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Roseburg Plaindealer
Published Mondays and Thundays.
H.H. BROOKES, Editor.
MARY K. BROOKES, Proprietor
Entered at the Poet Office in RoBoburp,
Ore., as eecond class mail matter.
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates on Application.
The Editor ot the Plaindealer has 110 inten
tion of making a false statement reflecting upon
the life or character of any person, officially or
otherwise and any statement published in these
columns will be cheerfully corrected if erroneous
and brought to our attention by the aggrieved
party or parties. Our intention is that every
article published of a personal or political
official natare shall be news matter of general
interest and for the welfare of the State at
APRIL 7, 1904.
Call for
Primary and
Pereuantto a call of chairman, the
Republican County Central Committee
met at Roseburg on March 12, 1004, and
Bet the 2nd day of April for the holding
of the primary elections and the Bth day
of April at 10 a. m. for the convening of
the County convention at the court
house in the city of Roseburg and pro
portioned the representation at one del-
egate at large and one delegate for every
teen votes or major portion thereof
cast for R. T. Bean candidate for su
preme judge on June 2nd, 1902, and
make the following suggestions that all
worthy to be sacrificed.
The reason assigned for the Cham
berlain boom is that the plans of Mr.
Hearsfs friends contemplate the
placing of too much power in the
California man. Oregon is the first
state to take action as regards his
Presidential fortune, and after this
state is captured, it is intended to
move on Washington, Idaho, Mon
tana and other Northwest states. If
success attends the efforts of Mr.
Hearst in all these, say those which
are unfriendly to him, he will have
placed at his back the intact North
west delegations to trade or do as he
It has been suggested by some who
have watched the meteoric political
career of the man of many papers.
that be is really not a bona fide can
didate for the Presidency, but rather
that he desires on the other
hand to encompass a mighty political
following that his range of influence
may be stronger. This being the
case, say those who oppose Hearst,
what is to prevent him from voting
or trading his instructed delegates
in accord with any political deal
which he may see fit to make?
Hearst,"say the same people, i3
Russian Writer Says Sllertnan TflCtlcs
Will not Work In Present War
St. Peteksmikg, April 0 An otti-
cial report has been received from
General Kuropatkin and issued by the
war department, which gives the de
tails of another conflict between the
Japanese and Russians near Wiju.
Kuropatkin stales that news of
the fight came from General Kash
talinski, who is stationed near Turen
chen Island, off Matturza, not far
from Wiju. Tho Russians were the
aggressors, the volunteers making an
Kuropatkin says the Japanese had
five officers killed and many soldiers
wounded. The Russians had several
men wounded, but none killed.
Reports have been received here
that the Japanese are waging a cam
paign of war in earnest in the out
lying provinces and have totaly de
vasted Yongampo, a Russian settle
ment, and laid waste the surround
ing land, leaving it so barren that
neither friend nor foe could sub
sist without carrying full lines of supplies.
One writer in commenting on this
young man, with his future before in a local newspaper says: "The Jap-
. . ... - . i -
him, and it is extremely doubtful anese will find that the emulation of
whether he has laid his plans to be- the American. General Sherman's
come the choice of the St. Louis con- m.-iroh to t.h si.i. will in this ho
eo far as practicable, and each precinct son SUCn a state of preparation that she
select a Central committeemen. The there is, they say, every rea- will in no wise depend on foraging to
various precincts are entitled to the fol- son why he might desire to become a nrovide food for man or beast"
.. . .... i . f
lowing nuuiDer ot delegates: powerful factor in that convention. A nrnel.imjiHnn rin boon In
Deer Creek io iMVoi" s There fa n0 reason wh? he sbould not Sibera prohibiting the holding of all
is" footless and iMkes overy effort to
Cbhvict mon charged with crime and
his work is appreciated by all law
respecting poople. Myrtle Point En
terprise. A correspondent from Grants Pass
telephoned this afternoon that State
Senator Hooth had carried Josephine
county in the convention held today.
That tho seven delegates elected woro
for himjor joint senator for Lane,
Douglas and Josephine counties. liano
has 19 votes, Douglas 14 and Jose
phino 7. If he carries 14 of tho
Lane county votes ho will bo nomi
nated without tho help of Douglas,
and Douglas county must secure 7
votes from Lane to defeat him.
