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.try? iW
Boy your spray pumps mid etc., at
u -.
rTYTafelVOaTC Wo have made great reductions in
RtLU U JL Prices of Overcoats, Men's and Boys'
M Clothing, Ladies' Jackets, Shirt
Waists, Skirts and Dress Goods.
If you would take advantage of this Shoes 8tvlish' Wicable and durable:
golden opportunity to purchase first- ,
Ls goods at the very lowest figures. HAH OHM WWIIY ATTENDED TO
The constant use of cathartics causes
constipation. Osteopathy cures it. 13
Pruning shears, saws and a comploto
lino of spray pumps at S. K. Sykes.
Fresh Candies manufactured daily at
Currier's confectionary best inthocity
R. M. Cranfill, of Umpqua Ferry, was
in Roseburg last Friday transacting busi
Fob 8aus Cocker Spaniol pups. En
quire of F. F. Patterson's residence,
Lane St.
The People's Store
One Door South of P. O.
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belie Collins
ood for sale. Leave order with J. F.
Barker. tf
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Bine Prints of Township Maps showing
all vacantLands.
Architect, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Of f ice Fixtures
Office in new Bank Building. 'Phone 415
Fay Ward is confined to his bed with
typhoid fever.
The best thing for nervous troubles or
female diseases is. Osteopathy.
Ralph Prebble has gone to Grants
Pass to accept a position in a bakery.
Dr. H. L. Studley, Osteopathic Physi
cian, tree consultation. Over post-
Attorney-General A. M. Crawford, ar
rived in Roseburg from Salem on Friday
And Other Beautiful Flowers
Send Postal Card
for 1904 Catalog
L. F. Millholen, a Portland drug clerk,
was in Roseburg filing on a timber claim
located near Cottage Grove.
A farewell reception to Rev. S. A.
Douglas and wife is being held at the
Baptist church, this afternoon.
H. Carter came down from Myrtle
Creek last Friday and went to Looking
Glass where he visited with his sister.
Frank E. Alley returned home Sun-
ay morning from a trip to Oregon City,
Salem and Eugene, on land office busi
For Good Pictures and
Fair Prices 60 To
Smith's Sunbeam
Photo Parlors
Corner Pine and Lane Sts.,
Roseburg, - Ore.
Is your property for stfa? If so,
see Frank E. Alley and have the title
examined and secure an abstract of
Investigate, compare. We seek
your business only on the basis of mu
tual snterest. Hardware etc. S. K.
Lost Monday afternoon, possibly
on Jackson street, a pair of steel frame
glasses. Finder please leave at this
office. 1 1
On Saturday afternoon limes Joe T.
Bridges and Alva C. Marsters entertain
ed a party of youug ladies in a most
charming manner. In the front parlor
the decorations -were deep violet and
green. English ivy formed half wreaths
over the doors and windows and broad
bands of violet were carried from the
chandelier to the freize in each corner
of the room. The flowers were number
less bowls of California violets and white
narcissus. In the back parlor the color
were scarlet and green, and were devel
oped in quantities of smilax and bowls
of red carnations augmented by white
bvacinths. The first and most amusing
feature of the afternoon was the draw
ing for husbands. Each guest selected
one from a number of ribbon bands and
drew, being rewarded by finding at the
nf Tipr nd an obiect indicating the line
nf ovnration from which her fate would
come, and artists, musicians, authors,
lawyers, doctors, merchants, gardners,
and numberless others were speedily
allotted. Pit was the game of the after
noon and at the close, Miss Myrtle Filz
water was found to be the most success
ful operator and received a framed water
color study, one of the friar series, and
timmnsnlatibn. a rare cup, went to
Miss Stella Hamilton. The hostesses
were assisted in receiving by Miss Aud
rey Bridges, and in serving by their sons
Masters Ralston Bridges and Lyle Mars-
ters. The cuests of honor were the
teachers of the public schools and were
Misses Parrott, Clark, Cook, Enckson
Thompson, Aitken, Kabat, Aldrich
ctourart. Rvern. Stuart. Hatfield and
Kidder. Other guests included Misse
Rast. Hamilton, Dillard, Wimberly,
vitiiirntpr- Maiden. Gaddis. Jennie and
Kate Buick, Brookes, Willis, Josephson
Bvrd. Shambrook, Sacry, Parsley,
PWrhford. Barker. Fullerton, Cannon
Stanton, McCoy, Curren, Titeon.
