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Roseburg Plaindealer
I'ubltshed Monday ai'l I'h'iniiajrs.
if he believes in big pill treatment for same time the Review, when it pub
most even' ailment ho can run the j lished its last list, charged the coun-
gamut of prescriptions of calomel,
quinine and ipecacuanha to bo taken
before breakfast; quinine, ipecacuan-
ln ntiil pnlnmnl linfnrrt dinnfM nr itlP-
H. H. BROOKES, alitor. , . " , "
MARY K. BROOKES, Proprietor tu-""' 4"
supper and for a suro snot ueiore bed
time he enn take the three prescrip
tions mixed; and nine times out of
ten the big pill doctors can guarantee
swift action and change in conditions'
Tho editor lived on that kind of
practice for ten years and knows that
it is suro shot even' time. But it
seems that Americans are fast losing
Entered at the Post Office in Roseburg,
Ore., as Eecoud cIubs mail matter.
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates on Application.
The Editor of the rxiij.-nEii.KR has no inten
Hon of mating a falsa htatement reflecting upon
the life or character of any por-on, officially or
otherwise and any statemrut piibUthed in thews
columswlll be cheerfully corrected if erroneous
and brought to our attention by tho aggrieved
party or parties. Our intention is that every
ty 40 cents per lino. Tho commis
sioners cut it down to 30 cents per
ine, and the Review threatened to
bring suit to collect tho claimed extra
ten cents per line. Every year be
fore that it charged -1U cents per
ino and got it. Tho Review by such
methods robbed the county out of
vast sums of money and is tho last
animal on earth to balk about rounty
debts or grafts.
article published of a jersouai or political faith m dope and placing dependence
official nat are shall benews matter of general I , . . , ...
interest and for the welfare of the State at
DECEMBER 17, 1903.
The Portland Telegram of last night's
issue says :
"For some time Southern Oregon pol
iticians have predicted that J. II. Booth
would not be reappointed receiver of the
Rosebun: land office. He has held, the
position practically a year aud a half
since his original commission expired, people have this assurance
upon massage treatment and getting
the "small bones" that have a ten
dency to slip, back into proper
shape; and like the Hawaiian Island
ers, instead of having the devil purged
out they knead him out like a French
doctor works over a glutton to cure
him of gout (?) The big pill men are
after the osteopaths, and want what
thev claim to be a false system of
curing various complaints, prohibited
bv the terror of the law. But the
bat as political matters have Men m a thy never kmed anvl)wy anli jf jt 3 a
1 1 1 - " I fnL-a if is i nnrtjtlr hnrmloss
ofWf ,roc tn cn,.nrn tir niv t v
Dflmtmpnt of his successor. and this is more than the big pill fol-
Considerable grumbling has been m- lowers dare assert, lhe big pill men
duljred in over the delay, though it was have srone into the unlit nrepared to
generally understood that Booth s close , h - strU!nre for saPrema-
connection with the Booth-Kelly Lum
ber Company would result in his remov
al as soon as his commission expired.
Roseburg has been given the position
for years. Knowing ones say that city
will again be called npon to furnish the
man and in this instance it will be
acy, ana u tney can kiiock out uie
osteopaths, then they will commence
a crusade against Christian Science
and other claimed divine healers.
The big pill men who are backing up
the State Board of Health had better
Ashland, Or., Dec. 1(5. A gang of
thieves and housebreakers raided Ash
land last night. Entrance was attempt
ed at three houses and nt a fourth resi-
lenco it was successful, the
carrying oil a number ol cltccts
Running the Boys I"
Tnmoc T TTanimnrh Jlnint. TEpnresent'
ative for Doudas and Jackson Counties, go slow and not attempt by law to
Hansbrough has been groomed for the say that no man shall allow another
Congressional race next year, but his j0 prescribe or advise him whether to
friends prefer to see him appointed take a dose of Epsom Salts straight
ceiver oi me iana omee, nuuer uiau ai- ..... , . ,.
. . . ,. '.. f r or take a little rock m his ne.
gress over Binger Hermann
During the last session of the Legisla
ture Hansbrouch was an active worker
and succeeded in having the "fellow ser
vant" bill passed. That bill was quite
an issue during the campaign of 1902
and as he championed its passage, the
For some time past from ton to a
dozen boys have been playing truant
and making loafers of themselves and
a common nuisance to the public,
Their field of operation was th back
part of the opera house, wht-r
met, played cards, smoked -
and raised low jinks before Hi
en. To such an extent wa
jectionable course of the
that citizens complained of th
on Tuesday Marshal Jarvi
with the necessary paiiers.
six at one time, several
Thev were taken before the City Re
corder, who gave them a lecture and
turned them loose on their promise
to be good. We learn that
of the parents are backing
boys in their meanness, by
the officers for doing their duty.
