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    birth Rate In New York.
The birth rate figures of New York
city, calculated by periods of time by
Dr. Louis Haupt of the board of educa
tion, have been made public. The fig
ures for the first quarter of this year
give a general rate for the entire city of
eleven babies born every hour.
This is apparently an enormous in
crease over the birth rate for the corres
ponding quarter of last year, hut is not
really a more than normal increase and
is arcounte-i for by the natural increase
in the a lult population The figures
are more comprehens ve than ever
fore, and that makes the apparent
Nevertheless, a birth rate of eleven
children an hour is very great, and
shows the rapid progress of the city
tow.ird being the greatest in the world
Dr. Haupt conjectures that the birth
rate in the more thickly populated dis
tricts of the East Side is fifteen an hour,
and in the most contested districts at
least twenty an hour.
He admitted that he thought a con
jectural rate of one baby a month in the
ultr-afashionable districts, including
Murray Hill, would be a fair estimate,
but he eaid that he would not want to
be responsible for that estimate.
On the West Side above Fourteenth
street, Dr. Haupt believes the birth rate
to be from eight to fifteen an hour.
The sections of the city built up with
what are known as apartment houses
have a birth rate of approximately five
children an hour.
Fortunes In Goats.
A statement just presented by the de
partment of commerce and labor,
through its bureau of statistics, shows
that importations of goat skins into the
United States are now running at the
rate of $25,000,000 per annum, and that
a large share of these are brought from
India, China, Arabia and southeastern
Russia. The increasing popularity of
certain classes of kid leather for, foot
wear, as well as gloves, has increased
very greatly the demand for goat ekins
in the United States within recent years
In 18S5 the.value of goat skins imported
was about $4,000,000; by 1S90 it had
grown to $9,000,000, by 1S9S it was
$15,000,000, in 1900 it was $22,000,000
and in 1903, $25,000,000, in round num
The farmers of the United States are
apparently making no effort to reap any
part of this golden harvest for them
selves. The census of 1900 showed the
total number of goats in the United
States to be less than 2,000,000 in num
ber, and when it is understood that the
skins of probablv 20.000.000 eoata were
required to make $25,000,000 worth im
ported last year, it would seem that the
Bupply from the United States could
have formed but a small share of the
total consumption. Yet the fact that a
large share of our supply of this impor
tant import comes from India, China,
France and Mexico suggests that there
are large areas in the United States
which might produce goats successfully
and in sufficiently large numbers to
supply the entire home demand.
Hayhurst Notes.
Mrs. Davis, of Corning, Cal., mother
of S. Y. Davis, with her youngest son
and grandson, was visiting here this
Hermann Miller and his cousin, Ches
ter Miller, left for Jefferson, on Wednes
day of last week.
Mrs. Chas. Stanley and daughter,
were quite sick last week, but are well
once more.
Jack McKirdy is hauling lumber and
building a new residence. Mrs. McKir
dy returned home last Saturday from a
visit to relatives near Yoncalla.
A number of relatives from here at
tended the funeral of "Uncle Charley'
Mrs H. D. Yett and children and
Mrs. Jas. A. Davis and children, of Yon
calla, were visiting the latter's sister,
Mrs. J. T. Miller, last Sunday.
.Between ten and hiteen men are
working on the new Billy creek saw
mill. Unless the work is pushed along
rapidly and the machinery hauled be
fore the roads get muddy, there will be
no lumber sawed this winter. How
ever, if good weather prevails, a great
deal may be accomplished in a short
time. Pbo Boso Publico
Distress in England.
A London news dispatch of Tuesday'
date says: While Brown and Sulley.
his fellow gambler, are enjoying the mil
lions wrung from the cotton corner, the
cotton manufacturing districts of Lanca
shire and adjacent countries have
reached an acute stage in the period
depression precipitatid by the American
manipulators of the cotton market.
dozens of towns in the cotton districts of
England thousands of men loiter work
less in the streets, while women and
children suffer hunger. In Blackburn
Glossop, Mottram and a dozen other
towns smokeless chimneys and the silent
walls of closed mills overshadow thou
sands of homes of men thrown out of
work because the price of cotton pro
hibits its use by English manufacturers.
The distress is widespread. Soup kit
chens Iiave been opened in all the mill
towns in Lancashire. The spinners'
unions relief funds are nearly exhausted
Thousands of men, women and children
are on the verge of starvation. Addi
tional mills are closing daily, adding
hundreds to the army of unemployed
Churches and charitable institutions are
unable to cope with the distress, which
is acute and increasing daily. The fed
eration of master cotton spinners met in
Manchester and decided that the mills
still open must run on short time until
October 10, when it is hoped that the
corner will be broken. Xhe prospect of
relief, howeven, is dismal.
