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Courage is partly fashioned or habit
and partly innate temperament. Peo'
pie often try to explain it away. The
Bay perhaps, that the Japanese are
really inferior in courage to Europeans,
their fearlessness growing out of in
sensitiveness, the lower value put on
lifej and training with a special view to
hardihood. But to think you have
proved courage away by showing how
it originates is a muddv sort of reason
ing. It is clearer to say how we value
other things as much as courage. "An
intrepid courage is at best but a boll
day Kind ol virtue, to be seldom exer
cised, and neverbut in cases of iiecessit v :
affability, mildness, tenderness, and a
word winch X would fain bring back to
its original signification of virtue I
mean good nature-are of daily use; they
are the bread of mankind and the staff
of life." This judgment is even more
the creed of civilization today than it
was when Drvden wrote, but in Jauan
courage is as much the primal virtue as
it was in antique Rome. Asiatics are
not supposed to be as delicately organ
ized, nervously, as western races are
and as modern civilization tends to
mate us. I be pale cast of thought is
capable of as striking bravery as bar
baric ardor, but it is less often aroused
to desperate action. Moralists have
argued that the courage which grows
from constitution often forsakes a man
when he has occasion for it, but the
courage which arises from a sense of
duty is uniform, just as moralists argue
that bullies and the cruel have no
courage, which is not true. Courage as
a matter of fact, may be one of the
highest. The most trustworthy military
courage to day comes frcm special train
ing to that particular end and not from
any reasoned sense of duty. The
Chinese are deemed by almost all
Oriental scholars a higher race intellect
ually and morally, than the Japanesse.
They lack the unsurpassed courage of
the islanders merely because public
opinion and military organization have
not developed it. A comparison between
Oriental and western courage, when
both are organized, will be more easily
made when the present war is over.
Tarried To Long.
It was a cold ride that Carl Druhot.
pitcher of the Portland Browns, took
Wednesday morning when he clung to
the side of a Pullman car for IS miles
and was forced to allow the nippy morning-breeze
to circulate through his scan
ty neglige apparel.
Wheri the second section of Xo. 16,
theS-outhren Pacific train from San
Francisco, pulled into Roseburg at mid
night, Mr. Druhot donned his trousers
and a pair of shoes and wandered forth
to view the scene, says a Portland paper.
The scene proved somewhat interesting
and he did not think of returning until
the. warning toot of the engine told him
the train was about to depart. Druhot
made a daah for the for Pullman, but a
careful porter had shut the vestibule
trap, the door was locked and as the
train started out of the station, Druhot,
clad in a pair of ehoes, spring trousers
-and, peek-a-boo shirt, grasped the han
les of the vestibule and yelled for the
Neither the porter, brakeman nor con
ductor saw fit to pass through the vesti-
i i . ...
uuie not even tne news "butcher" was
curious and for 18 lone miles and 35
long minutes Druhot clung to the side of
no-car, while the rushing train bored
tnougn the cold atmosphere and icy
blasts permeated his marrow. There
were pretty hamlets, interestine vallev.
cunning trout streams, lympid springs,
giant pines and the voices of the night
to console Mr. Druhot clineine to the
car's side, but none of these things affor
ded mm consolation. He wanted a stove
heated seven times hotter than its wont
and he wanted it quick. A cruel breeze
chased np one trouser leg and down the
other, and that played draughts on his
frozen verterbrae was the only solace the
night winds brought.
At Oakland the train stopped, and a
surprised porter picked Druhot off the
side of the car and carried him to the
hot -water furnace where he was slowly
thawed out.
Druhot has ordered a blanket over
coat and four sweaters, which will here
after form his neglige apparel. For the
next week he will appear on the diamond
with a foot mariner and an oil stove as
necessary appliances.
Coos Bay News.
Albert Campbell, Will Bernitt and
. BayTibbetts, who left here, a week ago
yesterday on their bicycles, intending to
visit the. Wprld!s Fair.made good time
over the mountains and down the Wil
lamette valley. They arrived in Port
land, and at the end of last week were
ready to continue their journey.
H. G. Van Dnsen,, Fish Warden, ar
rived here yesterday,- and will spend a
few days in the county, looking after the
salmon fishing interests. He expressed
himself as being well pleased at the
manner in which the Coos river hatche
ry was conducted by Frank Smith, and
compliments rrauk on the big output.
V. McCurdy, the trapper is in from
the mountains. Mr. AlcCurday has
turned his attention to minning for the
present and has found some big pros
pects on Shasta Costa Creek, which
empties into Rogue river above the. Ill
inois. The prospect runs CO per cent
copper in combination with gold, and
promises to be aYich find Myrtle Point
The Coos Bay Chamber of Commerce
is making a strenuous effort to have one
or more of Uncle Sam's .fighting crafts
visit the bay and participate in the 4th,
of July celebration. It is hoped that
they will be successful this time. Other
attemps were -made heretofore, but
some excuse was always given for not
complying with the request.
