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It's the Quality that Keeps the Customers
Our Spring goods that are constantly arriving are well known for their
quality. It is a pleasure for us to show this beautiful line. All we ask is for
you to give us the opportunity.
Note that our clothing fits well and is up to date, our Dress Goods are
uoblty and pretty, our Shoes are staunch aud comfortable, our Hats are stylish
and shapely, our Furnishings are new and nobby, our Wash Goods are pretty
and cheap in price.
The People's Store
One Door Southof P. O.
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Airs. Belle lollins
In the Oil catt Court ol ths state ol Oregon,
for Dougl! fountr:
-AuguKltnte. i'jnlntiC, )
vs. J
LeDa Klenke. Defendant, I
To Lna Klenke, above named defendant. In
tLe name of Ihe State of Uresou, you Hte here
by munuoutd and required to appear and ans
wer the nt nltd aani m jou in the
aliove entitled court a rt cu$e. within six
weeks from the date of the firt publication of
this Simmons, and if you fail to appear and
an wer as herein requited, for want thereof
plaiutilt will apply to ail court lor the relief
deinauded in bisconipl-iui, which is for a
froaj trid court dis-olving the marriage
contract exUtinsr betiveeu pUinnrl'and defend
ant, and for such other and fur her relief as to
the court may teem im-ct
1hs summons is published once a week for
at lest six snccosive weeks iu the Plaindeal-
, a semi-weekly newspaper, published at !
Kosebur. Oreeon, bv order of Hon. JS. D.
Tuompson, 1 oun-v Judge of Douglas Countv,
Oresou. made June 21, 1904. The first publica
tion of this summons is on Jiinei'oni, 104
0 W Attorneys for PlaiMiff
State or Ohio, City of Toledo, )
Lccas Coustt. j"
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed to
in my presence, this 0th day of Decem
ber, 18S6.
(Seal.) A. W. GLEASOX,
Notary Pcbijc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ty, and acts directy on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Piils for constipation
Photographic supplies of all kinds at
Graves' Art Emporium. Mr. Graves
will gladly give you the benefit of his
years of experience in that line, by ad
vising you about your kodaks, supplies,
etc 46-tf
or T I T a. a.
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
J. P. Johnson, dentist, Grave's build
ing. 49tf
Yoncalla wilt celebrate Independence
The District Fair will be held at Eu
gene Sept. 20, 21, 22, 23.
There will be fresh salt-rising bread at
I. J. Norman's every afternoon this
week. tf
If yon want good work done, try the
Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ington and Kane St.
Au election is iu progress at Cottage
Grove to determine what yonng lady
shall be Goddess of Liberty.
Prospects are encouraging for the
early construction of the proposed rail
road from Gaants Pass to Crescent City
For sick head.iche take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tabletes and a quick
. ure is certain. For Eale by A. C. Mar
kers & Co.
If young people will be patient they
will no doubt be rewarded with some
weather warm enough for picnics yet.
July and August are near at hand.
Jas. Yoakam and Hank Williams have
Oeen arrested at Grants Pass on a charge
of assaulting and robbing a miner by
the name of Murray in the suburbs of
that city last Thursday.
The Masonic Grand Lodge that met in
Portland recently granted a dispensation
for a Masonic lodge to be organized at
Myrtle Creek. There are about twenty
mem era of the order there, and a lodge
tril soon beinstitutcd.
1 u the parks the early summer style
of love now in vogue does not mark a
material difference from the fashion of
last season. The hug may be worn a
trifle longer, and the kiss just a fraction
more resounding, and the general effect
remains the same.
Thomas Smith, the oldest remaining
pioneer citiz -n of Roseburg and Douglas
county, who is also the pioneer county
judge of this coanty, favored the Plain-
dealer with a pleasant call Saturday
and we are pleased to note that he is
still hale and hearty at the age of four
score years.
House Furnishers
Now's the time to buy your Furniture,
Carpets and House Furnishings
OUR $6.00 IRON BEDS g qq
for J'D
Now's the time when you can enjoy solid comfort.
Our Superior Steel Constructed Couches, regular
$15.00, now -$13.00. Good Serviceable Couch in
Plush Velvet for $7.50.
a range to use. They are far cooler than the old
kind. Two special beauties and no better sold; 4-hole
size for $30; 6-hole size, the popular size, sold most
places for $45, our price $35.