Lancashire and adjacent counties re
ceive normally 600,000 bales of cotton
weekly. Last week not a single bale ar
rived. The Liverpool master spinners
declare that if they paid Brown's price
for cotton they would make a weekly
loss of t3000. Meanwhile the mills are
idle, waiting for a break in prices, and
tens of thousands of woman and chil
dren face hunger and want. In Bury
alone 2000 persons are reduced to living
wholly on charity funds. Six months
ago all were earning living wages in the
mills. The relief officers found many
families of spinners too proud to accept
charity living on kitchen refuse and po
tato peelings.
The amalgamated association of cotton
spinners that met to consider the results
of the American gambling in cotton re
ports i "We have the spectacle of the
cotton trade of the world dislocated by
the immoral trading of American gamb-
lors. It is impossible to foresee the
end. We believo the time has arrived
for drastic action to prevent a recur
rence of the present situation. If it is
beyond the wit of the legitimate trading
community to de iso means of preven
tion of gambling in food and raw ma
terials, all civilized governments ought
to be sought to make the offense a crimi
nal one."
With winter close at hand, bring
ing cold and wet weather, the people
of Salem are beeinninc to wonder
where they are going to get their
supply of winter wood. The wood
problem has been worrying a good
many for several years, but in the
meantime it has not been growing
anv better. As the city srrows in
population and industry, the demand
for wood is rapidly increasing and in
a corresDondine ratio the supply di
minishing. There is at present very
ittle wood left in that vicinity, with
in a reasonable distance, and those
who are compelled to haul from a
distance are demanding prices which
will pay them a good profit. All
summer long grub oak sold for $5
per cord from the farmer's wagon,
and now the man is fortunate who
can secure a cord of grub oak for
less than $5.50 per cord or $6 sawed
But the scarcity of old fir is felt even
more than oak. Old fir wood is sell-
r o- 1 j - '
ing for So per cord and is very scarce
at that figure. Second growth fir
sells for $4.50 per cord, with a few
dealers selling for $4.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least one
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure in all its stages, and that is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers, that they offer one
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testimon
nials Address F. J. Chenney & Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family pills are the best.
Trespass Notice.
The public is hereby warned not to
trespass upon the premises, not to hunt
for or shoot any kind of bird or animal
on the Da Motta farm and pasture land
located east of.Roseburg under penalty
of the law made and provided.
M. T. Dawson, Prop.
Roseburg, Oregon, Aug. 18, 1903.
is prepared to wait upon old
and new customers and friends
with a full, and complete
stock of
All fresh and of .the very best
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialties. Your patronage
try Tor-Lrann Cfr Dnuhfirir
tiuber -Atat efcaiNfl
City and MinmgJPropor,7, Home
steads and Timber Claims Located,
the best now vacant;. $?p fees paid
untilJFjling accepted.- "Belinquish
mehtsj&cght and sold. ; : :
Homes from $250 to $5000
Write or 'Phone
Wm. M, Porter.
Real Estate Agent and Notary
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Guide
Camas Valley, Oregon
25 mllcaconta well ot Kotebarg
Administrator's Sale
of Real Prop-
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue
of an order made by the County Court
of Douglas County, State of Oregon, in
the matter of the estate of Thomas
Dunseath, deceased, on the 28th day
of September, 1903, and entered in the
Probate Records of said Court on said
day, directing and authorizing me, the
under-signed administrator of the said
estate, to sell at either public or 'private
sale, as provided by la, the real prop
erty of, and belonging to the s.dd estate,
to the highest bidder, for cash in jiand,
for the purpose of paying off the claims
against the said estate and the expenses
of administration.
ixow, tnereiore, by virtue ol said or
der, I will, on and after Saturday, Octo
ber 31st, 1903, at one o'clock in the af
ternoon of said day, proceed to sell and
offer for sale to the highest bidder, for
cash in hand, tho following described
real property owned by the said estate
and described as follows, to-wit: The
E4 ot the SWK of Sec. 20, Township 32
Stewart Land Co.,
Rsea 4, Taykr & Wflsos Heck
South, of Rango 5 Wcst.Willahietto Me
ridian, in Douglas County, Oregon, co
taining 80 acres, more or less.
Dated at Rosehurg, Oregon, this -'0th
day of September, A. D. 1903.
E. E. Wilson,
Administrator of the estate of Thomas
Dunseath, Deceased.
First publication, Oct. 1st, 1903.
D. S. T. West, having accepted soveral
old and reliable file insurance compa
nies, is now prepared to do a general
fire insunnce business. Insure with
him. Office at the City Hall. 102-tf.