John Doe, Richard Roe, Howard Poe
rti-onm. .w and Wearv Goe, five hoboes,
arrested in the S. P. yards yester
dAv bv Marshal Jarvis and were haled
into Justice J. A. Buchanan's court this
.,nJn. rhurppA with burglary. The
c - - w 1
evidence developed the facts that the
men had boarded a train at Riddle yes
terday and entered the ice compartment
of a car loaded with oranges, some of
which they had been able to get and
devour. District Attorney George M.
ttrown appeared for the state and the
defendants were without counsel. The
court at the suggestion of the State held
l,nt no felonv had been committed
The hoboes plead guilty to the cri:ne of
riA and were sentenced to
,.ntv davs each in the county jail.
TUvro their true names as Will
t, nnhprt Burns. Frank Ed-
wards, Mike Murphy and Fred Sanders,
n.i;0 -Minsnnof Myrtle Creek
. . . 1 1 i...rioitnn Mr. JobnEon is
18 at ino .iitumiiv"
expected tomorrow.
Dr's. Cheadle & Johnson, dentists.
Cheadle & Johnson, dentists.
Of Local Interest.
Don't neglect your health
Phil. G. Rice, of Myrtle Creek, was in
Roseburg Friday.
Those who have
praise it to the skies.
Mrs. A. E. Rogers arid .child visited
relatives at Drain last Saturday and
For Trade Small farms in
Indiana to trade for Orego
H. L. Ball.
Our spraying outfits are suporior to
other kinds, last longer, and are not too
costly. 8. K. Sykes.
We rely on low prices to win trado 011
fair treatment to retain it. S K Sykes,
tho hardware man.
Every price we quote represents tho
best value obtainable for that price, S K
Sykes, stoves and tinware.
Show wisdom by Becking tho store
where reliable goods arc sold as a mut
ter of principle. S K Sykes,' hardware.
Osteopathy is a specific for female dis
eases and nervous troubles.
Judge J. W. Hamilton went to Port
land Friday morning for a few days stay.
Mrs. J. Fremont Barker returned
home from Portland last Friday evening.
See Frank E. Alley for reliable ab
stract of title to your property. Up
stairs over Land Office.
D. C. Pitier, foreman of the William
P. Johnson Lumber Company at Myrtle
Creek, was in Roseburg several days last
John Applegate, tbe'Yoncalla pioneer,
wns in Roseburg Friday looking after
some business in connection with his
real estate interests.
A. Yarrington, of Eugene, was taken
down with lumbago while in Roseburg
and was confined to his room at Hotel
McClallen.- He is recovering.
Blue prints of township maps, fifty
cents each. Filing papers properly
prepared. Frank E. Alley, up stairs,
over Land Office.
District Attorney George M. Brown
went to Drain Saturday on legal busi
ness in connection with the old Anlauf
road trouble. Robert Anlauf, the de
fendant, was dismissed. The case dates
back to 18S4.
Mrs. H. S. Whitney, of Edenbower,
has been very ill with an attack of ap
pendicitis and other complications. D r.
H. L. Studley, the Osteopathic physi
cian, who has been in attendance, re
ports that she is rapidly improving.
In addition to low prices we guaran
tee prompt service and absolute satis
faction. Stoves and tinware S. K.
Editor A.T. Fetter, of the Drain
Nonpareil, was in Roseburg last Satur
day. This office acknowledges a fra
ternal call.