Now's the time you should visit our Crokery
Department. When you are through buyngyour
furniture you ran go on buyiug the crockery for the
whole house .
We make a specialty of mail orders.
This is all the space we have, sn call aud we will
be pleased to show you through.
The Wholesale and . Retail
House Furnishers.
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
Log Cabin Creams at Currier's.
Wood for sale. Leave order with J. F.
Barker. tf
Roseburg school pupils number 949, a
gain ot 81 over last year.
Oakland will celebrate Independence
day in an appropriate manner.
Mrs. J. N Ryan and son Alger are
the guests of relatives at Salem.
Furnished house for rent. Inquire of
R. R. Johnson, Marks building.
A. F. Stearns, of Oakland, was a Rose
burg business visitor late last week.
J. 0. Johnson, Jr., of Leona, was tran
sacting business In this city Friday.
If it is a "Floral" it is the latest and it
can be had at Stratfords gallery only.
Wasted; Girl for general house
work. Apply at 801 Mosher Street.
50 tf
If you want to buy Angora Goats call
on or address L. A. Marat era. Cleveland
Ore. 455 t pd
G. W. Jones, Drain who has been
visiting in this city returned home Sat
urday morning.
If you want mats cut in all the late
styles, ovals, circles, etc., go to Graves'
Art Emporium. 46-lf
If you want grinding done, call at the
Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ing and Kane St.
Cooperative Dentistry Dr. W. H.
Darby, over P. O. Examinations free.
All work guaranteed. 46-tf
Mrs. W. B. Singleton and daughter,
Mrs. AT. Thompson, are v isiting rela
tives at Independence.
John Alexander, of Glide, informs us
that the glorious fourth will be gloriously
celebrated at that place.
Mrs. John Hunter is visiting with
friends in Portland, and expects to be
absent about three weeks.
Hon. J. W. Hamilton has returned
from Lane county, where he was hold
ing a session of circuit court.
Mrs. J. A. Black, of Drain, who has
been the guest of Mrs. John Strader, of
this city, has returned home. -
Yon probably never saw folder photo
at less man fs.w per uoien they are
f 4.0-1 and up at Stratfords. See them.
W. E. Dewey wife and children formr-
Iy of this city left on Saturdays local for
Portland qn their way their old ho me in
A Silver Lake man named W D. West
is popular at home. The 93 votes cast
in that precinct for assessor in the re
cent election were everv one for him.
tie must pe some relation to our own
D. 8. West.
Miss Maude H. Thompson, a daugh
ter of W. Vy. Thompson and a brother
of Guy Thompson, formerly of this city
was married at Ashland last Tuesday
evening to. Plinv R. Strange, a son of
Rev. F. G; Strange.
The Plalndealeb is informed by
Attorney I. B. Riddle, that this is an
off year in the South Douglas prune or
cbards, bat with a season's rest for the
orchards, ;a big crop is assured next
year under ordinary conditions.
Cheadle and Johnson, dentists, have
dissolved partnership and Dr. Johnson
has fitted up office rooms in the Grave's
building where we will be pleased to
see all old patrons ; also all whojwiah op'
to-date dentistry at reasonable prices.
B. Fan ton, proprietor of the Roseburg
Myrtle Point stage line, was in this city
this week on business and ho states that
the condition of the roads between this
place and Myrtle Point are fairly good
and that the service on his road will be
better than ever this year.
Frank B. Tichenor, state organizer of
the W. 0. W. arrived in this city from
Myrtle PointThnrsday evening and on
Friday proceeded on his way to Port
land. He will look after business per
taining to his official position until
about July 1, when he will return to
Rice i!c Rice, the Roseburg bouse fur
nishers, have the largest and brstse
lected stock and the most modernly
equipped establishment of this kind in
the state south of Portland. Theirs is a
business institution of which Roseburg
may well feel proud and is convincing
evidence of the energy, enterprise and
business ability of this well-known local
Geo. W. Jones, a genial and enter
prising citizen of Dram, spent a few
days in Roseburg late last week and fa
vored the Plaindealer with a pleasant
call and a subscription. He expressed
himself as decidedly well pleased with
the republican presidential ticket and
predicted a great landslide for the party
in November.