Write your FarmExperience and Send
In 1902 the Southern Pacific Company
published a pamphlet entitlod "Cali
fornia Industries". It contained princi
pally the personal testimonies of expert
enced cultivators, says the Pacific Homo-
stead. A short description of the dif
ferent sections was given and following
this the testimonies of fruit growers,
dairymen, etc., etc., showing the number
of acres cultivated to oranges, grapes,
olives, alfalfa, etc., the cost to cultivate
the yield per acre and price the products
were sold for. This was one of the most
practical pieces of literature that could
be put out. Mr. W. E. Coman, G. P. A
of the Southern Pacific Company, has
written the agents of that company in
Oregon that it is the intention to get up
a similar publication for Oregon and
asks that all who are able to give the
results from their farms, dairies, fruit
orchards, berry patches, etc., in Oregon
write the results for publication in the
pamphlet. He says he wants only the
actual results under favorable conditions
the same as can be accomplished by
any intelligent grower under normal
conditions ; that is, he wants only honest
representations. Anv of our readers in
Oregon who will take the time to give
their experiences will be doing the com-
pat.y a courisey auu uiu Hiaiu justice
i j ....
Soman, or to the I'laindkal "B and it wil
forwarded to him
Mr. Man, you want facts. We are
going to give you facts. As you read
them over you will know they are facts
And we can prove they are facts.
It is a fact that McCormick Binders,
Mowers and Rakes are the standard by
which all others are guaged.
It is a fact, Racine Buggies, Hscks
and Road Wagons are far outstripping
our competitors' lines.
It is a fact that the Bain Wagon is the
most successful, durable and economical
wagon on the market.
It is a fact that the above are all in
cluded in the Big 3. You can find them
at S. K. Sykes. Roeehurg, Ore.
See the Title Guarantee & Loan
for blue printi and filing papers.
For Trade Small farms in Southern
Indiana to trade for Oregon property
H. L. Ball. 33tf.
Get your abstracts ot title from J. D
Hamilton. He has the only complete
set of abstract booxa in the county, tf
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very choice fruit trees, all leading
varieties. Spitzenberg and lellow New
town Pippin apples a specialty. For
sale at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Nurseries, H. Schroten, Roseburg
Oregon. 56tf
For Sale.
75 lambs and 130 ewes, Merino and
Cols wold sheep. Address Paul V. Cuvil
Her, Wardton, Orecon. 71 lm.
For Sale.
Gold coin winter wheat, white Rus
sian side oats, vetch seed, Siberian oat
yielded 549 bushels per acre 2 years ago,
also pure leghorns and plymouth rock
fowls, and Scotch Collie puppies, the
finest in the land. Address . A
Kecsk, Roseburg, Oregon. C6-lm.
Piano Buyers.
ion will notice that we do not have
to be continually striking out for a new
make of Pianos. The Keedhatn has been
our leader for 14 years and is today
leader among the high grade pianos of
the world. Some cheap pianos are made
high grade simply by getting a boost in
the Oregonian or some other leading
paper, through those big dealers who
think they can, and do make the major
ity of people believe it simply because
they say so. It doesn't take ink, boost
or high commissions to make a good
piano, but instead the very best
mechanics, and the very best material
such as are always used in Needham
pianos. 29-tf
T. K. Richardson,
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
H. Little,
0203 IT
fcssSk Non-Magnetic
jtfB -SUM 83rr Cat
Lin ftrufcbr
J Elaatratad Booklet
ifflffln !Ti flufcr
I L J IThmiEHlul
1 g P 3 Wita ft.
B7rl iJ oak- u
Professional Cards.
Phono e11'S?851 Residence.
JOffice 1163 Weal Roeeburtr
Office: Hoom 11 Taylor & WlUo- Block
examination Vrfm nfflrtA hmit. o i -
3 to A p. m. Uraduate Htllt College ot OateoDalbV
Oourt Hon
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O.
'Phone Main 591.
Physcian & Surgeon.
office Rexlew ma.
Phone. Main 31
Robkbubo Obicqon
Special attention siren to: Diseases
ol lb Ho.
ana Throat.
Office Main 8L, one door south of
Phone. Main 341.
City Hsll
Renew Building,
Telephone No. 4.
M. Cbawfohd a J. O. Watson
Attorneys ;at Law,
RoomalAt. Bank Bulla.. ROdlBORQ,Uk.
-Business before the O 8 Land Office and
auului cue a peel alt 7.
RoxiBiiui, Okioox.
Bullae-- tIore U.S. Land OQouand Probate
buuneea a rceclally.
OSW Abraham Building.
WU' practice in ail the State and Federal Couru
Omre in Marka Bid., Koaeburg, Oregon.
W. BBN80N,
A t torney-at-La w.
toot 1 and 2
Tlew Building.
A. BUCHANAN, Notary Public.
A t torn ey-a t-Law.
Collections a Specialty.
Room S
afarsten Building. ROSKBOKQ, O
Attorney at Law
Eooa 11.
Taylor A Wilson Block.
RoacBnao, On
Land Surveyor.
Ofice, Room 6. Taylor & Wilson Block.
Roe Farm for Sale.
A good 800 acre farm for sale five
aiiles from Myrtle Creek, 100 acres in
cultivation, balance hill, pasture and
timbered land. Small orchard, good
house, barn and other improvements
For price and terms apply to P. T. Mc-
Gee, Myrtle Creek, or D. S. K. Buick,
Roseburg, Oregon. S-tf
Smith' Dandruff Pomade
Stops itching scalp upon one applies
tion, three to six removes all dandruff
and will stop falling hair. Price 60c.