Now, we are aware that every old
crow thinks that its young squabs are
the blackest, and this may account
for parents thinking their boys to be
hunky doorey, but the fact remains
that anv bov plaving truant from
school, smoking cigarettes a i i play
ine cards, is on the highroad : the
penitentiary, if not the gall a .
The Ntrne of Crime is Chtc ..
s ob
s run
i. and
up the
Condemned Murder Escapes
A dispatch from Vancouver, B. C,
of Tuesday's date savs
"The Northwest Mounted Police be
lieve they have surrounded George
railroad employes rallied to his support Cashel, the murderer who escaped from
and elected him,
When the election of United States
benator came up. Jiansbrousih was one
of the original supporters of Charles IV
Fulton, and materially assisted in the
latter's election.
Hansbroueh has been a resident of
Koseburg for nearly 20 years. He was
conductor on the first train ever run
over the Oregon & California road when
that line was extended from the termi
nus at Koseburg to Ashland, and re
mained in the employ of the company
up to a few months ago, when he
Hansbrough has been an ardent Re
publican all his life, and his friends will
insist on his appointment to the posi
tion now held by J. H. Booth."
Calcarv Barracks. This is the day orig
inally set for his execution, nnd they
hope to have him in the toils again be
fore it ends. A squadron of tne police
is at Springbank, 15 miles west of Cal
gary, where a man answering Casbel's
description called at fonr ranches. He
is now hiding on the prairie, ami the po
lice expect to close in on him ere sunset.
One rancher with whom Ca?hel pat
np said the man was wet through, and
had evidently tried to swim the torren
tial Bow River and had failed. The
farmer said he did not suspect the
tramp was Cashel because he so uneon
cernedly discussed the escape from jail."
Unless the doomed man was exe
cuted in the penitentiary at the time
specified in the writ of execution ac
I l: a r -xi.i. l
The TdMrram is mistalnm: There oruul LU DUlua lavv w unzu
l; it. t i. : i.
has not been a man in Southwest Ore- .
gon who dared to look with longing e fr,.thf w says that
ii - -j t... t tt Geonre Bashel died by hanging at
eyes on ine cnair occupied uvj.n. - . -
Booth, much less asoire to sit in the iuuaJf
' i i j 1 1 1 7 " i 1 Ti
io, at ine nour specinea in ine wru.
At that time if not executed he
ceased to be a living man according
to law and if he continues to live he
is a man without a name or country;
A news dispatch says :
"Debouncing the entire tolice system
as primarily responsible for the crime
epidemic which now grips Chicago, citi
zens ami r -preventatives of reform, civic
and social organisations of the city,
mass meeting at YVillard Hull i Tues
day afternoon, took the initial tia to
ward a federation, which, ui. -r the
Ashland In Terror.
competent inspectoraol this department,
who has recoived invaluable co opera
tion from tho United States Attorney
for Oregon. It is behoved that tho out-
como of the matter will
putting nn end in that
editorial comment upon life and litera
ttiro an ovor.
Special featnres announced for the
year 1004 are a primary course in Span-
go lar toward lsli which, it is promised, will be the
section to tho most complete and satisfactory eleincn-
street about 3 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, evidently preparing to rob Provost's
hardware store. Policeman Long fired
on them, upon their refusal to halt, and
us thev continued to run he fired two
additional shots, whoreupon ono of tho
marauders turned and fired three shots
at long range, in quick succession, hut
without effect. The desperadoes then
made good his escape. Vicious hoboes
have been dropping in hero of late in
great numbers.
thioves fraudulent practices that seem to have tary course of tho kind ever published ;
in se- the very valuable and .interesting remi
nisconces of Gen. John Bidwell, cover
ing his life in California between 1840
and 1850, nnd n translation of a remark
able treatise on mining printed in 1501 .
neretoioro ueen much In vogue
Three men were encountered on Main curing title to public lands.
Roseburg Public Schools.
Hie Deposit Will Remain Deposited
Tho will of the late Cardinal Ilerreroy
Espinosa contains, according to n Fpe-
ial disjmtch from Madrid, the extraord
inary bequest of ?M,000 to the first
Spanish general landing in United
Sta'es territory with an army sufficient-
Iv si rong to avenge the defeats in Cuba
and the Philippines.
Pending; the happenings of this event
the legacy is to remain in the bank of
Hold Up in Roseburg.
