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It's the Quality that Keeps the Customers
Our Spring goods that are constantly arriving are well known for their
quality. It is a pleasure for us to show this beautiful line. All we ask is for
you to give us the opportunity.
Note that our clothing fits well and is up to date, our Dress Goods are
nobby and pretty, our Shoes are staunch and comfortable, our Hats are stylish
and shapely, our Furnishings arc new ami nobby, our Wash Goods are pretty
and cheap in price.
The People's Store
1. ABRAHAfl, Prop.
One Door Southpf P. O.
-K M I
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
Of Lnral Interest. 1
Dr's. Cheadle& Jobnson.dentists.
V. A. Hurr mailu :i business trip to
Oakland Tuesdav.
Loi; Cabin Cream? at Currier's.
R. B. Mathews is in Portland on busi
Wood for sule.
Leave order with J. F.
For Good Pictures and
Fair Prices Go To
Smith's Sunbeam
Photo Parlors
! E. H. Smith, of Myrtle Foint, was
I registered at the McClallen, Tuesday.
Mrs. W.
mother at
H. Carroll
is visiting her
Norman Agee and wife, of Winston,
were in this city, on business, this week.
Miss Lucy Xewland, of Cottage Grove
is the guest of Miss Mary Curran.
Mrs. S . H. Munson has returned from
a visit with her daughter at Ilarrisburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Roach, of Ash
land, have moved to this city to reside.
Boys' clothing, from 4 to 14 years, a
variety of kinds, AT COST, Ash & Att-well.
Miss Maude Kelley, o Cottage Grove
is visitinir Miss Ora Thompson, of this
Corner Pine! nd L ne
Roseburg, - Ore.
StS., I Fred Marsh, the
Myrtle Urees, was
mining man iroin
in this city, last
T. E. Bledsoe, of Drain, was in this
city on business Saturday, and a secta
tor at the Republican convention.
Miss Mattie Perry left, Friday,
Coburg, to spend the summer with
sister, Mrs. B. F. Russell.
Miss Minnie Brown, of Oakland, who
has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. S. M
Kelley, of this city, has returned home.
Beit Boll Slaters' 2.0l) trliiinml hull
U Will pay ynti to
invest iiiU-
If you ilesit-- is "tl
Osteopahty l'hj ..-.-. '
''( tf
fvo i lie
Jo if
Fred Marsh of Myitlo Creek ia in
eit on business toiay.
Lee London, of Cottage Uro'o ifl visit
ing irieiids in this citv.
Col. J. U. Day of Olalla is registered
at the McClallen HoubC.
II. C. Slocnin, Jr., is employed in the
assessor's ollieo this week.
Rav Henderson is acting aa deputy
nehnol fiutH-rintendnnt under Prof. F. B.
jiJi 11 11 1j$L
During tlie
iiU.jtuu ot y
. r m. 4 n '
-litll ol iril v(- will 1SSUJ vl i
urcinsc. At the end of the mouth
'i tir liasc a dated duplicate sales cueck stating
it j'UstIjisc. At the end ot the mouth a date will be selected and every person holding
checks of that date will have their purchase hi'mey refunded. In other words we are going to preseut to our
ctistotijeix the amount of one days sales. We are not doing this in a philanthropic mood but as one way of
advertising. We want you to become better acquainted with our store and when you do this we are confident
of making you our stetdy customers. The date will not be selected until May ist. In order to make this a
more momentous event we will from time to time offer special inducements in the line of special sales. Re your money back if you are lucky.
Win. Climldiek left this morning for
Yonealla and other noints in North
Douglas on business.
Plain sewing and dressmaking is solie
ilis! bv Mrs. Wooten on the corner of
Oak and Stephens streets.
Mits Lucy Hay, who has lieen teach
ing in the north end of the county ii in
this cily, the. guest of Mrs. tichoficld.
Have you seen that elegant line of
lace curtains? We are showing also full
lino ot noniers anil window shudes. B
W. Strong.
Special No. 1
Meu's Black Russia Calf Shoes,
New Styles dud New Goods. The Re-
nowned Florsheim make. A lairly com-
, " ' i - " "'
plete line of frizes..
