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    Farm Notes X
Raise Tons of Beets.
This year will Ihj a record-breaker for
the beet sugar industry in AVisconsin if
the plans of the Wisconsin mill tl.t Chip
pewa fcupir companies are carriel out
Last year the farmers of the t-tato raistil
about 55.0J0 tons of sugar lknts, wliii'ti
were converted at tlie uenoinoneo Fall
plant of the Wiscont-in company, 'he
recently incorjxjrated Chippewa suaur
company, owned by the promoters of
the Wisconsin company, is rushing work
on its $700,000 plant at Chippewa Falls,
and this will le completed October 1
The ollicers of the companies expect t
handle over 00,000 tons of beets at each
plant this year. Uiis, at a valuation of
$5 a ton, the average price, will menu
that about jGOO.OOO will be p ud to th
fanners who raise the bet ts. The pro
duct of the two factories, 12,0iK) ton ot
sugar, will be valued at about $ 1J00.000
including the value of the by-products
"We are now rushing work on the
Ghippewa Fails plant," said J. s. Lhw
ton in the olfice of the Wisconsin com
pany, "and will be finished by Octob -r
1, in time to care for the crop. I he out
put in the state will wdl be doub'e thai
of last year. We are still conducting ex
periments in other pjrtiotis of the statf
to tes; the adaptability of the soil fo
beet raising, and there is now no doubt
that another plant will be erected nexi
The Wisconsin company is capitalized
at $000,000, and the Chippewa compain
at $700,000, representing in each cast-
the approximate value of the piant.
Slits. injr Corn Oil,
Oil, which is said to be superior to lin
seed oil for mixing paints, is now x
traded from corn. Heretofore crude i
has been obtained by pressure, but th.
latest method is to extract it by what i;
known as the solvent process. This i
the method employed at the new cor
oil mill at Decatur, 111., the only one o
its kind in the country.
The process from separating the oil
from the corn is simply in theory, bu
somewhat complicated in its practice
application. A solvent is used, the !
r vent being a light oil subject to evapors
tion. The oil bearing jKirtions of th
corn are steeped in the solvent, whir
takes up the corn oil. The solvent i
then drawn from the bottom of i he tank
--in which this part of the piot?es tMkr
place The two oils are st-p-rtted 1
""distillation. The corn oil is pa e
through filter presst-s to remove pnii-lr
of starch or other foreign matter ami if
then ready for the market. Tiie solven
is then condensed and carried back t
the fctorage tank, to be used ajain. The
corn from which the oil has been ex-
tracted is steamed, and is then ready Un
the market as a feed. The process ot
separating this oil from the corn is sion
lar to that of separating sugar from
beets, the difference being in the solven
used. The stock feed is not entirely de
void of oil. Enough is left to make it !
per cent oil, which it is clinifd i- .
sufficient ratio of oil in a well-balanced
feed This feed is not in the form of
cake as it comes from the Hneed oil
mills, but is in the shape of a dry meal
partly cooked and partly digested.
Btali's Imnirnii: Wool Clip.
Although the wool season is only fair
ly under way not less than l,ii"0 000
pounds of wool have been shipped froni
Utah eastward since the beginning o
thaclip. At an average of 13) cents a
pound, which is pronounced conferva
tire, that would make $162,000 Utah
sheepman are ahead already.
The outlook is for one of the best sea
sons in years for the wool growers of
the state. Prices are holding up ami
the clip is better than last year. Tin
ebeep have wintered well and the wool
is in good cond tion.
The wool so far moved has gone at is
to 14l cents. xtraoidinarily finecip
may have brought a little more, and
some poor,clips may have gone a trifie
under the low figure, but the buik of th
wool has brought letween laJcj and 14
cents. At first the buyers were bidding
around 13 cents and the growers wrre
'holding at 15 to 10 cents. There have
been mutual concessions, however, and
now the wool is moving freely, buyer
and sellers coming to terms quickly.
Nearly all the wool so far moved hut
come from points south of Salt Lake
Shearing has been in progress at Xephi.
Black Rock, Millford, .Marysville Vaca,
"Price and other points, including some
west of Salt Lake. Practically none of
the reservation wool has come in yet
Shearing is just beginning in this region,
and there will probably be an activi
market at Price for some time.
North of Salt Lake there is little do
ing. is just beginning at Haw
. line, and the season in Wyoming and
Idaho will soon be under way.