The most wonderful man in the
world lives in Jefferson, Oregon. He
belongs to no lodges, was never worked
by a bock agent, nover lost any money
by bad investments, never bought stock
in any thing, cares nothing for hunting
trips or blooded, dogs, neither chews nor
smokes, and earns his salary. H
claims to haye a goo4 time but no one
Relieves bjtn.
Mrs. John Collier is visiting relatives
at McMinville.
L. S. Shipley, of Portland, spent a few
days in this city arriving hero Saturday
C. E. Price, wife and son, of Olympia,
Wash., are visiting relatives nnd friends
in this city.
For all tho late fads in fancy work,
stamping done to order, go to tho Art
Emporium. J" 46-tf
Bert Westbrook, .tho genial clerk at
the Hotel McClallcn is visiting in Al
bany this week.
Co-operativo Dentistry Dr. W. II
Darby, over P. O. Examinations free
All work guaranteed. 4C-tf
Master Russell Wishart, of Oregon
City is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. M.
S. Kelley, of this city.
Mrs. M. J. Caloway and children,
left Sunday morning for Portland to
visit relatives for a time.
If you want Machine work done call
at the Roseburg Machine Shop, corner
ashington and Kane St.
Mrs. Roy Sloat, of Portland, arrived
in this city Sunday evening, to visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sloper.
Misses Bessie Kidder and Ella Black
have returned from Peel where I hey
have been enjoving a week's outing.
District Attorney Goo. M. Brown re-
urned Saturday from Lane county,
where he has been attending circuit
Miss Beatrice Ross, of Portland, who
has been, the guest of Mrs. Mollie .Mad-
dor, of this city, returned home Sunday
Mrs. F. Kennedy and little son Clare.
who have been visiting for the past six
weeks near Eugene returned home Sat-
rday evening.
Misses Clara and Helena Riddle, re
turned home Saturday, after attending
as delegates the County Convention of
the W. C. T. U.
W. J. Lander, who has be- n spending
few months at his farm at Waldport,
Oregon, arrived in this city last week
for a short visit.
Mrs. Mike DeVaney and little daugh
ter left this morning for a few weeks
iait at Portland and other points in the
Willamette vallev.
An unusually late frost visited our
sister county of Lane last Thursday
night and did considerable damage to
gardens. It was a freak.
Railroad Notes
Conductor Fred Hoffman, who has
been running out of Portland for the
past year, in now running into this city
on trams Iso. 15 and 10, in Conducto
Leo Hendricks place. Mr. Hendricks
and wife aro visiting relatives in Cali
O. W. Taylor traveling trainmaster
was in this city on business this week.
Mrs. McGeehe and children left Inst
week for Portland, to visit a short time
with relatives and friends.
Conductor I red Westbrook, wife and
little eon, returned Sunday evening from
a ehort visit with relatives in the Wil
lamette Valley.
Mreman Bert Aderton and wife, are
now residents of Portland, Bert now
having a good, short run out of Portland
on the 8. P. lines.
S. MeCounell, A. C. Alford, B. W.
Maddox and C. P. Clark, of the train
service are laying off this week.
Dr. Cheadie gives especial attention
to crown and bridge work. The latest
and most scientific methods in everv
branch of dentistry at lowest prices. J27
Grave' Art Emporium is now open to
the public Everything in the line ol
Art, fancy work, pyrograpby, and pho
tographic supplies, will be carried in
stock. 46tf
J. H. Hobbs has just returned from a
visit to Umpqua Ferry. He informs
us that W. T. Emory, who was injured
last week in a runaway near that place
is getting along nicely.
Miss Mary K. Brookes and sister, Miss
Ethel, returned home Sunday evening
from an extended visit to the St. Louis
Exposition. They report a very pleas
ant and interesting trip.
W. H. Richardson and wite, who
have been spending their honeymoon
visiting points of interest on Puget
Sound, returned to this citv on Satur
day morning's overland.
Alex B. Mott, Myrtle Creek; Mrs. C.
Bealman and Mr. H. L. D Wald of
Canyonville; X. E Butt, Kewberg; and
M. Camp, of Glendale are registered
at the Hotel McClallen.
