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    THE -
Roseburg Plaindcaler
Publlst-.iv Mnt..lajt. and TUur-days.
H. II. BROOKES, Alitor.
MARY K. BROOKES, Proprietor
Eiterodat the Post Office in Roseburg,
Ore., as second elass mail matter
Subscription ?2.00 per Year.
Ativertipiuu Rates on Application.
The Editor of the 1' has iwi inten
ticm of maUins ft false statement rellertln; upon
the life or character of any person, officially or
otherwise and any statement published in these
and brought to our attention by the agRrieved
parly or parties. Our Intention is that every I
article puim&iieu wi n.irui w j. .
offieial natare shall be news matter of general
intccst andor the w,Haro of the state at
The series of articles on public and
private morality which the Plain-
dealer has been publishing is bear-
iug fruit and meeting with the hearty
snnnnrf. .ind rnmmpnd.iHon of demo-
crats as well as republicans, and so
great was the demand for papers last
Thursday and Saturday that we could
not supply the numbers asked for.
We are glad to know that there are and those who voted for the bill be
scores of good men in Roseburg and lieved that $300 was exempt from
Douglas county who say that they
desire a change: and we hear that a
non-political, civic federation has
been organized for the enforcement
of law and the inculcation of a high-
er state of public and private morali-
tv. Such an organization should
o I
meet with the hearty support moral
and financial of every citizen of
Douglas county and especially of
Roseburg. The enforcement of law
is the safety of the nation. If there
are bad laws thev should also be en-
forced until they can be amended or
rpnpjilwl. As rprrards saloons ran-
ning wide open on Sunday and, like
some in Roseburg, being nothing
more nor less than gambling hells,
and, some, the verv lowest kind of
bawdy houses, where, abandoned, de-
graded, filthy, in their vile immorality
and proud in their shameless aban-
donment these places are cess-pools
of iniquity and the breeders of crime,
And our courts do they know? Are
they cognizant of what is going on?
Do they winK at sucn anarcnicai pro-
ceedings? Do they attempt to en-
force the laws on the statute hooks?
Have they tried, time and time again,
to enforce the laws against the crimes
we have mentioned, and have the
juries composed of the best citizens
of Douglas county turned the offend-
ers loose on a verdict of "not guilty?"
If the juries have done so and the
court officials and judges have be-
come "heartsick" in their effort to en-
force law there is a possible excuse
or, rather, a palliation, for failure for
not attempting to enforce the law. sent from the House to the Senate
If theiaws are being violated daily in where it was lost. The Most Honor
open defiance of order and good gov- able George G. Brownell was presid
ernment and the courts make no ef- ing in the Senate when the bill was
fort to prevent violations, but, on the sent in and immediately the bill was
contrary, close one eye and wink the lost and no great effort to trace or
other, instead of being courts of jus- find it was made and the man who
tice and of law they are criminal- ent to Scott and under a plea
making machines. We have no ex- of friendship and fealty wormed him
cuse to offer, no inflections of the self into his victim's confidence to
voice to tone down, no words of sell him out a short time later, is now
double meaning to use when we say: trying to prove that the loss of bills
Any court having the power to sup- passed by either branch of the legis
press crime and failing to do so, is a lature and sent to the other is of lit
blighting, withering curse upon the tie moment. The bill was stolen or
people at large and no man can con- made away with by a thief. The bill
ceive of a worse hell than a hell fed was in the interest of law, order and
by courts of supposed justice by ac- good government and it would have
tually conniving at crime. undoubtedly have passed the Senate
Now, we do not know where to place and became a law. Now we have no
the gross miscarriage of law and jus-
tice in Roseburg. We know that it made away with the bill because of
exists. We have seen the laws vie- nis friends hip with gamblers and the
lated, or at least supposed that viola- element, but as President of the
tions were going on. There must be Senate he made no effort to find it by
several broken cogs or the eccentric employing the methods known to any
out of fix, but we have not yet had presiding officer of a legislative as
time to examine into and find out sembly. His course, to say the least,
what part of the court machinery is shows that his sympathes and support
beyond repair. We want expert tes-
timony, so as to know exactly where
to Dlace the blame. If there is one
place in these United States demand-
ing the highest order of patriotism, for Oregon and failing in that ambi
intelligence, sterling honor and integ- tion, has announced that he is a can
rity, it is the tribunals of our land; didate for Congressional honors for
and as the officers of these courts this district. Now we want this man's
come from all political, social and re- record to come squarely before the
ligious parties, it is to our individual
benefit that no man except a pure
man, and well qualified, be elected
to office. Are there any republi-
can officials standing in with crime?
