf County Judge.
Professional Cards.
Oourt Houso
Dowu Stairs.
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Robebubu,
'Phone Main 591. Oregon.
J)R. W. H. DARBY, I). M. D.
Office in tho Abraham Building
(Over the l'o-offlce in the ifflce here
tofore occupied by Dr. J. R, Chapman
Roeeburg, Oregop
Physcian & Surgeon.
nfllop Ki'Tluw Hin
Phone. Main 31
HaTlew Building,
Telephone No. 4.
M. Cbawfokd a J. O. Watscv
Attorneys at Law,
Booms I At, Bank Build:.. R03HBOKG, Oh.
OrBu(tnebeforethi rj a Land Office ana
mining cases a specialty.
Alnrc.tlcl.,n 5". Jj5e 8ut -n1 Federal Conru
Office tn Marks' BldK., Boaeburr. Oregon.
Bank Building R03EBURO, OREGON
JA. BUCHANAN, Notary Public.
Collections a Specialty.
S'WO 1
tfanu-r- Huul'n, RO8EB0KI..O
Osteopatltic Physician
Arirudes ra.lSrKl of hr aline II disrupt
"-i-u t t.i ibr tn-:-cit V, liation frre.
Oairrur th-Pot itlce -n No. 1811
II hip-m.) 2.. ..It, m- m
lt-l.'.t II. D. irt., plv. -.,o c No-1234
Xoiarv Pulilic
.Maretera Hnildin
Coriolon 51179
lhe Imported Perclieon
"Coriolan" beloncinrr to F
B. Waite will make the sea
son at the Empire Livery
Stable of Kellv & Ran Irs
Every body ia invited to cal
and see this elegant stallion
and get prices and terms.
His weight is I7OO pounds
color black and his cost was
He was recently imported
from France and his full ped
igree is on exhibitio i at the
above named Liverv Stable.
The Secret of Long Life and
How to Overcome Waste.
To 'Know thyself,' is to take advantage
of life' secrets and equip one's self with
be armor wmcn win successfully resist the
attack of disease in
the battle of life.
The old idea of fate
or "kismet," and
that a person al
ways dies when his
time co nits, is now
exploded. Every
mechanism, wheth
er made by God or
man, nil a definite
amount of wear
ana its life can be
icnrmened or
shortened accord
ing to the care that
is given it. If ac
cident or careless.
ness destroys the
or the human mechanism an end rvtm,..
VOtSS At th nrath
to its usefulness, but it has not actually
"rvr-fi nut " M.n'a . . .: .
. . . , - u;j,i" i nines gets
rusty like the wheels of the watr-h
only needs a little cleaning- and oilinir to
put it in shape for life's battles.
An imitation of nature's method of re
storing waste of tissue and
ment of the blood and nervous force is
used when you take an alterative extract
of herbs and roots, without the use of alco
hol, like Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-
covery. This vegetable medicine coaxes
the digestive functions and helps in the
assimilation of food, or rather enables the
orpins to take from the food just the
nutriment the blood requires;
Prof. T. B. Taumiar. of 61 St. retrr Rfr r..
bee, writes ! " I had been ill for some time with La
Grippe and did not regain my strength, with
in a week after uslnr ur. Pirn-.'. r.nM.n r i
leal Discovery. I was able to be around again,
and I found that my system was entirely free
from any of the bad effects of La Grippe. I
now keen a bottle of the ' Golden MrHit m..
covery on hand, and, when I catch cold, take a
few doses, which keeps me ia perfect health.
As a builder up of lost strength and vitality I
do not believe your 'Discovery' has an equal.
Accept no substitute for"Goldeu Medical
Discovery." There ia nnthlno ni,..,
good ' for diseases of the stomach.
Dr. Pierce's Plu.nt P.iUt. .u. v...
in.ftl VilPwple- Tk7 cure. cm
tipatiou and blliouintu.
Notice for Publication.
-Land Office Kosebuig, Oregon, May 16. 1901.
Notice Is hereby given tbat tho followlnit
named settler has tiled notice of his Intention
to make final proof In support of bis claim, arid
that said proof will be marie before the hcKls
ter and Kecelvcr U. ri. Land Offee, at Itoseliuri;,
Oregon, on Monday, June 27, 1901, viz.
William II. Hunter,
on 11. E. 9308, for the 8VJ NW'f, NW'f 8W'i.
SKHWJi.Sec- 8,Tp.20H, K,8V '
He names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
' fL"1 ,.nd v,z; A- - Koe. Wrn. J. Lander,
and I.hsiles Thorn, all of Koscmirg, Oregon,
and M. F. Uallahan, of Wnnllon, Oregon.