Fish Warden Van Dusen says that
only eight samlon hatcheries can be
operated by the State this year, though
ten were in operation last season.
Where the two that are to be cut out
are situated is not stated. It seems that
the fund available for fieli hatcheries is
$15,000, which is entirely inadequate,
and according, to 3Ir. Van Dusen the
amount should be doubled.
Juius Larsen gave the new dredger a
trial, Thursday last, near the old mill
Mitchell Farm Wagons
Road Wagons
Surreys, Buggies, Hacks
Reapers, Hay Rakes, Etc.
We can save rou money on
Implement line. Give
you and you won 1 1 egret it.
J. F. Barker & Co.,
t. A. wuuu
Staple ane Fancy Groceries. Highest Price paid
for country produce.
Patronage is respectfully solicited.
Private Free Delivery to
wharf, and on Friday she was towed up
Catching slough, to build a dike around
the B. F. Ross march. The dredger got
a thorough test on hard mud Fridav
afternoon, and worked, so satisfactorilv
that everybody was pleased. The bucket
holds one and a-half yards, but when
working; in stiff mud. the averace lift is
about two yards. This is by far the best
dredger on the bay, and it is safe to sav
mat ner services will be constantly in
demand, reclaiming marsh lands, or
opening and deeoeuine channels.
Senator Fulton's bill, to prevent the
false labeling of salmon, is still on the
calendar in congress, and he has every
confidence that it will eventually be
passed. The bill is a verv simole but
direct one. and provides that the label
on a can of solmon must tell the truth,
and thereby prevent the false labeling
of salmon, which, it is claimed, has
done so much injury to Columbia river
spring salmon in the past. Besides
protecting the canneries who pack the
genuine article this bill will also protect
the public, who have been cheated for
years bv having inferior salm n palmed
off on them for spring fish, at a price
that should have insured the contents of
tbe can to be as represented.
Two operations for appendicitis were
periormed by Dr. Horsfall. Saturdav
Miss Lela Cox, of Ross slough, and Miss
hlsie Bonebroke, of Catchine slouch
Both patients are getting along nicely
Curry county gave John S. Coke snffi
cient maioity to overcome A. J. Sher
wood's majority in Coos, and leaves him
nine in tne lead. Kobt. Burns, for joint
representative, has a safe majority.
The tug Robarts arrived from Siuslaw
last week, with a few passengers and a
small amount of freight. She towed the
Gillian, which had been assistine in
dredging operations on the bay, back to
tne siuslaw.
Deer are said to be comparatively
scarce in tbe upper North Coos river
country this season. Hunters think
they have changed their range, which
they trequently do, and may have mov
ed down nearer the coast.
"Ths Nation's Farm Surplus."
This is the name of a report issued by
the department of agriculture, d vine the
products of American farms not fed to
stock in 190j the enormous value of $1.
i ne value ot the exported farm pro
ducts of this country was in 1903, $878.
479,459,451, and the highest value reach
ea aunng tne last eleven years was
$951,028,331, due chiefly to cotton.
The value of the exported farm pro
ducts of this country is concentrated
mostly in a few principal products. Of
it, in 1903, cotton constituted 36 per
cent, grain and grain products 25 per
cent, meat and meat products 24 per
cent these products equalling over 85 per
cent ot the expores of farm products last
Adding tobacco, whose exoortB were
vaiuea at over 135,000.000: oil cake and
oil cake meal, $19,839,276; fruits and
nuts, over $18,700,000, and vegetable oils
over $16,000,000, gives a total for eight
classes of products, each with an export
value ol over $10,000,000, that comprises
almost 96 per cent of the farm exports
ot iU3.
At fraction of the wheat crop exported
in the last dozen years has been about
31 to 41 per cent, and the pmnrM
wheat and wheat flour have yearly aver
aged somewhat more than 200.000.000
bushels since 1897. Only a small por
tion of the corn crop is exported as corn,
tbe highest per centage, 11 per cent, be
ing for 1898.
The beef exports weighed 385.000.000:
pork, 551,000,000; lard, 490,000.000: oleo
oil, 126,000,000; tobacco. 368.000.000.
Butter and cheese exports have decided
ly declined with in two or three years.
.bruit industry is beeinnintr to fiVure
more extensively in export trade.
Binders, Mowers
anything in the Wagon or
us a chance to figure with
Phone 201
x cu, Props
Fresh bread daily Your
All Parts of the City
A Fine Steamer.
