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Rose burg Plaindealer
Published MutKiays ana Thursdays.
W. C. CONNER, Editor
F. H. ROGERS, Manager
Entered at the Post Office in Roseburg,
Ore , as second class mail matter.
Subscription f 2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates on Application.
The Editor ot the Pluxdealkr has no inten
tion ot snaking a false statement reflectlnc upon
the life or character of any pen-on, officially or
otherwise and any statement published in these
ooiamnswlll be cheerfully corrected it erroneous
and brought to our attention by the aggrieved
party or parties. Our Intention Is that every
article published ot a personal or political
official natare shall be news matter of general
Interest and for the welfare of the State at
JUNE 27, 1904.
Republican Presidential Ticket.
Theodore Roosevelt, of New York.
Chas. W. Fairbanks, of Indiana.
The late re-organization of the
Plaindealer and the determination
on the part of its present manage
ment to make it a fair, reliable, new
sy, up-to-date newspaper, as well as
a true, loyal and vigorous exponent
of Republican principles and of the
party upholding these principles, is
already inspiring a renewed confi
dence in the paper and increasing its
popularity throughout the county,
which is evident from the many kind
and encouraging expressions on the
part of its old and new patrons
and many letters of congratulation
and commendation being received at
this office. The Plaindealer ex
pects to champion the interests more
vigorously than ever before of Rose
burg, Douglas county and the repub
lican party, and, by an honest, con
servative and straightforward policy
to win. back its old-time popularity
and influence. The assistance and
co-operation of old friends and pa
trons - of the paper is earnestly solicited.
field, this condition now existing
would undoubtedly be reversed. How
ever, Senator Marsters, by his philo
sophical view of the situation and his
sensible resignation to his late politi
cal reverse, is receiving the commen
dation of friend and foe alike, and he
will therefore continue to enjoy the
confidence and esteem of the public.
President Roosevelt will celebrate
his forty-sixth birthday just before
the date set for the November elect
ion. He is the same age as the Ger
man kaiser. The Republican candi
date for vice-president, Mr. Fairbanks
has not only had the good political
fortune to have been born in Ohio,
but is still in the prime of life; he is
52 years old. In the ordinary course
of events both men should have be
fore them many years of usefulness.
Mr. Roosevelt was the youngest
man ever inaugurated as president
though he was not directly elected to
the office. Of those directly elected
by the people the record is held by
President Grant, who was 47; Cleve
land comes next, having been 48 at
the date of his inauguration, while
Garfield was 49. If Roosevelt is
elected and lives to be inaugurated
he will still hold the palm for youth.
Until Zachary Taylors day all the
presidents when they were inaugurat
ed were in the late fifties or early
sixties, William Henry Harrison, the
oldest of them all, having been 6S;
Taylor was 51. From that time for
ward no president has been 60 years
old at the date of his inauguration,
with the single exception of Buchan
an, who was 66. Lincoln was 52,
Hayes 54, Harrison 55 and McKinley
54. In this direction, as well as
many others, the tendency to thrust
heavy responsibilities on younger
men is steadily becoming more
BV OVEK 24,000
Republicans Carried Head of the
Oregon Ticket.
Local Option Shows Alajorlty of 3118
Votes Direct Primaries Popular.
Election Measure by 39,85!.
"There are 76 names on the pay
roll of the Bannockburn woolen mills
at Albany, and it amounts to $3,000
monthly. The output is being in
creased." "Steps are under way for the en
largement of the Union woolen mills
to three times the present capacitv.
One of the peculiarities in the
makeup of the average American citi
zen is a disposition to guard with a This will increase the Davroll to 150
jealous eye and selfishly resent the persons and will mean a big thing for
success, broadenme influence and well union.
merited popularity of public men, and Xrlll , lO0m3 inning in
the North Bend woolen mill, 7 spmn-
jTT. ,C1J ZT me machines and 6 sets of carding
ed by them to responsible positions machines. The mill emnlovs in the
'll M t 1 . I - 11 . .
wim ine nope that they may speedily neignoorhood 01 To people and is said
attain this degree of influence, popu- t pay the highest wages of any in
larifcv and pffiripnv Ami if n the state- At the present time it
" " I wl.-l, f
mauiucijiui nu euuiwuus quantity
hirinnc n earn I inrl vmavnf nt-inno fhn j i i - i -n . .