40 6w-pd J. T IlKiliois, Kcgl'ter.
Administrator's Notice
In County Court of State of Oregon for
Douglas County,
In the matter of the estate of John If 8hur.
deceased :
Notice Is hereby gli en that the undersigned,
by order of abov --named Court. miln .mi
entered in the Journal of said Court on April'
12lh, 1901, was appotnlc-1 administrator of the
above-named estate. I
All tersous having claim against raid estate
are requested toprescnttbesame.diilyverlncd. '
within six months from die ot this notice, and i
all penons Indebted to said estate arc request-1
ed to make Immediate payment to the under-
igned.athls office, Keview building, Horn-1
burg, Oregon. i
Dated this 12th day of April, 1901
J. C. FDtUEttTO.s, Administrator.
In the Circuit Court of the Btatu of Oregon
for Douglas County.
II. WoIIenberg, as administrator oil
the partnership estate of B. Marks and
II. Wollenberg, plalutin I
Jacob J. Chadwlckml Harriet J.
Chadwlck, his wife, defendants. j 1
Notice Is hereby giren that by virtue of an
cutii'iou ami orueroi sale miy Issued out ol
ittu-iuu ami orueroi sale iuiy Issued out ol
10 above named court and causa on the 3lt I
sr of May, 1901, u- on a Judgment and decree !
uly rendered and enu-red In said court and
cause on the 17ih day of May, loot, by foreclov. ;
ure oi a mortgage in 'avor ol the above named i
plaintiff and against the above named defen-,
danuand aga nst the hereinafter mentioned
and d scribed mortgaged prop rty for the a im
oi jriiny-one Tliousand six Hundred and
Twenty-nve and 8Tenty-even hundred In
iMWBn) uousrs, witn Inteest thereon
me raie in 10 per rent per annum fn.m the
umyoi APni iwi, arm tLe Hither sum :
uunurea i
(IM Dollars attornevs
therefore I will on ratuniay, the Ind day of
uij. iv, iioaeocioci p m oi sain aay, a
the court boat- front door, in Kietiurg, Dmik
las county, OreKon. sell at public auction to
the blithest bidder for cash in hand, all the
right, title and Interest, which the said defrn
daossor either of them hkd on the 30th day of
October, 1K, or at any time thereafter in or to
the following decrlbed real pmperty. town : ,
The entire Donation Land Claim of I&ac
Bailey and Ellx betn Bailey, his wife, of Doug
las County Stale of Oregon, as sbnirn upon tle
maps plats and surveys of the land office at
Robunc. Oregon, aud for which a paieut was
duty iFiued, daud the 11th day of July a. D.
Uo. an i! in said pau-nt. as follons.
Betnnlngat atelnt Its chains west, and
2f.S chains south, from the quarter fftl-'U
post on the line between section- 6 and 7 in
township , south of ranse 5 ww. and run
nine thence north 76 CI chains, tlenre sooth
S3 degrees Umlrutrs east, 7S.'6 chain-, th-nce
north 115 chains, thenee west I if, lin,
thence south Ss.'!4 chains and thrn.-e tut"
90 chains to the place of beKi nln. c nt4t-i-lng
SS acres, ssve and except Q aeres more o
less, formerly convened to Hans W. aver. -:t t-f
the afo'rs.ld dpcr bed lau I. Icaniig it. a -c-
which are hen by con errl.
AUothef llowtncdcnil p-cais-, :&wi
one nd tw. .nd le wt hail . ! t
southeast quarter and the sotithra-i qa.rt r o
the soli l.rlqn rin . action 41 ii itmai-p
29 s ri h of ran S and tb- u r lir
quarW ot the o- I'hisd qn.iKr o . -u .
tiitoan-blpS south m r.uce w.i l. ,i,. -
trici -I Unds sit j ctte-al at Hebsini. Ore--.n.
coutslnli-c 1 ane. an 75 hnsxt.e Jr.. i
an arre
Also the fulkiwln drcrlsl i reasi-e--It:
Lot. one, t0 awl tbr- of ettu 6 in I a
hlpStVHilh of range 1 wt- in l-.r- l.'r r I
lands tit.Jrrt to sat.- at IUe-irt. Oif r- n
ian!nir y.s-acrrs.
AKtlbefolliiKingdentM-l irSHl-. u-v t
An undivided iiiic-b.if of 'be New
scriUd a folli.a s
Brr tin'nt t-4n:2S rb.ln. va-h at
W 64 chains we i fmrn ih.- ro? t n .......