'The farm Journal gays that the most
.common race of honey bees in the
"United States is probably the Genua .
sbee," These are to be found both wild
ianddomesticated. They are black in
color and are not very attractive They
winter well and cap their honeycomb
whiter than most other races. They
can be handled with fair success by the
average person, although they are in
"2 - cliued to be cross at t:mes and have a
, disposition to frequently use their htiugs
-' 'Bees of the Cyprian race have prodmvd
the largest yiel I of honey on rei-ord
from a single colony. They are very
y .yellow in color, prooaniy ine most nat.u
vEorne of all bees, yet t iey have not be
come popular among apiarists on ac
count of their extreme sen-itiv-ness. It
is very'difficult to manipulate them, and
at times "they can not even be subdued
with emoke. Carniolan bees are uray in
color and the most gentle of all bees to
handle; are very prolific indeed, more
, bo than any other race. The only ob
j. "jection I have to this race is its great
tendency to swarm. It is impossible to
crowd them into the honey Imxes with
good resultf. For extracted honey they
will do fairly well- Their hives should
be kept well shaded and ventilated to
insure success. The most (referable of the fi-st of the week. Hob says ho is
all 19, no doubt, the Italian bees; they ' clearing land and will feed every
show great enerjry in gathering honey I "Wear v Willie" that passes by, p-ovid-and
are good in-the defense of their d hr v.ill work fnilhfnllv a few hours
hives againet moth larvae and robber By ad.-tin; this method Mr. Winniford
beesJ They are more irentle than either s fort:into, as n hobo boycott will per
w. he blacks or Cyprians, and can bef j ha'pa be placed on his promites.
handled fairly well by the novice. They
are quite prolific, ban Imiiiic in cjlor,
having vellow bands, but must be well
protected in order to winter well.
Oakland Owl
Mrs. Dr. K. O. larker and little
daughter, of Drain, are visiting Oakland
Harry Whittaker, tho accomplished
teacher of hower Cxlapooia, was in the
city, Saturday.
Aaron Harvey and daughter. Mi
ivina, ot I'.ngiisit t-vitleitieiit, were in
the city, Saturday.
Mrs. J. C. Quant, .f Driver Valley,
visited her daughters iu this cltv, tin1
first of the weeic.
tieorgo Finley, n piondmuit resident
of Cranfordsville, was in tlw city a few
days, this wees.
11. K. Hunt ami fanii y, of Driver Val-
lev, were guests of IK and Mrs. F. W
Hunt over the Sabbath.
E IS Emniilt has returned from Wit
ter Sprues, California, much improved
hi health. He is oico mire an hone
armer at UliipquR Ferry.
Misses Erie Adams nnd Je-sie Wul-
teis. teachers at Rice Hill and Sprin,
Grove, visited relatm-H, Saturday and a
portion of Sunday.
Mrs Dr. tiilinotir has arrived hoin
from an extended visit in Portland .
C II. Mttupin was in from KtJlo.'s
with a wagon load of moliHir, Tuesday
S. M Kelley. the Ko-eburglivervman.
vas in the city a few hours, Monday
Miss Mabfl Ilamia, of Elkhead, was
visiting Oakland relatives the first ot
the week.
Jerome niiiii, oi t;ict urn, was in
hf ciy, purcimsin- furui inaehinerv
Monday morning.
X- . ... ...
rosu-er ana jaui Aeison r--turned
from a business trip to Coast
Fork, Monday morning.
.Mrs. A. v. IIhwh, of r;osebttr, vi.-it-
eilherMster, Mrs. Jerome Smith, of
Kice Hill the first of the week.
rrett U'rtt lias resigt.ed as teacuer in
the Youcalla Miblic school, and i
tiow a common farmer ft awhile.
O. h. Ellen ber, of Or;-in, was in the
city, the first t the week, lec-iving
treatment lor a bdly bruised linger.
D. J. Herstine has sdded a new swing
-if er to tie lioehester Mill. Other im
provemsnts are contempl tl.
Thomas W iliian started to Walter
vibe, Lane, county, Monday uijit
liere be exjeets to puicliase or lease a
- iw mill.
.hi. aim .urs. rreetnan -men are late
t 1 II . T- ti , .
rrivals from Lyl, Wison-in. The
ire leased wi h Oregon ami nny invest
m Duuglas county.
Mrs. Fred Law and son, of Roseburg,
are visiting relatives in and near this
city. Airs. Law is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Satiiitsim SuUterlin. of Fair
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Smith returned
irom Portland, the fir.-t of the wrek
Mr. Smith touk a carload of sheep be-
i.'Ugneg to hmiseit And Jeff Mediev to
the big citv.
Hon. J. T. Cooper, of Keiktr, is stilt
quite ill.
Frank Neas returned from R jgebnrg.
yei-leidav momiie
Mr. anl Mrs Freii Davis are late ar
rivals from Dedhaui, Iowa.
xioo. u v, seiner, ot o lends le, was
T, n f. . a .
n the city a few hoar.-, Tuesday.
A. T Beelui, of HoreUirp, nag calline
upou Oakland friends, Tueedaj-
Vietor rioyd uill commence a term of
school at Olalla, Monday morniuc
Mrs. D. E. Vernon visited the Rebe-
kah lodee in lto;ebur, Tuesday evenin;
oii-urveyor uenerai . li. Kyan? it
1 - c r . 1 . .
enrveyius a lar-e tract of land near
" namuroos was in irom Linp-
1 . r-1 1 - - . 1
qua terry with a wat'Oii kd of wool.
