The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 05, 1904, Image 3

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    It's the Quality that Keeps the Customers
Our Soring goods that are constantly arriving are well known for their
quality. It is a pleasure for us to show this beautiful line. All we ask is for
you. to give us the opportunity.
Note that our clothing fits well and is up to date, our Dress Goods are
nobby aud pretty, our Shoes are stauuch and comfortable, our Hats are stylish
and shapely, our Furnishings are new aud nobby, our Wash Goods are pretty
and cheap in price.
The People's
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
For Good Pictures and
Fair Prices Go To
Smith's Sunbeam
Photo Parlors
( c 3 ) ( : lilt 1 ( Lne Sts.,
Roseburg, - Ore.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Bine Points of Township Maps showing
all vacant Lands.
Architect, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in new Bank-Building. 'Phone 415
Resident Piano Tuner
Best References. Leave Orders
at Burr's Music Store
And Other Beautiful Flowers
Send Postal Card
for 1904 Catalog
Notice for Publication.
O. S. Land Office, Bosebunc. "re..
March 22, 1904.
Notice M hereby given that Id compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congren of
June 3, 187S, entitled "An act for the tale of
Umber land in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada. and Washington Territory." as extend
ed to all the public land states by act of August
Nora Kohlhagen
of Roeburg. county of Douglas, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled in th s office her sworn
statement o HU.". for the purchase of the lts
3, 4. northeast quarter of the Southwest qiiartei
of section lb, tjwnshlp 30 south, range west
and will of fer proof to show that theland sought
Is more valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
office of Boseburg, Oregon,
on Tuesday, the31rt day of May, 1901. She
names as witnesses: Edward H Lenox, Georite
Lenox, PC Ream of Roebure. Oregon, Sam
Iiallsinger, of Brockway, Oregon.
Any and all person" claiming adversely tin
above described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 31st
day olMay 1904,
J.T. Bridges, Register.
Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to see us before you
sell your mohair,
a 11 Kruee & Newland.
m.i. tj.xm.i rmtiHMm fktdt ttnmrwH nn (rood ma
terial, ije mailed absolutely free of ijiarce It consist
of 1 Cr southern mn CenterTe- IIxll in.i ith 6 DuSli
earn dx in. j. z oaimy ahuw
Dnokmark, 2 Butterflies ( fur -41ir. 2 Autumn I -caves and
2 Conventional Designs for Uiirt-waist omamectation.
Woman's Magazine
K -Ithont e TTtlon.tbe Cnt M-cent magazine published.
It iv an all trailers trtatnlne to dress, and
rontains tlie latest and most iaiti -al St) let to be found
'i-.fccre in the magazine world If you wish todress well
at a moderate expense, the Nkw Idea WOMAN'S MAGA
ZINE is a positive n essity I-a h issue contains Illustra
tions fn colors. It treats also iX all subjects interesting to
women in their home lite, bend your name to-day with SO
cents and we will enter j our sutt nption for one jear, and
inau ajso tne uttturotaery uuxnt anown auove.
Be aare to wealing lhi paper when yoa write.
One Door
ft Of Local Interest.
; Dr's. Cheadle& Johnson, dentists. All
- work guaranteed.
I John Hall and wife, of Myrtle Creek,
are in th!s city on business.
Mrs. D. E. Vernon, of Oakland was vis
iting friends in Roseburg Wednesday.
' Mrs. A. Macbeth, of Cleveland, is
j visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. E.
, Martin, of Drain.
If you want good work done, try the
i Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ington and Kane St.
j J. S Gray, of Gardiner, the repnbli
i cm nominee for representative, is in
this city, greeting friends, today.
Mrs. Jewell MeClure, of Portland is
in thi city the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
J. I . Fnllerton of Wet Roseburg.
Oswell West, State 1.and asent was
in this city today returning from a busi
ness visit in Coos and Curry counties.
Miss Myrtle Campbell, arrived in this
city Tuesday from Saguache Col. to
visit her parents, Hora e Campbell and
Mrs. W. W. Kent and children, of
Drain, who have been visiting Mrs. J
T. Bridges of this city, have returned
Rev. Lake, the Episcopal minister, ac
companied by his mother and sister, ar
rived in this city from The Dalles last
Tuesday to reside.
D. M. Parry and wife arrived in this
city last Tuesday from Cumberlin, Wis.,
to locate. Mrs. Parrv is a cousin of E.