utnnuuuo mc uanaeis, wmcn will taKe several
public official, and the more rapid his months to fill. The mill uses only the
rise to a place of influence, promi- Desc quality of wool.
nence and cower, the creater th rii-L F0 the above items it wi!
position on the part of a certain ele- readiIy be seenwhat a advan-
ment in his constituency and party tage. t0 a cpmmunity is a woolen mi
associates to arrest his progress and or marines, uere at Ko:
bbVht a nsefnl and nromisino- rmMir : Dnr& we nave the necessary water
" x- I , .....
career. This is a denlm-aM rnndi- Pwer iaciuues, a desirable location
tion and never was this freak of hn- anda suitabIe building in which to in
man nature more conspicuously dis- sta11 enterPnse; the owners
played than in the late election in 01 wmcn siana aM lllnS to
this-countv. when a man who after Ptter encouragement and even m
beinsr voluntarily rewarded bv snb- dements tor the establishment of
" l 1 -ii 1 ... .
stantial recognition after years of 811 cnan mau3tl7 here, which would m
diligent, faithful and efficient work in aue course 01 tlDQe be almost supplied
with its wool product from the sheep
that would be grazed on Douglas
county hills and pastures, at least
soon as a good home market was
the interests of his party and his co
workers, was turned down, when he
kad just attained that standing and in
fluence in state political circles to en
able him to accomplish every demand for the. wool product. Doug-
of his constituency. We refer to Sen- Ias connty was' in rs gne h7
'atorA.C. Marsters, who, whfle not per- A VOOi Paucing county and
hans immune to error, had in his brief favorable market condit-
career in theunner branch of the ions woald soon excell in this
Oregon legislature, made a record of industiy again' which would be
which not only his constituency, but vamaDle .nf to associate .with
.the people of the entire state mizht raising ana iruit grow-
point to with a degree of pride, a mg' two imPortant industries of the
fecord which had won for him the county at the present time. Rose-
confidence and esteem of every col- burg shonld a woolen mill. Let
laaeueand member of that aumst a Dnited effort be Pnt frtn to se-
Twlr as iq axnAanh fmm f Yia Am-ar I CUTe One.
sons 6i regret from that source and
the state press regarding his late po-
uncai-reverse. When Roosevelt was nominated the
in ms pnvate, municipal and legis- Oregon delegation made a demonstra
latiYe career there is none who can tion which was loudly and vociferous-
gainsaytnat he has not proven aeon- ly applauded. A large banner bear-
oiawiu.,, oaLKj icuamo aim comierva- mg the words; OREGON FIRST
tive man, at all times guarding the GUN; JUNE 1904; 23,804 REPUB
public interest as his own, with econ- LICAN MAJORITY; 40 PER CENT
omy and the greatest good for the REPURLICAN GAIN," was carried to
greatest number as his watchword, the chairman's platform by the Ore-
m view 01 these iacts, the only cause gon delegates. Washington, Idaho, Cai
ur w fcami, wi i,ue iaie eiecuon m norma and other Western States
this county, was the petty political joined heartily in the demonstration
rivalry, jealousy on the part of those
less successtui m their public career, Judging from the way Teddy capt-
0, .(.-.uujMutu tue repuuiican national con-
work of a few political rivals, and a vention and owinc to his univerRal
disposition on the part of Democratic popularity it wilL be hardly worth
party leaders and a few prominent while to have an election in Novem-
candidates 01 that party to trade and ber.
sacrifice every man on their ticket to -
1 . 1 i n. - 1 1 . ....
unng aooui, meir own election, wnere- All the Democrats are for "true
in fold means were adopted where Democratic principles," but scarcely
"" nuuiu UUb jjicva,,. iui, any two ot them agree on what those
with a lack of newspaper support and principles are or rather how thev
1 t At- 1 ft - -
nuBappreueusion on me pan ui tne should be stated and applied,
voters, inspired at the eleventh hour, t
CZ. At 1 0. 4. ir .
uclcut f? retera The democrats are trying hard to
xu. v.MUu u """"Z suggest a candidate for. their stand
already acknowledge and which will bearer fa the NaUona, eection
bome,more apparent aa time goes whose candidacy will not receive the
Dy, ana couiu me xate eiecuon oe re- enthusiastic
considered, since the true situation
support of the republi
has been revealed to the voters, since
the excitement and confusion incident Aguinaldo is coming to this coun-
to the campaign has subsided and try. The Anti-imperialists can then
they palMyand s-cooly survey, the I view their idol at close range.