The Breakwater arrived in on Friday
mnrnlnv -ift hnnra fmtn Cn T7 :
w.. . u i.uuj k-il I iauuSW.
This was very good time, considering
, V. n . I. f .. I
fcuat uci iuci nu merely me sweepings
ot the bunkers, and that Bhe bucked a
strong Nor'wester all the way up the
coast. In the same wind, the Crarina
would have taken over three days to
make the trip ; so say members of the
crew who have worked on both vessels.
She was given a royal reception by the
residents of the bay, who appreciate the
tact that a good passenger boat will tend
in no small measure, direct! v and in
. . . , . . , , . -
directly to he development of the re-
. cmuu, .uuv iaaing in-
to consideration their individual com
fort when business or pleasure induces
them to visit the citv. The Marshfield
end North Bend bands accompanied ex
cursion parties to the lower bay, and
greeted the incoming steamer in a most
cordial manner. On her arrival at Mprsh
held. LhB Shin wan thmirn nnun n
, r " j iuc
inspection of the public, and several
hundred residents took advantage of the
occasion, who expressed themselves as
being much pleased with the ship, and home and it will save von time and mon
also the manner in which they were re- ey. not to menlion the inrnvninn
ceived by the officers and members of
the crew. The Breakwater is an up-to-
date passenger boat, handsomely fitted
np; with plenty of power and free board
to cross the bar at any time and will
have regular sailing dates. We bespeak
for her a liberal patronage. Bay News
Bryan is busy imectine into his St.
Louis fighting speech big doses of
flowery aphorisms and food for reflect'
ion epigrams. The Colonel forgets that
plain every day ennse is the best brain
stuff in this sunny age of force and
prosperity. Ex.
enow lor good roads for the next two
years all over the County and then
Judge Thompson for the next term
A better record for roads and bridcea
with that of general economic expendi
tare ot the County's money ha'snever-
been made in Douglas County.
lhe statue of Frederick the Great.
the gift of the German Emperor to the
United States will be unveiled on the
grounds of the War Colleee at Wash
Ington, D. C, on November 20, unless
in the meantime the Boston Peam
Society claps an injunction on the com
mittee of arrangements.
Until a year or two aeo the emoeror
01 Japan was an enthusiastic wrestler.
lie threw out challenge after challenge
v-...D. Wu.v, coun-
"'"" aovisers, ana aeieatea tairly
wwpieieiy every one who tried con
elusions with him until ho met Count
Tetsu, who proved one too many for him.
bince that encounter, although he en
courages the sport In every possible
way, he has kept out of the arena
"Count Tetsu is now champion," he
say; "I have failed to throw him: some
one else must try."
A series of interesting Urine trials re.
cently was undertaken by the 8wedish
government. The purpose of these ex
periments was to examine the effect of
shooting against pasteboard. The trials
were conducted on the wharves of the
Swedish navy, and the target used was
a prepared one of millboards, aeainst
which the fire from revolvers, rifles, car
bines and machine guns was directed.
The pasteboard, which was three inrhpn
thick, resisted completely the bullets
fired from the small arms, but was per
forated by tbe projectiles from the
machine guns. The experiment may be
said to have given very interesting re-
suits Bullets from the carbine
are able to penetrate wooden planks
five inches in thickness, but they 'could
not penetrate the pasteboard, which
was only three inchesP thick.
Soelety JWeetingE.
AF. A A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds reunlar metini!P on second
and f nrth WhiIiiup(1hvb ol each
month J. T. Buiixiks, W. M.
N. T. JKWhrr, Recrwtary.
BP. O. ELKS. itofleburg LodjjpNo.
326. Holds regular cmnmnnicn-
tiona at I 0. O. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thursdays ol each month.
All members requested to attend reuu
larlv and all visiting brotliBrs are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. B. Waitk, K. K.
Kov McClallfn, Secretary.
,0.N. G , meMtfl ut Armory Hall every
Thursday ovenioit, at 8 o'clock.
K. B. Hamun, (Japt.
10. O. F. Philctarian I-ode No. 8.
Meets in Odd FIIowh' Tvwple, cor
ner Jackson and Oaee streets, on
Saturday evening of each week Mem
bers of the order in tood ainndini; art
Invited to attend,
t. J- C- Tw'cnmx, N G.
N.T. Jkwktt, Secretary.
of P. Alpha Lod)je No. 47. Meets
every Wednesday, in I. 0. 0. F
Hall a'7:'M i. m f..rr.i. t-
good si anding are invited to attend.
Elmer Wimberly, K. of H. A S.
ILAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meets on 2nd and 4th
TllUrsJavs of narli tnnnlh at txo I
wwasu kUC it
O. O. F. Hall. VifitiiiB members In
rood standine are invited to attend.
.Minnie Jones. Guardian Neighbor.