AIkhU 20 men are employed ltoein,
iraiuiu? ami iwinins IM1 111 llie bttarns I
vards in this citv.
II. D. Yett ami family have arrived at
their home in Yoncalla, from a trip in I
California. We regret to renort Mr.
Yett is quite ill.
Many Oakland friends will be pained
toltearthat Mr. and Mrs. L. McFariaml,
formerly of this city, but now of Seattle,
are both ery feeble
Maj.r Beatiy went to Hoseburg, Wed
nesday evening to accept the night
clerk-hip a tiie Roi-ebun: House The
riizlit man in the ri'ht place.
Ye-terday morning G. J .ctearns went
to Portland with two carloads of fcheep
for E. G. oniig & Co There were 32 !
full grown sheep and 140 lambs in this
James Batty has purchased a half
interest in the Oakland Meat Market.
.nr. aiy is too wen Known to require
a further mtroductirn.
.leiuier i aue iiua arrived Home irom
T T, I ' , , .
Canada. One foot and three fin cere
were pretty badly frozen in fallinr
through the ice. I ike many others.
.Tenner says Douglas county is all right.
after all.
John Nelson, of Wall Lake, Minn., is
tho guet of N. A. Foteer, an Oakland
real etate man. Mr. Nelson thinks- 35
to 40 degrees btlow zero i a trifle cold
for him. He is well pleaded with Dnnc-
Ihs county and may yet engage in busi
ness bore
T -II! r " r
ins-inline levins, 01 iiram, was in
the. ci'v a few days, 'his week, Mifferinc
with an attack of recurrent appendicitis.
Dr. Gi'mour afforded temporary relief.!
Miss Levins has returned home, but
perhaps will undergo an operation in a
few wc eks.
George Fromni, wife and two daugh
ters arriveil from Chicago, Tuesday
mornii.z, and will soon remove to the
Cheno'.velh Park fruit farm. A few
monthi aso Mr Fromm purchased this
valuab'e, piece of property and is well
pleased with the investment.
R. 1.. Winniford was in town from his
fine f mi a few miles south of, Oakland,
Real Estate Transfers.
Geo 11 Pfvens to .Mary K. ISrookes,
$:$.r0 ; iiel4 of sec I'-J, tp "!) s, r S w. !
Win Ii tSeorgcet ux to I.onis K Whit- j
nig, $hir; n; ot wlj and n;2ol im1..
of sec -i in tp No 111 s, r ! w.
benjamin F Shields et ux to Frank F.
Alley, ?ISJS.-15; lotn 1, 2, 7 and 8 in tp
&i s, r : w.
Armiii T Steinor et ux to Frank li Al
ley, $2240; lots 0. !l, 10 mid 11 of sec 2.
nea of see S in tp 25 s, r 2 w
Samuel K Knsbin et nx to Frank E
All.y, !hi0; n,S: of ne.', es ol im
tec 8-1 in tp 25 s, r 2 w.
W L Cobb et ux to Samtit'l A.-l'Uii;
Cotter, $1 : w'e of sw 4 sec 12 tp 2!i a, ol
r 7 w, containing SO acres.
II W Veachet ux to E N West ai.!
Zera e-t, $1200; n,'4 of ne1.,, n'a ,i
nw5 of sec 22 in tp 23 8, of r 1 vv.
Mary Lewis and N It uis to Hi
King, $S00; lots o, (i mid 7 in l!k I
Devore's Addition t tounof Voi.cli.i.
Otto V I-ogedon to C E l.ogs.i..:i. $, ,
of tw'j of sw1 of sec 60 tj 21 s, i 4 w
N M Taylor Helves and 11 llehi s t .
Eiias Klnide, $1000. lUigintiing at ii,
svv cor of tiie .r.ssiug of Flint ui l
.Mueller streets m City of Hosvburg, mn
ning thence westerly along s line :
Moslier street 102 ft, tbi-nce smih H at angles with Mosher stuvt NUi.
thence easterly parailtl vtith Mtn-ti, i
street 10-' ft, theiuw in a straight I i.e :..
the place of beginning !tj ft.
Henry llirtfsail et nx to A G and .1 t"
Young and Koy teams, $1,000; ii',.
'J- of ne.l4, sel4, els of sw of sv ll-i
tp 21 s, of r 4 w.
II W R Stowell el nx to Kichard Il.ui
an, $10; lots 3, 4, 5 of see U, nw '4 ..i
n 4 ui s. c l.i ; the iu-y ot nej a d l. i
I of sec 14, tp 23 s, r 5 w, contatiiitig
1(50.01 aereE.