Salem, June 25. The official canvas8
of the returns of the recent election
ehowa tho Republican plurality in Ore
gon to be more than 24,000. For Su
preme Judge, Frank A. Moore received
52,916 votea and Thomas O'Day 28,729,
giving the Republican candidate a
plurality of exactly 24,217. Tho total
vote of Oregon for 1904 was 99,315 ac
compared with 92,920 for 19J2, or an in
crease of 0395, or about 6 2-3 per cent.
The local option law carried by a vote
of 43.310 to 40.19S or a majority of 31i8.
The direct primary law carried by a
majority of Si S51, the vote being 56,
200 for and 16,354 against.
The office of State Printer amendment
failed to carry, the affirmative receiving
45,334 votes, while 49.05S were necessary
to make a required majority of all votes
cast at the election.
Repiesentative Hermann was re-elected
by a plurality of 6S13and Williamson
by a plurality of 14,353.
J. W. Bailey was elected Dairy and
Food Commissioner over his Democratic
opponent by a plurality of 24,233, or 66
more than the plurality for Supreme
The last of the returns from the sev
eral counties were received this morning
and Governor Chamberlain and Secre
tary of State Dunbar immediately can
vassed them and certified the results.
Secretary of State Dunbar has issued
certificates of election to each of the
successful candidates for state and dis
trict offices.
Nearly every county shows an increase
in the total number of votes cast, the
only decreases being in Clackamas, Gil
liam, Grant, Harney, Like, Lincoln,
Marion, TilUm-ol and Uimlilia coun
Though there wa a total vote of 99,
315, only 93.C0S bjllots were marked for
supreme J udge, about 5700 persous nut
voting for any can idale for that office.
Two years ago when there was a total
of 92,920 votes cast, only S7.719 marked
their ballots for Supreme JuJe.
Out of a total of 99,315 who were en
tilled to a vote for or against local
option, I5.S01 did not vote either way.
There were 26,756 voters who did not
express a choice on the direct primary
law and a still larger number who did
not vote on the State Printer amend
ment. The local option law lacked over
60.0 of having a majority of all votes
cast at the election, while the direct
primary law had over 60J0 more than a
majority of all vou s cast at the election.
Only a majority of all votes cast ou
those subjects was necessary for their
calem, June Zi. ludav Governor
Chamberlain is.ujd the proclamation
announcing the result of the vote upon
the local option and direct primary law
and from this aa e the,- will be in full
force and eff ct. The proclamaiiona
state the substance of the acts and will
be published in one pi-er in each jud
ciat district.
It is astoni.-'.iag to see the littl
knowledge which exists concerning these
THE NATIfc: 1 904
Fall Creek School Closed.
The following ij a report of nchool
district 2so. 12, tall Creek, besinnine
Oct 12, 1903 and closing June 17, 1F04
Number of dyi taught 173, number of
holidays 7, total 1S3. So. pupils en
rolled 26; no. days attendance 3740, of
absence 100, times late 60. Of a class
of four, two passed the fight grade ex
animation, the other two foiled only
one aiuuy. inose wno passed were
Bertha Watson and Minnie Deickmann
O. C.Hodser, Teacher
Prof. Houser made the Plaindealer
a very pleasant call today and reports a
very pleasant and successful 9 month
1 t. . ..
ecnooi term. lie is one oi tlie nsint?
young educators of the count v.
Close of the W. C. T. U. Convention
The crowning feature of the V. C
U. Convention was the County Gold
Medal Conteston Friday evening. Those
who took part in the contest were
Misses Clara and Helena Riddle, of Rid
dies; Miss Minnie Applegate, Yoncalla
Miss Daisy Hoover, Drain ; Mrs. Louis
Barzee and Mr. Ray Henderson, of
Koseburg. The contest was very close
and all did themselves great credit.
The medal was awarded Mr. Hender
son which will entitle him to enter the
class at tho Ashland Chautauqua to
compete for the grand gold medal. Wo
expect Miss Daisy Maiden to enter this
class also.