Down them at the coming election,
Are there any democrats pandering
to criminals? Down them. If there
is any part of the machine that is
still true to principle, retain it. But
there are men in office who are not
directly responsible for the enforce-
ment of law who favor turning Rose-
burg into a Sodom and Gomorrah, be-
cause of the money that can be made
out of the fruit of immorality and shuffled statesman of the sawbuck
vice. brand. Now we are not opposing him
The civic league should be backed because we are supporting or sup
up by every father and mother in posed to be supporting Binger Her
Roseburg who wants to raise chil- mann for re-election. We write what
dren in a "for God and morality com- we publish from conscientious motives
munity." It is time that the black and we care not who is the successful
flag of vice be pulled down. It is candidate for the Congressional nomr
time that the horrible stories of hu- nation provided he is a man of good
man and animal depravity be forever political standing and is a man of
forgotten. It is time that Roseburg, sterling honor and integrity. With
Phoenix-like, arose from ashes of the the record that this man Brownell
past and became renowned for virtue, has, to make him the nominee of the
morality and law-abiding. We could
wish the city no greater joy or hap
piness than, that by one mighty effort,
the year 1904 be ushered in by a de
termination to redeem the past years
of vice and lawlessness.
While the joint legislation is to be
commended for the close application
to business, yet it becomes apparent
that the haste in which the work was
done did not give the representatives
Qr senat0rs time in which to liroporlv
go over the hills and guard against
It W3S the intention Of DOtll brancll-
gg 0f jie legislature to have passed a
bill exempting $300 worth of taxable
property consisting of household fur-
niture and personal effects from
taxation to the head of every family.
The bill passed and became a law but
so far as next year's taxes is con
cerned, it is inoperative, because the
emergency clause was not attached
and Attorney General Crawford states
that in the next tax assessment that
no exemption can be allowed. That
the passage of the bill without the
emergency clause was either by mis-
take or design there can be no doubt,
but as the framers of the bill desired
taxation, the intent should be taken
into consideration. The tax law pro-
vides that the tax assessment shal
date March 1, 190-1. The Exemption
law will not go into force until March
23, 1904
It is hinted that this was another
specious scheme to get into the citi-
zens' pockets. Suppose there are
$50,000 taxpayers in tha State and
the exemption of $300 to each tax
payer this would give a tax exemption
on approximately $15,000,000 worth
of property. At 3 per cent the tax
would be in total $450,000. We do
not believe that there was any design
to pass the bill in its present form
and under the circumstance if a test
case could be made before the State
Supreme court, that body might rule
that the intent to exempt $300 worth
of property should be taken into con
sideration as that is the spirit of the
bill whatever the letter may be.
Lost Anti-aambiinz Bill His
pIea f0r office?
In the three days session of the
legislation last week, the House
passed a very commendable bill when
it was attempted to put this state on
as high and progressive plane as
Washington by adopting the anti-
gambling bill of that state and mat
ing it a law of Oregon. The House
is to be commended for the good
vrork which it did and the record it
made. After passing the bill it was!
desire to say that Brownell stole or
was against the best interest of the
It is this same Brownell who
aspired to be United States Attorney
public and although we have only
been hearing of this man for the past
fifteen months, yet we have watched
his course and his very erratic per-
formance before the public as a poli-
tician. He may be a brilliant man.
He may be a shrewd politican. He
may even be an honest man, but his
public record is against him, and re-
publicans of Douglas county, this is
the man who is sought to be brought
before you for your support to send
to Congress. This man is a political
huxter, trixter and trader in poltroon-
ery. He is undoubtedly a double-
party would court defeat. A man
ho was a Judas Iscariot and a
Benedict Arnold even to an open
enemy into whose commence no nau
ormed himself under the sacred plea
of friendship, such a man is a proper
candidate for the shades of oblivion.
Now the Pi.aindeai.ku is not going
to make a fight on the candidate for
the Congressional honors after the
nomination, it is coing to have the
matter thoroughly discussed before
We do not know that Binger Her
will bo a candidate to succeed him
self in Congress nor do wo care; but
one thing we do care about and that
is, whoever is the candidate, wo want
him to be a man of whom wo can
sav: Fellow citizens we uenevo mm
to be a man worthy of your suffrage;
a man who will add honor to the of
fice instead of getting all his honors
out of the office. Truly if there is
one Republican Congressional candi
date of whom it can bo said: 'Thou
are weighed in the balances and found
wanting" it is George C. Brownell.
A fierce blizzard and snowstorm has
been raging in all the states east of
the Rocky mountains for the past
four davs. The thermometer fell in
North Dakota to 30 degrees below
zero. Un saturaav it was so uanc in
New York City at noon that the city
had to be lighted and then the bright
est electric light only made darkness
A railroad collision at Grand Rap
ids, Mich., on Saturday caused the
death of IS persons and 31 were
badly injured. The blizzard blew out
the signal and two engines met with
a frightful crash an" loss of life.