Lenox, of this city.
J. C. Campbell who has been the
guest of his daughter Mrs. J. Henrv
Booth, for some time pat has returned
to his home at Grants Pass.
Mrs. Norman F. Throne and three
children, familv of Mr. X. F. Throne, of
the Douglas County Bank, have arrived
in this city from Galeton, Pa.
The annual May day ball eiven by the
members of Jnlia Abraham Cabin No, 5.
was a most enjoyable affair and those
who attended had a general good time.
Ed. Weaver, one of Myrtle Creek's
popular citizens is in Roseburg today.
He says that a crew of men are at work
at the Myrtle Creek oil well preparing
the machine and other apparatus for
Roseburg is full of eastern people.
some of whom are looking for homes
and others for employment but the latter
class are in most part dissipointed and
leave for more active scenes. Roseburg
could well afford to offersplendid in lurv-
men for more manufacturing institutions-
The temperance lecture which was to
have occured at the opera house Wed
nesday evening was postponed on ac
count of the fact that Dr. Stone was
unable to reach Roseburg to fill the date.
He writes, however, that he will be here
later and the date will be duly announc
ed. We have noticed that somehow there
is more handshaking during the month
of Mav than during anv other mon'h of
the It must be that with the
coming of soring all nature is slinking
hands with herself and that hum initv
becomes imbued with a spirit of goolj
fellowship. j
Jacob Ritchey, one of Drains fore
most citzens was in this city on business
this week and made the Plaindkaler
office a most pleasent visit. Mr. Ititch-
ey informs us that it is his intention to
spend the summer in the northern part
of the 8 tate and it is probable he
will visit Alaska.
T. D. Weatherford and Emory Mars
ters have purchasd the barber shop of
W. G. Farrar formerly owned by Floyd
Woodruff Mr. Weatherford is an ex
perienced barber, having for the past
year conducted a shop in the Roseburg
hotel, near the depot. Mr. Marsters is
a well-known Douglas county boy who
has a host of friends. lm-33
The Roseburg Shamrocks loci, horns
today with the Eugene Blues at Eugene,
and Pop Morrow seems confident of
winning. In a letter to parties here
Pop. Morrow says the Irishmen are
somewhat disorganized on account of
sickness and sore arms, and
for that reason several changes in posi
tions are chalked up in todays game
Morrow will catch, Oswell will hold
down first with Miller at third, Bradley
and Reed will be found in the field and
Slats Hunter in the box.
Excursion Rates.
Commencing March 1, 11104 and con
tinuing daily to and including April 30,
1904 colonists tickets will Iks on sale from
the East to points on Oregon lines via
Portland, rates from some of the princi
pal points as follows: f33 from Chicago,
111 ; $31 from Peoria, III ; $30 from St.
Louis, Mo; $25 from Missouri River
Points, Omaha and Council Bluffs to
Kansas City inclusive; $20.00 to Sioux
( City, stop overs not to exceed 10 days at
1 one point will be allowed between Port
1 land and destination of ticket on Oregon
I lines. 19 tf
Southof P. O.
Log Cabin Creams at Currier's.
See Bell Sisters' V- 00 trimmed hats
Wood for sale. Leave order with J. F.
Baiikkk. tf
All disorders yield to Osteopathic
John Agee, of Wilbur was in this city
on business this week.
S. K. Sykes has just received a car
load of new wagons.
If it is n "Floral" it is the latest and it
can be had at Stratfords gallery only.
If you want grinding done, call at the
Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ing and Kane St.
If jou want good fresh fish anil shell
fish, call at the Fish Market, corner
Lane and Pine streets. m 5
Health is governed by common sense
principles, thus Osteopathy is popular
and its cures permanent.
Plain sewing and dressmaking is solic
ited by Mrs. Wooten on the corner of
Oak and Stephens streets.
Feed your chickens ground oyster
shells, Buy them at the Fish Market,
corner, Lane and Pine streets. m 5
You probably never saw folder photo
at less than fS.OO per dozen they are
f 4.0J and up at Stratfords. See them.
Geo Haynes, of Portland, who has
been visiting relatives in this city, left
Wednesday for Oakland on his return
At the Rebecca local lodge Tuesday
evening, several initiations, light refresh
ments and a general good time were the
features reported.
A. Fields a id a gang of men left this
city Wednesday morning for Winches
ter to finish the construction work on
the county bridge at that place.
