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No. 39
AI & T i m v w m I r r KTfklir PAIirrrTiAlirnn
I M J 11 a Al J an(j irp rnpAM pn, nnc
Fruits, Candies, Cakes, Pies,
Doughnuts and Fresh Bread Daily
Portland Journal Agency. Hendrick's Block, Opp. Depot
I. J. NORHAN & Co. Prop.
tf i$i $t 4t i$t $( .74 45 $1 ii ; 4 tfi if 41 i$t ifj i 41 fj ifi
E. A. WOOD & CO, Props
Staple ane Fancy Groceries. Highest Price paid
for country produce. Fresh bread daily Your
Patronage is respectfully solicited.
Private Free Deliver' to AH Parts of the City
To Sell Lands By Lottery.
Mitchell Farm Wagons
Koad Wagons
"Surreys, Buggies, Hacks
Champion Binders, Mowers,
Eeapers, Hay Rakes, Etc.
We cau save j'ou money en ain thing in the Wagon or
Implement line. Give us a chance to figure with
you and 3ou won't 1 egret it.
J. F. Barker & Co.,
Grocers, Phone 201
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking is to have good
And to get them promptly when you order them. Call up
Phone No. 1S1 for good goods and good service.
Nqj Silverware, etc.
SW JlOrC ProraP & Neat Repairing
At Marsters' Drug Store
Of Superior Quality
Your Ranches and Timber
Lands with me. : : : :
Uncle Sam will into the lottery
business lor a little while, na the out
come of legislation enacted by congress
at the session just ended for opening to
settlement lands in several Indian reser
vations in the West. Applicants for
lands in these reservations will have to
register their names with government
officials appointed to conducted tho
drawings. In the sixty days after the
opening of the reservation the lucky
seekers for homes, determined by lottery
will have thech.ince to select tho land
they want. In this way they will be
protected from the wild scramble, with
the usual attendant bloodshed, which
has characterized tho free home entry
plan in the past. There are notable ad
vantages in the plan. It not only deter
mines the order of choice, but keeps a
record of the people who have entered
the new lands and how much they owe
the government for the land thev have
taken up.
The reservation lands to be disjwsed
of thN time are not to l)e opened to the
public free of all charge, as was done in
the Oklahoma and other openings sever
al years ago, but will le sold at a fixed
cnarge. Hie toilowing facts show, in
brief, the opportunity for the homo
seekers and how they must have money
to get started this time, instead of only
dash and daring as before:
Lands to be opened in Montana,
100, 000 acres, to he sold at f I 25 an
acre ; limit for any one entry, 040 acre
opening in August, uosebuu reserva
tion, South Dakota, 410,000 acres, at 3
an acre; opening in July. Red I-ake
reservation, Minnesota, 400,000 acres
practically same conditions.
Devil's I ake reservation, North Dako
ta, 101,410 acres; most fertile lands in
that nection of the West, $4.50 an a(
opening in July.
Government officials in Washington
who will have general direction of the
plans of execution are confident that
the coming drawings will prove more
f-uccestiui anu satisiactory to every one
1 concerned than have any of the past at
tempts of the government to help along
the home seekers of the West.
Previous attempts to distribute free
land have been attended by the greatest
disorder, and sometimes by loss of life.
The Oklahoma opening was the local
point for 300,000 anxious and adventur
ous people, most of them trviug to get
something lor nothing, with the idea of
disposing of it as soon as they could
realize anything on it.
The real home seekers were put at a
disadvantage by these land butchers,
and 13,000 quarter sections of land in
tended for homes went through a round
about ownership without any advant
age to the government and great disad
vantage to the home seekers.
By the new plan it is hojed to obvi
ate all these difficulties. Every appli
cant must be registered before he draws.
When he draws a nnmber and goes out
to select his land he must pay a fixed
price an acre for all he wants to take up.
Having done that, he will be protected
in his rights by the government by civil
law in all case and by the military arm
of the government wherever and when
ever necessary.
The real home seekers will take up
the land in larger proportion than before
while the prize-seekiug desperado will
find his former advantage over the quiet,
peace-loving citizen no longer exists.