The largest searchlight in tho
world has just been completed and
tested at an electric plant in
Schenectady, N. Y. The machine
weighs seven thousand pounds, is of
5,250,000 candle power, and projects
a beam of light soven feet in diame
ter. It is said it will bo used for ad
vertising purposes at tho Louisana
Purchase Exposition.
India is a slartlingly illiterate
country. Out of a total of 140,496,
135 women only 543,495 are able to
read and write, and only 197.GG2 are
under instruction. The total number
of illiterates recorded is 24G.546.17G
leaving 47,S14,1S0 of both sexes un
accounted for, but of these only 12,-
09 1, o30 are returned as able to read
and write. Only 3,195,220 are under
Special Saturday Surprise Sale Staple Supplies
sr p' L 11 Slve our first Surprise Sale of Staple
,? mPare he mrf below and see how much
you would save on a Ten Dollar purchaso of every day necessities.
The terms of this sale are such that not more than one lot will
?lSxLT Pers?: examples 4 papers Arm & Hammer sod
ZinSZ moSle than 4 PaP"s will be sold to one
fwL n -n,1118 Catsu for 35 ent n. that 2 bot
tles is all that will be sold to one person at that price.
The Assembly of the Republic
Panama has passed a resolution au
thorizing the sale or charter of the
Umpqua 7 Cow Creek....!! 2 P" to procure such a political fol- public meetings, the'earrying of arms,
West Roseburg. . .12 Coles Valley.. . . 5 lowing through the agency of m- the purchase of ammunition or taking
Joncf a-J lltf 2 structed delegations that he would be any acting tending to raise the prices ' two Government gunboats, since they
Uo Historic 4 Sorttshnrt .'.Inln.nJ : - j. xi I . mt . . . i Q ' " J
.p. - , -1 pu-cu hi pwwuu mi uama me man i oi provision, inis is expected to
vZTn"l -,, n:r" v.:.",""" I for the Presidential nomination. It check the speculators who have been
Myrtle Creek... 7 Bohemia....".... 2 1133 been suggested that there is no reaping profits from the war excite-
Glendale 5 Canyonville 7 reason Hearst should not negotiate I meat,
Olalla. 4 Kellogg 3 with such a Drosoective candidate .is
Civil Bend 4 Davs Crk ?
Wilbur 3 Perdue 4
Millwood 3 Elkton 6
Oakland S.Calapoola 8
K. L. MILLER, Chairman,
J. A. BUCHANAN, Sec'y.
Roseburg, Oregon, April 15, 1904.
Parker, to the effect that Parker
throw his following to Hearst for the
Vice Presidential nomination and
Hearst make him the choice of the
convention for President.
The Portland Telegram says that
A Great Economic Question,
The question of the Protection and
development of our home industries
are now considered unnecessary! has
fixed the salary of the President
$1,500 and $6,000 for'entertainments
and the size of the standing army
including officers, at 250.
E E. Calvin tho new general mans,
ger of the O It & N. and . I. lines in
Oreo i, thrnwh this city yeter
is not one of partv politics, as the ' iU' """ ' P nccom
ji , .i i i . -, paim-l bv Miperintcn lant hiehu an
. . . ,, , , . An'istent lUHnajei Koliler riiis station
innnn i r ni i ill t irrAi t rtiir.Am r . ....
local democrats fear the possible 19 11 ' io-iqiwrte o
. , K question, and we see what wonderful . the -l tch m .fl whili will be mow.
- - - " 'effects it has brou-rht about in thU ' i mi .wi -n i, thU nNeiutu the
when it is too late to remedv the sic- . . , , . .i ,k . .i.......
tt H..J..3 n. n, - - . - country, anu aiso in liermanv. mm uuimm
Tru,,mUtol!aj mch possi. - - !Mr.K.J.ler3lae,l1h,ttheWWroom
bilitv. an effort will be made to havp L, , , . . .. fa . : bre is !?. inuiicient ami it
didate for the office of treasurer of- , nnn jjot: . .pngiana to change the economic i ,)robab!e iita ne- ro-m. will i btrilt
Douglas county, subject to the nomi- U a r,i; . meones ot mat country, which theyjThehoawat prwentuwla lsheJ
nation of the Rennnlic-in mrtv . it th n--. (n..t nave run aiong rree-iraue lines tori"'" - up ior uw wnoii Wnth
A r j i rresiueuu in ui;4ce oi nearsL il is i . . . ... .. .