KVeu eli h. s rtnieen u l ruhwa, i- ..w
hli.D s Bin o1 rantf 4 .i a- innii tig
IhcTire n..ftli 4 crialns. wr-i -. v ct.ii,,
h cor south Q rhsln. and tt. n.- i-ti '
chains ihe .:re o ltania; In iSm- iv
titer of Ian.t mt.Jrrl tn sale ei R. Imrs tin
ron ainlus; 419.79 aeres a sal e -i.
IT", acre snu ror Lit. lorn r'j ci.lirr -l u
Hans raver
Alan ii e lid'fwlne drcribnl t.r nl . to lt
1bfw(tbalf of tberatt -alf. M-ni nHH-3i.l
lb- oorihwe tqiarter o' ibr n-twi nmrler
otectko twelve and Inu ant it.. .. nx
U.m twrlie. -n tnarn.hlp i, .hIK iaae i
west t-. OmioIi. n-rr a. ru
:9arrrmoTv or 1- and all IV .n-t. . i.d
premises hemn lrK-nU-! t-ia ii-i J '-i
Uracla Cooutj. slate nf Ori-n. Ir-h- lit
the tnemcm. di and a.Mr-ei.
anors Ihem-nti. bela&iclox or in answM a
prrtalu'iie and wi:l (.piy ice pn- ii. ,.! nch
sale flrs to the a stent nf Ih ei of
saJe and the saai ni MrtXOi attnaer fn . r-!
the sum ol $il.S&77 du -he 4ait-a wuh j
leresi tberro , a' the r-tr o. In-rrent a- I
r.ura from the 2Hb dat sA r rWi. .t-. !ci
over.Hi.s i- a-i mere I will p ine
defrtxt nts. at by order of sa d e nrr. in
exerniktnt'i medl-ectoi and -'.litem!, t- n
mmlln tee to sdl said b .v iriid rr
prtt-rt In the tra- n-r ir -vHe-t bv law.
Paled this 31sl daj id 3J. i I '
sberlffnf DonglaslutiB'y Or.s u
Notice for Publication
Cn! ted Stale Land OScc.
Rnswbnrx Oretron. April it. i:o
NoUcs is seraby fires that la compllaac
with th. provisions of tt. act of ConcTrsa of
Jnna S. ISTt enUtled "An act for the sal of
amber land's In tta Stales of CaUIornla.Orirca
hsvsds Mi Was Ma toa Territory as axtena-
to 11 Ih. pubUa land ttatas by art of AUfurt
s, 1S92.
i-f Aberdeen, Wa,h. roun'yoi i:rtehalt. .tate ot
asainKion. as. inn iar nie l in this of5- hi.
worn statement No. fe-9i.lor the porch-e of
he n( of section is. tp -.Cs.of rante Jw.sL
ana win oner Prool to show that the land soj rht
U more valuable for lis timber or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish hU
fi J?re th RKlter and Receiver cf this
tOos of Eosabuix. Ore ron.
on Thursday, the Tihd.y of July, ixn He names
as-wltneases: Bernard Krakenbetxer. of Rov
Kai?5:u,red A-Warwick, of Aber teen. Wash :
H. L- Engles.ot Peel, Ore.,- W. 11. McCmwetLof
Rosebunt. Or.
Any and all persons claiming adve-tely the
above describ-d lands are requested tn file their
claims In this once on or before the said 7th
day of July, 1M. J.T. BRIDGES.
Administrator's Sale of Real
In the Countr nnnri. it nt r..
Doujlsi County. . .v
In the Matter of the Partnership Kstat of
Isldor Caro and slmou Caro, Partner! as Caro
Notice Is hereby siren that under and nnrtn.
ant to an order ol the County Conn ot Douglas
county. Oregon, made on the 7th day of June.
19W. and entered of record In VoLltatpaav
75-tT6 of the p-obate record ol said countv, the
uuuciaiauvuauiuiuiFiraioroi said parneishtp
eaute will on and after the &rd day of July.
at iiurvuuij, urron, oner lor sale and sell
to the highest bidder for cash In band atpil
rate ale all of the ilc ht nil. m,i ii.tu....
tald paitnershlD estate In and to th Wmii,
described real property of ld estate In Doue-
.. Wuutj , vtLlilfUi WW l
lhe Iota alar, seven and pfoht in ti' -i nM.