On Saturday, Mrs. Roosevelt enter
tained 500 children at the White
House, while the President slipped in
and grinned at the amusement going
An Alabama mob, on Friday night.
attempted to cover up a lynching and
set fire to the jail. The fire was com
municated to other property and
$35,000 damages was the result.
It's a great word, isn't
all it means a good deal.
In sickness you should
only upon the skill of Tour doctor but upon the ability of
the druggist to compound your medicine with accuracy.
Every Doctor in Roseburg has inspected our labora
tory and approved our facilities
We would like to have
doctor prescribes for any one
i? uiierton -
Near Depot
The Plaindealek is able to state
on reliable authority that a grand
jury for Douglas County will be con
vened on Monday, Januray 18, 1904.
This means that there will be an exo
dus of gamblers, lewd women and
bums and toughs of all kinds, and we
hope that the sentences on those
tried and found guilty will make per
manent the fortunate exoders. It is
about time for the army to "get up
and get."
A Democratic Candidate for President.
A New York special of Saturday,
says: "Judge Alton B. Parker's boom
for the democratic nomination for
President will be launched next Mon
day evening at a dinner to take place
in Sherry's, at which ex-President
Grover Cleveland and ex-Senator Dav
id Hill will speak. The dinner was
arranged by Charles Murphy, and,
while it is ostensibly given in honor
of Mayor McClellan, it will really
show for the first time Murphy's hand
in National politics.
Murphy has been in communication
with party leaders and has laid his
plans to carry the state for the demo
cratic electors. The fact that he has
nvited and has received acceptances
from the Cleveland wing of the party
is an indication that tho Bryan ele
ment has been thrown overboard.
The features of the platform of
the democratic party may be out
lined at this dinner.
Murphy has not only invited Cleve
land and Hill to speak, but has been
assured that W. Bourke Cockran
August Belmont, John G. Carlisle,
John D. Crimmin3 A. P. Fitch, Hugh
J. Grant and other men of influence
in the financial world will sit at tho
main table. Mr. Cleveland has sent
a letter of acceptance.
Mr. Cleveland in his speech is ex
pected to outline what he considers
will be the paramount plank in the
Democratic platform."
The Plaindealeu desires it to bo
understood that it is making no fight
on the saloon as a licensed establish
ment. It is making a fight to cause
to saloon to conform to the law of
ho land the same as any other leg
itimate business.
Chief Newell, of the Irrigation de
partment of internal affairs will make
visit to Oregon to talk over intend
ed plans for bringing largo bodies of
and under cultivation.
The Department of Justice will not
illow settlers on "overlap" lands in
Clark county. Wash., to settle the
matter with the railroad company.
The government will mako its own
terms with the parties interested.
Japan has decided to land 15,000
soldiers in Corea.
A New Kind or Quarantine.
The learns that Dr. Bu
Gas lias iloue a good work by issuing a
quarantine not dreamed of in
Uoscbtirg philosophy. As hoiltli
otli -er he tin. la the conditions
prevailing in some of 'the resor.a f
the city, likewise the conditions of the
inmates, such as to make quarantine
necessary as a public protection, and
such quarantine was declared this
Christmas day was observed at this
place with the usual fine dinners an J so
cial meetings of neighbors and friends.
The Christmas tree was tastefully ar
ranged and laden with costly and beau
tiful presents. "Uncle" John llrou,
besides a number of of other present-",
received vouchers for ids pension and
back pension. Of course the old gen tie-
man was well pleased.
The dance on Christmas night was
well attended aud enjoyed by those who
like to indulge in tripping the light fan
tastic toe.
Installation Ccremonlesat the .Masonic
The installation of officers of tho W
sonic Lodge and Eastern Star which oc
curred at the Masonic Hall Saturday
night was largely attended by the mem
bers of the two enters and their im
mediate families, about 200 altogether
witnessing the ceremonies. Following
the installation of the officers which was
attended with most impressive cere-
mi nies, Mrs. 1. Wollenberg rendered a
it? If it means anything at
be able to place reliance not
for filling his prescriptions
a chance to place one of our
your home the next time the
in your family.
selection on the piano, followed by a
able address by Hon. G. M. Yoran, o
Eugene, Grand Master of Oregon Free
M aeons, which received a hearty ap
plause. The program concluded w th a
soprano solo by Mrs. A. T. Steiucr. After
the ceremonies an elaborate banquet
was served, the tables well nigh bend
ing under the load of tempting viands
The officers elected for the ensuing yea
in the Mnsonc order, ate: J T Bridges,
W M ; W W Thackerah. S W; S S Caw
field Jr W;EJ Strowd, Sr D; Sam
Josephson, Jr I); NT Jewctt, Secy;
Salzman, Treas: O I'. Coshow, Tyler
K W Terrell, Sr S; F W Haines, Jr S.