County convention on April 9, 1904. hoDed in t;on to vpnt Mn I s oecaaes -i he lxu,s.ana Planterj'
. . I x ' J t innrl Stirrnr Mnnnffinf nr..r 1 i et.t --,. . .
y- y . . , TT , , . I I rill uuu I liC 1 L.
uicguua uouua lj uciiai tu place
Being authorized, we hereby an
nounce that George M. Brown is a
candidate for re-election to the office
of Circuit" Attorney of this district,
subject to the approval of the repub
lican nominating convention.
Chamberlain in such g position that
with his delegation instructed for
him, he may be able to negotiate
Make War on Worn-
Bertha Van Gilder, one of a num-
f o j,i i,i n, ber of girls employed as pressfeeders
UUIU Ul Ck V1A1 bJ A Ik 11 11 btJC I 1LC I . I i .
fresmency, proviaing the National - f,. tho order. Ui the nrelin.InariM h.d
The lUtlilione Sisters, the ladies aultli
ary of the Kni.-hl-: of Pythias, of Seat
tie, were badly lis:ip-iititcil when thev
cot ready latt Sntunljy night to initiate
Mr. Booth, present state senator,
at the head of a large lumbering in
teresfc in t.hia Sfat.A l-nmm aa fl, vears
Booth-Kelley Lumber Company, which
convention shall show the least will
ingness that such nomination go to
the Pacific Coast in return for ser
vices rendered in carrying Oregon
for the Gubernatorial Democracy two
in place of striking union men, is the
victim of alleged slugging tactics
employed by the strikers. While on
her way home Miss Van Gilder was
attacked and brutally beaten by men
whom aha iaoirnA ira cf nl-inrrnF.p
. 3 ... ., . n, ! a buralar had broken into the lodeerpom
feeders ' or their sympathizers. She .1 i. r.. 'i . . V ! -
been pnc through with and the actual
"oatridiug" w ready to lw put on
when it was ditcoveml that all the int.
tiatory p-ir;iphernnlia was mi&ins;. A
che search was made, hut it could not
be found Then it was discovered that
all ot the paraphernalia in
American Institute of Mining Engi-
The offer of Andrew Cimpcn'o tx is said to be in a critical condition
Jiaa been and probably wiU continue provide fnnds for a union engineering
Hitcu m ooKumng large buflding as a home for the American
uww oi iimuer lanos. ma orotner Society of Mechanic!
is iteceiver 01 the itoseburg Land
rtrr CI J TV . 1 1 1 1
umc. oenator nooia was one or tne neen American Institute of Electri
Innnwi O i I
ucio auu oenawr -I Enrfneera. and thft Flxoinr
TX.11. 1 I- i- it. TT. -i 1 ni 1 I 0 ' "
xuxa a eircuuu , me uniii states Glub of New York been accepted
oeiia neresiaes m me city 01 m,. Carnerfe has nkrl r.f. thp HJc
-TTi T .... I r
x-ugene, ine county, uregon. At the posaI of the three eflgineer
oeaaiUu ul une legislature ne was fog societies and the club the sum of
au.UUi ux uuo um Hiu wouiu $1,500,000 for that purpose. The
have given him control of most of recipients have provided a siteon
the streams in the State of Oregon, West Thirty-ninth and Fortieth
wnxen would haye been of vast value eets, between Fifth and Sixth
Wnun,ana.wnicn woma nave shut Avenues, on which the erection of a
OUt au competitors. hniMinrr nrnhahW far1 fnr?M in
If ID 1 TTnI I lrrtTTt fnnl- J-UJ- C I .