R S Sheridan et ox to co m it tee ap
fMiinted by Protection Tent No 15,
H500; Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, block 51, R K
tdd to city of Roeebarg.
Elizabeth Mollis to John Hollis, $4' a);
iJs of fl4 sec 2fi, tp 2i s, r 9 w.
John W Georgf to Jenule A George.
$I,0;0; se4' of n and lots 3, 5, U. in
sec 6 in tp 30 s, r 9 w, 157.7:1
Jas F Templiii to 1 he (' bb R. a! Es
die Co, $l.0J; lot No 7; n ..f lt Not.
m blk No 12 in original plat of Rowhurg
II J Ktitrinett t.C E llobinelt, $40t:
ls of iois6xnd 17 io blk 2 iu N Park
eid Ut Roelwrg;
CRosKinget ux to Marv U i .
WW; 1 icie in St.utrutu's -tJ-i to town
I Yowalla.
William R Tucker et us to A P Ur--hi,
ltXl ; nwj, of sec IS in tp 21 s, of r
4 w.
Miles Mclutyre et nx to Mary A
Hunter, $300; lot No S in blk No 4 in
the town of Canyon ville.
John Bishop et nx to C L Chnoweih.
$100; J 79 a. n iu sec 31, ip 25 . ,,f r
5 w
Reported by Title Guarantee ami
Loan Company.
N. wC-imers in ihc Vallev.
The Portland Journal sav that tent-
five liMiird immigrants hve ttUil it.
variotre parts of Oregon outsid-f !.
j city of Portland tl- pa-t
j niontiiF as the revolt of the co!..i,iz t.. i
raltw Hiiich have lfu i;i -ffi- ,, M ,
railroads entering lortland in that un
Saturday the rate- were witi..lf.t.v i
j and wi:t not Ikj offemi asrtin inn) l.i
H'lien titer will be effe.-te.l fr..iu t 1
to Oct. 15. The ooiouiz iti.m rates jr .
vide for one wav licked from V ;--.
river p. inte for 25 and fr..
i !
easo. i
Railway othcials keep a m- r,l at :!
union depot of the tieket .it
presented by colon i td to tl.f rur.,i .!,- ,
tric-U of lite state. In that a an .1, - 1
curate efciiinate of tin- uiin.Ur
tiers is kept, but no effort is ma
certain the number who ht
1 iii.
Lis their destination
I Tuose who have ami- tn 1 r...i, 1. ,, .
I -cattured generally throughout ti e stnt
an i are ciilenv iHrmerii. It i- f t.. u.
lliat probably a larger niiin'tier h .ve
ca'.ed in tiie vicinity of Eugene and C"t
tage Grove titan in any other Mvtiom- f.t
the state.
City Treasurers' Ntico.
Notice is hereby given tb U all partie
holding city warrants endorsed prior t
Aug. (Wi, 1902, are reiiuesled to present
Hie same to the city treatuitr fnr
metit, as interest will cease thereon afte
the date of this notice.
Dated Kosoburg, Ore., Ar. 5, l'.Ol.
H. C. ,lx)r M,
City Treasurer
Rolnnical Plants
Held tie Sctrtt of Lift tad Ctlh.
T . - . ....
cm cxp-niuenis conducted lv run
emiiif nt scientists, prove that lialii U 3
great remedial agent ; it is essentially
Nature s agent. It may be either suii-
iiKiii or t-iecinc light, but n las a je.
viv.--i 111 IlC'inittf ticitllm tr, i.n..:. 1.
uisease anu restore health. Other scien
tific men have proved that oxygen elec
trifies the heart and can prolong life.
, 1 f - . iNiijinji
Tli .1
un ims cann are susceptible
.-uuit- ij-,vs wiucji covcrn plnnt life. A uc ftiiccessiuily crown in the
uarK. A man is sr llm, linin,.. ....1 . .
, . . -- .....i4, mm niltlllbr
Vn ti K or 111 sunless rooms.
Alter all,. Nature's ways are found to be
uic ut-si. salurt's remedies are always
-"""-iim; uiscase, atm uy llns we
They arc assimilalcil in tl, 1
mi-mi a nil uicine llurn rnnfc q,wl !..!...
uiKc, up uy uie wood and are, therefore
the most potent means which can be cm
ployed for the rcjraininsr of lost health.
.1 t i- J consulting physician to
me jnvalius' Hotel and
- , . , , - . -""'"'VI. 1 1 U
at IiufTalo, N. Y.. in manv vpars nf rvi!