A. Fenton, formerly of Myrllo Creek,
now located at Sodaville, is in Roseburg
today, having been at the former place
on business the past week. Mr. Fenton
has been in poor health but the Soda
ville water has almost completely cured
him of his ailment which was crustation
of the stomach.
See Frank E. Alley for land scrip
Guaranteed perfect, and ready for
aenvery. Lowest market price.
Wo buy right, we sell right; wo namo.
our prices with confidence Implements
and Hardware. S. K. Sykes.
George I). Humes camo down from
Riddle Friday and went to Melrose to
visit with his sister at the home of Sam
H. Russell, his cousin.
Dr. U. L. Sfudley Osteopathic pbyai
dan, Rosebutg office over poet office
At Oakland, Settles Hotel Tuesday,.
Thursday and Saturdays. Consultation
If yon want to sec or purchase the
very best vapor cabinet manufactured,
go to A. C. Marsters & Co. and inspect
the renowned Buckeye. It is warranted
n ever' particular. 7 Mf.
The Plai.vdeaixe office is always pre
pared to turn out on short notice all
kinds of commercial job printing, cards,
receipt books, posters and booklets in
clean- and neat styles. You should get
our prices and see samples if there is
anything in the line you need.
'Assessor G. W. Staley was at Yo il
eal U on business Saturday.
Good potatoes wanted in any quantity.
Address W. A. Sebring, Dillard, Oregon.
Richards A Pringle's Minstrels enter
tained a crowded house at the Roseburg
theatre last Saturday night with a
splendid performance. Their company
is first-class in all the details. Their
musicians are artists, their comedians
the limit of fun makers, while the hoop
controller and other features make it
one of the best shows of its kind on the
road, but above all is the fact that it is
an absolutely clean show. There is
plenty to laugh at but not the. slightest
insinuation. It is indeed the cleanest
show on the road.
Attorney John T. Long returned to
Roseburg this morning from a visit at
Coles Valley.
Hou. A. C. Marsters returned Satur
day from a trip as far south as Ashland.
ealso stopped off at Glenbale and
other point.
A new invoice of premiums has arrived
and will be on exhibition Saturday
morning, Fob. 20 ot 10 o'clck.
2t Fishes & Bellows Co.
Georgo H. Langenberg who went to
Portland from Roseburg recently has
gone by water to San Francisco and will
locate at Tnlare, California.
Remember that it is quality, not
quantity, that wo strrre for in furnish
ing our city trade, therefore you will
always get the cheapest milk of the
Gaddis Dairt, because the best. All
retail milk delivered in bottles. Our
I specialties are cream, milk and butter
milk. If you don't see the wagon
'phone to the Creamery. 14-tf
A. J. Gross, aged about fifty years,
was met op the second trestle north of
Roseburg Thursday afternoon at about
three o'clock by a light engine coming
in to Roseburg and iu climbing out on
the timbers to get out of the way fell off
and was knocked unconscious. The en
gineer, James Wsgonblast, saw him and
stopped the engine within about twelve
feet of him, but Mr. Gross under the ex
citement lost his balance and fell. The
engine men went down and got -him and
brought him to town after which he re
gained consciousness and discovered that
he was not seriously hurt. Mr. Gross is
a resident of Dode Canyon beyond Oak
land. He went to that city on last Fri
day's local.
Mrs. Chas Loomis, of Newport, re
turned bbine last Saturday morning
after visiting with her parents, Mr. and
J. R. Dixon, at Clover Creek.
Hon. A. M. Crawford returned home
to Salem, Sunday. He was accompa
nied by his neice, Miss Stella Hamilton,
who will visit, for two weeks, in Salem.
Lloyd Mynatt, of Central Point, form'
erly of th;s county, was in Drain, Satur
day, where he went with a view to pur
chasing a barbershop. He spent some
time in Roseburg.
A charming social evening wjs enjoy-
ed last Thursday when the Degree of
Honor was entertained by the members
of Rosebure Lodce No. 16, A. O. U. W.