Regular price,
Money back sale price
$3 50 & $ 4.00
- $2.60
Special No, 2
Ten patterns Scotch flannel waist
ings, new patterns, will wash without
loosiug color, unexcelled for shirt waists,
boys' waists or summer suits in three
qualities which sold for 40. O5 & 75 cts.
75c grade Money back Sale Price 53c
" 43c
" 27c
Mrs. Wooten and Mrs. MeColloch,
who hnve been spending a few daye
with friends at Round Prairie, returned
home today.
Ed. Combs and family, wjio have leen
residing in this city for the past four
vears. will leave tomorrow for Ix.-ona to
reside, Mr. Combs being employed with
the lumber company there.
Geo. Turner. Gardiner ; J. S Parnter,
Sison Cal.; Geo. A. Crane, Oak Creek;
Henrv Mooney. Aulauf : and I). E. Ver
non a'nd w ife of Oakland were regitcred
at the McClallen House this week.
EditorS. P. Shutt of the Glendale
.'owswa in this city as a delegate
to the Republican County Couventiou.
He says Glendale precinct will roll up
a big republican vote this year.
Our Spring Stock is- now almost Complete rTS'A'
our new
Be sure to ask for a duplicate sales check when making cash purchases. All materials shrunk by
steam process free of charge.
New Golf Shirts, Ladies and Meu's Shoes, Summer Dress Goods, Laces and Embroidries, Underwear,
Boy's Clothing, Hosiery, Calicces, Ginghams, and Millinery.
NOTICE: The above money back offer applies only to cash purchases not to money paid oh account or charge sales
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Bine Prints of Township Maps showing tailoring establish ment, opposite depot dispatch; give him a trial
Editor Fetter, of the Drain Nonpareil
was a sptvtator at the Republican
Couutv Convention this week, he U
jubliant over the excellent ticket named
by the republican party.
all vacantLands
T. W. Carlon will clean, press and re- , jj j iJovington, inadb more friends
Take vour clothing to T. W. Carlon's j pair your clothing with neatnefs nd ; jn a fevr Worda of troo.l feeling he ex
plained in the convention than most
ineii make in a four hour's speech. And
more than that he meant iubt what he
for cleaning, repairing
; All work first-class.
site depot.
Shop oppo-
Architect, Abstracter. 1
Plans and Estimates for all Build
twvinl rieciens for Office Fixtures
r , j.
.Office in new Bank Building. 'Phone 415 ; wi,0
C. B. Barnard, wife and children ar
rived in this city, Thursday evenin.', to
reside. Owing to the scarcity of houses
! in this city, they have not yet located a
permanent residence.
Mra. (i. A. Sipnalness, left
for Superior, Wis., to visit
Mr. Sinualness accompanied
as Portland. " "
her as far
C. Stratford, the photographer,
for some time conducted a-pallery
W. L. Nichols, of Riddle, accompanied
j by his wife and sister, is tho guest ol
Hon. J. C. Fullerton and family, the
Judge being Mrs. Nichols brother.
iKotice of Forfeiture.
I in this city, but has been lately in Cali-
j fornia, has returned here with
1 tention of again locating.
tliu in.
Tim A than v amateurs defeated the
CotUrove.LaiicCountr. Slate of Oregon,! ,h'Mri,l lmm' ba?eball
: team Wednesday, the score ot to I.
To E. e.
March 26.
Gann as administrator of the citate t '
Conductor G. E. Blew and wife, of
thia city, left Saturday for Meadows,
Idaho, on a business visit. They will
be joined at Portland by their son,
J. V. Sjwlding of Drain was vin this
city Saturday, a delegate to the republi
can convention. Dnrinc his stay here
he was tho guest of his daughter, Miss
Laura Spalding, of the 1'lai.ndbaler
of D. B. Colton. deceased, ana mare. i.r.
eon, Mrs. Clark J.TUdel.Mi'5 Carrie E. Mason.