Southern Addition to the city ot Roscbmc
OiMon? -Also
the following descrlbeil premises in Rlv
ersidii addition to the city of Rojehurg.Oiegon
Ttn. I" W! -V? rn . r . ...
and I), and the lots 1,2.3, -I, 5, 6. 7, and 8 In
block 21. The lots 1 .nil .Sin l. nv- il.ik.i
part of Alder street bi-rctofurc vacated lying
betsrtxb blocks 37 an 1 SO; and all that part 01
Alder street heretofore vacated Ijlnc between
blocks 26 and !9. -na all that mn or Vino. 11
retofora vacated lying beleeu block-, 21 and
Also all that rtart nl VlnA itnwt .n.l iv...
drawn north and south between a point on the
north line of Ward street In tho center of Vine
street and a point where ssld line when drawn
wvt; 1 arrcioiora vacateii jvinv east nr a iitiA
uvna anu suuiu wouia come opptv-lto to and
duo west of the north-west enrnurnf l.l.j-v
Also tho eart half nf that narmrwninu. .).
Deicroiore vacatea lying between blocks 11 and
Also tho folldnlnsr described nnm tw. In .iiii
follows to-wlt:
aiversiue .auiiian in Lne put ni Knuhii. .
The lots P. 7. ?. 9ilO.ll.12.J3 and 14 tn hl-V
The lota 9. 10, II. 12, 13, 11, 15, and 16 lu block
Tho lots 8. 8, 10, It, and 12 In block 1.
Tho Iota 16 in block 3. 1 ho lots ll in block i
Also the following described nivmluu i.nrli-
Tho south half nf tho nnrth-eajit nnan. r ami
the north-cast auarter of tho sniiih-.i mi.rtar
ui bcviiuu lueuiy, luwusuiu iiuriy-two sojtn Of
iaaiKuit.'iL'ii wvsi iu araugias county, uregon.
containing one. hundred and twenty acres
The said real nronertv will be sold in one tulv
orln separate parcels as In th judgmontof the
unuemgueu auminisirator win te lor the best
Interest of tald 1 state.
iMtcd nt Roseburg, OrvKon, this ISth day of
7j. sistoH oako, Administrator.
Wood Wanted on Subscription.
Those wishing ta pay up their sub
scription to tho Plain-dealer and not
having tho cash, hot having- wood, wo
nro willing to mako tho exchano and
receive wood on subscription at tho reg
ular market price. We will accept both
stove and heater wood.
Flai.vdbaler Pub. Go.
Ho! for St. Louis and the World's Fair
NatureV Art Gallery of the Rockfen in addition to the at
tractions at tit. Iiuis. Thii can mil v b done by emnz r
rettirning via-the ".SCKNIC LINK OF THE WORLD "
Write for illnfitratr-d WAIet of Colorado!! famons eights awl resorts
W. C. HcBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third Street PORTLAND. OREGON
We will pay the highest cash price for Hides,
green or dry, Pelts .goat skins, furs, iron
bras-, copper, lead, zinc, rubber boots & hoes
Have some splendid bargains in second hand Furniture
When you
you are there
The Rock Island System
has an enormous advantage
over other western railroads
in the fact that its Chicago
terminal the La Salle Street
Station is the only railroad
station on the Elevated loop.
It is located in ikz heart of Chicago
only a block rnxn th: Board of TnJe;
two blocks from the Pest OScr; withai
etsy wilting distisce of the principal
theatres, hotels sal ssres.
The trans of al Cbsoro's dmsJ
raSnnia pits irj doors and take ;oa
iiicUyaai fori 5-ta: tart
to aay pan of the dry.
Three routrs East via
Denver, Omaha and St. Pad.
Canl Ant-,
140 Third
Lumber & Buildi
At a Sacrifice
Read Our Cash Prices
Rough Lumber $
Sized Lumder SS.oo "?
1 x 12 Common s 2 s $Soo
1x6 Flooriug Sro.oo
Aud all other LUMBER in proportion.
Lumber Yards near Depot
By J. J. KfNNEY, Pres.
Of every description. Farms and Min
eral Ijtnds. Oregon, Washington and
Title Uuarantee&Loan Lo.
ROaElU'ttti. ORKOON.
t). Hamilton,
cy. a-id Trea
Omce lu tho Court Houso. Have the only cooi
nletoset ot abstract booka tn Douglas Count
Abstract. and Certificates ot Title fnrnlshdj
Uouitlas county land and mlntn clnlms. Ha.
also complete ct of Traclnirs o' alt townsh
fdats in tho Rosoburi;. Oregon, U. !. Land HI
rlct. Will make blue print conies ot anv inn
!i. Little,
j Oakia
nd, - Oregon.
Reliable crown and bridge work, J.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Bine Prints of Township Maps showing
all vacant Lands.
Arcliitcct, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
in rs.
Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in new Bank Buildttig. 'Phone 415
is frenared to wait
and newcuatomersaud friends
with a full ami comnlMa
stock of
1 . - - -
All freah and of the verv bent
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialtiea Your patrouaue
205 Jackson St., Roseburg
P. John$on,.dentist. Gravo'sjib'ld'g. 49tf