Refreshments were served.
On next Friday evening a necktie
social will be given at Riddle for the
purpose of raising a fund with which to
purchase an organ for the public school
The Riddle Brass band will make its
first public appearance at that time and
furnish the music for the occasion. Pre
ceding the social session a musical and
literary program will be rendered, ex
tensive preparations are being made and
a success is assured.
Mrs. William Schmidt and family,
f ormerlv of the Hotel McClallen, depart
ed Sunday morning for 8an Francisco,
where thev will join the husband and
father. The family may locate in the
John Gilbert, the timber locator, who
was until the past few months located
in the southern part of the county, came
over from Marshfield last Friday, where
he. has been working at tho same busi
D. A. Harris, a farmer who lives about
4& miles east of Salem, has a strange
curiosity in the shape of a freak lamb,
which was born by a ewe upon his place
recently. Tho lamb has eight legs, fully
developed, one head, four ears, two eyes,
two mouths and two tails, but was still
born and the mother will probably die.
This freak is from a Cottswold ewe and
a Rambonlette buck, belonging to Mr.
Harris' flock.
The issue of tho California Fruit
grower of February 20th prints the fol
lowing in regard to the prune market:
It is very difficult at this timo to-be
exact in giving prune quotations as
prices for the different sizes very accord
ing to both buyer and seller, and the
ideas of almost everyone seem to bo a
little different just at this time. The
most desired sines are SOs-OOa and 90-
100s. The inquiry at this time ia ex
tremely small and there are very few
goods moving. Dealers generally are
unable to get more than 2) cents basis.
Occasional sales are reported above this
figure for special sires or. brands. The
Willamette Valley Association has
closed out its holdings of Oregon Italians
on IK cent basis with the exception of
a few 40-60s. The East report tho prune
market as gaining somewhat in strength
and most of the large centers well
cleaned up of stock."
Carl Abraham, the railway mail clerk,
who has been the guest of his wife and
other relatives in Roseburg, returned to
Portland last Saturday to resume his
regular run between Portland and Duns
T. R. Sheridan and Dexter Rice have
gone to Portland on business in connec
tion with the incorporation, ot the new
combined water and light company.
Fred J. Blakelv went to Portland, 8at-
Mrs. John Hunter returned home,
Saturday, from California, where she
and her husband have been spending
some weeks for tho benefit of the latter's
health. Mr. Hunter stopped off at
Grants Paes to attend to sortie business
Another big land elide camo in at
Roberts Hill Saturday morning at about
7 o'clock blocking the track for the pas
sage of trains. A stub train was made
up in Roseburg and backed to the slide,
where the passengers and mail and a
portion of the baggage was transferred.
The steam shovel was Eent out of Ash
land and reached tho sceno at about
4 o'clock in the afternoon. As fast as
the rails were cleared the earth kept
crawling down and has continued to
delay trains until today. Tho road has
been clear since morning.
On Friday evening Miss Regina Rast
entertained a few friends informally as a
farewell to Misses Addio and Ella
Schmidt, who left this morning for their
home in San Francisco. Panic and
flinch formed the chief amusement aug
mented by musical selections. The party
was made up of Misses Elva Wimberly,
FloBsie Shambrook, Echo Gaddis, Bes
sio and Anna Wharton, Velle Barker,
Myrtle Cochran, Lillicr Criteser, Addie
and Ella Schmidt; Messrs. Elmer Wirn
berly, Warren McWilliams, Sam Joueph
son, Lester Bell, Jas. Sawyers, Earl
Gaddia, John Robinson, Milo Atterbury
and Mrs. W. E. Frazer, of Albany.
or a quarter of a century we've
bsea bur t solving shoe problems--
solving t m for man. woman and
child -solving them successfully.
n the selection of our fall shoe
stock we have called to out aid
1 ong and successful experience. Th is a misrhtv satherimr of ail
footwear embodying in an unrivaled
degree of style, comfort, durability
and mo Grateness of price.