tudu ceiui- heiffht. will be betmn .Tnlv 1 ThA
Eugene, is a candidate for the Presi- their headonarte in if. and Bi
dency of theSenateatthewimngses- kmdred organizations have made re-
sion oi me legislature. mis was nTiesfq fnr Ju.-nmmn1nn rt0;B
- iUMi,ui, ul uio It Wfli contain four or five auditori-
last regular, as well as the extra ses- nma of different sizes.
sion. The President of the Senate
naa me appointment oi au commit- In minerals, Russia is one of the
tees, which control all Legislation. richest nations in the world. Her
It is also well known and quite mines are still largely undeveloped.
generally discussed, that there is a although they contain lartre ouanti
candidate for Governor now residing ties of gold, silver, iron, copper, plati
m iMigene, or in otner words, that nam, zinc, salt and coal. Iron and
Lane county will have a candidate, coal are found together in Poland and
"iow xui "B"uai" uj- ociuite, i me uoneiz coat pasin. There are
second, for Governor and also a can- also iron mines near Moscow, in Fin
oiaate ior congressman, m the per- land, and in the Ural Mountains. Pie
son of Mr. Harris, who is of the law iron is produced to the amount of 3,-
nrm or woodcock & Mams, who now 000,000 tons a year. In 1899 the
J"! t Li 1 I m I .
are anu nave Deen me attorneys lor nrodne.tionl of stel nmnnnf1 to
theBooth-Kelly Lumber Company. Be- 1,318,000 tons. The coal in Europe- Her nose was:broken and her face pa't of (he initintory cxercieeo
sides these there is in the field. .TndtrA L pwt,0?o i,; a : it pummeled as if struck with brass ' The candidates had to be dismissed
j v alx xkuoou u miu in uuiuuukdi fiiiami' 1 i ......
O. E. Potter of Eugene, presentiudee that are hard to work, and nwi. knuckles, while her body was bruised " ,u' UXerclses !,ut on . njefltely or
r i v. , . I . . -' i. , , , . , , , uuui mure apparatus couiu ue secure
BE REASON why we talk quality
so persistently is no one can af
ford to hide his light under a bushel.
In drugs the most IMPORTANT
POINT is QUALITY and we want to
thoroughly impress upon you that we
that point.
We earnestly solicit your patron
age because we Know we can serve
you in good faith.
Fullerton Richardson
Phone 451 Roseburg, Ore
nf Tinf rnnntv who ?a ranilidafo fr,r i il. - j mnnnnnn a I in Several niacins whern shft hflrl hoon .. . ' ...
j iub uuueo utuuuccu i6.wu.wu tons r " . me Katlioono Matera eslima
-i t n ..i i ... ' i i r i i r -i i -i . .
circuit juage. LKimmunicatea. in Russia is compelled to buv coal e1' uu anna was ingntiuny their rass is about tiOO. The
lacerated, having apparently been "r" working on tlie mysterious caso.
ground under the heel of an assailant. 11 "a? VC" lonml l,"lt ontranco to the
i 1,1.1....-,., .... . i . -
And now comes an announcement. Before the House Committee of &ncn atrocities penetrated m the,,". r ,i. . .
Which if authentic will make political Insular Affairs Secretary Tdft advo- name of labor are a disgrace to the . ,empted to u?o was dropped on the Hoor"
in Russia is compelled
from her neighbors.
n r,n nv:.iAnn i Iraffts tArms r tpn w.iw nf. loaof. fnr I entire laborintr class, and whilo this
V1CUUU OUUCOi UIUIO 11UIVU1UU0 LUtlU I . j ivwum I - ' - i
- .- - - . I -i . . , .. I: .. it. t
It. , Raid that a boom is on in American Tuaffes apnomtea to the 13 iuuiiuiy me nret ume a woman ,
Course of Study.
the State to name Gov. Chamberlain Philippine bench because of the un- nas neen victim, the outrages The course of study in Osteopathy is
as the democratic candidate for Pres- familiar conditions presented and not committed by striking labor unionists, , as thorough as is that of medicine In
ident. It is amusing but of small covered by their home experience. n various occasions, have lost for; i w" more thorough not-
j n 4 liuiiiufrui III"
consequence withal, for it is another Tfae present salaries of $7500 for the the5r 03,186 the sympathy and support
case of the enat on the bull's horn so Chief Justice and $7000 for the As- of all right minded people throughout
far as the national convention is sociates ,he considered inadequate the Union, and justly so, too.