Mrs. F. W. Haynes entertained tin a
charaiing manner, a company of friends
at her home in this city Friday, in hon
or of Mrs. C. T. Curry, of New York.
who is visiting Roseburg relatives
and friends. The decorations were
beautiful and Misses Luln Willis and
Mabel Van Buren assicted in receiving,
The guests present were : Mr. and Mrs,
T. Curry, Hon. and Mrs. Binger
Hermann and daughter, Mrs. Mable
Gatley, of Washington, 1). O. ; Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Flint, Mrs. W. R. Willis, Dr. and Mrs.
L Miller and Mrs. M. Josephson and
sister, Mrs. Schwartz.
Hon. T. R. Sheridan left Saturday
morning for St. Louis to attend the
Democratic national convention. Be
fore departing Mr. Sheridan expressed
the opinion that Ma or Geo. B Mc-
Clellan, of New York, will probably be
nominated for president.
Roy Griggs of Comstock, was trans
acting businees in Ros burg today.
The following is tho platform adopted
by tho Republican national convention:
Fifty years ago tho Republican party
came into existence, dedicated among
other purposes to tho great task-of arest
ing tho extension of human slavery. In
1860 it elected its first president. Dur
ing twenty-four of the forty-four years
which have elapsed since the election of
Lincoln the Republican party has held
complete control of the government.
For e ghteen more of the forty-four years
it has held partial control through the
possession of one or two branches of the
government while the Democratic party
during the samo period has had com
plete control for only two years. This
long tenure of power by the" Republican
party is not due to chance. It is a de
monstration that the Republican party
nas commanded tho confidence of the
American people for nearly two genera
tions to a degree never equaled iu our
history and has displayed a high capaci
ty for rule and government which has
been made even more conspicuous by
.1... : j '
me lumpm-uy ana innrmiiy ol purpose
snown oy its opponents.
The Republican party entered upon
its present period of complete supremacy
in 1897. We have every right to. con
gratulate ourselves upon the work since
then accomplished, for it has added lus
ter ever to the traditions of the "party
which carried the government through
the storms of Civil war.
We then found the country after four
years of Democratic tule in evil plight
oppressed with misfortune and doubtful
of the future. Public credit had been
lowered, the revenues were declining,
the debt was growing, the admioistia
tion'6 attitude towards Spain was feeble
and mortifying, the standard of values
was thteateued and uncertain, labor was
crippled, business was sunk in tho de
pression which had succeeded the panic
of 1S93, hope was faint and confidence
was gone.
protected industries.
We met these unhappy conditions
vigorously, effectively and alone. We
replaced a Democratic tariff law based
on free trade principles and garnished
with sectional protection by a protective
tariff and industrv, freed from oppres
sio i and stimulated by the encourage
ment of wise laws, has expanded to a
decree never before known, has con
quered new markets and has created a
volume of exports which has surpassed
imagination. Under the Dingh y tariff
labor has been fully employed, waea
have risen and all industries have reviv
ed and pro. pervil.
We firmly established the gold MtanJ
ard, which was then menaced with de
struction. Confidence returned to famines-,
and with confidence and unexampl
ed prosperity.
For deficient revenues, supplemented
by improvi.lcnt isiues of bonds, we gave
the country an incjme which produced
a large surplus ami which enabled us
onlv four years after the Spanish war
had closed to remove over $100,0X1,000
of annual war taxes, reduce the public
debt and lower the interest charges of
the government.
me puunc creuu, wmcn nau oeen eo
lowered that in time of peace a Demo
cratic administration made large loans
at extravagant rates of interest in order
to pay current expenditures, rose under
Republican administration to its highest
pledges which the Republican party has
fulfilled. Wo propose to continue this
principle and we declare our constant
adherence to the following principles
character which history will confirm
and repeat.
The American people were fortunate
in his successor, to whom they turned
with a trust and confidence which have
been fully justified. President Roose
velt brought to the great responsibilities
thus sadly forced upon him a clear head,
a brave heart,.nn earnest patriotism and
high ideals of public duty and public
service. True to the principles of tho
Protection, which guards and develops P'ican party and to the duties to
our industries is a cardinal policy of the whlch the party had declared he also
Republican party. The measure of pro- shwed himself reidy for any emergen-
tectlon should always at least equal the c BDU Ul mJ new. and vital questions
dltterenco in the cost of production wun am,,ty ad with success
at home and aboard. Wo insist upon Ahe confidence of the people in his
the maintenance of the principles of iU8tIcei inspired by his public career,
protection and therefore ratea of duty enaD,etl ''m Jto render personally and
should be re-adjusted only when condl- Inestimable service to the country by
tlons have so changed that public Inter
est demands their altsration.