Miss May Masnn. Eras tus Colton, Ben T. Gnnn,
. and E.C.Gunn. heirs at law of said D.B Co:
on. deceaeed, and to all other persons claira-
ine any right, title or interest, either in law
.01 equity in or to the mining claim herein-.-
after dcribed, as heirs of the said D.B. Col
i ton. deceancd or otherwise:
You and each of you are hereby notified, that
"I. the nndcisigaed, have expended money and
! performed liber and woi k to the amount of
.lOneliundrea Dollars, upon the "Homer" lode
mining Ciaim, situated in the Bohemia Minlnc
District, In the County ol Douglas, btate oi
That the money so expended and the lahor
nmed was performed and expmded on
xireen the 1st day of September ana me
rt September A. It. 1X3, in order to
premises under the provisions oi
" ol the Revised Statutes of lh5
ftJof the State of Oregon.
l jMjUlrea to noiu me rnmc
JJo-ember si, iva.
vn ,ild claim was per-.
tsM en. uurry lorauu
The Weidemans have leen winning a
number of games in California lately
and thia is their second defeat in eleven
The rehearing of protests in the Reed
Smoot cae will liegin m washing-
ton April 12th, when several prominent
Mormon church men will be put upon
I the witness stand.
Walter Faulkner, an agent of the New
York Life Insurance Co.. is visiting his
parents, in this city. Mr. Fanlkner is
on Lis way to Los Angeles, to attend the
invention of Pacific Coast aeent? of!
the N. Y. Life who have written 1 100,000
or more insurance during 1903.
Today C. B. Cannon generously in
vited the Plu.vdkai er force to pattake
of a refreshing drink of soda, this being
his fountain opening day. Coca-Cola
was the prevailing drink because it looks
roost like Bock.
Our spring line of carpets has arrived,
and ws are prepared to fit np your hou.e
in the latest designs and colorings. Call
and examine for yourself. B W. "Strong
the Furniture man.
and be
30th day
hold said
Section 2
United States i
being the amou.
for the year endii
That said wort
formed by Edd. Jents
Win. Landon. who for the past year
has been employed with the J. G. Flook
Co., in this city, left. Saturday evening,
for Eujene, to enter the employ of a
planing mill company at that place.
Mr. Landon will be a loss to our orches
tra, as since his residence here he has
been arting as trap drummer for that
An Immense line of Morris Chairs and
Rockers just received at Strong's Furni
ture tore; also a full line of all kinds
of Furniture at reasonable prices. Call
and see for yourself. 'J9- f
Ex-Secretarv of the Navy John D.
Ixng will serve as president of the new
$3,000,000 trade school in Boston made
possible by the will of the late Arioch
entwortu. according to uu announce
ment made here.
Tlte Batt'e .V. Sitem
Hinger llenracr. wi'i lj renominated
h r CMgri i-s edne-Uy in ttie
Ri ti Mil-art L'oiiver.lH-u of the First Re
preventative lMtnt lit ?alew. J.,N.
W illuniM.n w dl jo ren'nuaalI on the
..... 1.: -.';...
s uietiay in tnc i.- puw-n-an ijwsutiiMu i
of the eeond Ii--trii-i l Portland.
ezvs llw Orog.iai!.
Hennann has- coo-i-tely tmtd hif
rival by cajitnriii Joephlne, athliig-
toii and Yamhill Coi!iihw. Hn which
Harris placed cJi:t1lt reJiaiMre Uer-
mann'e tte in me umvmion win wii-
number llarrir U" nearly to to one.
?.;K"ly was olim'ii Unl yeterlay by
the victory of Wi li m-on in theconven-
tifii ff Raker and Unntilla. Tliore
coun'ied aw the mot wtent in Eastern
Ort con and i-ince M tly's only chance
of winning ttw mir-a'Kn lay in his
cnntrolling ne thcai his defeat there
removes hiiu fioin the contest. As the
rra;ntiv now t.unl. Hli.irosU lend
hi? opponteot in Eastern tjregon ly per
mvs hnlf a i'.ohjii votes.