I) 1 1 I r - r
ocu .uunuu, cecretarv.
fcecond and Fourth Thursdays.
E. S. Roceburir Ohanti-r No. R
Holds their recular meeting on the
first and thiril Tlint,l.r in ...i,
nonth. Yifiitin? mmlura in r,nnA
itandinc are reADPCtfnlir invitml at
tend. Maudn Rnst W M
Regina Rast, Secretary.
oamn o. 125. Meets at the Odd
Ffllowa' Hull, in Rnuhnro
first and third Monday evening. ' Visit
in? neighbors always welcome.
:v. 1. Jewett. C. C.
J. A. Bccha.nax. Clerk.
Reduced Rates Account Alardl flras
and Carnival at Portland.
Un June -'.th, and July 7th, the
Southern Pacific Companv will soil
round trip tickets to Portland at greatly
reduced rates, account Mardi Gras and
Carnival to be held in that citv. June
47 to 54
One bay mare branded 11 on shoulder.
blemish on shoulder, weight about 11.-
000 lbs. One dark crav mare branded
OXJon riht shoulder,;blind.:n one eye.
I ,.....,. vmcvc
Suitable reward will be paid for informa
I t!nn Innilim. , rv !....- . . .
I v iu wurn icvuicrv
Matt Seiokxhchis,
Jefferson, Oregon.
Triumphs of Modern Surgery.
Wonderful thinps are done for the hu
man body by surgery. Orpins are ta
ken out and sewped and polished and
it"" vi met may ie removeu en-
Itirely; bones are spliced ; pipes take the
place of diased sections of win nnti.
septic dressings are applied to wounds.
bruises, burns and like injuriee before
inflammation sets in, which causes them
to heal without maturation nmi in nn...
third the time required by the old treat
ment. Chamberlain's Pain Balm acts
I"" "'" iiiiiu n miii'ie. ilia:
I .- , . ...
on this same irincnIt It ia nn nmi.
senile nnil U lipn nr.n tn
ran. fl,m f ...
it aso aliav9 lhe min nnil
U - r. ii.'i.. r t-t. .- ... "
and suffering which such injuries entail.
For sale by A. C. Marsters A Co.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby i?iven that all parties
holding county warrants endorsed prior
to and including May 10, 1902, aro re
quested to present the same at the
County Treasurer's office for payment as
interest will cease thereon after the date
of this notice.
Dated Roseburg, Douclas Countv
Oregon, Mar 23, 1904.
Geo. W. Dim iiicK,
41-St Countv 11 rnr.
Thrown From a Wagon.
Mr. George K. B.ibcork was thrown
Irom his wagon and severely bruised.
He applied ChamberLiin's pain Balm
freely and says it is the best liniment
he ever used. .Mr. Babcock is a well
known citizen of North Plain. Conn
There is nothing equal to Pain Balm for
sprains and bruises. It will effect a cure
in one third the time required by any
treatment. For sale bv A. C. Mnr.ters
Still in Business.
W. E. Clingenpeel. the ieweller. it still
in ousiness at the Burr Music IIouso
fully equipped to do all kinds of watch
VUUUUli Mllll
ciocK and jewelry repairing. His work
is all done promptly and is fully guaran
teed. Eyes tested and glasses fitted. 42 tf
Notice to Contractors.
The Board of Regents of the Contml
uregon state Normal School nt n!
uregon at their meeting on Juno
authorized certain repairs and improve
nients consisting of grading ol erounds
construction of cement floor in base
ment of building and such npcosnrf
carpenter work as will render the base
ment serviceable.
Specifications and details Ilinv lm ni
inineu oy consultation with the
Executive board of the school, at Drain
Oregon. 4!),t
Sued by His Doctor.
"A doctor hero has sued mn fnr io r.n
which 1 claimed was oxcesaivn fnr .,,!
- W DU
of cholera morbus," says It. White, of
Coachella, Cal. "At the trial ho praised
his medical skill and medicine. I ..i,ui
c,,: " nni aTr,a,n'8 Colic,
C,'oI.era, a"d Diarrhoea Remedy he used
t.f . .
nd 1,,, T , 'V k WaS'
1 2 JS " n Uwl "
t L , Nffor C0W "eo a bettor
w . - w w V JJ,
The Fair Route
Via Chicago or New Orleans to St
Louis, is the one that gives you the most
for your money, and the fact that the
passed service via these points to the
yORLD8 FAIR, and inthisconnec
tion to all points beyond, makes it to
i .
your advantage, in caso you contemplate
a trip to any point east, to write us be-
fore making final arrangements
We can offer the choice of at least a
dozen different routes
B. H. Tbumboll.
Commercial Agent,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore
J. C. Lindsey, T. F. & P. A
142 Third St., Portland, Ore
P. B. Thompson F. & P. A
Room 1, Colman Bldg., Seattle, Wash
Coriolon 51179
Tlio Imported Percheon
"Coriolan" belontrintr to F
n. wane win make tne sea-
T 1 ITT ll 1 .
at the Empire Livery
Stable of Kellv & Banks
livery body IS invited to Call
and see tlUS elegant Stallion
aud get prices and terms.