rnncerned. The Democrats have compensation.
hoor. Trnvinir a verv "Rtrfinnnns" rps. . Hon. Geo. M. Brown is a candidate
sion findine a head for their - ticket Great progress has been made com
all along.
stances, graduates of Oatcopathic schools
have none immediately into various
stntes and have passed the medical ex
animations hold by state boardn of
health for tho licensing of physicians.
for re-election to the office of Prose-
Enterintr the campaign mercially in Korea during the past cutmg Attorney of this district. Mr.
practically sure of loss- their quest quarter century under Japanese in- Brown is an official who has made a
- n mt t .. i I 1 X- I. I MT II. J 1 " . I . I . . . . .
has notvbeen for a man who could be nuence. me total commerce m tyuz Iuturu iUf ""eu. c uuoa mu uuty ( oaiinacuon witnont extra cost. It Is
I A- iaa A ml I i. II i: 1 T 7 T 1 . ' n...l 1 1. . . 1.
cnoQofnl hnt. mthpr for thn ono was aDOUt $17,WU,UW. The imports an wmes anu is an aoie prosecutor; cnuoreou ojr mo loading mon
""vvVJ'" " ... - ,,.,., ... n IMamnnln P 1 1
AafaataA wiih mot at the port of Uhemulpo alone iact ne is ciassea as one ot tne. r " -""" P"co.
ion,!, nifnr nA amounted to $1,250,000. ablest prosecutors in the state. He ' "" " : '.
who could be
grace in fact a
Ore , or S. U. Crouch, Oakland, Ujp. ly
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I z
Civil Bend Primary.
On the second day of the fonrtli
month of the fourth year of the rrisn of
Liters, the republican central commit
teeman of Civil Bend precinct, the re
publicans gathered together at the
llrocktray schoolhoute, as tjiev were
wont to d.o, for the purpose of nominat
ing a justice, a constable, electing dele
gates for the county convention and per
forming divers other dntlw which might
como before such a body.
Now, thero seemed to be a division in
the hosts of the republicans and the
leaders of each division were composed
of mighty men of valor who were well
.'killed in the arts of politics.
Behold, there was great excitement
as the time drew near to electing the
lelegates and Io, there was much but
ton-holing of voters. When Egcers, the
committeeman, quieted the uproar of the
multitude they entered the echoolhouse
Now, the two first men to be pitU-d
against each other in the election of tho
delegates were Nichols, the merchant,
and Simmonds, the assessor. The first
ballots were counted and liehold, each
man received the ha too number of votes,
Again, and yet again, even onto the
fourth time, the votes were cast, then
one man did desert Simmondsand Nich
ols was chosen. One man, Thompson,
and Eggers, the committeeman, then
came up and Thompson overthrew
Eggcrs. Next, William, sir-named Bux
ton, was opposed to Johnston, tho
school director, and William was elect
ed. Lastly, came one, Rose, arrayed
against Clayton, the player of wild
Ix-asls, and becanso of his valor Clayton
carried the day.
George, the son of Wixson, was nam
inated for the office of justice, the main-
tainer of peace and dispenser of justice
unto the people. One, Engene, sir-
named Hixeon, was chosen as candidate
for constable
Now, there prevails a vile enstora
among the men of America of chewing
the loaves of a certain plant and ejecting
tbe juice, mixed with saliva, from the
mouth. Many of these republicans had
contracted this habit, and some of them
regarded not tho custom of society nor
cared for the rights of others. Behold.
these put out tneir Bpittie, some one
pint, some two pints, and some even
unto three pints, on the Hoor between
the seats whore tho youth of tha land
were wont to sit from tiie second day of
he week unto the sixth day.
There was one. Brown, instructor of
the young, at the primary, and he bo-
enme very angry and likened those who
put their spittle on tho floor unto
arious unclean beasts and fowls, such
as buazards, swine, geese and democrnts
After tho hosts of republicans left he
poured much water on tho floor and
cleaned out tho effects ot tho primary.