For sale by Marsters Drug Co. mltf
New and Larger Build in;. New Presses'
New Stereotype Plant, New
and Modern Appliance la
every Department.
Tbe Toledo Blade la now Installed In its new
building, with a modern plant and equipment.
and (acllltlea equal to an j publication between
New York and Mca(o. It la tbe oaljr Wecklr
newspaper edited expresalj- lor ererr atate and
territory. Tbe News of the World soananxed
that busy people can more easily 'comprehend
than by reading cumbersome columa of rallies,
All current topic made plain in each Issue by
apedal editoral matter, written from inception
down to date. Tbe only paper published esped
ally (or people who do or do not read dally sewa
papers, and yet thirst (or plain (acta, (bat
this kind ot a newspaper la popular, Is proven
by the (a t that tbe Weekly Blade now baa orer
1S0JCO3 yearly subscribers, and la circulated In
allparlaol the U.S. In addition to the news
tbe BUde publishes short and aerial aloriet, and
manr department ol matter aulted to every
member of the family. Only one dollar a year
Write for free specimen copy. Addreaaa
Toledo, Ohio.
The Greatest Farm Paper of the North,
-west. Published weekly at Salem, Ore
iron. Edited by the Farmers of tbe
O'orthwest. Twenty Pages. Illustrated.
g Papera for $i oo. Lrss than acta each
Publication began March 1. 1900. Now
has o.aoo subscribers. Phenomenal growth
la due to lta being tho beat farm paper pub
52.75 A YEAR,
Qo to .. ;.
For a Prompt and First-class
Shave or Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workmen, Clean Tow
els, Tools always in shapo.
Baths in Connection.
Shop on Jackson 8t.
t a
iff. I
Soeiety fleeting.
AF. A A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds regular meetings on second
and f nrth Wednrtfltlaya of each
month. O. P. Cosnow, W. M.
N. T. JkwiTT, fiecretary.
AO. U. W. Roaebnrg Lodge No. 10.
Meets the second and fourth Mon-
days of ach month at 7:30 p. m.,
in the I. O. O. F. Hall. Members in
good Atandinir arn mvitnd to attend.
F. M. Toxica M. W.
. H. Lknoz Recorder.
D. .8 Wbst, Financier.
r O. ELK8. Roseburg Lodge No
32(1. Holds regular communica
tions at I O. O. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thursdays of each month.
All members requested to attend reitn
larlv and all viaitinz brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. B. Waits, K. R.
Ror McClallpn, Secretary.
. JS. U , meets at Armory Hall every
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Hamux, Capt.
No. 13. Sliets 2nd and 4tu inure
day eTenibs of each month in Na
tive Sons' Hall. Vinitlng members cor
dially lmui to attend.
Mas. Mkkit West, C. of H.
E. H. LicNNox.Rec.
fOF A. Court Donulaa No. 32, For
eatrs of America. Meets every
TiiNxlay evening in Native 3ons'
Hall. Vialting brother always welcome.
S. W.VanZilk C. R.
E H. Lkxox. R. P.
E. V. Uoovkk, Ptiveician.
O. O. F. Philt-tarian Lodjte No. 8.
M-H in Odd Fultowe' Temple, cor
ner Jickeon and Caaa eueets, on
Saturday evening each wtu-K Mem
bers of the order in itond ftmndiiig ara
Invited to attend,
J. C Twitciikll, N. t.
N.T. JitWaTT, gt-cr clary.
of P. Alpha Ltcn No. 47. Mec
nvi-ry WfMlnerday. in I. O. O. K
Hall 7:30 p. in. MftnlH-r in
good itanding are invited to attend.
Uko. E. Hoick.
S. V. RampK- R. 8.
KO.T. M. Protection Tent No. 16.
Holds iU regular Review the
first and third fridar of each
month in the I. O. O. hall. Vuriting
members in good standing are invited to
attend. Geo. W. PDurr, Com.
B. E. BLODarrr, Record Keeper.
I ILAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meeta on 2nd and 4th
Friday! of each month at the Na
tive ijooi, Hall. VUiling members in
good standing are Inrited to attend.
Madob Bcciiamax, Guardian Neighbor.
Mlhmix OTtr, bee j.
O. T. M. Rosebortf Hire No. 11.
Hold it r-anlar rTiew orxn tbe
first and third Frida; s at 2:39 d m
of each month in toe NatWe Bona' Hall.
Sitters of other Hires timting in tne city
are cordially invilM tAattrnd onr re-
le. HATnr Moatvx L. Om.
Jx-!K Kam-.R. K.
E. 8 RoMsborr Chapter No. 8
Holds their regular mertinK nn the
Qrst and third Thursday in eacti
nonth. wioe mem ber e in rood
itandiriE are rspetfoly invited to at-
and. Mm. Naxxie Spragce W M..
Maude Rat ScreUry.