F. Long A Sons have opened a new
harness shop on the corner of Rote and
Washington streets, in the building
formerly occupied by W. G. Woodward.
Rev. Hicks, of Grass Valley, Eastern
Oregon, will occupy the Baptist pulpit
next Sunday and in all probability will
become the permanent pastor of that
Our spring line of carpets has arrived,
and wb are prepared to tit up your house
in the latest designs and colorings. Call
and examine for yourself. B W. Strong
the Furniture man.
0. Wet, of Salem, C. L. Brown, of
Oakland, J. B. F. Olinger, oi Ashland,
A. P. McCulloch, of Oakland, J. H.
Faucett and wife, of Ashland, are regis
tered at tiie McClallen House.
Dan Langenlerg, who has been em
ployed between Dunsmuir and Ashland,
as assistant express mes.-enger, has ac
cepted a run between this station and
Portland in the same capacitw.
The Hamilton Drug Co., have just re
ceived new machinery for freezing their
ice cream. This is one of the finest up-to-date
machines capable of turning out
a quantity of cream in a few minutes.
The new high school building is about
completed on the exterior, the windows
are t eiug put in, the scaffolding is down
and the edifice presents a very hand
some upperance and is a decided credit
to our city.
A No. 1 stuck farm of 15 acre", near
ly all fenced. I have land as gooJ as a
crow ever Hew over, well watered, with
unlimited outside range; house and out
buildings; well worth $1400; at present
will take $750. Can you beat this?
AlLE.V Wnso.v,
May 25-pd Camas Valley.
The office of the Hotel McClallen is re
receiving a thorough renovating and fur
nishing, the wall being calcimined, etc.
Sufficient linoleum has been purchased
by Mr. Bloomer to cover the entire of
fice floor. When finished this will be
the finest arranged hotel office in South
ern Oregon.
Remember that it is quality, not
quantity, that we strive for in furnish
ing our city trade, therefore you will
always get the cheapest milk of the
Gaiidis Dairy, because the best. All
retail milk delivered in bottles. Our
specialties are cream, milk and butter
milk. If you don't tee the wagon,
phone to the Creamery. 14-tf
Col. W. II. Taylor, of Olalla, spent
Wednesday in this city greeting old
friends. The colonel did not forget the
Plainokalek, but presented the force
with several packages of "the printer's
friend"' Cutiline. A short note was in
close in the package 6aying: "All hands
clean up." If Cutiline will do the work,
the Plaznde ileu is thoroughly cleaned
Brakcman Ed. Renfro received quite
a serious injury to his right foot while
riding the pilot of an engine while
switching in the Gold Hill yards Tues
day evening. It seems that the section
men had placed a torpedo on tho rail
to warn tho train crews that they were
working on the track, and the front
wheels of the engine on which Renfro
was riding, in passing over tlio torpedo
exploded it, and the fragments struck
Renfro on the foot passing through the
shoe and embeding in the flush, causing
a very painful wound. Mr. Renfro wns
immediately taken to the railroad hos
pital at Portland.
Chendlo & Johnnon, iiuiuiaisi Aii
Work guaranteed.
Furnished housd for reiit. InquifO of
R. R. Johnson, Marks building.
You will not believe in Osteopathy
until you are convinced of Its efficiency
by a trial.
If you want Machine work done call
at the Roseburg Machine Shop, corner
Washington und Kane St.
Mrs. G. W. Sloier has returned home
from the Willamette vnlley, whore she
has been visiting relatives.
R. B. Dixon states that construction
work will co nmence immediately on
tho Deer Creek telephone line.
Cabinut photos, $2.50 per doz.Mi, and
other sizes accordingly, for a short time,
at tho Sunbeam Photo Parlors. 31-lm-p
Have vou seen that elegant lino of
lace curtains? Wo are showing also full
lino ot portiera and window shades. B
W. Strong.
O. C. Peltur, Glendalo; T. E. Looney,
Jefferson ; J. F. Neas, Oakland ; John
Allen, Eugene; Kitt Atterbury and
Charles Barker, Glide, are registered at
tho .McClallen House.
Addison Wright, a brother-in-law of
C. H. Reed of this city and a eon of Col.
W. II. Byers, formerly of this city, died
at his home at Mehama, Oregon, Tues
day, of consumption.