Report of tho Koseburg Public Schools T,1'8 will bo profusely illustrated with
for the month ending Dec. 4, 100:1: reproductions from tho splendid en
Whole number enrolled for year 667 gravings included in tho original trcaMso
Number on register at end of month and will show that with tho possible
582 exception of cyaniding and a few other
Number now pupils 22 recent refinements in chemical prowss,
Average number belonging 572 the minors of that date were famili ir
Average daily attendance 543 w,t" and used substantially every melh
Per cent of attendanco 96 0(1 01 mining ana reduction ol ore now
Number neither absent nor tardy 324 practiced
Number of visitors 76 Altogether tho subscriber to "Out
Miss Kidder and Miss Aldrich had no West" for 1001 will get unusually large
cjites of tardiness. returns for his two dollars
Miss Beyers had tho highest per cent
of attendance.
Names of "Roll nf Honor" pupils:
Miss Stuart's room Waldo Masters,
Kenneth Woolley, Freddie Bloberger,
Byron Wright, Vance Perry, Ernest Bar
ker, Wayne Bayle, Clyde Dick, Myrt
Henderson, Greta Kohlhagen, Anneta
trader, Dorothy Cannon, Isabella Ire
land, Gladyss Minkler, Madge Patter
son, Harriet Smith.
Miss Hatfield's room Velma Davis,
Head About to Burst From Severe
Bilious Attack.
Goldie Hoes, Gertrude Dolan, Alta Ar-
Mr. Cluytou was on his way to the chambeau, Fannie Miller, Stella Heiz-
stut ion to check a small lot of luggage, enstein, Elmer Mitchell, Clarence Tes-
prejwratry to departing on tho-'north ter, Earl Howard, Earl Powell.
bound overland. As he was passing be- Miss Akiu's room Molliu Cobb, Ca pi-
fore Hon. Win. R. Willis' residence, op- tola Willis, Allie Ramsey, Stanford
posite the Presbyterian church, he was Anderson.
met by the robber and ordered to throw Miss Thompson's room Wallace Sing-
up his hands. .Mr. Clayton complied, letou, esta Kruse, tannic Campbell,
'I had a severe bilious attack and felt
like my head was about to burst when I
got hold of a free sample of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. I
took a dose of them after supper and
the next day felt like a new man and
have been feeling happy evfr since,"
says Mr. J. W. Smith of Julifi, Texas,
For biliousness, stomach troubles and
constipation these tablets have no
equal. Price 25 cents. For sale by A
C. Marsters & Co.
and the highway man not loosing any
time immediatelv liegan searching his
pockets keepinu him covered with the
revolver. Ai he reached the pocket con
taining the money. Clayton showed his
tnurage by telliug the robber: "There is
f IS in there and you may as well take
it." The robber did so, then placed the
weapon tn Mr. Clayton's lmck and or
dered him to move oii,acompanied him
for a short distance, then disappearing
in the darknew.
Mr. Clayton described the man as be
ing about 5 feet 10 inches tall and of
slender build, with a rather prominent
nose ami Iwht mustache, wearing a
licht colored coat and vest ami a soft
hat, ami the robber stooped somewhat,
Mr. Clayton said heomild easily identify
the robber in case of capture, but the
There will be held in the Method
ist Episcopal church, on next Sunday
afternoon, a public mass meeting, at
2-20 o'clock, under the auspices of
the Anti-Saloon League, which every
citizen of Roseburg la especially in
vited to attend. The Rev. Dr. Chap-
Miss Stewart's room Blanche Chaj- man, who has been doing such good
Viola Willett.
Miss Kabat'a room Willie Dawson,
Hazel Minkler, Helen Wollenberg, Irma
Wollenberg, Frances Alley, Dcssie Geng-
er, Johnnie
Park, Ellie Cobb, Dora
11 : i
pell, Helen Cardwell, Claire Gazley,
Harriet Lytic, .lennie Wharton, I-c-sta
Rhoades, Ivan Woolley, Philip Natcher.
Mirs Kidder's room Lucy Brown,
Pearl Davis, Walter Kruse, John Mitch
ell, Dora Howard.
Miss Aldrich's room Hazel Lytle,
Rav Marsters, Willie Speck, Charlie
Reese, Frances Thompson.
Miss Clark's room Guy Cordon, Ella
Bryan, Rosa Ramsey, Olin Douelas,
Charley Smith, Ruth Wooley Eva Thorn,
Louisa Wrizht.
Miss Cook's room Grace Marsters,
Lucile Ragsdale, Sylva Moore, Cayce
Gray, Maria Turner, Kate Cordon,
Hazel Carton.
Miss Erickson's room Edith Clem
ents, George W barton, Archie Jackson,
Lucy Bridges.
work in Portland in the past two
weeks,will be present and will address
the meeting. He is considered one
of the best speakera whoever crossed
the Rocky mountains, and it will be a
treat to hear him. The Plaint) ealek
does not know the scope of the in
tended crusade against vice and
crime, but it hopes that ways and
means will be devised to free the city
of the murderous villains doinc the
numerous holdup acts.
Senator Mitchell' Relief BUI.
Does Away with, tho Chopping
Knife and Bowl Altogether.