His weight is I7OO pounds
1 11.
L-uiur DiacK ana ins cost was
He was recently imported
from France and his full ped
igree is on exhibition at the
above named Liverv Stable.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Blue P'uita of Townshin M. .hn-in
all vacant Lands.
Plans and Estimates for all Build-
Special designs for Office Fixtures
OHice in new Bank Building. 'Phone 416
ncrDnD DDor
Notice for Publication.
U. S. Una Office. Kwbn.
Mreh2 IX.
Nolle u hrbT rlrtn thu In eamrJUnc
with lt proTljlotii ot th act ot Contrtu ot
yucii.o,rnuiira Aa ui tor um at. a ol
Ualxr Undt la tt Stti ot CtllfornlvOnroa
!Tidi.ind Wuhlncton Tcrrliorr'uciund.
d to Ul Iht public Uad tUi by act ofAuroit
Vnr. L-V,U. ......
of Ronrburc. rountr of DoocUi. utc of Ore
con.bmi ihls dy filed in thitoffire ber orn
utcmrnt Kobou for toe purehue of the lu
... u'luurut iuancroi (Qcroainwetl quartet
of KCItoa 18. t wttjniD 30 toatti. nun;
ana win oiler proof to show that thaUad o3jht
.. iui iu uaoer or nont man
or acncniinraj pnrpoiet. aod to cttaUUh oil
tlatm before lh Rerltier and BclTr ot loll
on TueMar. theaiit dir nf lfr- torn ck.
namraaswluieuei: Edward H Lrnox. Georxe
' - iira oi iwwniz, ureeon, sm
H.I 1.1 n nt KhuV... nMn
Anj-ana an peron clalmln? adrenelr the
-.-f.-. .. - .J, UI I ('IU.
1 tc desTltK-d landi are reqaeite.1 to flic
I uicircimmi in mu onqs on or before laid Hit
J.T. Bumu, Resiiter.
Notice for Publication
United Stale Land nsirv.
Eoaebunt Oreson, April 21. tsot
Nolle u hereby rlrtn that la eoxotdlanc
wun iht proTHloni of tha act of Conrresa of
JnS.J"Cs.enUUed"Anact for tht aalt ot
jira oer i anal in let stale of California. Ortroa
to all tht pabllt Land (Uim bj act ot Anta
UilTr.ivn v I riwir
ftAhfrAron U'a.h ..n. f ..k.K.ll. .......
UuhlnfftAn hum f Kl. ttmm Al. l .v.1 m 1.1-
- - J . . 4 iu Mils UUAT U1B
wnrn ttatemml No. 09.1, for tbe parchuM of
nc u), in m-cuou a. ip 2 a. 01 ranie 3 west,
and will olfer proof to show that tha land sought
. uiuic iwu.uic ior iu umotr or itont thas
for arnculmral Dumnvi. md tn a.ikii.k .i.
llaim before the RecisUr and Receiver of ttSt
Ulo of RoMburf , Ortroa.
on Tburxlar, the 7thdav of July, 1901 He names
as witnesses: Bernard Krakenberter. of Rose
bunr: Alfred A. Wanrlrr. nf AIklImk U'..h
H. L . Engles, of Peel, Ore.; W. II. McCrosicn.ot
i.ii;uuik, ure.
AnT and all nrnn ptalmlnff ui
....... ..w.v. ... MIU Midi
claims In tuls office on or before the said 7th I
"J Oi JU1T, IAH. J. l. BKIUUK8,
Re titer.
The Secret of Lone Life and
How to Overcome Waste.
Tn AWAwV" ! In tiV. .n.i
01 uic s secrets ana eqnip one's sell with
as armor which will successfully resist the
attack: of disease in
the battle of life.
The old idea of fate
or "kismet," and
that a Dcrson al.
that a person al. I
ways dies when his
odd.,' Ever?
mnh It ifi i?I
amount of wear
and its life ean he I
, , . I
ngr to the care that
cldVnt or careless.
ia ffiwn it ir .n. 1
ness destroys the
or the human mechanism an r
wnri-i nf th hmVi I
to its usefulness, but it has not irtuaii I
..K-i.:!1! ?5S
only needs a little cleaning and oilinir to
. iutaa mL VY at Li. LI UUU I
ment ot the blood and nervous force Is
of herbs and roots, without the use of alco
hol, like Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-
covery. This vegetable medicine coaxes
wic uigcsiivc luncttons ana helps In the
assimilation of food, or rather enables the
onran to talre (mm tU fnnA In
nutriment tbe blood requires.
rroi. 1. a. laumiay. 01 61 St. Feter Street, Que-
........ . .... nvu 11, lw, WUII uwc nmi ii
Grippe and did not regain my strength. With
in a week after using Dr. Pierce's Golden Med-
ner wntn ut n.ri h... 111 r.....i .