Tl... i
nui wus worx cannot saiely be com
mitted to any other hands than those of
ine republican party. To entrust it to
the Democratic jSarty is to Invite disas-
brlngmg about a settlement of the coal
strike, which threatened such disastrous
results at the opening of the winter of
Our foreign policy under his adminis
ter. Whether, as in 1892, the Demo- tration has nct'only been able, vizorous
cratic party declared the protection law and dignified, but in the highest degree
unconstitutional, or whether it demands successful. The complicated questions
tariff reform or tariff revision, its real which arose in Venezuela were settled
object is always the destruction of the in uch a way by President Roosevelt
that the Monroe doctrine was signally
vindicated and the cause of peace and
protective system.
TT rn ..
nowever specinc tne name the pur
pose is ever the sama. A Democratic
tariff has always been followed by busl
ness adversity ; a Republican tariff by
business prosperity.
To a Republican congress and a Re
publican president this great nation can
be safely entrusted. When the only
free trade country among the great na
tions agitated a return to protection the
chief protective country should not fal
ter in maintaining it.
We have extended widely our foreign
markets, and we believe in the adoption
of all practicable methods for their fur
ther extension, including commercial
reciprocity wherever reciprocal ai range-
ments can be effected consistent with
the principles of protection and without
arbitration greatly advanced.
His prompt and vigorous action in
Panama, which we commend in the
highest terms, not only secured to us
the canal route, but avoided foreign
complications, which might have been
of s very serious character. He has
continued the policy of President Mc
Kinley in the Orient, and oar position
in China, signalized by our recent com
mercial treaty with that empire, has
never been eo high.
He secured the tribunal by which the
vexed and perilous question of the Alas
kan boundary was finally settled.
Whenever crimes against humanity
hare been perpetrated which have
shocked our people bis protest has been
made and .our good offices have been
Wo coop iho largest and
dost assortment of Staple
and Jancy Srocorias, &rash
bruits and &arm SProduco
in tho city, and can snppty
your wants at as cheap or
cheaper prices than can be
had anywhere.
Z7lomombor that we ksop
tho 33est.
Jfruse dc Tfewland
Highest Market Price Paid for
Country Produce
AT McNamee's Grocery
ItllUUhl. . . . . l.t.J.
injury to American agriculture, Ameri- . ..." W
can labor or any American industry. ,T ?"S",on8- a ,
under his guidance we find ourselves
i t peace wun an ine worm and never
v e believe it to be the duty of the were we more respected or our wishes
republican party to uphold the gold more regarded by foreign nations
sianaaru anu the integrity and value of
rre-eminently successful in rezard to
our foreign relations, he has been equal
ly fortunate in dealing with domestic I
questions. The country has known that I
the public credit and the national cur
rency were absolutely safe in the hands
of his administration. In the enforce
ment of the laws he has shown nnt nulrl
bile every industry has prospered courier, but the wisdom which und-r
unuer the fostering aid of Republican sunds that to permit laws to be violated
!CM ! t in n Amttp!..ti K;nntMM - i I j - . .
ui')iiuis ouppiu or aisregaraea opens me door to ana r-
tn loretgn trade in competition with the chy, while the just enfor.-ement of the
iow cosi oi construction low wares and lawis the aonndMt cnn,rv.ti-m
our national currency. The mainten
ance of the gold standard, established
by the Republican party, cannot safely
be committed to th Democratic party
which retisted its adoption and has nev
er given any proof since th it time of be
lief in it or fidelity to it.
Utopian Mat Finish Pottery
New, up to date, fancv and Ornamental.
lo Different designs. Various designs
and assortments of Jardinier's at
heavy subsides of foreign governments,
has not for many years received from
the government of the United States
adequate encouragement of any kind.
e. therefore, favor legislation which
will encourage and build up the Ameri
can merchant marine and we cordially
approve the legislation of the last con
gress, which created the Merchant Mar
ine commession to investigate and re
port upon thi subject.
A navy powerful enough to defend the
United States against any attack, to up
hold the Monroe Doctrine and to watch
oer our commerce is essential to the
safety and the welf ire of (he American
To maintain such a navy is the fixed
policy of ihe Republican party.