Tiic Eastern Star officers are; Maude
Hast, W M ; J T Bridges, W P; Flossie
Shambrook, A M ; Hegina Ratt, Secy
Edith Waite, Treas; Daisy Anderson
Conductress; Kittv McWihiams, A C
Libby Coshow, Ada; Mrs Kizley, Kuth
M Joscphson, Esther; Mrs. Geo Ilonck
Martha; Minnie l'eebler, Electa; Mrs
Wallace, Warder; Sam Jnsephson, Scnli'
nel ; F M Beard, Marshal ; 0 1 Coshow,
Chaplain; Mrs I Woolenberg, Organist
SjHicial Christmas services were held
in the First I'resb) terian chcrch last
night, tho services being attended by
large an attentive audience. From
start to finish the program was we
rendered and pleasing but special men
tiou is due Mrs. Adams' soprano eolo
"Christmas Chimes," Mr. II. W.Brooks
of Portland, for his splendid barytone
singing, Miss Kathryn Fullerton's read
ing and Mrs Nathan Fullerton's organ
voluntary. Below is the program.
Oregon Voluntary Mrs. Nathan Ful
Hymn, "Hark tho Herald Angeli
Prayer, Tho Lord's Prayer.
Responsive Reading, Matt. II, 1-2,
Duct, "Tho Holy City" Miss Mary
Brookes and II. W. Brooks.
Reading, "20th Century Vision"
Miss Kathryn Fullerton
Solo Mre. Adams.
Quartetto, Mrs. Adams, Miss Erick
son, Dr. E. M. Cheadlo, II. W. Brooks
Recitation, Miss Mary K. Brookes.
Address by Pastor.
Hymn, "There's a Song in tho Air"
Hymn, "As With Gladness Men
Old" Choir.
Offering, for Foreign Missions.
Hymn, "Joy. to tho World" Choir.
Benediction, Pastor.
jMiss Delia Durham returned this
morning lo Cottago Grovn, having
spent u few dnya visiting with friends
in this citv.
Mrs. I). H. K. Unick
from liur recent Miichs.
is recovering
V H. Rogerp, of Myrtlu l'oint, wit
in Rotoburg yesterday.
V. II. Marion, of Drain, transacted
business in the city Friday.
W. D. Hell will leave for Portland to
mrmow evening, for a few dayn Im-micss
Mi'Hsr. II. S , J. V., nnd Henry Conn
of Melrose, were in RoHeburg Fitturday
on business.
Samuel Rnid, of Handon and A. T.
ttobcrson, of Coquille, wore Roseburg
visitors Sunday.
A party of about twenty ierionB from
Minnesota and Wisconsin points, were
registered at the Roseburg House Sat
urday. Miss Bellows, sister of A. J. Bellows,
is very ill at the family residence in
West Roeebtirg, and is not expected to
Miss Mildred Waite canio in on the
local this morning fiom her country
tome, ami was a guest nt the McClallen
Hotiso for dinner.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Hogan, of Oak
land, spent Christmas in this city with
their daughter, Mrs. John It Souther
lin, aud family.
It was remorod that all tho Roseburg
saloons went dry yesterday as a result
f the shooting at the Cruiser saloon
esterday. Thifl should be kept up every
Sunday and may in the very near future
Misses Minnie and Grace Sheridan
and George Sheridan lelt last night for
J'an Francisco. Mrs. Sheridan has been
there for a week. George will enter a
school there and the familv will re
main until Julv.
Together with Messrs Johnson and
Clark, Maggie Rvan and Mrs. E. J,
Judd gave bonds to appear before Re
corder Marstcrg and stand trial this
afternoon in connection with the moral
war now being waged in Roseburg.
Mrs. A. C. Marsters entertained a
number of Roseburg young people at
her home Christmas night , at the popu
lar game of llinch, and the game of au
thors. Afterwards a delightful luncli
was terved. Those present were Missot
Clara Parks, Mary Parks, Alice Parks
Miss Curren, Messrs. Chas. Wagner, L,
S. Hopfield, Emery Marsters, and
Hermann Marsters.