While to doing ho muttered griovons
woma anu jus nunu was lined with
many unkind thoughts toward the
chowers of the weed. Omkqa.
Go After E'm.
"I nm an Oregoniana nd a Portlander
by choice, said J. A. Clcmonson, the
Portland druggist, at Second and Yam-
ill streets, to a Telegram reporter, "but
ust the same I would like to eco San-
rancisco or Seittle stand around meek
ly under the treatment Congress is giv
ing us on the 1005 fuir. If I had
something for political rheumatism I
would send it to tho: Congressmen, fret
of charge;
City Dads in Session.
Tho city council at their Lit
meeunj: tiecidotl that the tre:ts
regular 1
of !i
Kosohtin: nel improving an 1 ii
structed the recorder to give notice to
property owners on th following streets
that it U their intention to have said
streets imrroveil: Kaae, from Douglas
to the sonthern extremity of Kane;
Mill, from Mosher to Burke; Fowler,
from Douglas to Deer Creek, and Doug
las, from Main to the top of the Deer
Creek hill.
Councilman Norman thought that
Pine street should lw included ;a the
list. He etnphasied. the urgent neces
sity of improving the street by decrib
ingthe futile attempt of vehicles to
travel on it, or rather through it, during
a funeral Monday afternoon. But it
was pointed out that last a propo
sition to improve Pine street w.-u de
feated by a remonstrance from the
property owners, so no action on this
thoroughfare was taken.
Tho question of the hill of the Rose
burg Water and Light Co. was brought
up and disoiK-1 hut no final action
was taken. The committee appointed
to investigate tho matter, consisting of
Councilmen K G Micelli, C W Parks and
VV A Burr, reported as follows:
"We, your special committee to whom
was referred the claim of the Roseburg
Watcr & Light Company, would respect
fully report, that after fully examining
this matter, we find that the said Rose
burg Water & Light Co entered into a
contract with the city of Ro eburg on
tho 7th day ot Sept. 1901, by which con
tract they agreed to furnish to the said
city of Roseburg water for ten years
from the date of said contract at the
rate of $35 per month. The said Rose
burg Water & Light Co. has soi l nnd
assigned its interest nnd as far as your
committee is informed made no provi
sions to carry out said contract. We
would therefore recommend that the
City Recorder bo instructed to commu
nicate with the officers of tho said Rose-
burglWaterit Light Company, notify
ing them that this city is willing to pay
a reasonable compensation for the eer-
and Albany Batter Every Day
FRFF (IIOUPQ 2 per cent of the amount of all pnr
I II L L U 1 0 ll LU chases we give onr costomers in coupons
to buy beautifully decorated porcelain dishes.
Successor to J. M. Fletcher
Near the Depot
Private free delivery to all parts of city and suburbs
plained to him that the council had
learned that no nuisance existed there,
and that the newspapers would so state
A complaint that repairs to the side
walk in front of the Fitxhuh property,
on Court street, are needed, was re
ferred to the committee on city im
provements. The owners of the proper
ty had refused to pay any attention to a
previous request to fix the walk, con
tending that the frontage waa not under
the jurisdiction of the city. An opinion
advanced by City Surveyor Fenn sop-j
ported this contention. He stated that
he thought Court street belonged to the
county by virtue of the original deed of
land for a court house, and that the
county had never dedicated the subse
quently converted street to the city.
Marshal Jarvis was granted a few
days lay off upon his own request Hia
position will be filled by I. W. Dent.
Tho city treasurer's report showed a
cash balance on hand of t2,4S9.17(
whereupon the recorder was instructed
to call in $2,500 worth of outstanding
The petition for an extension to con
nect DougbB and Pitxer streets was re
ported upon by tho committee as inad
visnble and failed to pasa
City Surveyor Fenrt was instructed to
establish a grade on upper Cass street,
as petitioned for by property owners de-
siri ous of buildiug sidewalks.
Further time whs granted to the com-
mitteu to hm was referred 'the peti
lion for the rstabliidiincut of a grade on
Mxplu ttreet.
City Trtisarers' Notice.