Ical Discovery. I was able to be around again.
iiu iminu inai my system was entirely tree
from any of the bad effects tf m Grippe. I
HOW kern n Hnttlr nf 1 1, nAm ..:1. nl.
covery' on hand. and. when Ir.IrK mM tiV.
. .V?'. aeeps nte in penect ncaith.
AS a lllllMr nr. nt 1.1 al.aU I I . . 1 : . ..
do not believe your "Discovery haa an equal."
Accept no substitute for" Golden Medical
visluvci v. i nart i si hainihsp n
fcrooa" for diseases of the stomach.
Dr. Pierre's Pln..nt n.u.t. u . t .
Ior.'aPeoPle. Thy cure cob
-Notice for Publication.
Land Offlco Rosobuig, Oregon, May 18, 19W.
KnlffW ffi hpnthv orlvnt, V. - . I. .. ..11 1
named settler has Med notice ot bu Intention
tn mftlrn final nhi f n ... . ... . t . .
that said proof will be made before tbe Kcirls-
I Inr an. I Ifnn.l ... II .1 1 1 ... ...
... ...... u. n. lwu uiice. at iioieuurif,
Oregon, on Monday. Juno 27, 1901. viz:
William II. Hunter,
ft ' V' n " n
no pirncii me louowlng witnesses to prove
his cnntlnnniiH rA.iiinnfA ii.i.. ....i ....m.:..!.. ..
OI aia uno. viz: A. O. ltoe. Wm, J. Lander
and ciiiica Tbom, all of Kowrmrg, Oregon!
& 'j. T.I&rCgUter.
, , . , . - ........ I". I. uii. V.HII1 1 n kinu
ol said Unit, viz: A. (). Kn. Wm I I
Administrator's Notice.
In (Tnitntv Pntirt nf Qtmtn n( ntAfAn t-
In f h mta. nf A..A t Tf
NOtiCe 1 hprnhv fflt M tht (ha nntA..l-n&
by order of a bo renamed Court, made and
In the Journal o! said Court on April
i jui, wir appointee admiuutrator of the
above-named estate.
All DCrmril h&vlnir Maf ma i?int( lit utita
arereqtieatcd toiireaenttbename.dulr vurlBed,
wltbln fci r mnnttii r. . . A, ti.t. ... i - I
I all Derinna fni1KtMi in ..t.t ........ AM t.
I. " m. ms feu ucafc
ed to make Immediate payment to the under
lined, at bit omce, Kevlew building. Eoe-
i ourg, uregoo.
uatea thu I2th dav of Anrll liru
J. C. FULUBTOM, Admlnittrator.
Sealed bids will be received for the
keening of the following ferries at the
Septemlwr term of the County Court,
to-wit, on tbe 9th day of September
1004 at 1 o'clockp. in.:
Smith's Fern', Dimmick's Lone Rock
Ferry and J. A. Sawyer' Ferry, bids to
be given with or without equipment
lionds will be required of the successful
bidder. The Court reserves the right to
eject any and all bids.
37 tf (MlntV .Itltltr.
j 0-.
Wood Wanted on Subscription.
1 hose wishing to pay up their eub-
scription to the Piu.vdem.ek and not
having the cash, but having wood, we
I OVA irillinn tn n I . . . . I 1
receive wood on subscription at the reg
ular market price. e will accept both
stove and heater wood.
Plai.-dealer Pub. Co
Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to see us before von
sell your mohair.
all KrUM it XiUlnnil
Special Excursion to the Woi Id's Fair
The Denver & Rio Grande, in connec
tion with the .Missouri Pacific, will run
a series of Personally Conducted Excur
sions to the orld's Fair durinz June.
(U uaa uu a UUC
These excursioni will run through to St
i-oms witnout change ol cars, making
nort stops at principal points enroute
I Tne first of the-e Excursions will leave
I Portland June 7th. nn.! 1 I.a uwn Tnnn
- - - J - - ..... . .... HUIIC
l,th- The rate from Roseburg will be
$75.45 to St. Louis and return. Excur
sionuts going via the Denver & Rio
Grande have the privilege of returning
T a differnt route. This is the moat
pleasant way, as well as the most de-
I t:..u...i . .