Time To Show Colors.
It is agreed by the press of the entire
state that this coming June election will
see more straight tickets voted than
ever before upon a iikc occasion. So
far as a party influence is concerned
June will be the time to show vour col
ors more than in November. In June
whatever is done will be heralded
through the country. While in Novem
ber a majority of one thousand in Oregon
will count for as much as one of twenty
thousand. All parlies agree that in
June is the time to vote for party in
fluence. Lebanon Criterion.
Washington, May 14 Representative Her
mann toda' requested the Chief of Engineers
to set aside out of $3,000,000 emergency
appropriation for river and harbors, suffi
cient money to construct a bar dredge suitable for the
work at the entrances of smaller harbors on the Pacific
Coast. He is told that such dredges have proven suc
cessful in affording quick relief on the Atlantic Coast
and is desirous that dredging shall be commenced at
the entrances to Tillamook Bay and Siuslaw, Nehalem,
Umpqua, Coquille, Nestucca and Rogue River, in Ore
gon. There is now no sea dredge operating on the Pa
cific coast except the Chinook at the entrance of the
Columbia River, and this vessel is too large for work
on the bars mentioned.
Mr. Hermann points out that the commeice of the
s mailer harbors along the Oregon Coast is suffering
because of the inability of vessel to enter.and he hopes
for money to be set aside to build immediately a
dredge which will afford temporary relief, until perma
nent deep channels can be secured b- means of jetties.
If the Department decides it cannot divert the
emergency money for this purpose, Mr. Hermann is
satisfied it will recommend to Congress at the next
session that a special appropriation be made for such a
Mr. Hermann will leave for Oregon in a few davs
having about cleared up his work before the arious
Second Japanese Army Has Disembarked at Pitsewo,
and the Force on the Liao Tunc Peninsula
Now Numbers 50,000.
When the Jajs sunk the big Russian
battleship, Pertopavlovsk recently at
Port Arthur, it was a damaging disaster.
For in addition to the loss of nearly 800
lives including Admiral Makaroff, and
tho cost of the war vessel and equip
ment estimated at (5 000.000, it it Etated
that there were 12,000,000 in gold that
went down witn the ill-fated ship. It
was selected bv Admiral Sakaroff as tho
safest place to keep this vast sum of
Registration Notice.
County Clerk Shambrook Btatea that
the registration hook will be kept open
at the clerk's office on the evenings of
Thursday, May 12, Friday, May 13, and
.Saturday, My 14, from 7 o'clock p. m.,
to 9 p. in. This is for your benefit.
Register now.
The Fair Route
Via Chicago or New Orleans to St.
Louis, Is the one that gives you the most
for your money, and the fact that tho
passed service via these points to the
WORLD'S FAIR, and in this connec
tion to all points beyond, makes it to
your advantage, in case you contemplate
a trip to any point east, to write ub be
fore making final arrangements.
We can offer the choice of at least a
dozen different routes.
Commercial Agent,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey, T. F. & P. A.,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. B.Thompson F. & P. A.,
Room 1, Colmau Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to see us before you
sell your mohair,
a 11 Kruae & Newland.
Chicago, May 14. A special f rom Chefoo to the
Daily News says; When ihe Daily News dispatch
boat Fawau arrived off Dalny early this morning a
heavy bombardment was in progress.
As the channel was thickly mined by the Rus
sians, and Japanese Admiral Kattakao had issued
strict orders that uoucombatants' boats were to be ex
cluded, it was impossible to get within the roadstead.
Hence an accurate report of the proceedings is impos
sible. As far as it was possible to ascertain the ar
mored cruiser Yakumo, four other cruisers, one gun
boat and one batt eship, having cleared the channel,
entered the harbor shortly after daylight and began a
heavy fire. The land batteries were silenced.
It is estimated that 20,000 Japanese troops are in
vesting the town and there is every reason to believe
that they are now in possession of the city.
It is understood that the landing of the second
army was completed yesterday at Pitsewo. There are
now 50,000 Japanese troops on the peninsula.
General Pflug Also Reports That at Tapadziatsi
Rising Against His People and Christians
Generally Is Imminent.