We cordially approve the attitude of
PresiJent Roosevelt and congress in re-
poiut and enables us lo borrow at 2 per
cent, even in time of war.
w e refused to palter longer with the
miseries of Cuba. We founht a onlck
and vigorous war with Spain. We set 841x1 10 the exclu,ion ' Chinese labor, beSun operatiens.
He has' held firmly to the futtdamen-
. i i i ... ... ..
uu Aujcxican uocinne mat an men
must obey the law, that there may be
no distinction between rich and poor,
between strong and weak, but that jus
tice and equal protection under the law
must be secured to every citizen without
regard to race, creed or condition.
His administration has been thorough,
vigorous and honorable, high-minded
and patriotic We commend it without
reservation to the considerate judgment
ol the American people.
Ortgoa State fvews.
Ashland is improving faster than ever
Florence is to have a new ' $2, 650
orkton the Dufur railroad is pro
gressing rapidly.
The fruit cannery at The Dalles has
Pratical WatchmaKer, Jeweler, Optician,
Watches, CIocKs, Jewelry
Diamonds and Silverware
Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
Cuba free, governed the island for three ,na Prom conUnuince of the Re-
years, and then gave it to the Cuban PUDlicn policy in that direction.
people with order restored, with ample ctviL sxavicc.
revenues, wilh mtiif-attnn an A nnklf,.! ti ...
, luotnii cornea taw was placed on
"""" "inimsueu, reo irom ueoi ana the statute books br the RnnMIMn
unneu states by Dartv. which ha a I -.-. in.,.
Oil t ..... .
ouiun enows rf mi tint- rwviniu in in.
. r ...
terior Oregon towns.
The bop crop of Oregon will reach 100,-
000 bales this vear.
connected with the
provisions for our mutual interests
We have organized the government of
Porto Kico and its people now enjoy
peace, freedom, order and prosperity,
ci.r i- .... . .
i. i ousuacn are loosing more pearl be-1
and we renew our declaration that it P1196 re coming np a little.
shall be thoroughly and honestly en
We are alwars mindful nf tlm mnn
T- .1 m.:i:..: i. .1. ... ' . .. " "
iu i ,F.ui.-0 c uve suppresses try's debt to the soldiers and sailors of
insurrection, esiaoiiEueu oruer anu giv
en to life and property a security never
before known there. We have organ
ized civil government, made it effective
and strong in administration and have
conferred upon the eople of thoje is
lands the largest civil liberty they have
ever enjoyed
By our possessions of the Philippine
we were enabled to take prompt and ef
fective action in the relief of the lega
none ai reKing anu a decisive part in
preventing the partitions and the pre
serving of the integrity of China
The possessions of a route for an isth
mian canal, so long the dream of Amer
ican statesmanship, is now an accom
plished fact. The great work of con
necting the Pacific and the Atlantic
oceans by a canal is at last begun, and
it is due to the Republican party,
the united Mates, an I we believe in
making ample provision for them and
in the liberal administration of the
pension laws.
The need of keeping clean is becoming
more appreciated in Oregon towns.
Twenty-nine borax claims have ben I
filed at Alkali lake, in the northeastern j
part of Lake county.
J. B. Alexander, who started the Eu
gene Guard, nearlv 40 years ago, died at I
Lebanon, aged about 80, last week.
About 35,000 crates of strawberries
raised in the Ashland neighborhood for
export or canning this season.
It won't oe long till people all over
Oregon, wherever there is any consider-
abl settlement, will be helloing.
Eastern Oregon Indians will celebrate
Lately with tha iovramiat'oraphical a I geolo,neal aorrey of Braxii
South America.) '
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor
Office over Postoffice, ROSHBURG. OREGON. r 1
Mount Neoo Dairy
.W. 5. WRIGHT & SON, Prop
solicits the patronage of the citizens of Roseburg.
A specialt- is made of pure milk fresh from the
cows every morning and evening.
Please leave orders at M. DeVaney's Restaurant
or drop a postal card in the post-office.
All orders promptly attended to. sS-im
uur great interests ana our growing
commerce in the Orient render the con-
e have passed laws which will bring dition of China of high Importance to
the arid lands of the United States with- the United States. We cordially com-
in the area of cultivation. I mend the policy pursued In thatdirec-
We have reorganized the army and tion by the administration of President
put it in tho highest state of efficieqey. I McKinley and President Roosevelt.