?Z , ' , COBtlne?t-
The stops arrangeJ pre an opportunity
01 visiting the vanons points of interest
m and aPout Salt Like I lty, Denver and
vii. 11 juu hisii lo accompany
one ol these excursions write at once to
W. C. McBride, 124 Third street. Port
land, for sleeping car reservations.
is prepared to wait upon old
and new customers and friends
with a full and mmnlntA
stock of
All fresh and of the verv hest
specialties. Your patronatre r
H. Little, g
Oakland, -
Of every descriytion. Farms and Min
eral Lands.
Oregon, Washington and
Title U ua ran tee & Loan Co.
f. D
8ecy. and Treas
Office In the Court Hoase. Hare the only com
I ui auaknci dookb in uooriai uoani
I Abstracts and CerUCcatea ot TltlaTnml!ir .
nuuKiMuiuuk wuu tail oiiaiaj ciuqi. Ha
also a complete set of Tracing! of all lornshIp
nlata tn thA RnMihnn rr r.i n
Wet. Will make hln nrint mhIm nt anv . -
. v. 1 .. "
Arc You QoIbr to St. Louis?
If so call for your tickets via the
JJAi't icr vr LWPDii .1
oioicu, me lino nav
'"g Terminal at entrance Fair Grounds.
RUnd trl'l ra,e ?67-60- Good foinety
days from date Of sale. Chntrn mnlM
UoinB "d returning via St. Paul, Den
vor Colorado Springs, Fucble or El
Paro. Ktnn nvr luimidl 1 .u
''I w.w. viujiim.-u 111 uuiu
Dates of Sale: June 7th, 16th, 17th
i0la JU,y I8t ana 3rd Au8. 8'". 9th
.n.i .. . .
oepi. Otn, OUi, 7ld, Uct. 3rd, 4th 6th
j- t . .
auove oalC8 ra, 01 -- Will be
made to Chicatro and return
For further information and sleeping
car reservations call upon or address,
140 Xlnnl St., l ortland, Oregon
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets Better than a Doctor's
Mrs. J. W. Turner, of Truhart. Va..
says that Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets have done him more eood
than anything ho could get from the
doctor. If any physician in this coun
try was- able to compound a medicine
tlmt would produce such .gratifyinc
results in casos of stomach trouble.
biliousness or constipation, his wholo
timo would bo used in preparing this
one medicine. For sale by A. 0. Ma
tors & Co.
Ho! for St. Louis and the World's Fair
Nature's Art Gallery of the Rockies in addition to the at
tractions at St. Loots. This can only be done by going or
returning via the "SCENIC LINE OF THE WORLD."
Write for illustrated booklet of Colorado's famous sights and resorts
W. C. HcBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third Street PORTLAND. OREGON
We will pay the highest cash price for Hides,
green or dry, Pelts ,goat skins, furs, iron
brass, copper, lead, zinc, rubber boots & shoes
Have some splendid bargains in second hand Fanfare
When you
you are there.
The Rock Island System
has an enormous advantage
over other western railroads
in the fact that its Chicago
terminal the La Salle Street
Station is the only railroad
station on the Elevated loop.
It a kxa&d a tbe beat of Cfcxajo
aaty a block mm the Beard of Trade;
two blocks from the Pat OtSce; inthia
euy waEdag funire cf the pnadpal
rhrtrrq, hoerh xad aaro.
The trsst oi a3 Chjcrjo'i derxnsl
n2roiii paa ia doors and tike joa
qatxijuzt roc5-cmt txrr
to asy put cf the arj.
Three routes East na
Dearer, Ocuha and St. PaaL
140 Thlri
Professional Cards.
Ocrart Hons
Do wa Stain.
Ph'aician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Rosxbckj.
'Phone Main 591. Omoos.
JR. W. H. DARBV, D. M. D.
Office in the Abraham Building
(Over the PosroSce In the lffice her
tofore occupied by Dr. J. B, Chapman
Roseburg, Oregon
Physcian & Surgeon.
nfflfiA RuTirw Mill
Phone, Main SI
Kaviaw Bnlldtmr.
TeJephone No. 4.
M. Cbawtobd a J. 0. Watson
Attorneys at Law,
Booms 14!, Bank Bultdc.. HOdSBOHH, Us
jCa?"Buiane before tht D B Land OSlc and
huuius vuoa a apcciairT.
Wll' practice In all th Bute and Federal Conns
vituiw iu uiu oiua., ooseDurg, uraaon.
Bank Building B03KBDR0. OREGON
JA. BUCHANAN, Notary Public.
Collections a Specialty.
Marsters Bulldln. ROdKBORQ. O
Osteopathic Physician
A Hrllfflltoa M.lki J .1 V i ...