Churchill Woolley,
Roseburg tt-
Store That Does The Business
If it mcaus
an' thing
It's a great word isn't it?
all it means a good deal.
In sickness you should be able tO place reliance not Neley, Alice Mahn, Emma Sehlbrede
onty upon the skill of your doctor but upon the ability of
the druggist to compound your medicine with accuracy
Evefy Doctor iu Roseburg has inspected our labora
tory and approved our facilities for filling flis prescriptions
We would like to have a chance to place one of our
RELIANCE PACKAGES iu your home the next time the
doctor prescribes fornv one iu your family.
A Washington dispatch saya : "Sen
ator Fulton was today directed hy the
Public Lands committee to make a fav
Miss Golder's room Pauline Thomo- orable report on Senator Mitchell's bill
son, Kutn ijibton, uollie Jackson, fctena lor me renei 01 anerman county seiners
Marsters, Genevievo McCrossen, Edith I and his double minimum land bill. The
Patterson, Vivian French, John Kast. I former directs the Secretary of the In-
Hiph School Olivia Risley, Nellie teii jr to make a full investigation into
the cases of settlers who have been du-
Lillie Smith, Grace LaBrie, Jennie Hart, possessed of their lands, under a dea
Ben Conn, Walter Barxee, Blanche sion of the Supreme Court, which
Beard, Ethel Beard, Cora Campbell, awarded the tracks in controversy to
Ituth Balderree. Ellene Flook, Margtret J The Dalles Military Wagon Koad Com-
McCIallen, Flo Sch.ieffer, Dick Gilvin.
A. M. Sanders, Supt.
New Revolutionary Breaks Out.
Washington, Dec. 15. Mr. Simpson,
chair. Every applicant for land of
fice honors directed attention to
Bridges' seat and tried to oust him
because they were afraid of the sup-
nnsfid notvprfnl nnlitiral r.nmhinft
WVimrTWh Tn ih w tiroo and if he was killed by any other man
hPten firw, snd cPT,fv .n- nothing could be.done with his murderj
didates have sprouted for Booth's of
fice and there are more to hear from.
Manufacturing Big Pill Medicine.
er. He could not sue or be sued and
so far as the law is concerned he
would be nothing more than the
ghost of a departed man. In the
whole history of England up to 1870
when the writer ceased to keep track
of English history only five men had
The Portland Telegram on Tuesday
contained the following article:
'Comnlnint is msd hv n mpmhpr of
the State Board of Health that threats escapea irom jail auer tne writ 01
have been made ajraintt him or dire re- execution had been issued and the
suits to follow if he does not recede from day and hour set when they ceased to
the position he has assumed opposing rn ti, ftf HndiPl thfi writ.
osteopathy. Just what these threats)
were the board members refused to say. 1
ho made those threats he does not
had been issued and Cashel escaped
about a week ago. Then the Govern
or issued an extraordinary proclama-
Osteopaths and massage artists who tion or writ extending the time for
advertise to cure diseases are not going the execution but as the stay
to get oB without a hard legal battle, al- r , , , , , ,
though the State Board of Medical Ex- , " "
aminera seems to be resting on its oars, DY lne escapeu ieion or nis lawyers,
in the matter of prosecution at present, nor by the representatives of the
Evidence is being gathered and com- Crown while the man was awaiting
plaints are being made out but the ball erennfion. the writ nf stay nf ft-re mi-
7 j -
tion cannot have any force. This
will not be set rolling until the board
meets, the first of next month.
"The osteopaths are trying to bluff
the State Board of Medical Examiners,"
said a prominent member of that board
yesterday, "and they try to bluff Legis
latures and jndges into permitting them
to openly violate the law. I have even
received threatening letters telling me
what the violators of the law would do
to me if I presisted in this matter, but
this does not deter me in the least.
"The board has the written opinion of
the Attorney-General of the state in re
gard to the Etatus of these so-called doc
tors, and we will not stop short of the
State Supreme Court once we have be
gun prosecution. These healers depend
on the sympathy of juries in the lower
courts, but we do not propose to stop
at the lower courts. We will take the
cases right up on appeal. We were dis
posed to concede something in favor of
these practitioners, but their course of
braggadocio has had the effect of mak
ing the board more determined than
ever to prosecute violators of the law."
The State Board of Medical Examin
ers will hold its annual meeting in Port
land on January 5, 6, and 7, when a
number of applicants will be examined
in regard to their qualifications to prac
tice medicine within the state. Tho
prosecution of the osteopaths will then
be taken up.