Th? Fair Koute
Via Chicago or New Orleans t Ht.
Ijouis, j the one that gives yott the n. st
fur votir itKfnev. .n.d the fact that the
ILLINOIS CENTRAL offers cxsvk-
imsskd ,sfctvK-it via the points to the
tioa to all oinU beyond, make i. to
yoor advantage, in cafe yon contemplate
a trip to miy Mntdet, to rite us be
fore making tiual anaageuent.
We can oifer the clioice of at lej-t a
doaen different routes.
li. H. Tbcmbvix.
Commercial Aent,
2 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. LindMry. T. F. A P. A.,
H2 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. B. Tlwmpsoa F. A P. A ,
Room 1, Col ma u Bldg., Seattle. Ua-h.
Axminster Velvet
- and Tapestry
Full line of Ingrains
Both Wool and Cotton
i e
Sheriff's Sale.
We are showing a fine line of Lace Curtains
which have jusf arrived.
Fiftv pairs of Portiers in the latest designs
and colorings.
We carr? from 500 to 1000 Window Shades In
I stock including the celebrated Henry W. Green shade,
the best tnat monev can buv.
J. C. Stratford, the Pnotographer.
who was here two or three yeari ago,
ami of whore ability most of yon know.
has returned and will be ready for biu-i
nosa in about a week. See hii anouuee
tnents laetr
, J Jays JronTthe er- . . :IJgt refeive,l r(M rollers for the
W if lieShenHcrT ii; 1,1 fnr hrid and
r ervi. of thi : 1'"' i " ' "" V, . . ...
r rfn! to con- crown woi k, ami as 1 use rniunui; uui
at the expense ol the u.
And If within Ninety O
vice of this Notice npon yo
within Ninety (90) days alt
notice nypnoiicauoujouiai. , fr clHa om !iuredof t-
VJ fif.'ia wji- j-.hilitv. Those deSirni"
s.,, .,.' dental work will
I'arties oui
"I have nfed Chaiiiberlain'a Stomach
and Liver Tablets with most Fatisfactory
results," !ays .Mra. F. L. Phelps, Hous
ton, Texas. For indigestion, billious
ness and constipation" tlae tablets are
most excellent. Sold by A. C. Marstere
tribute lve proportion of fcnche
nuirner. vonr interet in the i-a.
become tbe property of the undersi
Huascct. .uurc ,e,
contribute taid p-oportion of said exp. !
ruiiv env vl. , aSJ
this class of
do well to consult
of the ii!y may be
( assured of prompt attention by making
Free Lectures.
engagement by mail. Dr. Pearson, D
A dancing party was given on Wed
nesday evening at Clemens hall, in
honor of Datlef Eismana, who left on
Thursday morning for Roseburg. There
were 30 young people present and they
report a splendid time. Grants Pass
In Weft K&Miburg on Tuoday evening
the 12th, Elder Sonle, will reply to Rev.
Gamble's Sabbath discourse!. He-ex-peelH
to show that .Mr. Gamole ha
taught tontrary to the constitution of
the United Males contrary to the Hible,
and has contradicted himself alro.
is- hik cihcuit omr ok the .t.ue !
()!c llnton. I !
ruiniiff. t j
Vf. I
Ky Fibr atl J-
rnh R Amlermtt j !
and O. f-ann-r. I
IV)-ni.:.l: J
N rlrv ' I- ln 'h ttv " l i
rl t;i. n - lwl rn!'l .:'. ! i -
t - u v. .i i u " - j'.-- : . I
d .! M '.:. '9 l " iU''"?l :-.
lccr duly rewl-rwl ail ctilefd ia Id I
cvtt. on the 15th tUr of lannary. WI. by I
eeMwttre uv rieso in i w w w ;
liaBird itllllT. and 1dC tbe aUire uto.d ;
rtrtewU-.t and clnl tbe hrnal!er bmo
Uont and tecrtticd mortcue prn rty Mr !
be tim ot 1MJ ll intr-l inrrn t .e .