Miss Delia Moore, a faithful and com
petent member of the Plai.vdealkr's
composing force, returned to her cape in
this office Monday moraine, after an en
joyable weefe vacation, winch was
pent with friends on Clover Creek.
bpeaktng 01 lovely designs in accor-
deon pleaiting and fluting for made up
costumes for girls, it was the writers
good fortune Friday to be shown by Mrs.
A. Snider, of Hamilton's addition.
some ol tue most oeautitul. .Mrs.
Snider makei a specialty of this kind
of work and is certainly an expert.
O. C. Brown, a prominent educator of
this countv, made the Plai.hdealeb a
pleasant business call Monday, The
professor now resides on his Deer Creek
farm, telephone connections with which
has lately been established by the
local exchange, this rural line being a
great convenience to the product! ve
little valley.
A. D. Clink, James Cobb and V. R
Buckingham, who for the past month
have been buying horses near Klamath
Falls, arrived in this city Saturday with
twelve head of fine horses which will be
placed on the market here. They pur
chased thirty head in Klamath county
but enroute back they sold eighteen be
fore arriving here. Their add appears
in today's issue.
Cipt. F. B. flvnlia of the local mill
tia company, has received orders to at
once have private Ira Cole report at
Portland to join the squad of marksmen
for a try out at the range at American
Lake for the selection of 12 men to form
the state team to compete at the big
shoot to be held between tho guards
men of Oregon, Washington and Idaho
during tho encampment.
The movement for an increase in
teachers' salaries, is one that has long
been overdue. There is ho clas of pio
fessional people that must kaep any
more "n the alert than a progressive
teacher, and there is no other class of
professional people so poorly paid. Thir,
ty-flvo to fifty dollars per month for eight
or nine month's work, Is what the great
er part of the teachers receive, when the
cost of a bare living is deducted there is
nothing left and ifia smalt wonder that
many are leaving the profession.
For the last week a drunken French
fortuneteller has been making things!
miserable for the citizens and city of-
tkisla in Roseburg, raiding disturbances ;
on the streets, singing etc. It is said '
that during one day he entered the red-
dence of one of our citizens during his ;
bsence and frightened his wife who j . -- the ,ota mtr,,;oned
was alone, bv demanding something to nnrchi over a vear aso. Thev
eat. The lady recovered from her fright h fc lT 5n he:r a.
i- it . i ,
and ordered the scamp out, and when
he refused to go, she picked up a chair
ud threatened him with it, and he
tarted to back out, but when she again
set the chair down he refuted to leave.
She then picLed up a hand saw and
struck him with it. He again retreated
and passed out the back door which
was locked after him. He wan
arrested twice during his stay
here. I he first time he was fined five
dollars, but as he was shy of cash Re
corder Marsters took all he had and
turned him loose. The second time he
V. L. Bogard, of Glendale, who has
been appointed by Sheriff H. T. McClal
len as his first deputy after July Oth
was in this city Sunday making ar
rangements to move his family to this
place. He has rented the V. C. London
property on Fowler and Douglas streets
Mr. Bogard is well known throughout
Douglas county, having lived at Oak
jand a number of years and for the past
year acted, as chief dork for Mr. Sonne
maqn, at hja, GJendqlo store. There is
no doubt but what Mr. Bogard will
make a moat capable doputy sheriff.
Our Canyonville Letter.
Pearl Puckett has been quite indispos
ed for eouie time.
Mr. 0. S. Glasgow who was slightly
paralyzed some time ago, is much im
Children's Day was observed Sunday
by suitable exercises both morning and
evening at tho Methodist Church.
Mrs. J. L. Clough has returned from
an extended visit bast. While gone
she visited the St. Louis exposi tion and places of inte est.
) iss Btssio Clouh aud the Misses
Plotner have returned home from Jack
sonville, where they attended school the
past yeir.
Property owners on Main Street have
been notified to build sidewalks. ;
G. W. Carter is having a barn built ,'THF F KS WIN 81)11 D
on the proierty he recently purchased J
of H. J. Wilson. 1
Frost damaged many gardens in thip ;
icinity Tnurtday night. George Jack
son lost 300 tomato plants and 15 acres
of corn.