But the latter are not sitting idly by,
awaiting developments. They are fully
organized'in Portland and the Medical
Board will find a good array of legal tal
ent and many technicalities to cope
with. The osteopaths claim they will
lest their cases in their constitutional
This is a free country where every
-man can enjoy any kind of cult and
case is more technical than the Baker
City case where Pleasaht Armstrong
was sentenced to be executed and af
terwards the law was changed so that
all murderers after a given date
should be executed at Salem and the
judge has re-sentenced Armstrong to
be executed at Baker City on Janu
ary 22, 1904.
Delinquent tax lists arc now being
published in a number of the counties of
this state. Regarding such publications
the Oregon statutes provicd that these
lists shall be set in type not larger than
nonpareil and shall be paid for at a rate
not exceeding 25 cents per line. It is
noticeable that in Douglas county a
much larger type is being used, and it
therefore becomes the duty of the coun
ty officials to proportionately reduce tho
rate per line, in comformity with both
the letter and tho spirit of the law. The
county debt is now piling up rapidly
and all grafts should be 6trictly cut off.
Roseburg Review.
For the past ten years all the tax
lists of the county have been set up
in .the same kind of type as set up
this year. A large number of the
counties have used the same kind and
style of machine type this year. So
far as the Plaindealeu man is con
cerned he did not know the law in
the case or it would have been carried
out, not only in the letter, but in the
spirit; and if a mistake has been made
will a just reduction. At the
Ftulerton Ricliardson
pany, or its successor, ana to refori to
congress next session whether terms
can be made with the Wagon Road
Company whereby these settlers may
be restored to their lands, which were j
entered upon and improved in good
faith. He is also directed to ascertain
the extent and value of the improve
ments made by each settler.
The double minimum bill, which has
appeared year after year for many Con-
Near Depot
lead of the Citizen's Association, is to
mhke a united, determined tf..'t to
drive criminals from Chictg-' t ' reak
up the hold-up man's reign of i- -r.
ThU action by all the clubs I so
cieties was made itcceary ty 1 terri
ble condition of the eity. "A 1 m CO
days, there have leen 12 runt ' by
robbers and more thmi 909 r ries.
No one can he said to be sti- the
street- at any time after night, I hu
man life ie the cheapest comm. . y in
the second city in the United S
Rabbi Emit Uirech said : ' hi capo
baa become a by-word for vklf i.f, an
archy, crime and destruction.'' He
said it is hieb time this noterie'y be
stamped out. Dr. Hirseh al ouu.nent
ed on the violence precipitated hy link
ers, and asserted that orciiWt I U'w
should be held responsible, and tdiould
se to it in the future that the I w is
strictly obeyed.
Iloyt King believed the 'di
should be located in trying to cn luu,t a
campaign against crime in a ciy as
lame as Chicago." He niege"'' the
police department and the Juitie - Court
as open to investigation. He iei rred
to the police department of ayetr 11-40,
which showed that out of 70,000 arrests,
alout 41,000 prieoners were di-barged
and 25,000 had been punished. He did
not believe all the arrests were made
that should have been made, or thai the
persons arrosteo had always met adi-quato
authorities are unable to find any clue
to the identity of the robber.
Senator renrose has introduced a
resolution in the Senate asking the
postmaster general to transmit to the
Senate committee on postoiRcs and
post roads all of the papers connect
ed with the recent postoflice investi
gation. Mr. Penrose will en:eavor
to have tho Senate stir the grafters
up a little .on its own account.
Tho Most Holy Pope of Rome has
offered his services to President
Roosevelt to settle the Columbian fi
asco. If any deacon, priest, bishop
or elder is needed to settle the mat
ter, we have at least one hundred
thousand of them in the United
States who have no axes to grind in
the matter. It will, however, be a
bad day for this country when reli
gious orders attempt to control the
country, but if we have to submit to
religious domination in our political
affairs, we favor giving the home
brand a chance,
Alleged Frauds in Oregon.
The following is taken from Secretary
Hitc'ienck's rejwrt:
"Dnring tne past year there have
been indicted and arrested in. the State
of Oregon, charged with forgery and
conspiracy to defraud the Government,
a United States Commissioner and three
others, the first being a woman. The
United States Commissioner has been
removal from her office, and all are wait
ing trial by the court.
"It is alleced that several hundred en
tries and final proofs were mnde before
this Couiumsioner under tho act of
March II, 1902 (31 Stat. L , 790), all of
which have lueii or are being examined
by officers of this department. The
niethodH Hirsued by these parties arc
alleged to have been substantially as
follows :
"Forged entry (wipers of fictions entry
men alleged to have been executed be
fore the United States Commissioner,
alleging settlement on a tract of land
within the limits of a forest reserve
prior to the creation of such reserve,
would be transmitted to the local land
office. Within a month thereafter,
probably, final proof notices on said en
try wouid ianiie, and after tho period of
publication required, forged proofs, al
leged to have been executed lefore this
Commissioner, would bo transmitted to
the local land office, whore, everything
on tho face of tho papers being regular,
they would bo forwad d by tho Register
and Receiver to the General Lind Of
fice at Washington, where no intimation
of fraud appearing, tho proof was ap
proved and patent on tho entry issued.