. . c . ... ..... .Mm.m (.am iIm rnI ila r .
is i-reparel to wa;t np-jn o!i'
and newenstomersand frieni'
witli a full and complete
itock of
All frefh and of tlie very Ihjii
qualitv. Teas ;iad coffeet ar
specialtiee Yonr patronage
j 205 Jackson St.
L 1 i
-v i e 3. T X.
Of nwrv de--rivtioii. Farms and Min-
rnt- 01 6 reut wr annum from thesifi y : eral Ijinda. Oregon,-W ashington
of Of(T, igto. ana iswianwrr Him n itw; ...
Rev. S. W. Gamble, D. D., will lec
ture in the Presbyterian church Satur
day evening at eight o'clock on "'The
Christian Sabbath." The churches will
nnite in a union meeting Sunday even
ing at the Methodist church when Dr.
Gamble will also lecture.
Uev. Dr. Gamble has a national repu-
'tation as the champion of the Christian
.Sabbath in all its aspects, and is. worthy
a hearing.
"Pan" Jatnieson of Portland, one of
t he pioneer railroad conductors of the
ttt, was in Albany yesterday morning
goin lo llobeuur 0,1 t,,e no" ,ral"'
The Oteran '8 "'"S0'11 antl somewhat
feeble Vut 1,0 tiU e"j.V9 a iannt 011 t,iu
cars, and .deli8bta to T.s.t will, ne
I i.5i.f nf T he punch who are doing the
- , , T,.,S.
work he laid " -KU'
snows of many inters are resting on
his head, he bears ."imse.i i.e u
ln1g time uieujuv mo,
Rev. F. H. Ncff. ofl'. It. Church,
will preach at the ISoggess School house,
Deer Creek, Friday night April 15, also
Saturday night April 16, will hold
Quarterly meeting Sunday, April 17, at
Pine Grove church. Services at 11 a.
m and 2:30 p.m. Basket Dinner. All
I-ast night some mi"creanls entered
the butcher shop of Geo. Kohla-en b.
cutting the wire screen in front and
made way with tcveral hami and a t-umll
amount of change, which was in the
cash register. The otlico saloon was
also entered and the slot machine btok-
11 open and two uouies 01 ivewtgi:
hiskey stolen. Knteranco was gained
to the saloon throuji the side window
on Washington street.
. Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to see us before you
Kruse & Newland.
eell your mohair,
.a 11
lino O
Yi iiw 110a jt- ' . ., 11 1 "
and he does thoroughly enjoy u. w GMima jJaiuy, because the best
nv Hrald retail milk delivered in bottles.
Probate Orders.
Resignation of J. J. Brown, trustee of
$10,000 for Sarah Emily Hoed.wiuott
and legatee of J. C. Floed, sr., deceased,
accepted and said trustee and his lwnds
men released from any further liability.
John W. Cowan, admr. of estate of
Caroline Cowan, deceased, authorized
to sell at private sale, personal proper
ty of said -estate.
Serious Stomach Trouble Cured.
I was troubled with a distress in my
mmflch. sour stomach and vomiting
dl. and can truthfully say that
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
1 n il7Wl fill Mrs. T. V. Williams,
Lainsburg, Mich. Thete tablets arc
ranteed to cureevery case oisiomacn
Remember that it is nualily, not
quantitv, that we strive for in furnish
ing our city trade, therefore you will
always get the cheapest milk of tho
: . . x.rQ.-t I specialties are cream, mine ami uuiter-
Mariofi Hanks entered vnn ... c(f mn
. -.i. .1. . ei.m,rt 1 ana uom- .
"!!?:: wfflT acre ranch, 'phone to the Creamery,
. 1 it u'lfimnth lake, fori
locaieu ow vjyi ...Vmrt
which, if taken, he ia to receive JU.OJ'J.
l.nt.u iood for three
I IIK CUIl kl allrtf r
years, with interest at the rate ot o per
urn 10 do j"" """"""
. 1 . . r .t. ,, ,.Ti t vpftr.
commencing JUiy 1 01 niu j -
ti.o lnn,t is on the lake ami river front,
and being on the site of the head 01 mo
..,ont nrnitnsral canal, it is consiuerci
more valuable for that than for other
purposes. Klamath Falls Lxpresa.
trouble of this character.