We an you to get better ac
quainted with our big shoe depart
ment. If chuck full of attractive
thingsand the prices are attractive,
to .
Hon. J. M. Hansbrough went to Salem
Saturday to attend the funeral of Arthur
Lawrence, the well known travelling
man who died last week.
R. Willis tomorrow afternoon,
regular musical will be giren.
The Mental Culture Club
their meeting at the home of
Lost, in the South Umpqua River,
about Feb. 15, a skiff bearing name
Monhlgan." Notify W. A. Sebring,
Dillard, Oregon, if found, and receive
reward. 2t
" Georgo K. Quine came down from
Riddle Saturday to look after the pur
chasing of a team cf mules to be used in
his freighting business to tho Ban field
Kevens Ledge Mines for which he has
tho contracts.
Delmar Dixon is in from Sforth Ump
qna today.
Henry Dewald
town today.
of Canyouville is in
S. M. Morgan of
burg on business.
Perdue is in Rose-
W. J. Wright of Myrtle Creek is regis
tered at the McClallen.
Mrs Emma Fraxter of Albany is in
Roseburg, the guest of relatives.
H. G. VanDusen, State Fish Warden,
of Astoria, spent last Friday morning in '
W.E.Gray, who has been with the
-Douglas county bank, has gooa to
Grants Pass to remain.
Mrs. Mary Houston, of Junction is the
guest of her daughter Mrs. J. F. Peebler.
She will remain for some time.
F. H. Churchill and wife returned
home last Friday morning from a three
weeks' visit at Portland, Albany and
L. R. Long, of Cottage Grove, has
been the guest of his brother E. P.
Long and family in Roseburg, during
the past few days.
Rev. S. A. Douglas and family leave
this cvenlrig for Oxard, California,
where he goes to accept the pastorate o
the Baptist Church. A farewell recep
Uon is being tendered them this after
noon at the church by the congregation
and other friends.
Indian bead outfits, Indian beads,
looms and instructions at the Store
room of the Sunbeam Photo Parlors,
corner Pine and Lane street.
An order has been made In the pro
bate court appointing David Hughes of
Canvonville guardian of Lillian Harris,
aged six years, daughter of Dr. P. A.
Harris, deceased, and Alice Harns.'hia
widow. The principal property of tho
ward is in a J2000 policy in the A. O. U
W., made in her favor by the father.
When You Have a Cold
Mrs. S. A. Adderton has been ill for
the past eight weeks with rheumatism.
tier son, Bert Adderton, an S. P. train
man, is now down with typhoid fever.
John Matthews, formerly of Melrose,
has located in Portland, with his family,
where the younger members will have
the advantages of the Portland schools
W. A. Sebring, was down from Dillard
Saturday. Mr. Sebring desires to buy a
quantity of good potatoes for sbipmeut,
and will go to the Willamette Valley to
buy first.
The Woman's Home Companion for
March contains 50 pages of good tilings.
Best of all is Mrs. Will H. Low's article
on "French Homo Cooking for American
Households." This is a series invalu
able to American cooks. Other features
are "True Stories of Heroic School-
of Ameri
Wonder of
The first action when you have a cold
should be to relieve the lungs. This is
best accomplished by the free use of
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy. This
remedy liquefies the tough mucus and
cajif es4ts expulsion from the jiir cells
9!. tho lungs, produces a iree expectora
tion, and opens tho secretions. A com
plete cure soon follows. This remedy
Will cure a severe cold in less time than
any other treatment and it leaves the
ayetom in a natural and healthy condi
tion. It counteracts any tendency to
ward pneumonia. For sale by A. 0,
MarrtersA Co.