'For Mother's Sake," to appear at
the opera house on Wednesday evening
promises to be one of the best prodne
tions of the ceason. Rural dramas have
alwavs been well received hero. "For
Mother's Sake" is one of the latest and
is pronounad the most successful of the
new school. The managers, Rusco and
Holland, will give a complete produc
tion, carrying a special car containing
everything in the way of scenic and me
chanical displar neccceary to a finished
Rieing Star lodge No. 174, I. O. O. F.
will meet in special tession Thursdav
evening, IX-c. 31, tor transacting bust'
ness. Arrangements arc being made
with the board of directors of the Odd
Fellows Bnilding Association whereby
the lodge will meet every Friday there
after. The following are the officers
the new lodge: A. Salzman, N. G ; M
D. Thompson, V. G ; Frank G. Mirelli
Sec'y ; J. T. Bridges, Treas; J. D. Ham
ilton, R. S. N. G ; J. H. Sykes, L. S. N
G ; M. Fickle, warden ; Sam S. Josepli
son, .conductor; W. E. Morrow, I. G
John T. Long, O. G ; Chas. L. Hamil
ton, R. S. S; Lonis Rdtile, L. S. S ;
l. Beard, chaplain ; D. R. Shambrook
R. S. V. G ; Geo. W. Dimmick, L S. V.
G ; J A. Buchanan, P. G ; finance com'
mittec, Dr. Gee. E. Ilouck, A. C. Mars
ters, H. Wollenberg.
Out West tor iOO.
The publishers of "Out West" pub
lished in Los Angeles, Cal., announce
that it will be as beautifully illustrated
and filled with ai entertaining a variety
of history, description, story, verso and
editorial comment upon life and litcra
ture a3 ever.
Special features announced for the
year 1904 are a primary courfo in Span
ish which, it is promised, will bo the
most complete and satisfactory elumen
tary course of the kind ever published
tho very valuablo and interesting rem
niscenccs of Gen. John Hid well, cover
ing his life in California between 1S40
and 1850, and n translation of a remark
able treatise on mining printed in 1501
Tins will lw profusely illustrated with
reproductions from tho splendid en
gravings included in tho original treatise
and will show that with tho possible
exception of cyaniding and a few other
recent refinements in ihomical process
the miners of that dato were familia
with and used substantially every ineth
od of mining and reduction of oro now
Altogether tho snbscriber to "Out
West" for 1901 will get unusually larg
returns for his two dollars.
A Request.
1110 prisoners in tno uounty jai
would greatly appreciate reading matter
such as books, magazines, papers et
Time passes very slowly when one is in
continemont, but many an other wise
dull hour could bo passed if wo had
something to read. Wo wish to state
that tho treatment accorded us
Sheriff Parrott and Deputy McClallen
sucn as is consistent with their sworn
duty nnd is much appreciated by ns.
Six Inmates.
Books Lost.
A number of books belonging to tl
public school library have been lost.
Tim return of any of thorn will bo great
ly appreciated. Will the patrons of tho
school kindly look for such books in
their privnte libraries and return uuy
that may bo found?
A. M. Sandkhs,
City Supi. of Schools.
Ucal Hstntc Trnn-f rs.
W I). Smith to I. I. Hur.l, $135, 1 33
acres lying in sec 1 tp 33 h, of r C w.
John Seetlorf, (singlo) to W E Cixk,
WO; lot 2, and in i.( of nejtf of sec :;2
ii th 2."i h, i.f r ft w, containing 70 0
JamcH F D.iilalierl v ft ux lo Win
Richards el al, $2."0J, lots 1 and 2 ti k 2,
Dcvoro's Addition to the town if Von-
alla, coulaiiiii g 1U acres.
Jessie Voce and husb.ind to IWIcrk
Brown, $ 175 ; lots 3, 4 and 5 jn hi I) n, i
tho town of YonraMa
HTM on et ux to Bi-n Fishi-i,
$350; lots 21 and 22 n Park Add t .
Win H Carroll et ux to Andrew T Be. '
till $1000; tho n4' of sec 31 in tp 23 r,
of r No 3 w of the win, containing Ifiti
James L Tenney, (unmarried) to
John E HolmlKiri;. $800; the x4 of in
i, Dwii of nwi-4, i-wkj of ne nfm '
n tp 31 h, of rO w, containing IfiO acr i
Emanuul Hinlius (unmarried in
Frederick A Krihb', $H2."i;swV of tec
tp 31 s, of r 0 w, K'lO acres.
Geo W Stephens et ux to S F Hamil
ton. 37O0 ; 1W.45 acres, lying in sec 15,
nd 22 in tp 25 s, of r 0 w. '
LJ Sacry and husband" to Samuel ,
Lautz, $150; lots 4, 5,0 and 7 in blk 4.
n Krowsons add to Drain
Engenc S Low et ux to C R Wheeler,
f2S0; thesj of nei of swjf of sec 9
and the e C acres of the of of ir.v of
swj of sec 9 all in tp 22 s, of r 5 w, con
taining 26 acres.
Geo Estes et ux to Thomas Roberts,
f 1 ; lots 3 in blk 25 in Riverside Add to
the town of Roseburg.
Wm L Moore et ux to John E Holni-
bergf50; njfe of nef, fcJ-4 of neij and
ie4 of of k-c 34 in tp 31 s, of r 0
containing KiO acres.