Mrs. Dr. Little, of Oakland, came
over from that city, on last night's lo
cal, and accompanied Mrs. Grace Miv
honey to Ashland, this morning, where
they will visit for a short time with
The Douglas County 1'ank is to use
coal in their furnace hereafter, for heat
ing purposes. A ton of coal to bu used
as an experiment, arrived today, and if
it works satisfactory, several tons will
be ordered immediately.
If this is to be your first vote let it be
for the party of progress, for the party
that does things, for the party that is
not afraid to take a stand on the leading
questions of the day, in short let it be
for tho republican party. Ex.
Ed Slocuiu, a brother of Mrs. C. H.
Hadley of this city is reported quite ser
iously ill at his home in Dayton, Wash.
A recent operation on his leg was fol
lowed by blood poison and the limb was
amputated below the hip. Recovery is
reported as doubtful.
At the opera house next Monday
night the Four Georges will appear in
musical comedy and vaudeville. The
press speaks in the highest terms of this
company and a firstclass entertainment
is guaranteed. Prices 25c and 35c in the
gallery and 50c and 75c on the lower
The Roseburg machine shops are now
in full running order. The first large
piece of machine work that has been
done in Roseburg for several years was
turned out by Mr. Arrance, this week,
it being a piece of lathe work on a por
tion of the big chain from tho Myrtle
Creek oil wells. Heretofore this work
has been sent either to Ashland or Eu
gene. The democrats endorse Gov. Cham
berlain's administration and point to
him as a model of economy. When they
go to tell you that the appropriations
made by the last legislature were ex
travagant (and we believe that some of
them should not have been made) just
remind them that every appropriation
bill was approved by Gov. Chamberlain
fhe democrats are in no position to
howl appropriation in the face of Gov
Chamberlain's administration. Ex.
The ground is being cleared for the
new Maccabee ball on the corner of
Cats and Pine streets, the old woodshed
has been torn down, the flowers and
ehrubery removed and a general clear
ance made so as to be ready to immedi
ately commence the laying of the foun
dation as soon as the contract is let. .ti
ter the found tion is laid we are in
formed by the committee that it will be
allowed to rest and settle about two
weeks before anything else is done. The
Maccabee goat is staked upon the ground
to suerintend the clearance' and from
the length of his horns we be'ieve he
will keep the lot free of trespassers.
Railroad Notes.
Conductor H. C. Bickett is numbered
among the list of those who are resting
from their duties on the steel rails.
Passenger Brakemm Andy Ford is
answering to a charge of forcibly eject
ing a party from the train in the courts
at Cottage Grove. This is what brake-
men are expected to do to those not
holding tickets. As Mr. Fori! is but do
ing his duty it is expected that the rail
road company wilt sustain him and as
sist him in hi- defense.
Fireman Jack Hainmitt, who is just
recovering from the amputation of his
foot, and has been visiting friends in
this city, returned to his home at
Eugene today. As soon as he is able to
use his new artificial toot with ease, he
will return to work.
Brakeman J. A. Armstrong and D R
Troxell are taking a lay off and looking
nfter their personal property interest.
Mr. ArrastrongbeinginterestoJ in mines
in this county.
Pas.enger Brakeman, J. Darwin Huff
is laying off, and with his wife is visit
ing relatives in Eugene and Portland.
Among the multitude of startling cir
cus novelties and trained animal nets
which Norris and Rowo are offering this
season with their now big two ringed
Hnd elevated stago shows, there are two
that stand out with more than ordinary
prominence. They are the Gardner
Family of Bix persons and tho McDon
ald Brothers. Tho former perform upon
horizontal bars, placed at tho top of tho
hugo tent. With such precision of time
and accuracy they repass each other
and with giant swings toss between
them two others of tho members of tho
troupe. It is an achievement border
ing on tho miraculous and requires tho
greatest possible strength, skill, daring,
courage and grace. The McDonald Bros
are a trio of sensational trick cyclists
Upon ono, two and three wheelc, thoy
go through wonderfully intricate maneu
vers, riding backwards and forwards on
ono wheel; riding blindfolded, riding at
breakneck speed down long flights of
stairs and going through many other
difficult evolutions. Tho acts moko n
really marvelous spectacle and it is but
two acts of this natuie which Norris
and Rowe have provided for our enter
tainment this season. Tho shows will
exhibit at Rosoburg Monday May Id
Much Is being said pro and con
respecting the economy of the build
ing of good roads. To the writer
one thing is evident. Good roads in
Douglas county is the one principal
requisite to our development and it
occurs to us that legislation is the
secret which will ultimately solve the
question of economy in road building.