" rhoreaf ter, forged deeds alleged to
have been executed by the fictitious
cntrymen before this Commissioner or a
notary public, conveying tho land to
-one of tho parties to tho conspiracy.
would bo duly filed for record, ami
thereafter the land would bo transferred
by ono of said parties to some other per
son, or else made a basis for a lieu selec
tion under the act of Juno 4, 1897.
V. 8. Attorney Complliuctitctl.
"Suits have been h-ought in a num
ber of instances in tho Federal courts to
vacate patents and to restore to tho
public domain the lauds acquired by
those alleged fictitious cntrymen.
"Tho labor involved in obtaining the
evidence of these forgeries and conspire?
cics and 'm presenting tho Baine to tho
Federal grand jury lias covered a period
6f many months, uud has occupied al
most the entire time of ono of tho most
the United States Consul at Puerto
Plata, San Domingo, has cabled the
State Department under today's date
that a revolution has broken out at San
tiaio, and that the movement is exten
sive and serious. This is supposed to be greases, proposes to repay U-25 an acre
the result of the failure of the provision- " ,OS43 settlers wno paia an
j al government to secure recognition at tor their lands, supposing they were
the hands of United States Minister within the limits of the Northern Pacif-
Powell. which fact operated to prevent c grant in Eastern Oregon
that government from obtaining mon.y The fact that the Northern Pacific
nnrrtnmninbiin itU. thmiipli n never constructed its road down the
npot.m imn I Colombia river nullified its grant in
Notions is known of the reported Eastern Oregon, but those settlers with
plots against the life of United States e original limits 01 mat grant, wno
.Minister Powell, but tho navy will paiu tiouuie minimum prce lor ineir
mil. nil nw-Pf-Mr-niwantions to nrotect lanus, nave never oeen ante to recover
the American location in San Domingo, half that amount.
line this lull is in every way equita-
It doesn't require any considerable ex
pense to wear good clothes if you exercise
good judgment in selecting from thor
oughly reliable and correctly priced stocks
such as ours. The Fall and Winter dis
play is at it s best. St3'les and materials
to please the most critical. Prices 25 per
cent less than you will pay at other stores.
We call particular attention to our line of
Oregon Cashmeres, fancy Worsted, Fan
cy Cheviot and Thibet suites. All our
suits from $12.00 up have non-breakable
front. Hand padded Shoulders and Hand
Tailored Collars. All are Union Made
and marked at from $5 to $18
able line of the leading styles in all the
newest mixtures and plain materials,
$7.50 to $20.00.
ever3'thing that is good and that will turn
rain. $2.25 to 15.00.
Boys' Suits, Boys' Overcoats and a com
plete stock of
General Merchandise.
Phone 721
Write for Prices and Samples
Notice of Final Account.
Charges against Consul Good now.
Charges against the official conduct of
John Gooduow, United States consul
general at Shanghai, China, have been
received at the state department. The
department officials decline information
as to the character of the charges. It is
admitted that they are of a very serious
nature, but officials are of the opinion
that the evidence furnished to support
them is not strong. Mr. Goodnow is
expected within a day or two. He is
bringing the commercial treaty between
the United Suites and China which pro
vided for tho opening of Manchurian
Be Quick.
ot a minute should be lost when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham
berlain'a Cough Remedy given as soon
ns tho child becomes hoarse, or even af
ter the croupy cough appears, will pre
vent the attack. It never fails, nnd is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale by
A. C. Marsters it Co.
All Hall and Hell.
able, the large appropriation that it
carriej, by inference, stands in the way
of its passage, especially at this time,
when economy is the watchword in the
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannos
reach tho deceased portion of tho ear.
There is only one way to enro deafness,
and that is bv constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an intlamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is in
tlamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, ami when it is entire
ly closed, deafness is the result, and un
less the inilamation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its norninl con
dition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever ; nine cases out of ten are caused
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous services.
We will givo Ono Hundred Dollors for
any caso of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Tills are tho best.