1 ne loiiowtng saloon bonds woreap-
vicea rendered to the city for lighte.iiug Ped: Johnson and Clark, T. C
BIoviiut, 1 red Poquettc, C. L. Reed, C.
H. Daniels k Co., Clma Harmon, Chad-
doi k and Chuppel, J A. Cochran, Frank
Kennedy, B F. Goudmau (2j, and Wm
Van Uuren.
said city of Roseburg, provided that tho
said company will make good the water
The reiort wna accepted and the mat
ter was then laid on the table.
Tho matter of the new Water and
, wm 1 n . .........
taken up and upon tho ndvico of Conn- i . Vux -
cilman Micelli no action was taken at
this time. Mr. Blakely, n member of
tha now company, was present and
asked that some rato lie agreed upon
m is jatowsu.
, I John Pruschcrii, ' 3 00
B. F. Prtiii-, street work 15 00
Review Pub. Co., printing 5 00
H. C. Slucrnn, Tresis.' sal 16 65
II I l . i at x-
between tho city and his company until , ",r;,,tI3. -a w
n BIllfnMn viiirni. ran lin .iriu-n TM " J. darIS, .linrtlUU 02 60 was aerced that J a bill included an item
tho mayor should call a snecial meeting of for pavirg out t,f his own pocket
.., 1
soon, for that purpose. ; "l' " "oreo H nIcii
Dan Fisher appeared and stated to . "" Iy " own
tho council that he understood 1"K- i ho vxpvnso waa incurred
council had nt a previous meeting de
clared a nuisance existed in his yard.
This, Mr. Fisher denied, and farther
Btated that there had been no complaint
from either neighbors or council nnd
tlmt, in his opinion, the council had
dono him an injustice, aa thero were
no grounds for complaint It was ex-.
several months ugo, but at that time
Marsha! Jaivia uas keeping all money
collected, for impounding animals, owing;
to n mtsunderstundini;. lla has since
turned It nil into tho treasury $15 and
this umount included the $5 mentioned
in tho bill. The item was rolcrred to
the committee on exjv mound accounts.
Notice is hereby given that all parties
holding city warrants endorsed prior to
Aug. 1st, 1902, are requested to present
the same to the city treasurer for pay
ment, as interest will cease thereon after
the date of this notice.
Dated Roseburg-, Ore., Apr. 5, 1904.
H. CSloc h,
City Treasurer.
Homer Davenport, tbe noted Oregon
cartoonist, lectured at tbe Rosabon;
theater last night to a large and appre
ciative audience. Ue waa introduced
by Attorney Geo. M. Brown aa Dara
Houston's friend. Mr. Davenport in.
his lecture is a typical American, telling
his stories and incidents with remarka
ble ease and seriousness. His story of
his meeting with Admiral Dewey and
wife after the drawing of his remarka
ble cartoon, "Lest We Forget," touches
a cord of pity in the heart of tho aver
age American for the censure that noble
warrior received at tha bands of hia
people. Hia sketch ea and caricatures
drawn while on th.electure platform were
true to life. Daring his drawing, and
then only, does Mr. Davenport remove
his hands from hia pockets.
Pugulist Henry Phicka, tho big Hol
lander, wbo came io thU country f jr the
expVesa purpose of whipping champion
Jefferies, waa defeated by Kid McCoy
before the Lenox Athletie Clnb iu
Philadelphia on tho n!$ht ot April 5th.
The contest lasted just one round ami
eighteen seconds, and was then stopped
by the police, Placke being no match for
the kid. Placke weighed 241 lbs. and
McCoy 163 lbs.
In the matrons Silver Medal Elocu
tionary contest at the Baptist Church
last Monday evening, Mrs. I.. Bane
waa awarded the prize. Sfeveral o;hers
participated. The contest and enter
tainment were under tho auspice of
the W. C. T. U. and were well attende d.
"Pap" Jamieaon of Portland an old
time railroader is in tho city the guest
of his son W. U. Jumieson.
For Sale.
Foiir mules, 2 wagons, harness, buiMy,
etc., at Kelly & Banks livery 'stable
&jo J A. Buchanan.
Mohair Wantctf.
It will pay jou to see us before voa
8ellyour mohair.
a 11 Kruse&Ktwiand.