-a mnura VI-urKliUS M 11 ,UleaSfS
respood to the treatment. Consultation free.
Office over the Post Office. Phono No. loll
Honrs 9 to 12 A. s Itn , i u
Besldenbe H. D. Urates place. Phono NoJUM
Ul you want Machine work done call
at the Roseburg Machino Shop, corner
In the Circuit Coon of the State ot Orema
for Douglas Coanty.
H. WoUenberz. aa adajtalstrator of 1
the paxto-rshlp esute ot S. v aad I
H. WoUenberg, plainUff j
J. Chadwtek and Harriet J.
Cbadwtck. hit wife, delesdanta. I
NoUoe is hereby glren that by Tlrtne ol.aa
eiecntlon and order of tale duly famed oat of
the above named court od eaa- oa the 31st
day of May, lSOt. a on a judgment and decre
duly rendered and eatrred in aaid coon aad
cause on tho lTih day of May. Mo, by forrclc
n"oiportgage la laror ol tbe above named
plainUff and aatsst the ftbore named defen-
ajsmit the hereinafter menUoaed
anddrserlbed mnrtsagvd prop rtv (or the aim
ofThiT-one Thoosand Six Hundred and
i?2i7."v, ?.ad Seventy-seven hundred ihs
mi tr rr TJnli.r. with -y
the rate ol la per rent per annum from the SJU
day of April 1904. and the fother inn of Tlv
Hondred ftsopj Dollars attorneys fees. Now
therefore I will nn . -. . ..
-uij. w.,aioneo cwcx p. m of said day, at
the court boae from door. In Bnebcrr. Door
Us eoanty. Orecon. sell at pa Wic auction to
. . . ' J I m UU H
uiciucum oiaaer tor essn in hand, all tha
right, title and interest, which the said defen
dants or cither of them had on the SOU dav ot
October, iS9i,orat any tlraa thereafter In or to
the foUowtng-described real property, to-wlt:
Bailey and Klls beta Bailey, hU wife, of Done-
last fVtnvt v Q.. r r . . .
uviioniy autteor Onryoa, ai.hown upon tha
iMtuaiumutTCTioi me i&aa os
office at
dalytssoed, dated the Uth day of July
lent was
and deeenbed la said patent, as follows.
Rglwnln I . m). . i c v i .
ar.75 chains sooth, from the Quarter section
peat on the Une between seetiona c and 7 in
township SO, sooth of rane S west, and rnn-
r . cii, man aoata
S.d.?7f LU ?lBnw JS chains . thence
north llS chains, thenre west L.M54 lints.
" ah chains, and thence east
S chains to the pUce ot besl"ttlns;. coataln
nr 552 acres, tare and except tOT acres more or
leas, formerly conreyed to Hans Wearer, out ot
the aforesaid described land, leering US acres
which are hereby conreved.
Also the foilowtnc described premises, to-wit:
r v - - .... iuc .ni umix ox uie
soatheAst flniiti. .i ih. .nn.i.-. . .
the south went quarter of srcUon Uln township
ZJsoath of ranee 5 west, and the northeast
quarter of the northeast quarter of section C
in township Si south ot range 6 wtst. in the dls-
sjon, containing m acres and 75 hundredths erf
Also the following 'described practises, to-
lAtm nn I wn . n .1 I. ... - .
.WiT. wiV .. . "I arcuoa in town-
t i5S0?taotse&west.lnthe district ot
AttV-l Irl. frill .a l.
tCrit .;ioUnWir PnmU" a
uiu curnir to sections
HT' i 5 ?LTn ten nJ Ihteen. in town-
w rnge a west ana ronnlnr
.7-. .v." , rf" uu wence east 80
fS11 l 5 plsce ol beeinnlng in the dl.
muieei to sale at Kotvbnrr Oi
W. containing acrei vV7nd c5t
th i. w; " 5"nn one and
- u vrrgon, HMreiner with
.a, . . -.T -"-"mwmw vuva 1
aalaflnii tn Th. TV r .w P0"" Ol SUCh
...ww rMithaiti uucujt Ih AID tlS with fn-
teres, thereon at tht rate of lCtMr an!
nnm from tK-niv. . . Jv ..T"' P"f n"
nr.Tni,,. T.T" .1" "Ki" nd the
defendrnurMVyordeoti'u ? ?
nIiTSt aonve aesenbea real
property jb the wannerproTldedlw law
hvi tfAKROTT,
8lBot Douglas County, Oregon.
Qravea Art Emnorinm u
- mvw Vty,tt Ml
tha public EvBrvthln.. in
O HV tmo Ui
Art, fancy work, pyrosrapby, and pho-
.tiuc Huppneg, will 'be carried ia
wasntngion and Kane at.