ECe Bishop. FUlntl-t. )
Dvid Bishop, Dtfen.lanO
To DartJ BUhop, lhe iboTe named defend
ant :
In the name of the date of nrrgoa too are
heteby required to appear and answer the com
plaint filed aralnu joa In the kbore enUJJed
su.t on or belore the Ulh day Janaarr,19)t: and
11 yon fall to appear or anier. for want there
of the plaintiff will n:ly to tne coon for the
relief demanded In plaimlfTa complaint, to-wit-
)7ora decree of dtwloUoa of the CLvriasc
contract made at Oderille in the cotsctT of
Sieren in tne state of Washington on th- isth
day of April l!& and for the care and cuUxlr
of the ndrtor children, the Issne ol said isxr
rlasre. to-wlt: lUnry Biaaor. Belle Bbbopand
f I 111 . .1. I w w . 1 1 -
tmrwmtinu of this suit, and tor snch utnerre- J
lie! as t the nwm mar Kvm equitable. ;
This raoBKuu l published by order of the ,
Him J. . Hamilton. Judge of the above e3- '
titled curt. made and entered on the 1st day of '
ix-cemocr r.ut, in anu oj wnica onier it is
pmcribed that this summons shall be pnb
I'sbcd In the FuitxDuua. a newspaper of
wneral circulation p .Mished in IXraclas coun
ty state o! Orejron. once a week for six conse
cutive weeks. I el ii I ok with iburniar theStd
day of December. an cad Ir e with Thurs
day Jannary Hla 1SOI. The date of the first
publication of this summons is Thursday. Dec
ember 3rd, 19(38.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, in Douglas County.
In the matter of the estate of )
Washington Hughes, deceased. )
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed executor of the above entitled
estate has filed his final account, in set
tlement thereof, and the court by order
duly made and entered of record'on the
Journal thereof, has fixed Monday the
4th day of January. 1904, at ten o'clock
a m of said day for hearing objections if
any there be, to said final account, and
! the settlement of said estate. That the
order of taid court is dated the 16th dav
oi .ovember i"AK.
Dated this 19th day of November,
L. D. Hughes,
Executor of the estate of Washington
Hughes, deceased.
Sheriffs Sale.
Assistant Editors.
Tho Lawrenco (Kan.) liazetto gives
an account of the divorce suit brought
bv "Uncle" Patterson against his young The PLAINDEALER needs an As-
wife. Patterson took the stand in "his sistant Editor or Correspondent at
own behalf. "How long did you court e fc offico or settl0ment in
vour wife?" ho was nsked. , . lriA.
"How long did I cou't huh, how long Douglas county for the year 1904.
did 1 cou't huh?" replied tho old man
bieaking into peals of laughter. "I
didn't cou't huh, she done cou'ted me I"
"Jedgo," ho went on, "th fust two
years uv married lifo wer like th sun
shino on th' meddow nn' th' co'nfield.
Then came th' rumblings uv th' sto'm.
Th' clouds done cum up nn' th' wind do
blow. Der wer rnstlin's an' murmur
in's, nn' th' sun nn th' moon dun quit
shinin'. Den th rain, data th' tear
draps, an' th' thunder, dats th' rum
Win' uv huh voice, dun knocked th
happiness out uv our Uvea. Now, jedge,
it's all hail an' hell."
Out West for i904.
Tho publishers of "Out West" pub
lished in Los Angeles, Cal., announce
that it will bo as beautifully illustrated
nnd filled with ni entortnining a variety
of history, description, Btory, yoree and
iV certificate of appointment will be
issued to every assistant to represent
the Plaindealer in their respective
communities and all applications must
bear the endorsement of two good
The Plaindealer Publishing Co.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice Is. hereby given that the un.lrslBn
administrator of .he t-stato of Thomas Uu. sca 2
deceased, hu Sled bli final account In salsh
estate with tho county clerk of Douglas count yd
Oregon, and that Monday the 11 day of Janu.
ry, 1MM, at 10 o.clocl. a, tn. ha been set by th i
lion M. 1). Thompson, county ludxu ol auld
county, lor hearlUR objections, If any, to said
final account, and tor tho tlual settlement of
ihu same. First publication ol this notice bo
Iiir the 10 day of December, 19uS.
K. K. Wilson
AdmlnMrnlor ol tho cntatu of Thornm Dun,
calh, deceased. d 10 p
A Chriutnias danco will bo given nt
tho Armory hall on Christmas evo by
tho Rosoburg Orchestra.
Notice by publica
tion, of summons
l.v IiieCi cuit Cockt Of TucSraTKOp
Ok&ion For Docglas Cocxtt.
Sarah E. Seiver "
George W. Seiver,
Defendant. J
To George W. Seiver the above named
In the name of the state of Oregon.
You are required toappearand answer
the complaints filed acainst you in the
above entitled suit and court on or be
fore the ISth day January, 1901, and i
you failato appear and answer said com
plaint gainst yon as hereby required
and within the said time, rilaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief demand
ed in her complaint, to-wit:
For a decree dissolving the marriare
contract now existing between the plain
tiff and defendant.
This summons is rnblished by order
of the Hon. J. W. Hamilton, judge of
tho End Judicial District of Oregon
which order is dated November 16,1903,
nnd the time prescribed in the said order
for publication of this summons is once
n week for six consecutive weeks preced
ing the listh day of Jannary, 19lH, and
tho dalo of the first publication there
fore is tho 16th dav ol November, 1903
Attorney for l'laintifi.