Head About to Burst From Severe
Bilious Attack.
'I had a severe bilious attack and f-I t
like my head was about to burst when I
got holt! of a free sample of Chamber-
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. I i
took a dose of them after supr aud ;
the next day felt like a new man ami
have been feeling happy ev--r since,"
says Mr. J. W. Smith of Juiili, Texas.
For biliousness, stomach troubles and
constipation tlice Tablets have no!
equal. Price 25 cents. For tale bv A. .
Marsters & Co.
Two inmates of the County jail here. !
namely, Bert Bice and Harvev Bice. !
attempted to break jail yesterday at 4 i
o'clock, the mealtime hour, they sue- I
ceeded in getting past Hany McCialli'ii
they deputy sheriff, but were captund
by Sheriff Parrott, and taken back to I
their cells. 1
Clingcnpctl, the Jeweler.
W. E. Clincenpcel, the jeweler, eit
graver and optician, hug in his fIkjw-
window one of tlie swellest displays of
Christmas jewelry ever shown in the
city. He is sltowins: a fine line of rings,
watches, brooches, pins awl charms of
the l-ert makes and latest styles For
jewelry work, watchmaking, repairing
and engraving, his work is unexcelled.
(lave vonr n.niif or vvnr initials, ar tliat
of your friends, put on the prefent you '
are going to give. Clingenpeel's enrav- i
ing is attractive and up to date, and y u :
have various designs to select from and 1
can know that it will be done as you
wish it. 12-10-tf ;
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannos
reach the deceased
portion of the car.
fhere is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is bv constitutional remedies.
Deafness is routed by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tule is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is entire
ly closed, deafne.s is the result, nnd un
less the infiamation can be taken out j
and this tube restored to its normal con-'
dition, hearing will be destrovod
ever ; nine cases out of ten are catifed
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous services.
We will give One Hundred Dollors for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot Ikj cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tole lo, O.
Sold by Dmggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Notice for Publication.
RtxburR Ore , Sept tu, .008.
.Notice It fccre' T ctTen that In nimJIinr. '
with the t'rovH. n of the act of Coni:t. of
Junes, l.h,entiikit "An art for tho ?ale of
timber lands In tl.cStatci of California, Oregon
Hcrada .and Vt ajhlngtun Territory," aa extend
ed to all the public land tate br act of Aucmt
. IKK.
of Krwohnrs, eocnty ot fringe, rut thin day
filcl In tula office hit morn statement No UDi,
for the purchije of the mv ol mjc 21 In tp N-
2d tout h range So. S ct
ajid will offer proof to thow that Iceland vottght
l more valuable for It limber or itone than
for agricultural purpoMi, and to ettabllth his
claim lofore the ltcidter and Kccelrer ot thli
olflca of KoMbnrf, Oregon.
on Tucday, tho 23rd day of February. IM5I.
He name as wltnroscs; V. H . Met rw-n J
W, Uardncr, John RtKcnaod John Hcudersou.
all of lto bun; Ore.,
Any and all perrons rlalmlne adversely the
above dt-crltt la'd are miuestcd to file their
rlalma In this omce on orbelure Mid 2.!nl dy of
rcDruary, iwh. j. 1. uiu
d" p RccMer.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notlrc It hereby ctven that tho nnd - ndroo
dmlnlntralor of ihe mtatoof Thomas Dm (cat,
deceased, bus Died his final areount t ln
ei.J mill luuiuiiut) cicik ix LnillKlHn eiiuniy
Oregon, and that Monday tt e 11 day of Janua
ry, 1:01, nt li)o,clock. a, m. ha been set by tl c
Hon XI l Tliomv(iti, comity jtnlw nt sU
county, tor licmliiK objections It any, to said
final account, and for tlii tinal teltlemcnt ol
the same. First ptiblirallon of thli notice be
Ing tic 10 day d Ptcember. 191S
. E. K. Wilson
AdminUtralorot the estate ot Thomas Pun
c a h, dictSKd. dlOp
Notice for Publication.
Roicbmv. Oru , June 23, 1933.
Notice is hereby gircn that In compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
June S, 1S.8. entitled "An art tor the sale of
timber lands In tha States ot Californla,Oregon
Nerada.and Washington Territory," asextend
d to all tho publlo land states by act ot August
of Park RiTCr, county ot Walsh, stato ol
North Dakota, has this day (lied in this office
his sworn statement No. 5139, for tho pur
chase of the lota land 2,81$ NKJ; ot section
No. 4, township 2), south ot ningc 8 west
and will offer proof lo show that the land sought
ts more valuablo for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purpuras, and to establish his
claim before tho Itegistur ard Kccelvor of tali
0III04 of ltoseburg.Oregon.
on Wednesday. Urn lith lay of November. 19 S.