F.BEE A HB. Roebnra: Rolx-kah
Lodire No. 41. l.O. O. F., mt in
Odd FrllowVTVmph" eTeryTnda
evening. Visitine meters and hrftbr-
iuvitrd to attend.
Dtij.t Brokx, N. G.
sembly No. 105 meets every Satur
day eveninc at 8 o'clock in Natire
Sons Hall. Visiting Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
Ret. S A. Docolas, M. A.
Miss. Lela Bbowsc, Secretary.
Camp No. 125. Meets at the aid
Fellows' Hall, in Roeebars. every
first and third Monday evening. Wait
ing; neighbors always welcome.
N. T. Jewett. O. C.
J. A. BccBAJCAX. Clerk.
Odd Fellow's Temple. Meeta first
and third Thursday evunintrs each
month. Visitors cordiallv invited.
J. B. Hamiltox. C. P.
J. C. Twrrcnnx, Scribe.
Your Watch!
When was it cleaned and oiled?
Is it running like it ought to? If
la not, it would be well to have it ex
Umined, I will look it over carefully
ana ten you last where tne trouble is
land what it will cost to repair it.
I guarantee all my work and live
up to tho guarantee.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg, Ore., Aug. S. ll3
Jletloa u harabj glren that tn compliance
CrtUi the provisions of the act of Congreaa of
Jaa S, II7t. entitled "An act for the aala of
Hm bar lands In the States of California, Oregon
Jferadand Washington Terrtiory," aa extend
as; to all the sublla land states by act of Auguft
a, UK.
ol Sparta, county of Momoe, state of Wiaeomtn
naa tbla daj Died In thla offloe his sworn state
ment No. ytO. for the purchaae ol the aouth
east quarter (8H!.) of section No 4 in town
ahlpNo 27, south of range No sweat
aad will etfer proof to ahow that thai lead sought
ta mora Taluable for lta Urabar er atone thaa
for agricultural purpoaea, and to eatabliah hi
etala before the Bagtater and Bacalrar f thla
IBM of aVoaaknrg,0ragoa.
m Tuesday the liihn.yof Jaruary. IBM. He
names aa witness: B Kiakenbcrger. Paul ary,
twth of Boseburg, Ores in; J. H Erarta, feel,
. . ii.kb.n u - ur..
Any and all tenons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file their
clalma In thla office on or before the aald 12th
day ot January, 19M.
doats for Sale.
About 40 bead of Angora goata for
sale, all young does, also some thorough
bred bucks. Correspondence solicited.
L. A, Marsters,
Cleveland, Oregon.
Ja the Circuit Court ot tbe State of Oregon,
(or Douxlaa County.
Mollle U KoMion, Plaintiff.)
vi. S
O. F. Koblion, Defendant.)
To O. F. lloblaon, tbe above named Defend
ant: ,Iu the name of the State of Oregon, you are
ticrrby iummoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint filed agilnit you In
tbe abort entitled court and cause, within ilx
wecki from the date of tbe flrtt publication of
thla lummoni, and If you fait to appear and
anawer aa herein required, for wanr thereof
the plaintiff will apply to (aid curt for tbe
relief demanded in her complaint, which U
for a decree from id court dluolvlng tbe
marriage contract existing between plaintiff
and defendant, for the caie and cuitody of
the minor child, Brennan Koblaou. that he
may renume h-r former name, Mollle M. Mc
Claln, for her coiti and dlibuncmeuU, and
for auch other and further relief aa to the
court may seem meet with equity and good
This. summons la published oncea wet k for
at least alz successive weeks In tbe Pj-mhucal-(k,
a eml-weekly newspaper published at
Hosoburx, Oregon, by order of Hon. M D.
Thompson, County Judge of Douglas County,
Oregon, made Autusl 21, 1903. -
The tint publication ot this aummona fa on
the 21th day of Auiust, 1903.
Cl-7w Attorney for Plaintiff,
In the County Court of the State of Oregon,
forDoualaa county.
In tbe Matter nf the Estate of)
Tbomaa Dunseath, Citation.
Deceased. )
To Tbomaa Dunseath, father of deceased, and
all others legally lntretcd In aald Estate,
In tbe name of the Btaie of Oregon. You
ara hereby cited and require 1 Ui appear In the
County Court of tbe State of Oregon, fee tbe
County of Douglas. In tbe courtroom thereof,
at Boseburg, In the County of Douglas, on
Monday, the 28th day of Sept., 1903.
at 10 o'clock In tbe forenoon of that day, then
and there to show cause. If any yon hare, wby
an order for tbe ssla of tbe real property be
longing to said estate, aa prayed for in the peti
tion of E. E. Wilson, the administrator, to-wit:
Tbe EUof 8Wof section SO, Tp 32 south, of
ranges west, w. M In Douglas connty. Ore
ton, and containing H) acrts. should not be
made authorizing E. E. Wilson, tbe sj minis
tralor of the state nf Thomas Dunseath, de
ceased, to sell thu afoiesaid real pmp-rly at
either public or private sste, for tbe purpose of
paying tbe indebtedness of the estate and ex
pense of administration.