I,-- " .. It, V,
aiye practice, found that he could pin his
...... w .in .iiLi-iiiiivi ptirnrr
uiuuui aim roots lor the cure of all blood
uiscascs ;ii,,s Jle called Dr. Pierce's
uomrii jicuicai uiscovcry. Containing no
alcohol nor narcotics, entirely vegetable
this " Ducovcry " makes rich red a..,l
isa jiowerfnl tissue builder, Riving the tired
business man or woman renewed strength
and iK-alth Papidly growing nchool girls
and boys often show impoverished blood
by the pimples or boils w'jicll appear 011
face or neck. To enidirat.- 11. ,x.,;
from the blood, and feed the heart, lungs
and stomach on pure blood, nothimr is
so good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Don't allow the denier to insult your in
telligence by offering his own blood rem
edy to you instead of this well-known
preparation of Dr. Pierce's. Ten chnr.ccs
to one he will substitute a cheap compound
having a large percentage of alcohol in it.
Dr. I'iercc's Pellets arc the bent for the
bowels. Use them with the "Dibcovcry.''
A woman usually passes through sev
, end stages on her way to that condition
; of seini-iiivalidisiu which limits the ac-
tivities of so many of her sex. For a
! time she suffers in silence and ignor-
mice, not able to relate her sufferings to
I their proper cause womanly disease.
1 When, presently, she makes the discov
ery that her general health is related to
j the local womanly health, she casts
I about lor help. She dislikes to see the
physician, she shrinks from talking to a
stranger or the intimate matters of her
woman's life, and when at last misery
drives her to the doctor, her modesty is
up in ..mis at the faintest hint of exam.
ination, and she finds excuse to put the
" matter off and goes home to endure
i another prriod of suffering.
I It would seem a strange thing if the
sacrifice of modestv were necessary to
i the restoration of womanly health.
, Such a sacrifice is not necessary. Wom
' en suffering from womanly ailments in
I almost all stages have found a perfect
and permanent cure by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
To those women who suffer from dis
ease in chronic form. Dr. Pierce offers
the privilege of free consultation by let
ter thus avoiding the unpleasant 'ques
tionings, indelicate examinations and
obnoxious local treatments deemed nec
essary by some local physicians. All
correspondence held as strictly private
and sacrrdlv confidential. Address D
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
This offer of free consultation by letter
should not le confused with offers of
"tree medical advice" which are made
by persons without medical knowledge or
experience, and who are barred, legally
and professionally, from the practice of
medicine. Though cople cannot
practice medicine, because the law would
be prompt to punish them, they can of
fer n free medical advice." Anybody can
give advice without incurring the" pen
alty of the law. It is well to remember,
that the "medical" advice of an unquali
fied person, man or woman, is worse
than worthless; it is absolutely danger
ous. As chief consulting physician to the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y., Dr. Pierce, assisted by
his staff of nearly a score of physicians,
has, in a little more than thirty years,
treated ami cured hundreds of thousands
of weak and sick women. Write, there
fore, to Dr. Pierce, ami get the opinion
of a specialist upon your disease.
"About two years ago my health be
came very poor," writes Sirs. Winnie
Hamilton, ot Akron, Plymouth County,
Iowa. "I suffered with pain ami sore
ness in left side of abdomen and such
beAring-lown pns a rn-s me. Could
scarce'v wilk a! times, and would have
to ijo to l'd ' 'ltd I fe'.t better. I was
toid ov a jili'. sic" in that u:v complaint
L. B.
' '- -
! flli
Suits from $16.50 up. Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing
All Work Guaranteed
The World's Pair Route.
Tliose anticipating' an Kantcrn trip, or
i -it to the umisiaiia I'urchasu Kxpo
"Uion at ht. Loins, cannot afford to over
iok the a Ivaritaoa offered by the Mis
SOUftl TacIPIC K.M1.WAV. uliifli nn n.v
ount of its various routes and gateways
'?e appropriately named "The
Vorld's Fair Route."
i aweiiKore from the Northwest take
lie Missoom Pacikio trains from Den
ver or Pueblo, with the choice of either
,'oiiiH direct through Kansas City, or vi.i
lchitu, 1-ort ?cott and Pleasant Hill
Two trains daily from Denver and Pu
eblo to St. Louis without change, carry-
iig all clashes of modern equipment, in
cluding electric lighted observation par
lor cafe dining cars. Ten daily trains
between Kansas City and St. Louis.
Write, or call on V. C. MelJride, Gen-
ral Agent, 121 Third stroot, Portland
lor I'otniltd ii.f(.inir,tioii crd illuptrato
iterature. lA.rf
I'or Sale Cheap.
245acreH stock or dairy ranch 3',
mile l ontlioast of Myrtle Point, Oregon.
Fine new house, good out buildings
Will tell uiih or without Block and fur.
nituro. Have irood oblrnt fur sollin..
For imrticularH nddreas
Carl W. Preslv,
Myrtlo Point, Ore.
was ulceration of the uterus, bet I Hi
iiuining tor u at me lime, Due aa l graa
ually jrew worse I began to see that 1
must do something, and having read a
great deal about Dr. Pierce's remedies, I
resolved to consult mm in regard to my
complaint. I did so. and received an
nnswer advising me to try his medicines
i-avorue l'rescriplion ' and ' Golden
Medical Discovery.' I procured the
medicines as soon as I could and began
me use oi iiiem. l nave taken tour bot-
ties of ' Favorite Prescription' and two
of 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and used
also the local treatment advised by Dr.