Teachers," "Colonial Dames
ca," "Wireless Energy, the
the Twentieth Century," '"Tho Coming
War." There aro short stories by Al
bert Bigelow Paine, Joo Lincoln, Robert
O. V. Meyers and Lulu Linton. Of ex
ceptional timeliness is the article on
"Flying-Vlachines," telling of tho groat
contest at the St. Louis Exposition. The
fashion pages anticipating the spring
modes. "Owls" is tbo fascinating sub
ject of Mr. Bay nes' Nature Study arti
cles. Published by The Crowell Pub
lishing Company, Springfield, ' Ohio ;
ono dollar a year; ten cents a copy.
Wood Wanted at the Court House.
Scaled bids to furnish 80 tier of 18 in.
oak wood, 4 to 10 in. in diameter, to bo
delivered at the Court Hou bo in Rose
burg on or before the first day of Nov,
1004, a bond for the faithful performance
of contract must accompany each bid.
Bids opened Friday, March 4, 1904, nt
one o'clock p. m. Tho court reserves
the right to reject nil bids. Bosoburg
Jan. 27, 1004. M. D. Thompson,
J28 County" Judgo;
Men or women local representatives
for a hgh class magazine. Large com
missions. Cash prizes. Write J. N
Trainkb, 80 East Washington Square,
Now York, N. TT. Feb. 22 lin p,
satisfaction without extra coBt. It is
need and endorsed by the leading men
of this county. For circulars and prices
address Stearns & Chenoweth, Oakland
Oro., or S. B. Crouch, Oakland, Ore. ly
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all partici
holding county warrants endorsed prior
to and including July 81, 1901, are re
quested . to present the same at tho
County Treasurer's office for payment as
Interest will cease thereon after tho date
of this not ico.
Dated Roseburg, Douglas County
Oregon, Jan. 28, 1004.
Geo. W. Dimmick,
8-9t . County Treasurer.
X Have You Seen That
We are showing in our window. It is up-to-date.
A full line of Bedroom Suits can oe found on our floork
I If yon need Blankets or Ceaiiris we km item
Afulljfline of Mattresses &mk filows.
One of our Elastic Cotton Felt Mattresses
are" hard to neat.
The Furniture Man
Stag Party.
A car load of large water pipe created
a disturbance in the railroad varda Sat
urday morning, by being dislodged from
the flat and mixing up with a box car.
Tho whole side of tho latter was
Mrs. Dolla- Patterson of Portland
stopped off in Roseburg on her way
homo from Jacksonville, where she has
been attending her mother's bed Eide,
to visit for a few days with her aunt,
airs. 6. Ztgler and familv.
A stag party was given at the home of
Wilbur King Ross Thursday, Feb.
Jo, complimentary to Messrs. Ains-
lte Q.Johnson and Nelse Osmundson.
At S:30 p. m. the guests began to arrive
and in a very short time the parlors were
filled to overflowing with pleasure-seeking
young men.
The games of Flowers, Ping-pong, and
Flinch were indulged in until a lata
hour, when the young men were invited
to the dining room, where sandwiches,
salad, cocoa, wafers, cakes, oranges and
ico cream were served.
After supper, music prevailed until
midnight, when a stag dance and Vir
ginia reel were danced until the wee,
small hours of morning, when the young
gents departed, each surpised to think
they could have such a jolly time with
out the girls.
Those present were: Nelse Osmund-
son, Ainslie Johnson, Milo Atterbury,
George Norman, Elmer Wimberly, Wm
King, Dan C Robbies, Lloyd Miller,
John Ryan, Russell Harness, Dell Stev
ens, Harry E Miller, Robert Forbes,
Roy Sloper, Charles Mosier, George Cul
ver, Thomas Townsend, Lester Bell.