Mrs. B. D. Cornelius, who has been
ery sick, is reported slightly better.
J. R. Pickett and family, returned
Sunday from Corn Creek.
Grandpa l.inville is eeriously ill at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. W. T I.ady.
The Eagle will scream in Canyonville
on the Fourth. Everyone is invited to
come and have a good time.
Miss Susie Hopkins has been quite
ck the past week.
School election passed oil quietly,
John Fallin was elected director for two
years and John E. Love for three jear.
W. Elliott was re-elecied clerk. The
Board has employed Mhs Alice Rndoph
as teacher of the Primary department,
and Miss Sallie II. Weaver Intermedi
ate. No Principal has yet been ernplov-ed.
Vou 1 Is Called to Oor immensc "ine f
Critical 0'ce mma hnfckags
Attention "ly
Cool, comfortable, perfect fitting gar- The great popularity of Lace Hosiery
inents in cotton, lisle thread and silk, has encouraged ns to put in a large, se
We ase prepared to please you in style, lect line of these goods. Many styles,
quality and price. Prices range from 25c to $1.25.
We make a specialty of oxfords for men Golf and Negligee shirts, the kind
and women, in calf, kid patent leathers, that fit look stylish aud make you stop
Styles strictly up to the minute. Ideal kicking about the weaither. A large
for bad weather. assortment. Prices range from 850 to $2
Will Erect a Two Story Modem
Brick Building
Lodge Room and Armory To
Comblcted Before the Rainy
Season Commences
was 1
At the last recular meeting of Rose-
bure Lodce No. 326. B. P. O. E , it
decided that a two-story modern brick j
building 50x100 feet be built on the i
Elk' property at the corner of Jackson j
and Lane streets opposite the M. E.
church. A committee consisting of U.
Wollenburg, W. H. Jamieson and E. L
Parrott was appointed to receive plans
and make all other necessary arrange
ments preparatory to the construction of
the building. This committee has full
power to act.
For more than a year the lodge mem
bers have been considering the action of
building a hall oi their own and with
: they wish to erect a building that will
be a credit to their order and the city,
" but now teeing that the time for action
:s ripe, they intend to show that they
mean business.
The upper story of the building will
be fitted as a lodge room, banquet room,
1 lockers, eic , and will not only be used
I by the Elk, but other orders. Thelow
i er floor will be occupied as an 3rmorv
by Co. D, First Separate Battalion, O.
N. G., of this city. A firstclass spring
1 floor suitable for dancing will be laid in
! the armorv room.
bad no cash and was allowed to go on , The committee .te that it is their
his promise to leave town, which he ....: to have the buildintr comDlet-
did Friday night for the north. , , M the next fa,i
Mrs. Sarah McCulIo.h of this citv! -
Axminster Velvet
and Tapestry
Full line of Ingrains
Both Wool and Cotton
We are showing a fine line of Lace Curtains
which have just arrived.
Fifty pairs of Portiera In the latest designs
and colorings.
We carry from 500 to 1000 Window Shades in
stock including the celebrated Henry W. Green shade,
the best that money can buy.
Base Ball.
Earnest Bradley, the third baseman
of the Shamrocks, who for the laft three
series his been pUyim: outfielder on
account of his recent injuries, is p ovin
himself a star outfielder, aud his fine
catch of Duniiivaii's fly in righlfield,
and his throw to third baye retiring
Johueon, Albany star base runner, re
ceived a well deserved cheer from the
"faus" in Ihursday's game.
A feature of Friday's game was Mor-
He informs us that last j row's pretty stop of a grounder, and his
fool race to first bae to catch Harper.
"Pop" has no: 1 st any of his rleetnes.
ConMlerab!e joshing is Leitij: done
about Charlie Bilreu's running, but it is
ol generally knt-n that he wears lead
ole- on ht plmes.
Howard'- fi e field work ill ratt-hing a
ng tly in ttie t-ixtn inning rnuay,
rubbed .Morrow of a hit aud retired the
fell and fractured the bones of her right
leg Saturday. The accident took place
at Sam Moo res place at Round Prairie
.Mr. Moore discovered that the houte
was on fire and Mrs. McCulloch mou t
ed a box to assist lr Moore iu reaching
the roof, after tdie had boosted him onto
the roof the lust her balance and fell
over bacswar is with the above results.