Pierce. I experienced relief almost from
the first, as it almost immediately re-
lieved the bearing-down pains, and in
about two months' time I felt that my
neaiin was wonderfully improved. I
can most heartily recommend Doctor
Pierce's remedies to anyone suffering
from any similar complaint, and feel sure
mai ii uiey win consult
Dr. Pierce, they need
suffer no longer."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription makes weak
women strong and sick
women well. It estab
lishes regularity, driej
disagreeable and un
healthy drains, heals in
(lamination and ulcer.T
tion, and cures female
weakness. It is the best
preparative for matcrni
l". Kig mental cheer
fulness and physical
strength and making the
baby's advent practically
painless. As a tonic foi
weak, worn-out. run-
down women and nurs-
mothers, "Favorite
l'rescriplion " is unsur
passed, it is a pure veg
etable preparation and
cannot disagree wi'.h the
most delicate constitu
Do not delay the use of " Favorite Pre
scription " if you have any symptoms of
uwiauiy inseasc. vvny urag around tor
years, enduring useless suffering, when
a remedy that has cured hundreds of
thousands of weak and sick women is
right within your reach ? Get " Favorite
I'rocnption," take it, and be well.
n iim. ..
ncn i iirsi commenced using
Dr. Ilerce's medicines," writes Mrs.
Geo. A. Strong, of Gansevoort, Saratoga
County. N. Y.,"I was suffering from
female weakness, a disagreeable dratx
bearing -down pains, weak and tired
feeling all the time. I dragged around
in that way for two years, and then I
began taking your medicine. After
taking the tirst bottle I beiran to feel
better. I took four bottles of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, two of 'Golden
Medical Discovery.' and one vial of the
'Pleasant Pellets,' also used one bottle ol
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Now I feel
n.c ii uc person. i can l lliant you
enougu lor your kind advice and the
good your medicine has done me.
rI have a sbter who is taking yont
medicine, and it Is helping her."
Whenever a laxative medicine is re
quired, use Dr. Pierce's Pleasant PelleU
with "Favorite Prescription," as they
assist the action of that remedy.
Sometimes a dealer, tempted by the
uuie more prom paid on tfce sale of less
meritorious preparations, will offer a
substitute for " Favorite Prescription " as
"just as good." Judged by its records of
cures of womanly ills, there is no other
medicine just as good as "Favorite
Tiie questions which many a woman
longs to ask are answered fully and
freely in Dr. I'iercc's Common Sense
Medical Adviser. This great book, con
taining more than a thousand large
pages, is tun ot wisdom lor women, both
single and mamed. It u sent Jree
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing oniv. s-ena 31 one-cent stamps
lor me cioin-oounu volume, or only 21
stamps for the book in paper covers.
rtuuress ur. n. v. nerce, uultaio. N. Y.
Give Me an
Get hold of a Rock
Island System folder, turn
to the map, study it a
minute or two, and you
will get a fair idea of the
immensity of the territory traversed
by this Company's lines Minne
sota on the North; Texas on the
South; Alabama on the Hast;
Colorado on the West.
If you are going East, now or
later, will you not kindly give me
an oppoi unity of quoting rates
and telling you what our through car
arrangements arc? Three routes East
via Denver, Omaha and St. Paul.
CORHAM. Central Agent,
140 Third SU, Portland, Ore.
Notice for Publication.
V. S. Limit Ofllcc.
Mareh2.V law
Notice i hereby given that In compliance
with the provision! ot the act of Concrem of
June 3. its.S, entitled "An act for the tale of
umuer lanoi in ir.e lateiot uawornla, Oregon
revaua.and Waahlnirion TrHtnrv nl.
do all the public land itam by act of Aug-uit
Nora Kohlhaseii
of Itcl)iirK. county of Doiiela. utate of Or.'
ton, na? ihlmlay illcd In the office her nworn
jwioment No M.I fur the purchase ot the Inn
. i. ii'.nninsi quancr ot the bouthivost quartet
of section 18, t)Hrnhlp!IO south, rango . west
ana mil oiler proor to ihow that the land toucht
! more Taluable for lt timber or atone than
y. .(iiit iiiui.i purpoiei, ana io edabtlih hli
claim U'tore the Recliter and KecelTer ot UUi
office of RoMburr.Oranm.
im 1 ilea lay. tile SM Uy of May, 1901. She
.ii.j miHs; r.uwHm n ix-nox, (iconic
ii iV r KU'eunr. urcgon, Sam
aiiiui!'ur, oi nrocKway. Oregon.