Let a measure be enacted placing the
building of county roads under the
supervision of the county surveyor
who, by the way, should receive ade
quate compensation therefoi- whose
duty it should be to establish the
grade, draw specifications for the
grading, the placing of stone or tile
culverts for proper drainage and to
provide for substantial rock ballast.
Each mile of road thus built would be
permanent, and under competent su
pervision not one pennv would be
wasted, and, although each year
might not record as many miles built
as now, yet but few years would
elapse before Douglas county would
be famous for its good roads.
LOGSDON RIDDLE. At the home of
the bride's father, Abner Riddle, in
Riddle, Oregon, May 1, 1904, Otto V.
Logsdon and Miss Grace Riddle.
fice of the county judge in the
Court house1, Thursday, May 5th
1904, H. L. Cardwell to Lulu Dun
ning, both of Myrtle Creek. Judge
M, D. Thompson, officiating.
L. M Traver and wife left last Tues
day for Ashland where, Mr. Travers
will assist his father-in-law, Contractor
Snook on the construction work of the
new school building.
Tho Title Guanantee and Loan Co.,
who have occupied rooms in the court
house have leased the store room for
merly occupied by the Hildcbrand store
and will rearrange the room, making a
rommodious, up to date office. A large
vault l0x2 feet inside will be built on
the north side near the center of the
building and several nartiiious will be
erected aud room designated for the J
several departments of the company.
Ray Moore of the local Western Un
ion Telegraph aud Wells Fargo Express
office is in Corvallis, relieving the agents
at that place. Mr. Moore's position in
the local office here is filled by R. D.
Cured His Mother of Rheumatism
"My mother has been a sufferer for
many years with rheumatism," says W.
H. Howard of Husband, Pa. "At
times she was unablo to move at all,
while at all times walking was painful.
I presented her with a bottle of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and after a few ap
plications she dicided it was tho most
wonderful pain reliever she had ever
tried, in fact, bIio is never without it
mid is at all times ablo to walk. An oc
casional application of Pain Balm keeps
away tho pain that eho was formerly
troubled with." For eale by A. C.
Marsters & Co.
Notice for Publication,
United States Land Office,
Rosoburtr Orceon, April 21, 1904
Notle ti hereby giTen that In oompllano
with the proYtilom of the act ot Congreu of
Junes, 1878, entitled "An act for the tale o!
timber landi In the Statu of California, Oregon
Nerada.and Waihlncton Territory," aaexteod
d to all the publlo land itatci by act of August
, 18W.
rf Aberdeen, Wash., county of iJhotialU, Mate of
Wanhlnirtiin. had 'his ilar flic 1 In (his office hit
in rn statement Nn. C09I, Inr the purcho of
the nwjiif section 23 tp '27 s. of rnnno 3 wst.
nd will offer proof to (how that the land loaght
la more valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hit
tlalm before the Kcgister and Receiver of Uili
flica ot Roaeburg, Oregon,
ou Thiinuiuy, the 7th day of July, UXH.He names
as witnesses: Uernaid Krakecberger. of ltose
hurf! Allied A. Warwick, of Ahcr'eon, Wash:
H. I Knglcs, of Peel, Ore.; W. II. MeUivMcn.of
HoseburKi Ore.
Any and all poisons claiming wlvo'i-clr the
above described lands are to itiesled to die their
claims In this ofQco on or belnru the said 7th
day of July, 1901. J.T, UKIDUKS,
lie Is tor.
All persons holding Cash
Sale Slips dated April 19
may have them redeemed
in cash by presenting them
before June 1, We will do
the same this month that
is present one days sales to
our customers during flay,
The World's Fair Route.