We have passed laws for the improve-
We favor the peaceful settlement of
international difDcnl iea by arbitration.
Wo commend the vigorous effon
made by the administration to protect
American citizens in foreign lands and
Dledpe ouriIt.fl In iiiaUt nmn ths tnmt
. r. -r- -w lUC 1 ., .. . .
and equal protection of all our citizens 'QUT Jnl a 0,K Programme
abroad. It is the unquestioned duly of w nica iaciaaM noiseracing and athletic
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"w gwisiuuicuk iu Mtwuio iur mil our
ciuzens witnout mstinction, the rights a boy, eight mile from Eugene, drop-
uuu.jr wuu. I pea a CAiioer nae. The usni irri-1 j .t
- i i.i i .. i- l ill ifi tTfr rnpro rht-ramnf-i i .
ines, anu we ueciarc ourselves in lavor denli-esu ted. and the attending nhr.i. "" . r" ffy vmuu you order tnem
ol all proper efforts tending to that end. clan thinks that the bov'a fineer can be
A lot of "Holiness" people in camp-
meeting in Jacksen county are causing
a eqnsaiion in that neighborhood, and
preiamably preparing more candidates
for She asylum.
ment and support of the militia.
We have pushed forward the building!
of the navy, the defense and the pro
tection of our honor and our interests.
Our aiJmuiietration of the ereat de-
yfasco, Sherman county, has ordered
il . .- I 4
mrw carioaas oi cruue on tor the pur-
elective FRA!ciniE. pose ofoillng streets. It will cost about
We favor such conirreaslonal action as 1-26 Pr barrel. This example is likely
shall determine whether by special dls- w 00 ,0,loweu m 0,ner towns
...Mi.irn. il. .i .t i t I
w v,vM luuuun iu i T (4. Mnntcromftrv hmioli 1ft OAA
it ii. i i f . . I
umueo, ana, ii sucn is ine case, we de- ,liB,n ,h Ahn. ti.
. . " I mnnrl that MtMaAnUllf.n v. I . ...
partments of the government has been , , . . bought at COcenta, which is 10 cents less
honest and efficient and wherever " , w"f" Bua" proponwn- than the price refused by tho owner of
wrong has been discovered the Republi- " . ru .u"" V " the same wheat last Fall.
can administration has not hesitated to
probe the evil and bring tho offonder to combination op capital and la bob. Obituary,
justice without regard to party or poll- Combinations ofcaDltaland oflaW Henry Tilghman Bentxen was born
ticai ties. Laws enacted by tho Repub- are the reaulta of the economic movp. Ma 3 im died. June 14. 1904
hcan party which tho Democratic Dartv ment of the ace. hut nnlthr tnn.t k Another little lamb haa gone
failed to enforce and which wero intend- permitted to lufrinze uoon the rleht mri To dwell with him who gave ;
for the protection of the public interests of the Deonle. Such. mmWn.. Another little darling babe
against the unjust discrimination of the tions. when lawfully formed for lawf.,1 I sheltered in tho grave
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking is to have good
o get them promptly when you order them. Call np
fhone No. i8r for good goods and good service.
At Marsters' Drug Store
Of Superior Quality
megai encroachment ol vast aggreaat ons Durcoses. aro allbo ntltlnd in th. find m-fldnd one more Anoel child.
f !.. 1 . . . . " . I ' " I
oi capnai, nave Deen leanessly enforced tedion of the laws and neither can bo Amidst his shining band,
uy u nepumican presiuent ana new laws permitted to broak them.
ensuring responsible publicity as to the The areat statesman and nairlnH
operation cif great corporations and pro American, William McKinley, who was
viuing atiaiuonai remedies f jr the pre- re-elect'd by the Republican party to
volition of discrimination in trnihi I i P.mM.n.n f.,.. .,... .
And so he bent with a loving smile
And clasped your darling's hand
Attorney Louis Barxiie and little son
returned home from Turner Sunday
rates have been passed by a Republican sinated just at the threshold of his sec- rom a vWt to tbe bcdaido of tho e,der
congress. ond term. The entire nation monmd Barzee who has been quite ill, but
In this record of achievement durinu his untimely death, and did that in u. whose condlton is now aomowhat im-
.i . .i .i.. ... . : .
mo hbv Bigui years may ue load the tice to bis great qualities of mind andProve(i'
I if Your Ranches and Timbeir
. Lands with me. : : 2 :