Hu names ms wlineMU's: llrjnjolf I'rom. n( Mil
ti,n. North Dakota, Achliald E. Wadgt, uf
Wales, North Dakota, Rismua M, tttoue, ol
Alnxandrla, Minn, O. K. Lifthu, of I'aik
Klver North Dakota.
Any and all pcrou claiming adversely tho
above, deicrliieil lands me niiuestwl lo Ulo
thelrclalmn In this otQcvtm or before said lstli
day of Nov. l'JOi.
Does Away witK the Chopping
Knifo and Bowl Altogether.
tChurchill Woolley,
Koseburs - Ore
Store That
It doesn't require any considerable ex
pense to wear good clothes if you exercise
gfxd judgment in selecting from thor
oughly reliable and correctly priced stocks
such as ours. The Fall and Winter dis
play is at it s best. Styles and materials
la please the most critical. Prices 25 per
cent less than jou will pay at other stores.
We call particular attention to our line of
Oregon Cashmeres, Fancy Worsted, Fan
cy Cheviot and Thibet suites. All our
suits from $12.00 up have non-breakable
front. Hand padded Shoulders and Hand
Tailored Collars. All are Union Made
and marked at from 5 to Si 8
able line of the leading styles in all the
newest mixtures and plain materials,
$7.50 to $20.00.
everything that h good and that will turn
rain. $2.25 to 15.00.
Boys' Suits, B y-i
plete stock of
General Merchandise.
Phone 721
; ofoIeos r.T, 11.. 'TATK
, Em fcu&op. ttn;st. j
j DarM flitbom I fra ntS
To Dirt j B tMl., the bore iMBml drfecd
Wbr to P:.r .i ...Vrr tWu-T
putni aka unuwt a la ik .! cMitM tttt HU 'ly J.iia.ry.mi: .k!
01 the pUintirf wm .pair t., tWocon tor ttw
svHef i!caxHltl in pUiaiiC conoklol, 10- BMrir is c..mi. IrUm ox. bit oi
Siovrn In tae iui r WMfeiBKUa a Ik 'sth
d.r oIAmU 1W and for ta nn J caUkly
'W Mii' lunrj 'mn-. lle Bt.Bon .ait
r.Tl Rl.twin njfkr .Itk Ik- -i i
burMjrntnu ot thl mir. nnl for mv-b otber rv-
ih-i i uie van mr Jeein ran I table.
Thtntnrann 1 tiMihd bvtr M l-e :
tukil court. c-fVe and entered -n the lt Ur f
IVwraber 1HU. la n.l br whr& opter ft t,
h. ii(ni.ia. i3tzKe m lave ittpive en.
rrTltftd ihtf ammo :hll kv
lhftl in tb pLUYbritr. . iu .
c:ncrl rtrrnlntkm p blttbet In lKmruV r.xi n -tjr
Mate o' OrrfoB. once week lor tlx ronce
cntlve week. beitnlDK with fhar-tla- tbeStti
lay of December. I9t. en.stnc tttlaTfer-daj-
Jamarj- Ulh fcM. The dale of the am
publication of ihls tauBHHit U Tharvlax. Pea
ember 3rd, hu.
Altontec tor fUtatiff.
Is- The Cuccit Conttr Or Thk State Or
! Orhjo.v For Docglas Ood.stt.
Sarah E. Reiver
Plainlift, I Xotice by puMicR-
V tion, of'suiiiHwits
Geoive W. Seiver,
Defendant. J
To George W. Seiver the above named
Itt the name of the state uf Orecwt.
You are required tonppirruid answttr
the complaints died sigitinst vott in the
at ove entitled suit and court on or be
fore the ISth day Jannary, 1901, aad i
you failato appear and answer tid oui
plaint gainst you as herebv nHinirvil
and within the said time, plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief demand
ed in her complaint, to-wit:
For a decree dissolving tlie marrage
contract now existing between the plain
tiff and defendant.
This summons is published hv onier
of the Hon. J. W. Hamilton, jiulse of
the 2nd Judicial District of Oregon
which order is dated November l5.;iHi3,
and the timo proscribed in the said order
for publication of this summons is once
a week for sis consecutive weeks preced
ing the 18th day of January, 1904, and
the date of the first publication there
fore is the 10th dav of Xovemter. 1903
Attorney for Plaintift.
Admininstrators Notice of final Settle
In tho matter of estate of P. A. Har
ris, deceaeed.
Xotice ia hereby given that tho under
signed administrator of tho above named
estato 1ms filed in tho above Court his
account in final settlement of said es
tate, and tho judge of said court bv or
der duly made and entered of record
therein, has fixed Monday, the 4th dav
of January, 11)01, at 2 o'clock p. nt. o.
said day for hearing objection, it any, to
said hnal account and tho sottlotn. nt of
Dated the 20t! day of November 1903
E. G. HotUon, the gannj warden who
resigned several months ao, has boon
re-appointed to his old position.