Those anticipating an Eastern trip, or t
a visit to the Louisiana Purchase Expo- '
sition at St. Louis, cannot afford to over- j
look the advantages offered by the Mis-
aovBi Pacific Railway, which, on ac-i
count of its various routes and gateways, I
has been appropriately named "The ,
World's Fair Route." ' j
Passengers from the Northwest take j
the Missouri Pacific trains from Den S
ver or Pueblo, with the choice of either I
going direct through Kansas City, or via
Wichita, Fort Scott and Pleasant Hill. 1
Two trains daily from Denver and Pa-
eblo to St. Louis without change, carry
ing all clases of modern equipment, in
cluding electric lighted observation par
lor cafe dining cars. Ten daily trains 1
between Kansas City and St. Louts. j
Write, or call on W. C. McBride, Gen-!
eral Agent, 121 Third street, Portland
for Oi-iaikd icfoiruation acd illustrate ,
literature. 15-tl
Yes ! I am here to stay, and depend (
on my work for your future patronage, j
If i ou want your work done in the most ;
skilled manner, so it will stand, do not !
hesitate to give me a call, as this is what
I agree to do. Dr. Prarsox,
33-tf Dentist,
Farmers Attention.
Highest price paid for poultry, and
eggs at the Fbh Market, corner Lane
and Pine streets. m. 5
is i-repared to wait upon old
and new customers aud friends
with a full and complete
stock of
All frush anrl nf t li rurP lw.f
f quality. Teas aad coffees are
A specialties. Your patronage
solicited. t
305 Jackson St., Roseburg
Of even descrivtion. Farms and Min-
eral Lands
Oregon, Washington and
Administrator's Notice.
In Comity Court ot State of Oregon for
Douglas County,
In the matter of the estate of John II . Shupe,
deceased :
Notice Is hereby ghen that the undersigned,
by order of abor named Court, made and
entered in the Journal of said Court on April
12th, 190t. wa appointed administrator ot the
above-named estate.
All persons having cUlmt against said est lie
are requested to present the same, duly ver! Bed,
within tdx months from d-tc of this notice, and
all peraons Indebted to said ette are request
ed to make imme llatc payment to tho under
IgneJ.athls office, Review building, Koe
buig, Oregou-
Dated this lilh day of Anrll, 1904.
J.C. Fuluerto.v, Administrator.
eatisfaction without extra cost. It is
used and endorsed by the leading men
of this county. For circulars and price
address Stearns & Chonoweth, Oakland,
Oro., or S. B. Crouch, Oakland, Ore. ly
Title Ciuarantee&Loan Co.
I. D. Hamilton,
D C. Hamilton,
Secy, and Treas
Offlco In the Court House. Haro the only com
ptcteset of abstract books In Oouglas Oonnij
Abstracts aud Certificates ot Title furnished'.
Douglas county land and mining claims. Havt
also a completoaetot Tracings of all townthlr.
plats In the Koseburg, Oregon, D. S. Land Dis
trict. Will make blue print copies oi any town
ship. Hi. Little, s
We are showing a fine line of
which have just arrived.
Fifty pairs of Poitiers in the
and colorings.
We carry from 500 to 1000 Window Shades in
stock including the celebrated Henry W. Green shade,
the best that money can buy.
When the Mists have Cleared Away
You will want to make quick work with your
garden. We carry the finest line of the cel
ebrated Planet Jr. Tools in the county. Send
for catalogue, or better, call and see them.
A Direct Line
to Chicago and all points east; Louis
ville, Memphis, New Orleans, and all
points south.
See that your ticket reads via the IL
modern trains connect with all trans
continental lines at St. Paul and Oma
ha. If your friends are coming west let us
know and wo will quote them direct the
specially low rates now in effect from
all eastern points.
Any information as to rates, routes,
etc., cheerfully given on apblication.
Commercial Agent,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey,
T. F. & P. A
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. B. Thompson,
F. & P. A.,
Room 1, Col man Bldg., Seattle,
Wash. &4t.
Axminster Velvet
and Tapestry
Full line of Ingrains
Both Wool and Cotton
Lace Curtains
latest designs
Whooping- Cough.
"In the spring of 1901 my children
had whooping cough," says Mrs. D. W.
Capps, of Capps, Ala. "I nsed Chain
berlain's Cough Remedy with the mot
satisfactory results. 1 think this is the
best remedy I have ever seen for whoop
ing cough." This remedy keeps tho
cough loose, lessens the severity and
frequency of the coughing spells and
counteracts any tendency toward pneu
monia. For sale by A. C. Maistera &
City Treasurers' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all parties
holding city warrants endorsed prior to
Aug. rith, 1902, are requested to present
the same to the city treasurer for pay.
ment, as interest will cease thereon after
the date of this notice.
Dated Roseburg, Ore., Apr. 5, 1904.
H. C. Sloccm,
City Treasurer.