Witness the Hon. M D. Thompson. Judge of
tbe County Court of tbe Slate of Orvgun. for
the County of Iuk1s, with the - al of svld
Court afflied tbla 25lh lay nf August, A D.,
Atles : D. II. BIIAyBUOOK. CI. rk.
scat.) s27.
Notice for Publicatiou.
Land Office at Kebar?, Oregon. September
lfc, 1SU1
Notice Is hctby tixva thl tbe foll.mlng
nsmed a tiler has fllrd notice o bis mun Inn
to make final proof in support oi bis claim, nd
that said rroot will be made t-efore tho Rrxif
ter and Recelrer. V. B. L. O. at Boseburg, Ore
gon, on NoremberT. 1903, Tlx:
DsTid ComstM!k.
on Hd. E. So MIS, lor the NW 8WX, Sec W, T.
27 B-. B. l West.
uq names the following witnesses to pro re
bU continuous residence upon and caltlts
tlon of said land. tIi- Theodore Littrell. Elmer
uttreii. oeorge uoi, ana omey uocn, an oi
Boseburg, Orron.
J.T. Bkidgu, Begtster.
Notice for Publication.
O. H. Land OEce, Boaebonr. Ore..
Jnue 2th. ls-CO
Notice is hsrsby glren that Is compliance
with the prorlaloiia of the act of Cosgresa of
JonaS. 1IT3, entitled "An act for the sal of
Umber lands In lbs States of California. Orages
Naradand Washington Territory." aaaztaad
d te all the sublla land atatea by act ot AngtuS
a. USX
Oacar Peterson,
ol Spokane, county ol Spokane, state of Wash.
icgV'D, bas Ibis aay aled tn this oflt bis
sworn latrment No. SCI, for the purchase oi
the NE!f section No.8, township is south, of
ranaea west,
aad will of fer proof to show ttat the land aooght
la more Taluabl for lis timber or stone than
for agricultural purples, and lo establish his
elalm before lb KetUier and Ileceixtr of thla
office of Boaaburg, Oregon,
on Wednesday, the I.tb day of Notember. 190X.
He tiamea as wltoesns: Andrea Erickaon,
of Flandreu. South Dakota. J. W. Gardner. W.
II. lict'rotsen. and Geo, Taylor, all ot Bose
burg, Orreoo.
Any aod all persons claiming adrenely the
a bore described lands are rejteU-d to file
their f lalms In this office on or before said 11th
day of XoTember, ISOi.
J.T. Hal DOS", Register.
Notice for Publication.
C. S. Land Office, Bcaebunc, "re.
ruaeS, la. ,
Notice is hereby glren that tn compliance
wiia me proTmous oi see an oi uingrrM oi
June 3. entitled "An act for the sale of
Umber lands tn lie states of (.'ali"orn!a.Ore:on
Nrada.and asMnrion Terriiory. ' asexiend
d to all the public land atatea by act of Augoat
4, isn.
Archibald F. Wadae.
ot Wales, county of C-vaher, MAle of North
Dakota, has Ibis day fl.el In thU office bia
sworn statement No MSS. (or the SW4 c4 sec
tion No i township 25 sooth. o( range b west,
and will offer proof to ahow that the land aooght
Is more Taluable for lu timber or stone than
for agricultural purpotea, and to establiah bia
elalm before the Begistcrand BacelTer oi thla
Uloe of Boaeborg. Oregon,
on Thurislay. the lAh Cay of Korembr, 1901.
lie names aa wtcesr Tttmas WaJce, O.
E. Loftb- . both or Park Blrer. N Dakota,
Brynjolf Prom, of Milton. N. Dakota, and Bas
mus . Hone o! Alexandria, Minn.
Any and all person clalmint adversely the
aboTe described lands are reuuested to file
their claims in this offlce on or before said luh
d ay of Sorember, 1901.
J.T. BxtbOES, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Rna burg Oresou. une 29. 10.M.
Notice ts hereby gtTn that In compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
Junes, is?, entitled "An act for the sale ot
Umber lands tn the States of California. Oregon
Nevada .and W ashington Territory," aaextend
ed to all the public land states by act ot August
i, U92.
of Milton, connty of Cavalier, slate of North
nasoia. nas wis aay nieo in mujooce nis
sworn statcmrnt'No. for the purchase ot
the SE of sec No. 4,Tp 2S. sou til ot range
S weat,
and will offer proof to ahow that the land aooght
is more valuable lor Its timber or atone than
for agricultural purpotea. and to eatabliah his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
office of Roeeburg, Oregon,
on Friday, the lSla day ot December, 1903. He
names ss wttnesoea: Thomas Wadge. of Park
Klver, North Dakota. Archibald K. Wadge.