Dr. Miller was called from this city and
reduced the fracture.
Andy Goat, ol Dodge Canyon near the
Ca I a pooi a valley is in this city to day
ou business.
rhurday while he was attending school
meeting some set ure to lo
acres of his shelling and burned it in
uch a manner that it will be impossible
for him to ever make a clean burn of it.
f he slashing was green a d the fire only
turned the dry leaves leayiug ttie larger
brurh and limbs. Tlieptrtyals enter-
t-d iho house an 1 took a watcii and
several other small articles.
A issouri man who owed an editor
for six years subscription recently wro e
him to know the best way to raise hogs
The editor saw a chance to obtain sweet
revenge and replied: "ask your parents
luw they raised you."
Cupt. James Fisk a student of Bishop
JJcotia Accademy in Portland is visiting
Jiis uncle V. W.Cardwell, of this city
It is Mr. Fisk's intention to spend the
summer in this county.
Four hundred dollars are now offered
as a reward ior the capture of Crellield,
the Holy Roller apostle. Circulars giv
iug a description of him are being sent
roR balk 16 head ol good young
horses, 0 to 1200 pounds each. Call at
S. M. Cobb's ranch or on A, D. Clink
city. . 51
Geo. H. Graves the popular traveling
man was a guest nt Hotel McClallen
this week.
Robt V. Breaid, of Hoquiam Wash
is registered at the Hotel McClallen.
Scott Henry, of near Oakland is in
this city on business this week
Notice To Firemen.
There will he a special meeting of the
mombors of the old Board of Fire Dele
gates at tho Firemen's Hall Wednesday
evening, June 29, 1004, at 8 o'clock
sharp. This meeting Is culled at tho ro
quest of. tho Chief of tho Department.
liusiness of importance.
M. F. WitiaiiT,
V. C. McWilliams, Pres,
Canyonville Couple EI ipe.
tl is reportedihat Albert Hanks, alias
Freeman, alias Blauuhard, hs eloped
with Myrtle, the 15 y-ar old daughter of
F. O. Worley, of Canyonville. bout
Juno the fourth Miss Mvrtlo luft her
home at Canyonville to visit relatives at
Myrtle Creek, but on arriving there she
went to the hotel and registered as Mrs
Blani-hard and later was joined by
Hanks who registered as Mr. Idamhard
Tho two then lelt on the evening train
bound south and vera last seen at Ash
laud. It is said that about two year.'
aito Hanks was married to a well known
Tacoma lady, under tho name ol Free
man, and that she arrived in this coun-
ty n few days ago to join her husband.
but found that he had left with Miss
Worley. Mrs. Freeman-Hanks immedi
ately returned to Tacoma. Hanks has
many well-known relatives in the south
ern put of the county who are honest.
upright citizens, but ho seems to bo a
black sheep.
Attention Company D.
Are You Going to St Louis?
If so Purchase your Ticket via tie
Choice of Routes going or returning, via
St. Paul, Denver, Colorado Serines
or Pueblo
For Rates Call on pour Local Agent
Dates of Sale: June 16-17-18 July 1-2-3
Aug; S-9-10 Sept. 5-6-7 Oct. 3-5-5.
For further information and Sleeping Car Reservations
Call on or Address
a. h. Mcdonald
140 Third st, Portland, Ore. Gen'l Atfeat.
to buy a farm
furnished rooms
to buy a house
to rent a house
to build a house
to move a house
u lon'ttcuow PVT
"r or ddres' ...
aid Baitdar
James Arrance
Pursnaut to General orders No. 14
Uegi mental Headquartors Battalion
Regular Quarterly Inspection of Co.
"D" 1st Sep. Bat., 0. N. G., will bti
hold at Armory Hall Wednesday even
ing, June 29, at 8 o'clock, p. m. All
members of the Company are hereby
ordered to attend.
F. B. Hamun, Capt.
Is now prepared to do all kinds of machinist work,
such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, bnfF
ing and polishing. Saws gummed, knives ground,
shears ground, clippers ground on John VanBe
schaten clipper grinder.