AUT anil all TH'ntnflM plalmltitr diIv.m.1.
ai.oyc ii'iTlbea lands are rcmieatcd to Mle
V in mis omce on or before iiatd 31st
un; v 1.111 1'JUl,
J.T. BmaoKs. Rcctitcr.
Notice for Publication
United States Laud Office,
Kosebunr Oreenn. Anrll Jl liyvl
NottCO 11 herebr rlrnn that It, mnll.nM.
7l,h t,h?.KOT,'0" of xci of Congreai of
June3 18JS. entitled "An act for the sale of
""lu.,'n lne orarciot uaiitornla, Oregon
eyd?.Sd w "Wngton Territory." asextend
11 .So 1 th PubII by act of August
' fAlienl en. Wnih. roiintrnf i'h.i,.M. ,.r
"as mis nay niei in this office his
sw riiftatemeiit No. 0091, lor the purcluto ot
the nwX of section 23 tp Ws.of ranno8wst.
llu win oner proot toshow that the land sought
Io more valuable for its timber or stono than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
h?!"Te "'a Keglsler and lteceiver ol tali
tflceof Roseburg.OreEon.
nil Tliuisiliiyihu Tllulav of Jnlr. 1!KU llo n.m.,
nn iTiiuivses; ix-rnaiii KraKcnix-rgcr of Koso
bunt: Allied A. Warwick, of Aber leeli. Wash :
if. u bugles, nfl'vcl, Ore.; W. II. McCr.sicn.of
.".-viiuiN, wi u.
,ny Him all nerkons claiming ndvo'f-cly the
nbove descrlb Hi binds are requested to file their Uald
K JulV lWi J t mminK h
Kb. liter. I
Sooiety Meetings.
F. & A. M. Lhurfl Lodi!H Sn.
Haldn rtinuhir mtfttriL'P on aw-on-i
und f nrth Vi;lnn-lnvp i,l -!
'"""'h J. T. Ubiimikh, W. M.
N. T.JuwfcTT, Secretary.
r. O. ELKS. Rot-eburg Lmlge No.
320. Holds regular coniiiinnim-
' l'- ! Hall n '-r. ;
"y 'ol""' Hiurdays .1 eat'b .i...n"..
v!l mumbere recpiuaied to aitei.d rjia-
'T1" ani1 a" vi?itmg brr.ther ae cordl-
"y '"Vlted to attend.
F. i:. Wa.t if
Rov McCl.Al.l.F.v, Sei rotart .
O.N. G , mufw at Aunufj Uki mtwt
n,r,.o,i u ? ... .
K. U. Ha mux. C.t.
O. . F I'bilftarian iHiicu No. g.
Meets in Odil Fellt,t' 'IVmpie, cor
tier .Irtckeon xnd (Ja? Mr,i,ui. nn
utturdaj tiVHiung nr Meirt
tterji of tliM order in goi il .hiii1i:, ar
'uviled to atternl.
J. C Twiiciie i f?
N. I' JKWh.rr, i-crtHrv.
1 ol P. Alpha l.txigi- No 17
11. "Very w ednelaJ , in I O
O. V
I I it 1 1 n
001' e'anding ar invu,. t(, .Mer
. W. Kimuali., C. C
an r
: t. in. 11
nt.irH ,
r.i.MEit imiikui.v, K. ox u. it S
ILAC CIRCLE.-No '. .men
o -lcraft. Mf u on 2nd n.! I
Fridays of each month u ih.-
O. O. F. HhII. Viaiii.-, ...
.'ood (tanilinz are invit.vl tr. a ?..
Minnie Joiich. Guardi
Itell Morian, Secretary.
Second and rourth ThurAiavf.
E. H RoKeSurv ('l.uiit.T ,
Holds their re.rulr rnt-fting r, Mi
flr and third Tlmrcl-v- m ran
nnuth ViHirine hi-ii.u-i-- it, M.
itanding are reep ipllv invdi r( ,
. Maude Ra.t. W. M.
Regina Rast, SecreUiry.
amti .o. 10. ))- it ti
Fellow"' Hall, in Ro- i.:rv
- O!..
V:?it- ,
tret and third Monday
riu neitchbore aiwHVx ut,.,,,...
N. T. Jnwirrr (
J A RrciiA.VAS, t .rik.
Professional Cards.
RSE M. ;, OWN.
Attorney-at-Law ,
Coart Uotua
Down huln.
Physician, Suriremi.
Office over P. 0. Rosst to.
Phone Main 591. Onmos.
Ibntbam 1.1 1
Physcian & Surco-. .
OQce Ki-Tleti Mm.
riiune. Main SI
Review Butldlnr,
telephone So. 4.
M. Cr.twroi 11 .t J O. Uatox
Attorneys U Lh.
Bai (Jul -U . 1.1-4B0K t. r
Bulrif rv 1 h
l" S i4Min,'i'
alntnc riue. erielt) .