Wales, Norta Dskota. Hasan. M. Stone, Alex
andria. Minnesota, O. K. Lotthua. Tark Rivet
North Dakota,
Any and all persona claiming, adversely the
above described landa are requested to file their
claims In thla office on or before said 15th day
ot December. 1901.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg, Ore., June 2). 1903.
Notice ta hereby given that tn compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congresa of
June 3, 1STS, entitled "An act for the aale ot
timber landa In the Slates of CaIltornla,Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," aa extend
ed to all the public land atatta by act of Angus!
ot Park River, county ot Walsh, sutc of North
Dakota, haa thla day filed in this office hit
aworn ttatcrcent No. for tho purchase
ot the N) of the N'K of tection No. 10.
township , south of range S west
and will otter proof to show that the land Bought
la more valuable for lta timber or atone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver ot this
office ot Roaeburg, Oregon,
on Thursday, the lath day ot November. 190X
He names aa witnesses: Thomas Wadc, if
Park River, North Dakota, Archibald E Wadge,
WaUs, North Dakota, Raamua M. Stone. Alex
andria, Minnesota, Brynjolf Prom, ot Milton,
North Dakota.
Any and all persons clatmlngly adversely the
above described landa are requested to flip their
clalma In thla oUtce on or before aald 19th day
ot November, 1903.
K eg Her.
Notice for Publication.
Kotcburg, Oregon, Julv 29 190R.
Notice ta hereby given that tn compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congreaa of
June 3, rtTt. entitled "An act for the tale ef
timber lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Waahlngtor Teirllory,"oaaxtand
od to all the publie lead txatee by act ef Auartct
of Sparta, county ot Monroe, atate ol Wisconsin
haa tnla day fllid In ih'r- office his sworn state
ment Nn. 5561, for the purchase of the lots t, 10,
16 and IS, ot section No 10, in township No ,27,
aouth nl range No 3 wtat
and will offer proof to ahow that thelandaought
ta mora vi.iuaoie ror its timoar or atone tnaa
for agricultural purpoaea, and to eatabliah hf
elalm before the Register and fiecelver of tbla
fUoi) of Roeaburg , Oregon,
on Tuesday the 6tu day of January. 1904. He
namce aa witnesses: John C. Shatiuck. BparU,
Witconiiu. 11 Kr-kenbercer. Paul fl.rv. both nf
; Roseburg, Oregon, J. H. Kvarta, Pvl, Oregou.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above described landa are reqnes'oii o file
their clalma in this offce on or before tho said
o h day ol January, 1WI.
J.T. bridqCs.
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Notice for Publication
United Sute Land Office.
Roburg. Oregon. June 1931.
Notice u hereby given tnat In compliance
with the provisiona of the act of Congresa of
Jane 3. 1ST?, entitled "An act for the sala of
Umber lands In the Stales of Call!orals,Oreoa
Nerada.aail Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the publle land stales by act of August
ofOshkosh. county ot Winnebago. State o
Wls..has thla day filed In thlsofSce his sworn
alalement No. SiSl. for the purcMav? ot the
ES SRi aw SEi4. SEi SWV, of sec
tion 4 in Township S South. Kanxe 4 West,
and will otter proof to show that the land Bought
la more Taluable for lu timber or stone thaa
for agricultural purpoaea. and to eatabliah, his
claim before the Register and Receiver oi thla
office of Roeeburg, Oregon,
oi Monday, the 9ih day ot September. 1903.
He names aa wltneea: Roy Brennand,
Frank F. KopttU, Martin Rasmusrcn. and
Herman Ilaruhelm. ot Oshkosb, Wisconsin.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above describe landa are requested to file their
claims In this office on or before said JSth day of
September, 1903. J T BRIDGES
July 16p. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg, Ore., June , 1903.
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with the rroTliIona of the act of Congress of
June S, 1ST, entitled "An act for the sale ot
Umber landa tn the States of CaIt:ornla.Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," asextend
ed to all the publle land atatea by act ot August
. 1392.
of Park River, county ot Walsh, state of
kudu, dh mis aay niel in mis otnee
his awnrn statement No. M33, for the pur
chase of the lot 1 and 3, N KU ot svcUnn
No. 4, township 25, south ot r.uce S weat
and will offer proof to show that thelandaought
la more valuable for it timber or atone than
for agricultural purposes, and to eatabliah hla
elalm before the Register and Receiver f this
office ot Roaeburg.Oregon.
on Wednesday, the lSlh day of November, 1SC3.
He namea aa wltneaaea: BrynJolt Prom. ot Mil
tun. North Dakota, Archibald E. Wadge, ot
uaicp, carta I'aaoia, itasmua ja. atone. Ol
Aloxandrla. Minn.. O. K. Lit thus, ot Patk
River North Dakota.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above described landa ate requested to file
their clalma In tbla office on or before aald 1Mb
day of Nov. 1903.
Re. later.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg, Ore.. June 29. 1901.