Jonn Townsend, Dolly Bell, John Rob
ertson, Guy Hammitte, Maurice Maid
en, Date Schmidt, ClayteNegley, George
Robinson, Wm govern, Eari Fickle,
Mar Hanan, Wilbur Ross, W J Apple-
Senator Hansbrough of North Dakota
has introduced a bill asthorkisc t&a
Secretary of the Interior to bay fur cask
patented lands ia forest reserves oa
terms to be arranged is iadrnaaal cases
between the Secretary aad tha kad
owner, or authorising the rTrnugn of
such lands for public lasda oetetde ol
the reserves, the liea lands to be of the
same character as the las da ssrreader-
ed. The bill provides that hearafter Be
forest reserve shall be created oa loads
included within any railroad laad gnat.
Plain sewing aad dreesaakac Is egHc
ited by Mrs. Woo tea oa the corset of
Oak and Stepheas a&eets.
A box car arriving from Portland to
day was discovered to have been broken
into and five pair of shoes from a ship
ment to J. Milhken, taken. Sheriff E
L. Parrott and City Marshal Jarvis were
notified and made an investigation. The
location of the robbery cannot be deter
mined and about all that can bo done
will bo to keep a lookout for hoboes
wearing new shoes.
FRUIT HODSON At Glendale. Feb
20, 1904, John .Fruit and Miss Emma
Hodson, Rov. " J. R. Landsborongh,
24, E. S. Addison, of Lorane, Lano
county, and Miss Madge P. Bishop, ol
Oakland, Rev. W. S. Smith, otliciat
GOFF At tho family homo on tho Mc
Williams place, three miles cast of
Rosoburg, Fridny, Feb. 20, 1904, tho
infant daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. K
Goff, aged about ono mouth
Fer Sate.
Seventeen head of fine, registered Aa-
gora goats. If yoa waat to start right.
now is the time. L. A. "Minn 11111
14-tf Cleveland, Orcgea.
j. xi. ttooDs, ot us K 1 ami, came over
Friday evening and spent Saturday in
town on business.
Miners and prospectors are very much
excited over tho reported discovery of
vein of gold and copper twenty-five feet
wide at Bowerman. Gunnison county.
Col., and people from all parts of the
State aro moving to tho now camp.
.Much of tho vein matter, it is said, car
ries SO to 40 per cent copper, and sam
ples from it that have been assayed
showed over $5000 gold to the ton. Bow
erman is easily accessible, being within
fifteen miles of both tho Denver and
Rio Grande aud the Colorado and South
ern railroads.
Seed Corn for Sale.
I have for sale 60 bushels of first-class
seed corn, at fl.GO per bushel.
15-lmo-p J. A. Hewett, Roseburg.
Title Ouarantee&Loan Co
C. Haxuxox.
Smt. aud Treu
COFFIN At Elkton, Fvb. 21, 1001 to
Mr. and Mrs. A, Collin, a son.
OEob la tua Court Hansc lTm th ni, Mn
plcto Mt ot lOwtrect boufc In DourUt Counti
Ab4tracttndi:crtlf!reiw ot TtUa Furnished to
Douglu county tatid nail iclntap rl!m. it...
"a wropteWitstotTraclugj ot til tomuhlp
rrr ,,rrr "TOW. v. a. uiu a va
lot. ill rnjvfot Mae yilttcoples ot aar town
A Direct Uae
to Chicago aad all points east; Leak-
ville, Memphis, New Orleaas, aad all
paints south.
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Any information as to rates, roe tee,
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Commercial Ageat,
142 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lindsey,
TVF.&P. A.,
142 Third St.,-Portlaad, Ore.
P. B. Thompson,
F. & P. A.,
Room 1, Colman BIdg., Seattle,
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Catarrk Canaetke Car
with locax. applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of tho disease. Catarr
is a blood or constitutional disease asd
in order to cure it you mast take inter
nal remidiee. Hall's Catarrh Care k
taken internally, and acta directly oa
the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the best
physicians in this country for yeara'and
is a regular prescription. It is composed
of the best tonics known, eosabiaed with
the beat blood purifiers, acting directly
on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingrefueats I
what produces such wonderful resalls ia
curing Catarrh.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. Chkskt & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75.
Hall's Family Pills are tta bU