Attoruey-at Lav.
'll iiriM-ilmn all m -4b -l i'K'ua' r
03cc In Marcs' Rtfl... K.-nsn: ih.
Rant HniMlnc RO?KBl'R. ORKQt'.V
UrCH.WAN, N" ivPoMir.
Collections a
Rmim .1
tanUr Buil.llni
HOhBl'bl'. O
Osteopathic Physician
A (truck- mclhikl cvf bra ins Alt 1 !..
rvjpoau to tho trratrnt-ui r -niltat!nn
Office ovir the lVst tlstioe I'h- iw So. K'l
Ilmirn to 1- A. M.,Uto ,M". M.
Iti!.!etibe 11. D. tiravt-i place, l'lioot- N.'J1
iMohalr Wanted.
It will pay you to soi us before you
ell your mohair.
all Kruse & Xewlatid
Notice of Forfeiture.
CotlHCrt'tlriivr, Lane L'ountr, late ot On con
March i. l'.ivj.
To E. C. Oiinn i almlnllrAtnrof thci-tal
ot 1. U. Cotton, iteccAMit, buJ to Mis. T. K. Wit
Hon, Mn.Claik J. Tilcl. Mls Carrie K. Mason
Miss May Mavui. Kratus Colton, Hen T. llunti
ami K. O.Ounu, lielni at law nt UI I) II Co.-
tou, CcccaHit, ant to all other pcrMing rlatm
lug any rlKht, title or Inteic-t, either in law
oi equity in or to the minitig clilm lu'rom
after i!ccrilied, an heirs of the faiil D. 11.
ton.ileccascd or olhctwise:
You ami each of 3011 are hereby notitleit, that
I, llio untlcrslKncI,arocxienilt money ami
performed labor and vm k to tho amount ol
Onellundrel Dollars, upon tho "Homer" lod
mining c aim, sttuatid in the flolicmla Mining
District, In tho County ot Pouglas, statu ol
That tho money so expended and the labor
performed vn; performed ami cxjicinUxl on
and between the lstdiiy of Septomber aud the
30th day ol September A. 1). 1!W, In order to
hold said premises under the prnvioion o
Section il of tho ItcvWed Hiatutes of the
United Slntct and laws of the Statu of Oreisou
being the amount cquired to hold tho same
forthojear ending December 31, lfcGS.
That said work upou tuld elalm was er
formed by Hud. Jenks and Hen. Curry tor and
at the expense ot the undersigned.
And if within Ninety (W) days from the mt
vice t f this Notice upon you by I he Sheriff or
within Ninety CO) days nft-r ervl.eor thi
notice by publication you fait or refine tueon
tribute tle propjrllon of ai.cli e.eiidltnrT- a- a
co-owner, ynur interest in lliu mid elann wit
become the property of the 1 udcMgiu! uii-Ioy
Section -.TOI by reason ot sad llh ie Io
eonlrlbute.l.l.niiirtloaof m-t expenditure
(I v
vai: t
to buy a
to buy a
a h' .:
l h
rent a
ii don t kiiotr PAT
Aenl For DOUQL v
1 iuj luroi. louis aa;i Iik- World's Fair
Nat'irr- Art
ra ti ,!i at t
illery of
Wri,e for illnated lAkt of C.
124 Third S:reet
nces at
The Great Tented Amusement Enterprise that Fainite Every Promise
A .Multltale of New Features .Sever Before Presented la America
inc woria i Orcateat Acrobats
turope s Premier Ceaofr High Wire
Most Remarkable CcetortiontsU Extant
r?.S f m ,n.E,cPhan .Camels, Lions. Tigers, Hyenas, Tapirs, Llamas
Butfaloes, kanfgrootriches. Jlk. Deer.Poniej, Goats and Monke
Royal Roman Hippodrome Million Dollar New Menagerie
A Mighty University of Natural History
Olympian Stadium Mammoth Aerial Enclave
Will Leave the Show Grounds Every Morning at 10:30
Adults, 50c. Children, 25c. One Ticket Admits You to Everything.
DflCl A 7CTT I
' - - -
BE1 D.
Wo will ay the highest
given or ury, felts ,roat j-kius, furs.
bniss, copper, load, zinc,
Have some splendid bargains
"2 a WHITE
i i
15 KlfiG
Vv hiie u ui ly And Tailor
it jr Rotory Sewing Much
in s. Machines ,vh
R tarv Lift
Oh- Ifc.-ki j .MitVm to the at-
Ti- 1 . r I- L. .
. 1 . V 1 ht an.1 r .rts
G.-neta! Agent,
2 and 8 p. m.
1GK0UT wt
The Iost SettsjtKmal Aerial Gymnasts
Merca ot the High Horizontal Bars
The Foremost Trick Cyclists
cash prico for Hides
rubber boots Jfc shoos
in second hand Furniture