Notice ta hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congresa ot
June 3,15.8. entitled "An act for the aale ot
timber landa in the Statea ot California, Oregon
Nevada .and Waahlngton Territory," aaextend
edtosjl the publlo land atatea by act ot August
of Alexandria, county of Douglaa, alato
of Minnesota, haa this day tiled in thla
office hla aworn statement No. StK, fr the
Burchae of the NWjr, NU Stjnt see
on No. 10, township , sou in ot range 8 west,
and will offer proof to ahow that the laud sought
la more valuable tor lta Umber or atone than
for agricultural purpoaea, and tn eatabliah hla
elalm before the Register and Receiver of tbla
oltk of Roseburg, Oregon,
on Wrduewlay, the Istu uav of November, 1901
He namea au wltm sses: Thomas Wdpt. I). K.
Lolthua, both of Park River, North Dakota.
Archibald E. L. Wadc, oi Wales. North Dakota
Brvnjolt I'rom.of Mi. ton North Dakota.
above described lauds are reuue-ted to file their
claims In thlaoOoxnor before the saUtlstb
day ot November, 19U.
tmM-4 aawa AUAXX11U
lathe work
St., Opp. Churchill & Woollcy'a
Ii It's a WHITE
The Whi
W. C. McBRIDE, Gen'l Aest,
la Third Street, PortlsnJ. Orr,
; Notice for Publication.
Pni;.l 4taiM r.n.t np,u
, . Roseburg. Qreron. June IS. 1903.
NoUce is hereby given that la ecsapUanea)
with the provltlcna of the act of CongTea mt
JuneS, lS7S.enUtlel-An act for the aala a
Uailer landa In the States of CaH!ornU.Oregom
if I ,,-7iJ4 w"asw3 Territory." aaexund
jtoall the pubUe land atatea try act of Augl
of Rosebnrg Count r ot Douglas. Sute ol Ore
znn. has tali day fi.ed In this ofice his sworn
su-ement No. 1X&, lor the pa rebate of ta
NEi; of sections, township Ss. range 4 west
and will offer proof to show that the land social
la more Taluable for its Umber or atoniti
for agricultural pnrpceea, and to establish
before the RegUter aad Receiver of tk
on Friday the SSta day of September. 19C0L He
namia as wltnoscs: George Heed, H. u
ot Roseburg, Oregon.
auj anu au persona claiming adversely tho
above described lands are requested to file their
claims In this office on or before the 2ith day of
September. 1903.
JulyHp Reglata
Notice for Publication.
Cnttol Sutea Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon. June 2. 1903.
NoUca Is hereby given that In eompltanea
with the provisions of the act ot Congresa f
June S,)573. entitled "An act tor the sale ot
Umber landa In the Statea of OJifomla,Orege
Nevada .and Waahlngton Territory." asextand
dtoall the publle land atatea by act of Aug-oa
of Oahkosh, K. D. Box 1ST. county of Wlnne
bp. J'tateof Wtsconatn. haa thUday filed in
this offlce her aworn statement No. SJ79 for
the purchase of the ii NWW, swif NlIX
NWK SKU of Sec 2. Tp 38.&1 W, and 1 wilt
offer proof to ahow that the land sought la mora
valuable for lu Umber or atone than for agii
cultur.1 purpojca. anl to eaublian her claim ta
aald land before the Register and Receiver ot
this oSlee at Koteburg . Oregon,
on Monday the 2Sth day Jot September. 1994.
She namea aa wttnesaee: C. D Clark. MarUa
Raamu-aen. Hennan Harts helm, and Rot
Brcnuand, of Oshkoah. Wi.consln.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file thir
claims in this ouVe on or before aM 39th dar
of September, 1903. J.T. BRIDGES.
JuiylSp Register.
Notice for Publication.
United SUtes Land Office
Boseburr. Oreton. June C 1903.
-i.S'.'J u hbT aiven that ta coBpllanoa
with the ptovialona of the act of Congreaa
inn s.lsi nuUed "An act for the aala ot
Umber landa tn the Statea of CallforabxOragom
"J..and Waahlngton Territory." aaaxtaaaV
AjtoU the publle land atatea by act of Augwat
of Glide, county nf Douglas, eute ot Oregoa.
haa thl uav died tn thla offlce hla aworn aute
meut. No. iSjLlorthe iurchaae ot the lota 3
and 4. SwiTswU. n'wJ SWJ.. ot eecUoa
t. In townyhlp 'J7 south, ot range 2 west,
and will off er proof to ahow that the land sought
ta more valuable for its Umber or atone thaa
for agricultural purposes, and to establish, hla
elalm before the Register and RaceJ.rar ot thla
m Tuesday tne jsa aay of September. 190J.
Ileuameaaa witneasw.: H. u Kngles. John
.1lvV,.,lr'f',.hn Oreenman. and R, J. Wauoa,
ait ot Peel, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
clalma in this offlce oa or before aald 2nd day
Of Skpl . IWl. j. T.BK1DOIS.
JUJl6p Register.
Is King