Admiaiastralors Notice of Final Settle
In the matter of estate of P. A. Har
ris, deceased.
Notico is hereby given that the under
signed administrator of tho above named
estate has filed in the above Court his
account in final settlement of said es
tate, and the judge of said court bv or
der duly made and entered of record
therein, has fixed Monday, tho -Ith day
of January, 1901, at '2 o'clock p. m.o.
said day for hearing objection, if any, to
said final account and the settlement of
Dated the 20th day of November 1903
E. G.kUodson, tho gamo warden who
resigned several months uco. has been
re-appointed to his old position.
tnts. J
In i the CUcuit Court of the State ol Oregm for
R- A. RMfiii.
A. E. Molemitd Alpbi
-JkitMCT- CIS ortfs
VaHm I V . ...
4 w-L-cwj KiYcil la&fc DT TiriXlC Ol A3
eierution du oidcr of ple 2alr out of
tne atore named court &ml can oa the iSiti
CSV nf .ilrutn Mi
deen e duly rriwlemi. aaJ entered In raid court
nn fn QtH iaAKui.iu.. -
. .. - -j w wwwii its, qj (unuwarc
I ixinuff ant asahm the above naxacd D!eml
ani. and ajctixut ine heivin-Utrr mention!
- -"- vjmm at- uwuvt
and described mortcased nrorrtT tor th nm
taesaO. with tnUrvst tberroa at the rate ol
y t .uu iummysi iccrc-oa at ine rate ot
6 per cent per annum from the 9th rtv of Octo-
A siui anu apiMi mis wril:
-Nw therefore. I will oa Saturdar. IVrember
Mth.19.. at l:Co o eioct jv m of
lhe Uiurt Houe front door, in Koseburg. Doug
LV J01 I y ron, sell at publU: acetion to the
highest bid.'cr for cash In hand, ail the rlsht.
line and interest which lhe sid defendants, or
Si.1.. oI um b,uJ- on the Stth day of April.
Mi or at any time thereafter in or to the fol
to In described premises, to-vrit:
All that portion ot the northeast qaarterlof
the t.otttat quarter ot secUon 21. described as
follows, vo-wlt : Commencing at a state in ta
south boundary of the northeast quarter ot th
northeast qutrter ot svctlon 22. 20 chain south
and io chain west of the cortheasl corner ot
Mid (wtlon 21, thence runninj: north to tho
south line ot the county road leading from
Kwebunc up Der Creek, thence tasterlj alonjc
said county road to wheie the same Intersect
the east Lno ot said section 2J, thence south
along; said line to the southeast corner ot too
northeast quarter ot the northeast quarter ot
said section . thence west 10 chains to tho
place of beginning, containing 10 acres more or
to a.
Also that portion of the northwest quarter ot
section -t. described as follows, to-wtt: Com
mencing at the point wh re the countt toad lead
ing up OeerCrck from K.wburc Intersects tho
west Hue f said section 23. thence southeaster
l j alon; tha south line ot said count! road to a
point where the sure crosses th Im running;
northand south through me center ot said sec
Uon 13, thence s-uth along said line to the cen
ter of said socUon 2, thence west lo the quarter
post between said sections 2i and 23. thence
north along the line between said sectlocs to
the place ot beglnning.contalnlngsa acre mora
or less.
Also the southeast quarter of the northeast
quarter and the east half of the southeast quar
ter of secUon 21, containing 120 acre more or
Also the southwest quarter of section 23, con
taining 160 actts more or less
AlM the northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter and the southwest quarter of the north
ct quarter and the uorthwest quarter ot the
southwest quarter ot section 2S, containing 120
ac ts more or less.
Also the east halt ot the east half ot section 27
cout.ln. ng ii o acre note or les.
AH of the above described land being In
J?.hlp 21 j0"1. rango 5 west. WlUametu
.Meridian, and containing In the aggregate o
acrea mure or les. Toether with the tene-
ents. hcrvdltamenu an t at-purtenancea
thereto belonging, or In anywise apiertainlng.
And will apply the proceeds ot such sale.flisl
to the payment ol the cota and disbursements
ot said sale, to tho paymeut ot the said sum ot
il,9u duo plaintiff with InUiest thereon at
thfl rtlnnl AlMP Mint anna.M a.., ,W- mw
day ot OctoUjrali-Oi.aud the iTer ilus H aar.
thi-l-xl-M -n V itvaw t.- ilia V .
htf lirtlfHsilf a 111 I In .i.a .
dricd aud Uelivrrvd, ivmmanainr me to U
oer prorlded bj Umt.
e, tm , K, L. PARUOIT.
li a.V