A. C. Marsters & Co.
For tale by
Tbe democratic primaries weic held
throughout this county, last Famrday:
next Saturday the delegates meet 111
this city and go through the formality
of naming a ticket. From now on we
, "erind." "Harmony
Will Utitl . ,
in the Democratic Convention.
i.i i,oo.tlini ia now almost
o7t and we ,hou.d look for something
Pcor, old "Pap" Morrow, manager of
the ".Micks," islall sorrow and tears,
not because he has doubt of harvi g a
winning aggregation, but because he
really believes that bad luck will follow
him for seasons to come. "Talk aliout
vonr luck." .moth "Pap;" that French-
J ' ' 1 -:..
man at Kugcne lias it over me iour
blocks for luck. Room 13 isn't ir. it ior
al.nt. I have had happen to mo already
this season,
out to tho ball grounds,
Tho Allen mine on Roguo river, near
the Almeda mine, a copper gold proper
ty, has been Fold for 7ii0,000. II118 is
the greatest mining deal evor consunv
mated in Orenon. Bnt many more are
to follow. The mining interests of this
state are attracting attention, and in tho
rourse of time Oreuon will bo tho chief
mining state of tho Union. Thia ia say
intr a iood deal, but tho resources are
- c?
here to make good the prediction. Sa'
lem Statesman.
It is hardly an exaggeration to say
that the Koreans are the laziest people
on earth. All day long they lie nbont
the Ftreets smoking their gigantic pipes.
unlive pipe is a six foot length of I
bmlw) with a metal bowl, and is car
ried tucked into the neckband anil down
the trousers leg. All work of very Near
ly every kind is done by the wom
en, who occupy perhaps the most de
graded positions held by the sex of any
nation. The unfortunate female popu
lation is collectively a beast of harden
and denied even the most elementary
ognition aB human beings. A Ko-
roan girl lias no name, one is merely
known as "daughter of So-and-so," her
Congress granted to tho St. Lou'ib Ex
hibition the sum of $5,000,000 outright.
nnd the further sum of f 1,000,000 as a
nominaLloan, that probably not one
tnf'tnlM-r exneets to bo repaid. In all
f'J.COO.OOO. The Lewis and Clark exhi
bition at Portland next year gets a total
congressional grant of $700,00i :iid is
11 ... . I -....1 ... t ,1 ...(nr..l TliA fiwmualltV
1 o,-;q,I a innlcini'.f? ass expecieu w icui uitwjiui. ;
uoftlr. with Iiowever, ia 100 cuiisijiuiuus uuu
. I - Tf -a-l.: f .itt.wl
, n.onin,f it no in tho any KreiK manuesiunuu ui K'""u"u'
. 1 , i...n 1 ant t.lmra I fool-1 Standing alone, 700,000 might boos
Slid it on a bench and afterwards teemed a generous enough grant; but,
y.. n,b over and broke it in- if so, then the huge sum voted so the St
",,,r,,i,H....B. Talk about luck. Louis exhibition is without justification
,ua"' ... !..:.. o,...r. Mnnv members in both Howies nro
Tii-.t hns raKir i iuii"ub t,vi 1 J . ,
l eof lat seaton looking like tl,Irt, "lmed
' 1 niey voieu ior it. rui wnum xuuu.iu
attorney ifi. with lftni mreon -r
cnt tT annum fnm tbe 1Mb dav 01 lan
mrr. 19)1 anlMr the lortlr turn tl b.'l
ttnif bimI iHflnpmnt
Now will Sttirday, 'Nf WU
.1.. ..r i...! toni- at niH r. rlArE t. m
H.r .1 th- Court llollv ftnt door. I
nn ... hc hlcht bdilr for fath in b-.d. all
the riiht. title a-id tntwi whlcb xM dtlaJ
ant hd on 'hesthday f Mt Wii. or at :iv
time lbervftrti or 10 lb.- lollo Hue dtfCHbwl
pr'-nilM-s. to wit.