Does The Business
Overcoats and a com-
for Prices and Samples
Xotice of Final Accouul.
' . Ia the tWtr iVnart .4 the State of
( Oregon, iu Jue: tVun:i.
' r?iaie 01
No! u is lutroki- a r .b... .1. T .
i "-tlU,r ! Uh a love entitled
, w film nig final scrogat, ia et-
tkumit Ihawf and the court br order
J , f it t-us-ri record oa the
Joonwi tbervut. ha Voadav the
m Kr wneanas bjeeuoas if
an UMr be, to said final accoxtnt. and
. Ihe setUeatetU ol id TkVt t,
- , " um: ioi oar
61 AOWlwr im -
,rf?tl1 " Hh dv- of November.
lriV?- L 6. Hwjhbs.
. Httvhfe?. dtveaftui
. - "
Sheriff's Sale.
K. A. Kj,
A K-M-terS Atpfe
Xer. hs wti.
.-..?St.U V7 tt kyyirer3
fvT"0 oa frro duly Vwl est ot
5r dL'lTTlI ; " IF Jeai l
"? y ' Ocweer, l-. ferceiesure
..fTt? ..i"? J,jre'1 r tor tfce sua.
M iberM at Me rte ol
.r1 BBU f"" Use Mk 'tT of Oeto
t r. 14. an-l to. . o.u v d nta tM wiH
he t un U, e rvN i.,r, :tt k. , . iim-.
hkLnVf; . 'rc.lOU- LU 5 P"1- MrtS toitje,
kln dscntxd , remts Uu;
,wii!Vt " sorfn-s't qartr.-ot
Mt r, R , a.j 4tirvr w xciloa Z2, dcnted m
vS.?.?,'," : c'"rfK at a slke In tho
4 kr ,.t tre-Uoa M ihAlas oct.1
. . " r?": t b 'Mvbeast corner at
I.kfu., niBniBg nenh to the
wmth line ol the uaty mad lending fro ax
Ko-etwre up IKr r i-reek. Ueuce aterl) aions;
MMi.t ron.! I..hf, the ame atenecj
He mat I n.- ... . ,t M.u.a ihence soulix
alois id line to the vuttie.vs center ot t..
noriwa.t quarter ol the n.fUeat quarter ot
!5 L"J wMU. ,n-:- Mt W ebaias to tho
Jaee ol bviu u p. t&tt.iBg W acres more or
Xh f i,H 01 llh! northwest qnaiter nt
, iCri Rbnt intersects lao
west ttue .1 seetton at. Utvnee otheasvr.
J alon th- south J,n ot skl ewiaU rSadto tt
Piiiniwretheswee., tho I t'b raonlns
l,.KWtt,kUh 'Re center otsajdVeT
iton a, thtttce Hih alone sW ltn to the cvn
l!?fIfW 'hence west to toe quaver
p.t Witreen aldeetlon. it and 3. theuea
KHt.alooKtbe ltween sM actions to
orless0 "'"K'idolc,: fO acres njoro
Al, the kixjlheajt quarter ot the northeast
, ih2SM h. ' h southeasi quar
wrut section . e-ntalnln a aores more or
tai' inc; lw aer t. wr or le-s
.,.ir.Vh,f,,e 1irterof the northwest
lrler and tb southwest quarter of the north-
u.h11VtU,r ,",.l ,fce nu'"" quarter ot the
Muthst quarter ot section 2, conulnin 131
ac es more or Iws.
Al' the csm ot the east halt ot section 37
couutu-ur i, 0 aerva more or ls.
, . . "i? "l' T dee-bed land beiui: in
toTUFhir 2J somb, wnne 5 wc, w jlUmette
lll n,nJ ?ntnis Im thearv(rawttJO
aores mr or ToKethcr with ihe tone
.il hreV,wenU n l i'l'urtenance
1 SKl "Y or 'a anywise appertajntmf.
.bdutlU)ly the prxeyedsoi inch sale, n st
to the wuieat ol tl,. c.ts and disbursements
1 u lt L ym,Kl oo wld sum ot
dn (.ttnuiit wtih interest thereon at
tti mwol jxr reut jnr annum irotn the Vlh
Uj 01 ri..u r. t?i . t she oyer plus II aur.
Utt be. ty 1 yyr to -Jie clerk of the Court, as
bv t.nter t ai-t i i.urt in -aid exeeotton t me
iliri ua and det.i. red. cnuman-Ung me to sell
aW sbi.y.- dewlbet real propertr lu the mau
ner ruyMtl U ly.
. . K. L. PARKOIT,
f.i luwtas coun,r-or,fso3- f'