St. Petersburg, May 14. Disquieting news re
garding the attitude of the Chinese is shown in a dis
patch from officers at the front issued by the general
staff tonight. In addition to the further details of the
cutting off of Port Arthur, and confirming the report
of the Japanese advance upon Liao Yang, these dis
patches state specifically that the Chinese have com.
menced hostilities against the Russians.
Major-General Karevitch reports that the Chinese
attacked his outposts on Feng Wang Cheng road lead
ing to Saimatsi.
General Pflug telegraphs that, according to re
ports of patrols and missionaries the Chinese at Ta
padziatsi 160 miles northwest of Mukden, and just out
side the Lassiru spheie of iefluence, are preparing to
rise against the Russians and Christians generally.
As showing the extent of the hostile attitude of
the Chinese, attention is particularly called to the fact
that the distance in au air line from that point where
the Russians outposts were attacked and Tapadziatsi
is 200 miles. The authoriries say that this matter af
fects not only Russia, but the whole civilzed world, as
it is feared the rising will spread to other parts of the
The hostile attitude of the Chinese is attributed to
the action of the Japanese in spreadiug reports of
their success cs and magnifying their victories at Port
Arthur aud on the Yalu. This propaganda has been
active recently in all parts of China.
So for as the railway is concerned, while it is ad
mitted here that a Chinese outbreak will be a new
source of danger, preparations have been perfected by
General Kuropatkin to insure the protection of this
artery, which is vital to the supply of the army.
Thirteenth Week of War.
Rapid progress was made in the war
last week by tho Japanese. Tho first
great battle on land was fought, and a
second may have occurred ; troops have
landed on Manchurian soil north of Port
Arthur, and the harbor of Port Arthur
has been blocked. The doom of the
Russian stronghold is near.
iceroy Alexieff has departed, and
many of the Russian troops have Kn
north to Mukden. Those now there
must stay, as railroad communication is
shut off, and the Russian fleet is effect
ually bottled up. Lieut. Gen. Stoessel
in charge of a force estimated between
4000 to 23,000, faces a siege.
1 neural great tauu ci gagement ac
companied the crossing of the Yalu by
the Japanese army, under Gen. Kuroki
from Wiju to Antung. Gen. Zassalitch
contrary to the orders of Kuropatkin
though these may not have reached him
in time, gave battle to the Invaders, was
put to flight, and, according to Russian
estimates, lost 2000 men. The Japanese
loss is said at St. Petersburg to have
been 30- 0 or 4000. but Kuroki placed i
at 600.
The Russian force, being much smal
Icr, was driven Lack in disorder to Feng
Huang Cheng, and two artillery com
panies, with their officers and a large
number of guns, were captured. This
fcattle was fought last Sunday, and the
encounter was continued Monday, with
an additional loss of 300 men among the
.Monday night Admiral Togo sent ten
fireships and two torpedo boats into the
arbor of Port Arthur, and at last suc
ceeded in closing the entrance. Alexieff
went out to foil the enernj's attempt.
but was too late. In a fierce fight, the
crews of the fireships perished, refusing
to surrender and be rescued.
The landing of troops on the Liao
Tung peninsula began Friday, when
Japanese vessels appeared at PiUewo,
northeast of Port Arthur and at Port
Adams, .on the opposite coast, twenty
miles from Pitsewo.
Rumors of the capture of Feng Huang
Cheng, with great slaughter, and a
'Jap" victory, Thursday and has been
. . - - "i
mmense Irrigation Project for Idaho.
The secretary of the interior has ten
tatively approved plans for a stupendous
rrigation project to be constructed in
the valleys of Payette and Boise rivers,
in southwestern Idaho.
The project comprises two features a
masonry dam in Payette river and
works for the diversion of water from
Boise river. Associated with the dam
n Payette river is a canal on each side
of the stream, that on the south side
connecting with a large pumping plant.
The dam will be 90 feet high, 450 feet
long on top and 125 feet long on the
bottom. The capacity of the reservoir
will be 100,000 acres.