.lh Et bill of Nortbrail lr'"" '
Et bH of .Srti h' i 'jnaiUv o. c.-. Tp . ,
S.. K. Ht.W. M rwiKU eotmty. ro-
eODtatnlu? 1 0 fre more mi le. an-anlm U
te U. erumrnt sn-vey. tmelber l'h the
tenement. hrdltn'-i t '.d apparlvnan x i
;hrw::ttc IMnelt. -r In any wfe .rtx-rtaln- ,
-r-d of Itieli Mtio
rt t fiepaTii.nt'teet.aniiitMir.e-
And Other Beautiful Flowers
Send Postal Card
for 1904 Catalog
inc. ami lil Ht' th. t.i
mrnl) of ld Ie ami of this (lilt. lnrlulllii:
----..' r..a. tt lit tiirmiintnf lh slim
o( IW.00. due .l.n'li(T llh int-nn' IhefWH at ( q ptp XI D HII HRFCDN
the rate of C inr cent per annnm froai the 2ind KUn I LrtnU, UtVUVlUIl
lar ol Ottubi-r. 1. anil tiw orer 11
.'. . .. . . . .1 .. I W . . '
llhcn-bc, pay to the Her of the t-o-tri. t
uy orncr 01 Faitt i.outb m v
tlirete'l and deMvorvd. cttniunil nc me to
wll 5aid attre ilrcrihe.l rel lnrerty I't tbe
manner irntfdrtl by law.
Date of first publication, March l(Hh, fl
Sheriff Dour m t'ounly. oiegon
MlTRPIIV At the home of his father,
Patrick Murphy, in Coles Valley,
Anril 5. 1904. Michael Murphy of
pheunomia. Ago about 20 years.
Funeral was held at Coles Valley
cemetery Thursday, April 7lh.
Notice for Publication.
V. 3. Land Office. R.wvinrs. rc .
March 2, 1M.
Notice 11 hareby Ban that In coropllanca
1th the proTisloni of the act of Consre't of
June 3, )S7S, entitled "An act for tbe aie 01
timber land! in the Statst or 1-auiomia.urecon
Nevada .and Waihlni;ton Territory." aaexlend
d to all tha public land Matet by act of Auguit
i, itoi.
Nora Knhlhaf en
of HoK'bunr.counlv of Douglas. tate ot Ore
gon, has this day tiled in th'j office her nvorn
rUlcaieiit oun ior ine ptirene 01 toe iota
4. northwt quarter ol trie i-ouinwesi ottariei
of nectlon IS, tiTniii3(' fotith. ranee . w.-st
I will offer proof toihow that thltfnd aought
la more valuable for iu timber or atone than
for agricultural nurnopca. and to tstabllah hli
claim before the KeKlaler and Iloceltor of thia
olllca of Koaabnrr.OreKon.
oil Tliva lay, tit HM day " May, 1901. She
uamen at witness: rjivvaril 11 lienox, hcotku
U'li x, rf Itenm il Ko clitinr. UreRu'
llallrlnet-r. f Hrorkwav. On-C'in.
Anv and all iK-rMinn clalmlnt ntlirerv
above des'-ribed Uii'U arc ruqiieateit to file
their claims In this office on or bdore saia aisi
day ofMay l'."0l.
J. 1. tlfliutiit:., K.iKiur.
RUSSELL. At Canyonvillo, Oregon
April 3, 1001, .1. B. Russell, aged 83
Tho deceased was Iwrn in Hast Ten
nessee, Feb. 21, 1821. His purenlH
moved to Illinois when ho was three
years of ago. Ho crossed tho plains to
California ir. 1852, where ho resided un
til last Juno, when ho camo to Canyon
villa. Since then ho has resided thcro
with hia daughter. Mrs. Eveline. Cowan
Ho was a membor of tho M. E. church
South, for over 40 years and was noted
for his Christian character. Tho funer
nl was held on Monday, April 4h, witl
servites conducted by Elder W. II
Heard. Intermuut followed in the I. 0
0. If. cemetery at Canyonvillo.
bock oeer
Now on Tap Aii
Around Town
When the Mists have Cleared Away
You will want to make quick work with your
garden. We carry the fiuest Hue of the cel
ebrated Planet Jr. Tools in the couuty. Send
for catalogue, or better, call aud seethem.