The north side canal will have a
length of twenty miles, the south side
forty miles. The estimated cost of these
orks is $1,200,000. By means o them
1000 cubic feet of water mav be diverted
very second for the irrigation of 150,-
000 acres of land.
The works for the diversion of waters
from the Boise river consists of a dam
10 feet high, 400 feet long on top and
400 feet on the bottom, constructed of
concrete, steel and timber. The rapaci
ty of the reservoir will be 150.0J0 feet.
Two deversion canals, one on each side
ot the river, will have a combined length
of 135 mile? and a bottom width varying
from 45 to 90 feet. The estimated cost
of this section of the project is $2,000,
000, making the cost of the entire pro
ject 13,300,000.
No other region of the United States
presents a more attractive field for the
engineers ol the reclamation service.
The lauds of these vallevs lie at an ele
vation ranging from 2100 to 2S00 feet
and the climate is pleasant the year
round. The winters are moderate, as
the thermometer rarely labs to zero,
and the valleys are protected from
winds. The summers are warm and
long, and with the help of irrigation,
promote the most rapid vegetable growth
The soil is rich and productive, adapted
to all the fruit and ivreale of the tern
erate zone All deciduous fruits and
berries produce abundentiy. Large
quantities of apples and prunes are
shipped to Eastern markets, where they
bring the highest prices.
Since the government withdrawals
were adopted under this project, intend
ing settlers have filed on more than 13,-
000 acres. An interesting feature
in connection with this great work is
the fact that its construction means not
only a vast increase in the cultivated
area of this part of the state, but also
the final settlement of those vexed
questions that are now continually ris
ing in these v.illeva from tho effort to
make a limited amount of water do ser
vico on what is practically nn unlimited
amount ot land, it means tne passing
of the promoter and ditch manipulator
and the coming of the irrigator and bus
iness man. It moans ultimately im
proved agricultural conditions, better
transportation facilities and industries
of every kind. Abovo all, it means
homes and living for a quarter of a mil
lion peoplo.
th America.)
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor
Office over Poatoffice.
Correspondence solicited
Pride of Douglas Flour.
18 Per Sack, For Sale By Any Grocer in Towi.
Cheap enough for such rattling good Flour
Yes and a sack of it makes three to five loaves
more of bread than any other flour you can
buy. Why, because it is made from the very
best selected wheat.
Roseburg Oregon-
Is Your Roof SicK?
We have had onrlm niMnnj
curing roofs. -v.
suppose rou write ni for Dartienlini ahnnt pr
will go on over tin. corrupted iron, shake, shingles or any other roofing material
It makes the best roof you ever saw. It never wera out.
Worcester Baildirrc -POIYTT. A-wp
Cured His Alother of Rheumatism
"My mother has been a sufferer for
many years with rheumatism," says V.
II. Howard of Husband, Pa. "At
times she was unable- to move at all,
whilo at all times walking was painful.
I presented her with a bottlo of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and after a few ap
plications she dicided it was tho most
wonderful pain reliuvor ahc had ever
tried, in fact, she is never without it
and is at all times ablo to walk. An oc
casional application of Pain Balm keeps
away tho paiu that sho was formerly
troubled with." For sale by A. 0.
Marsters & Go.
New Arrivals
Every day brings something now in Spring Goods.
VIOLE the latest thing in dress goods for suits
Skirts and Waists.
Also the "Cotton Crepe" we are the only ones in
the city who have imported this goods direct from
Japan. It comes in all colors and will sell for 20cts
per yard.
Pratical Watchma&er, Jeweler, Optician.
Watches, CIocKs, Jewelry
Diamonds and Silverware
Watch Repair im
a Specialty.
F. W. BE-SO.V,
Vica Pmidcal
Douglas County Bank,
EataUllahedl883. Incorporated 1901
Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
jos. ia oxs, x. c marsters k. i. mitt
A general banking business transacted, and customers given every
accommodation consistent -with safe and conservative banking.
Bank open from nine to twelve and from one to three.
When the Mists have Cleared Away
You will want to make quick work with your
garden. We carry the finest line of the cel
ebrated Planet Jr. Tools in the county. Send
for catalogue, or better, call aud see them.