Roseburg ; Brewing
' k Ice Co.
Title (juarantee&Ldan Co
I. i). llVKILTOa,
O. ltAKlltON.
,eoy. nud Treat
Notice For Publication
Itnltol Htalcs Ijtnil Uillce.
ItoscburK, Orecoa, Kchruary J, 1901.
Notice li hereby gtren that in comrltanca
with the iiroflalona of the act of Conitreaa ot
June 3, ).. entitled "An act for the aale of
timber lancla In the Stateaof California. Oregon
Nevada, and WaahlnRton Territory ."a'extend
d to all the publlo land atalet by act ot Augutl
, lSV-i.
of Hof.cbiirir. Cdiinty 111 llotiRla. State of Ore
emu, basthUdav tliciltn Ihls.olUre bin sworn
itaienicut No. KIW. for the purcha-c of the
.NEof sect on 8. tonraihlpasa, ranse wesv
and will oiler
IB mure vaiuauie lur iin miiutji w iwim .un. i t
&.! 1 waptoltolTraotaP. ot all towt
n Thnrl.. 111.. Mil, lliV Of AllT I. 1901. 11 ll. -
.... ..... ..... 1 - '.v.:'. i tr i hln.
names an wimossoa; iininto nmu, . -h- i -
Stiulley. MarKarct J. Urookos, I) r. Kifhcr, all
of KmcburK, Oregon.
Any and all pireons clalmluR advcrnely the
abovodcscrlled lands are rcnneated to lllo tboli
clalm In thU office on or beloru tho HlU day ol
Aj-rll, 1001. J, T. DR1DHKS, '
llave the on1 j oo a
r pril that'theland M t TlX tZmXI
aL e for tta tlmU r or ilone th AX wuaty Unit and ralninK claim.. Htc
Mohair Wanted.
It will pay you to ace ua beford you
sell your mohair
a 11 Kruso & Newland.
H. Little,
A Direct Line Notice.
j N'ow'a the time, sehct what you wish,
' and we will ship when ready. Rico &
to Chicago and all points east; Louis- i njee, the House Furnishers, will be at
ville, Memphis, New Orleans, and all j tho followim: places the following datwi
y)ints south. Mvrtle Creek. April 3, 1, 5; Riddle, 6,
7; Canyonville- S, 0, 10;,
12, IS. Swell line of Carpets, Wall Pa
pers, Shades, Couehes, Stoves and
Seo our samples and get our prices.
25-U I'r M. F. Rick.
See that your tioket reads via the. IL
LINOIS C12NTRAL R. R. Thoroughly,
modern trains connect with all trans
continental lined at St. Paul and Oma
If your friends are coming" west let us
know and we will quote them direct the
specially low rates now In effect from
nil eastern points.
Any information its to rates.
Excursion Rates.
Commencing' March 1, 1004 at d con
tinuing daily to and including April SO,
routes, ! jjoi colouists tickets will be on sale from
etc., cheerfully given on apblication,.
Commercial Agent,
' 14) Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. j. 'Lindsay,
T. F. & 1 A.,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
P. 15. Thompson,
F. & P. A., ' -Room
1, Colman Bldg., Soattlo,
Wash. ' Sit.
the East to points on Orogou lines ria
Portland, rates from some of the princi
pal points as, follows: $33 from Chicago,
ill ; $31 from Peoria, 111 ; f30 from St.
Louis, Mo; $25 from Missouri River
Points, Omaha and Council Bluffs to
Kansas City inclusive; $20.90 to Sioux
City, stop overs not to exceed 10 days at
one point will be allowed between Port
hind and destination of tioket on Oregoa
nes. 19 ti